The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 4, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 4, 1952
Page 2
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PACT: rrro BI.YTHEVn.LK (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, AUGUST 4, 1952 M«vi«t Ar«-Hotter thon Ever Sound of Falling Shoulder Straps Is Deafening as Sex 'Comes Back' HOLLYWOOD (NKA) —Tho girl just-likc-the-Rirl - next - door who was glorified by the movies during (he .serious days of World W;*r II has become ihc IftW luce on Hollywood's curing room floor. The nc",vivt thing in Moviotown, now that they're putting zip buck into the hoxofficc to compete with TV, l.s the pre-war brand of movie quern with the flip quip, the free wheeling hips and the bedroom ryes. Out En front in move ^",\ss than one Rre twn new zippy blondes— Marilyn Monroe And Hungarian born Zsrt Zsa (labor. Kr vamping » racy. eypl;ish bai- lintr F<-X ;»ppeal artists are tlm Sun- honnei'.Sue.s of .vottterdiiy's movies— WrJght, Olivia do, Hnvlilniui, Nilncy OJ.son, Otatin Lynn, Mona Freeman, Ilarhara Kale, Anne Hnx- ter, Joanne l)ru—and even former Qiilr. Kid Vanessa Brown. The frrsh-faeetl, w h o I e s o in e young ihiriK-i swin^liiB on garden gs^U's no Imijjp.r are boxoCdc.r. Now iv'.s the .suri'ival of the sexiest. The big change is 'nil ii matter of dollars — your dollars that have stopped rolling into the thcsUer box- offices. Television competition and I he hitfh price of living sent the studios as well a,s theater exhibitors into a prmic. SojtU'Thins had to be donr. Som- her, arty moi'lcs niui movies with a message were junked. Holly wood remembered that Sex was MK box- office when the movies were ymmu and gay. So now it's back to sex and glamour and gaiety to win back j to wearing Just. THKY'RK KJvYAMPING — Three of yesterday's Sun bonnet SUPS display Holly wnriri's Ntfw hook. whJch is self explanatory; Lett to right, former Quiz Kid Vanessa Brown; Joanne Dru, Baxter. wiih Roh Mitchurn in "The Mtir-i •!pr." nll-Aniej'ican i;irl War bars! H:ile, who forsnk.*^ ihe fftiiiily (ire- \ ,iidc role for a rnnninre with a half j hrerd in UL'.i "Seimnolt 1 ;" little Diiuiii Lynn, who put lier hair up! anrl her neckline down as a TV ae-' tn-s; jintl t,ow plays sin av;urr-vH'f.' pu''il:U(jiy femnli; opj3o>ite Dan Dui- Iry in "The Great Companions." j Muss Church MOU-M; herself-—Ann ' Blyih--is in the plnmonr rtrt with Oir^ory Pftrk In "The World In His Arms;" Nancy Olson, onre billed Wholesome Olson, nov, r wants 10 bi knowti as Nasty Olson. ,Miivies are hritlrr than ever, says r>Nkine Jnlmson, acr Hr>lly- W»HH! rrporter for NKA Servue and Tlie Cotirk'r News. Here's (he j first of his eye-popping dis- I patcltrs on (be nc\ycft trend In j anil the (imminent, er, Msuri's hi j (lie liig" cnmnliurk of Sex A|»|ic':il. i iicfiipve a Ivippy home life in Hoi- ', | lywood, But people like to think o \ stars fis creatures from some othe ' plriiiet. The minute they know. 1 there : ore ^ Lot of kiddies around the house mid thut you are wiping their I noses, the glamour is »one." | Vf-s. i-t'.x run! Kliiimmr are hack in i Hr.iUv.voed and the sound of falling .shoulder sirnu.s i.s deafening. TOMOnilOW: Marilyn Monroe, r;ui Harlot's successor,) and buzzing around in nt-filf°ees in MGM'.s "Tribute to a Barlman." No more "Snakp Pit" or "Heiress" type rolp.s /or Olivia tie Havillnm!. ''California GOP's, Demos Prep For Unified Front on Tickets This Family Tree Is All 'In-Law' Now TAZEWELU Vn. f# — Son-in- law of his own son-in-law, you say? Now nin'l that something: Let's see now, how was that nKfiin? \VeSl, they xot niarrh'il hove about a we<?k ago: J. H. Hall, of Mercer County, W. Vs., who is 93, and Roxie Brtiley Rutherford, of Bristol, Vfl., who is 03. You sec. Fioxio is the stepdaughter of J. If. Hall's daughter Annie, who married Ruxie's father, John W. Bailey, Jf you fceep that straight, it's simple, Hat] i.s a .son-in-law oi hfs ov.-n daughter, and also a son-in-law of his o\vn son-in-lav/. Me I.s Bailey's fatlier-in-hiw, which makes Bailey a faUier-in- iaw, of his own father-in-law. Further, the riew Mrs. rial! is now mother-in-law to her o w n t a iher. a rid M rs, Hoi! n iul M rs. Bailey are each other's stepmother, Mr. Hall iincl Mr. K;H!PV at'e step-sons to one another, and the two wives are siep-Uau^h- teis to each other. Order Returns \ To Montreal's Bordeaux Jail MONTREAL W — Order returned slowly to Montreal's Bordeaux jail today, replacing the upheaval and riot that held sway during the •weekend. Most of the soo prisoners who ihi'ukc out ot their ceils Friday ;i!t>hl were ixick behind bars, leav- intf a trail of violence and destruction NcJuiHl them. Their cell doors were repaired and reinforced with extra locks. While on the, the prisoners s<n a scm« of fires and clashed '.vilh police and guards in a series of skirmishes. At least a doxwi convicts were injured. Convicts rioted al the s a in a prison last May, ;'Termites' fat Ship VANCOUVER, Canada MV-The hull of Vancouver's one-year-old ;"IJT boat i.s quitkly disappearing. H wjs discovered the 5100,000 vessel's sice! plates had been eaicd one| third through by electrolysis, Hie ( chemical rtei-omtKmdon of metals 1 by !;ulviimc or dearie action. In 1345 t here were over ^ hilhon ' Tin 1 acrff, in the United 3tatc i s dfi'olrd . f:\iifi 1 to fnrtnine. r\',m I 1 shortest safe jiftvicabie tlis- botv.'ern New York mid Lon- :t,370 miles. SACRAMBNTO. Calif. (/!>.— Call- lornia Republicans and Democrats today promised unified fronts in of Adlai Stevenson and Sen. John Sp^rkinan of Alabama. MARILYN MONROE — She's out in front Jn the new trend. lost movie audience. When ;i subdued, placid cmotcr like Anne Baxter bleaches and becomes a Rny, outspoken belle—even Profee Set of Escape in Wnicfi 2 Convicts Are Held in Slaying MQNTPELLIEH, Vt., frfV-Oov. Lee E, Emerson snicl he will conduct an Investigation Into "all aspects" of the escape of two stale prlfson convicts believed to be involved fn the bludgeon death of H Springfield housewife. Emerson said yesterday he had conferred with Public Safety Commissioner William Bnurnann about the escape last Wednesday of Donald Demag, 29, of Burlington, and Francis Blair, 31, of Fitchburg, M&si. The pair was captured Saturday shortly after Mrs. Elizabeth Weatherup, 54, was fatally beaten In her home. Her husband, Donald, yi, also \vns beaten but is reported recovering In a nospita 1 . State Ally. Unih SoriPfjer. hinting that Fit least one of the men had admitted the Intal beating said he would seek grand jury action against Demag and Blair. The Windsor County Court \s scheduled to reconvene Aug. 18. Springer refused details of few beads and a diamond in hrr navel whrn she dreams she's Ckounira In a new movie—It's obvious big things arc happening. Here's Anne whispering her reason. 1 ;: 'U've never hpcu the cold, distant, intellectual per.son (hat people think I Fim. It's Jufit thai when I sinned with Fox, Hollywood was dlpnily pains. "Aetressr.s \vrrn bfiinx huly-ltki: all over thR place!. There w;is a war on and Hollywood WFUS beinn sold as a -serious Industry full of | serious people. It was the pattern of -She's ROIIC *TTy. loo, as ihr heroine i their efforts to cnrry the .state for! of "'My Cousin Kaehpl." Jnne .,Wy-! the national tickets in Novuinber, j .rum's taken of] "The Blue Veil"! Ench scnt dc | CKat ions to Chicago! and hfis gone back to IPR. rerordlnej which voted for i osu ^ candidates—! hot bhirs SOURS nrl. hoofhi? in mu-l the Republicans for favorites on 1 Meals. Dorothy Lamour's musk in a | Gov Earl \ V arrcn; the Democrats i French Liner sarong; dramatic queen Eleanor i Parker turned on the oomph in i "Scaramouche." I for Sen. Estes Kefauvcr of Tennes- j see. I The Republicans got their har- Hope of New Lud NF.W YORK W — The . n E \v Froiich liiinr Plamlre. her maiden Kveii ha. made getting |. SW it fi h. As on ii<!drd attraction Hollywood lias disrovcrcd her leys. IMI- t:rm-d them In bhmk .silk ami snapped on ;i red garter. Jennifer Jonc-s Is back to the eyo- brow liltinu; romantics of "Durl In The Sun" in "Ruby Gentry," Piper Ijuirie's pone Mae Wcstish Power's lc^adin(r lady iii "Mississippi Gambler," Jeanne Grain and Snllv let thc,n publ. C ,« n,c a, a colU ,_ ^^^^!^^ > ^^ Hollywood, "I snld to IjcttPr keep I myself. 'Baxter, you'd • your mnuth shut.' So: ilctit. at a week-end convention. Nixon scot fed nt Uie DcruocraLi fm saylupi the Dwlvht FJscnhower- Sen. Robert Tail split uon't he:il. "I know -AC will be united next November." wrt.s his answer. "We 'y^/wiU be united and we will win." ' ' Warren, the vice presidential candidate four years ago. and Hen. William P. Knowland pledged CaH-J n ,. |] tl .Utement he »KI the p.Tr ,,,»d« to poU^ , wis,, I ,,.i had .l,e «o«r- j ^ *? \££ t ™X ^ him but clkl any police loiiiul a 1 ace to say no when iht-y started j « .Miainnik ni tne ip.isn. piece of iron pipu near the Wenth- crup home which they believe was the death weapon. Octnnb and Htalr ijrnke out last Wednesday by ra nun Ing a 10-ton truck through the gate.s. DC mag Is serving life for murder and Blair a 1 to 10-year term for grand larceny. say ptiotogrnpiling me with pumpkin, pies, I never bake(t»a pic in my life. I should liavn thrown those pies In somebody's face. 1 will the next lime." Joining Annp Jn (he rush to low ] Ju.ii ijccaii-se she's n mother dld- fornia Republican support- to the Eisetihov.'er-Nixon team. Alt}' Gen. Eclmund G. I cfi for liomo today prepared for ; any possible new tt'oulile^. i The- 20,300-ton pas.sen^er liner, j biH^fisi built in France .since Wcrid i War [I, left New York Insi night I on Uic: return leg of her maiden v o y a lie. Sh c sailed t \vo t! a y.s. se vi en hours and -JO minutes li\tR. | Fifty-one of her scheduled pas- I seniors had j-tivcn up their .sjiact- time the Flnmlrc Bailed. Frcuch Line officials said t h o delays were to prepare the ship 'Brown, j against any mishaps liKe those Joanne: "Actors were rlnht In the silent necklines, nomph and wolf whistles ] days when they kept thpir family arc Mona Prcenman. who become.sMUe a secrel from (he public. J sup- n briRlil and snappv doll In love posei t's wonderful and all thai to n't stop Joanne Cni from kicking | ranking Democratic officeholder in : which harassed the vessel on iu over the traces. She's Tor^ettine rhe | California, told his party's delegates j maiden crossing here. Uivnificsl fnmily \ifr. pnblirily and i Hint the RepubHcans "ore fiuhun?;' ^oiti« after the .sf.xy doll roles. Says the Democratic parly with tht* dollars which a succession of Demo- cm tic administrations hnvn m;ule it possible for them (o accumulate." Brown declared a Democratic victory was assured by the nomination ' Read Courier News Classified Ads in Flandre \vas tlclayert at sea i by n boiler failure, and at quar: an tine here by a power failure ; that left, her anchor dangling. COURIER NEWS NOW LET'S MAKE IT Judge Francis Cherry is indeed grateful to the peop'e'of Mississippi County for the tremendous outpouring of their belief in the need for a house cleaning—and good, simple, honest government in Arkansas. Thc Myth of McMath has been exploded! Let us not hesitate—but finish the job! Let's end forever the era of waste, extravagance, corruption and graft which the McMath Administration has fastened upon the people of Arkansas. Judge Cherry will continue to appeal to the people—without mud-slinging, without wild promises—to make certain that their victory of July 29 i$ not lost. The only issue is morality, decency and honesty vs. a third term for tho McMath Mistake. We appeal to all citizens, regardless of your choice in the first primary, to join in the cause of good government. , . . and march with Judge Cherry to a Great Victory on August 12th! JUDGE FRANCIS CHERRY Mississippi County Cherry For Governor Club Political AdvertisiiiK paid for Viy I?. A. Xdsnn, ("hosier f.ilrlwcll nnrl Jamos Gardner

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