Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 1, 1891 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 1, 1891
Page 3
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Delicious Mince Pie in 20 Minutes A1TST TIME OF THE YEAB. DOUGHERTY'S NEW ENGLAND mmwsw MINCE MEAT. Daily Journal. TRIDAY MORNING, MAY i. ; enough for two largo pies. Always ready; easily prepared. GLEAN, WHOLESOME, CONVENIENT. SOLD BY ALL GROCERS. NEW! NEW!! New Soda Fountain JSTew Soda Syrup. New Flavor for Syrup. New Man to run New Soda Fountain, at PR YOR'S Drug Store. Cut prices on dress goc Rule. Beecham's Pills cures ache. Use J. B. L. Blood Tonic. ds, —Golden sick head. d6t and Liver eod&w sale at the Trade FREE READING ROOM, Open Daily and Evening, 321 Pearl Street. Welcome to All. $1,000 REWARD. To THE CrnzESS OF LOGANSPORT-. Our competitors In tne cement sidewalk Ibuslness have again started the scandalous report that we are not using Portland cement on our sidewalk contracts We will pay tha above reward to any one who can prove that we are not now or ever have been using anything 1>ut the best Portland cement on all sidewalk work. The Portland cement we use is the test that can be procured In this or foreign country. M. MICHAELS & SON. apr26dlm "FLORIDA ON WHEELS. A Marvelous Revelation of Tropical Luxuriance. A State Fair in a Rolling Palace from the Land of Flowers. Illustrated to tourists, Invalids .and prospective settlers the advantages and resources or mat sunny land. Tropical Iroits, wines pertanes palms, etc., to Interest parents and a tomlly ol live alligators to please the children. .Will exhibit In Logansport near Pan Handle Depot. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday April 28, 29 and 30. May 1, and 2. . Avaunt courier for those famous •Moorish Palaces, Hotel Ponce de Leon and Hotel Cordova, St. Augustine, Fla. See small buls, Admission 10 S Children under 12, 5 cents To Defray incidental expenses. Hoars, 10 a. m. to-1U p. m. WantonS. Webb, ex-Director General Sab-Tropl- calFlordla Exposition, Florida Commissioner to ?he Paris Exposition,'Director. ^ee Rorlda Literature. aprllflwot Real Estate. For Sale orTrade In all parts of Logansport. Residence and Business'property. Sole Agents for the "West End Addition." And Johnson's Riverside Addition. Vacant Lots, on Monthly^Payments. Bargains in lands close to city. E. N. Talbott & Son, Real Estate Broker, St. - Elmo Block. Broadway 3ICY In All Styles and at CLES All Prices. Men's SaJe- Boy's Safeties from 810 up to S60- S19 Agents wanted. Liberal discount LouisvilleCycle aaaTvpewriterCo. 231 Jefferson St., Louisville, Ky. Go to the ribbon Palace. Cut prices on all dress goods, at the Golden Rule. B. of L. E. grand May day ball at the rink to-night. Black Mackintoshes to-day $4.98, at Otto's special sale. Cheap clothing for children, still cheaper than price list, at Otto's. For fine confirmation suits, please call and see Jordan Hecht, 320 Market street. Busjahn Bros, will 1 sell you paints, oil and varnishes, cheaper than any other dealers. _mayld2t We have the Read's Lansdownes in all the desirable shades. Come and see them.—Golden Rule. Saratoga High Rock water, the genuine on draught, at Busjahn's. Ours is not made from the salt. md2t The best rosebuds, floral designs and plants in the city,, are at Newby's greenhouses, 609 West Broadway. THAT HACKING COUGH can be so quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We guarantee it. Sold by B. F. Kees ling • . l SHXLOH'S CUKE will [immediately relieve croup, whooping cough and bronchitis Sold by B. F. Kees. ling 8 The cheapest and best line of confirmation suits in the city, is at the Bell Clothing House, No. 405 Market street. Wanted, every lady in Logansport to know that B. F. Keesling- sells famous '-Blush of Roses" for the complexion. 2 Jordan Hecht can show you as handsome a liae of confirmation suits as any house in the city. Call and see for yourself. Every person not satisfied with "Blush of Roses" is requested to write the manufacturer, Miss Flora A. Jones, South Bend Ind. 10— Short breath, palpitation, pain m chest, weak or faint spells, etc., cured by Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure. Sold at B, F. Keesling's '*) Nervous debility, poor memory, diffidence, sexual weakness, pimples cured by Dr. Miles' Nervine. Samples free at B. F. -Keesling's. (6) . At the Market Street M. E. Chnrch Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, Jas. Burwick will talk to his fellow railroad men and friends. All are invited. mayldSt Look out for bargains in children's and misses hose, 3 pairs for o cents, ladies fast black, 5 cents a pair, and gloves 5 cents a pair, Saturday, at the Trade Palace; no customer to have over six pair. The 100th anniversary of the adoption of the constitution of Poland will be generally observed by the Poles in this country next Sunday. At South Bend a great demonstration has been arranged for the day. The South Band Water Works system has been improved by the addition of a set of uew six. million-gallon steam pumps .which pump the water from a reservoir fed by 15 artesian wells. The system is said to be complete and efficient. The same scalawags who recently victimized a number of Logansport- ers by selling a composition which was claimed to make coal oil- last a great while in lamps also worked Laporte, getting out $200 the better of the suckers up there. The Wabash Company is removing its Side track between this city and Chili on the Eel River division. - As they have no meeting points between these stations they are not in need of any side tracks excepting short spurs to store cars in for loading- and unloading purposes. List Sunday while Gus Pothoff, who lives east of the . city, was out driving on .the George street road he killed a rattle snake near the Parrish farm that was three feet and eight inches long, and had eight rattles and a. button. That particular spot seems to be infested with reptiles of this sort. Last summer a rattler was Killed at almost the identicnl spot that was nearly six feet long and had fourteen rattles. The steep siding on Railroad street between First and Second streets was the cause of another accident yesterday morning. Gear's milk wagon upset at this place, the side tbe door is on being next the ground, thus hemming Mr. Gear in completely. The horses commenced to run but were fortunately stopped before any great damage was done. Spilled milk and a broken glass in the door of the wagon and several painful bruises to Mr. Gear were the results of tbe accident. RAILROAD RUMBLINGS. ItoniK from tl»c Note-Book of Our Railway Reporter—Point* Personal and Oilicrw'inc. Richmond Telegram: The Hamilton News says: Rumors of changes in the administration of the Pan Hannle were current yesterday in railroad circles. The changes were as follows: Ralph Peters, Superintendent of the Little Miami, had gone to the Southern, and VV. B. Leeds, Superintendent of the Third Division, had been advanced to his place. J. S May, Train Master of the Pan Handle, had been made Division Superintendent, and Lew Wallace, a Pan Handle conductor, had been made Train Master. 1 ' To add new credence to this report Conductor Wallace has been oil his run, ostensibly consulting with the Superintendent of Motive Pow.er, at Columbus, as the one man from each division, to get ideas on the use of oil, and the wonder has been that a conductor would be selected for this purpose. However, when Superintendent Leeds and Mr. May were approached on the matter this morning they both denied any knowledge whatever of anything of the kind. Mr. May says that "when a ,man gets to be train master, he is at the end of that string in the Pennsylvania system, where they make superintendents of civil engineers, but that has not always been so, and there is not a train master in the whole Pennsylvania system who would make a better superintendent than J. S. May. He is not alone qualified by experience but by nature, and one of his natural qualifications is to enlist the friendship of both the men under him and those others - he comes in contact with, so that he could depend on the help of every mother's son of them. They would do for him what they thought he wanted them to do, whether they had to or not, and that is the kind of help a man needs most, especially in an emergency, when money and power of position don't knock the persimmon. GThe Pennsylvania Company is building a large number of live stock cars, thirty-six feet long, equipped with automatic couplers.' air-brakes and well ventilated from the roof. These cars are coming into this territory to be loaded for the Eastern markets. All stock^trains are now run at suck high speed over the Pennsylvania road that it is necessary to have the cars of very substantial built an'd equipped, with, air-brakes. Two of the five monster raogul engines which the Louisville division of the Pennsylvania lines are to receive, have arrived. They are such ponderous affairs that dt is thought unwise to use them over the bridge crossing from Jeffersonville to Louisville, and the round house on the Jeffersonville side is to be remodeled for their use when not in service. An Advertising Scliemc. National Advertiser-. A magic lantern, called the lucigraph,, has just been invented, by means 'of which large letters can. be thrown on the clouds., There is no doubt that some advertising schemer will shortly proceed to utilize the machine, so that a person will be unable to glance up at the sky without reading the advertisement of some one's goods. The advertising schemer has covered all the walls and fences with his posters and placards, and has spoiled the beauty of bur natural scenery by painting every rock. He will now rise to ; greater heights and disfigure the clouds. It may be suggested to this fiend that the lurid smoke of Pluto's cauldrons would be more fitting background. They "Were Forsottcn. North Judson News: On Wednesday last a couple of soldiers of the late war, chanced to come to North Judson, and having no money were locked in the calaboose by the town Marshall for the night. The next, day about. 2 p. m. they found Geo. P: Barr, and complained to him that they had been left in there all forenoon without food, and water by the "officer; they finally got the window out and made their way to liberty. 1 They said the .Marshall had forgotten them, if this is true, we. want Mr. Held to explain his.doings to the citizens .of this.town through the columns of the News in its next issue. His IByliiK Request. It will be remembered that a note found on the body of Martin Ferrick who killed T. J. Bunnell, then shot himself at Wolcott a week ago contained among other things a request for Christian burial. The Monticello Herald says: ••His request as to burial was complied with by a rather singular chance. By the rules of the Roman Catholic church, of which he was a zealous member, his last act would have deprived him of burial in consecrated ground, unless granted absolution before death. His priest, Father Hellhake, of Remington, happened to be on the train which arrived just at the time of the shooting and was almost the first pers on at the side of the dying man. -He, promptly performed the sacrament necessary to secure the sacred privilege and administered extreme unction as his parishioner breathed his last. He then telegraphed a full statement of the facts to Biseop Dwenger at Fort Wayne, and received by telegraph the Bishop's permit to bury the remains in consecrated ground, which was done at Reynolds on the following day." Homo Without a Mother. The room's.in disorder, The cat's on the table, The flower-stand upset, and the mischief to pay; And Johnny is screaming As loud as he's able, •For nothing goes light when mamma's away. What a scene of discomfort and confusion home would be if mamma did not return. If your wife is slowly breaking down, from a combination of domestic cares and female disorders, make it your first business to restore her health. , Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is without a peer as a remedy for feeble and debilitated women, and is the only medicine for the class of maladies known as female diseases which is sold under a positive guarantee from the manufacturers that it will give satisfaction, or the money will be refunded. It is a positive cure for the most complicated cases of womb troubles. Micks' \f ca.ther for May. From the 3d to 5th is a storm period to be watched. Mercury is on April 29th: Vulcan May 3d, and Mars, May 4th. It will be wise prudently to anticipate dangerous storms at this time. Should they come, indications will be manifest and timely to all who watch for them. Frosts will occur on nights following. Reactionary storms fall normally about the 9th, but with new moon on the 8th,'and Mars so near his equinox, we have indicated in calendar, by stars, the 8th.. 9th and 10th. as storm days. The 15th is the center- of the next regular period, and allowing the usual days before and after, storms are sure to pass from west to east within the limits. Cool nights with frosts will follow. Expect storms about the 21st and 22d: The last period for May is 25th to 29th, This is an eventful month. The Deafness Can't be Cured by local applications, as they can not reach the diseased portion oi.the ear.;' There Is only one way to cure Deafness, and that Is by constitutional remedies. Deafness Is caused br an Inflamed condition of the raucous lining of the Eustaehlan Tube. When this tube gets Inflamed you have a ' rumbling sound or imperfect hearing, and wnen It la entirely closed Deafness Is the result, and unless the Inflammation can. be taken out and this restored to Its normal condition, hearing will 1 be destroyed forever; nine cases out of ten are caused by catarrh, which Is nothing but an Inflamed condltlon-of the mucous surfaces. • We will give One Hundred Dollars tor any case "of Deafness (caused by Catarrh) that we cannot cure by taWnu- Hall's Catarrh Cure, Send .for ..circulars, toe. ^ .^^^.4 ^ Toledo , 0 . j^-Sold by Druggl3t3,7i5c CROUP, -WHOOPING COUGH and bronchitis immediately relieved by Shiloh's Curn. Sold by'B. F. Keesling, 5 Keep Correct Time. A large handsome self-winding clock regulated daily at 11 a. m. by telegraph with standard time may. be had for a nominal rental. Call and see Manager Duesner at . Western Union office. Rentals fifteen dollars per year, payable in monthly installments, subscribers signing a contract good for one year. The clocks are all connected by a. wire with the Western Union office. Daily at 10:55 a. m. the electric current is turned on, and each clock is effected and regulated if out oi time. At 11:01 a. m. the electric current is taken off. Tke rental charged is for use of the clock and keeping same regulated one year. ... The clock system referred to is now in use in 500 of the principal cities. Kokomo is using 25 of the clocks. aprSOdGt WORLDS FAIR. SANTA GLAUS SOAP N.K.IMBANK&CO. My Country: 'tis of thee, Sweet-land of liberty, Of thee 1 sin?,; Land where cur 'n'.h.rs died: Land where cur A-.' i 5 cried, Over the wasli-UiL ^i Let freedom ri:-.£. My native country ' i i — Land of the noble, treu— Thy name I love; I love thy tucks and fr 'Is But oh: what laundry biilsvr My soul with horror thrills; When I think of thee. Let music swell the breeze, And blow through all the trees Hail SANTA GLAUS: Let tired mortals v/ake And gladly try a cake, Let all for cleanness sake, Join the applause. MAKERS FOR ALL NATIONS. BLOSSOM „ POSITIVE CURE FOR ALL FE-MALE: DISEASES. varies, Bladder dii"vm.uj, +.-*^ t ^^^ ^+**~. ,. u.*." TJth alt these symptoms a terrible nervonil ORANGE BLOSSOM: TKJEATJUUESNT removes au ' -a rPGiinffis y.tywnuii'jcvA uj fcnvj/"-"-"— —7— v ~ * ^ ^ these by a thorough process of absorption. . „•»,,, 'T$ i inrtil i nni in ATI rtM Perfectly harmless, which every lady cau use, herseli. Mod- i«| A LOCAL A P " LI U A11U It ieines taken internally will never relieve the many forma of , ^ female weakness. The remedy must be applied to the parte to obtain permanent relief. • ^ » m HIM T»IV Tfl I'/mi CO in our circular. Ask your druffg^st for one, or send two $ A PLAIN I ALIv I U LAUI Cogent stamp to home office tor sample box and circular. * EVERY LADY CAN TREAT HERSELF. $l - OOFQR -SK s Bii EATMENT - j.' AMCCVLL, M. D., & CO., 2 &4 PANORAMA. PLACE.eHmAGO, ILL. FOR SALE BY B . F . KEESI/lXG and JOHNSTON BROS. feblOdiwlr - Au -'Expert" Advertldenient Clerk. Chicago Herald: "I've learned that the force and effect of an advertisement depends largely on the way it is worded," said a West Sider. "I had an umbrella stolen from the vestibule of the church I attend. I went down to a newspaper office and had the following advertisement inserted: 'Lost, from the vestibule of the church last Sunday evening, .a gold headed black .silk umbrella. The gentleman who took it will be handsomely rewarded by leaving it at No. street.' I waited several days and got no response, and I told the newspaper's advertising man that advertisements were DO good, that they were never read, etc. Said he: 'Let me try for your umbrella again, and if you .do not then acknowledge that advertising pays I will buy you a new one.' He then inserted, the following: 'If the man who was seen to take the umbrella from the vestibule O f foe church last Sunday does not wish to get into trouble and have a stain cast upon Ms Christian character, which he bears so lightly, he will return it at once to No. street. He is well known.' This appeared in the evening paper, and the following morning I was astonished when I opened the front door of my residence. On the porch lay at 'least a dozen umbrellas of all shades and sizes, that had been thrown in, and the front yard was literally covered with umbrellas. Many of them, had notes attached, saying that they had been taken by mistake, and begging me to keep the little affair quiet. I've got enough umbrellas'to last me the remainder of my lifetime, and I've learned something about how to • do advertising that is really effective. TUe Board of Education of the of Ijogansport, Ind. Endorse and Adopt for General u»e in tlie Public Sckool» the AmcrlcanlzedEncyclopacdla Brltantca. Now Try This. It will cost you nothing and will; surely do you good, if you have a Cough, Cold or any trouble with- Throat, Chest or Lungs. Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption Coughs and Colds, is guaranteed to. give relief, or money will be paid back. Sufferers from La Grippe found it just the thing and under its use had a speedy and perfect recovery. Try a sample bottle at our expense and learn for yourself just how good a thing it is. Trial bottles free at B. F., Keesling's Drug Store. Large size 50c. and,$1.00. 8 Unprotected Kocliester. Rochester Sentinel: Rochester is again without the services of a night w°atch. ' The Board of Trustees slopped the pay and of course the watchmen quit watching. The stable door, you know, is always locked j_st after the horse is .stolen and in this respect .Rochester is right in line with the ancient adage. Immediately after burglaries night watchmen are in great demand, but a month's lull of robberries gives everybody a feeling of security and the services ENDORSED. ci J! "& ri *j City V. C. Eannawalt.... Dr. H. D. Hattery.. James P. Martin.... . President 'ANNA'V."LA BOSK, SllJIt. Why Not? Editor Journal: I saw a piece in your paper about the F. M. B. A. which is just -what I used to think about them buying goods cheaper than other people and told them so when they wanted me to join them., But they said I was mistaken about it and that the merchants offered to sell them that way, instead of them asking for it. And chat they.can go to some, stores in town now, and can buy goods just as cheap as town people can and then get 10 percent, eatra off of that. Now, if the stores offer to do that why shouldn't we take them up. OI OOUULIU^ CJ.1JU. uuo ij^i 1 t.w^J v^ —-~ I i night watch are dispensed'with. j Sixth streets. FAE3IERS. The .Dally Runaway Item. Andy Steven's horse got hungry yesterday just before dinner and made a dash down Broadway and along Fourth to Stewart's livery stable. Several ineffectual attempts to stop it were made- No damage was done-to the buck board though several times; a collision with other rigs seemed probable. . . ' Tin Shop for Sale: \ As Nicholas Smith is going to Flora, Ind., to start in business with his son, he offers his tin shop including stock of tin and tinware and tools for sale of" the i cheap. Broadway, between Fifth and LOGANSI>OET, Ind., April 23,'91. To all whom It may concern: . We have given the AMBBICANIZEI>-| ^^crCLOP^EDiA BRITAXICA a careful ex-rj amination^itha .view to determine itt^f merits as, a reference work adapted fo general use in schools, and have placedy a set in, each of our public school and unhesitatingly extend our unqu fled endorsement and recommend it i a most important acquisition to institutions of learning, public; private libraries. ' The progressive policy of the lishers of this great work embodies t spirit of American - enterprise, nanimous in character, placing it prices within the- -means of _all terms suitable to the poor and rio alike. • . - - -v V. C. HANAWAXT, H. D. HATTEBY, J. P. MARTIN, Logansport; School Board. apr25dtf Da. J. MILLER &. SONS—Gents:,: can speak in the highest praise your Vegetable Expectorant. I was tol*| by my physician that I should nevwif be better; my case.-'was very alarminjsf|j I had a hard cough, difficulty *~ breathing,, and had' been spitting bit at times for six weeks; I comment using the Expectorant-'and got inline diate relief in-breathing. I soonbeg to,get:.better,,-and in a short timail was entirely cured,. and I now thlr my lungs are sound.—Mrs. A. E- ^, 'ner. dec7d&w6nf^ Randolph, Mass. * WortJi Hundreds of »oJJars. ( , My wife used only two bottles*-,* "Mother's Friend" -before her thir confinement. Says she would not 1 without.it for hundreds of dolla Had not half as much : trouble as fore.—Dock Miles, Lincoln Parifili La: Write The Bradfield Regula^. Co., Atlanta!'Ga., for particulars. Sol! by Ben Fisher. Dlptlierla. Mothers, this dread disease prevalent now that you can not affoe to risk your little ones to its rav when a bottle -of Pine-apple Syrup P! the house would prevent a &eve case of it. For sale at J. T. Sample bottles free. 1 Attention Division No. 5O U. •• A special session-.will-be held evening to transact such business may-arise: Let all Sir Knights i GEO. GOOSES, Capt.' . roo cough wh Cure wi\l give immediate' 10 cents/^0 cents and, B. F. Keeping. . / . A

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