Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 18, 1942 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 18, 1942
Page 7
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o- TUESDAY,'., IERS AT STATE lif'i "FALCON AWARDED PRIZES ji( , f (l || ( i\vliiK Jun'loiv Kaloonw and uvrn awai'ftod 'their • Falcon hall In t'liKtn day arti'i'iKum hy llun- Ul, prcsldont of tho I of tho Slnti.' Kaloon ^lanl< i y HuldiiMkl, Chu.s- Paul Urahuwski; Tiul- ;l, \Ynllri ^ Klnanur Uurao; , Crl'ia Srxi'rfiill, Wanda Salilna Xalnskl, Joan iind Wanda Adamskl, l-'a Irons from MerUten, uiii'/.ncld, Henry Xalcskl, lu.u'd (iuriT.kl, were alno ir iniphh'M, Tlio pi'lxnH by Ilu 1 .vuungstt'i'M -'it tho .n aihli'Mo meet hold ru- ,V-w llrllaln. Tim Union uid Kids WITH drilled and Kdsvdt'd Snlu'/iiiWHkl. \t an- l-hc wlnnoi'H and the y i'» (KINS i\ ,nh OJ hiss i i l I'i'lay, second plaee-— nliliiskl, Paul (irahowskl, tii'\vskl, ChesUn 1 Huhln- t'oUI'lll pIl'UM.!—(IllOH- first plac.n — Cheslcr i; bivasl stroke, HiVOIUi W.dli't 1 .lahlon.skl; brca.Mt •mii'lli plai'u, Stanley Hobln- tii throw, first place-—Olios- COACH CpWIEY STARTS m NEW Chapel Hill, North Garoli-nav,Aug IK— (t»P) — Uqutenant aonuminder JIUIKIH i;row|oy — Lho crstwhllp sk'tipy Jim (vim piloted I'Vii'dlwih football UmmM—ban started his JMJJ ooaohlng asHlgnnu'tit, Crowloy today put the "Cloiulbus- lui'H," tho team that .will represent ,llui C!!iiii>«l HIM pru'-(llf?hl tiavy train- Ing school, through Itn first pace.^. The club, plays a IS-gnmo schedule against ma.loi 1 eolluglutu opponents anil tlm only thing certain jibout the outcome Is that not a -single man who starts wilt bo present In Lho last contest, ' • Tho first, ganu! Is to be played 0(1 'plomhiM 1 <!(>lh and I ho last on Do- ui»mbor .Isilh, . But the training jourso lasts only throe months and ho school has a coinptele ••turnover within that limn. .. + •+. —, Vosturday's - — Now York 15, PirUadelphhi 0. SI, Louis' .5,, : G!uA!uhml, ; 2, (Only guiles tichodiilo'd.) Iflil lln" dash, fmirlh l ; seeond \ .lump, second plaee"-(' < hi!sti i r kl. ' li.tcN strike swIminlilK, jujo- iii 1 ' 1 . Ch'-slei 1 Hohlnskl. '.'ii yard swimming, second w.ilhT Jahlonskl ; fourth Stanley Huhlnskl. ;u'tl dash, Hec'ond place— Chen- M •Jin) yard, srcond place— Murui'/i'Wska, Jane Cxap- •lia Krvti'slill, Wanda Knlu- ','(> yards, I'liiirlh place Ad.uiiska, Sablna Xuh'ska, Utii'ai'/i'W.ska. yard da.Hh, second placn—Jann Sufi lull i:/-i|'ll Hiuul .hint Itnniwwskl. liil'ls IliH'SI row, ; Urst third plaeu, •d — Cellu S\v.<>- Jluanor Miirac/.uwska, fourth place—Juan Jano fourth plaee FOR THE HOP BROOK CLUB GOLF TOURNEY PalrliiKM for the club tournament at (lie Hop Brook pro IT club \vcru announced today as ' follows: Pc'ior Hiirkn-lH 1 , A, K\ Anderson, 0, WoJark-Frank T. Groen, GUM Klliu- usttowskt-M, Cxa'pjloki, I,. GoHscck- •Itu'k Dean; Tlionius Neary-Thonuis Sou 1 1 y, h'rod Uomi-A. Watson, II. Ch'slnwskl, lilolmrd Swool, Joseph Wljldk-Kdward Clekowski, and C. \V. Peppcrinan-lO. 1«\ Xawackl, all in Ih i) lli-si. .flight. • In NIC second night thn following c.oinpnlu: Philip Mohlnson, Don- .McGuljluni, Tlreodoru Uussell, Toollmkor, Stanley (Hover, F. '/,. Cxuplidkl, Jack MoKue, JIuwuAl New York Boston . ,.. Cleveland . St. /Louis ,, Detroit .... Chicago, .,..',', 'Washington Philadelphia The SUmllnfl W. .,,.',..,., .77 ,. , 02 , 01 .:5ij . so .i 40, , 45 L. 1)8' no 57 :l .01 00 70 Po .07 IGOJ .KKi .517 .488 .450 .4.14 .372 Today's (foii'io.**,' New York at. Bos'ton—Borov/i 2) vs. 11. Newsoino (7-1)). \ ' SI'. 'Louis a-t (10-0) \u WAde (M), i'hiladelph'la . at, Washington. iMarehildonf (13-10) vs. Car (unly games scheduled,) NATIONAL LEAGt/te Vcslei'dny's Rcsulta St. Lou la 5, CinolmwUi 2. Now. York 3, Dosjpn 2. (Only games .scheduled.) Tho Brooklyn .. St. Louis ... N(j\v, York . GlhclnnuvLI . Pit! Is burgh . Chicago .... Boston Philadelphia Standing W. .;... 7i)' ..... 72 M ..... ris ..... 52 fH ::•'•;, 48 ;•;•..; 'ui L. ;M 42 W T>5. 59 0(1 70 . 71)"' Pet. .01)9, .032 ,5.47 .513' .408 .450 .407' .282 STAINIIACK Philadelphia, Aug. 18—(UP)—Oul- fluldor Tuck Stalnlwek has been recalled )'jy -tliii New York Yankees from their Newark farm. Stalnback Is a posnlhlu replacement for Tommy llonrlch, who may outer military soi'vlr.o In Hio near'future, Honrleh Is now In Cleveland taking a physical examination for admission to tin- Coast Guard, Today's Games, 1 -Boston at New York—Salvo '(0-4) vs. llubbell (8-0). Chicago at St. Louis (night) — Passeau (JO-8) vs. Uinier (D-fj). Brooklyn rit Philadelphia, (night) r-Maeon (y-0) .vs. Melton (7-KJ). ' Pittsburgh tvl (night) —Helntxehnan (8-10) or Kllnger (78) ;vs, Thompson .(4-5). • • • ."• ' , . -•»**. • . • By Jack Soirds LARRY FRENCH IS LEADING PITCHER IN MAJOR LEAGUES , (By United Press) k , vjj'lprnn Larry v French, who claims ^; u^es.i.0;,'knucklc-blill ; and, a litUe nipi:e..|iea.d work in place ,pf his old- 'time,;'£peied v v has -his new.... systeni 'paying,,off,' the, riglxt kind of pitch- in -gdivideiuis. v,. . , • ,, : The propiilyn,; Dodger .hurlcr has taken the mp'urid, 14 times this sea-: son ,and jos't only one .game. Tlie an Average of 929 points, bet- in Clio Rounds 29 o- Entry Blanks For 65peii Golf Tournament ; Are Now Available. Whb have Shut Them Out byl Score of CopyrlohH942, B.P.O. ELKS TOinORROUt a TMURSDBV .^er .Milt- AV'olsnuyi of the Naugiitu'ek /llghianders has. arranged rt twilight game for tomorrow 1 oven- Ing at 0 o'clock with the Washington- Hills,, of l.he Waterbury City Ainateur league, -at Uocreatlon held "Ace" .Durelte and Johnny White will be l-lie battery, for the locals and Patty Quijter and Junior Garroll will do the honors 'for the Hills. , * -, • , .The Highlanders .. and Bristol Townle.s \vill' talte another chance with t'he we-athennan on. next .Sufi- day when thq oft postponed game, between the two tea his will be played, The eontost lias been rained out on threo occasions. • 4 • » - : - ' 15 to 0; Giants Braves, 3 to NAMICI) COACH ( CoTnpl«(« Stag* Screon Shows and Dally %frf i*T r^< ..Wnlerv!lla,,'Miiinc t 'Aug. .18—(UP) —A menibor ol' the Colby college 1 physical orlucatlon . department.— Ellsworth Millctt—hiiH been . named hoad coach.of all sports .at .thd col- lego. -Mlllett succeeds Neteon W. •iNMtuhmon who reigned to join the Coast Guard. : , (By .United Press) The Philadelphia just as well 1 have stood all the good they did New York Yankees yesterday noon.- • -v • -• '• ••" • •'-'. '^^': Tlie two teams faced, off- in the postponed second game of yesterday's doLibleheader and wh'en it- was over the A's bad taken life worst beating 'Of the season. The score : 15 to 0. , •;. , V : 'The one brlgiil, s|30.Lof . the whole set-to for PIiHade]piiia>was the per.- forinance, in the- : la'tcr '''innings, ol i-ookle righ t-hamlor, Boll Savage, 'J^ie youngster .took over In the sixth- and'Wont'tlie rest .of- Uip \\vi$\ without allowing a h!(,. ' The'-gamcr was the "American /^But ;; league;. Saint' Louis' Defeated.;Cleve) to' 2;;uiHler .the' arc' li-gli.ts 'in iii nlgh't game..; : ^ ; ,;-.;^7' ,•''..•''.;.; '•:•.,..-. • in .the Natlpnai: 1 leoiguey: the; New York 'Giaii(;s-inc] i casie<l/''theii 1 ' hold;oh itlKrtl place by .beating 'tli'C;.-Boston ;Bvrivcs, l3 ; tq^2, ' 'Mel.' Ot;t. and V 13ab'e ; Young eacli^colji^cj.^ a -homer in Hie fourth/ : an^§iigj^i^03p6c.tlvcl'y. lo\:tic uiJialw^uirt'^QW^mad by •Boston 'in-1^0 (hl'l^^rKl^BabeyBaiMin : singlecl tp-'lDrVrigSlvomo .iiic^Svi^ning inai-ker witlVAw^Vtfut- aiid' tlie 'biases /full, in' th,e''hihtlV. V';-. •: ,;•:.,', The Saint Louis ,Cardinals.'gor a little closer to,'the; lending. 'Brooklyn Dodgers- by d"cf eati iig" th c.'. Ci nci nna ti Hods, 5 to 2. AVHli the score tied at 2-all in tine -third,' the Tjqtl: Birds waited until the .seventh .inning, to forgo ahead, with. ,a',, hvo-liun sally. They tliciuadde''o^her rnai'kcir in Hie, eigh-th. •'= •"•••'.'•• v .''-.'• ,'. All' other .slinior 1-obp clubs were idle., '•'.:^' : ... ' ,, ;' ; ' more j./(5n'ih'G ; .l3asis.ofj)'rtl,^..^... r ... : -- ,-,-. won lOf or more, : >cohtests this season 1 , Whit Wyatt; : Prenchls. team- n^ate, holds the,second h'ighesl average i n the serii or cu rcu i t—a 778, .iQhiiny, Beaxley of ' the St. Lou|s Cardinals i's third at 737. Bill Lohr» o,f the New York Giants .has'u And \Curt Davis, ,and,ther Brook- ly,n pitcher, tejlfth at 706. .Claude , Passeau of the Chicago Is not among the top five average ho.hl.ers, btitjic has the. largest hiimber 'of wins—1C. . , . , ITanlc. Borowy '..of -"the .New York •S'ankecs J's. the most effcctiye hu'rl- er in. the American league with an average 6f'8- f i(>. Tex Hughsjim of the Bost'on Reel Sox', .who also is high game winner .. w.ith .15..,.'victories, holds .thi? .second average, an 833, J5pud Ghaiidlev, of the Yankees, leader of the, circuit'a week, ago, has slipped lo. third and 813. Ernie J3on r .'Yai)k, is'fourth at 778. 'And Jim Bagby., of .thq. Cleveland Jndlans is last .among the top live with v«n average;-of 7,22.^ ,, • -. IN GOLF TOURNEY THe ACf DRUMMER MAN GENE A Si ORCHESTRA r.otuiviitiA wrcoROiNC,* ANITA O DAY "RAY EBERLE SINGING IOOL Of MMUONS ROY ELDRIDGE ^ FIGHT HKSUL'i\S , Providence, n. I., -Aug. 18— (UP)— Vetonin Saver I o Turiello 6'f New York 'has M'mrnp'iUI 'out a JO-round deci.sloh over W'eTterweSgiit Ralph Xannblll of Pi-oviilonco', ..And In another bout in Providence, Pe'tn [jouthls of .Pi'ovldenp'e college made h(s • professional debut. LotUhls d'eolslohed Dnyo 'llorbli'tt of Boston In a six-round prclhiilnhry. Sp'br'Lis Kdii«i it'AUMI D. I'ALMElf U n i led ; I* rcss ,K n d I f > FIUSE ON RAIL South Portland, -Mn'., Aug. IS— ( (} p)_r/ornicr Cl ty' Manager Char I es A. ('Avon of SoilLh. Portland Is free on $5,000 bail, 'Owori has plpa^ccr'.ln- nocent to a charge of einbe///,ling *r),0(K) i'umLs, Municipal Judge *| I /)V-*V.'»' I I 1 .*-••'• y •>»•»•-•*•« ,,,,-.,-.- , . ..- K.-ffliilciby hn8 prdorpd Qwon. bound ovcuv'to/J/lje.SojVtcmiicr term, of ; .tlie Supuri'9'r ,cour|^,".' ;^;\' : ^. ' t: .•',, .,.. esp PV "'ti *^ oy Betty ANN NYMAN D/1NC/WO STAft Of 'DEST FOOT rONWAHI PLUS OTHER BM5 ACTS 9****"**!* >?> ?- v LoewsPOLI BONDS ATVlAiUTC Nlfff & iMBVICt, LAST LAST DAY ' Ij/\»l M.It ,»,j ' ^ Giver fjAnSON.;' >j!«i l ltop IPIDGEON. -.Avltti to And Hy nAOLI'II, i>. v l*AL!VlW r Sporls Editor, 1 Unij,tid Pi-ess".Radio . How '"]riany" t ":IJiTies 1 'CU'Oh s ';vi)r..'vis has y.earned for. a''.j'lift. |« past—perhaps beyoncf'rcpall;,; •'';•>.'. Tha, sight of'a faue,.,tli6. s^o'a'pcl-pJ-; a voice,., a rare pi'" oxiU tt'd ex p ci'7 len.ce, snalclied, 1'r'om tha.v'l'iumdr.uju- Ijro-ces'si-oir oi .ttie. hoiuis.r. V/7 ' ; -t'/\ C!n? 1 i o'M«I y on-ough, niany .of >:thos.o; nostalgic senj/linen.ts ' ai'e .connected 'with s-poi''t,s events. Outside" purely personal '.memories, , purhaps are-Wio dearest of all. beca.'use we can;tiiom '•otTie.'rs — compare 'OU-r their reaction. Usually our only take, it out 'in talk. ; -; ' :,, IL :is l^eyoiid n'iah 1 * poweivto turn back the .hands of the-.'.'d-pok.- pcrlmps.-. H Is just as .. , __.. wisq, our iga/.c be .constantly, ba.ckwat^d— Koysyard a/ Doihpscy-Tuii- ney 'fig'ht, le>t'us say—instead...of.Jl'or-^ ward to Louis-Conn-,,, p.r the , avep •more iinprobablp fpals' of ^al/hlctoV as yet u'nborri; '. . '•"^ I ',!V. ;'":.: Yet, In^ these times,, when. Mine immediate future ..proihiscs so mucli of lieartache, turror and defep^iiv;"wc should (ay "'hold of. every o'pportuii- I'ty ,to con.jure -lip .tlnit- 'hi.;.Q;ur lii'e which luis, been, fine '-.and satisfying; Tlie , electric' fragments, of...-ti,me wli I £h' 1 \aa , 11 ni.dc -u.l I . ; .th e .darker seg- inents worlih ensuring.,cannot too often be;,.brpv'ghl' to, nihRl.,.-', .!,,, : -Tlftit is OIIQ 'of the/re'asons WJiy 'overyonp -'wliio-.-'has access to -Yah- ; kee .'Stadium on .nexit. .Sunday afternoon' sh o u Id... N p'T ,fui i 1 to '•, b e -p'n; !hand. , ; ! -:" •:•'.",..-.''•-•;,!.•.... '..'^ { .'.^..'A ; ',;'' Tli'e, do'uble-iieader;. bQUy.cch': the. Yankees;, and Senators• 1,'o'r/tlic benefit o'l 1 Xrmy ^ iuul ( IVuyy, v rcljef;sjiould-' be sufficlen.t .causo ,|ii.j^ji', ^°.J^." 1 the' spaclp'us 'jpai-'k.j'. .•'•',,.•.•!•'-, -••.•(''-'.•'"' '.<•"!' B-u't t'lVe opporVunily , to|s6c/ i\v.o of liaseba 11 'H^ jnrniorl^ls .{ {$,. , actjon: should l^'i'lhti',;p^yepp'ow.^rin'^'-^nragr. net lo y^iuig.'aiKi.jild, /•':'; ;;'. ; /. v,• 1 ..- ; .'t : -^- ; We rcfc.r, of .course, l.p Win Scheduled ..appcaranoes -of.iBabo^Hutli and >Vaitei' Johnson — in urviform and porfonning 1 f their eialtios durl mce-t" to be hckl'-betwech /gaiives;'' tli e i r' , m a tc/i 1 e'.s.s s pe 1 - ig ;'t)ip so-c^liotl" ; yflelll; held '• b e t\N r ecii toini es;''" v Jt -Is NOT lo be expectedithat^the Bambino —a pudgy* with the graying -temples —is Ing to belt one- as high ;or as wide tj or hnndsomn a.s -ho,did In the dfeyfe" ho was bashing his 'way inlo Hall of Fame; , > ' ' ^ / ^ fj Or that'"Barnpy,.". as"' the Bi Train was affcctiouately Called g to biV : u-W'e; to: to urn,, one over the plate A\Mih'''thaL v strcam1iSicd-cx- ;ju'css speed^ i,ha-t\madc him perhaps 'tlie fastest piibclVer, of all Pine. But the mere sigh I,, of both of t.he enshrined luminaries .in the un(- •'foi-nis of [ihe teams' of the 'day.; — :oach the greatest player either club "has produced:—• is something 'that only .a war -could have br.ou'ght about. ••.'• '' ',.•> :: % ".)^.-/ ,. ', "7"'''.,.,. r '•"•'.And It Is . fo'rt'uhalc Uiat It has come soon enough in the lives of 'both men that they-sho.uJd-be able ;td. reproduce 'a-.reasonable fa-eslmlle of'.the fonn.-Jiliat .rnade cacli' of "111cm laps-'-ih/ithSlr divisions for all Ihe hundred- ; years the game has been pMycd.: , "'•'.:'./-'., _ . . -.,'. ... ; .Waifcr '.Tbt(nsoiv. .always- •# clpan > .-liver ck]ring 7 ;hJs:loi|g,. career oh 'the. dianiontiahdV afterward; has. been! I i VI 'rig .on h Is'' fai\m. hear Wash ing- j •to n s i nee his r c t'i r am ch t. '. ' . ; ' /No dude : agrarian,; .Walter- rises •a-1/ dawn ..-arid''begins his day-long rb'u nd.. of' clioi-es.'. So that lie' is i n ania/.i'ng' physi-bal shape 1 .for a man of his years.'. ; ',: '; .• ' : "/; i Part;-of-' Walt'or,'s'^ to: pro- 'diipe, 'blix^lng;; fai^t ijall' , that -rnude ills namo>,legend,-; was ••livjiis '.efforLlcss inoClp^K ,';TlHU*-c,v, : i^ ,-NO .rea'Son.' to bcl i I^ye'^Wia:t^arhey.\.will .employ., any- ,'oihei^style ' ;l on ;$uhday ;thit n the o iio '/I ic.;.-" u'scVd ti lV h Is 1J f e. : And .tlip Jact,/ii.laa^\y|iltGp;Jia^,ha(l ,a : ':cbupre. ; ^f('yoi:nigsfors' who. in 'rc- 'cc'nit,' yeaJ'S'^wi;-;aWirqd.;; to ; becomc •pr of ess i buirfl:: •; -ftftJ: ; r»la ji^ers i m nil p.s •'thai :the \lVihd -Mic o coa si o n , sli p\vl n : g" th e -y pu rigor 'gen- ePdtion. lroW : i,t^,:.d'one;;with'.brill and •iiii'ti. So his ;drmr§hpuld be'loose. 'The B'abe. 'b'ayi.ns-bccn veryVcom- f pVi -a-bl y fixed1 w i; tli- ; tlie inccxme -from •the huge 'annu'i:i;ies : he .laid by during his productive', years, may be avtrifie ,sp'ftcr\ ['-^ ;'.;;'-;.:/..':..- : . But it& ' ; in:teM.Ing^la ; \n.ote, j in Eul;h Jiiais Irad 'to. rcsor.t to spcc- tacl'cs ln.,:t)ieir • mid.dlc;. years., And since unusual eyfcs%ht was an integral part, of ..their diamond sue- golf, team /from ^ . Iron C.o. have ijeen de- dared winners o'f the.' local Industrial tournament completed recently .In the. borough, it .was announced. today. Further details, on .the tournament wi'll be •announced later.. - — : . ...,.« •...»..-!.•. — -'-T— K AHOll DISPUTE Manaimo, British Columbia, Aug.. ife— (UP)— A spreading labor dispute -threatens to tie up coal production ,bn Vancouver Island. , More .than. .J500 ' coal • 'miners already have' \yalked 1 out Yn protest, against what they term Tow-scale wages. Union officials claim that the miners' wages arc 30 to" 35 per cent below :those paid in ot,hev : war industries. i ON HONEYMOON Hollywood, 'Aug. 18— (UP)— Movie- tand's newest leading lady is on her honeymoon. Tina Thayer was married 'yesterday to 'Lester Kocnig, a screen writer. .Tlio, 18-year-old brido plays opposite Mickey Rooncy in the picture, "A Yank at Eton." PREPAliING T \Vith the announ-oemcnt yesterday of the forthcoming open golf tournament for the championship of Naugatu'dc, to be sponsored by Die Naugat'uck DaiJy News, local -.goIN ,prs Jrave shown'mai'JaKl interest In ,\',}]Q tourney, .,and. several applica- •J.ipns, have \.been received up to presstim-c today. . The, .t-ourney. oommilfee held a very enthusiastic meeting in the game, room at the U. S. Rubber Co. . Fast even 5 ng -and am o n g o th or. m at- l,ers hnpprtant to the . louriiainent approved 'the following: . OUS KL1MASXKNSKI !,,Ar.l'hur ->V. Swan. wWl be maslcr- of-oerem-onies at the buffet lajncJi- eon". w-hloh wi'll be held at the con- .cluslon. of the tourney on September G|,h at 6 p. m. Henry Cieslcw- ski and, GLIS KJimasxcnski will 1)C in .charS'je, Jack McKce wlM act as treasurer of the tournament and tile buffet luncheon, "Cieslewskl and K.1 linaszcnski will present u set,.of rules, to govern the play and the trophy, wil.l toe presented al tlie luncJieon.v by. .Hudolpli M: Hennjck, publisher of the "News." Jack McKee- at the U. S. Huhber Co., Art Swan iu the S\\\Vn 'fih»c- tric 'Co., Prank T. ^Groeri. »!,•> Iha post office, at the Mop Brook ChJt), or from Henry Cieslew«W.'or Dr. AV IS. Anderson, , • , . v -, The •entrance J'ee is 50 cents avid wMI inc'ludo the. ticket"v;fdK tho buffet.hinchepn 'bh September Gin. The 'funds obtained from .the..f«e? will fee. uilllxcd 'to Vtjirpvlde 'spccfu'l prlxes during* the ^urncy.; ';. , : r i The> lourna'mcnt' will bc.' : <ilvici«it into f 1 igh Is of eiglil.. The I o W cTgtit men ln->.tho .qu«)ifyiiig..\VQiiid" be In the J'st/flight; tlio 'next elgh't .scores in the and," etc. Prl'xcs : AvilJ bte 6r .oqual value, for cAeh flight or eight. The tournaniont: (> WIH be : oiVen "fo residents of Naug»tuck and; persons \yqrki 11^. in Naiu^tupk; ^jid, in^cgil- , i; , J.i.ons point to a ^raml«Joa f gyq.; It, Is planned, -to ;inake this ,.a -ycjurly /of- faJr and certain other lounmmen^ now .held; will'be Cropped in favor' of this major TpaJu'VcV..,-,.. : , > v GOOD JOBFORPHttS (By UnltPd Press) ,, Almost anytliing. c^n happen the lineup of the Philadelphia The case—or cases—In point are ( the. transformation of Karl Naylo:' frojrt outfielder to pitcher and, morp; r«i- ceiUly, .that of Bobby nragan from shorts top to catcher, -.'-,.' \ During three years in lire niiriorsk Bragan had served as a swI-'Of MUi^ ity inllelder, alternating betwecA third l>ase and short. , When the Phils;hlni uh in 1D-50, they put Bobby J,o work patroJling ijjo sliorstop beat. , there he- stayed until a few .weeks ago. - • He wasn't Havana, Aug. 18-(UP)r-Cuba • -new.cabinet is, lining up a \yar pro- •grbm ; ai nied at national unl ty... The gr'oup-aV Jt's very first meeting-appointed a special commission to determine what form this program whr take. And the. new,.,.premier, Ramon Zay'dK who named the commission, has himself .assumed the presidency of tilic group. Eno h so, at ^GAst,,.so.,.it ; hat the among us who li'ave.. never seen the *&'&> of 'tlielr perfection since they left the game, will get a ^loslolgki thrill lo our. very marro>v. And the whole new .generation O i baseball fans who h<ave grown up sincc Hie day. of Jo'hnson and Rut'h, will come,aw.iy 1 ,;a. 1 litt.le Jess sure that, the old gentlema is niildly •cracked -when hQ, "They •don't make' 'cm like that xiny more." 11. is probably itoo much to hope that, Uie Big Tl^.in. w^ll-.sLHkc. out the Babe j-ust once,-as he did many times : wiien -he.'->vas f/ -.-liaiigiiig.. up his alT-fl'me record of 3,497 strikeouts, from 1015V 1,6 11)27. .,, .. . .. .;; Or that, the Bafnbinp .will lift on* of WaUcr'S--is;hp.6'ts'!.Vii'sli over tlie right fiel^ XyaLl^r^SK^p,; did ; on 10 occasions.-.;'lni. Ua,^ 15/, ; years -he was poling. a^;lotaliiofi:r708 homers for Yanks—a record 60 in, one sea- FRANK T. GHEEN . Tho qaiallfying rounds will be played .on Augu-st 29 and 30 and the first tourney match. wiU he played pn or 'before Sepl.emher 4th. The semi-finals, wMI be held . on Sep- lembei' 5tli and live finals on the Glh. Entry blanks for contestants have pi'jntcd and may ))e obtained" Nuu>gutuck News office, from Carl Popperman al, the Lewis Kn- gineej'ing Co. ,loe Xuranski at the pastern Malleable Iron, Lai-ry Koth and Ohris Jvoth at the Chemical Co., J. C/xajjli:cki at i/lic Reclaiming plant, ago. Bi-agan did a fairly good job diirr iiig the first "two years. Then Ih Is 1 season things started to" go wrong, wasn't hitting and his fielding- up to snuff. Finally, Danny Mnrlaugh took, over shorl- • and Bobby was assigned to warnilng tho bench. .'.''. About eight weeks ago, Mickey Livingston, Hie Phils' Orsf, -string' backstop, left the club to visit, hU' •homo, Svhlle 'ho WHS away, Bon Warren, the alternate, received nn injury that threatened to take 'him out of a game. In the" phich, ftrh'gnn, . came through with flic informaf.lon lhl\l he had caught a few « r anies-in ,eo'l^- iege and would fill in for Wrtrreii if l.he other -could liot'flnl^h. Wnrren did go back b'ut, Bobby's promlso was not forgotten. '. .-, A few days later, he was cAlle^ on to take over the liackstott Job and Bragan did so well that h£'ha», Intermittently Jllled in tliero' ,ever since. . '•']'*' : And reconstructed inne|(icr oi^fnot the way Hobby has be.en cbti'inij down attempted Btertlers and handling his pitchers It .Looks as'if' ho were on the way "to , becoming a bona Ihle plate wntcheiv.V ".' ' * GEM Tonight cess, ' to suppose around and wind it is rca&ohiable 'thal'-Uoilh. woulc^^yn be ,loday if the .old^.mgs a: Varin'l. given, out. ^ -,. ,. ;''So tho I, for . I ho.'short spncr. of ftime they will'perform next Sunday they, may 'iook\, very much m!uc'h like tlhey .did in their hey- , ^oyen-Jf. precisely^ this, do.os NOT Ji r apj)en-~and' it CAN—'it will .be A show; worth, watc.hiirg, v , ', . ; The Babe's^flair for the dramat.'ie. which mak'cs 'his- mere eriterin'.g - of a b-all-roonua scns'a,tion, can be depended 'onto supply .the col or. ' And 'jgreat .big friendly, smiling unassuming,; Barney,, whose gentlemanly, modest; trails •endeared him 'to fans, of his day as,Abe..late Lou Gehrig'-s' did to his followers, will warm >jtJie.-vhear.t. by 'his ipresence., . Incidentally, we h'aye mentioned, Wiat .the 'j-6'linsdhrKulh' ^t. ;is ,;:bul. part of a "field meet" the man- ageme'nt• has arranged «to swel 1 the 'gate rqccipts., ,.., • a ' ,,, ' ThereJwlll ; be^'f,ungo;distance jiitf ting, .timed base-circling and' measured throwing'jifdrfornYances-- among members of b'otVi it&aiiia'i Tlie fact that the •moguls recognjze this sort of tiring as boxrQffi-qe 'prompts us to repeat -our pet'bleat; "Why aren/t these" 'meets' staged regularly in haseball for the fans 'Who so patiently find them altrac- IIvc -and for the, bcncfM, of countless 'bull sessions' over the years to come?" . .Why, we repeat, why? ' , PATRIC KNQWLES BEtLA.MY •-..- — Also — "Treat '12m Honah," Mnrch . of Time mid Itohci'i. IU».nchIcy Comedy. dei' d.—'icricr.v .Qurcn and (ho Birifl" "mid VBidcrs of i-IVe $10O L loan of §5100 cos js $20.60 vvl [promptly repaid In. .12. monthly [consecutive installment*'" . IF YOU CAN PAY $10.05 PER MONTH/—.CALL EMPIRE LOAN COUP. I^c.JVo.^Gg '. 220" BROWN,«LI)^/ Wilier, Mflr. Tel. 4-2762 Pawtucket, IV: I., Aug. '18 : .. %T _... A three-year-old son of -'CAhnarf, named Mixer, took an easy two.'nnil one-half length victory ip tfielslxlh a n d fen tu red ra ce a I N» rrag«*i8ot li Rough Time was-second. And Bright Trace llni.sbed third. CharHe-\VAh r Inr was aboard the S. W. ShapqlT winner as ho covered ,lhe :..8fx^fiir- longs in 1 minute, 13 2-5'seconds ALCAZAR Tonight Ann Sotherii and V Red Skelton , ih "MAIS1E GETS HER MAN" REA All Othfe Outboanl TBAINEH OUTBOABD MOTOR WEIS 152 CHUBCII HKN FRANKLIN STORE

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