Weekly Raleigh Register from Raleigh, North Carolina on January 17, 1878 · Page 4
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Weekly Raleigh Register from Raleigh, North Carolina · Page 4

Raleigh, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 17, 1878
Page 4
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SHORE -tf.-DUKES - & jSONS GENU) WE 4: PUBLICO H 4r Li I r; ? The Oldest and inost KeHableUTJRHAil bfand maCcf 'Acknowledged to be the best on the GLOBE by all judges of a firs; class article. . - r SALES mCEEASED- 100 PER CENT IN THE LAST TWO YEARS. ! mors! gratifying becanso while a general depression: has been experienced in all branches cf business, it attests the SUPERIORITY of THIS CELEBRATED SMOKING TOBACCO ever all other Sr in f ; ! , 1 : 1 ' ' ' XIIE MARKET. ' ' j , . . , - This(incr3as9 is the- 0 SOLD. BY ...C; & A. B. STROKACH' anI) "SI. Raleigh, N. G.W- UKB, IVIanufactur ex, DURHAM, N.-- C. MOKING-TOBAGG yVLooRE, jJenkins Jo., ISanc&ctxwd Ay. BTJEE, - J . DURHAM, Jf. C. J ADRIAN -Cf y.OLLESf WILMINGTON, N. C. . ' 1 " , ;. ffSOLB BY- ! . ty y y e 1 ' r4Ton w Ait nDnnroc awti TfmAnnnmsTST THi: UNITED STATES.J NEW YOfiK. 54r-swaw3m . v": ' - . -. ... ' e , - . . . .. -.v.;!' i.-?,.t-: .'t.t,.,l. M.!5iM-r'' DIM "ORTH CAROLINIAN. Clubs For 1878. ency of education, charities, and other public trusts. The honest demands ofthisiclass of citizens for , additional, rights and-privi-leges and immunities should be treated with 5 The Raleigh Register ! a NEW DEPAKIURE 1 An' asriciUtural department' to fully IMPORTANT TO SOUTHERN CLAIM ANTS. The undersigned, having been reappointed TJ. S. Special Commissioner for North Carplii&, invites attention to the following act of Congress approved March 5, 1877 : ; ; j "Sec. 2. That the 'commissioners of claims shall not receive any evidence on- belialf of any claimant or claimants for the allowance of any clairfi or claims unless such evidence shall have been taken, presented and filed by the 10th day of March, 1878, except m rebuttal of levidence introduced in behalf of the government, and all claims wherein the evidence of the claimant or claimants is not filed within the time herein limited shall be deemed to be barred forever thereafter." .. . " - :j ,.. Xy,:-y All claimants desiring testimony to be taken should make apphcation immediately to '" ':: ALBERT MAGNIN; 2tfTJ. S. Special Commissioner, Raleigh, N. C 4 n f -s I ' J. Pi EW GOODS. FALL1 AND (WINTER TRADE. 1877 187S. ! AND I tTAMESS- B NEW Ami) Call and be convinced that I am offering to the public the cheapest ahd most complete stock of goods ever before brought to Raleigh. I DUES GOODS. Silk Poplins, Alifaf-as, Mohairs, Cashmeres, 1 Merinos, Mateleese Serge, Camel Hair. All shades and colors most fashionable. Red Flannel, White Flannel, Cheviot Shirting,' Ticking, Bleached Domestic, i Unbleached Domestic, I.insey, btnpeq "tenir tin. Hosiery for Ladi, Gents', and Children all of the Latest Styles. A full and complete assortment of Gentlemen's HATS, CAPS, BOOTS, SHOES, t Overshoes for Xadics, Gentlemen, and Children. Fine Cassiineres, Broad Cloth, Satinets ,1 Jeans. Kerseys Pant Goods of all Kinds. Ladies Cloaks, Shawls, Sacques, Jackets, fc' Ladies' and Gentlemen's Underwear. Gentle. .su'' Dress Shirts, Linen Collars. Fine Double Blankfets, Quilts, Comforts, Trunks. Ladies' dollars. Cuffs, Cravats, Scarfs, Ruffs, Ac., Combs, Brushes, Knitting Cotton, and Notions of all kinds. Call and see m it is a pleasure For us to show yop goods. Verj' respectfully, J. D. IsEWSOM, No. Pf ixi-ttvjxE Street, 54-4-3m RALEIOn. JST 6. C BIlifWSTER, - - i and examinelliis stock of Caroenters' Tools. ?aints. Oils, Varnish GLASS AND PLTTVi LOCKS AND HINGES, IRON, NAILS , AND BOLTS, I11B Wi A m Hors Erlule Shoes, Tinware, Crockery, Glassware and Lamps CUTLERY of ail kinds, GUNS, PISTOLS. The above goods wjll be sold cheap'; or cash. My expenses axe less than i on Main Street, and consequently I can afford to sell Hardware, Stoves, &c, lowey tlian elsewhere. J.; C. Brewster Ilolloman B.uildmg, Fayetlevilla Street, - " " 'i RALEIGH, N. C. 4-tf i 37RENCU'S;UOTEL, 2"X' 'V'- iJ'- :i -ii i-- '. J ' ,-.M , j v '-.I. ' .... : . , OK THE ETJEOPEAJT PLAK. ,. r" I - - OppiCity HU Park, Court House and new Post Office NEW YORK. All modern improvements, ; including Elevator, Gfi, aa(l Ilunning Water, inevery room. , J. iFJBENC U Sc. BltOS .jProprletoi". THE BEST MEDCINE MA DE, For Diarrhoea, Colic, tramp (ole, Bilious Colic, Cholera Infamtum, Sick stoijiacbe and Vomiting- Pain and cramps in the tonuche acd Bow-elsGiving toxle strength and energy to the 8 loin -ache and the great' Antidote Ibr Toothache, fec. Hundreds and Thousands of People everwhere that have used Antalgic will tell you and testify that no medicine has ever or can ever equal the wonderful cures performed by Antalgic, it never falls. Try it once and you will always use Antalgic. Price Fifty cents a Bottle. Prepared By, i , Dr. JOHN m CONGLETON, , RALEQH, N. C. i N Tersons desiring The Register, Gr-ey Magasine3 anil TAe American Agriculturist for onqi year, will be supplied free of postage asf olio vs : Semi-AVeekly Register, ! i $3.00 2.15 1 10 's Jtlagazinp, i, ... . I an iygricuiiurisi, Weekly Register, l Godey's Magazine, American Agriculturist . ii . -I Send in vour names and the Address, W. M. BROVN, j Raleigh, N, C. Republican National Platform. DECLARATION OF ?JpR1NDIPLES ADOPTED JUNE 18, 1876. . . ' jA s . . ; 1. The United Slates of America is a nation not a league ; by the combined workings of the National and State Governments, under their respective constitutions, the rights of every citizen ape lecured at home and protected abroad, and the common welfare promoted. . i ; j . 2. Tho Republican; party has preserved these governments to the hundredth anniversary of the nation's birth, and they are now embodiments of, the great truths spoken at its cradle, "that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, famong which are life, liberty, and thej parsait of happiness ; that for the;i attainment of these ends, governments have been instituted among men deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed." Until these r truths are cheerfully obeyed, orl if need be, rigorously enforced, the work of, the "Republican party is unfinished. : i 3. The permanent pacificilion of theSoulh- Muiiinn rf tho TTft?ni a.Tif '- pnmnlfttfi nro- tectionof all citizensn the free enjoyment of alt their rights,' are duties! to which the KepaDlican parry siainas sacreaiy piecigeu. The power to provide fori the enforcement of the principles embodied n tho recent constitutional amendments ia vested by those amendments in the Congress of the United States, and we declare it to be the solemn obligation of the legislative and executive departments of the government to put into Immediate and yigorbus exercise all their constitutional powersifor removing any just cause of discontent onlthe part of a,ny class, and for secariLg to every American citizen complete liberty .and;; exact equality in the exercise of all civil, political and public ri2hts. To this end ; we imperatively de mand a Congress and a chief executive whoso courage and fidelity to . these results are piacea oeyonu uifjpuie or rt-caii. 4. In the first act of Congress signed by President Grant, the Rational Uovernment assumed to remove an j doubt of its purpose to discharge all Just obligations to the public creditors, and solemnly pledged its faith to make provision at the earliest practicable penoa ior me redemption oi ipe u mieu states lm morals and national creditdemand that thl? promise be fulfilleq by a continuous and Rteadv nrofflress to SDecifi Davment. 14 5. Under the , Constitution,! the Presidenf and heads of departments ara to make nominations for office ; the SBenate is to advise and consent to the appointment, and the House of Representatives is Ho accuse and prosecute faithless officers. ; ihe best interests of the public serviced demand that theee distinctiona be respected, that: Senators and Representatives who may be judges or accusers should not dictate appointments to office. The invariable rjMefor appointments should have reference jtql the honesty, fidelity, and capacity of theappointtees, giving to tne party in power those, places where harmony and jrigor of admiiiiatration require its policy to be represented, iut permitting all others to be filled by peon3 selected with sole reference to the efficiency of the public-service, and the right of ail citizens to share in the honor of rendering! faithful service to their country. " i; . ; 6. We rejoice in the. quickened conscience cf the people concernings political affairs ; will hold all public officers to a rigid responsibility and engage that the prosecution and punishment of ail who befcray official trusts shall be speedy, thorough! and; unsparing. 7; TLe public school system bf the several States is the1 bulwark of the AmericaQ Re public, ana with a view to ltssecurity and permanence we recommend an- amendment to the Constitution of the United States forbidding the application oif any public funds or property for the benefip of any' schools or institutions under sectarian cphtrol 8. The revenue necessary for; ; gurrent expenditures and the obligations bf the uublic debt must be largely derived I from duties upon importations which Jlso far as possible. should be adjusted to promote the interest of American labor and advance the prosper ity of the. whole country. 1 i i). We reaffirm our opposition to further grantsofthe public lands to corporations and demand that the national domain be devoted to free homes tor the people, f 10. It is the imperative duty of the Government to modify the existingitreaties with European governments tna;t the same protection that shall be afforded to! the adopted American citizen that is given to the native- born, and that all necessary laws should be passed to protect1 emigrants! in f the absence or power in ine oiaies ior mat purpose, ML It is the immediate duty! of Congress to fully investigate the effect of the immigration and importatiofa of Iongoliana upon tu. ucral and luaterial inldrest of the country-. - -l -.. ; . .. . 12. The Itepublican party! recognizes with approval the substantial advance recently made , toward the establishment lot equal rights for women by the many important amendments effected by llepuplican legislatures in the laws which concern the personal and property relation; of wives, mothers and widows, and by the appointment and election of women to the superinterd reoder Rmeric $6.25 $1.50 2.15 1110 $45 cash at Elizabeth f!ifr Pa-emon John, WtaTSk ;ih Terms! 'tv. ' 1 Ui- Terms : One of the best Advertising mediums in tn- Ik? :. ; tern part of the State. Ashboro, Randolph Regulator phSr7 1 mocratic: Jain T- Croct er, SS.evme' ortil c4rolina Citizen, pubnsW5 democratic5 FnrmI& Stone; Charlotte Observer, I Rfj'm0insi weekly, Saturdayg democrabo ; Jones & Mcltowell, published 7 ' Charlotte Democrat, 1 ondays; democratic ; . Wm. J. Yeates, pub .Charlotte, Southern Evangelist, MontWy; Presbyterian jfil. 3i3.ll, v,b. Concord Register, vSaturdays ; democratic ; Jno. Woodhouse, pub Concord San, Tuesdays ; democratic ; "W. EL Harris, pub. Danbury Reporter, Thnisday8 ; democratic ; Pepper & Sons, b. Durham Tobacco PJant, B. Green, publisher. XtyettevMe, North Carolina Gazette, Thursdays; democratic ; J. H. & G,G. Ur-rover, publisher, ' Goldsboro, Carolina Messenger, Semi-weekly, Mondays and Thursdays ; and Graham, Alamance Gleaner, Tuesdays; democratic, E. S. Parker, pub. Greensboro, Central Protestant, Thmsdays; Methodist ; J. L. Michaux, pub. New Nofth State, . Fridays ; repubhean ; Ner North State Publishing Co. , publishers. Patriot, Wednesdays democratic conservative ; Duffy & Albnght, jmblishers. Hillsborough Recorder, Wednesdays ; J. D. Cameron, publisher. Lenoir Topic, Thursdays ; democratic ; Lenoir Publishing Association, publishers. Louisburg, Franklin Courier, ; Fridays; democratic, Hall & Thomas, pub. ! Magnolia Monitp r, Wednesdays ; conservative ; Win. T. riaiaxia-ford, publisher, jf Morgan ton, Bine Ridge Blade,. Tuesdays; democratic; H. U. Crowson, Jpul). Mont Airj-, Surry Visitor, i Saturdays ; independent ; J. D. & T. J. Low-ry, publishers. , , Murfreesboro Enquirer, Thursdays democratic ; E. L. C. Ward, pub. Murphy, Cherokee Herald, Wedesdays; independent ; Axley Bros., pub, -Newberne Kut Shell, IMily'inoi4diig ; independent ; Geo. E. Pitman, publisher. ' Oxford Torch Lisht, . Tuesdays ; democratic ; W. A Davis, iub. Polkton Ansonian, Wednesdays ; democratic ; L. tx Polk, pub. Raleigh, Observer, Daily jnorning ; gnd weekly , democratic ; P. M; Hale vts W. U Saundep, Wifors ad pu" News j daily, m6rnihg,!ekeept3Idnilayis: tedi' ocratic Geo. C' 'Jordan, manager.!' Biblical BecorderT Wednesdays ; Baptist ; Edwards,- Broughton & Ca, publishers.' . Christian Advocate ; Wednesdays ; Methodist ; Bobbitt & Gray, publishers. ; Friend of Tepaperance ; Mondays' ; temperance j B. H. WhitakerpubUsheif, H : North Carolina Farmer; monthly .agricultural ; Jas. H. Ennis, publisher. Bakers ville, Roan Mountain Republican, Saturdays ; republican'; J. W. C. Deake, pub. Linoolnton JJncotn Progress, Saturdays; democratic ; F. H. De Lane, pub. Shelby, Sunny Side, - Saturdays ; democratic ; J. P. Babington.pub. Asheville Pioneer Saturdays ; republican ; C. W. Eve, publisher. Reids ville, News, , i Saturdays ;' demopratic : Webster & at3e publishers. 5 " 1 ' 1 " ' j 1 Times ; Wednesdays ; democrio ; J. A, Smith & Co., publishers. Salem, People's Press, Thursdays ; democratic ; L. V. & ET. Blum, publishers. ; 1 i ; , nrVflE STATES VLLLE JMEBICAN. .rr-.-.. .v - m 20? Yew :187?;' The American, now in tho twentieth year of its existence, without evei having changedriaiids, is a seven, column journal, and is one of the best newspapers published in the State, without any increase in the subscription rate, which is $2 per year, payable in advance. ' It is published, in a dress oi and beautiful 'type npon a po.e -press, and not excelled In typog-cacaT execution South or North. 'The American wilt not at tempt to constrain the opinion bf any inari, 'buj; will leave' all to the exercise of - freedom of opin ion, of bondcience, and the largest liberty of cit; . THE LATEST NEWS '. A to. 0! From all parts of, the world fll be given pp t the hour of goifig torjress; ah'd'ih all that relate to the interest ana prosperity pi tap-- .. r ?t la an invaluable adjunot with all that pertain! to thatnohje pursuits A It is adpniea wjtp inf scintillations of . - . u-ii-Pz''7 "i- f aEbrdinga pleasant relief W its graver and more practical features fin shor'is all that jca-a torn. mend to pubhc appreciation first class family journal . As' an advertising medium it has no -weekly superior in the middle and Western ppr . tion of the State. - r ' ' TEBMS OF THE AMElilCAW . $1 or one uopv, bjjv xuuuimaf j For nnp. pwit: fttl6 Tear. - j Address E.B DRAKE A SON, . - -StatesvulerN,a i r mi a-i.i.i .-.,.. r.. -I uress sovereign power over the Territories of the United States for their government ; and in the exercise of this power it is the right and the duty of Congress to prohibit and extripate in the Territories that relic of barbarism ploygamy ;and we deman such legislation as shall secure this end and ; the supremacy of American institutions in ail the Territories, f 14. The pledges which the nation has given to oursoldies and sailors must be fulfilled. The grateful people will always hold rV?s? who perilled their lives for the country's preservation in .- the kindest remembrance r, . ; r 15. We sincerely depiecate all sectional feeling and tendencies; wTe therefore note with deep soliicitude that the Democratic pirty counts, as its chief hope of success, upon the elecforal vote of a united South, secured through the efforts of those who were recently arrayed against the nation. We invoke the earnest attention of the country to the grave truth . that a euceeas thus achieved would reopen sectional strife and imperil "the national honor and human right3. 1 ' " 10. We charge jtho Democratic party as being the same in character and spirit as" when it sympathized with treason ; with making its control of the House ofliepre-of the nation's recent foes with reasserting and applauding ins the national Capital the sentiment of unrepresented rebellion, with sending Union soldiers to the rear and promoting Confederate soldiers to the front; .with deliberately prop'osing to repudiate the the plighted faith of the government ; with sentatives the triumph and the opportunity being equally false and imbecile upon the overshadowing -financial question ; with thwarting the ends; of justice by.its partiz in mismanagement and obstruction of investigation; with proving itself through the period of its ascendency in the Lower Iloue Congress utterly incompetent to adminis ter the Government. We worn the country against trusting a party that is alike unworthy, recreant, and incapable. 17. The National Administration merits commendation for j its honorable work in the management of domestic and foreign' j affairs, and President Grant deserves the continued and hearty gratitude of the Amer icnn people for his : patriotism and his immense rerviee is war and peace. Kepublican State Committee. Thomas &: Keogh, Chairman. Pinkney llollins, Asheville. J. J. Mott, Statesviile. J. II. Harris, Raleigh. D. H. Starbuck, Salem. C. W. Grandy, Elizabeth City. I. E. West, Newberne. t, Raleigh. L. E. Rice, Wilmington, David A. Jenkins Charlotte. S. F. Piiillios: T. FiLee. uroxv. lidioih. Francis M. oOrrell, Se:retar.y.' Wake Coujtty REp. Ex. Committee. W. W. White, Chairman, Raleigh. R. A. Thompson, Barton's Creek. D. H. Gardner, New Hill. J. p. JJL Adams, Gary. -J. L. Moring, Jilorrisville. D. R. Chavis, House's Creek. Henry Pulley, Wakefield. M. G. Todd, Eagle Roek. Robert Fuqua, Old Shop. Jqo, O. Harrison, New Light. Roland Gooch, Dayton. T. L. Banks, Banks'. I A. Magniu, Raleigh. M. B. Barbee, " Stewart Ellison, " A. W. Shaff-r4 " . Jas. II. Harris, ' M. V'B. Gilbert, " J. G. Andrews, Auburn. Geo. A. Keith, MilhurnR. John Masseyj, Swift Creek. Newbern Wutkins, lHhsviile, F. G. Moriu, Apex. TI AT n rea ch; n t make money. .If you 11 1 1 1 J 1 1 ean'tt you eaQ greenbacks. U UHUi vVe need a person in every town to take subscriptions for the largest, cheapest, aud best illustrated family publication in. the wol1. Any one can beeopie a r successful agent. The most elegant; jpf art given free to subscribers. The price is so low that most everybody subscribes. One agent reports making over 150 in a week. A lady agent reports taking over 400 subscribe; s in ten days. All who engage make money fast. You can devote all your time to the business, or only your spare time. Yon ned not be away frotn home over night. You cau d it as well as others. Full 't articulars. directions and terms free.i ; Elegant and expensive Outfit free. If ydu want profitable -work send us your address at once. It costs nothing to try the bus iness. No one who engages fails to make great pay. Address "Tne people's journal," Jtrt-and, Maine. ' j Sept 27 ly J. C. L. HARRIS, V ATTORNEY AT LAW, R4 LEIGH, N. C. Office in old Sentinel office! near the GQiffthouse. Practices in all the State Courts and in the Federal Court and before U. S. Commissioners. Special 'attention given: to. the argument of cases in the Supremo $Qiirt, Claims collected in any part ot the State, pefeys t the Raleigh Bar. . . ' ' I. Greensboro Patriot. Established 1821. Pub lished -weekly in Greensboro, N C by P T Dufiy, at $2 10 per year in advance postage in eluded. North Carolinians abroad should not be without it. : Specimen, copidsfree. ; ' : THE ROAN MOUNTAIN REPUBLICAN - IS PUBLISHED EVERT SATURDAY, AT BAKERSVILLE, MITCHELL CO MOi'TO: IJew to tte line44et the chips fail where they m ty STRICTLY REPUBLIC IN PRINCIPLE TERMS: 2 00 a year ik ADVANCE. O. T. C. DEAKE, Editorj' , J. W. C. DEAjKE. Proprietor. ; V Q ATURDAY NIGIITPUBLISIIED BY Davis & Elverson, Philadelphia, Pa., at $3 a yearj Specimen copy free. . : tf tuCet IDC WiuilO wji vu . ovjw.uv, " require ponsiderablc space, half a score of I practical and scientific agricultural contributors, 'with nnmerqps ricli:and careful illustration ALL these . Tcstltsrliave reachedi by a special I arrangement with the OraTige-;" Jadd?.Company by which We can 'furnish our readers Jtho very best ...... i i -J. . . : knowledge on agriculture and all kindred subjects. I The !i American A griculturist is. ; ac-mowledged to be the best ' agricultural and " horticultural publication iu nv Bubscrilir'trho-' wishes1; 'The "Weekly i . . Register and TJieAgricdltunst, can have loth for twelve months for two dollars and sixtl cents; this furnishes these two publications for less money than is required to secure them in any othdr way. ! The American Agriculturist publish- cdj monthly in New York City by the ' Orange Judd Company ; ;each number is profusely illustrated with at least fifty original engravings and fall ,of practical, useful suggestions, important to farmers, gardnersji ruit-growers, fitotik-raisers, own ers of small plots, lots in town or in the country, as well as to housekeepers and children, ktid will give, to our readers much valuable information to be found no where else, and will also help to make our f firmer readers' the best farmers in the World. We have adopted this plan because it secures the best publication and j best instruction on the various subjects winch are 'disc nssed in an agricultural journal. , ' , Wo will; send !fhe A griculturist for one year to any of our subscribers who have paid Up for The Register one year and vl19 forward to us one dollar and ten cents. ' ; J,,., , " '' We will send" The Agri-culiurist for one year to any of our subscribers who have ordered The Register for a less time than a year, who will send money so as to makje out a year's subscription for The Register, and 'tine dollar, and ten cents in addition to the amount intended for The Register. 4 . Iri-additioa to foregoing proposition we vilt Ucnd a arst class microscope, not pur-diasable aWyWliere for less than two dollars and fifty ent, for 'sixty cents to any person, who orders 'The Register and The Agri-i(Umiit. . . ; - i otR proposition. ' 1 Semi; weekly Register, " . $3.00 American Agriculturist, 1.10 Jlicroscope, 5 60 4.T0 . $10 1.10 60 $3.20 $3.00 1.10 $4.16 1.50 1.10 Weekly Register. ? American Agricultin-ist, Jicroscono: ti , T ; r j Semi-weekly Register, Amcricarr Agriculturist, 5 I . j ; i i( . ,'! , 'Vj-' v If! , '" V. Veely Register, American, Agriculturist; '-. s: i - f i :; s ' ' j -,'.:", ; :4 r.' : , . ,......- .- . .S2.60 . -No Sulecription;, taken; for less than twelve months , . 1 . ; ; : W. 31. BROWN, , -'Publisher and Proprietor.! , , - SPIRIT OF THE SOUTH. , , Ab jndepeadeut family newspaper, devobn1 o nmva, pXiliticsliterature, Lc. rubUsbeu -weekly at? Kockinrfiaic ' N C Wm. HJTfTtr, Editor and - Swiietir ' m ' i "; 'BxigU aid lively, . ' " . -rerms,uiadvMica: One' copyone year, Si r: one copy, bis month?, 75ceata: oneeory ii h' .mouths, SO.cents.'j- m., ' c, y:TiJrl ' Ha8' by a? V,eschrculatioa of any other ;j?aper pubhbhed m the Tee Dee qntrvv 4 f . Extra uyiaecwfcts ofiored to advertisers. r ::;..i:'vi-;5?- i;,: ;'-;r;M ; .k:.;i World KitiU be sent Jo pvest pri(Q n cOin&lowitff Theegtsteb. Any ArEGETABLl SALVE, t With an Established Reputation of ;J8 years, Stands to day as the greatest Healing Remedy known to mordern Science; and the great Leacf-ing Salve in the world. " The most wpnderful and never failing cure for Piles ever Discov- t ered.' The great charm aod the favorite of all the people is that great household raedu-jne.: Congleton's Vegetable Salve. For the cure of White Swelling,Tetter,Burns,Fresh cuts ;wounds, old Sores, Shingles, Chapped hands and Lips, Bruises, Corns, Piles, Sore Throat, Mumps, Sore Eyes,' &c. No one should fail to keep this great Remedy in there house. Ready to use at a mo ments warning as in the case ot Barns. Price 25 cents a Box. Sent to any address post Paid on Receipt of 'zo cents. ! Prepared By : Dr. JOHN R. CONGLETON, RALEIGH, N.j C. 0MPANI0N 3 I MSF WEEKLY PAPER FOR YOUNG PBDPLB! AND THE FAMILY It aims io be a favorite in every familyf-look-ed for eagerly by tho young folks, and read with interest by the older. Its purpose is to idterest while it amuses ; to be judicious, practical, sensible; and to have really permanent worth; while it attracts for the hour. It is handsomely illustrated, and has p$r contributors some of the most attractive writers in the country. AZ!An5 these are : J. X- Trowbridge " Dinah Muloch Graik, James T. Fields, J. G. Whittier, Hebecsca JT. Davis, Louise C. Moult9n, Mrs. A. H. Leo- i no wens, C. A. Stephens, i Edward E. Hale, Harriet P. Spofford, Wm. Cnllen Bryant, A. D. T. Whitney, . Louisa M. Aloott. Its reading is adapted to old and young ; is very comprehensive in its character. It gives Stories of Adventure, Stories of Home Letters of Travel, School Life, Editorial upon Current Tales, Poetry Tonics. Selections for Pec- Historical Articles, . lamation, i - Biographical Sketches, An.ecdotes,Puzzles, Religious Articles, .Facts- and Incidehts. Subscription Price, $1 75. Specimen copies sent free. Please mention in' what ... .... , j paper yon read this ad?ertiiement? , j PERRY MASON- & CO., 41 TEMPLE PLACE, .BOSTON. D U. COSGLETOiV'S GREAT REMEDY. American Rheumatic: Liniment The Great Champion Eiag cf Eheuinatism " " v " - ' -1 ' ,1,: and Neuralgia, ; " ' .'" ' i 4 And all Tljctfirnal nains. Tb ntoat wonderfol pain Destroying Remedy in the' world, it litter-ali-o- Snhdnea all pain and Aches, having cured Thousands of cases of Rheumatism Neuralgia, Pain in the Side. Pain and Soreness in the Breast, Back Ache. Lame Back,' Stiff Joiiit,; Swelling in the Limbs and Joints, Weak - Batik ' .Lumbago, Rnin.tt.inii. kndnain in any tartx)f the body. Exter nally apllied, ahd a ndver failing Cure for Head ache, curine in five minuets. No one suffering should -fail to get a Bottle and be ?ured. fjt f Price one Dollar a wouie. ' , 8i Bottles for Five Dollars. Prepared By . - ' - r p.-. f Dr. JOHN R CONOLiJTQN; ; ; ; RALjgJGHN. a FOR SALS E X 1! HOUSE AND LOT ON NEWBERN AVE- cue for sale or exchange for land six or eight miles from Raleigh. - , For particulars; 'apply at the office of' 27-tf THE RALEIGH REGISTER. ESTABLISHED IN j 1800. TheWeeMPibeexxi? v. 18 POBM8HTED . EVERY S ATT RD AY AT ASHEVILLE, N. C. C. W. E VJ, Editor and Proprietor. TERMS : $2 of) per j ear5nvariably in advance )JHE( i" r mm b x A c ;1 X rv" t-f

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