The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 13, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 13, 1934
Page 1
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Served by llttiifd VO].. XXXI-NO. Hhlhevtllc n«!ly Nfi*« illj'ihfvllle Or«rt*r Vsllf-s- Issuer niyihevllle Her»!ii •1111 UOUWANT NKWflPAVfili OP NOIlTHRAttr AKKAMflAH ANI> HOllTllKAfcri' HIlHMOIIHI Hi.vniRvii.i.R, AII'KA.NSAS. MONIUV, AUCI.'ST 13, i-.1:1.1 M!NnF,R COPIER FiVE CENT'S u ng Arkansas 1'lyci Dse); iii Cliiai(.;ii Crusli SM Th< i y Called Onl the Cops to' h'Olcri ihe Mililia DELL Fftl TO Young l.ltilfi Kiver Ihrown Under Which lie Was Riding. C10(il;-,r llain-.-.s. SO-yi-ar-old Little]^ River farmer, died ul.nui noun I '".utlay fmui injurii.s n-n-lv.-d L-:nly llu.s iiK.rnh he fell in the paili or initlci 1 the throneI e,ii- on which he had ber" -"' ing, the true!: driver said. .Vnml li.-i It ];illiUU 1 :. "ili'V, olllcer. c-nll a tu\i." with Ni".v Orleans pic-liiK'd vaiialion of thnt MerliiiB old Mao:' T. Seiiinu"; lien, IX-CHUM- troop.-! s.-i/rd tin- with Senator Hiuy P. Lone. and Governor O. Knmklin l»al( To Gel IVniuiiiii; And ion Tucsilav (It-ill run- nine I.O:IM| df u iu:iilsi-.-r. nav.-l- ing wr-:i l.iliiho iiimiMri cur. Tin- : mot nu -:tf)j);,rd .-.iidil-'iilv to |)i,'k| lip Iv. r, iN-ilr.-ll >!<D:i ivlm h:..l flliv-j gfii Ihr- liliVf-r I'll! 1 ' !, l-lll.-. T1i.> Oliver of ilit- roadster :,i>- plifd t!,r- t.rr,l:.-r. -..-" hi-: instillne bin ti.c-y faiiej to iioid and inei Ihr I.I- I M,'M hiii- -.>,-.- '!il.i" r-j O. n. i;,i:!i:,! ••!!-., ,>i ir ' tini'k v.!;:.-!, -.-.-:.. :i;,pi".".-)»'ir I rum OSCEOLA. Ark., llu.- opposite direction. The force )mmlmi „„,, nrty mni ia ,,,. llsc( | of the collision tent Barne.s hurl-,;,, |ioo( , ,.„„,,.„, WOrk m lhe MLB . IniR from the rmnihuf hoaid aii(lj sissippi v!vc , are ueing employed A l>ali- of eoiiou grown by John r-raiikliu on Cli-nr l.nke Farm mid Klnni'd Saturday by Meyers "-- . . . ; Ui-oilicrs Ls emltlod" lo til,- pre- an' Inch 01 Killll LlKIS millln cusiomaiily paid for tluv p. • -i p \vril D '"' !l talc ' of lll<l season, II was LM'OUlti; LoltOP. Will DC. decided this morning by directors lot lhe lUythevllle Honrd of Trude. I The bulc will be sold ill unction - lut the l»urd of Iratlc room at 10 Mon- Ihan un Inch of rain hen-1 o'clock Tuesday morning, nntl ei'ifmilly, nv;-r Mlsslsblpvli wink- the Franklin bnlt! was (o'.mly . and in-iu-by portions o! j t | lm ed from MIL- loud of cm- Mlssomljasi nifhl bcnolU h on ijrm,,,!,, lo Dlylhevlllv. .< bale lo u badly siillerliiK collon crop j. IO wn by Sum l-"!nchi.>i-. 1,01,1 Cane, nnd gave, fanner* an opportunity in dells. Tin; rain Is rxpcctcd to wsiill I rpi.fon in seveiV' shcdd.nx by cotton, but I [| on .; . Benefited. id gave fanners-, un opportunity I , m ,| gjnned by lhe plaiij..-.(iill feed ciops and gar-' g | r]| W11JS ^ | n . llie-vplhsi hand It will iiclp iinmnune bolls lo make noruml . :iro\vlh-:.nnil should result In Imi provcmcnt In belli the volume and lie (ninlity of me :;nl loo Uadly crop. g^d by Cotton drouth .....„..(,.. the National Re-employ-1 Walmsley, been nd-j msm ofric( . hL , rc TwelUy wcnl lo j cilj . vo(c ,cgi str aiion office, sank this cruel ban) in Ills fo;-s. Ai-mini? his police with Barnes was rushed .o the Ely-1^°%,^,^.^ "''" "^ Bl " 1S " " nd revolvcrs - " e nl »" eci """" U) lhc sccllc of ;l d"™ 1 ™'™""" near I ------ - office. Militiamen, highly ohagrincd. look from lhe window, at their "pi'olcctoi.-.". il-e-illc hospital by M. F. Brown-1 cnslin l!uu nt Bl|t | C fl fctt . lee. Ml merchant, who arrived nl' lnilcs south of „ 5t!lrl . s opera . the scene in a few moment. H- |t = 011 Allj , usl 16 died several hours later. Tllc ,. m . n nbout the cnml hmls(! _ where the re-employment office in located on the second floov, and M,. .j corridors of the huildin ghavc I heater at Montgomery .been thronged for the past week . I with laborers, both black and 31 white, seeking work cards since bandits, on 1 .- cari'vin^ the nevv.s spread lhat the fleet"! Bandits Loot Safe in un. loc'av ."ihtiur-ri would slarl yp again soon, and the I V4 n ,L n f i aivl tinned the local baseball park grand stand I lvlolnci OI :< suli ir, chine sov.iral employes _ ... rjr.inimm., theater safe of Sl.MC. I "'as. become an improvised trnn- J^ jsient camp. Is Steel^Operations Are " At Lowest Ebb of Year _ a bunking plncc for Joh seekers, whose jumpers and shirts, hung tout by the (oriumiics who occupy iilie upper bleachers, blow out over WASHINGTON. AUG. 13 (UP)- the highway in the breeze that Thf Republic Steel corinratlon l:as ii^re^;! to [idhere lo rhe union scale of wat'cs, ho'ir.i aiirt work- in'-; renditions, it was l.'arnerl to- tlnv al offices of 'he Fee- ration of Labo 1 -. stirs afiei-' nightfall. Early every morn'uij; the men join again the milling crowd around the court house, each hopeful - of a work card. E. Keck Claimed by -•Death Sunday. • Funeral rites were held nl one o'clock this afternoon for Mrs. Virginia Logan Keek, 72, mother of Circuit Judge O. E. Keck, who died at three o'clock Sunday afternoon at her home. 708 West Main street. . The Rev. S. H. Salmon, pastor jof Ihe First Presbyterian church. .The re-employment office has a of which Mrs Kcck hat) |, een „„ Iisi of 12.000 applicants to choose j aclivc mci nber. oITiciatcd at lhe. from. Preference Ls being given to (services. Interment was to follow men on relief rolls, where they, in , he Kccl . ,„„,„;. hm . |fll plot „, "MEW YORK. Aiis. 13 fUP) - ca " " lcct lhe reniiiremenls. and Rlmu-cod cemeterv al Memphis. Cmlnn firmed barely steady onh ' rt-adcntn of Mississippi coim- op?n liish low close ! l i' :lrc ehf-ible. Steel Corporation Agrees To Union Scale of Wages NEW YORK. Alia. 13 iUl'1 — Steel opciaiiuns in. MIC Drilled | Stales today were at ilie Imvt -.1 j level of 10M. average on!; s:-:.:t j per cent ol crtpact!y, thf Ainir-i ica:i Iron ami Sleel Intitule n 1 -' polled. I !';ikc Prisoners From sissippi Dnpulies Ro f m> lesun.e ysowth nnd put on new frull, which will add lo lhe tiop If llier? should be a favorable late growing season. Principal benclll ol Ihe rain, however. In 111? opinion ol Counly J. E. Crll?.. lies In the op |:orlunlly it has provided for lhe plaining of feed crnp-i In tak ihr place of those destroyed by lhc- Ions dry spell. Sudan Brass Loiglmm. new era peas and curly Adams corn. If seed can be found :-hou!d l» planted at iv.i.-c. Mr Crilz-sald. ns feed promises tr l-c fcarce and expensive next winter. lie also recommends the Inim'd- j lull- ph.i.llni! of lall gardon 1 . While Ihe ruin, 1.2 Indies nn llio [(inifiiil itaui'.t! hero. WIIE snlllclnit mill ilicre was little nvld?nce thl? liiil bale actually In iilylhevllle. and for Ihls H was agreed lllal ilona- whiel. nijunlly supplcinrnl lhc p.-e.nliun on lhe flrsl bale wo.lid be divided between owners 01 the two bules. To avoid |Ki.sslbk- fuluii- uncer- lalnty BS to nrsl Imle awards, dl- reclors of the Doaid of Tnide established Hie Hint llm-aflcr the first niciiilmiiiiiblc ball 1 ncd In Hlytheville will be I nlv.ed as tile prcmUun Uale. uln- FUTRELL 111 fiT as mornini; of •\v;ni heavy ^fuJJ fror : i r-ov: Supporters of Governor Decide to Hold Their Rally There. Clov. J, Mnrlnn Fulrell, asklna rwiraiiinnllon, nnd Ml;n Ttecd, vl£orons advocate of the York Cot inn nni i i IGT t^'uo ^a sSiyL i^'oti llll ! I I I I flccls tortnv "-"'' lias'-Std llitii! lo I ULL LIU I iirfies Hoar NTirhl^an City. I The mobs. cairyliiE nn usj:nrl- Ol •(( xvrn r- i \rr-i 1 metu "f wca|ions, struck nn ^cpn- Will..pllpply /Mllfla-iraic lilehwuys. - nvenwwcml offi- VItS To Vole. and CM Deo .Ian March Mf.y .Inly UBl 13'"i7 ISM IS72 KtVll 135S 1.1i» !3Ti isns in: Kirn HI closed (iniei lain I3(i(i 1377 13IM ison IMII mn. up 2, New N11W Oni.RANS. Allf:. IS IUP1- Cnlton futures clascd one lo Iwi. noinl.s hi<;lier torlay. Iho small ad vnnc? being induced mainly i) •• the eonllniiiitlun (if dry wc:iilu-f in Ti'Mns The men Iwins employed ill lhe plant and on oLheV flood Tenn. Pallbearers were: Ii. A. Nelson. Mcni H. V G. Holland, S. E. ayson, J. Nick Thorn; in. DoV Vail. s. C. V. C. Names of 32 electors of School District No. fj (Blytheville) were left off the certified list of poll lax', receipts issued in Mississippi county as primed control projects are all common Ifjaies laborers. Key „ ..... and civil MT- i \,,. s Keck „.,„ |)rcn jn „, nea!lll '"< -s reve vice employees on the rivoi- pro- ror snmc tilnc A sl]( , ,„„ ious Clarence II. Wilson was In furnish Jeeis are emplr.yrd by the Mem- I n - v nlluiilv " s lo !l " '• |K ' 1 " 111 li » |panmcnt of the Nfanila Sfiinncl. '"< -As revealed today, and Sheriff ]ih!s eiiulner-vs' otlice and upprov- by Mnjor ling?, district of he- illnuss m Ml -. innuss to 10 , - nuss vis eve o llil " m Ml -. innuss »..i.s ,[/t.iiL\en 10 , . .. . have iKinn inlrnsined by extreme- 1' 1 ' s .?'^ Iv hot \vcathr-i- of the past few- days. She was laken seriously ill iabom Thursday, heari trouble of the ,:roui) not listed have I.,ml on Michigan City, and quiclly F.\vun<: their prirnners frnm necs near th.: i-llv limits. Ei'iliKK'li lioniled Ul-'ll ffjl'r, ,1 nepnnes T. II. Mctoiinlii and M. n. rulham to surrender Rolyeit Jones on a road briwfcn and AMiland Fifteen men threatened dealh in nr-pmirs Jim Wilson and Jim Aiilit^v if ihry refused to rel,'ji--i-' I Smith Itoiiey nn thf hiiilmay Ix-- ! tiveen Holly Springs and Ashlaml | The otliccr scomplied. s Tlir nearnes wc.e brim: bronchi .•.•:v Cm/ i'i:ii".l-.:i a''i> ihr uuii ;nc^ (.1 dauii: i -v-r.-i ».-.•.! I". ••• to cen-vrivc r.ll leed alrc."-.d:- p iliic.->ri in Ihe county. Corn oilier crops, allhmigh badly dam- ii-.i'il-liy droiilh.'sliraltl be saved, hi .said. :IK rougluige will be dlff-i tuir I-) obtain rinrhv! the winter. Tl-.nie .Oionlrt lie n rendy Mile, ho raid, fnr any surplus Mississippi iiiiiui', i aimers n\»j have. Uf [•dried out Hint the federal bi'i on K.-ile of feed si-ran, on la-id Tmiriri I rented under cotton ard con I I'm ::diiisimenl cr.lratls hail l»? l : '- s " 'lro:iih rc;!:f in-n-.'ir r-splratlnns of ;lJv(W will |>l.\llortn. her "(luough I'ood to Go Around If We Use Common Sense," Says Secy. WASHINGTON. Aug. 13. (UP) —The drouth will Increase food nrlces Inevitably 1-^'. proflleerlng fniin liie nalionnl cnlamiLy -vlll In; "mashed. Secretary of AgricuHurc Henry A. Wallace Informed Presl- 1,-nt K(X)sevcll today as the ad- inlnisiralloi! moved lo attack tte.: dromh iiroblcm on all fronls. The prr.sldenl's first move of till dn'v was lo order Actln? Pe.leral Delli-f Adtnlnistrator Aubrey ^yll- ILiims lo pin chase surplus fodder and frnll for drouth relief-pur'.- Iwsi'S. Mm- probably will be Ixiusthl in addillon. May Kvlax Acrente Control ^v'^lllacc. at lhe conclusion of an hour's' conference devoted exclusively to drouth problems. Indicated, [hut Mr. Roosevelt would announce" • i-omo (hue Ihls week n definite pel-:. Icy for mcdlm; the disaster. Al. lhc vinie time he pointed i-iu Ihni (here were no chnnges tonleniulated at lhe moment in' 1 A. A. A. plans, although he jlndi- 1 .1 ca'ted Hint the government prob- ibly would relax acronpc crmtrol next year fir the protection of'I til" consumer. In the event acreage control is rclixud for a ycnr to nroduce an fi';(l.COO,000 bushel wheat, crop ivhlch would be 200,000,000 bushels above the normal consumption, lie ] S'rtld Hint "we would be prepared to sten In next fall elihcr to buy enough sluff to keep th'r: farmer from beine hurl or Vry advancing i-.i'-.i. loans." It- o,--i Dr-i' .Ir.n May .liilv 1 WO 1 S7il i.w: 1 SrH'.' 13121 IIHBI. at 15-H The .15(1 mon includi-d In this -Kt. r-all will unrV in two nve j |ii' 0 "vVi'i' f-'ui'l ..... lour shifts dftily. making thirty Mrs/Keck ivn.s Ihe . the widow of the lour weeks, and will be paid -13 1 lnu . f . Kcf ^ nf Krfmp |, 1s- hut hnd cents per hour. The castliisr nlant i to Ashland where I lie sliiec was on apparently was dis- £M fol . „ , nrcih . ,, r!11 | m . (;„„. covered by Miss Carey Wnoilbnni. i ..i. Candida' ' Giliespic. while planiannn to:- county court c-.eik. ow , lr .,. lvns ,nysteiimisly murderei! who found that her name nnd s „ fcvv WPpks riSO n ,r,i',),;• nearnes .that of her mother had been left I hil(1 confesjrd th ccms per nour. 'inc casting nlant m ., rt( . „,,. ,,„„ |lcrc ff)r mn iiy lU " u(101 " cr "i" 1 ™ 1 n ™ wn ' lfia had confessed the crime, flemou when working al its peak nrdinar-l vc , ars sllt . was ., , li>(iw of Cl , bll ." n « »«> "•«- nullicr Investigation • cnuuly wns nn| ,,. y ily employs teiween 1.1)00 and I.- : rom ;m(| ll:l( , , iwi , ln nlvl | icvi , 1( , } s ^eA that a binck of n? names.' To " rru ., lrrll( . ^sll.i.' lynching l(,n men wnrknii; in three or four (n ,. ^ n Vl ..,,. K " -nil Iwglnnlnp with the letter "W" | Phoriff R „ utilise-ill nrdered '.hlfis on a 2-1 hour schcdnie. Hi anlicipatcil Hint additional men i will be em ployed us [he se'ii.-on ad- ! O. C. CriVMin.; is In charge [ IT,- succeeds Win. H. House' »),••• was Irniisfrned in oni- of llti- niliiT ri\t-i- ilivL-;i,"iiis ihls sprli,,;. En addiiitiii lo ih(' men for ihr rlvvr projeel.s. ilir re-cinploy ildes her son. Judce Keck.! 1 " the alpliabfllMl ILu. had l»-cu; lh( . Keck is- survived by a sis- "^ ri « rt ™l l V om.lted _ihrough er-| ,,„(, ,,,,. Mrs J. II. Morrison, with i made her liiime. nr ° - wlt " s "' oe.s brought hoie in srp.i- lomoblles over separate higlKvnys. The route of lhe motor cars was thought to have of Tons of Rock Topple Into Ttirhiilenl Gorge Below. NIAGARA PALLS, Aug. 13 lUf) over noithcaU Arkansas were coming for their flnnl cnmp?lsn rally and lhat they dirt not HIT to slmrn their meeting with Miss Reed. Tlie Inlter, (hroiiRli !t:r:il Rred For Governor l:cudquai lui s, had. Invl'eri Onvr-rnor FnliTll either lo Ihe Issues nf tr-.-i einniiiilgn with her or to sp?!ik from HID i.n me pialfoim. MiM Kcc-d will six;nk on th:court house iawn, orlsinally an- tuji.ueod us ihe place u'lici'e Ih? | governor would s|H>ak. Ulay llcndcr.'.on, lonncr v.uii iiillioad commissioner, will shar? I In- iilatform ullh Ml>.s licc-il. n Is staled, also asking election ol ruther. Miss Hllma Reed, Miiithvr daughter of Ilic guiieiiia- loriid L-andidaU. will also lit.- on Hand for the spoking, bin will not lalk^. Deed hendquailcrj aii- "Oimmr Ihls ndernoon. R. A. Nelson, former slate senator, wil act as chairman of the Rc^d pro gram. I Oantlidates for counly utfice have been risked to address tin; .v/nllr.ce. hWcm 1 . insisted - thai. i- (i':.?i?:nn had not- bocn rrm f- vri o:: icrro^e reduction. "I told the president thsc the- rirnnfh Is the worst we have ever 'ind. but thai, we havo enoiigh food In go nroinid If -we nr.e :c-r,se." Wallnre Raid. r-sq Ur«cs Spceil rtOCK, Aug. 13.- tUP) —All iwvslhle spend war. urged 10- ilay liv W. R. Dyess, suite FETtA dlreclor, In extending special 'did . in llu: ilmnlli rMden counties, of ivcsiern and nmthwcsicrn Arkansas. Floyd Sharpe, PER a executive •ri-i-cini'V. Col. Frank Allen. FERA. irllef dirrclor, nnd W. A. Rooks- .Unlled Stales employment service director for Arkansas, were ilhr-cird lo speed 'the wor'.t Ihar,. already Is Iwlnq done. rcilo ,,,,i 0tly into —The .-ontour of lhe world famous hnr?isiioe falls changed In a split tcday u-hcn .several huKdred Chain ff Slwk l*riff.» NEW Y011K. An,;. 13 (UPl The sloek market mad'.- a slov advaiul lodav under leadership < railroad shares which cained or.-_ to five poinls. Tlie other seclini.' were up fractions to three noint-- A. T. and T ........... 112 Anaconda Copper ...... 13 ;)••! rtetlilehcm Su-el ........ 2S 1-11 Chrysler .............. j-i 7-:i f.'llie.s Sc-rvice .......... ! 7-fi C.eiu-ral Aiiu-rican Tank 31 r.en.'i-al Klectrlc ....... 19 1-f fiiwrsil Motors .......... 3n 3-s Iiili-riisllo:!-! 1 . J1 Muil-traiMv \\'nv;': ____ ',:.; i-? Ner: Viv.l: r, , : ; ,: --.• i ..-. I'.-KiMT,! ' "- .... '' Sinnui-n-; Ilni:. ........ U 1-4 Standard of N. ,! ..... .14 5-n Texas Co ........ 24 U. S. Steel ............ 34 5-0 U. S. Smcltin; ........ 139 yuion't I Dell Revival Cl&ses weeks U/'*l To * has provided a hundred laborers "llll I en for two U-vcc ImlSriine jobs in pro- j here, and has supplied the' I ine x plant. . Tbe list of poll tax payers as |vep| secret i prepared by Sliei-ill Wilsnn and I " -n H -' mol certified by 1'rcd Fle.'inan. county Michigan Cllv with their prison 'clerk, containi-d tin- Work ofl ors crin.'in-' " "Hiey erected nooks'muhed IfM feet into the nirbiilcm j names, it wa.s stntrd. Except fori on (hc "on'skirls of I in- ciia. A I Niagara river gorge, j the formality of certification llic| sm!1 ,. clovva ..albLTed. dlrccllv from the , ens of rock toppled from l;ri " k "' Ill= ml 8hly cataract and T|1(> siwctncular cave-In was ac- m ., automobile. was released late Saturday nitfht. I C oun/d -one. two three." and the ini: i •"• "^~. J. L Newsom o. j It contains the name's of more ne"ret-s swim- f-om '\ linh nye=s Colony with around 300 men. I "ie Dell Baptist church clos'.J a ; than 10.000 electors, one of the! ° ' " ~ ' ' .' on the I rompanieri by a tremendous roar v.-hich seni echoes rocking through liev. Skilled labor for the Dyess Colony is being emp'oycd through tlie Little Rock office. Urges Boys to Sign Up For Hardy Trip Soon I r.ieetliK; there Sunday night with | largest lists in the history of ifn additions lo the church. The county. meeting lasted a week. The il-v. i — Mr. Ncn-som was assisted bv tiu Rev. C. FJ. Welch, pastor of the Central Baptist church in Mein- W |,, lle j New- Furniture Stores Opened at Lepanto tli-.- soree and frightened residents r. dcvelo[>c(l a new horseshoe wiililn llu- falls, the tirM survey indicated. The Ur-aiity of Hie scenic wonder \va.-- greatly enhanced, wltncs- voters briefly nl each rally. E. W Cothran Head* Lepanto Legion Post LEPANTO. Ark.—E. W. Cothran, manager of the Leoanto City Water Work 1 ;, was elected commander of Ihe \Villie Lamb Post No. 2fi. Anii'r- ican Legion, at a meeting Friil-.iy Whllc the conceniratlon of Ou evening. . ubornaiorial candidates" last inin-j Olll(ir oll '« rs choscn wer « : C ' 'V ule efforts at Dlythcvllle has tjlwnrd. nrsl vice- commander: \S. some eMcnt overshadowed county contest--., iutercsl in the latter races has been growing daily. County Judge Zal B Harrison, seeking re-clcctiou. and George W, Barnaul, former counly Jii(l;e, liavs teen waging a vigorous campaign. A (luce-way race for clrcull court clerk is underway with Andison Snnili. Hugh Craig and R. 15 F. Jones of West Ridge. .S-.-COIK! vice-commander; C. B. McClellan. adjutant: O. H. Bell, service officer: 8. M. Akins. ch.iplain: H.. L. Richards, scargeant at nrriis: Ilr.' C. E. Byler. pnst snrseon. Delegates namsd to t!-e fftalt- convention which convniej :<t Enrckn Springs, nest month are: C. .B. McClellan. H. L. to Prtll Wnr!<PI-c: ''^PAN-TO. Ark,-T-JO ne<v fur-! A :a rsr amount of »aier was 10 I Oil nor^ers ni , liro s|orff . vl>If ov -. n . a !,o;v j (liv( . nf ,, n-illl arealer spc=d to the The Ace Puckett. assistant lilfli scbool. ;.,. r . wn grid, coach, who will have charge [ of a two-weeks Imys' ,-amp at] llsidy, Mniiin/ Aur:usi h>, toiJay iir-;c(i all i-oy:: plinnJiiL! to mnl:o •rir- ir : p 1,1 msko n:crS-jiT ir-rcrva- r. :,- :.-- -ii,i!«]-.i. •! v.v f.-rs. V, Vvcti- N.-M!:iV l,l"l'-, l-i.'--!: -u.,; ihe nccesFary signIm: up could be made either before him or Oscar VVridli-r. Cfticaffo Wheat open high low closa Eep 103 104 3-4 102 103 3-1 Dec 105 1-2 107 3--I 105 IfW 3--I Chicago Corn Scp Off high low close 76 1-2 73 7-8 75 5-8 open 75 78 1-2 79 3-4 77 Operation Brought Back Gobble for Turkey The Hev. Mr. Welch is well Mississippi county, having s:rved as |.-r. c tor al Ostcola for a nnn.l:, 1 ) 1 of years. Ffanl; .-••oins '.la.s l-ir.:-, with llw Dell rliurcli in f,vc r,-..^inf.'. dnr-nj diei :.'-' f»u- vi-r-rs. There- we:.' r;o'T!_ ~ • • 'l":-r- rr-arl . n the Bibis con- Funeral Se'fvicftS Ht'ltl 1.151 the nf v The Ihr Jfnser brothrrs are H. T. Woman's club, under -auspices of the candidates, is <vvv- • proprietors, opi-ncd in the in B dinner and supner lo Ihc- jurt?-i ^cnris hnii.lin s on Main .<•-".. ics and clerks of the election The j Ancllur furniture store owr.rd bv ;nii-als _\vill_ ho delivered to UK- va- ! orariy Hiii:ccc:». of Maikrd "Ir.-,- '• ;fi; ''- nelit foik of the horseshoe, liere- he.idquarlers. which was a feature of tin 1 meeting. Miss LY.rinne H.nMln iv-"i!i . Ci^rneii Salurday 11101111113 ri 'l^ 1 I Sti.ckoy l:nv,li!-r.; buildim; on Smith j Main slnvl A fnnernl horn,- »:'' M7 n 1 •i 1 " 1 ' 011 " 1 '" '•'MiJ'i'iPlion v.-l:li llu W. I . .Hltld- J E Murphy Hardware sloie hero. llibte pri-r,i-"iled fit lhe i-lo-c ' j also this neck, vviili C. W IMvi-. (,'. lhe meellni;. l.nvlns iv.i-;! :*',«] Funeral services were held ;1 ( • mortlrian. m (harr.e. cl;: 'V'crs. jn lc Christian church here this' — mornln? for W. P. Judd, Gl. for- | LCpanto School Will local nrocer. who succumbed' dry drouth seasons. The tumbling rock lx;rcd n IH-W noicii in ihe falls, (ovcrinn ;,[)- t-roximaicly 2:> per r^nt n[ llu- er- •.r.f American end of Ihe Cun- adian falls. Water from the west end of the Niagara river rushed over the rocK. churning and forming a new link nf riplds as it shot over the new Stout in the running. Red Flee-! A. B. Bindursky and Coliman Jcr- mnn. askl.i); re-clcctiun. and M;is | nlgan. Carcv Woodbuin are out foi" conn-j " ~ ty ci'erk. Jot Uillahnnty and Ho-|Absentee Ballot Total iiind Gietii arc opixniL-nls in ;h,-| _. -, _ n nun race for iriM.siiror and C J. Littl- .:\ Here May (lO UVW ZlHl .iskiny his r.-li.rn to the siate l-.-^-j Mature, and Ivy W. Crawford, me! Approximately 100 absentee bal- rutinin-: for re[)i-esi-ntaiivr. Oihvr j i o .., f OV lra - r)emi,cr?tic primary county candidates ar.-- without op- ,:iniorro.- Inive fc'n.n u-:ide(l to (Uctors v-vay frcm hoi?ie out the (.oi-iKy clerk's oficc hero MT. HOLLY. N. J. (OP)—Claude j Brickner's turkey lost his "gobble."! but got it back again through nj "home-made" operalicn. Anna Margaret Dent _____ CK.Ui I.:« n ,i nl - Ollgnt injury, ihe. | fit 6:30 o'clock yesterday morning llis hom( ' north city limits. Open Monday, Sept. 3 LEPANTO. Ark.—W. T. D.irlor.| Joe DillaiSunty Taken to Memphis Hospital niylhovillc was vlrtnaliy drscrt- irl by po' of nil laiictir.s ; ,,,,t ; ,^ -naiiy uwc this afternoon. Most of them i \i ; ied V.- Iccal resicMi!s will ex- wi'ic atlenilins n bit; Manila- j p.,, t ,, tr „,,( O f ' Ovl tomorrow. Lcachvillc picmr. near Maniln. at! ,-i;,)y ; . f f -.v o [ the ;!ot; \\hich C»ovurn«r Ktitvoil W. J. Con- tO Youth, 84, Sought Job as Life Guard' .-iui hav,' -)f---;i • iin-ir-l of them Art- exprrtert brforc the drjidlinc H WEATHER ( The Rev. E. K. Latimer. paslor superintendent of Lcpanio fcho.ils. | Joo S. Dillahnnty. counly osscs Anna Margaret. Dent. rt.iiightW;Of the church. nfTicialcd at thp] annoiincod icriay lint srhool wn-.i;d for and candidate tor county treas- The turkey swallowed n cUimpiof Mr. nnd Mrs. Bob Dent ol Ca-j services. Interment was made at; open here on Monday. September urer. who has been seriously ill of weeds. They stopped half way|nithersvil!e. Mo., sustained n foot i Maple Grove cemetery. The Cohh down it.? throat, starletl to grow i injury in nn accident on the Hay-j Undertaking company was in and gradually began strangling, ii-Caruthcrsvil!o hlRh-.vay ycster-! charge of funeral arrangements, the bird. ,day. i Mr. Judd is survived by his widow. Mrs. Mary Ella Jurtd. o sr;» Carl, and three daughters, Mrs. Ora Mil Walker and Miss Eula . .... ..- . JTMd. of this city, and Mrs, Mll- 78 7-8 ointment. dlschsrged. dred Cooper, of Friars Point, Miss So Brickner hoisted the turkey Miss Dent, former local resident, on an improvised operating table,!*vas treated nt the Dlythevillc nos- slit its throat with a kitchen knife, 1 pital. Her Injury was not rc- applled a few stitches, le-dlne nndlgnrded n.s serious and she was 3. v.ttli th(i~ followinj teachers: nimary and first grade, Mr.- J. II. Wealhcrly; 2nd. grade. Haltic Diiisi 3rd c«de. Mrs 4th grade. Mrs. Pearl Marcom; 3th grade. Mrs. W. T. Darter; fiib grade, Miss Irene Morton; high school. Mrs. Uicien Coleman .and Mr. Darter. with malaria for some time, was inkcn to Memphis yesterday for .1 thorough examination nnd possible treatment at Baptist hos- pilal. Mr. Dillahunty has been making steady improvement nnd yesterday felt well enough to make the trip to Memphis. KIRKSVILLE, Mo. (UPi-S M; ABK ANSAS - Partly cloudy to Willis. 84 years old. who rcincm-- c]oul | y w j!h local showers In south hers the Civil War as a toy. ni>-i. ln< . " ca , t pM-tions nnd coQ'cr in iwared nt the Kirksville swinimiin! | nnrllnu , ft , on ig),,. Tuesday partlr pool and asked (or a tub as life j c ;oudv B»ard. "Why, I bet you can t oven swim. levied the manager. '"I'll show yon." snorted Willis ns he Jumped in the deepest, water and exccuteed all (he standard sirokos of snlmmlng. He didn't get the Job, but he was given n pnss to llw pool. * '\3-\\ Memphis and Vicinity—Probably 'thundershowers tonight and Tuesday. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 102, minimum 16, partly cloudy. There was a rainfall of 1.20 Inches during the nlglit. _ . t

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