The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 11, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 11, 1934
Page 5
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SATURDAY, AUGUST 11, 19&4 V 7 V BLYTHEVILLE, (AJUL) COURHH NtWB AJU T O /V% O B I •_ fc and Note* for the Occurs Occasionally in Hot Wealhcr Despite Belter I'tiels iuicl Motors Although Improved methods uf iclhiing motor fuels and slmi'liinil diung?s in automobiles have minimized Hie occurrence of "vapor Icck." this sremlnyly mysterious irmiblr which has tallied many mctorislb in tin past still crops up Irom time to lime during the hoi jimmier months, according to en- (;i!i?eis of the Standard Oil Corn- puny of l.-ouisiatia. "Vnpr:r !ock is distinctly a hot v.-r-iiihc; 1 troiiblc," Hies; experts ex p]::incd. "11 is cm.bcd by boiling o (hi 1 lui'l in (h'j vacuum tanli. fue I'.uinp filler bowl, iir.'l lines or cav- tHiru'lcT. Tlu-j may c,u:.s? Ih? en i;in<? to run intermittently nn<l mi- >:ili£faciririlv or it may make it M:ill. II n:ay .iho lean the mix- lure . l o Ihat [him: ef the mixture delivered lo certain cylinders "VLii:or IccX can be (lelerinincO b^ (.cMlain distinct symptoms. '11 your stalls and subsequent!: u.sfarli aftff u period of cooling you probably have a va|»r loci. M:mcwh('rc'. If you encountcv in- tcrmillcnl o|icr:itio:! ill ;ivci.i3C rmiimvr Sjicctis nnd remedy tin trouble temporarily by opining Ih: lliipttlc wide you can be reason i!b!y sure vupor lock is causing tin trutihle. Lack of power at, ! iprcfh on Imi^ hills ami conliniia ;ui'lnv: while :d!in:j v.'hen t! 1 .: engine h warm, bin not wliil: i ij cool, ere also symptoms of till trouble. "If these uoiib!cs occur joti mus fir 1 :! lcc:itc Ihe cause. Perhaps yf.i- ni'! y have lo hiiv.' your Iced ilm ululated nr moved lo a coo location. In othci 1 cases the carburetor, vacuum Umk. or mmip to.i) may require insulation. "I'iclci'islA can be rcasonabl; cer- liiiii that this trouble is no'. <h:t tn ii'.dtor. fuels if they take the lroni)k-"lo purchase their gasoline r.l Ihe piutii". uf reputable dealer! who h:\ncilc piodncts which have rxvn [('fined ty experienced rcfin- irt." Fords Visit Their Exposition at World's Fair NEXT at Blytheville's Theatres THE CIT1 The Bros, n ami Bnlley Revue, :i pieseiUfHlon full of cnttrtahi- mpnl. pretty girls, dazzling cos- Uiiiu's, find WHIR hits, dances and fi'.<lc. will l>« a treat for IhcMre goers ol niylhevlllc, when It will lie ijiven ns aii added allrncltoti «t the Illlv. theater Sunday. The veyutr <\'lilch Ls studded with shir informers and Ailed *itn fast entertainment Is ndrtcd lo the regular picture show. The Umiloimirts. a stage b»nd which has only recently competed a 10 weeks engagement over WACO mrtlo station at Baltimore Is one of the main attractions on Ihe re- A biund-new. iwpuhir. starring combination comes to the screen in Patamounl's "She Loves Mu Not." the film version ol uie smnsh Uroadway success. The picture IN THfc UNITED iTATtS, A It A vents tttem from «d*illtlii« AND A TRIUtON IS A THOUSAND BtUIOMS — • /.OOO.OOQ OOO.OOO' AND A AtiXION A MILLION ^ooqooq 000,000, AND A tRU.UON Buildii ihnre (he Detroit. Symphony Orchestra yi\-;s concerts twice daily. The Ford Gardens and the "Roartr of the World" lie to llic north. Insert shows Henry Ford and Edsel R. Ford (left) inspecting Ih? Exposition. come, on Sunday ,,,ul Monday lo p™r of the 'VinVld So,,'• who ^•^^^^^ **£.™ "•• £ 1.75 From Coast lo Coast ! Wins Senatorial Primary at 2,9 HUGS HILL ECEIVt Clicvrolel Plans Recognition For Those Who Pass Examinations Ferryman of Notnny-Vacnnm Oii Cnmp:iny, Inc., biddin fc to Harry Ilartz (left) who piloted Ihe Airlluw Do Sctu ni it}? transcontinental nirv Moltiloil :ind .Mohilgas, refined ntlin'Tetrclcuirt^Company, were use;l exeliisiyely. ~' fc by the. Using Motiloil and Mobiigas sx-1 An official cconojny mark of cluslvcly, an airflow De Solo has i 21.412 miles per Gallon of gasoline just crossed America, 1 from New'was sol on the 3,019 mile trip and York to San Francisco al an entire I the Mobiloil was changed e.ic:i j Though he is only 29 years old, Mhiam i-oles. Acting the role of a love-sick, chivalrous Princeton student, Crosby sings and woos liLs \viiy to the i;reiil romuncc with the daughter of the university dean, after Miriam Hopkins, as the madcap, flamboyant. little night-club duncer, enters Ills life, and leaves him a sad'Jer but. wiser cr^tegc Ind. Beginning with an utterly fun- Inslic and ludicrous situation, the film in its rapid progress pokes derisive fun at colleges, the motion picture Industry, the news- p:il>ers, communists, gangsters and nost of the familiar American .millions. Yet there Is not a trace Wlwn they reach Grind Canary the tartest Islajid ' Banter's selfnlIflc monfd t« atcin a plague 6t fevtl'. !tt* love for reilortd his seK-resjKct, nnd hU to aid nmnkind. The climax la rHchtfl »lK!ii Madce contracU the dreed disease, and he saves her Mr. his heroic work has restated hU sclonltdc sUndlr*. and they sali b»ek to London to build n new life togetlK'r. It Ls a colorful Slory. ninlil tropical settings of rare beauty. A distinctive and well balanced cast was selected b Warner Brbs. for the leading rolt* In the rolltek- Ing comedy, "Friends of Mr. Sweeney," which comes to the Rltz Thealre on Saturday. Chiirlle Htiggles .the Inhnlablc comedian nnd the screen counlcr- In ig Ing ion. has the leading role. .The leading feminine part tmdied -by Ann Dvorak. Eugene Palletle, the famous Ser- cant Heath of ihc.S. S. Van Dine detective novels, the~ most recehi f whlbh to be made Ihto a plc- ure 'Being "Tltc Kennel MutSer ise," has an Importsht tole as breezy Westerner nncTpal of Ohar- le of rancor or bitteinusi spatkling comedy. In Lilting rotiitnicc and uproarious comedy amid the gay American colony in Phris conies to the Rltz screen starting Tuesday In "Paris interlude." The hew picture, based on the New York stage hit, "All Gooci Americans," has an elaborate cast. Dealing with Paris at the time of the arrival of Lindbergh, the plot follows the fortunes of group of newspaper correspondents, a git] fashion writer and other expatriates In the festlvi French capital. One of the spectacular details of the new picture is a great fashion show, with beautiful man- Oiceofai Pwtor Back From Vacation Trip OSCEOLA.—The Her. Marsh M Galloway, pastor ot the First Presbyterian cpiirch, hns returned from n .*hoH vacation In the Oi»t* mountains 'of MWknirl, and wll preach at the regular time Sun day, using as his topic, "Chrlstlin Hy at Work." The Rev. Mr. Calla*ay says his vacation **s tut sbbtt by the ex treme drouth and heat. The peb pie In tht sectldh *lslted by him are. in dostHute ttrttjfnsUnee; Wells have gone dry and'water belris hauled 'for Wan and beast over long distances. cording to data received from the, al oil hein^ used. Harry Ilarl/:, Rusli D. Holt won a sweepins j"eo.iilns displaying the latest finery Poor Widow'. Rkhct Fend After Deal HATFIELD.' Mo. (UP)—Mre. Ra ctiel Hopper had lived the life c 4 P**;.fc|dow VflAian , diifinr tb i--^.- l>JL.kv'^J. ' w 1 ^i_* - * ° T:ie sk.\!ed service station ima- t! ;uiic is :iboul to sain th2 r;coc- n!;ion he lit;s to long d^servc^. 'I'J'.nl i.;. Clievioic.! mechanics are —for the Chevrcilei Motor Coni- priuy Ls about to pul in cfTcct- a iir.tion-K'ide plan for awarding special master mechanic badges to . rii^ih:!ity to the recogniticn will r.ot dcpctitl merely on character iin<I lc:'iKlh of service, but, upon the applicant's proof of superior nliilily. He will have lo take two apart, technical stafT of the MagnolM Petroleum Company, rsfiners an.1 distributors of Mobiloil and Mobil ;as. No attempt was made lo .set -ny speed records, as the trip was jurely an economy test, ofTicullv .upervissd and sanctioned by (h3 American Antomotile Association, .o show how little it need cost the iverage moic'.ist to cross the coini- ry in a modern car. usins modern jasoliue and motor oil. The test was followed with ifl- 'iisr interest, by Magnolia ngcnt-i ind dealers throughout the Soutn- .vcstein i-lalcs as il verified their :tnLcm:nls regarding the economy month Chrvrolrl. service melhoG's.. Dealers nviy iwnmiiiend for the baiige on- Iv Iho'-e employes who have work- i"<l lor Ihrcc years as an aulonio- !;ilr mr.dianic and al least one yc;ir i :\ Chevrobts. Examinations will I.- Kiven by ™;;= service reprc- :c:it:'ttv?:;. All records Mid cxam- !iv!lic:i iwppis will he judged, al Ih- central ofiice. Detroil. which •-•'.I lorward the hadccs so those v.l'.o make nocci. r -fore thj zone- service repre- ,• r:uLi;i\rs give the examinations ihry too imisl jjass them ur.dci Ilir xnnc service nmnnger. who 1 r'vioiisly must have passed Ihe rxa:nination l-imsr'ir. The ladge itself will be a large nval medallion engraved with thr- rmploye's name and Ihn lille '•c;lu l vrolct. Master Mechanic." It i-; bchcvi'd Unit service cnstomcri will v/clcoisic the Innovation, since they Hvill recognize in badgc-holfl- *~r. mechanics whose ability is at- lc:;trd by thr makers of the car. "iiick Domestic Sales Attain 5-Ycar High jf world famous products. famous rr.cir.g driver who piloted J the car. termed th? tran^conu- nenlal run a rer.l test of Moblloil and Mobilgas. "Four days of travel over voacli of all descriptions in alniudcs; ranging from sea level to 7.535 feet,' victory ID the Democratic seua- i in " '' c P lica of a famous Parisian tastfevifal .years. ^ She was lorial primary in West Virginia I 5nlo »- Another Is the huue nins- tclv%, n 4'p'Vfir.rim^at, pension an soundly beatins Clem Slmver l 1 l'"-' radD tan Biven by the artists In I ^ore.Ke'aVy *ln'ler-cloUies through choice ot Poslma=ter Ocnorai j" lu Lfltl " Q" nrlcr - The famoiLslout the summer because she ftp- Jitn Farley. Holt~ a yoiilliful • AmcricBn u:>r nntl othcr haunts of ptircnlly was loo poverty-strlcke prodigy wlio bad the support ot ! tourists also figure in the eiiKag- ;bro;,ani;ed,,ne;r^^! i "L^^r±L B 'l r =:' In heat that form under any and all coneli- and in Mobiloil cold. showed us' B ar(lci1 a s more enthusiastic for Madge Evans plays the heroine, m cold, showed us; -"•"" •">•'•«••= ^.Kmisiusiic lor i ns „,,, AlllCTlcnn tollrlst who Jm . and Mobilsas p:r-! u ' e N^ Deal even tUan Shaver. • „ nnri ,, nn ,, fA ,„ Pnrl< n .,,., J , 1 . r nroducUs are of iiniform high quality right across America Liiui •.vill yivc perfect performance m any climate or altitude v.'itho:il minor cartuvetor adjnst- ; way to fame ns a fashion writer, philundcr- Robcrt to buy new ones. When she died, however, author! ties found $1,517 In currency sewc up In an underskirt nnd $2,IM I cash and bonds hidden in Ihe flou barrel. Caddis worms obtain food b Chevrolet July Output Is Greatest MOSCOW. (UPj—If the Younq :vcn a minor carburetor adjust- Comsomol League has its way, all moiit." j Russian workers, wlisthsr employed . | in factory or office, will become JS3.05. The balance of S98.61 would I Vne" omclal'^publicalion of the bo apportioned for dresses, coiilsj i. cagu ,. League Launches OUo K r- i ry llr , iing ncwsgainerer. ana right to Uress Workers Young the fntthtul friend wllh!erecting nets in'the water to catc 'whom the heroine eventually findsjsmnll organisms. I happiness. Una Mcrkel is the! comedy foil to the heroine, as a I fflst-tnlklng and cynical Illustrator. I , n n 19Zy. an «l [clothing. recently chided Russian , "Grand Canary," the .fascinating! "t seller, by A. J. Cronin. is; Warner Baxter's next starring vc- j remaining articles of j workers for llicir slovenly dress, jhlclc. coming to the Rltz Theatre, DETROIT. Mich.—Chevrolet Moor Company established a pio- luclion record for the month of i f-nn^n- T« P^J Qfirc' tlorl July, building 92.9-17 paf.senger cars! . _V ann>n 8 l '"- " rid MarS |P"' r> >» U T r- -j -rs an '°P Warner VjUlfles j plants Why | "Flowers are planted in factoryion Thursday and Friday. -yards and floors are washed in tlic- The story opens with Baxter as pay some atlcn-|an eminent young doclor and scl- Ihc pa- cnttst boarding a ship for Canary Islands. His career Is apparently! wrecked, and he believes he isj The campaign for better dressed, workmen follows a recent decree i failing to oblivion. On the same j by Commissar of War Vorbshilov'fhip is Madge EvansT sailing from ind trucks, the highest July pro-1 inction since 1929, according to an' CGDEN'. Utah. ir.r.ouuc-inent made'by the olti-1 Warner, president. Spiingviiji' Can- > u> i>uiimnb.*uii 01 war vorosnnov 'i-uip is Aiiiogu E.VUIIS, ^Hiimtj num, :ials of th; company. ning Company, Springvilie. N. V. requiring all Reel Army officers to an unhappy marriage. Although To meet the demands of tical- That dorsn't mean a thin? lo wear while collars, clean blouses I they, arc irresistibly drawn to one •rs. which continued on a high! football fans. and to shave regularly. another. Ihdr sense of honor prc- :cve! during the month, the hca.y; But mention "Pop" Warner, ol! ;^^^^^^^^^^^^^—i^^^^^^^^^g^gyj^^^ ircduclion schedule was maintain- 1 " 18 Carlisle Indians. Stanford,' work- i Temple, u-ing back formations, and BILLIONS /, OOp, OOQ OOO. POQOOQOOO. WHITE BIRCH OtSt&NATID OfBOAUV MMOfHOn I rare, TO HO»^O«. AvomntHbbo ';•,.; ' PLOADNG ISLAKiJK* <«= GRASS ARI A COMMON SKrHT IN THE AMA±Ofj BIV1B.' . OF SOUTH.AMtftfcA. TUe first tree planted to honor a mother wks s*th out -by .Sot^h Hrkes, on the shores ol Lake Antletam. near Reading, Pa., ^: y 13, 19J3. Thl» tree Is now known as the Initial Mother's Trijt. ti)c« that time the American Forestry Association has dedicated he.white birch as Mother's Tree. . . • OKye b6p«rtdr» Uadw (UP)— THe cooje 'or green o|lvc lm'porttr».^i(Ail^i';fB efTwtlve, kccoiding .50 7 NBA" wW give the InditStfV » W^eur . . vrtk. an'd irilhltoum . 40 c«nts an hour, Five Industry' m«!siJtrs,.-to: elected by the A«Wt»tton of; porters of Green Ollvf5,'w}Jl;be t code authority. Each flrm Is ' lowed. one vote for e>ch. fenegas of gr««n oUyes • during l»3S. - . ' -.- Ctuarontees against prol)K>Ued by bulk, olives' and lied to six months for thoieipiiei In bottles an'(( j»rt. Irtyetieion crt tt'e „ netted a profit of t'ii Inventor. The. first settlers In tlie strange colony on the Island of Saba Dutcn East Indies, were -'maroonet there by tlic pirate, Henry Mor gan, in-IMS: At F«r Wrecker PkiUipi FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DEPT. d. In the last four full ,ng days of llic month 1Q.901 mills ivtTc produced with a record 1.953 units in a single d;iy. oi'alwut. Both iw what you're lalking' Clothes Budget of 52.90 Per Week Aid to Girls I-LI NT. Mich. —Domestic rclai :-^lcs oi Bu;ck motor c.irs in Jnh ('MatlishFd a live-year record, ac- corciinc lo completed figures lor 111? month released by W. F. Huf- ctader, general sales manager ol the Bulck Motor company. • July's'domestic ictail sales were f.9i9 unlk. Mr. Hulstadcr said, r.-hlch compares with -l.Ct? men arc really the Siim 1 ' i per.soji. ; Warner revealed his business' man rob here recently when returning from a Ycllowslone P-ivl; vacation. He said lie looked out a l'i;ll- OHICAGO (UPI—Girls who inUEtjman window near Ogricn and saw- make every penny count can eel!" sign: Sprinqvilb Canning Coin- by very nicely on a clothes allow-' "I thought I was home," h>; aiiec ol £2.90 a week, according O explained ar.ri told of his New Beatrice Borden. budgetary buying]York state business. cars expert for Ihe women's apparel departments in one of Chicago's | cading stores. Miss Borden said she has co:n- pcsed many suca budgets for girls rho have had to keep expendt- ures within a limited sum. She is convinced, furthermore, that strict adherence to such a budget does not involve any evidence of Vav- ing economized at the expense cf ,>ersonal appearance. On tlie $ a week plan, a girl; can spend a total of $150.80 a ye-ir' for clothing. Such a budget- will Include: Lingerie, including three pairs; of pajamas, a dozen hoic and other necessities, $2526; one pair each of walKlng, dress, sunimet and evening shoes, including ga-, $17.10; one felt winter list, one summer straw or fabric, and ,or.e <:!!: tuibir. Jor v'^-s-'Cur.J c.igmal schedule for the month'weir. «5.S5; three pursjs. summer by 129 units. and afternoon or evening wear, delivered In the corresponding r.iouth bst year, a gain of 3,302 • • 11 per cent. 'Hie best previous . : iily In tl'.e past five years was In !030 when 7.5Q3 cars were sold at retell ill the United States. The five year record of Buick's July sales follows: ID30, 1595 cars; 1031, 7345 cars; 1932, 2474 cars; 1933, -1617 cars; 1934, 7349 cars. July also was one of the best oport months of the year, Mr li'ifstader said, total foreign shlp- r.-.ats of 1129 units e:;ceidlr.£ the TEXA JOYNER & BOMFIELD TEXACO PRODUCTS To Delco Owners: We carry a supply of Indian Gasoline which is especially recommended for we .in Delco light plbnt . mo|»r*. This gas is 'available';'tit Xhe •'•"'."•''.••': ^ ' - : .' V - ' regular price^-19c per gal- Your car .-will. show more. speed, quicker; pkk-u|) : _ • and-'better all iiround i«rforrtiance with ttiif'- line. Why •experiment-?. You'd better 'iTft STANDARD .from' .Terry's 1 Sfervicfe Stitibfi • you can-get BOTH qimlity-and price. : BILL VVUNDERLICH'S MAIN SERVICE Phone 711 (GAS < MANSFIELD TIRES At Mail Order Pridet State Line':-: Oh_tiie' ; A»^.ypf|

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