The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 1, 1939 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1939
Page 8
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' '(ARK) CCKJR1HR NEWS, •WEDNESDAY,.- THE BT,YTHEVi%LE COUR1EK NFWS THE COURIER NWS CO. ' H \V. HA'NE& Publisher •f, "CWAtfAM SUDBWX, v , P. NOPRia, Advertising Sol« Ndt'onal W* ertlslng FJeprescnta ti\ «' ArXanssp D»l|l?fi Ino, New VorK, Chicaso. Pc- troll, Bf Lou^s, DaltB3, Kama? Cltv, Memphis. 'Except offlce jt ss~5f?oH<i cl«ss tnaUer at Uw pos!.act of COH, Stned b) the UnU«d RATES' weelc pi 65o pel month By mall, vMhin a rartlu? of 50 miles $3 09 year, $1 SO for six months, 75<? fo^ throo m by w»U (imposts!. ?ones t*o le ai% I <sl, $6^) per ye?j! in zones foi,cn auA els* 1 ', *'<1™ per, pjjabie in le<t Cleanup in th> Building ~ Korr\e owners sUquW xegaxd with th,<? cvment wwstjgatwn b> the States. Ju,5tica Depai tment on tlxe cost of buiktmg \Vhoc\ci HKIV spotjsjblg (OK Hi|li puces—CQiiUaq- tors,. mijoi\5 «; both—th<3 <n\U'i,e waiter should be laid open to pubhd UV spec.tfo>i''Piospective b.mldei$ of f am ~ ly fj{ye)liij|'s fme ahead) sufteiul toy 141)1 easoixable building c^sts. „/ Genial Jluiphv has poinU that in sonn> comixiiuuiies, at (t?t,, thjJte aie sufficient gtoutrcls 1<J tliat wscnipiiloii'j contiactois antTcej^nw gipups of unionjsls <uo d|- i,ect)y ;e?ponsibie foi lush bmlduxe cost!) Ceitamly no onp behoves that Ihft wajouty of conliactpis 01 the liulk of A,T °f k uniomstb is anxious to irjvpede btuldiu^ ptogieas Uuough ol> stjuclive tactics, But it lu^cs ouLv a handful ot pereong, engaged in ne.U- nouj schemes, lo -\\veld then influence over .111 enliu uulvMn It has beeiv chaigecl ilul collusne bidding ai\iO|ig building cou,U<u;tqt<. is 01,16 iiicl.01 lesponsiblc lor high costs. This is a system \\hoieb\ btuldois got together a,nd a&tee in ,uh,tiue on what bids aie to bo made on it yiojec-t Coti- tiactois can in this \va\ completely ehmnule 'cojijpelitno bidding JIiuph>'s duet complaint against tli.c A s F of, ], IB the scites ot jun^dic- honal stupes that, haw disuipted home building cftoits Cionj tmxo to tune Theie is no .ngumcnt with the A P oi ]j o) am ollioi laboc oioraiii- zatjrjn on the uglxt tp <;or\cluet peaceful. au ; d teglb'nate slnkes foi (.he attaui- ' iyent o{ lawUtl eiyh 'Ihcie is, how- evei, consuldinblc objection to cany- mg on. intei-iimon battles at the cost oi, the innocent boyie buiWei, A giedbdeal maj- come o^ thisj ua- tioh\\ide i)i\esligahOri in. tijo ^a> ol" general lefQciit, 1,11. the building mdus- tiy Unionists and contiactois alike may<be indicted o a widespieid scale to answer question the public litu, been asking for jcais But if nothing moie is gained than Complete dissection of this pioblem, the piir.pos.6, of ilje mqun.v will not. have bee^ix altogether tost Home o«jici- will know, at least, ulieie the blame may _be justly placed Tlic toad toi future action will have been ywcd ' Meanwhile, anothu clement, disturbing to anyone contemplating constiue- tiou of a home, ha- entcicd the picture. aie atool foi dc\cloi.menl ot C. D^ building unions to compete \\itn F of L oigamzation-, in, the con- OlJT OUR WA 1 ! goea . .' .Uidyfttry..- U: thja.. u h?lpless bui^ets wiU be .' tho upp.lea.sarit. project of having i]\cir union wovknicri picketed by n'ysl miioijs, TliQ only ww anyone can ^ud^o to \vSiat Q^lei'i Kpiuu-buiWevs .would lie aft'eclcd with both the. Q- .1- 0. aiid the A, F. of I-'. v.yiiv§*fo,ii v contracts, is. lo ve- flect oy w\\a,k' ( lutppetied ii\ other in- tiusU'ics whci'fl t,heve h<wj bnqu simil^v dispute?!. AvtjVHU«iits resulting ftow, such dual 'junsOiction 'luvo brought it.ijiU'ics 'to^innpceot, b.u.siiw^ . a.n«J. : tlieir patrons. Pcdiaps tli<? Justice Department, while it is looking into the builtliiig i,ixd.«!it l ry, will <tevql,<i sjoriio ti!\i,o'to tl,rq jw^ibib'ty of now- The. i^pgnesa o£ , avi^tiou can be w.rifjlen between two wars- Before tl\e t'irSt ... World ' War, aviation, was i.itllo move ihaji a swiidtlling in.fiint, enveloped, with Uie.-p.romisc of a rosy- I'u- tur,e. Tod(ty , it is pa.vt of oyer.yci.ay lU'e. The usofuliU'Ss of the airpUm.o. is no.t cofllincd to wa.r. yurliig: tliQ ixist acveii moi.\ths, coui- tnei;cia( airplaues. have (lowiv 50Q.OW t)ass.ei,igers aiut- have traveled 5Q.QQQ,.-. 000 mile's without.- 011,0 [ata.Uty. it record, is an impressive tributo to progress, jy the air,. l\ub there is still, a great, deal- to be done. .LiiJb.oyatori.QS ave sUH tryi.iig to niak.e iandiinjs as frjolproof as possible, blind dyiiig must bo improved,,, stratu-- sphere.- Dying is m. its infancy, silupli- fteatioii of eoii.L'vols is being sttidied s Jlati's? present knowledge; of live air an,d of (lying crtil't is a long way from being exhaustive. While a war. goes on in. Europe, aeronautic experts in this. country curry, on, their work— U\c job of making Ihe airplanq a sate and swit ! t _ inslruiiieiil. of|)ort.ation 1'ov peaceful SIDE GLANCES by CaJbraH* STORY JOAN OF ARKANSAS BY JIR.RY BRONDFIELD. YBSTERDAVl • Progress to the. Wasteland? 'llic farin, woblcm— old. ivheu tlic • Pliiaa.outi' lii-lil swiij- uiung Uic, Nile—Vms liceu mntlp. even «wi;o ((liriculb of -solution by the iiiactuuc. ii 1 tlii:cnlci)s . to,. dcslrqy lliq Syiiplp '- class,^.mid lAjropcau cqgutvice,. .ns K oill 'In lUc Jljfror o( I'ubliq ppiniqi) lo<i»y : -,_ have'been pourjfisr. mil suteklict Ib • SBVC. the iisil.i-iilUirof indivicluftlbiii, 1 AJlhouBli 'neither,, sul)5idlos nor ''IrAclors are new to the Amci'lciin scene, assembly llniv "inctliQUs arc belli.?• • In'irodiicctl move slowly o» .our acres. Tlic'woll-to-ilo farmers of Uin Mid- wciil. arc ntjlc to luni Uic' innclilii'c lo Iliclr own !id\;u»lii5&. (qr. the llinp boliig,;- even if H will, make it mprc. (lUflciiH. for. Uiplf'soiis 1 to cslabllsli fiinns of Ihulr .o\yh. I)? tUo Coami uclt, however, IrjiluElilnl n)i;l.hpcls, iiicnn a tcr- rlbtc' social •.(lislqca.lloii.'. yq iiia.Uci: lipiv Hard iliu lot of ll)c siiareci'oijpcr, llic marfiiiic «cc«is tg d.ooiii. hliij ,IQ 'joinelhipg worse. No one will., witli Sir, Unickers ton- cliisiou il);iL_.n iivec)}ni)iiie<l. fann i.-,- beyond tlic comvjclilion. ot Uiq.'UlUp mail, mil It ulso seems lirobnble thai these fuuus. ave bclnjf wvn vvllli ihe secil. of tiller awn uea.lruttioii. Jiv. Dmckcr aUinlt-s lluit i.iiucliliie^. uel, less out o.( the son mill exhaust n more <|t!le!cly Uian. (Jo,es man. So. II we place nu lestricilpus on Uic iiiiidilnc, Uic traclcrs nia.v-\ve11.'ei-en.ic now d,us,t Ijowfe. out 01 which even Ihey cainipt force: a qr,o», mucli leas 9 pr.ofi.1, I'roare.&s ivIU. lead quiy (q dm waslc- lnmi ' . . —at. Louis l->ost-Uls|Kitcli. "All riglil, you have a. fur coat exactly like that wealthy Mrs.'Trull'le. .Now all I have to. cio is geta, job like hgr lh^i so I can pay foritl' 1 : THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson. rc.illl*. HN Hi* c<><><;}i!)fr*ia%. ii ho ni/wj* the tIJI. Kintnei^vttlejulch uiLUBUAt Inlcuit In, the •ecielnry ut ilu- CHAPTEFJ XIX wer.e in th,e midst ot dln- (b.H^ night whoa the ylxow rang. It wj£ loc Jpa.n, There/ wa.5 a. look o( hevYiWqrroenw on hw Isce v/bgn. she r<3t.u.rn<jd. ; Sl;o sat tlawn, and turtied an accusing gqze Q^ Elal.n.i?: 'For your in(qnxjaUon,"' slje nnqw.ced, was the Studanb -calling tp ceR . I've, been named co-ehair.maiv oC Ilia 'Last Week' cpnimitlee. You wouldn't, know anything about that, lyguld, yoij, squfrl?" Elaine with delight. . . VJeepers, that's swell!" Aud. then ' ' soberly, somewhat hurt. irj.e? wliat^" "Who, Joan .was for.ceoV to laugh and. the other girls around her chal- l«rcd. lUeij; c^ngraUilations. "You . .' . j'ou accepted, ot course," Elaine inquired, just a litHe meekly. • "Opining ; right ovjr . , . urUcaj y<ju'w. busy tonjgbt," ha told her, She, suddenly forgot all about thiee, chapters. oC sc.len.ce she wa; to read "Sure," over." told hlni, "C'moii had, the music room all •*• to thenwelves, "iVibufte's coitiing down lo lh(} Sonato offic.e lo r , tal^j qui- pipluros tomortow i" "' . tve satt abruptly. "We'll have to cut li^tory. Oka?" ."Qlsfj,; What else?" "Nolhtng njuch,. I it)in)s, this U silly.. Wa'ya, ju?t got to see that ' . , tha cainpi)5 15 prppofly up (of- the rally Friday- njgM and see to. it wo qnwgbi "Ooob, you Uttta you. lit- Joan. ii'\<i<( to be angry but. couldn't.- Sh.e had to laugh. "I just about had lo. Sccmg. as though Dai\ had no particular desires in the. mailer . . . and it •would have', looked funny . . . and he might have felt hurt, if 1 had declined. "In, other words, yon little worm . . . you framed nie liKe a pic- tine!'' . "Now it's me Uial's being hurl," said Elaine, but she. yviimed. She leaned over, and whispered in. Marianne's ear. "Wcbber'U swoon when ho finds out." 1> 0' >) 'T 1 H/\T was praclically an uiu •*• .del-statement on Elaine's part. Five seconds after a pledge had given hini the rnijssage from tile Senate ollico be .was dialing Barney Hughes. '"Hey, Barney," he wailed, "t . to burn, do\yn. th,e towu," Ke shooe4 his hands at l)cr. "U:s. aJJ, yours, qhgav . . . any- yqu, say. goes. I'm RQt fixed very well, tor idea.? this. Y'ecii." "Fin.e guy!" she Oared. "Ducking opt. OIJL me, already." . He- sti-elciied lazily. "Never in my- lifq saw a/danje who could get> up on. her- mu^clfj. so. quiclj." They hpth, laughed. '"Y'knijWi was worried abou.l what. Keith light think about this," he began, She. frowned. "What's he got to dp with, it?" "Well, he-^oh, npthing I lo didn.'t seenj lo mhid in,uc.t!, resign . . Victimized quit I've been some tiling. And lihodes'il liavo my life Wood! Barney roaretl when Dan hat! explained - everything tp him but .lie succeeded in convincingthim ho probably woOld come throiigh un- scatlied. Nor <ii<J Keith taije it \vith vo)-> {•real surprise-.. "Don't mind me,' : lie Ipsscil olt dimdently. "You IKIVJJ my- blessings U that's \vhal you're, aftfr." Dan .ivondercd at Ihr- 'altitude 'but made no reply. Okay, then Might 11.5 well have a JitUe iun -, otil-o( ili Ha called Joan on the phone anyway." "You mean you asked him^s iix good pliysi- ca^ shage.; PiU'$4 Haj,' goriest, n dynamo m Inimarj form, and the ' ' "iHin^, lullback . in liie , . J>iUy i eco'veved fi-pn\ a slight cold-liiat hatl bqtliere.d, him .Ue.wccUt before:. It was like try- ng to.'flop'a-.five-ton, (r.uciv-when Hal Forrest;' bludgeoned his way over tackle'or slamnjed in Jrorji :!oso tip on a' spiriiec. And How he could spin.' ' rranticail.y,.'Si,rjciu.n. worKw! 011 3 ijefen^ij tg £tgp him. And. C?aii Wqbbeft liis, haiirt ijlnjojt corj\- Il.e3|ed ahev tlw layoff, . "0«r • offense wiH iak« care of Sigcuin predicted, "All we'.ve gc4 to.-cja is shaKo Riwdes loose onc'e-^just oncei that's all 1 ask of, yoii guys. And. thqo v/e're going to djg in and. stop thai for- rett guy/ 1 • • ' |T * the ' Wednesday noon large, ^ark blue sqdan ' t :t were okay with him? "Under, • the circumstances I ihfliiglil, it th.e. thing to do." "Wrong again," she murmured He looked at her queerly. : . 1. * '*• r PHJNGS \vcre sweeping up to. a - terrific tension that week. Five more days and (hen Pitt. Five 1 niore days would bring the climax to. Tech,'s, bid lor an undefeated season.. Playing a big-lime schedule and winning the first seven jad been a strain. Any team might crack and be forgiven. But Bill Slocum .wasn't the. sort lo lot a ieam crack and go- to pieces. He was a master at working his boys lo the perfect psychological pilch. Slocum had long foreseen. Pitt as ihe final stumbling block to an undefeated season. And not because the Panthers were Ihe Onal game on the. schedule. He knew just what his club could do. So far the boys had .-done il. • •>' It; was a typical Pitt team ' v t|i?t would conic to town Friday nooii. A-team-'perfectly drilled in fundamentals and equipped with power plays: that were.Ihe epil- onir; of straight football... For days 1 (he spor.ts writers had been insisting'UwU l!iq winner-.' ' a virtual cinch io set- bid lo the Rose Bowl. swung • slowjj;.' down. }taii\ cr.uisqd aroiiud." the bujinKii 4!- ttict .for 'about Eui-bpur and. then moved o\er onto th.e drive, Three men were in it. Two- hi front, one in back. The driver \vas linn, daik, v.ith a shoxl, well- trininved muslache. -His OCTO^ panion up front \\dg bylkj, /loud of face. Jiis'eyes were small, and close 'set. Theic was a dapper an to the man hybacfe . Even' as -he rode he filed already carefully mamcuied naila A, cigaret dangled, from his lip Along his foiehead. vas a slender, curved scar !bat stopped Jltst at his eye-lid "According to. .her •• schedule," snid Staijace, "she'll be coming av«i, there ' out ot that in"—he glanced at o gold <i(ch—"m exactly five mniutcq" -The bulk} otic up front i ' "Swing aiqund this build again,'Sairj."- . ' .<> Two . q'clock classe? letting out when; they- Sam parked the car. on the opposite side•:of. l^ic drive. .They wailed'there. > 'Stne joti can iccognizc hei'" JLaifaco asked without looking Up He was still occupied v/illi his nails. ' Can't iniss," the bulky one le- plied Two. minutes - ; later , he stiffened siiaiply "(feie «hc comes " SL.nface looked up, the.n Lj^uilh, mdifTeientli but th^rc wa-a glml m In <_ye lie watched Joan 'Johnson . come dovi'ii the ^tcp 1 ; (owjrxt, thp sidewalk "So (hat's Joan Johnson, ch' Nut bad not bad rt all!' {To;Bo Continued) corfi. i3)?svrjusiFi';iCE. I'jc. T.M RIG V.r-.FiT.QFF. ANSWER: "A trcc.whoiu im.ngry-inqulh is pressed against (he i-lh's sweet'flowing brrail."—From Joyce Kilmer's "Tr.«s," earth's ;V 510,00.0 orclili). the. Qllier Uj,.'a dinner iwrty? What \voiil'(l. ; you du ifr- Yon nio•'sv•;hpslces -and.-n young man tells you dial he wculfl liito lo brinir a girl that yon Viavc. nevcr niet lo your party. Would, you— (a) J3»5', "By all. nisiins bring her (U) Buy, "i-'d. (a have txer. I'll, invite her at- once"? 1. No. And she shouldn't g; if he docs ask liqr. 'j. No. lie should wait uiitll she Is. out on (lie floor a<riun. 3. No. lie lousi. wait until she te d-jiicing with -.mother umn. •I. On the left of the Ixosti'ss. j. Ns. Ui.vUlc your tiiuu between them. BCil "What Would. You Do" so- hllion,—(b>. Mind Yqiu: Manners 'Ihe status of- all nations, great mid small, should be cqiiiil betore the law. And (lie cstau- IJrlimenl of :i true reign of law between the u;i- tiuns B (lie oiilj- rcinctly for wwr—Lor,U Ixjthliin, Wrillsh uinlnuv;:icior.(o the United Slates, :;penk- IIIB before (ho Piiijriuis Society. I Test j-uur .knoislEdjc of correct chcckinii iinswci's usjisje by «n.swcrins the following; quc.-.liuiis, • then ujjnliKl Ihe iiuUiorilulivc below: I. .Should n iiuin expect ;\ ;-;ivi to yo with him t: u pally (o wlii'cli ho lias been invited. Inil ihe has not? ' 2. When a girl I 3 sitllng out a dunce with a ihau nway froin llie dijuce floor, is 'il all right for' an- other'man, to go no to them, and iuilc; her 'to dance? 3.; Is H i)ciini:,«lljle f;r n mail •to cut. back mi the nian who took Ills' puHner from, him? •I. At n dinner p;irly ivlicrc is the mtui second lo the male guest of ho,i!.or pluccd? ;,S.. fs it good maimtrs to talk, initcii more to one partner than a WA1UHNG' HOUSE t l'V,U BE- YOUR S'CCOMD, VOU BUY THE '<5WtLUM& •SALTS 'AMD AND YOO GAR&V OUT of : 'i KAr eor air CASC 1 CARRY A I HAVE AM ? CUlHST-WHV ALt Klt>S HAS GOT ^N!Atv,E5'...LlHE TOADS; ! ' V'ES, I KMOW- BUT 7HI U^E TO KNOW HISTORY OF TMIS BxRTICULAR --, CASE VlAK-PUMPMjBOYS.' "<f%Z?~ : t'O P IT PfRCUAWCe V. COULD W REMEMBER NQU" A= I/OBVAIN PARTICIPAWT5' ^\^'OU ARt,Mi\JOR,BUT ,1 PARSES t-'OHYOU TOSee >VKv I'LL GO-^— I H&.TP r)<3UBpUi; BAD 8OOMCE 8AHA A Bi-OODSilfO BUT- t' AT 1MU OWIS CLUB DAY "^COULDMT ' i 1OMORROVJ/AND. BY b A f-REC- TICKET TUt W/VY, BuStELR, t IWVt 4 IF )y I.VAS DELECTED YOU FOR ' . BlJNM>MOSE, AM A HUWPGRP OTHER' 1 MD ABOUT ROWERS'? BORM THIRiy VEAR.S TOO SOOM Duwu p. Jlrs. E. C. . in. Mcinpliis 460 Pttlnmn and Mrs. i .arq slKtidins ta<l.i_v ill', and. Mrs. Ul is now paved from the-'Arfeansiis ftfesouri liiuj lo, SlkCoton; It is believed wi.thin. a (tw niontha the slide of. Missouri will complete th.u paving on to Cape Oirarclqaii. ... Troop 37 cf the Dlylhcyillo Hoy Scouts guarded the Sudbury Kchool building last niyht as a protection against Hallowe'en urowl.ors. Fii'C l'c;ii>i Ago A 6ilk flag of Ilndurns wiis presented the Blythevillc notary club Icday by- O. A. Cunningham on, behalf of the ISngliah si)cakin|j residents of Tesucrgolpa,, Honduras The local club .seiiti a number, of books |o (.he TefueraoliM library foi- the UM of the linglislx speaking rrsld^'iils of. the city ana they sent Hid ling in return. Miss Pnulijie. M:oucy w«a crowiieil Queen of Hie Hallpwu'cu Qarnival held by 11)C: Dell. 'high, school last OIIB Year.- Ago. Holly-wood: Sully Hand, wlig wanted balct-hcadcd iiicn for;jurois but- >yliQ got njcstly gcajf-hatvcd women in. nose glumes choused bu mind, today a.liuut dcmoivilratiiig her art iu court. ! Trans - oceanic clipoct* II.' R. 1'ainc arc moving to Marion; cnou,';h gasoline lo Inkc ao'aulo"- wlicrc -Mi-. Paine is lo lie pharma-' moliilc cist in a drug itcrc. . . . Highway j world. 2!j tiroes around tlic THE FAMILY DOCTOR IS'ormal Ilange af Blooc! Pressure Belweeir 90'and 12.0 MiUiniclers ifuehrer'AdolfiHitlcr' named his successors:" before yoing to , the. Polish (lout. So, btioie going *o tbe- legal front. FaU Ku'uv fuehrec^f the pro-Nazi German- American Bund, named \\ilhehn Kunze fabQve), national organ- i/ei, as heir IQ t'«p Bund l^aae;j-. ship. Kuhn is; awaiting triai on grand, larceny charges. j Evqry "Strad" Not a Expert . proven by .examination, of | nearly 12,000 persons, 15 between ' 86 and. 120 millimeters; ot mercury when Ihe licart is contracted, and from GO to Co millimeters after- th? heart has tcluxcd. Most people much thrlr nprnnd .klnndnrd of blood prr-NUiie ' at :il)iut the »j:r of. 13. 'Hie. range Oils • period. Is muintaliicd mortality aiitong peo- , , ,. r ,, , , i ---, ...^ .rvQiunu (contraction) i-NcTl °0 C ' XCC1 "' " '"'"' "' C citasl " lfc f'»ln«u»? btoot! lllobd. prctiiirc. v.ilh Individuals, may vury'Unlly Iroui 5 to 10 mltH- motcrs. Pcr«jiii 7,110 have a tendency ton.nd lo;v prcsiuie ar.e. npt- llfccly to .suffer from high blood pressure and the train cf symp- s associated with that condition In lulcr years. pie vilh pressure.-, of 130 sysipllo ami 80 (liaslolti;- than anipng these- wll',1 prcjiures of 120 and 00. AUUoiigh there Is no fiscd landurd ol bioo(l prctiiircs, per- ns i'lioiild not reel that the niat- Tlictc Is « tcuitciicy for liiglij tl -' r if> ami can bluod pressure lo rise even lilghcr. | safely nt-glcclcti. " it has , U People having hlsh blood prcss'tro j shuwu thai men rile sooner at cnrly tigcs Ihe pressure fit grow older. ' ' j labeled Stridivarj. I7l6,'you niaj- i rruin a t.tmly of insurance com- '.weil" abandon, it:-. , iwiiy ligariT., it appears tjial, 'per- 1 - ' Keiuielh ''Warren,- violin..appraiser pom hiiYlns n prcc-sure qf sroutcr. HunrilO n hen the heart Is'con-' tracU-il njid. more than 00 after dilution are likely lo luive n higher dcalh rate Uian pccplu whose pfcs- !>urcs nrc less. • Much depends on the relation! bej 1 for. a uatlpnal; Ilrm, co.uliieloi .''•', "U is. significant; that ct all, tUe liuiulrccb of'«o-caJIcd Cmupncsc violins thnV .V.ave "been brouciiit in for appi-ajsai.-nol. a siiigtc 'rj^tiulnc Inslruine.ii.l. lias eveV bcrn found. "Hundreds 'of;' pw-ons a -year «lio liiiye .'vjolins- benrliij- (lie labels ol the-'Crcm:ne:c makers. .Stradivari., auarnierl and AmaU. conic to us lo -sell them. " r '"Hxcse iiislvuiucntSMere not njade to deceive anyone. They we're oriel- na!Jy. : made us niodeb from those of, Ihp Creinoncie and n ticket, put liibUie toi indicate Ihcy were copies ;0f the malier.Tu the course of.time people think trey were the orisjiiuil --.,,-. , llkeiy lo Hud i lliclr puke rates, temperatures and a steadily as Uicy I blood prctiures arc ab:ve the nor• I nial levels, |:inslniiii^lH.'. nicre nrc only about •150 Slnuiivnrl iiwlniinciits left and we -linu'w where all of them t ire. The chances of another turning up are .excecdinglp slim."

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