The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 1, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1939
Page 7
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1 WBfiNBS^^VEMBER I, 1930 Bl'Jflfi:CBf FOR HIS TRIP TO S%s To Cany B)TC| Party, Rome But Its Up To Congress To Bring Him Back Home BY JtAnsiIAI, 1). SHUJ.MAN NBA Service Correspondent BOSTON', o'ta/.30._A l-t of people want to visit the South Pole, to judge by the. flood of mail into the headquarters of the Second Antarctic Expedition here, but not many people knew why Ihc Uniled .States, for the second time in a hundred years, Is going to give the Antarctic an official once-over. To thousands of people of all ages, (he trip apparently scmuls ike a Inrfc-lnil lo the Government tins expedition is serious business. There arc at least three important, reasons why, early In November, 125 men under the command of Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd will be on (heir way to (his mystery land of penguins and bllzxni'ds —to remain until the Spring of. First of all, there's the matter of land-claiming. The United States has nevei recognized Ihc claims of'nny other country to the Antractlc, nor lias it ever made a claim on the basts of the previous trips of Lincoln Ellsworth and Admiral Byrd. Jusl in case the Antarctic might .turn out to be valuable (as Alaska did, to almost everyone's surprise) it seems,to be a good Idea to get In tti the ground floor. , And so the Expedition is going to set np a temporary residence, on the basis of which the Slate Department in Washington may subsequently assert, a claim. report that Little made familiar lo Amer: .Admiral Byrd's last trip, " given up has net been . by Expedition leaders. "...CT^.V MUC)3 OF SCIENTIFIC INTEREST Tlie second purixree of the expedition Is scientific. On • the basis of ils -observations ' Ihe expedition hopes to shed seme light on lhe_ mystery' of weather i Expedition leaders arc convinced thai, Antarctic observation posts will make it possible some day to forecast accurately weather in South Pacific area—a matter of tremendous importance lo airlines and naval aulhorilies. Biology, bacteriology, meteorology and geology are some of the sciences expected to benefit from the expedition. The clarity of the atmosphere will make possible a careful study of meteors. And because cosmic rays bombard the earth with greater Intensity In this area, they too will'be 'hi a favorable condition for study Regular observations will be taken of the Aurora'Australis, southern sister to. Die Aurora Borenlis. In' his last irip, Admiral Byrd found quantities or coal which, though not commercially valuable' suggest that interesting f oss jk mriv ' be found, or . such minerals as vanadium, -indium or radium. Apart from any commercial significance of such findings, they will be of interest as relics of a time when balmy weather mtiy have ruled the "Antarctic. The expedition will nls-^ carry on medical studies, testing (he effect of extra low temperatures on tlic human body. Men seem to be much healthier in Hie Antarctic although they recover from wounds and illness more slowly, perhaps because of (he energy required to keep warm. , The third Important purpose of this trip Is to solve the largest geographical question mark on the globe. There are a thousand miles of Antarctic coast-line still uncharted which, when mapped out may fcrm the basis of this country's claim. This work will be done by dog sled teams, with the possible help of airplanes or ships. After- niSfcing. the east-wcs^p.-issnge through (he NEWS e^nc oit- is „ oopnc,. box conlaln- iiK lilsloHful records of the Wnlcr i (ho O r each of ,.> mm ,ni ( t womca 1? V( 'iu ^ ccu 1>1 »I"W«I lii talWlng Ihe Molropolitan nqueducl, 'I mi Meli'opolltun aqueduct is if Jtiitjcst ilomcsdo wolcr supply |ii..Ji-el ever underlnkcn. It Is w-> ' 11 '" 1 Wl " ' os Angeles Aqucdticl Cul 'Across Deserts And Mountains I. OS ANGELES, Cal, (UP) '•™»> the Colorado Hlver 24 2 miles y. a Blnnt lute dmlKwd to |,i l,,r f of Billions nfwnirrlo Souili- 1c '; 1 ", rci ' uil1 coastal e-ltlcs was ii|)!clcd with the nouvlnx of the ( onlJlc ynrd of ctinrivio nt Ihr porlnl of Run Jnrlnl.a tuinu'l. <':! burn nil llfo t n , m )n <> Mill, "dor mountain niinse.s thousands 01 rwl hlfli, nnil llnouiih miles of iely hnbllntod Imltory rushes water through the to Angel™ Moti'cpolllan water lumcduol a OOM.eOO project. ' Cioiwrnl ~ Mnimiifr p, 13 \vcv- oiilli smoothed llu> last.' bll of illon! inlo plncc nnd unnounced 'Hat llu> main Hue or u, c fl<iucdiifl is now a completed mill, The dls- li'ibHtlni; system Is Mill, under con- slriit'Hoii. SCITH Year Joli Wcrk on Iho main line 1ms been in progress since December joa 1 " "ml hns employed more than US 000 1'eoplc, ' Tlic water syslein stretches from Uikc Havnsu, formed ) n - p/iiter "am on the Colorado r'ivor lo Cajnlco reservoir m miles uway The uiiccmpli'lpd dlstrlbutlnc » •• — •••*'"• " « "'-in iuui nil* SVS" i «•!» link 13 Pacific coast cit'lcs i Ihe Cnjnclo reservoir. It will Have a total length of )f,o miles and Is approximately completed. For (he first SO miles, (ho water passes through concrete lined fiiiinls and conduits. 'I'emperalurcs m this region maintain u consistent level well abive 100 during cs' iuv;iy nnd (tipped di(i slope of Iho Sierra Ncvnda momunlnsfirltswnit,,. supply. T i,<; increased population and growth M Uic to Aiiueles >lctropolllnu men ovev-lnsed Hint supply and oi'cnslonnl dron«hi,s led lo u.-ulo wnU'r shcrlnge. Pnmplilels Released High l» .Air, Planes Scurry I 1 or Home ._. — ,. n»vr^ HA/ mil my .summer months. Comtntclfon crews employed by ii». uoyaf Mr m ilropplnif in.000,000 Writ-Is on Clorinniiy enables (he nlnnwi to bo well en tlielr ivny home I leaflol.s reach the ground Tin- Ministry of luforimillon hns disclosed the way In which (\ H . uwlcls arc loaded on lo bombing "confetti" raids nrc carried out planes In bundles nbmil |h c size of a brick. A mclhcd for dropping —...•.^ tlU'ouyii I!IG boinl) hatch hns been perfected nfter a scries of experiments which proved „ •• ll W1W I'osslblo lo (Iron (he "bricks" 10 per -cent and scalier Ihc- pamphlcls In uny piU'tlculnr nreii, 'I'luis the Inhnbllanls'of selecled lomis mid cities can be reached < Mpllo the (jrenl altitude at wlilch Ihe raids nrc cai'flcd out.' At a. signal from Ihc pilot rrtrmcd over so mllw amy frcm their objective. By,the lime tho wind ami graMly had can led Hie leaflet), .down lo the streets, the planes were well ou Ihclr way In addition to giving n, e _. ninn people mi opportunity pf reiulhiB the Allied case, (lie flight* nlso serve fo- purposes ai reconnaissance. . '• . PAGE SEVE1 HuiMl ul 1 • 10,000 I'lnys BAN FRANCISCO (UJ'J - The Golden qale interimtloaal ojtposl- |loi! Ix'lloves it slnucil MIC )M Ws t nmiMitni'ensemble In (ho world: rii n.lMiwI'Orclxsli'a of morn ni 10,000 musicians wn.i' conducted by nr. Echvlii Frank? Gokl- msm. The ensemble Included more <""'i 1,000 brasses, 3,000 ' nnd ROOD' violinists. The musicians! were recruited from the' entir. stale, ••—i——r— ; Read Courier News Want Adi. NOTICE I Female' Pointer picked "P 'in Senalh, Mo., be- tongs'to someone in; Bly- tlieville. Kor informa- •ion cajl , | Ernest Halsell at (he Ituido Inn I . ' .Psople ask'.* i**' whcft w e mean \..l \ . _ ^V*-—fr-t '..„ / with - [7P sipaH grains" 'II! and /oi) why Mt gtvtt our Bourbon Whbky richer body and -. flavor, . . , lsl ,, ff lulgo aut - expedition expects ica by boat, and win vicinity, probably in January. TUB » port; then one or botu establish its West Base in that ,„.-,»„ v m both bases ivill explore. Admiral Uichaid B. Byrd "moilcls" his Antarctic flyinj; coslnme — of reindeer shin. JWUTu, *& Z^^Z ^«-'- ** keep warm, as did the last p^inr expedition because their food ackcd sufficient fat content This time scientists have developed n pemmicnn mixture which contains nbout 20 ingredients and has-almost a 50 per cent, fat content. A second improvement the. use of double floors ' be s. There isn't going to be any "Alone" this time. Admiral Byrd says, referring to his seven-month .•solitary stay at Advance Base during the 1033-35 trip. However, there will be several observation' posts with from two to four men! each which ivill be cut off from the main bases for long periods at a time. The two ships which arc to carry the expeditions—the North Star and the Bear—arc havin^ Ihe finishing touches put on. with" fingers crossed, the expedition hopes that. Use North Star will be able to leave Boston around Ncv. 4 nnd that the Bear will follow about a week later. * In the meantime they have to pack aboard some 70 tons of focd, two army tanks, lour' airplanes (perhaps five), a 22-ton snow cniis- er and Ho dogs, not to mention ccal and clothing nnd prc-fabri- cated buildings. i \ Tills expedition is expected to be a more cojiifortablc one than " '"'•- 'i>-wij> j]] mis expedition's Antarctic quarters Last time, the crew complained thai they couldn't keep their feet Lastly, the giant snow-cruiser may pr ? ve the greatest revolution of nil m down-under exploration. Built at a cost o( Sl50,OflO by the Armour Institute, of Technology the cruiser is expected to redact materially the hazanl, of i ce travel But, strangely, the expedition h« no money with which to come back. The 5350,000 appropriated — —«.i sncnl in buv- ing equipment n , K , food. And si , C c heir return in .J94J will come during a period over which the present Congress has ,, 0 control, the o"p" clilion will have (o wait fcr another congressional • appropriation. Or SAN PRANOrSCO (UP) — Tills city's concopllon of the "good neighbor policy" wns exemplified when tt undertook lo purchase and cat 300,000.b:xos of 1938 apples left over in the warehouses of Wnlsonvillc's npple growers before this- year's crop appeared on the market. The entire quantity ,,„ /"nnttunn,! J " •' worked day mid .,., walking draglines lo canal. Scimc Obstacles lu'een (l lc coastal plain and Colorndo lio three iimuuttilii ranges which are pierced )>y oa miles cf hard-rock tunnels, one of U'Wcli Is Ihc San Jnclnto bore. Drilling crews often encountered underground streams of hot nnd cold waters while boring beneath these ranges. The canal In nearly nil sections is large enough to'form a lilBlnvny Ihrcugh which it Is iws- slblc to drive an automobile. Buosllngi the 1 water over Ihe 342 mile route nro ifve Dumping plants nml 1M siphons. Three dams, Including; Pnrkcr Dam on Iho Colorado river, nrc used for storage .purposes.;Electric power—milch of •\vhidMs used lo-opemlo Iho slant piimps—is/carried by 237 miles of transmission Hues on n line generally, parallel to the aqueduct l-arijcsl Water 1'rnji'cl Imbedded in Ihc last yard of , n bumllcs nrc released thriiiuh Ihe hntchcs one utter uuolher. mid ns they fall u,, pamphlets spread out In n pupcr shower . Wind slrcnclh 1ms to bo y'nugcd with nccurncy niul calculations Jiimlc on the basis of the previously itscci taincd rule of fall. The. Ministry of •iiifoniinll:ii c aimed that the fact thnt most of I he Icnflcls fell accorrtlng lo ulnn SIOHW Ihc high degree or navhja- lonnl skill of tin.' pilots l n c hoos- iiB, during Ihc luiiM'of dnrtness ho correct points at which lo droji th(! bundles. On the night on which one of aenminy's bl ( ; Industrial c!tl.-s was .subjected to onu of Ihe leaflet raids, soltlnu the air raid sirens scremnliiB In Berlin, nccnrdlng -to the Ministry, Ihe ."bricks" were I'm KM (o answer it. ' ,. TI ' C *"'!>," S"'n used In makinit oiirhon Whisky is rye oml iMrlcyma ( Hilt (ho liase of Hourhon is corn-' somewhere benvcen 5l?o aml«5% corn. \Vny buck hi il,c early pioneer d.iys, tha first 1 ourbon ever made in Kentucky wns (lisitllcd «| Royal Springs, Just a few miles from our distillery. And tl,c,e !>!<'«»er« were first'lo learrichiit by. incrcnsuiB the ,)crceni:i K c of imnlf) Bfnlus, tl.ey enriched i|, c body and ' <nil'rovo.ltliclhvor > lhcreliymcllo w in R Iheflai-orof thu corn, 'Hut discovery Is ilic Insls for our fornniln of only 60% corn and '(0°' il'lilji BM/fll, Wllicll is , m , c l, ,„„£ siiiiill {jtaia than commonly used, ;.')• it! If you're not convinced a the finest Kentucky Straight Himruou whisky you ever lasted send mo the empty bottle and your' dealers imiiui n,id lulclrcss. I'll refund the price you paid for it. Wo boltlo it at the distillery , to prc«rve the rich flavor ^«'°^ffKX±:^^ "'' >«?<•>'< f» ti» THE K.TAYLOR &ISTILLINX5 CO. This Signh Going TJp~. FRANKFORT, KIHTUCKV HU-WA laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Servfc* Call Us For Prices Before Selling Your Soybeans Lee Wilson & Co. Wilson, Ark. HEMORRHOIDS Cured Without Surgery, and Guaranteed A very s&fe and harmless method; without DRS. 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