The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 11, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 11, 1934
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BI.yrHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURJER NEWS /melon, rejecting all the toft pink! I port. Chop finely or cup In a i grinder and place In "a bowl over' night with a sprinkling of sail '. over each layer of rind. In the morning drain off all tlic liquid ]| and freshen Ihe rind In cold wat- ! k !'er, washing two or three times.' Place over the heat In a prcscrv- '• ing kettle will, one cup o( siwur lo each cup of rind. Lot li boil for' two hours, slowly. Adding the . ,. :i «I rind of lliiee lemons and ihc] elhes, I reserves and iVlar-- i >ll| i' Cl11 »>« small pieces, isoii one i I \vi-ll n \VI I llollr mo "'- Scal '» small flosses maladeS Will L5e WCl-j Special .Marmalade Twenty-four ripe Caches; onc ! can sliced pineapple or Uo fresh' iones; six oranges; seven pounds Dear friends In lllythrvlllc: -sugar; one lemon. Peel and cut 1 While the Trull and vegetable the peaches Into pieces Ihe size i season Is at its height. I know ol euindrops; cut pineapple .•.lice-;' you want to fill up every available .In eight pieces, peel (he oranges! jar and glass for next winter. Bs- and cut the pulp in small pieces-' pecially marmalades and jams j the same with Ihc lemon ' should be "imi up" for will, ihem MA „ ' excellent deserts may be concoc- ,,, e , rult lt . t ' lilllll(| > f' *' ; ted nt a minutes notice; good midjihc mo,.,,!,,., st | r ",,, *, ,' unusual meat dishes are Irmptlr.g- |,nck over ilie low lie-it fur l!"l- ly dcvLwd, HiKHlu-y make the per-L n . , lullr _ Slir of ' feet Enndwich for Ihe tea tray. | scorcnlll ,. Ccok „ •for (he lunch bov: and between- Make A Jelly Roll To Serve with Iced Tea come Nexl Winter meals snnek. Here arc- some of my pet, rcci.pcs: Apple Miurualadp prevenl. thick and in glass Jars or In glasses with Varaffin. Add one or two cups of choppc-d nut meats If. lueferred. ' rnus-unl Quince Murm'ttiiJe Wnsh quinces, paie and slice Three ijounds apiilcs; one half thin. I'lace In an enameled propound butter; one pound sii««r; ; serving kettle and cover with cold the juice nnd rind of one lemon.! water. Cook until tender. To funr Peel and cut up the apples. Grate quarts of cooked quinces have the rind of the !emun and add it ready one package of ' needless I with the other Ingredients I" Ihc siapes; one medium sized "boll'lc i apple. Put all Into a large enamel- maraschino cherries, the cherrrs cd saucei-,.-.n. and cook slowly to a:cut into .small bits- two cups of' jelly. Poor into slaves. When cool finely chopped almonds or other teal with paraffin. jmils; two nnd one half quarts of I Clicrrv 1'reserves ! granulated sugar. Allow one pound of sugar lo Place cooked quinces and (heir ! one pound of cherries nnd three J"'ce with Ihc otlu-r Ingredient.'; 1 tablespoons of currant juice. Put h, a preserving keltic and bilnu a layer of cherries in the bottom to boiling. Qjok slowly mull i of the preserving keltic, Ihen r. tliick nmrinaliutc and then fill inU) layer of sugar, repoatiivs'. purring sleiill/ed Jars. Adjust Ihe rubber in Ihe currant Juice ID every mid lid and partly M-nl. Process In I pound ol liiiil and ssigar used. Put a hot water bath las dlrrcled for! the kettle over a slow heal. When ' the uiimliii( lust week) lor fllteeir' boiling shafef the kettle from limo minutes .then scjil. let rail and to time- lo keep Ihe clicnlc.5 from store in a cool, dry place. • stic-KliifT. Remove the i.cimi as ll. Mrs. Oemj;c Tnurn. rises. Cook until Ihe syrup is Ihick. — Pour into glav.s jars, and when cool : seal tightly. I Klucl^rry Ji-lly Cut slices and let stand overnight in.tcploca;- one h.ilf teas[x>on salt; cold water to cover. Then add the dash of Cayenne; two eup.i Ilakcd I orange and water to Ilirce quarts I salmon; one half tablespoon mine-I of blueberries: heat slowly and'"' parsley; one cup milk; one; crush the fruit until the juice' half cup Vine bread crumbs, but- i runs freely. Drain through two j tcrcd. ! thickneJse.- o; checfcclolh, ineas-j Combine tapioca, salt. Cavenne. urc and bring the strained juice j cnlinon, parsley, and milk. Turn quickly lo boiling. Ifl cook for into ramekins or custard cii|,s rub- tcven minutes, then add one cup j bed with roiorleninc. Cover with of heated sugar to each cup of crumbs. Bake, in moderate oven cooked ehle'un fiat, third aa much chopped «lery chicken, molttcn all with mayonnaise. Cut the white bread In finger length:. Make the date and nut sandwiches out o( graham bread; mixing the fruit and nuts with a little sour cream 'dressing and spreading it on stgrs or other fancy shapes, spread with butter. my of floqutfort cbNte, aixcd •Hh • ttbtetpooD of httvy mvn. a dasb of rrt pewer, and two or covered three sprtga of parsley minted fine. I move paper SATURDAY, AUGUST ii."ioaj / "* ----- — . 4 ~~— »«*,iM*vicr uuucr. ODrpo.- Serve one or two on each serving spreading almost to of ^o.r»«u«. And finely chopped | quickly. W«p i n cloth pimlento ana cre^s lo the French ion rack '' dressing on the lettuce. ; ' off trim ^ . "* of c * 1 " T° Clctl> gtr ' Re ' *H ' Je " : J > *'~ , R °" a " d C001 Ramekin of Three quarter cup sifted flour; three quarter teaspoon baking powder; one quarter teaspoon salt- one teaspoon vanilla; four eggs; 1 three quarter cup sugar; one CUB jelly (any flavor). I Sift flour once; measure. Corn- There Is no more cooling salad •[""« baki ''K l»»der, saltjjnd eggs than this one made with cucum-t' 1 } • e over ^"iller bowl bers. [ u ' ? Peel and slice two cucumbers; I ly add thin slice of onion, one light-colored' Remove bowl from oiirtli teaspoon or sail; one fourth hot water. Fold In flour and va teaspoon white pepper; two cups'nllla. Turn Into greased Ban m cold water and cook gently until teen by ten inches lined with tender. Soften one tablespoon of greased paper andIba'ke In hot ove gelatine in one half cup of cold (400 degree F lldrteen mlnutS water, then stir it Into the cooked "'"reen minutes. cucumbers, and turn into small J moulds wet with. cold water. Chill 1 I In the refrigeralor. Unmould when firm and serve each In a small jnest of lettuce and fresh slices of cold, crisp cucumber or grate the Potting it has grown '~ir feet and has 12 *"" Courier News want Ada. Don't Forget Caudill's Agency General Insurance ni SlUiiisiiSSg on tills page . for n d-.'licious jelly roll Ideal tor .serving wllh Iced drinks. Looks Like KsmHoped Sea Food! Jrlly Roll n lan;e ornnge In very thin ! Three mblcspnons quick ccoklng I and let stand overnight in.tcpioca;- one lutf boiling Let boil for about. parsley. Serve two nilnules, skim well, puur Into heated classes. Cover with pnrnffln when cold. Preserved Watermelon Kim) Peeljthc rind of one half large'illustrated. '350 degrees Pi thirty-five utes. or mini done. Gaulish without celery since. Serves six. Much nicer If bakwl In scallop shells aS ICED TEH .FOB THE , - . — — - .. ^-.^M—^...^^. ; ltus J llsl lvl| at It Is, hut inexpensive because made "o~f. "salmon. leclpc elsewhere ou this What ihnll we serve with the Iced tea, or the fruit punch on the |K)ieh tills afternoon A cool sandwich, a non-sticky cake. |»ssibly a small salad in combination with an iced beverage jm:ike a perfect porch party. Try Kfliall Cucumber Sandwiches lirown Uread Cream Cheese Sandwiches Teed Tea. Mint, Lemon Iced Squares of Chocolate Cake Chicken and Celery Sandwiches Dale and Nut Sandwiches Iced Tea. Fresh Mint. Lemon lemon Gelatine Fruit Salad A£sorted Cookies Use ivhlte bread for the cucumber sandwiches, cut the cucumber"; in very thin slices, dip each in seasoned mayonnaise, and lay biMween small rounds of buttered lirfiid: mnkc the brown bread In-cani cheese sandwiches in heart i or crescent shape; the iced squares •ul cake with lemon and orange I icing. For i fresh cucumber, season with salt., i pepper and & little mayonnaise, j I and place a spoonful on top of each mound of jelly. French dress-' Ing should be served with this also. Cabbare and Gran Pepper Salad Soak half u caaoage in salted, ice water for two hours to insure crispness. Shred the cabbage and three large green peppers after the seeds have been removed. Mix well with French dressing. Arrange on lettuce leaves, chop two large pimientoes, and strew over the top of each portion then add the same amount of pecan nuts chopped fine. Serve with boiled mayonnaise dressing. Asparajuj Salad Arrange stalks of Iresl, cooked and chilled asparagus on lettuce I leaves which have been dressed i with French dressing. Pour a little French dressing on the asparagus. Make cheese balls of one cream cheese and the same quail- I Automobile Sales Co. Cor. Main & Fifth (Successors to j. C. A'ppleby Motor Co.) Sludebaker, Hudson, Terraplane and Willys cars. KELVINATOR Electric Refrigeration Get our prices and terms before you buy any electric refrigerator. At the Ritz Theatre! -QNK DAY ONLY, SUNDAY, AUGUST I2lh— ADM. MATINEE and NIGHT— 15e and .tdr- Vaudeville 22 PEOPLE 22 Jimmie Moore Presents 'Brown and Bailey Revue' Bringing You the Show of Shows! A Real Treat—Musicians, Dancers, Comedians Jere Kimball - Radio's Favorite Songstress Mildred Faye, Tap Specialty Also The Londonaires, A Stage Band—Late of WACO Radio Station at Baltimore. Hester Bailey, Musical Comedy Star Lucille- Karen, "Dance Acrobatic" Luis & Pegi, International Dancers —ON THE SCREEN— BING CROSBY and MIRIAM HOPKINS in "SHE LOVES ME NOT Sing's Best Picture! VOTE FOR ZAL . HARRISON FOR COUNTY JUDGE IN TUESDAY'S ELECTION HARRISON has run Mississippi County on one hundred thousand dollars loss each year than BAR11AM did when he-was in the office. When BARK AM, his opponent, went out of the office in 1930. he left a debt of nearly twenty-three thousand dollars for HARRISON to pay, and then HARRISON saved the county more than a hundred thousand dollars. BARHAM had from One Hundred Thousand Dollars to One Hundred and Twenty Thousand Dollars a year to spend on Roads while HARRISON had only Twenty-Seven to Forty-Five Thousand Dollars to spend on Roads. ,.; ;, If you doubt the above statements-^consult the records of the County Court. This advertisement paid for by Mississippi County Tax-Payers

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