The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 1, 1939 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1939
Page 4
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•BLYTHEVILLE (A.KK.) COURIER IJEWS JI0P0 Works On Plays Tp Spring On Chickasaws Friday - HOPJB, Ark., Nov, i.— The Hoi*> High school football team," winner of SQVCII ilraight viclojies, but now facing the Mustang Carrier Goes Places With Corrv -4,-. r °y rf~lir team to (late without their I wo sparlipJiigs, Roy Taylor" and Jinimy Daniels, piacticerr on. now 'plays Ihjs jveek in an effort to develop an offense to USB against B!y- jtheville Friday night. "Taylor, fullbAck, hns been a sen-* cation v.ilh the Bobcats tills "sea- sen, wd Daniels at quartoi hack, also has proied to be a valuable! player on .both pfTense and rtefdis Both ^_ere -ruled . Ineligible last j ijeelc 'pending further 'proof" o[ their eligiblllt). ' Tnslor and Daniels mean to the I Betcals what the Hutsoi) twins are to the Tine BlufT zebras. In the event they n re not In the lineup, Coach Fpy Hammons will place R pony backflcld on the giidlron Riernglng less thin J-)0 jiouncts, nnd he fears this quiitetj • will be luinb'c to cope with the heavv Blytheville squad With Tajlor snd Daniels -oul, Hamnicns has only two resene j>acks to call on, HlUc 6onn> Murphy, 138 pounder, nnd Phillip Kflth, 145-pouncler Hope's forward vail ren7alns Intact At Ihe ends arc Cnptn n )oe Eison, a i-jcar plmer, ind Notman Giacn, plowing his Second year, Easoii uncl Oicen both to* 'cr oier the six-foot mark Ejisrn was uwd ot fullback three yours but this season Hammon; switched him to end because of his pass icaichlny and riefeiishc nblliti Noi. man Green at the olhei end. is n good defensive man and also adept at snaring passes At (He tackle positions, Hammons hns two leteiBiis >n Mnjoi Sjmpson, 255 pnindei, and \Vcs lej Calhoun at 235 Both aio plying thtlr last seaso.i at Ho|w Hl(,h. At the s\iard6, Hnniinons has n pair, of scrappers In mom finlmbv, 160, and Breeding, 163 ' QUirUn Is plajlng- his Inst season sith (he Bol,cute Breeding Is a first-} ear miii and 1ms beeji con [ sistcnt all senson I <At Ihe center rosition finds'.Bill Turn Bunco, 115 pounds Buudi' was iKEd at gunrd liit \t'ir and '*°-'%^ "KtttyJ /\"/ •TOP ip No Grid Outfit Is Great Without PathrCleat-er In Backfield '*' Ky JERRY BKONDFIKJU) NE/l Service SporlK IVrljcr A ehamplonfihlp fpptball tenm according to popular' fancy hai to have everything from iwp'oi- tliree .lines to kiple-lludaC "wdUrb'oys, Out, most Imporlnnf. of all is one cr more blockliiB backs. . " >iu> good ciub lias"pi least-,cue i'ou cnii'l recall n great outfit which didn't .have one. Although running guards have taken over some of the duties for- nerly assigned blocking backs, there arc numerous' situations where guards cannot bo as effective. At the'end of (ho 103(1 season, Jcnnisjicc ". iiiidefcajecl ,O r a n g e Bowl champlcns showed llieir ap- H-eciatlon by electing Sam Ba'r- hclomcw captain for 1039. Bat- 'hoiomcw Is the blocking beauty 3f M"nJ. Holjort Reese Ncylind's bnckneld. Altlioiigh lip is not 1 exceptionally large, Bartholomew's ppi.d nnd cilsp tcchnUiuc enable him (o do the }cb as' It should be Jonc. Jn tho .Volimlecrs' case, Opift-go lot ego, Bob Foxs, l;cn" CuKman md Johnny Butler have nil kinds, if help because Bob SulTrldgc and Ed Moltnskl, guards, are as for- 1 mldablo as any pair hi the land when It comes to committing riiay- ! nem en nn'opposing'end or line-' aackcr. passe4 for a long gain on the Uilrd touchdown '' "- •""" United Press Honors Coachi Wai ', Ha £. %^ "See Am>"' ".• erica rii'st plogan Pop- whose Team Upset Ohio .State ular One felt scrry for him when he led his pf Americans "hit-- a "Sec America team into Columbus to piny mighty First" movement, according t o unto Slate—they didn't know he early Indications' noted by travel The* a^/'Snate, J-tK^ > "* "^^ to ConJeir' lh ' * Cek - C ' U ' 1 SimVCly: ° f P™ «»' "™; in'Europe i, ^ T h - \, j . • , stricted, tourists are expected' to _ i ne big i-crt team from Ithaca i turn westward to visit the scenic nad rol.ed along \mdcfcaled this, wonders <t their o*n nation year in it* own Jcague. It was even A survey or travel agency,' rall- a classy eleven as eastprri teams | road and air linr go. But beat Ohio Statc--ttic team- 1 J« H>1 6 imb of iliat had conquered Missouri, showed that the first in davs of uml,™,'—? nnti M !"-')«sota? I the European war were the best H ' travel days in 1939. District Manager p. c. Child of I Ihe American Raihvay Express Company— sponsor of srcnlc tours western travels What Even .Suavely—they call him the gray fox—sang the .blubjj, Vut not Will Miillcmveg, blocking . hick, clears the way for Prartpn Johnston of SouUiorn Methodist GlcntiHle, Calif., Junior College toys decided to ninhe Eootball practice more attractive by using n tackling dummy re- scinbJhifl a feminine star. HITTER HOFFMAN -MAKES 'nifi I'llOJAN IIO11SK 11UN KAlMDbV Southern to his train had won, 23rl4. Snavcly li' first, last nnd" always —said his firm Is preparing f.-r~a a football'coach": Hobbles he has steady flow of tourist trade none, unless It is golf, which he throughout the winter months. " shoots in the SO's. He Is. soft-I The agency Is also finti:ipathi<* spckcn and blessed with' a dry wit. gains In steamship lours throusli ^na.eiy went to Lebanon Valley the Pannma Canal, to Hawaii and College In Peimsylvnnia, where he to lands throughout the western, played football, baseball and Ijasr' hemisphere, as a result <f (he war, ketbail. Il.e" played a bit-of pro-1 he siiid. ! fessional football ami' began : his Wiliard Bnrr, genera! agent for •, coaching career at ICtskl prep. Iii , the .Southern Pacine laihroad, 1827, after coaching at many ] stated his company has felt an in- 110 schools auri ieacliing inathcinattcs,' crease In travel business'as'long as J)l)X*ic5, chemistry "and' rh'etcrlc "oii a year ago ivlieh the .Czeohp- lay's broadcasting '."'? side, "Shaycly 'got a big time Slovak crisis came to a. head. " nvn Included ti re r c °IICEe coaching jbb at Bucknell. "Already we have recorded more corded presentation of Beethoven's He stayed there 'seven years and " 1an a 100 per cent increase, both re', went on to North Carolina hi '" transcontinontal and in l:cal lines. The network needs license. A typical d; schedule at Bro 1 nvi 'Dutch' 'Harrison, Johnny' Bulla To Play Exhibition Malcli Here Blytheville golf enthusiasts will Bulla lacks 'Harrison's polish , „„„ *„„ mt ^ U5 ,, u , ,„ 1!WO oonlt .,, cunea mm 10 tie alfordcd the opportunity ol around Ihe greens hut he mates speeches from a dinner of the replace "Oil DoWe nn'd Snavely's watching two'of ihe country's out- up for thai deficit with'ills good Brown Christian Association and been high above CnyugaV waters- Western dude ranches, winter professionals wlu'r. game. He has never won a ma-! campus ne*s reports " ever since ' -•.sports centers, and other re=rea- His record to .date ns a coach is S'. s £,!. 5 .. are ?W>"na <>'«*prd Ninth Symphuiy, a bridge iectui . 'n comedy skit, an interview with 1B34 football coach "Tuss" McLaughry, in 1936 Cornell called him to tourist business. Travel to all national parks and trips to Mexico have increased," Barr said. also nt the fullbick position Ji s a fighter and nlttavs h in the best, jpf •: condition, nutidy has been a valu-ibte asset to the Bobcats. A 1'ony Backflcltl On the shoulders of Bobby 'Ellen, lec-pcundei, rcs's the hopes of the Bobcat offense Oiernight Coach Hammons has made a pis- er and Kickci' out of Ellt.ii lie n a fast man and is ^ery clanguous m an open field Last season Bobby started ou: as nn end Aboat mid season he «ns •shifted to ecu ter where he cairlEd on like » veteran Because of his speed he was given an oppoitunllj m the ; backfield, this venr and has beni South Sirlr> R Tpnm fln- fl demon on end sneeps and nuiil ° Uln O1CIC D Ieam VP: returning Last Friday n!»ht against Camden he was •shifted to Ihe mim- terback; position because of the ruling a°amst Daniels Ellen also was asslgncrt Hie kicking and pas • ing duties which also was -iome- th o S i n S* to . hlm pronounced ready for Hie At left half, Charles Ray Baker paled buttle here tonight with the ill carrj on as usual Baker fiouth Side (Memphis) "B" team. standing v,.. „„.„, „ • - _ .--- - • Ernest -J. ,('.'Diitch"J Harrison of jor tournament but this vear wasi he Pas,ickna nose Bowl Jan. l, uuie Reck and Johnny Bulla of runner-up in (lie British Op;n,i s to lunate In having a buck like Cnk[l g 0 participate in an 'exbibi- lining to tick Burton when the ob Huffman in the roc pf .star [iw match .^ the Belleville latter shot a birdie on (lie final norici-clovmai He Is the- finest Country club Sunday afternoon, hclc. Ke led trie National On'sri locUiij; back ou the Golden Slope. It will ,bo the first time, fpr iiiilla field at Philadelphia "-'-after the A capable. Mucker .can btimcf ,ii to play in Blytheville, but Hnrri- third round but finished fifth one tefeiisivc pla\er aside BOhiB sen Is no stmngcr. Bullq, 25-year- notch behind Ralph Culdahl for- Inousli tho Hue of scrimmase and old High point, -N, : p., youncste:-, mcr National Open champion etnln his phi= for a doivuflcld ns- is recognized ns one of the gamo's: Jlnirlson , last week won first ifiuncnt Hlttr-i Huflinnu does longest tlriyers, '-He is (he only'place in the Wichita Open ividi n hit^ foi the liojans. " player -to outhit ".Jimmy .Thomson score : of 214, 14 under par, Eullii 115 victories, 3U liES. defeats and 12 Once A Staple Wild Ric£ iNoW Fine Delicacy On .deception. Suavely Is ccnsid- • • •- ercd one of the foremost, autliorir GRAND RAPfDS, Minn (UP)-', tieS in tlle - c ™ntry. For example, mi,i-,(.-. ,-.. „•_.. .'."_,-,.'., he uses a system of cross-blocking tourist influx. .Oregon firs and Gahfcrnia redwoods live from 4000 to 5008 years. Wild rice, for Mlghtj Micl ipan 'bciKliy refers in a driving/ conlcst.' ''". " ••'" I v;as fourth with ?. score of 183.1 '") its qmrterbnck, Forest Evil- 'Harriscn won tlie fancy or Ely-! The InUc-r" is niakinj his home in'ncs of the favorite of the wild duck, now cp- • ns T VMir-™ nn ,u^*,- •-, tlv^lou tn^ " opposed them, instead 01 the detensive TUs is to .lievski, <TS The One- Man Gang. IhevUle golfers nncl spectators when Little Reck (his winter Evashevskl real)y takes 'em out. he appeared '. in ' an open' tour'iu- j family, having mniTicd a ' Little He p!aye<l tackle In high 'school,:. a in'ent held here five 'years ago. I heck girl. '' ' ' '" ' A product of the nortlicrn Miu- n , sola lake reyion,' wild rice 'is ' 1051n '' Jlneinen Asleep at the hisiteing marketed, 'processed' and switch because they anticipate a- poses S.eminoles Al Qs- ceola "Tonight OSCEOLA, N:v." 1.—In perfect physical condition after n week of idleness, the Osceolo Seminoles were weighs lo5 pounds and is jierhaps the fastest startei on the team He's the Bobcats' ."scat back." Baker is playing his last season. (Memphl .Originally an open date on ! tlic Osceoln .schedule, CCncli 'Frank Jones scheduled the game for to- At right half 'coari, Hammo-j- ! l1ghl . ral ' lcr . Ullm h ? vc lvls ... . , ' -.•iiinmv * iwtmtnirt tf\f ^1Tr\ <ii'nnt-c !», « ^Ul send in R fint jear nnn 138 pound Jimmj Simms Jimmy is fast, is a good defensive plavef, but is likeh to make mistakes because of inexperience He plajetl his first full game a^aln^t Camden last week Previous to that time hr I ad never been in liiiEiip. inactive for two weeks in a row. .slti'o'ii i\l' which body cbn'tact is (Then onlyj rccentlyi tu'med"pro ami s ! toughest. " .•'""• '." ' ill Hie ;nidKt of 'lean' years,- Hmri- Tlie 200-poimd Detroit boy is lion nnbhed third in; the" .event. At the best blocking back the Maize ' the halt' way mark" lie hrid'-bron iml Blue .has had In a dechde. Vicing wllli.Eviishevskl -for -til e' ' reputation the' most formidable blocking back Iii the \ycstcni Coin 1 ference is Frank Zadnwney, Ohio Slate's right half. Zuriworhej 1 lias plenty of speed ts go with li)s Ifip p.ounds. He is especially valuable' bccnusc of the slick way in which he opernlcs on ri weak side - reverse. Most". blocking, backs his the leathoi- well, lop, when given the opportunity, '.ft isn't, often tha't Zaeiworucy .ciirrics but his aver- ago" for the campaign Is almost six yards a crack. ' SOCKIilt' SITKO J.U'HS W TO NOTKf DAME -TUAIIITION In view of the fact'that Cornell ,>,^,,>, „„ „,„ ,u^s .,, „ lu «, '--^ Proctfcally its entire 1938 line, Munford. Teuiv, cancelled its game I 1 " 0 , h ° r ' th , e c , rcda for lllc B1 S ------ - b »•"''<! .spectacultir ijcrformances Dame ti Sltkp us are ,L.^^ ,,^^^ MVK.'w^ of a meningitis , ,,,-,, -~^ . epidemic quaranlinc. -!?? es .. l 9 >VaU-• Miitii.Ezczak, Ihe game Is Dxoe'Hec! to -develoo into aii pf'cnslvc battle with pr ; s- pccts of much scoriu-;. Both teams the starting boast .crack l)all carriers. ABaiiist the Blylticvllls Jiinior.s-.'n-hoin they r u Jr " c At fullback TOll be Soi,n> Colo- defcnted 19,-li, gaining 530 yards by of .i;. T., kl .man, 145 pounds Coleman ha» ru'hliig, the Strappers (lashed three v - -•--'been a first replacement, back fc-i crack : Icalhcf lusgcrs In Bobby tluee jcar 0 , but no* Is llicl> to Slieiton, Ken Slginan. anil Jack regular Coleman Is us«d as Young. This trio " literally ran (lie all of this year's edltiou ,,rt,j ,. «„-,,„ ' juniors, tluiigh Hie attack a blocker The onl> resene tacks arc Son- boggedVo'wii"several"Tl: m Murphv, 138, and Phillip Kciti, scoring tcrrltprj-. Don 1W) pound? ^ mf( lilc (;i- C| nnd HnroW Hal \viiltevnarf for Yale. " " takes 'cm out fcr t; leads the -way 185-pOuntl Dick FiWOr'S lino- rlnnn in ' -t c iWOrS r\rr f 5« Mocking, line-backing and place' " ' Din- Tlic learn is In- good shape pl»- widdic, fine defensive wul. siiarkr W I th C ° aCl1 Hammon ls R heavy, hard chnrgtnj line. ^eek t& tear C lhaTo£ o'hb «,SS ?° m. ? hl be injured " ^ "»'« kicking" make him a siaiidout in Ihe Oklahoma backfleld. i, A few days before Northwestern !,opened .Its season against pkla.- „ • ' '*' All in all it appears the Hope Bl}thc\llle game nill bp fought mainly between the too lines Tlie Height also ghcs the Chicks advantage there V»iUiout Tailor and Daniels the Hopo lineup, Ihe" Chicks „.. „ L -, - ^ cl^cldedli the fa\oilles bj Uiree or "'cy. boast one of the leading emls four louchdoK-ni, majbe more Inl in ^ ) : W- the event the Uo players arc rr I Joe pildy, Mitchell Boot and John instated by irlcuiy, tnc game looms as a bitter fight with the faWo deciding the ultimate outcome The Bobcats Rill leair Hop- Thursday morairg bj bu- rt ii(l wji work out ou soine ncu'rai field that afterncosi. TI e team is -> petted to reach BMhcuilc itout ncoa Irifiay. jherc tor- cultivating opium-poppy —— : .. Ion a inrm r.ciir St. Jerome. Tiv intlpatei U,at his 'biggest worry ' was In replacing' Bernlc Jeilerson, ' ' ..... t . lh =, [ll \ sh y 1 , ' 1 lr - k ? bv '- a He B vo' blocking k. £t011 " 1!c<i SI ™ fl The Wildcats failed to come up m. ^,.. ...-:, ___ :. • . , -..-..' A j ootl)al] • , £lmp!y „ \yell In front. His performance, ouninstiotids .of a sort.thnt marked him as on underdog, won him ninny supjiorlers here who have since followed his advancement Ui the front rank ~pt • "professional got firs >vlth . InteresT. ' .'Hnirlspn now ranks as one. .of Ihe country's'best .professionals d'er spite Ws sliort . time iii the 'big show. He Is sixth -in money wirj- rilngs' with soinethliyg over'$1,000 to 'Ills credit aiic)' -mahy profes- sicnnls classify him as"thc game's best 'puller';* - ' ' .X , ' \ ^ . The ' Little Rock siiarpshootsr' "woTkiiig toTstablishliiVc'Vlrst In'ier- skyrcckctcd to fame In the wintsr collogkte radio brcadcnsting system of 1S37 by finishing, well up wltli j n tj ie C0 untrv ' Sl^eaT,-^ Scs 1 to A dS "^ lmm Ulc " ian ^^ in sections of the countiyi Tlie new industry began llirec years ago when the WiW Rice E*rocl!icers Association was organized to prevent depletion of wilcl rice resources. A too thorough harvesting the rice beds, sponsored legr dates of the urvest and establishing other rcg- tltitions. . ' : grows in the shallows of lakes and when water levels rc.- .^nialii staple good craps are raised. >'Rlrers" patldle through tjie 'bed's, bending the stalks over their and' knocking the kernels loose with slicks. Many kernels fall into HEEE- n i «a i * i r n A IOQ uwrougi Ul In I\ 5 ll threatened Is destroy r! HH \ ! 11 ^ the association £ I LMIyltJLtJ i;;f,tfon setting ' the New jEngland S t u d c n ts | The iice Working On Natic First Sludent System PROVlUEiWE, R. I. (UP)—New England, college students arD m7^akc77hiTrcscTdVng''tii"e"bed. !I Another- trick is to break out a pnsser who hasn't pitched a football all year. Ohio ' State ran into that cue .whci^jJVhil Baker, who had ..not', passed -this .year, For Best Results In BakingT—Use 1 Shibley's Best the leaders In the Carolina and Florida tournaments. His first major triumph was in the Mid-South event at Pinehnrst flnd he followed 'this -victory up xiith sensational finishes -in .'the Minml Biltmore and the Nassau event ,\l Bahamas. Kd nlnbec! 'second in' the latter event,'carding a 6< on his final round to advance from Ulh place. Hortdn- : Smith anil Paul Runynn, his playing" partners, de- ECribcd it as" the 'best" compstitiMe iqimd of golf.they ever witnessed. The 1038r39 .season was Harrison's best. 'A'" consistent money winner''.Ini the- early events lie moved into the front ranks by finishing foui'tii at Los Angeles. He then tied for .first -filnce in the S5,OCO Oakland open With Diox Mcl'z nnd lost the pbyi-oft by a single stroke. He finished ( in Broivn University already has n radio station and if present plans materialize, there soon 'will be n leased wire network linking Harvard, Brown, Dartmouth, Massa- More CoaJ Oil Lamps Go Out in Mississippi MAGNOLIA, Jliss. (OP) .— Tlie coai-oil lamp, symbol of early ra- cluisetts Institute of Tcclmolrgy ' tiring in many'"rural'.' areas, has and Wesleyaii. ; ,-been placed on the closet shelf In Other comics and universities many homes in four pf Mississippi's are invited: to Join ilie, system counties. Electricity.has'repines.-! it. \VhlchhptonlywUrproyideentei--O.v. Hugh u White' dedicated tairimcnt for listener's and expert- 327.7 miles of rural .electrification «nce for rafllo-minried siiideuts, but, lines, 115 mils.? of'iUiich are serv- nlso will prom:le -"friendly contacts" between "the iiistHuUpns ptir- .iCipatlng. 'iiuy Network The network idea grew from ing 210 homes in Pike 'and "\Vallhall counties in Southwest Mississippi. The remainder o[ the circuit, nearing completion in IJilcpin '.' and Ainite counties, .yllf serve 750 Brown's student-bivned and oper- homes. ntcd intramural system,/ conceived j TWO hundred miles cf power by George Abraham of New York i lines will be built by the Rural in his freshman year. He is n:w Electrilication Administration; ' a senior. ; . . j ——.'...".'.'..' ... • ^hc'cing'crasbFtouruamcn't too\ ;! Thc Brown radio system con-. ( Acccrrtlng to .scientific cnlcnla- down third nionoy in the Pboeiilx s ). 5ls of a , central control, room, lions', a fly makes 330 -wing strokes npeii and then esl victory by tet anywhere -without a blocking "" ' ' • uack , Train Canadun l-'lkrs KDMOJirmN. Altn. CUP)—Train- coaches in tl-.e Blythc- school system, will olilciatc. Tile game starts promptly ;it 8 p.m. I'« <!ro«crs Ancslcd . I 8 * 1 •WQNTHEAlj (UP)— Tlirc« men l ' :c P'psccHliwi of tlie war/but ft, arc 'serving six-month Jail"terras sll - 0 -"J tl Iiav;e L ^ cn 'W ic f< l » le • mouths ago when Kiitaiu sug- soartd .to his great- several elaborate sound-proof stii- .vrlirn.lng the Texjs < !! -'s <">'' 30 dormitory and open nl-Enii'-Aiuonio with a rcc- "'^ llolKC stations. : .where :pro.- crrt breaking-score'of 27-1. " (grams originate. Broaclca'sts are -Harrison was a-«s!ircd of a place carried over 30,000' (eet v of" wire cii the Oiuted States Ryder Cup strung through steam tunnels into team had hot the -war'caused post-' dormitories and houses, but the pcncmc'nt - of tlie annual event.' _po«er used Is so Email'that the The "lanky stylist recently eslab'-'j'programs can only ii'e ifc.lrd.wlthin llshc-d" new courcc' records' in Little] a Jew Icet of the transrnission Reck, lie toured the par 12 Hivir- FLOUR ASK YOUR GROCER a second; a be?, 240; ti "wasp, 110; ,a dragonfly, 28; and a nuUerfly, 8. when you buy Bottled in Bond "Old Schentey Bourbon is.;. UNKJUE IN CHARACTER: fuil top proof, yei ronii[kably jniM-snd delicacc. ittch,Avirh- .p.ut heaviness. .UNnplMtED-.lN VALUE. Your moncj- cannot buy a finer - bonded whiskey. BOTTLED IN BOND rw Stmig At your farorUo package store >r. 19S9. S side layout "iii 03 .to' bolter the previous mark of S4 and a week iater fraverscrt the hilly country club course in o-l to be.1t the former .in .1™ j-.ui^irc in uiui- i mn rk of 65 Par for "Uiat -courae prjove a mlgtity factor in | is 71." ', ;..:. Bulla. like Harrison, started th.s gnme ns .a prpfi'sstounl. He JsVn friend Of 6am Sncnfl '.MA ' 1 V In the ppiniou ' ol Ht, On]y Hoiise 1 by Cyclone ^ .. . . field. Ultbvcd'to be the llrtl uver W- Ar<.h.VV Mc.lgheli, sc-,iate " SPRING VILLE N Y 1V JP>— The only 'fannhoit<e "hlch c^cnpcd damage nhcn a wlnrist rm wept pichtie^vs Fo-i V u «v wu the onlj one v ith cscloi c In inoiwe 'JTn,B uioiKaiiCe saiCEman tame aroimd (5) ,,ce me the day befote the^torm" Wllllom r. Kahlbuch t owjier of the house,, saW" He told me m> cjc'onc Insurance Ind c,- pircd jiut asked if 1 wanted t-. tnkc out some more I s,ud ail n lit, t- nJ the nexl daj Ihe wind came ' in Canada-, was .'burned' by Cpniing In JJarliclrt •IrK!,, NOV. I! Tour I;i5t r b .1 n < i till? yc^r <c mjoy 3 tcfittiflD -,n«l •lantt 1 on li'.e river, LAST . . af .one time turned .clown an offer to split ";to\lrnaincnt whuiiugi 1 '. viltlv the gamc'3-ranking player. Samples of Ic.i fiom li dia t»ow be srnl to Brll iln ,>, c mail i,t usual ialu> Urns fit r tflf$ w» i! ? a li i? c 1 ' Stove and Furnace OIL , *'- '"' - • Diesel & Tractor FUEL DAY NIGHT 355 Barnsttall Refining Corporation " Ainciii-aS Oldest Oil Itctlticry C, B,' Wood, Jr., Agent iija'rii'<ansa«aiitia5»»> i ,REAL COFFEE r-^- — ALWAYS FRESH BUY.A.PKG. TODAY AH Old Car Owners SOUTHEAST MISSOURI & NORTHEAST ^ - Also PRIZE MONEY Dud Cason post nf (he American Legion, Blytheville. is offering $15!M)Q to tnlries in (heir OLD CAR DERBY, SU>fI)AY, NOVBiMBKR 12th,'al Hie FAIR GROUNDS, «lythcyille, "Ark/ .All cars roamtfacturcfl up. to and indiuliug M31 jnodcb are ,eiigiMc to •cuter. . ONLY 95.00 .entry fee. Entries' -jnust "be in not later than" ^ppn, Npvonibor fhe : jOth. . Those ilcsiring to enter Ihcir .old car in the Legiou Old Car Derby may s, AvLiu or plioiic Don Edmirds, \\6sj CpnunaiKleiv.Blytheville, Don'l •• Forget the !)ate-r* Sunday^ NflKftpber the $ ISO Purse, $50 Pri ze -Money, • Kntries Limited Get Left OuL' 'Enter- Your Car Today

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