The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 4, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 4, 1952
Page 3
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ATWUST 4, 4958 (AKK-) MEWS TUBES & BVD Bargains Ahead— In store for shippers in the n«t Blythevllle Value Day Wednesday will range from sweater! to IRU shaker*. In picture No. 1 are short-sleeved nylon find wool nw'eatere. regularly priced at $756, which will b« sold at $3.98 Wednesday. "Geographical" T-«hiiU fea- ,» . ~<lt~' " " G*£one, Cotton's Going'- turing Illustrations of wpH-known American localities (Picture No. 2) which usually sell (or from '19 lo Ml cents wtll be on sal* for 30 c*n« or three for $1. A lint weather trral 'Picture No 3> available at one of (he BVD ttruK Moras will be an n:-aiine fl'err.e or an ice cream soda -both of which will be pi iced at nlna centi each, In picturt No. 4 a special—glass salt and pepper shaker sets, complete with tray, nine cents each. 'J Of Pelt in Vain at Grip Brought in Sooth, Eartern U. S.' By The A'ir'Mfldated Press I lo^s on tofcncco alone 30 to 50 mil- !att£red sMnd generally lizht! lions. |how;rs pcHed'h^in vain today at the [ south Carolina reports 63 per cent linraght which' 1 ' has gripped South- I 0 [ 116 (:clrnt gi per cent of pastures. I'm anrt Eastrf,rn United Slates. | 63 pcr cfm O f hay and feed crops 1 New Enslanpd availed rain pee- ! d „ „ rmi o( ils cotton ' Jiictcd for tomf 1 sht. hopeful that the I'eathev bureav !( ,'. is wron? In its est« the raH n tifall will _ not exceed m inch. K Where it ca- me. the rain was foo |Utle and, to ^i considerable extent, Jate to vr -'ipe out crop looses fchsch mlshi ..surpass a billion dol- and 40 been damaged. Massachusetts' loss has been esti- ! mated at two million doilars. in ! ConnpcticMit, where a farm bureau] • ars. Ihe dozen or i ..s from only four of ? hard hit southern l-tate* put the^'r looses nl some 600 |ni)!ion. Consensus lir four day thai only a three ine rain would re- l;rore the ladling remnants on crop! / Imd pasture la^nds. But the azricul- I / lyre cormnissinfner in Maspuchiifetts i ' laid even that Vi wouldn't be "enough (n his state. » The drought Vjhas been a-buildins • he weather b*rireau -said through 1m unusually (Jvvarm summer un- |iroken by a he&vy general rain. Rain* fyvere Light Rains mostly fhave been light, limited in extent, a>nd follou-ed by more |iot weather. ;f U. S. ^Department of A<zri- e has : J designated two New d statfjs— Maine and Massa- husetts, sevtitx Southern states — •South CaroUilia, Georgia, Alabama, Iviifsissippi. vTcnnepsee. and Kon- l:\icliy, and paifts of two others-- Ar- Icansas and ^Missouri, as disaster fcreas. The rijtsicnation expenses Ifpderal financial aid to farmers and Ijairymen. ( | The rest of (New England an<f at • least six othen state* — North Cnro- Ilina. Virginia. Florida, Kansas, IjpennsyH'Rnia hnd New Jersey — re- l;?ort varying! degrees of drought Walrh Those Cigarr.tUs In TennesseV where many trees | A'ere dying a no 1 - farmers were truck- [ |\ne water from cities to their live- \ itock, ons man summed up his lipht: "Corn's gone, cotton's going. a.nri anybody throws a clsareue on ihe I'lawn'my house will be gone, too." North Carolina's Lo?s has been j Estimated at 200 million dollars. labama's nt 150 million. Georgia's fr- 200 tr> 300 million. Kentucky's agent estimated a million dollar loss, tobacco growers have hired a rainmaker and farm co-operatives have be^un seeking emergency federal loons to farmers. Winter Feed IJ?*rl Because of parched pastures, Kentucky farmers already were drawing on winter reserve supplies of feed for livestock. Virginia fort- saw a pfl.'Rible milk price increase for the Fame reason. Upstate Ne« York's milk production also was curtailed, Tn Southeastern Kansas, it was called the worst dry spell since the black b!i7,ziirds of the l^O's. Sunday's weather bureau rpport; ptly ill us: r a led the monotonously repeated weather forecast, fnr much ol the drought srcn. "continued dry and hot with scattered showers:" LouUvtUc. Ky.. 90 desreea, .11 of an inch; Memphis. Tenn.. 100 decrees, (race of rain; Nashville, Term., 100, no rain; Kansas City 95. .52; Little Rock, Ark., 100. none; Oklahoma City 101. .01: Atlanta. Oa.. 92. none: Boston 8V .26; Charloite, N. C.. 88. none:-' Jacksonville, Fla., 90, none; -Gort r/orth 104, ! not less than ten per cent nf (he electors vote tn the deposition, qualified electors resirtlne ihprein, - SECTION 3. The Oeneral Assem- the City Council or oilier govern- - n \y ,,^^11 enact- such enabling legiB- ing body or any sucn city .slmll call' laiion as shall be required lo etfec- for an clcchori to IJP hr-Ld not rn-.rp mate the purposes hereof, .hfln ninety days theater (or the .APPROVED: March 20. 1951. purpose ot h'avins the quaUtlert • Secretary of Btate C. G. HALL HOW HAVE THE MIGHTY FALLEN—Atlantico. the once-proud while str.llion Benlio MussoHai rode in scores of Fascist parades and reviews, now humbly pulls a sightseeing carriage around Rom*. Immediately after the war, the Utl-year-otrt horse was bought by a movie company and used in several'nl/ns. Then it was sold to a cab service and until a few mouths ago hauled siyht- f««rs through ttie capital. Now, with litlle demand for horse cabs, the owners of II Duce's old • teed accept any pay load, such as Ihc load of hay he's pulling above. Guord rt jln Summer Camp Constitution oT the State of kamas, to-wii: Amendment No. 1H to the Con- siitution o( the State of Arkansas, adopted by the electorB of this Stutp the GenerHl Election hrld and It wn.s hoi and dry in othfiV pfl of the country Sunday, notably at; CAMP POLK. La. fiPi—National ; t . ,. Sly the, Calif., which reported 113 Guard ^uniU of the 39th Infunlry j conducted on the 6th day of Nn- d eg re PR. Many points in the South-i Division from Northern Arkansas i vember, 1928, 1* hereby amended west reported above 100-degrce tem- arrived, Ivere today for the annual I VMI( f a <, (nllovrs 1 . Ar- ,qulsltir-n oJ sites within or without I Minn cities and for the construction uf such .sites ol buildings and other facilities, for lease or sale, for the nfore.-'Hid purposes, or (or the « nioriiz:i tion of bonds hearing in- ; t^ri'sl it not more than Jour per ri'ut per annum Ls.iued for such [ pcratures. Oregon had varied fare. It was a record- tying 101 for the year at Portland. The central part of the hnd H fiO miles an hour <l»«t 15-day summer training. Eight thousand National Guardsmen from fiO Louisiana and Arkansas communities will participate Jn the training. storm. At Ashlnnd. in the south, ft .62 inch rain in hnlf an hour flooded stores. It was rainy from PROPOSED CONSTITUTION AI AMENDMENT NO. '13 the Upper! BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Mississippi Valley and Lake Su- i Representatives^ot ^the^SUte ot perior regions southward into Tlli- nois. Missouri. Kansas and Oklahoma, rails of an inch or more were reported at -several points in Iowa, Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. There were scattered showers In Arkansas and by tne Senate of the State of Arkansus, a Majority of All the Mem Dens Elected to Each House Agreeing Thereto: That the following is nerefoy proposed as an amendment to the Con- SECTION 1. H bring ninst npjMii- enl that privately operated factories,' industries and transportation ftitiili- ties are necessary for the development of a community and for the welfare of Its inhabitants, fin annual tax of not exceeding nue per cent ol the assereed vaJnation of all taxable property within the corporate houndaries thereof may be levied by cities of the first and .%fc- ond trlass for the purpose of providing fundfi to be used for the ac- 2 When petitioned by My efforts were sincere, my evsry vote ond the wonderful work of my helpers was sincere. I thank every person in Mississippi County for the many courtesies extended m« during my campaign. Sincerely, nru- THREE BELLES-And all's well with Britain's navy as three soHorcUes from the Girls' Naval Training College ut Portsmouth "man" the rigfiing of H.M.S. Foudroyanl. Built In 1017, tlic Foudroyant is the oki- est of the British navy's sailing ships still aflqat.__ WynmiuR, Colrnarlo and New Mexico anri scattered point, 1 ; in the Ten- ne*ee nnd Ohio Valleys. of the State ol ArKnnsn. 1 !, and upon being .submitted to the electors of the State for approval or rejection al the next general election for Representatives and Senator*, if a majority of Ihe elec- Porty-six projecU pre under way* lors voting thereon, at such an eiec- In 11 countries of the Western' World to boost- production of defense-essential sulphur. Your Utmost in Life Protecting; Safety! The. great U. S. Royal Mnstor launched its dramatic challenge two yoars agn. Now — with hillioru; of miles of performance proof l)ohmd it, there is nothing tocompnre with it in stopping power, skid prelection • ROTAITEX TREAD AND TBACT10N which grips and holds -where tires never held ... • HEHEWABLE SAFETY TREAD which offers you up to twice as many safe mites ... • mSLASTING WHITEWAUS protoclod frnm scuff and abrasion by the U. S. Koyp.l Curbguard. a nH sn fe milcn ge ca|>acity - I -ca rn today why this great U. S. Royal Fuorejy: TP un- prectxirntrd in tiro hisior> r — why it has established a new driving era. _WE BUY YOUR OU) TIKES U Vou dnn't Aac< *o uxn' until you r [ f rr* i/«vrr on t. V«x/ fnn h^t^f thr Mfety of V. .S. flo>W« norr! We iriH ftif yntj fitl! intuf {or the itnti**d mrlffiff in vour prcfnt tt ret —old <x nftr! Cfiw in today fnr tfvr* fftrr,ial TUF, TIRP. THAT TT \ S NEVER BEEN SUCCF.SSrol.LT PT1 P I.!CA TED Skid Protection Prwcn/ion • Life. Protecting McCAUL TIRE STORE So. Htway 61 John Burnett, Mgr. Phone 8662 FIRST with Wiltons... STOP IT ENTERS YOUR Ye«, cold i« stopped befort it. get* Inside when ^ Lennox P«rim»-8o Heating System i* guarding your comfort. Slim *ir diffxinen in th« floor put «. curtain of wann, dean air ov»r oold windows »nd walls. Drafts can't stert. Flooni «Uy w»rm. No oth«f h««ting system can match L«nnoT Perimn-flo for Inn indoor comfort. Idoal for »ny t>T?« of home .. . old or now. CITY ELECTRIC CO. 109 S. Fifth St. Phone 8181 , . . the lilacksmilh was a mij;hly n ,nn—and miRhly luisy. loo! I'enple were industrious and worked long hours in those days, and saving was n slow, rarrful aociimulalum. Those people looked lo us ns Die rijjhl place lo save Ilieir hard-en rued money. For Ihen. as now, we were a solid, relia- ble linnkinp instilulion—servinff th« people of our community. As we hav« (jrnwn, so, we have always given our depositors, large and small. <h« soundest, and most complete banking service possible. Look to us for your banking needs! The Oldest Bank In Mississippi County "TIME TU1KI) — PANIC TESTED F.I).!.r\—SIO.OM Kach llfpniil Mrmhor Fe«1prfll Re»prv« S.vstrni

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