The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California on March 16, 1975 · Page 32
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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California · Page 32

San Bernardino, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 16, 1975
Page 32
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D-2 THE SUN-TELEGRAM Sun., Mar. 16, 1973 ' ' ' ' . " Star of ' 'Barney Miller - has no regrets By JEAN LEWIS Hal ..-.Linden feels good about the work he's applied to "Barney Miller" this season. But then, he says, "I've always felt good about the things I've done." Even his failures have given him some degree of satisfaction. "Acting is such an inside reaction," explains the soft spoken actor with the gentle eyes and sensitive face. "If your character starts to feel real to you, then you think everythirg else has to work, too." The one thing not working for Hal are the Nielsen ratings. His ABC series debuted to critical acclaim in January but like most ABC products this year has been swamped by CBS and NBC competition. 'People have tried to explain the Nielsen numbers to me," sighed the man who is a novice to the ways of TV. "Frankly, I just don't understand them. So 1 have just concentrated on the work and left the ratings problems to the network and its representatives." The network assured Hal it "was prepared to give his series a chance to grow in popularity. And he's been given the line of encouragement that even "The Waltons" - his powerful CBS opposition needed time to find public favor. He wants the show to survive as a matter of pride, as a matter of continuing a work project he has enjoyed. But, as he pointed out when we discussed t h e situation, "it's not a matter of life and death. I've got other things to turn to. I've been associated with a lot of failures and have managed to survive." Among those failures was a "Mr. Inside, Mr. Outside" pilot he made in '4 PiMi'Mimnii wmmm I V ' I i r 7 :M v : ' V V ' II ia v t ' 1 I ' k Hal Linden 1974. Well received in its sample outing as a Movie of the Week, the detective show came, as Hal puts it, "this close" to selling. Shortly after he found out "Outside" didn't sell, Producer Danny Arnold came along with the idea for "Barney Miller." "I loved the idea of the show the minute Danny suggested it." said Hal. "loved it so much that after our first luncheon in Hollywood, I headed back to New York to start rehearsals on ' P a j a m a Game' and I had it written in my contract that I'd get time off from the play to shoot the pilot, whenever Arnold was ready." Arnold had come into Linden's life as a result of the achievement Hal considers the greatest in his lifetime. "He had seen me in The Rothschilds' in Los Angeles' Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and decided I had the warmth and sensitivity he needed for the detective lead of the show." "The Rothschilds," the Broadway version featuring Linden as the patriarchal head of the 18th century Polish ghetto family who founded what would become one of the most influential financial dynasties of modern times, ended up earning Linden a Tony Award as Best Actor of 1971. The honor turned out to be the turning point in his life. "I guess some people think I've put too much importance on winning it," he smiled, "that it should be enough for an actor just to be nominated for a Tony. But, I'll tell you, that Award has made a tremendous difference. I'd given a lot of good performances before that but nobody seemed to notice. Then suddenly the Tony came along and my craftsmanship was salable. It's made life a lot easier." He appreciated the honor all the more because, "I'd waited a long time to get it 16 years to be exact. And believe me, I didn't win it because I was a nice guy, because I was the sentimental favorite. I won because I was good." Such self-confidence has only come after many years of paying his professional dues, of competing for parts, of racking up credits on Broadway and off. And of profiting from both his successes and failures. New York born and raised, he started out as a musician and singer who saw service with the Sammy Kaye, Bobby Sherwood and the Boyd Raeburn bands. Drafted into the Army during the Korean conflict, he was assigned to Special Services where work in revues led to his interest in acting. Returning to civilian life, he enrolled at the American Theater Wing for a year, then studied with . Paul Mann and Lloyd Richards. After that it was 16 years of perfecting his talents, of waiting for the big breaks. Then came the night of the biggest break of all when he stood with a Tony in hand. Regardless of the rating results, he also considers "Barney Miller" a proud accomplishment. The show has meant hardships and hard work, has meant commuting to New York oysv Club foresees very predictable 9. SAN BERNARDINO -Criswell,-: whose p h e nomenally accurate predictions have astounded both television and radio audiences, will be featured Saturday evening w hen the Boys' Club Community League presents "An Evening With the Stars." Sharing t h e spotlight with Criswell at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Art Town-end, 1445 N. Pepper Ave., Rialto, will be a number of other psychics, clairvoyants and occultists. Maria Graciette, who has starred in her own radio and television shows as well as a number of movies, has agreed to share her p s y c h i c experiences with the guests. Miss 'Graciette accurately predicted t h e death of Pope John XXIII after having an audience with him, and many business leaders and actors follow her uncanny predictions about stock market trends. Korla Pandit, the international guru of music who was one of television's earliest entertainers, will be available to reflect on soul growth. Pandit is a close friend of Rozanne. a psychic who possesses the Three C's clairvoyance, clairaudience and clarisentience. She has appeared on more than 80 television shows and will be a special guest for "An Evening With the Stars." Dr. Rocky Brock, considered to be the world's greatest authority on medicine, ESP and pyshic "fenomana" science, should liven up the evening with his comedy routine. Others who will par-icipate in the affair, according to chairman Judy Langston, will be beauty queen Sue Palmer, palmist Angelo, and Magician Baron. "It should be a real fun evening," Mrs. Langston said, "and it's for a good cause the Boys Club of San Bernardino. We've got the very best people who are involved in the mystical, psychic and entertainment world as special guests." Come to Country Village Why live in a place where you can't see the blue skies for the smog . . .Where the rat race makes you a nervous wreck Where the people are pushy and always rushing around like there's no tomorrow? Why not find a place where where you can relax and take each day in your own time, a place where you can slow down . . . Lounge around a pool ...Play a game of shuffleboard and breathe some clean air for a change .. .Just, get away from the hurry? Country Village is just such a place. Nestled against the rolling foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains and conveniently close to Riverside, downtown San Bernardino, fabulous Palm Springs, Big Bear, Arrowhead and even San Diego. Country Village offers you spacious 2 bedroom homes in a friendly community, with a huge clubhouse, horseshoe pitching, swimming pool, billiards, therapeutic pool, and good neighbors. Homes that include: underground utilities, private patios, 2-car carports, built-in range and continuous cleaning ovens, wall-to-wall carpeting, dra-.. . ... . i i i . i matic catnearai ceiiings,uini-r,ai,M,ii .. ..... T,u ,he Sjn mudi Frwy.east to th air conditioning. Calimesa hirnoff. then left to County Line So get out of town, and come to Country Village. Road. Two miles to Country Village . entrance and models. FnMii2150P to29,250 .T4l7!5i2491 nciomul- ' ' """ " W mam P (T2WTTYiTlT'?,V Plus tend mt mora information about Country Villo. ($ T.) P.O. Box 918, Yucaipa, California 92399 on weekends to be with his wife and four children. It's also meant the frustrations of having to rely on such sample public polls as the Nielsens to determine if he's relating to an audience. Yet he doesn't regret one step of his involvement as "Barney Miller." "I enjoy the character. Barney is what I'd like to be, what I try to be, strong but compassionate and understanding. And I enjoy the concept of the show about witty cops, good cops. Not dumb cops, but real cop? who function and do a job but who possess the sort of human comedy you need if you're not going to go crazy in this crazy world of murder, rape and violence. I've gotten great satisfaction out of 'Barney Miller.' " But then Hal Linden has gotten some degree of satisfaction out of everything he's done successes and failures, too. GOLD ondSILVEa COIN INVESTMENTS BUY -SELL $1000 SltVER 8AG5 - SILVER BARS GOID COINS IS4I Siarra Am. 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"I ll.ill illlTfjllHf I I Hlhti li ,,tnt lull ll-'Hll'lr .o linn li lt I rut In llilttit ilt (till II" it rm-iw jtn lii-lft. I ni'iil ii )r. Wtuu tiir 4 nci-U.nnl .i- U-liri. lii-t tttiiiiiimtlh, I Urilf I.. .Illl.llli l riHtt I'll!' UVOl't 'll lilt' tllirl.lllVI' lull .HI'I llllll.l. Il .l I.-.--I DR. NINC, B.C. THI FAMOUS CHIMIfl DOCTOR. IAN MINADOINO 23M f KM A WAT. k. Ma-DaO tor appalirtimnt, ait bi DmtM Mt0 LI Anals. "tfCAIN HIAITH NATUDAUT." In One Day For anyone short of time ... in most cases, if you arrive before 10 o'clock, we can deliver your plates by 6:00 the same day. FAST PLATE REPAIRS: ONE HOUR IN MOST CASES LET US HELP YOU if you are eligible lor dental work under your Dental Insurance Plan Dr. J.C Campbell DENTIST COME IN OR PHONE FOR DETAILED INFORMATION. No appointment necessary. Hours: 9:00 to 6:00 Monday through Friday. Closed Saturday. 370 NORTH "D" ST., SAN BERNARDINO PHONE 888-4222 OFFICES IN OTHER CALIFORNIA CITIES UAi yiW&. 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