The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 1, 1939 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1939
Page 9
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PACE MINI CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION " nc for One, t(nie per line. . , ..... '. , ' "loo vwo ttaws ric'r'lirie '|iw'doy.;;.03e ttircc tbnes -per 'line uer day;.. (Mo "x Hiies, p«f .line per day ...a r w > ontt rate , ije.r. jlnsu ......... ,.MQ l-ar<|js of Thanks ........ 500 '& 15g Minimum charge' 50c' ' ' ' Ads. ordered Tpr- three -or six .1mes aud-stopixxl before- npira- >on will be charged for the nurn- ler of times tlw add appeared aud Qt bill. maiie. All ciHssilled ' Advertising cpuy luomltted by i>ersous residing out- *tde of the city must be •accompanied oy cash. Halts may be e>aJ- W conipixlcd from above table. Advertising ordered foi- Irregular uwtjww. inKes (he one tiin« rat*. no rusuuraiblluy will bo taken lor more than o«e Incorrect, JJiscr- '.ion u£ any classlritd ad. -b'pr Sale room modem furnished „, ———-___ - 'i l!lCDt " 1Irs ' >r * is « hll «. ism tew.. HoMJlns.t Circulator Coal heater. Motor Sales Co., 319 W. Large uqdromnr lwlvT"55 For Rent Davis. ap.iu.'ltwinl. Coll I2i wi E, •1 room a'parliuent. wilh balli. 207 Vino St, Call 81G. 0. Abraham.' ..................... 3 room apartment-and balh. Ga-> rage, in B. Rose. SU ai-pk-i' TRUE BARGAINS AT PHILLIPS Phono 209. Dcsirable iKriroom in private! ' ' ' ' f ,r< 1 'v 1 ' a , , Is Uead - v S(!« Thenv Today 1 , ae lioriic.' Sfc'nm heat'. '103? w WaUJ' 31 ' Fo "' nut; phone • »M: • ' • • - - 5355 Wfldenx.ll roo.iv. house. Plione _64W. , M chev . Co : ldl 28-C&.3 aparltn.ent 103 _KCuU(cky, Phono. 683. 27pk3 '•> room furnished anarlmwilT 621 Chtckasawba. Apply Job Wiukly. ^ _ _______ 3 room furnished apartment? Mr:;, Elma ciowdcr, COO N. 6th St '3 6 To«r '37 ford »cl '37 CUcv. Sod, '38 Ford Tudor .............. 545? 'SB Ford Tmlor •'—'TRUCKS l\vo _ -*..., biiiii i^uSf IIM _____^ closed, steam hqul. Men pre- C'holec Hereford ciiSieTTaiTiuvcl] ^Ll!!°" c ^ '* fl3-yearlings; 73 bred cows. Offl- 2 or FWn furtiishcd aiiartni^T ..•.ally tested, and, price,!, for dUlcij Newly decorated, 9H Hsar ' tale. .Will sen .any number. Write , 2l-nk It 21 or .wue, W. J. Moyrqe, Alblu, Kwi. • -11 TT^^ ' 1 Comlortablo, bedroom. 1017 Wai- L ° l .:'J° r , 6 - ale ° u "?">' wllc '' e li i c ! liul - Pliono 102 alter four. pretty liomes are being built. l r or i rjulck sale 5315.00. ' Tlioinas Land Co. ', -. ' 31-ck-G n-ck-tl __ _ Suburban grocery aw! >nai*cli Good •. location. Writq BOX "W" ' your wall Ceases, 8 and 10 U Her- Brick's .Watch Sho|), . 28-ck.-3 Several • good mules, mares and ;. young horses. PHU] Byrum. " . - traclora, ncb.ul|( ^imi »•; • refll)i5hed. Good as jieir Paul Byniin. . ,. . iij. ck . ir t A]!i.5-C!ialinei.s Combines. Terms. Pnnl Byrum: : -^li '.uslicd 'C'oni, Chops, Meal anil Brn'' 'Bran:''Public Crusliliig -Blayloc-k ilill, Highway- Bl. 24 2 bedrooms. Buslticss women only, Phone 239. H-ck-tt Nice comfortable- room, Close in 310 \V, Walnut, - 13-ck-t^ Comfortable. fi;on.t balrooni. Out^ side entraucq, Phone 351. 515 Wnliiut,^^ -n-ck.-tr Nice bedroom. Convenient lo~bath'. Steam heal. Phone 280. , 18-ck-lf TS 1 otice Notice—1 am- now salesman for Thomas Land Co. Have good buys on Fann and City Property. H. C. Campbell. 13-ck-H-rj Lewis-Chambers Construction Com- 'lcli.u t > I}4 Tou '30 Purd ' IMucl PHILLIPS MOTOR GO. Corner 5th & Walnut Phone 810-8U for Demonstration — WsthovJUc, Ait. Wauled To Buy WANIED A USED FLOOR SCALE I'HONE ;OU OH 372 WK 1'AV CASH FOR .Used Furniture Hoy KooiU'C Furniliitc Store HI IV. Main 23-CK-11-23 WE BUY SOYBEANS Gin 10 head young., fresh Jersey cows. Games AJarkcl. Phone 83. pany. Inc., is responsible onlyj^P 1 '" Day-Nile — Hljva is \Vcst -"''I for purchases if tlie vender Is sup-' n.--..... ^i ..: Pllwl with a ivritteu purchase or- Upright piano and. four: foot Piig- e'' electric refrigerator. Bolii der signed by W. c. Dreniiat) nr J Phlllluee. 2-pk-ll-2 --.—. „ ^.^x,v»ii^ i vi* tuLiuvui. jjum i mm UK HtC C Vil VWIIVC ni-e^ellcnt condition. Phone 77 or „, ;.„._ _" . , call at/'Bir-W. Main. S)-ek-» & BIRD DOG LICENSE Lumber, oak-, Cypress.''. SIS yec ; thousand. Delivered- for $20. Ad- Iqliijnv. gicnrr-.Lake Farm. D n. aarncr. of Annorel. li-pk-lt-l'i f • Wanted , ^. iiiieniaiiuiis. Slip covera tor', furniture. 'Call aao, Mrs W. Leonard: Hinilh. • 27-pk:-3 Wanted to Iieui~ •10 • acres land, Blvthcyllle.' , . Write Box "40", c/o , Courier •' : FOR YOUB CONVENIENCE WE ARE. PREPARED TO" ISSUE YOUR.. ^HUNTING. AND BIRD DOG, LICENSE AT OUR STORE SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. 35 "Welding o OP CHIOKASAWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Lucille Cooper, t'lalntlll, Vs. No. 7003 W. !(. coojrar, Defendant. The. defendant. W. H. Cooper, Is cnplion hereof ami answer the complntnl of the plaintiff. Lucille Cooper. t Oclobcl '' HAKVEy.MO|llU8, . U.v Kllzabelh Blj'lUe, ; D. 0. A. Wrl HOLD EVERYTHING - By Clvde Lewia Invalid Cured • Stfngjtfothtr Says PHIMDIJU'HIA (UP)_ Putrol. mim Thchiiis ' CharUor.''raises -Ijcos » his oil-hours, niid Ills ^vlfcoivil- s the hobby' wlUi having cured. Uiwr son of a-wctaus.. illness.: •"My iwstanij has been raising bi-ps foi-'Uia to iVva yc-iiV'Mj-s. Chnrlton said 'Tw> ye9 > s „„„ om . soil,, nil]., nus.utilclieu jl n the- IPS wllli 1'hcumallu lever. Two pliysl* If tho infection- spread yVo caljcd our docloi awl ho ..-^ MtoUnded ' Mis oharUoa conllniicd.. "He said (ho IJCB sling liiiil :n)>)iMO!)!ly locnlKcd the In fccllon, Reading to QIV ' " ' cure." /••': \ f • •' • <" SAN JOSK, Cat. (Ul'j — K WillJam'Fl Jamea-' -. ICthfl real solution fop iin- 'iiienV Is nol crime. !to d.e- cliites Uwt-flO per cont gMhe, law vlololora brought bcfpvo him ask fov iirodatUn oil the grounds. thul to Ilk lieurt, lllll would die.'"" 'W httvo'u" job \vn "O" 0 'lay uiy luisbnna iilncwl " 5 £0£>ls as ' tlicy- r Dill lij iv'uhnJr fn'{no Iwrk'rurcl dnljzlng," ho «»»••'lo Bet-Mhu mm. A i, a ir | 10H) , h( C1 .|1 Heard.,UIIVscKiim. lia hud ticeiv stuim in ihQ sttlckon tcj by a, bea. I lliouglit. Ito.- would d|e. t placed I nni't on tho wound, la an etrorl lo. for them f|ep.. "it's • ---•—"«. tk* i»i i SALV* V W, unw tho poison from i) w skin port's." • • • ' Shortly uttorwnrd. she 5&W,.*rto 13-yonr-old Iwy showed n uwrked Wert Qptometrijt "«E MAKKS 'EM SIJE" ' ' Phone 540 PRESCRIPTIONS— ^nfe ^ • Accurate • .Yoiir Prcscrlptlou ''Drugglsl - v Fowler Drug Co. ,AlAin>« l'lr»( -rhbne HI J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only graduate O|>loiu«- (rlnl.ln nlj^htvide.' '' <jlass« riltcd Cflfttctlj TERMINATES TERMITES BRUCE- MEMPHIS' PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock .Gmirjinteljd Best Prlc«t Kirby Drug Stores Now I,ocafr(r«t 101-Nottii' Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER §$RV1CE BUREAU t»ON EWWAUWlj', I'roprtcWr AU Makes Q | BrtuUI 1 TyponrHc™,- Addlhi »i»ch<nc» ...4 Salwoq lio onlj that-do not HEADLINES Tell 'pf Future Price;' Advances'.,. ,* r GET THE JUMP ( ON, HIGHER PRICES ' BUY e$toii«f STANDARD TIRES • OTIllill SIZES ,. CROPOirriQNATCLY.LOW //i As Low Cftc per Week As aW. Ou Om- Budget Plan! PHILLIPS MOTOR CO, : Ellis. Snipes, Kudgct Mgr. < • Wnlunt I'liono 810 EXPERT BLECTHIC •AND ACBTYLENIf Tailor;: Made Sutls 523.50 lip . A£L KINDS ALTER AT10NS Geui-gc L. ytlicvillu's Only Tailor 11 MOHAMMEDAN LEADER Dnig line and heavy welding a Barksdalo Mfg. Co. Phonti >9 ur lies. 1019 ' Personal Arouse Slusgisli Lirer, vain off the l)Uc lo rid yourself of constipation, gas pains, and lhal sour punk feellns. Take. one. box' of KIKBV'S ACTIVE LIYF41. PILliS 25c at nil Kirby Stoca ironing HORIZONTAL i l,;JP4cturc.a.' ; ftlohammedan .' leader. I 8 His yearly ' salary' is his. •' -~— in gold,. :18 p NaUye : .]hgtaU 19 Born. trTo. lade. '•J8 Hazard,. -1311115, skins. ; 21 Low spirits. , 5 In case that. 45 Afternoon. .27 To remark. -16 Go on •29.TO-Ho wrong. (music), >3p Indian 48 Jewel. 20 Itis lille is •— . Sir Woliainmed Shah. 2.2:rle is a -^ o.I iirjn)en$9 . powc.r., 2<j.B.rotlier. 28Ta.5ealter, SOa.ocial insect. . 2 Gazelle., 3 Dry. .31 Threshed. . cereal seeds. aa'riecf.iBi; 3li Nirn,bU5. •38'Jo't; 39 Motors. •lilt is. '•12 Exclamation." M To toften leather. . 33 Malts child. 34Slol)is. 35 Aurora. 37 Cements. 40 Joke. •II Ijlllc, devil, 43 Convex mountain. M Part of a ' comet. 53 Penitent.' S3 The 57 Female dec?. 59 lie has been ; head of Jsmaelian' •—— since 1685. 6_Eras, 7 Neither, ... 45 To handle. 47 Indian nurse, 8 Pockelb.op.lW. !l9 Fil shion. H To chop. U Evasions. 15 Inlet: ' nilomoln England. S2 Wine vessel 54 Wand. 50'MjsHc syllable, 58 Postscript. • Expcrl. washing and. Ironing, cheap. Rough dry and finish'. G quilts «1.CO. One day. service.' Willie 'dell Green, behind city Ice Flani. ~ One while lace steer yearling, weighing about, MU pounds Dr _V^UU1, Route. 1. , . 27-'pk-3 An airliner must Piiss.iupw'lhan ~00 Icsls before -It cim )KJ put. hil-j ''"'"- ' service. ONLY $O60 VOH THIS COJilPELTE I. .SHOCK iiiid iclill with special Shock Absorber fluid ; suited t u Mfus,,,,. \vitjusl "for itui.\Imoi» rJdiug comforl. :'.. JNSl'KCT SHOCS AJ5SOUI!. tHS for-JeaSv and li;li( C n urin mil sand packing nuU, 3. Si'KINUS-'Jrcal s^rlojj HiJU SDCrial Ford lubricant M,462S, I. IN'SPECT AXD ADJUS'f Sl'RKG, SHACKLES. . 5. t.VKRlCA'T.K CHASSIS COM- I'l.E'ifcl,!' mi/iy fa C [ or y svmi , (i. Kt)tj;VUV!li TIKE l.VFI.,1. fo (he rtconuneinleil iircs- T. f'.OAl} 'IEST CAK for Ilia! ailjttsiuient of. 5Uock Absoruers lo. slut iJUiivi.dual icqulrcmeuta. AU, AtOVK I OK 'IU1S O.VE VUICli. 'DOAVM (tlldiOttl «Y FRED HAKMAft VES.QOdLA' SEEM5TOBE PUT OUT AMP HE'S SORE -BECAUSE OF HER ADMIRATlOW POR.ULyss.ES... 1 . WEIR.1^ JSM'T )t .TQ US; OP THE -CWEMT16TH I FRovv 5uR, f SAV, HAVE I THE COOLNE !^?lr?S-^P/^illK'£RWES.7HA!r OF,- A UTTLE'KKJOW HIM L6D&E CDS 7HWQ • - S1AFF.' > AWO'S PEACE OF MlMp,' - ^_ '^•^^••« • <•—-*<••* „. .,. .__^^pr <jt.»TH. tan B/ flE» BtnVjCcTlAC. 7. >' nf5.U 5-TATjOfF HER BUDDIES WASH TUBBS. WHAT WA$ WTOHG, CjOT 6VPPED A6.MN 1 . THE JUD6E A(AD& ME PAV THE Se 1 ^ HOSPITAL BILL,'' NEBVE TO ME? TWELVE' S'nitiSOTTH'CAB" P I'hone S1U FUBCKLES AND HIS -FRIENDS cwy o,- vw/? I s« / G4Are- / ..:.:' A- Foregone Conclusion ^ PLENTTV TtxJGH.-AWo WE'RS SHORT- -' HAMDED .'. BUT - uer's GIVE '£M, ALL wgve GOT. EVEN .: IP THEY ''^iRS-lHE OP. TTHE ; " BY MERRILL ;BJuOSSEl< -MAY i ASfC ONE FRIVOLOUS QUESTIOM ABOUT YOUR. LAST*, CQ4CH? ; ;

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