The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 13, 1932 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 13, 1932
Page 7
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JANUARY 13.. 1932... BLYTHEVttLB. (AUK.)' COUUIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word for firs'. Insertion and one cent a word (or tarti subsequent Insertion No advertisement taken lor leal (han 50c. count the words »nd semi die cash. Phone 306 FOR SALE FOR SAtE—Chevrolet coupe, 192!) model. Can sec car at J. J. Hled- soe's, Uurclclle. llckH TOR SALE—Weeping willows, Lombard}- poplars, spires, forsytlila, pussy-willows, tamaracks, butterfly uush, etc, 25 cents each with free Ivls root. Mrs. K. M. McCall 12plcl4 FOR SALE—Stock, general merchandise and fixtures, neatly arranged, new brick location. A bar- ea'.n for cash. Will lease build- In" J L,. William, Lcaclwille, Ark. 13P-K16 TOR KENT ron RENT—Furnished apartment, 100 West Walnut. 2GC-TF FOR RENT—My 'M acre (arm, edge f ol town, end of Franklin street, f ormerly rented by A. G. Byrum. $rUc J. li. Uyrum, Sikcston, Mo. * IP-KM FOIt RENT—Bungalow. 305 13ou- gnr>. 7C-K17 FOR RENT—710 W. Ash, 5 rooms, $22.50; 605 N. Broadway, 4 rooms, $18.00; 127 E. Missouri, 5 rooms, $17.50. All modern. Phone 100, E. D. Ferguson. 12C-K15 FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, 108 West Kentucky, Phone G83. 13P-K20 WANTTO? WILL TRADE paper hanging and painting tor good co» p . Chas. Oliver, 715 West Park. llpkH V/ANTED—Washings. Mrs. Mary Kimball. 505 Lilly street. Call Red Cross. K-TF WANTED—yrcsh Cream. St. Louis prices paid. Bennett's Dairy, Blytheville. 7C-K31 '.VANTED—To rent, three, room furnished apartment ov furnished house. Must b,> reasonable. Phone 158. IC-KTt WANTED -• Unfurnished 4 or 5 room house or apartment close in. Phone 170 or 311-W. 13C-K16 \V ANTED—Responsible school So; 'to manage our local wholesale •distribution atlernoons. Fun Fac, Owensboro, Kentucky. 13P-KH LOST AND FOUND STOLEN—Purse containing valuable papers ancf aluminum cigarette case. Parties known. Two Dollar Reward i( cigarette case relnrncd and no questions asked Mrs. May Winters. 6C-KTP November 16, 1931 Treasury Department. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. Notice !s hereby given to all persons who may have claims against "The First National B<mk ot Blytheville. Arkansas," that the fame must he presented to R. L Bradley, Receiver, with the lega proof thereof, within three month? from this date or they may be ulsallowed. J. W. POLE, Comptroller o( the Currency 11-1GC—K2-I6-32 There are approximately 54,12 dentists in the United Stales. n SECOND HANI) FURNITURE HOUGHT — SOU) R. J. Dodson 301-303 E. Main AUTOS RENEWED Exiicrt Repairs lo Bodies, Fenders, Hoods, Etc. Paint Colors Matched. Acetylene Welding for Fenders. Frames, Uoors, Etc. Tops, Glass, etc., Replaced. Prices Reasonable. i'hillips Motor Company Thoncs 811-810-177 I'RQI'ERTY OWNERS! TMter place your REAL ESTATE for sals or rent with CMJDiLL, Particular attention given to renting and collecting rents on Farms and Houses G. G. OAUDIU,, Phone 707-783 BRILLIANT Loaves no Clinkers J«st Phone 100 . C. Robinson Lumber Co. BI:I;I.\ ni:iti: TODAY , <.j:<:n,r «.< M.tRr- . I.-J:X\V«:K live «i'i, lliflr uriiiiilik.irriili. The tlktrr* hnvr krrn "n^nur* .luce rklld. hitiia. TJic rrnmtunrcBU — k»uw« "Moutllr" noi) "GriM"— knv* BY KAY CLEAVER I STRAHAN J.inz >lnrr 1 •-. Artn — Ikilr wrkllk >»d (> »ii>i»rir l)'H ramlH|c», Ji"Xlliuiil»e thrlr HinrrtttK? ih^upk they "nvt ttfrm cucflnri* R rear*. 4,* oily, "u, |« | n tovf tvlife DAHKY Mrl< 1:1:1., mi muturn. liul wlim kr prii[MiM-» .hr rt(u»t« in *hr rnnnnl lenvi- Ann ullli Ihr filinm-!:il mi>oMMllim<r «( ihr • utm-, Hnry-i'mnrrn, . Is, Hurt milt In nit* KAIU, m: AllxollNT. ,n»i)t-t Ullr nonir. slu- nrrm MM irrrrl- ly nnd lir irlra in |H>fKMndc t«* Iu broom- hli mriuc- finrttirr I'KII inkr, Ann I. JI» BJ r. A Blrl »hr fc:i. ,„»,r >rr> krturr «rnJ» klm n nnlr. 1'HI'n Miiln,,,,. I'WI «lci>« ilnr 'txr iti'l»*ntlx!ttc "if """i' 1 '- i.i-rrrv uixii. M: p rii Tr sjiiin!' hVr'wiifi, 'cll'mi iilonfr (H nnnlhrr cnr, I.rilv rid. <rr..»<-» l-fcl| nllk <•• J,-,,,.. , „ l. „,, Ann. angry, en, | n SmllkV nrd a.k> Mm lo inks- k»r kmnr. Ai-xf duj he trull* tlLnvrrn, Nilll 1 (il) 0.\ WITH TMM STOUT CHAI'TEJi X.N.M ouch ot crlspncss. "Is It BcrlO'iBly niporUnt? My husband h«J 6pokon ol driving to Ail-any thla evening. Ho had given It up. But, perhaps—" "No," Bald Cecily, and tried again md said, "No—thank you." anil nine up tlio receiver uud went upstairs to her room nnd Jarkcnoil II to shut out auj'Ililjji tho Juno month might have to offer, and rolled down Into the deep hollow of her bed. . "931, by 'oubledty,, .Down and Co. had looked up tho number In tho tclcpliono book on Friday, the day before yesterday. SLe knew It by heart. S!ie dialed It with Icy, trembling flm-crs. The muled rlnglnq sounded again nn'rl again In her She prayed, "Let him answer It. Dear Lord, let him answer It. Let blm austver It. Let him-" "Hello?" A wornnn's voice, agreeable, cheerful. "May 1 please speak lo Mr. Melt eel!" "Mr. ^rcKccI Is playing Rolf." A note of Interest was added. "I an Jlfrs. JlcKcel; may I take a message tor him!" "1 aiean-Mr. Barry McKcel." "Harry!" Tho Interest clianucil to SVhers Is Isn't iu town now." "Oh. I didn't know, he?" "He Is In Albany." Cliccry again almost hearty. "Ilo has been there —let me »;e—since Friday." "I—I didn't know. Do you ei peel him back soon?" Not very aoon," sympathy tho work on a building that III undo Up pulling up there." "Could you give me his address? "I am sorry," sincerity seemed t, be indicated, "but when ha telephoned yesterday ho said that lie was leaving tho hotel and would -find a larding placo today. So, just for tho moment, I don't know where ho Is. We'll know In a day or so; if you'll call again I'U be Elad to tell you." NN fomnl her thero trhen she came In nt seven o'clock Hint evening, purposely early, from boat- AN '* c know about men—but women have lo hlv. lort, Only-I'vo decided th*l they don't hMe to have moii'i lor». 1'lier* »ro *o nuoy Klffmnt soru of lore, and 1 believe—or try .„, lo tellers," ihe amended truthfully, wo "tint lots ot the torta are b«tter, turer-bapplcr, anyway, than the O t it, lore boiwccu men and women. T«kc dldu'i our lovo. Cissy, t'o'r cacti other and for f'ary-Krancro. We've •Iwnys liad II, so KO dou". nlways appreciate It. Dut, honey, stop nnd llilnk if you cau what It muoimls to. It Is cerlnln. It la safo. NothlnR can , IHR -vltli Kennoth. "Cissy, honey," she proles'.cil. and s,toopcd lo put her luring around lier. ''You dliH't hour from lilm? Uut dear, dear, you can't—you mustn't do this nay." "I telephoned," Cecily replied in a small cliokcd voice. "Jin's gone. Ilo'a left town." "Sister's sweetheart! . or hurt It., nnd U will Inat forcrer. Ilefora I'd hurt you—us you're hurt now—I'd—I'd taka my. Belt to pieces nml cook mo. I wouldn't want to llvo If I'd hurt you, Clsty. And you wouldn't hurt f.:e. ra I'm burl notv. not even to have narry arjaln. nut these men. lli«so mcnn ntcn hurt ua. and break our hearts, and go awnj- ntid stay bade. iwny Mid let us bo hurt and suffer, lion como Why should wo nceuso llfo ol burl" "J ouvuiu no iit^lisu uio oi IJUri- v • fn , you i ca "i ? thl ° *' ar ' |11B ua wlicn u ls •""» >"cn. mean iouro 111 already. You ro wearing men who lim 1 us? And why should unnrcr.1 P nui Vm. nnnKI m«i.-i. . . . • *«^ mivwtw . yourself out. You could make It ••-• •* • iitniu < nut i" , (it(.11 a IOVO—• "! !c ,L l) "!. i , i !.''! ll ^. iu ",l 0 °".. w1 ! 11 M 1 ' r " or "!, 1 ^ri^s, eciash bvo- "1 don't know. 1 juat want Barry. 1 want to lovo him—whollicr bo !oves mo or net. I want lo »«• elm - hear hh voice. I can't Ihe, 1 can't brcnlhc wlllionl him. I can't, and 1 don't want to, nnd I won'l llfo Iho best you can. We have to live, you know." "Why do we?" "Lois or reasons. Molbcr and "athcr gave us llte-lmslcd us with It—a part of their lives. And Ihcrc Is Wary-Frances, and—" "Wo didn't ask for the gift. 1 don't want It. l.lfo is too horrible. It cheats us. Tools us. Takes us and hurts US-BO. I'm afraid 'of Ufa -if Barry came back.' If ho wero sitting .where you ar«, right now—I'd still bo afraid of life. Always I'll be afraid after this." "1 shouldn't hav^ left ym:. honey. 1 EliouMa't IJP.VD. -£ didn't waut to go, anil I diiln't ;*ajo;. myself, and—" ' -; 'i Jtnailo "o&'so. rm better alone. Please go now, won't you, Ann? go. Von—you malc« m- ncrvous." "Ko, I don't. 1 Eliouldn't havo be- llovcil you this httornoon, and I don't bolleve you,now." Sha lay Howu on tho bod, anil 'Cecily stiffened under her curving arm. "I bate everything!" sha declared. "You dou't halo inc," Ann Bald. 'You couldn't, when I lovo you such a lot." 'Who fald 1 did?" said Cecily, and began to cry softly. .-= : -. "Just let me rest and talk to you 1 i^ "«VK, »}iitiMiuy *juci ici me rest ana taitt to you was added. "He Is superintending a Hltla while," Ann coaxed. "If I '"" " nrv "" " '-"•"- - make you too nervous, you can push me off. But, Cissy, I've beeriithink- ing a lot./ All about llte''belni horrid nndjhurtlng n"d ovorythlag.- It is—and it does, of course, sometimes. But not all tlio tlote. In a A flay or so! sns r to tliS* Curiosity T}iere could' be DO «•* « last with way. too. It is sort ot up to 113 how much we'll allow It to hurt us." Cecily shook her head; shook her body. "Ko. No. No. rNo." but it Is. And hero's something else. Life gives us lots of pleasant things—but It won't always allow us to pick and chocs_e for ourselves. There's lova I d»sU •v valuo luvo try.' "You think lluit way but you'll find owt later that you can. E :wuy y.j—you sot used to It. 1 tnoneht that w:: too, last month. That Sunday, Clssy-truly I wns out of my mini), almost. 1 hud a siraijgo obsession that 1 was dead— like the stories ono rends, yon Uuow -J.nil didn't know that 1 was dead, and. was just walking uroiind watching myself. But that passes off -'ruly U do??, honoy. Truly It does See how much better 1 am nowl And It has only been a month ago icuay. Just exactly a month ago today." : "Ann, I don't want to bo hntctul But Barry and 1 were^nre—I will sny are. I will say Barry and I aro —aro—arc—" "Yes, darling arc you? Of course-. SVhat Phil. In every way. Do you think iv,, i^.i-.,. .v . ,„,— . ' KUVI 10 mm, am tint 101 for Instance, that I'll crer bok at sai-rinco'nn ri-nnin^ .k aB(ither man? IM vn, n,i nk ,h., i S??"" 11 ? , crcnln .S than another man? Do you think that J 1 couldn't I; wouldn't." "That's just like' enylng, (Jlss honey, that If yoii.wcro In ono of tl-eso tropical places, being devoured by mosmiltoes and bugs and things, you'd sit down and let them cat you aitva hccnuse yon couldn't nnd wouldn't use n sliotldy. Inferior grade of. netting to keep them off." "1 try lo, dear. Ucar, 1 ilo try (o. wish yon had come with ua thlj ittcriionii, us I licigoil you to, Intend of staying In thin study old 10S8C. Tlio river wns lovely, uud "List™. Ann. The moro 1 llilnk t It, Iho moi-o I'm biiru that wo hlcii really qimrri 1 !. ^YII1 you wlillo 1 ivll you about u nml ECO 11 It 8001113 ItVo n I told you, you ralsod ani luarrcl to you? l menu-It ,, doesn't BOI-IH to yon Unit, nftcr linn rj-'a had (lnm | (l diinii n OV cr, ho'll declilo Hint H wnsn'l nctuully what — : ic'd call n <iminoi, ' ' '' "^' know, thai ho eal i ml Eniiiuvkliii; liko that. J'n my voice-. 1 never do ecrcaiu—do 1. Ann? Truly, do IT "Honey, honey, of course not." "H IX-KM alionl (ho pnrly. Or— did I (ell you nboiu that?" "Noi nil aliciil It," lied-poor Ann, "I illilii'i snj- n word, you linow 1 didn't, wlion t.c went lo (in party In April, tliousli ho hadn't Iron Invited. . _ before—well, liofore >,>,,. found c.ich olhcr. 1 didn't let him know I cured a Ml— wns nlMimut and nlco r.liaut It ns 1 could be. And he said do didn't | mv o n „„„,. tlmo nt nil, nnd wns lioroil lo death. hci]ilnK timi iio could K<!', away chilly i-nuii»li lo see mo hitur. lint I toon I'Dtlco tlml ho didn't. And ivlie:i Hie [ilcnlo carao up In May 1 illdn'i sny much, olllicr. 1 snld n llltlc; nnd lio cxplnlucil Hint ttm rrovi-il had been nlco to him over since ho'd como hack to Turl- lantl. nml nil—1 gacm 1 told you — about how lio OUR BOARDING HOUSE Vl^r^pM^h" [| |f i-rt£R, WAS XT' <* 5\ see. Vau eyes Tile stHRT^BV Mo-rrftsseRrrMfi/ff Tit' SOURSSLF AS MpTe.n or-file v} THAT AMAT,O^ OF HOUSE "- LAIRD GF -DIE MAMO.R, AS I AM < I\TllEUE CUE RlJkJ SOU FOR A CRASH veu/er IS MV MA/JkiER to pill uirl Eomclhlni; llko (iroichcu In lila next book—a sclf-mado suphlallenlo ho call«l her—and, well, 1 didn't fuss even about tho picnic. Itnt when this Uiinl nrtnlr cnmo up It simply sol lo tie loo much ot a (,,ml th,!ng. I couldn't understand ivliy ho.trlshcd to go places, constantly, without nio. I wouldn't liavo Kmio ifewv. any nlaco where ho hniln't been Invllcd. i ,][,i n 't Bny ,i, nl ,,„ ahqulil not j;o, I JiiBt.lrlci) In llu.l out, If possible, wliy ho rarcd to go. And ho snld- \Vhnt did I sny ha satd, exactly, Ann? J',r^^ r: ™ h ,w ^*£Z£i2&% l to him, and tliat tio'd rnlher ilo 'to ho rcnilmled you lliat ' 5~HS=4^^'KJ5sr,5 cried a littlo moro ana -* aald. "No, Ann—you don't ederetand. You don't understand." . thaft ljt) couldn't KO, and why." Ali lliAt flnlT! (•— nltnirdj H v/nsn't Harry. Barry ucicr thkes Iho conventional atll- ludo nljoiit niiytlilii;,-. 1 can't nnilcr- sUnd It. Anil 1 can't undorslnnd ho\T wo could have— well, even dh- pgri-cil about so trivial a tiling R.I ' BOOTS AJND HER BUDDIESIMiii.^!!.'.;., By Martin A TOU(J1I )10Y! > Orcjfch party. Stclgcnvalil's ilarncil old Aim, .ire couldn't l.-.ivc <(iiar- ., . relcd over a thing Stcigtrwald'o party!" Closing Stock Prices A. T. ana T. Anaconda Copper Auburn Caterpillar Tractor Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola Continental Baking General Electric General Motors Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard Radio Coip Simmons Standard ol N. J. Texas Cor|>. U. B. Steel 122 3-4 11 7-8 Hli 13 14 1-4 6 1-2 1136 7-8 25 23 5-8 9 1-2 33 1-2 5 8 3-4 0 1-8 M 3-8 13 1-1 44 5-8 appear In the Chancery Court of 'hcvChickasawba District Of JMls- •isslppi County, Arkansas within hiity days, and a:is\ver the complaint fllfd against him and Bculah Hnrgclt by The.Mississippi County ntiildiiig & Loan Association of Dlythevillo, Arkansas. Dated this 12th day of January J932. R. L. OAINES. Clerk. By Elizabclh BIytlie, D. C. '• 13-20-21-3 COMMISSIONER'S SAI/E NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned commissioner, in compliance with the terms of a decree rendered by the Cnanccry Court for the Chickasasba District o! Mississippi Counly, Arkansas, on th c 23th day of September, 1931, wherein American Uuiltiing & Ixnn Association, was Plainlill, No. 4032 and Lois Saphian, ct al., were Defendants, will sell at public auction, to the highest and best bidder, on a credit of three months, nt the front door of the Court House, between the hours prescribed by law, in the City of Bly- Ihcville, Arkansas, on the 23rd day of January, 1932, the following real estate, to-w!t: The west fifty feel of Lot Six. Block. Four, Davis Third Addition to the City of BIythevilie, Arkansas. SATD sale will be had to satisfy aid decree in Ihe sum of $2,938.01, with 10 per cent interest from August. 1, 1931. THE purchaser at said fale will be required to execute bond wilh approved security, to secure the payment of the |:urcSias( money, and a lien will be retained upon sold livoperly as additional security for the payment of such purchase money. 'WITNESS my hand and the seal or said Court, on this, the 20th day of Dec., 1031. R. L. GA1NES, Commissioner in Chancery 29-6-li i WARNING ORDER John O, Hargctt Is warned Continiiclt) New York Cotton [New Orleans Cotton HEW YORK, Jan. 13 <UP>Cotton clised firm. Otxm High Low CIOK Jan 010 054 . G-10 654 Mar 050 • Gfili 050 G62 May M7 080 6CC (MO Jul 084 G98 083 693 Cct 700 721 700 721 Dec 710 143 11D 124 FRECKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS Spots r.oscu' steady 070 up 15. NEW ORLEANS, Jail. 13 (UP>Cotton closed silently. Open High Low Clow Jan 0-tl G53 030 051 Mar 0-18 G5X IH8 051! •Mny MC G80 OC-I 078 Jill CW OOB 6S1 OGt Oct 101 7lli 701 7121 Dec 720 125 720 72G Spots closed steady at CS1 up 1 "HIK CHANGE OF THK LKJH'V liKIGADK! LOOK! SDCTV CEIJTS. 1 ! AH' Sf -iCU'CE CSPfTAHJLV TH' \tJrtH TH' tXWLE AlJ 1 CWPW 1 1M TV! C|J<X>GU Tt> PAY OPS6TTN' HIS FfiOtT CART!! SHcm -«M W supe.-7H' tbfSA of tvey cf-jj-r asr 1% HIM AM' ossie MAVcn4' IT, JJ7 us PAY BJR fe3 \>iE HAD OPTUS UAT6 To HAVE gf BOSTUP...BOT THifJS IS TH' OODt-ES FELL fOf!. IT LIKE A ^Ack Of SALT-. VMS FRO/A TEAXIIJ' OO2 CLl>3 APART.'! r / (Tver VCMT /S^Tv ' ''Iv —IV ' *"" -«?^ ' ' /AVjSfcrWTCU* '^•"1 _4v*' ar >iwfe...^ TO THEIR PARTS ive 0,03 RATHER THAU K ASSESSfcO A WASH TIJliBS FTER V10LF6AN6 •-- — — .....*- m-r.^,^ TrtE DMjGEtt, WftSH TURNS Tg^gip IM SCORN. »)EV.L\ wlH(v,T IF \ PID SE.U, FR1EDWS TO \MOL1=riAtvltT FOR >900? UJHAT OF \T? . KEftN?. THKT TI\\S uv THE ue^u KES To THE TREASURE CAUS^ i TOOK OFF THE i w THA'S VJHM I FINDS ALL WOLF&fWCi GOT FOR THE EMPTV W\6<iSR CROOK VOU TUQMED PAI! MV

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