The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 13, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 13, 1934
Page 2
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'PAGE TWO (ABE.); QQUBIEB NEWS Tfas CURIOUS WORLD %£ff | Sunday School Parly. Tile Voiiiig People's Sunday School claw of th? l-'jrsi Mi-iiio- dist church. Mrs. L. E. Tull. tra- cher, was ciueriami-d at the home of Miiscs lia/.tl and Aiic<' Fisk at Ilio stole !i:io Friday niglu. Gnir-i's iiiui contents v/tTO enjoyed ami wim-midon u:i-- ?.n• cd to the fifu-;-n i:ii'.-.iis PIYMIJ:. Klltcltalii I-'nr GiKM.s. Mrs. Hcm]> Clour cn:d :.i!... J. F. Limi (MiicTtaiiud " isnir-.lj-r ui children Friday rilit-"n<x>it 0:1 ilu Inwn of Mrs. Glover's lipnjo OLI West Main. TLC hi'iion-i^ '.u-it Mrs. Glover'.-, nuu- an'J nc-iili'ss. o! Chiii^B". and SH> l.ra-.i'.. uu\v Oami;r::i. Ii! 'li'," I'inlihn games, :ilur hlikn an K-. and cakc.s UTU- sr-iu'd. consisted cf iiii:ku l;:ii... To Hive Hililf Sillily. Tlv liiblp iiiiiily 01 liii' n! Christ » ill ur li-.'u llclilf of Mis. J. I?. Ui.iS l.iiy su:oi. UVdi:c:;kiy .; at 2:30 o'ck-rk. -. j * Enlcn.iin.-i t'.jr e;>iv:,i. . .. I'ri'ililenc Lanymll. TUP \>.u-]:<... glivs-ti [ll'iFijll |i:.iy u l caim-l iiliil :rvc:i by Mis. L'jji^tt' Georg° Aliui. crtjiu ,it:d l. ;i:H..i<:il liv . Thr \Vcndor C'.i..^ of iju-"i>'.; cciic-U ci thu L..KC ^ir.v;. .v.i ti:o- cliuicli l:clil a: i '„•;<! h:j:iio:i.:i bii3i:\;[ supper uii LiL 1 :.i:\:i o! ihc nu-mtn ent. i ;cii'c:l lo Uic (uiiy gu ui pres- Farmer Halhud Tcichcr Honor Gut'A at j'.nly. Louis Yale.i, wl-.o wu^hi in Holland high s-hool .'cr isveral years but will be cii!p:oji:J in Illinois this year, ivns auett" of honor M 2 swhmntno Piiny. followed by uai.cmg, given l-'r:d.r.- n:-ht by lirj ;j-euus o! tl» Holland cunmuui- Uy. After U'o h'juri o: EV. miming nt move lo Sueli 1 for dancing u; clii; L>retn Inn. Tlio.v,' pre:ew were; James Bpal- ding, Virginia Ojttr. Kov.i! Jjaml- ers, ,JJ.. Bunch. JUKired' Kdwards. Jcc OWiociC'Mnrychflcliarl, Vln- 50, riBuehaiian, Helen Brown, llnl J'iclchcr, Theuin Kenk-v, Alien Kenley. Kuby Slau-it. ilrii Klalni lleimaii AlcGei-. Arthur siatcii, Vinson Polls, Jack lidwjinls, Miui- rice Sanders, Movris Baih'y, Bailey, Ocniicc Barber. IVnri Lynn McCormirk, Jinniir Bainc-ll, Hai'iy Luj^er, \Vl:iium Wilson. UlM^vi iaiilz, hrui-M Little, ,lu;i- iiHa Edwards, Cjlaiui-i KaniuU. Violet Lacici. Geneva Best, aiui Miss Mitchell. « * To Have I'irnic Members ol the "Just Fncir' E. Y. p. u. am rc-iuiiulcii ^.at liie clmrdi tins evcniiii- .. 7:M o'clock lor a "Iray ride icnit." 0-0SOJIP-* DAN THOMAS — GEORGE SCARBO . JUDITHAuEriis io8W a yooocAftiMG, Fif ^ "i? 11 Osceola Socieij- — Personal Sunday for <V>licvillc and Krevard. N. C. They will be gone two .ft'eeks. Charles will spend a pan ot the time with Sam Hodges who is attending Camp Sapphire at •bre^'ard. j Mr. uml Mil,. G. a. Battle had p as their guests Sunday Mr. and B/fa oj Nctcs Mostly Personal Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Church and j Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cirigsby re- i turned Friday night from Chicago 'where they attended the fair foi 1 week. Mr. and Mrs. n. D. Taylor, of Lucy, Tcnn., and Dr. and Mr.s. i?. M. Sloan, of Jonesboro, arrived yeslerday to be -with their aunt, Mrs. Eva Morrison. Mr. O. W. Thwcatt, and Mis. Sannlc Tlnvealt. of Lucy, Tcnn., arrived this morning for the fnn- cral of their aunt, Mrs. Vlrelni'i Keck. Mrs. J. F. uinti lefl this morning for New Cambria, III., accompanied by her niece, Mary Catharine l*mm, who has visited her for two weeks. Mrs. Lentl will visit her brother, Mr. Ray Lemm. and family for a few days before returning home. Mrs. G. E. Greer left Saturday myht for Chicago, where she will vlfll her daughter, Miss Kathar- In?. ft'ho is studying there. Slv plans to be gone a \vcek. Miss Willie Lawson, formerly of here and now of Little Rock, is visillng friends here. She plans to be here for about ten days. .Mr. and Mrs. Bernard 'Gooch left Sunday morning for Chicago. They accompanied Mrs. J. T. Philli|K and son, Murray, who have been visiting here. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Curlin, o! East Orange, Pa., spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Bob - Blay- loek. Mr. Curlin WHS formerly the manager of the local Kress store. Mr. and Mrs. Cmliu were .— ...^i. (,in.,j,o kjuiiuny i\if, unit i.^i-j vj,,„..-.i &•...> hostess .Mrs, Homer Lucked, Uave Battle tuo tabY b:,ikc i-lub untl and Mr. lirou;;li ol Tutwilcr, Miss. . jr. let-.nncd Sat- : nt (lie of atieraco!!. Tiie -.'lu-: =. liosuii'.-; club urduy ii- um ; , W( .^ ^^ mnnlxis. mdiidi-d Jletiluiiii-a C.; Worlds Fair In Ch!cu|;o. U. Uiuc: 1 , Gco. Uici-.trscn. O. C.: Mr.,. CH-orcrr Uceie, her .suiiill Uic.=nui-. W. J. i); and C. U. | ; '0». George jr. and her jnnuicr. i!ale andl jln '- Lami), IKIVC returns IVom Jnlta .Crnig- .'• ^ • Mi> ; . C'. li. On\'fi- \vns wiiu hi;;h score H'K'st prizu and GiiilJre.v White won high - sMiUvcrn, LM' Of I Mrs. 1 club ! Dccrc 'i ! " SL ' CO111 ivlierc -they willi', relnf the • Mi.s. .Joe Crutner I'lilcttiiinrd her ;two lablc brlii-e club at her coun- Iry liniiie sum hoi O.iccohi Fridny 11101111:011. Urn-sis besides tlie cliiU .iu-mbeis \\-CK Mrs. U. U. Sullcnger . K. S. |j:-ivi-i- ami Miss nian- L-!UI Cii-ere. Mi.s. Han-y Driver was I'.igii Si-ori; pike winner. IcaLjudy | ^ L'llll. M , 1 * 1 . rs - wmic ' 'L? 6 <k " c schools, attended Georne colli/BC nt Nashville, has returned also. Arrange In Individual glasses or RELATED TO SP/DERS THAN TO HSHf SHADOW _ -IE5 A/O7"TRAVEL AWAV FROM YOU ATA FASTER RATE AS you GET FARTHER AND FARTHER PAST A LAMP POST/ oia* n KA s«v«x me. After making a careful study of ants and their speeds at varying temperatures, it is possible to come within one degree of the.correct tcm- iwriitiirc, merely by determining tlie rate at which the ants arc moving Even a shadow, falling on a column of marching anis. slows them down NEXT: Why was Giordano Bruno, ll.ilian philosopher, burned? Bluff. Ark. Miss Wantons Harper, of East aunt anct uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Z. A. McCuiston. She plans to visit her lor three weeks. Miss Silye Howe, of Hot Springs is the guest of Miss Prcdilene Langwell. Miss Sara Robinson, of Nashville, Temi., who lias been vlsitin" here, is spending u few days with Miss Martha Kobinson, at Leach- vlllc. .Misses .Minnie Annis Robbs, and j. -.. . S ailn while Sir. 'Anna Prance* Wood of Paraiould Is superintendent of who have been visiting Miss Mary .Tlk- n, >„.,,!. ..1 . ---- TTOvallntl Tl r «'"1J Tl r «'"1J Borum for .Severn] dnys. have returned home. Mtss Dorothy Robinson. of . Bowcn. Mrs. F. A] j Leachville, who attended the iionsc Mrs. U. U. Smith Jr., Misses Ward and Annie V Wad- urned Saturday night after "t the World's l»s loot. Pnysicians advise" he is improving. Lost Ode by Pushkin Found li * Soviet LENINGRAD. (UP)-.. hi:i:cvin uukiw.vii cdc written noati: ISiM by the famoiis Hussian poet. AU-» andcr Pushkin, has b?<-:i lound in the archives o[ IRC GiMiii D:\'f.f Clej Kor.slaiuinc-.-ich by I':cf. I,. km'.' " " ""' "' ' uh ' 10: " y °'' ! ' >:j •' 'i'hc pD?m of 350 icrsci 0:1- titltd. "lo ilic Siincio o: Fonvjuii:" Ponvi/in V.T..S a Kuj-fiLin cx^^v^t and cr;i:c r.f the r;u: : ,- \M: c."- tiiry. j|i t . , ;c ..,j. po'in'v.iii i x n> cmccd in n i-,,.. v .. i..-i; l10ll Ol iujvi,. Kin s co;np:?te \vo:!:-^. 5,000 Fcrsonj Hooked Up for Phone Talk hook-up cv;r kcr, p;:-si(iinl compaiiy. filt 0.000 r .-5j::s ta cou.--'. urb, Uarlit;'? \-.-)::!'i -,i ir iv- over (iie hook-L;i •I'd- r-- : i New York to L-.-,',V::>-:.~,"Vn'i (r Dulutli to S.m Ainoiivi MI —i scores ol cUiij, m btt.-cru His auditcitCD vt*. r i" --| compony omcb',5 ar.d _nlo:.^ -|V the iwjvjlar be!u-f lh:it '•.,••' '.-.! pirin. or bakinj ;cda wilfp-'Tr the hf3 or cu noiv.-rs. 1"-.---° •will, hwcvcr. do inirly wr'i Vf the v.-attr is clianfcd rs'u'ariv :••••! th? stem; cut- daiiy. IN MEMORIAM ~ In loving memory of our' Iror husband and falhcr, W. o. Kcsd who departed this life Air 13 1933. Gone is the lace we all loved to dear, Silent is Uie voice we lovsd to hear; Too far away (or sish or speech. But not too far lor oar thoughts I to reach; Zxtt<. _ to , remember him who •once -was* here. ^ And who, though absent is ju;t as dear. Badly missed by ills' family and reatlves: Mr*. V/.'o. Reed and fsmily,' Elfthevllle, Arkansas. A njililing ol inter:.^ tu many Oiciola frii-nds «a.s that ol Au- uivy A. Cowan and Miss Kathleen Urccti. Hiinouiiced :\ few days ago. ihc cen-muny was pcrfoniicd at. .v.aiiou on July L'l. Tho nev. E.j .<. Scsvi-11. piiitor of ihe Method-1 J - L ' WUiains, 1ms returned .f-: church of Marion. «rcicintcd 1 u ' r llome '" Torrcoii, Mexico 1 Frank Williams will join i Williams and iheli- son, Lnn, _ n wee I Chicago. Ivy jr., who is - •"•> >t*,u ,» nnuiming Oamp Sapphire ai Brcvnrd M C iltpueil on a frof gi B a few days' ago, siistamii-. n serious injury to that Mrs. R. s. Wilson jr., who has keen here for an extended visit with her iments, Mr. and Mrs. L. "'lie brido i.s i I:i . daughter of Mr. an:l Mrs. C. Y. lirccii of O^cuoln. Mr. C'ov>an is liie ton of Mr. and Mr.s. Harry F. Cowan of Osccola. Tl:.: cn:i]:ii- W (H make Iheir iy V 1 . Cowan on Weit M,-. a i;d Mrs. Hur- party given by several members of the younger set, has returned to her home. Miss Frances Mirinis, of Hint, Mich., who has been the guest of Miss Mury Elizabeth Borum for several dnys. is spending a lew days in Paragould. Mrs. J. T. Phillips and tun, Murray, IIL-V returned to Iheir home in Chicago after snenrtmg three weeks here as the gursis ot Mrs. Phillips, mother, Mrs. itcicn Biyllie, and sister, Miss Lela Blythe,. and Mrs. c. B. Criugtr atj Lake James. Ind., the latter pan of this week. They will remain Owlglit Ulackwood Taniily at their fiimmer home at Lake James bc- Hospital B|J '- SO letunimg 10 Osccola. Unldn-yn, here tor an extended vls- lii-s aunt, G. S. Battle, and |>!tnl: Julian Coleman. Manila- Arlliur Bniden. Senatli. Mo.; Mrs, J. M Williams, city; Bahi- Wells' Monette. Dismissed: Miss Ruby Riiy bud as h?r! ^ I'.i'r co(Uin, Miss «£ Wardi-11. Mo J. T. Coi'.on havi- Mrs. Cos'.i.-n's MS- i l-'on-Jer aim i,or. Saiali Fowler of finer o! CMlro. Ill, •<:id Mi:,. I,..-,, (ji lvo . •••"•> (' ,n o.-renlt Cairo — -•• • "ii.-o I\1JU\ Barber, city; Mrs. Raymond Roiiii- snville, MemphL'i. Tcnn. i Read Courier Kcws Want Ads. 'Worlds Fair Visitors/ HERE'S WHERE TO STAY in CHICAG< , Seek Name {or Classic NEW ORLEANS <UP)-Foolball fans of the South arc working their brains overtime trying to hu upon a name for the New Year's Day gridiron classic lo be pluyeil in New Orleans next Jan. 1. The contest lor a name lor the classic is sponsored by tlie Nc\y. Orleans Mid-Winter Sports Association. The term "Sugar Bowl" has been applied to the game llms far. Lou- KITCHEN is known as the "Sugar young and Bowl" of the nation, so the title i about food BY MARY K. DAGDE NBA Service Staff Writtr In hot weather when appetite are inclined to falter and but! would help to identify the classic. Altogether more than too names have been suggested by fans in all nans of the South, For the best name, n complete bo* to the contest, which will tea- lure an outstanding Southern team against a team from the old become liomcmakcrs .Itstles. shoul East or awarded. Middle West, will be Two Scls of Twins CLINTON, iin«. (UPl -Twice within 14 months wins were born lo Mr. and Mrs. James D. Mahan. They noiv have an even dozen children. A statement, of Marco 1'oio's required COO years to prove. He discovered tlie great sheep now Known as Ovts i'oli, but Uic world believed that no such animal exited, until COO years later MONDAY, AUGUST 13, }934 ne large serving dish and meringue made as lop ,....... ouv tiiauv; as IUUUH3. Beat whites of eggs until stlfl and dry. Beat In powdered sugar and •anilla. Prepare y wide shallow pan of boiling water and drop the meringue by spoonfuls on the wn- er. Put into a hot oven lone nough to slightly color the mei- ngue. Skim from the water and ilace on the peach custard. Chill lioroughly and serve. Peach Bavarian Ten very rl|« peaches, j-4 cup ugnr, 2 1-2 cups cream, l j-a ablespoons yranulaled gelatine" •oiks of 3 cgys, few grains salt' ulce 1 orange. Peel p:relies. Mash to a pulp ind combine with sugar. Soften iclatme in 4 tablespoons cold wa- or for five minutes. Scald 1-2 cup :rea mand boat in yolks of eggs vhich have been beaten with orange juice and salt. Scald ovci lot water and pour into softened jelntlnc. Heat well and let cool Whip remaining cream and fold nlo gelatine mixture. Chill until t begins lo thicken. Add ^re- pared peaches and beat well. Turn nto a mold which has been dipped n cold watjr and let stand on ic.- cr three hours or longer to chiil and become firm. Unmold and serve with a garnish of Miccd peaches and whipped cream. • Macaroon Pudding Two cups milk. 1-2 cup s'ugar, 1 eggs, 1 tablespoon granulated' jelatine, 1-2 pound macaroons, few grains' salt. Separate whites from yolks ol eggs. Put milk, sugar and yoi.'vs of eggs in double boiler over hot water and heat slightly. Add gelatine which has been softened lor five minutes in 2 tablespoons cold water. Cook and stir until creamy. Fold in whites of eges, beaten until stiff. Remove from TJ/P 1-1,-v,,,,i „_ •* *•* *-4 milk, collee. LUNCHEON - Mt»ked eg™, salad chifTonarle, Irjit blaiic nnr-ze milk, tea. DINNER - Roast duckling, creamed onions, beets in orange s-auce, avacado and tomato sa peach bavarian, milk, cofl«e. Drink Water With Mt.U Good For Stomach Water with meals helps stomach juices, aids digestion. If bloated with gas udd a spoonful of Adler- Ika. One clears out poisons and washes DO'l'H upper and lower towels, City Ding Store and Klrby Bros. Drug Co. —Adv. LA . e rom heat and stir in crushed macaroons. Mix thoroughly and turn "Ho a mold. Let stand on ice for live or six hours or overnljln garnish Unmold and serve with a cf whipped cream. Tomorrow's .Menu C. G. "Crip" HAH INNER FOR Secretary of State Never before held public uf- . BREAKFAST — Blueberries cc--- fice. My opponent, McDon- .-...». no* — mucoarnes ccr- a 'd, is asking for a THIRD cream, creamed bacon, toast. TERM, despite his state icapitol rooliing scandal, which [has been severely criticized ! throughout the state. tee to it Unit each dish tempts bj its iierfection and furnishes dis lincl food value. Simple puddings nrc fine for summer desserts partly because they may be made early in the morning and chilled until _ uo ul wanted, thus achieving leisure Mm ar ia with the hnurs fnr Ihn Mrfri linl ,-nnlr i»t.r „....,.. " ... c Get Rid of Malaria! Baaiih ChilU and Feverl To conquer Malaria, you must do two things, n) Destroy tile infcc- (ion in the blood. (2) Build up the blood to overcome the effects and to fortify against further att.irk. There is one medicine that (iocs these two things and that is Grove's Tasteless Chill Toni~! The tasteless quinine in Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic destroys the liial- arial infection in tlie btcod while the iron builds up the blood. Thou- eands of people have conquered Put a New Face in the Secretary of State's Office hours for the tired, hot cook later "n the day. Peach Cusl.ird Meringue Two cups milk. 3 eggs. 1-2 cup granulated sugar, few grains salt, 1 cup sliced peaches, 6 tablespoons pawdere dsugar, 1-4 teaspoon van- milk in lop of double boiler. Beat yolks of eggs with granulated sugar and salt. Slowly add hot milk, stirring constantly. Be sure sugar is thoroughly dissolved. Return ilia. Scald and cook over to double boiler I hot water until Tasteless Chill Tonic. In addition to being a noted remedy IVr Malaria, it is also an excellent lenic of general use. yrove's Tameless Chill Tonic is pleasant, to take and contains nothing harmful. Even children like it and they can tnkc it safely. For sale by all stores Now two sizes—50c and SI. Tlu $1 siK contains 2'i times ns i.iuch as the 50c sue and gives you 25 more for your money. —Adv. 4 mixture thickens. Remove at once from heat and cool. Chill for several hours nnd then add peaches. CONVENIENCE COMFORT... ECON< • i '|CT 'MY... and _.,.... _ . WONDERFUL QERMA/ COOKING hicken Dinner JH The \\'omau'.- Club will :-i'vc iJinner in flic Sudbury Building elation day. An excellent menu is promised with frii-d i-liickcii the main course, 'n the mam traffic artery to and from the Worlds Fair Grounds. Close to every, ihinq worthwhile in Chicago Write today for "A CENTURY OF PROGRESS^' the World's Fair descriptive booklet - free on request. WORLD'S FAIR RESERVATIONS ACCEPTED HOW.' MASAOEMEKT Owned by the Hotel "AND I THOUGHT I COLIU) NEVER WEAR IT AGAIN." Our qiiiility dry clennimr will enable you to gel more wear :ind satis faction from your clothw. You will be especially pleased with our superior finishing of suminer things. Barnes' Nu-Wa Cleaners Phone 180 Auditor J.OSCAR HUMPHREY CANDID ATK t'OK KK-KLECTION lliu inost viljil |»'n'(nl in (11n . 8 i a t e ' s |,j s . lory Oscar Unin|iliru.v has survi-d the peupie of Arkansas faithfully in <ini- of ihc most important cilices cf (heir government. Millions of dollars in vouchers have been audited covering not roiitim: i>|)eniliou s but extraordin^ arv additional anwtinl.s in road construction ami P\\A funds— Not oiur lnm || U , voice of criticism been raised .-igainst thr < ..... nil inn of this most important office. On the basis of inlc-lli^i,!, nMiririciitioiis service, xour votn is solinlf.l (nr D*.w llninphrev in his race roi-_re.H,Tt..,ii--o,in|,Hr« ),,, ,, <cor(1 ; vju t|u . Ih C " i^nSin i !" "J"""'" 111 *- Hr-membtu- that more than 100,000 de-dor,, , ; i),lo)>:f,t him in 1932- an even larger iniinbri- will ri'luni him i.,, ,,IVice this year. Your Vntr iiiul InlliiiMU't- O.rdinlly Solicited- J.OSCAR HUMPHREY Candidate for He-election m Your STATE AUDITOR

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