The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri on April 9, 1973 · Page 7
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The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri · Page 7

Kansas City, Missouri
Issue Date:
Monday, April 9, 1973
Page 7
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14 THE KANSAS CITY T'.VES Monday, April PQWs Letters Baffled Guards Service of the Washington Star-New» j his VOllth living willl llis family Washington— I thuUt of you on capjt0j Hill and as a board- oftcn in your birthday suit. . / Don't let it pet wrinkled." POW lnK student at <l,e Alexandria, Johnny McCain wrote his wife,!^a” Episcopal High School, was Carole, from his prison ceil in freed with the last group of U.S. Hanoi. prisoners last month. He is on a That was hLs way of outwit-:9^ leav«.in t>ran8e, P,ark' ting his North Vietnamese I* *1,s w,^e a,u^ guards in one of the letters he ¡children, Doug, 1:5, Andy, 10, was allowed to write each and their daughter, Sidney, (¡, month during his more than five who was a baby when he was years of imprisonment. It was a shot down in 1%7. fervent love letter disguised as . birthday greetings, and slipping McCain ^s0 faces considera- such forbidden messages into oHthopedic ^ surgery because his letters was one of the few *1C broke his light arm in three pleasures Lt. Cmdr. John S. Me- Places- “ fm on? an(1 a,ls° Cain III ever knew while in cap. |fractured a leg when he ejected iJvl{v from his burning jet on Oct. 26, ! 1967. He also managed to advise his , „ . , , . „ wife on how he thought she .^1S fa^er, Adm. John S. Me- vote last November Cfa1"’ ’ - .^came. «--«««njander of the Pacific fleet and all U.S. ought to and he said the guards never caught on. LT.CMDR. JOHN McCAIN III forces in the Far East while he was a prisoner. “They thought (hat as an ad-'only a squadron pilot from the miral’s son I ought to know ev-j carrier, Oriskany. ervthing there was to know,”i McCain said of his captors. It! On McCain’s last mission, a never did him much good to tell|strike against the Hanoi ther- McCain, who spent much of the interrogators that he was nial power plant, he was going in over the North Vietnamese capital at 10,000 feet, “not too “1 wTote her that I wanted her to have a Grand Old Party in November; and I made capital letters of G, O and P.” McCain said. “She got the point.” Missouri Bar to Consider Court Reform Proposal St. Louis (AP)—Officers of pal courts, the newspaper says, the Missouri Bar wiil consider a ¡The plan calls for a petition ?rweeping reorganization of the ¡drive to submit, to voters a com- Missouri judicial system this - pletcly new judicial article in month, the St. Louis Post-Dis- the state constitution, patch savs. A similar proposal was pur- The bars court modernization sued by the state lawyers’ committee has a plan, devel- group but later dropped in 1968. oped in an 18-month study, I which would free the state The newspaper says the plan courts of legislative and execu-, would restrict the Legislature to tive control and abolish munici- only vetoing the judiciary’s bud-1 get* requests and pay increases for judges. It also would propose a 3-level court system composed of the Supreme Court, courts of appeals and circuit courts. All municipal courts would be eliminated and the: magistrate and probate courts; would be incorporated into en-j larged circuit courts. The plan t Caldwell, Kan. (AP)—The also includes a provision which North Vietnamese have no idea would remove the governor's of freedom and “the sad thing power in appointing judges, the is they have to stay there and newsPaPer savs. ue got to come home.'’ a Opposition to the plan already former prisoner of war, Capt. has developed in a committee of William R Schwertfeger, said the Metropolitan St. Louis Bar,. which has an alternative plan, the newspaper says. high for the S.A M s (surface-to- air missiles) but low enough to pinpoint the target. “I went into a dive in my A-4 and 1 had just pickled (dropped) my two 1,000-pound bombs when something hit my right wing. I was going at 500 knots, inverted and my plane was a spinning fireball. At 4,000 feet, I ejected.” McCain said it was the ejection at high speed that broke his arms and leg. “It was like running top speed into a wall. The gravity and atmospheric resistance ripped off my hard hat. Thank God, the chute opened and I saw that I was dropping toward one of the only two lakes in that part of the country, the western lake in the center of Hanoi. “I almost drowned but landing in the water saved my life. |The trouble was, with both my ¡arms broken, I couldn’t pull the toggle to inflate my life preserver. I finally did it with my teeth after going down to the bottom of the lake twice.” He said that after about five minutes, a group of North Vietnamese pulled him ashore. “They dragged me to the; bank and a huge crowd gatlr ; ered. They took off all my: clothes except my underwear, j The people were kicking, biting; and cursing ;it me. A woman put a cup of tea to my lips but j that was only for a picture. “While I was still there on the shore, one soldier jabbed his bayonet into my bare left foot and another one slammed me in the shoulder with his rifle butt and broke my shoulder.” Special Sale! Cllmatrof OAS Lauded San Clemente, Calif. (AP)— President Nixon proclaimed April a 14 as Pan American Week Saturday and hailed the Organization of American States for building a climate of friendship and understanding. He also designated April 14 as Pan- American Day and called upon governors and other officials to issue similar proclamations. --------------------- C Bond Denies Coercion Columbia (AP)—Gov. Christo-iment directors also are free to pher S. Bond says he lias not talk to newsmen. tried to “muzzle” department,' T, * i , i i , , . . . i Rerent criticism by egis a- direetors by requiring them to .. . ... , h provide the governor’s office ^ors over establishment of with written statements on their the Missouri information Serv- testimony before legislative ice and a memo saying depart- committees. jment heads must clear legisla- Rond, appearing on the Mis-|t>ve testimony through his office souri Forum taped for showing are not “significant in eonsid- ¡yesterday on KOMU-TV, Colum-jering Bond’s relationship with bia, and broadcasting Saturday the legislature iri his first three ‘night on KBIA-FM, said depart- months of office, he said. 7 \ Patriotism Grew in Prisons Washington (AP)—American prisoners of war began rehearsing patriotic homecoming speeches two years ago, in a prison camp exercise some of them called “reverse brainwashing.” j ¡sr. By speaking out in patriotic fervor, the prisoners sought ^ to strengthen themselves against North Vietnamese propaganda Sympathy For Captors 'In Bondage' “The Communists spent upwards of four, five, six, seven, eight, nine years trying to turn us against our country, against our way of life, against America basically,’’ said Air Force! Maj. Ronald J. Webb of Hampton, Va. “And the natural reac-i tion on the part of 99 per cent of us was to build our patriotism even stronger.” “It made us ardent anti-Communists for the most part and ultra-patriotic,” said WTebb, who spent five years as a prisoner. FACTORY gjgn ¿gyiCf METRO, \ \ INC. HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING CONTRACTORS 231-2072 ( lash ’n Carry sri;ciAL! Factory Purchase * Decorator Chairs regularly priced al SI 19.00 Long Wearing Velvet in these smart decorator colors. • Sunny Gold • Olive Gold • Bittersweet • Sant erne buy them in pairs, they’re twice as effective novv 2 for U3500 Shop today til 8:30 Town and uifinnri Country 8121Wornai I yesterday. Schwertfeger spoke to about 600 persons at a ceremony welcoming him back home in south-central Kansas. He was born in Medford, Okla., just across the border from Caldwell, but moved here with his wife and child before Vietnam service. Hutchinson Leader Dies Hutchinson, Kan. (AP)—W. D. P. Carey. 71, Hutchinson in- The greatest moment of his dustrialist and civic leader, died life was when he stepped on the ^ayo Clinic in Rochester, plane in North Vietnam and ^inn•*. Saturday. Carey was knew he was on the way home, active in operation of the fami- Schwertfeger said. He said the b"°wn^d Carey Sait Company return o? POWs has brought un^il its >ale to Interpaee, Inc. American together again. Join the Thousands Who Buy the Best and Pay Less at Sleep-Aire! AND SAVE! Schwertfeger was asked about Jan'* .Fonda’s statements that POWs probably weren’t treated too badly by the North Vietnamese. He said if Miss Fonda likes North Vietnam so well he would personally buy her get there. He w’as being treated for lung cancer at the clinic. Funeral arrangements were incomplete. Carey led a successful drive to build a $10-million hospital in Hutchinson, now under construction. He was one of the a ticket to original stockholders of television station KTVH, channel Schw'ertfeger’s Air Force jet at ^ncePtKjn 20 years ago. was shot down over North Viet- ~ “ I “ in he- nsm in February 1972. Phone Sundav Want Ads fore 11 a m. Sat., 221-5500— Adv. ij • NO-o»f T0UcH our 0| * • No o»e ca H T0U ch our I UTY! • *o-oNf _ N t ° vch 00* Cfr • n °-0N£ c 4N T o » ch our sf TRANTE£! • N°°*£ c * T0UCH OUR rn E! ^ TOf/rir \Oi ou* SEE THIS 539100 VALUE REST-RITE KING SIZE 78"x8Q" FOR ONLY 10-YR. 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We have : : achieved this for only one reason: by »elling the finest mottres* money con buy and passing the Fac- : : tory Prices directly to you the user, thereby eliminating one, or sometimes two middlemen’s profit, z j Sleep-Aire is a family owned organization and has been in this business for three generations, and : * always gives you the finest quality your money can buy! ; ........................................................................................................................................... .. juumincm 0 VISIT ONE OF OUR SIX SHOWROOMS - SHOP AND COMPARE - YOU'LL BUY SLEEP-AIRE iXPfRT TAILORING Trouser Waist VI 95 Trous*rlength $1.95 Trouser Zipper SI.95 McH Poifcet $1.00 PILLOWS New Tickinq $199 DRAPES Dry Cleaned To Measure St e ri li/ed Deodoriied Regular Stie 1 .ft w .1 1 hL* * V #4^' * , ,‘v ,.<■ - K. C. NORTH I 7'2f> Pnrvin Road R o sse 11 Rrj. Exit off I ?9 Mon. K Thrui. i0 mM 9 PM Tue. Wed.-Fri. 10 AM 8 PM Saturdays 10 AM 6 PM 453-37fi4 K. C. KANSAS Plaza West Shopping Center 65th A State Mon. K Thurv 10 AM 9 PM Tues. Wed .fri 10 AM M PM Saturday» 10 AM PM 334 4422 INDEPENDENCE 36th & Noland Arross from liconse Office Mon. Ä Thur». 10 AM 9 PM lue Wed. Fri. 10 AM 8 PM Saturday» 10 AM 6 PM 252-5299 TROOST AVENUE 71 23 Troost Mon. Ä Thurs. 10 AM 9 PM T ue. Wed. Fri. 10 AM 8 PM Saturdays 10 AM 6 PM 333-5095 TRUMAN CORNERS Shopping Center Grandview, Mo. Mon. Thru. Fri. 10 AM-9 PM Saturdays 10 AM 6 PM 763-1637 LINWOOD & GilLHAM 3201 Giliham Plaza Mon. Thru Fri. 10:00 8:00 Sat. 9 00 6:00 931-6735 » ) •«

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