Spokane Chronicle from Spokane, Washington on October 7, 1913 · 17
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Spokane Chronicle from Spokane, Washington · 17

Spokane, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 7, 1913
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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 7, 1913. SPOKANE DAILY CHRONICLE. PAGE SEVENTEEN. gonzaga to Agricultural College From Montana Will Come to Spokane for Contest. Secret Practice Has Been Started in Preparation for the Idaho Game. Mnaagrr MonackaD of the Goaiaia euiverolty football team haa cloaed a with the Montana Aggie for a came to be played In Spokane on No- vember 15. It will be the drat appearance of the Hontana Agricultural college team In Spokane and the Initial eonteat between the two lineup. Coach Harmon of the Gonzaga squad has started secret practice for the Blue and White eleven In preparation for ,he University of Idaho game, which Is to be played Saturday. The gates around the field at Gonzaga have been closed and every afternoon until the date of the game Harmon's charges wm work without any spectators to watch the play. Captain Eddie Mulholland has gotten back in the harness again, having recovered from the injured shoulder which he received during a baseball game in Anaconda, Mont., before coming back to the university this fall. Mulholland has been placed at one of the back positions and is expected to be a big boost for Gonzaga's chances against the Idaho eleven. Crowley, the former high school lad, Is showing up In fine shape In the backfleld and McGinnis 1 developing a fine brand of ball In the line. Johnston of San Francisco Is Close to Great Mark Set by Spokane Flayer. The great base stealing record set by "Hap Myers during the 1912 season, when the speed demon played flrnt base for Spokane, Is In danger. Myers pilfered 116 bases while with the Spokane club and hung up a mark that was expected to stick for some time, but now Johnston of the San Francisco club In the Coast league Is trying to rab the honors from Myers. Johnston has stolen 109 bases this season and he still has three weeks to go. Johnston haB been the marvel of the Coast league to date and his amazing speed has bewildered the backstops who have tried to head him off on the paths. Johnston Is an outfielder and has played fine ball. In addition to his phenomenal work on the bases. Myers made his record In a short eason. He joined the Indians after ths schedule was uhder way and the final games of the league season were played In September. Johnston started the season in March with the Seals and will have seven months In which to make a record, while Myers had but four. ... TRI-STATE LEAGUE TO HOLD MEETING Fate of Organization Will Be Decided Wednesday at Walla Walla. WALLA WALLA. Oct 7. (Special.) Ths directors of the Western Trl-8tte league will meet In this city Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock. The fate of the league will be decided at that time. One of the Important matters to come before the directors Is ths settlement of hotel and transportation bills. It Is thought probable that effort will be made to have these hills pooled. As thers Is some opposition to such a move, It may bring up a warm fight. Pendleton seems unwilling to re-hialn In the league another year and Boise has flatly declared In favor of the Union association. Walla Walla and North Yakima are ready for another year and the matter stands split two against two. SPECIAL SERMONS WILL BE ARRANGED Local Churches Will Observe Various Activities With Programs. Sixteen special Sundays have be uggested for the church calendar i BBI, the days being selected by committee after canvassing the var ous associations that have had or ai Interested In special Sundays for tt observance of their respective mov hienta. The committee Includes Philip Jacobs, assistant secretary of the Ni Bonal Anti-Tuberculosis society; Oi ando F, Lewis, secretary of the prior tumf a,,on ot New York! th R miam T. Demarest, secretary of tt Home Missions council. As a resu or th0 work of the threB mon the fo owing calendar, Including a numbi or stated church and national hoi ays, has been suggested for the con calendar year: Ja,luarr L New Years Sunday; Jar ary 25, child Labor Sunday; Fel rL 8 Lincoln Sunday; Fcbruar Washington's Sunday; April 1 ...r Munday: April 19, Sabbath Ot drV.alir a' May 10, Mothers Bur ..y' May 17, Peace Sunday; May 24 t i. Memorial Sunday; June 14, Chi n Sunday; June 28, Independent iu. dnday September 8, Labor Bur October 25, Prison Sunday; Nt v.IUk r 22, Tharksglvlng Sunday; Nr i 28 Isceinber 6, Tuberculos r. Decemher 20, Christmas Sunda; VIRGIL PATTON V1 GETS POSITIO . I!kl Patton, of Spoknnn linn bee ppointed agriculturist of Walla Wal yerU1Uy at a ftIary of $1320 pa ceiv ' a,oordlng to announcement re d today from Walla Walla. Inil0n " a graduate of the Wash 1811 n tau college with the class c grii'.i,urBlyln,t hl" degree from th hated f'rJ111 ,1'Partment. He was grad Pori Jh s,okan high schoo rlct h "'wd a assistant dig cult Inspector, play aggies FRESHMAN LEADS IN STRENGTH TEST Edward Kuhu, member of the freshman class of the Lewis and Clark high school, who captured the Matrons man' honors last week by making a total of 2352 points, which Is record in the school BUSY SESSION FOR . JUSTICE STOCKER He Disposes of Number of Cases Sentences Meted Out to Violators. Colin McDonald was Monday fined $10 and costs on a larceny charge as the result of a Saturday night drunk. McDonald and a friend, John Erickson, were Imbibing freely Saturday night and In the course of the evening Erickson entrusted $10 to the care of McDonald. When the latter returned It he deducted $2, which he claimed was dwlng him, and when he refused to return It he was arrested on the larceny charge. The case of John C. McSteen, accused of assault and battery, was continued until Tuesday at his own request. McSteen is accused of having stabbed H. B. McCoy In the course of an altercation Saturday night In the Milwaukee saloon. Jim Bradley, "hired man on the farm of 8tate Senator R. A, Hutchinson, pleaded guilty to a charge of larceny and was given 10 days In the county jail. Bradley was Irresponsible from an overdose of liquor Saturday night and stole two suitcases from 213 Stevens street. William Harkness was sentenced to a 90 days treatment for the drug habit by Judge Stocker Monday afternoon. Harkness, who was arrested on a charge of vagjancy, admitted that he has used drugs for 20 years and declared that he desired to take treatment for the habit as soon as he was able to do so, If the judge would permit him to leave town. The case of A. T. Schwap, accused of stealing clothes from & 8., P. & S. boxcar, was dismissed without trial. BRUTAL MURDER Chicago Police Get Good Description of Man Seen With Slain Girl. CHICAGO, Oct. 7. Acting on information given by a man who saw Miss Ida Leegson walking west In West Seventy-first street at S oclock last Saturday evening, accompanied by a negro, Instructions were given the police today as follows: Arrest for murder and robbery a copper-skinned negro, 5 feet 11 inches or 6 feet tall; weighing between 180 and 190 pounds. Well dressed; square shoulder, erect carriage. Wore black soft hat and gray coat. JUDGE HUMPHRIES TO GET ATTENTION Prominent Cartoonist Is Going to Seattle to Caricature Coast Judge. Ryan Walker, the well-known New York cartoonist and creator of "Henry Dubb, will caricature Judgs John E. Humphries on the publio platform In Seattle. "If Judge Humphries will sit on the platform for me when I get to Seattle I will draw his picture In connection with the Henry Dubb series," said Walker, who passed through Spokane Monday night en route to Pomeroy, where he gives a chalk talk tonight. "If the judge will not sit on the platform I will draw him anyway. "I make this statement now, open and above board so that I may avoid being jailed for contempt with the other socialists over In Seattle. Walker delivered a lecture last Wednesday night at the Lewis and Clark high school auditorium and has been speaking In Inland Empire towns since. He will give his chalk talk on "The Adventures of Henry Dubb," In Dreamland rink, Seattle, next 8unday night. "I believe this Is the first time In the history of the United States that a Judge has been asked to be publlrly cartooned," Bald the chalk talker. "In view of some of the recent extraordinary acts of the Seattle Judge, however, I should not be surprised If he should accept the Invitation." CUT POPLAR TREES IN MAY OR JUNE J. R. Allen, who resides at E2105 Second avenue, has a tip for home owners who have poplar trees which must be cut down. According to an ordinance passed by the city council all poplar shade trees must come down. 1 Poplar trees should be cut during the months of May or June," said Mr. Allen today. "If they are cut Rt that time the roots will die and rot: but U they are cut now they will sprout up again and will prove a constant source of trouble." CLASSY FIELD IN KENTUCKY DERBY Big Event Will Be Run on Wednesday Over Four-Mile Course. LOUISVILLE, Ky., Oct. 7. Many notables in the turf world have come to Louisville to witness the four-mile race for the Kentucky endurance stakes, valued at approximately 916, 000, which will be the feature at the opening Wednesday of the fall race meeting at the Churchill Downs traok. Ham Jackson owned by J. I McGinnis, is the acknowledged favorite in the field of fiix Starters. The entries and weights with name of owners, follows: Prince Eugene, (J. Livingston), 108; Sam Jackson, (J. L. McGinnis), 119; , Milton B. (J. W. Johnson), 119; Beautiful (J. W. Flynn), 119; Mission (August Belmont), 119; Panderlna (Mrs, L A. Livingston.) HARD WORKOUT FOR LEWIS AND CLARK Coach Hinderman Is Sending Candidates at Top Speed in Practices. Coach Hinderman of the Lewis and Clark high school football team got right down to cases with his team Monday night and started the week by sending his candidates through a hard practice. All the boys reported In good Bhape after the Lewiston game. Lloyd Morgan, former quarterback of the Hill Military team of Portland turned out for practice Monday night. Morgan 1s a little fellow, but is fast as a streak and showed up well. Coach Hinderman Is hustling his bunch along this week to Increase the speed of the team. Coeur d'Alene will come to Spokane Saturday to meet the Lewis and Clark lineup and a hard contest Is expected. Coach Hinderman expects to make one or two shifts in the lineup this week to try out new material. The L. and C. scrub team has developed Into quite a formidable lineup since the season opened and many of the players are showing enough class to be given tryouts on the first squad. DILL IN OFFICE WITH HIBSCHMAN Attorney C. C. Dill and Attorney H. J. Hlbschman, respectively Spokane county members of the democratic and republican Btate central committees, today took up quarters at 1014 Paulsen block, as law partners. "Politics are not discussed In this office, Mr. Dill said. COLLISION VICTIM SUES THE RAILROAD George W. Williams, who was seriously Injured last June when an automobile In which he was riding with George Lawson was hit by a Spokane and Liberty Lake train on the Coeur dAlene line, at the Apple way crossing, brought suit for 315,000 damages against the railroad company In the superior court Monday. LADD MAKES PERFECT SCORE AND SETS NEW RECORD FOR Y RANGE Gets 20 Bullseyes for Mark of One Hundred and Wins the Weekly Contest. A record that can not be beaten was established over the range of the Y. M. C. A. Monday night when Ladd scored 20 straight bullseyes tor a perfect score of 100, the first ever made over the range. The shooting was done at 85 feet, the standard distance for the target, which was used In the contest, and Ladd used a .22 caliber low power target rifle. Ladd held ths range record before establishing his perfect score on Monday night with 98 out of a possible 100. In the weekly shoot, held Monday night after Ladd had established his record, the first honors were taken by Ladd, who registered a score of 92 for the contest. Howell was second In the meet with 88, Sawlna, third with 84 and Barton, fourth with 79. The Y. M. C. A. range was cut down to official distance for the meet. Here, tofore the shooters have been working from the 40-foot mark. As a result of the shoot Ladd starts the month with a three-point lead for the championship trophy for October. LEAVES MONEY TO EDUCATE NEGROES More Than $60,000, Increment of Idle Fund, Is Paid for Purpose. WASHINGTON, Oct. 7. The American Colonization society, the only private corporation In history that ever successfully established an independent nation, today paid over to Its ward, Liberia, more than $60,000, the Increment of an Idle fund for the education of children of the negro republic. The fund was the bequest of Caroline Donovan of Baltimore, devised 27 years ago for this purpose, but It had not been possible to arrange for the proper disbursement of the Interest. In addition to the $60,000 paid today to Consul General Ernest Lyons of Liberia by Dr. Henry L. E. Johnson, president of the society, the annual interest of the fund hereafter will be used to pay In aiding American negroes desirous of emigrating to Liberia, TO HEAR LECTURE AND SEE PICTURES A serious meeting of the Ad club will be held next Wednesday. The guest of honor for the day will be Samuel E. Webb, business physlcolo-gist, who will speak on the relation of advertising to salesmanship, Mr. Webb addressed the club on his visit hers last year. At the conclusion of his address Wednesday the room will be darkened and views will be shown of the Canadian Rockies. LUMBER MILL AT STARTUP BURNED STARTUP, Wash., Oct. 7. Ths mill of tha Wallace Lumber company, three mile from here, van destroyed by fir yoHterday, The In I 90.000, half of which is covered by Insurance. GESEK TO WRESTLE FRED MITCHELL Former Club Star Matched to Meet the Northwest Champion on Mat. Chris Gesek, the former P. N. A. wrestling champion of the northwest, who was never thrown while a member of the 8. A. A. C. team, has been matched to meet Fred Mitchell, the wrestler who claims the middleweight mat championship of the northwest. Mitchell and Gesek will probably meet at Wenatchee, where Gesek broke In as a professional wreBtler. Gesek has not been doing any wrestling since last spring and will take two or threa weeks to get In condition before taking Mitchell on. The wrestlers ars matched to go on at the middleweight limit of 153 pounds ringside. TO GIVE ADDRESSES SUNDAY EVENINGS The Pilgrim Congregational Pastor Will Give Second of Series Next Week. A series of Sunday evening addresses has been outlined by the Rev. E. E. Burtner of the Pilgrim Congregational church, which he has designated: 'Nine Vital Topics on the State of Religion. The second of the series next Sunday evening will be on the subject, Smiths Loss, following the opening of the series on"Should Smith Go to Church? Other topics and dates are: October 19, "Henry Ward Beecher's Services to America, In celebration of the hundredth anniversary of his birth. October 28, "Winston Churchills Challenge to the Church in The Inside of the Cup. November 2, The Paganism In Our Modern Life. November 9, The Real Progress ths Church Is Making, a reply to Its critics. November 18, Some Great Gains in Righteousness. November . 22, "Something Not to Be Thankful For." November 29, Jesus Is Equal to A11 Needs. SAYS MARRIAGE WAS NOT LEGAL Alleging that her supposed marriage to Joseph G. Frank at Rathdrum, Idaho, on February 15, 1908, was tllegal because of the fact that Frank had divorced his former wife but five days before in Seattle, and that the decree provided that neither party should marry again within slx months, Alta D. Wells brought suit In the superior court Monday for an anulment of her marriage to Frank. The plaintiff brought the suit In her maiden name. FIGHTERS MIX ON WEIGHT QUESTION Azevedo and Dundee Unable to Agree on Figures for Their Coming Clash. L03 ANGELES, Cal., . Oct. 7. The scheduled 20-round bout between Joe Azevedo of Sacramento and Johnny Dundee Is threatened with a weight disagreement. W'hlle Dundee Is holding out for 133 pounds ringside, the California fighter insists on making the weight three hours before the battle. Representatives of the fighters expected to meet today to settle the question. ADVERTISING your trusty shotgun, call the dog. Theres game in the woods and it never rained hard enough to harm HERCULES BRAND SaMkalm Shetsvn Powdar Dampness and water never weaken "Infallible, it is absolutely waterproof and weatherproof. "Infallible gives high velocity, good patterns and very little kick. It fllows readily, insuring accurate loads. It is just the powder to improve your hitting average. Have your shells loaded with it, and itll help fill your game bag. A beautiful picture in colors, Th Gam Bird of th Futur", suitable for framing, and "InCallibla booklet ar your for th asking. Address Dept. HERCULES POVmssCO. Wilmington, Delawar EXPECTS HARD GAME FROM WALLA WALLA Coach Moyer Working Ills Team Hard to Be licady for Friday Game. The North Central high school football squad reported to Coach Moyer Monday afternoon none the worse for the gams with the J. Y. A. team Saturday. All the regulars were out In suits, Including Curley Skadan, who was taken out of the contest Saturday after he had bitten a gash in his tongue. Coach Moyer is not at all optimlstio over the coming game with Walla Walla on Friday. The reports from the Garden City aro decidedly of a bear variety, but little credence is given to these tales by North Central and Moyer is sending his .men along at top speed. Last season the contest was a close one and North Central Just managed to beat Walla Walla. PULLMAN TEAM IS DOWN TO BUSINESS Benders Squad Working Hard for First Game Against Idaho Team. WASHINGTON STATE COLLEGE, PULLMAN, Oct. 7. (Special.) The state college football squad reported to Coach Bender Monday none the worse for wear after the game with the Bremerton navy team on Saturday. Scrimmage will be held three nights this week, and the ghost ball Is to be brought out. The work of Art Durham, the little Spokane quarter. In Saturdays game, stamps him as a likely candidate for a regular position, and It Is probable that he will direct the team In the Idaho game. Durham has only been out for a little over a week and Is handicapped on this account. Billy Smith, the. southern Idaho quarterback, who Bhowed strong at the opening of the season, but who was recently injured, Is expected back In the game soon and will make a formidable opponent for Durham. In the kicking department Captain Coulter seems to be getting away In the best style and will probably be relied upon both for punting and place kicking. Tyre at left end Is In much better condition than last year and Is expected to make a strong bid for all northwest end. Keeran, the 240-pound center, has been shifted to guard, and Is fighting with Langdon for a regular berth. Alvord at tackle seem to be the find of the season, both from his offensive and defensive work. His weight coupled with speed makes him one of the most consistent ground gainers, and at the same time a strong man on defenses. TEACHERS INSTITUTE TO BE HELD AT DAYTON DAYTON, Wash., Oct. 7. The Columbia county teachers' institute will continue until Friday evening. Special Instructors and speakers have been secured for the occasion. ADVERTISING EDMONTON TO TRAIN HERE CRUCIAL SERIES IN C0AST league Venice Must Defeat Portland Decisively to Have a Chance for Pennant. LOS ANGELES, Oct 7. The crucial scries of the Pacific Coast league pennant chase Is expected to be staged here this week, beginning with the game between Portland and Venice at Washington park today. It is conceded by the most entnuslastic Venice supporters that, unless the Tigers win the series decisively, there is no hope for them. Seven games are scheduled and Venice must win at least five of them to remain In the championship running. Venice has been fairly successful against the league leaders on the home grounds, the Beavers having received a decided setback In the last series here. Is Elected to Office by the Knights of Columbus Others Are Named. Officer for th year were elected last night by Spokane council, No. 683, Knights of Columbus. They are: Grand knight, John R, Cassin; deputy grand knight, F. S. McWilliams; chancellor, W. C. Donovan; warden, Bert West; financial secretary, John W. Bradley; recording secretary, Frank Brown; treasurer, J. Luger; advocate, Moye Wicks; trustee, Dan Close; Inside guard, J. F. Donnelly; outside guard, Joe Adams; representative to state council, E. J. O'Shea, Sr.; alternates, Phil Dunn and M. J. Luby. None of the offices were contested except those of trustee, outside guard and representative to the state coun-clL The nomination of James E. Royce for chancellor was withdrawn. It was decided to entertain a number of candidates from Coeur dAlene, In addition to delegations from Ross-land and Nelson, next Sunday, when an all-day convocation will be held. TEKOA MAN ROBBED OF CHECKS, MONEY While he was aroun the town Monday, F. A. Reller of Tekoa was touched for his billhook containing fb in cash and two checks drawn on the O.-W. R. & N. railway, amounting to a total ot 9191.50. Reller was unable to tell the officers where the theft had occurred. ADVERTISING From Broadway to Nome wherever you find men, you will find them smoking fragrant cigarettes, freshly hand-made from Bull Durham Tobacco. Bull Durham is the one luxury of millions of workers of all kinds the favorite luxury of hundreds of millionaires because freshly rolled Bull Durham cigarettes afford a lasting enjoyment and satisfaction that no ready-made cigarettes in the world can give. Neither riches nor poverty can switch a man from Bull Durham, once he learns how downright good it is I Today throughout the world it is smoked by more millions of men than all other high-grade tobaccos combined. genuine: ull Durham SMOKING TOBACCO (Enough for forty hand-mad cigarette in each Se tack) Enough Bull Durham Tobacco is sold in a year to make approximately 12 billion cigarettes )out the same number as all brands of ready made cigarettes in this country combined and the sales are still growing. The delightful aroma, fresh fragrance and pleas -ing coolness of Bull Durham hand-made cigarettes are a revelation. Get a sack of Bull Durham at the nearest dealers today roll yourself a fresh cigarette and enjoy the most satisfying luxury in the world. Twilight League Club Selects Spokane for Early Workouts Next Season. Will Gather Team Here for Preliminary Work Before Opening of Schedule. Mfclle President Pars and his bunch of bolltoswevn are trlppiug away to warmer climes next spring la search of training grounds the Edmonton team of the Western Canada or Twilight league will be gathered la Spo-knne to do Its training stunts here Deacon White, former manager of the Edmonton team and now a director of the amusement company that controls the Edmonton team, announced this week at a, meeting of the directors that the Edmonton team would train in Spokane for the 1914 season. Last season the Medicine Hat team used the field at Natatorium park for 10 days as training grounds before starting north to open the season, and Mr. White is anxious to give the Edmonton team the advantage of training in this climate. Last year the Edmonton team trained at Edmonton, but the weather conditions were decidedly against hard work, and, as a result, when the season opened, the team was hardly in shape. Mr. White has been corresponding with Bill Davis, former Twilight league star, who is now in business here, and has made arrangements to gather his players together in Spokane and start training work here. Exhibition games will be played after the work in Spokane on the trip to Edmonton. RAILROADS HAVE BOWLING LEAGUE A railroad bowling league was organized at a meeting held Monday evening and will open a schedule on the Spokane alleys November 7. W. H. tide was chosen president of the league, Harry Burns vice president and C. A. Gross secretary-treasurer. The teams given franchises in the league are the O.-W. R. & N., N. P. City, N. P. Baggage, N. P. Local, Glacier Park, S. P. & S. and Great Big Baked Potato. EXHIBITION GAMES At New York R, u. E, New York Nationals, (Schupp, Wiltse) .'4 8 3 Philadelphia Nationals (Chalmers) i ft At Cleveland R, H. E. Cleveland (Falkenberg) ....8 11 3 Pittsburg (Adams, Hendrix) . .0 3 3 The Chronicle prints tnriava new today. ADVERTISING

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