The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 11, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 11, 1934
Page 4
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• r PAGI FOUR BLKTMVILLE, (AM.); COUfcttft JHE BLYTHEVILLB COURIER NEWS . fBM OOCRW NEWS CO, PUEUBH1B* ' ' - O. ». BABCOCK, Iditor E. W. HAINE8, AdTertliU* )f*a*g« Bole National Advertising Hcpjxfcnt»tl?e»: Aikansts EfclJtes, Inc., New York, Chicago, Oetrvlt, St. Louis, Dalls.-., liavnos City, Memphis. Published Every Afleri;«n Eacnct Gummy. Eulrrod Kf srrmief i-.i.w mutliT nt Hit [icvM iillin- :it liiyllii'Vllle. Ar- K-iu.vts. uiirii'i ."'l "I Congress, <>c- iGl*:r 'J, 1911. [!•.' I.-— limuM I'i CM ll'nilN SIATEH By rnrrinr 1:1 tiic l.'ity o: ZViVtlicvlllo, IBc per n« t or 16.50 |.vr year In advance. By mull within n ni'llus of 50 lolles, W.OI) pet yrjr. *l :n) li.-i n« niomh-. Kv. (or! monlbu: Sy null In postal zone:; t*'u !o Els. Inclusive,, M.bO pci year, in -/cuts svvin nm' eight, Hu.OU |v'i \('f inytoli' In aclvmi'V. ] he Value oj a Campaign Just lui-.v iiji l'ii] l!ic onliiiLjry ji'jliti- c;il L'tiniiini^ii is in lut|)iii}; voters l» d(ioi mint 1 ' \w:\ they will ilu'ir l>;il- tuls is (ii:li:ll:ililc. CcrtHillly sMltc I'illll- |j;iiBii- do nini' oui-p tin 1 rnally (» brinj: fliiTii into I'loiii 1 ivlicl'. In spite of li to us tlt;ii voli'i , Itourvrr, il Kt'rins \vlin have no Isi'llff bit sit ; for jtiiljiini-" wliii'li ciiiidiilitli!^ merit ekclion c;in c.litain Viiltuilile a-- sistiiiicc from iiKTcly iili.wrvinj; (1st 1 type of campaiKii which tlu- various ;iK|)ir;tnls for public Dfiico earvy on. The man who makes nil honest iin:i (Ifcenl campaip'M, spiaKiiij; frankly and plainly of the issues involved and uf his own ieuor.1 ami tlu 1 rccnnls of hi'-. oppi;iient:; l.nii rot'i'iiitiiiiR lifilh from fiiulflslic ]iromise:: ;IIK! frotvi |icrsoii;il .attacks unnn llmse who op]iost: him. is pvelly likely In trive hiiiicst ami ptiaijjh! forward serviec in whatever office lie may win. The man who rants and 'rave:-, uho niitkns promises wiUiout lelliii>f how lie expects to fulfill Iht-rA, who falsifies or twivsts fact', lo exalt himself or tear down his ii]i|iuiicnt, c.v who resorts to fhystev tricks or circulates nasty in- siiuiiilions. imbolsl.ercd hy fatls, re.- veals himself as a featherbrain or a crook. A man who is mil honest with the people in his ell'orls to attain public office is nol likely to he honest with them aflei: lie achieve; it. j judge C .E. /<Cec/<] A race Hint 1 has not allraclcd the iilteiilion its importance deserves is that for circuit jud^e. Two judges arc to he named and there are three candidates, Judge G. E. Keck, of 'niylheville, and Judge Neil Killough, of Wynne, the incumbents, and Jeff ion, Parae;oul(l attorney. It probably has not occurred In any Mississippi comity voter that I hero is any possibility of Judge Keek's defeat. If there is any such possibility it undoubtedly is munlr But that is no rea-on why Keek's friends in ihis ennniy Jnu'ge sliunltl fail to express their comidence in him. -If yon feel that he lias been a K"»d judge— as apparently almost everybody • does— the fact thai he is a local man is jt«t another good reason why vim OUT OUR sliunld join with his oilier anc! fellow citizens in giving liim u good vote. A Much- Needed Purge Umr nl' tin' next .slpps iii tlit 1 l'i'ili!rii! ^iivi'i'inncnl's win 1 ;i|,' j/anxsti'i's. iifi-onlili}; lo iliKjiiitcluv I'riini 'iVii.sliiil^- ton, will ljt> n drive nn iTonkc:! lawyer.-. Depart muni (il'-i.l notice ult'ifiiils arc 1 ;il)uilt to start a sliar|> campaiKii against the allorncys wlm use nnsi'i'ii- pliliuis. nii'ih(,(ls tu lii'fji minks cm! (if llie the "Ic- the of Hit; prt'-itli'iit nf American Bur Association, No liig city tiaiu; i.s withuiU its i;iil (leiiai'lineiu." In many casus Irswyors who serve in (hat ("ipatily liw all lliDii^hi of their res|inn^iln^'y I" llie ptililu 1 , and actually i-oimivc at ami ahi-l ilK-ifiil acts, Kvery iiiniM'tl man lias tin. 1 I'i/lil In lie I'ejiru.-'enlfd l>y <;(,iiiiscl, of cntirsi', and tlit'iv is nn disiinsitinn In infringe "n il:at rijjlil. Hid ihe lawyer \vliu lif- COIIK'.S a rc^'iuiir aily of the. KmiBsli'i 1 is a inenaee lo tin- pnliliv', and a cani- |i.ii;:ii lliai will put him nid nf Imsi- ness is very liadlv Linked Hands in KnrnpLail (iiiilumat i are liinlin;; list'.-;!' tlays thai if liie I!)!?') naval cnn- fiiriia- fails llicic will ileveln|i a new', far-rcai'liinj; "|, r " lie tween UK- Miilcd S(;iles antl (rival in the I'acilk 1 . 11 is iTpnrled Ilia! I" «uiild tiisctis.s ji jtiinl plan, ivai'liinj; from Alaska In Australia. Plans for cniHlikiini: jnint opcra- 1 inns lit'iiinst a rummon fnn \vonlil he, riuvised; new liritis.h naval hases would he enlistriR'ttul in Australia, and would he available to American ships in case of nt'i'd. All (his, of eniirsc, is nn (he Ktippo- silinn thai Japan will insist on full naval ecpialily anil will (iiuruliy pre- eipilate a naval constrnclion race- 11 C.OLS without Fiiyinj; lli;il Ihei'u is not Ihe r.lightcsl conrirmalion of Ilir j.;os- sip at eillier Washington or London. i The i|pi - olf>pmpiif mijrlil IIP h" Ingiritl 1 one. al.^lhnl. Tin; nations rlrj have cotu- iHnn intoiTsls in Ihe I'ai'ilir. It would hardly he sttrprisiiiu; if they sought, to find a common means of dcfendim; Ihem. Om urusgle :s a Mni«gl? of the Cicnnnn- Auslriaii jiiople :i(; Io;ci3n douitnalion. HBiiiust Itnlinn maitors. -Koiistanllne Kau.- merl'.oter, Austrian Nazi lender. linrrah! mfoinu'd ( 1 love mile uirls. 1 birth of a d:Hi:4 -Jack Dempscy, (M-llinniy l, i>.s|iii iiu: thr rukr i-l tin- wurlil Kir Willi. mi llhdwood toii;iy as in 1911 lo li; - llriltsh I"ield Miushal SAtURDAV, AUGUST 11, 1931 ^ SIDE GLANCES By George Clark CHURCH EXCUSE Who shall asctnd into the hill of Jehovah? And who shall stand'In flls holy place? He that hath clean hands and a pure heart? Who hath not lifted up his soul umo falsehood, and hath not sworn deceitfully. —The Bible ATTEND CHURCH SUNDAY Com m nice. Safety Requires Sobriety When Driving Automobile IIV J)K. MORRIS Kdilor.' Journal of the American Medical AisecUtiw, and of Hyt cla, (lit Health Mafailne If there ever is a time when you need perfect judgment and quick presence of mind, it is when you ore driving an automobile. Thai why sobriety is the lirst law safe driving. Most traffic thine. A lot of things can happen in that distance. In an emergency, one-fifth ol a ho* known that even very smal 1 / amount* ot alcohol may sufficients* disturb some people to make motor driving dangerous, a few simple teste have been developed to Indicate whether a driver may be considered competent. • • » A very simple test £ lo ask thr 1 person to touch his nose with a finger of both the right and the ! left hand. Another simple test is •to ask the imson beins examine;! lo take a key. walk iu-rc&> [\^ room, unlock a door nr.d then brine lli'c key back. In tim way I you may learn whether tlie walk-. ing Is normal and straight, whclh- ' cr there is fumbling with the lock. whether the person can turn wiiu- cnit becoming confused ami whether 'his hand trembles. 1 Another lest is to asK lire p-i • ion under investigation lo read, land see whether there is slurring second means the difference be-jor stumbling In the reading. It tv, r een crippling or death. and;a'.->o known lhat ihe memory ol safety. • jrecent things is often confused The motorist who is usiiiilly. under the influence of alconoi, •;« careful will, after he has had a : that you mljrhl ask such thinss n-. of (llille alcohol, do things that other-i what foods were eaten for luncli- |wise he would never attempt. He • con or brenkftiu, v.'hal urn; II:accidents happen iwlil try lo race a train, tuin :i | trip started, and similar simple because drivers do not react quickly to what they sec or hear and decide to take a chance. Alcohol r!u!l.s the memory, slows the reaction lime, and weakens judgment. corner at high speed, or pass another car going up a hill. A man is not soiXM 1 'jccause he can walk and talk. Scientific experiments show a nicasurcable loss Ordinarily we read in about i° r efficiency and judgment even f|iicslions. ISinls Weather liariiinnri.s I'OUT LAVACA. Tex. 101': - Ol'.i icsideiits on the Texas gull rna:-.i i , „ - - - refuse lo be disturbed liv li'i'ii- one fifth of a second to what w[>| wl!e ' n sma " amounts of alcotiol arc c . alll . wa i-ninBs this ve-r' Ci-im-: '.see or heai-ihal Is our reaction I accumulated in the body. Mlinps !U1[1 otlu , r ii in ', s ' llavo hl;m ' i time. Wilh alcohol in control ot [ The unmistakable pjace of alco-1 their nests on lowlands whii-li llu-y ! our minds, the reaction time is liol in causing motor accidents is avoid in storm years. slowed to two-fifths of a second, demonstrated in the tremendous j — , Suppose you arc eoing BO miles week-end peak of accidents due lo | Cat Adopts Siiuirrr-l tin hour, which is much too fast. I drinking. Alcohol starts at the' BROCKTON. Ma«s. iijl 1 ) —Mi.-,. I You arc traveling 88 feet a second.! top of the mind and hits judg- Donald B. Packard's mcther c:>: ,, ,.. • .., , 'H you lose two-fifths of a sec- nicnt lirst. i hiis adopted a tain- ur-iv Sd'.iii-c! I IK- name llunj> every summer. Were Ihc only po<>- O nd in deciding what to do, you 1 There are, of course, various de- 1 and is raising it wim her ihri- (lie NtllVK here 111 tl\C City-' will go 35 feet before yon do any- grecs of intoxication. Since H is kittens. S Si The Editor'* Letter Box Kmt n. Dead Issdn I notii'e in your issue ol yesterday you publish a letter from Uv. rtday, coroner ol PulasM county, lii'cicnding lo answer a letter <)' mine published recently in delens:' Gov. FutiX'il in answer to somr of Howard Rceil's false charges ajjiinst ihe (jovernor and especially : in reference to the penitentiary affair. ! I simply repealed il:u reports o! ! thr ncwsjiaprw. Nol Ihe Gazelle's I iciimi, ns I didn't see Dr. Aday'.s | Gnxrtti' article. Dut (hat's all ovc: i now and (lie s-'mxl doctor need n'Jl ' relei' to that at this stage 'of the ' game as Reed is simply a dead is- • sue and will cul but little figure : in this election and his cohorts. | such as Justin MnUhe-ws. Dwigh; | Blackwocil, Pumell. and that bun-h ' wl:o almost bankniplcd the stnio I will never get a look in. and Gov. | Futrell u-ill continue to .weld tK' '• broken huks that this buncli jil-i mosl severed. • | The go:d honest people i>l Ar- taiiEas have [earned a hard Ir.vun but t!:oy have learned it' well. So well that they won't soon forget it. { Ti:c only opposition In Mlssi.*,:ppli ccunty are a few soreheads and j crooks who arc never right, ap.a no i I appeal satlslic-5 them. Like How-! rt iiecd nil they care for is graft.. aft. yes. we have nn hones; snv- | nor wiio has the nerve to hold | leir feet lo the Hre, who hews; the lino and lets the cliijis fall ?rc ti'.ey may. I appeal in ihe o:u'St people of Mississippi r.imi- to I'Ote a solid vote for Pu'.rcll. i honest business man. a ron- icnlioiis. faithful servant will I rve thrin faithtully. build up the I ate. and nuko it wlial il onji:t ' be—the Iwsl slate in hn union JOHN I). DRIVEa. l.tixnra. Ark CLUB Fli;CI.> MIJKt lOiJAV 111)01!) It A K II U UN. 18 nnfl iri:(l)'. bvlnii£» lo Ibe yuBHC^ 1 ol nt l.nrvhitrck. rM»hlon»hlp Ntvr ork BDlitirh Ibr llnrl*HrnM Itavr :nl r.-TrrtTM »nil Itunlt. trlr» nnt n Fit* 1.-nlnN» nt lh« ftlhrr. rK-he.1 c l.l liHrlx mt (hr krnrf- ccilir** »lie N nnl lovltril r :irrrpt« n ln>f-ni|nulr lilTKn- n in n tllnNcr f* he elrcr nl r i-lah Ihe Mnitif- ftlftbl n* 5yl- .i-» i>nrl^ hy Miis. WATKII.H r'»> i' 'if l.nrrhnrrk'M niM-lnl nrlillrr*. ,\exr 4ay Rnot* nrerhrnr* hrr mrrl iH«riiM!«tn{: her. 31r*. Wnl. il Onul. Yn.l.t IM l.rnkrrt hc Celr dam y fn A il'.'llin i:. mil IIKI imn.-li In pay lor a ijcwl mini .Hilrp in Iliv Umlnt Hlutw. —Magistrate L. n. Dtoilsky. New York. • v * 'I'll" Him I'll !-,;•;; Ill) voile in world llfllllli: Us uillu.'nre Is piaclically nil. -The Hev. Dr. (Jfun]:v; (;. lYal». C'u'umbus. O. Uv WiJliauis 1 CAN'T Ti7LL Wr-t.-M" Ti-t 1 or: it;p, PARTY 1G A-Sk'IM' HIM, GUT 1 POSITIVELY WHAT HE AiNT AvSJ HIM- HE AIM'TA 1 ? A RAISt;, l.R 70 I GET orr-PERTH'Sftii V, .-/xKi'-v/siLi.-' j! "- ySEVP.RAL OTHER "rip: ic,';,'j I'M '10 1-tAR, THAT MANV VGSSES IN Rr- — THAT O'=f ICE NUMEROUS TO MENTIOM. Iliiiil- toe* r.ilftcd hy |hl» DTlklnriNe**. •VOIV CO ON WITH THE STORf CHAPTEH III '•'•WHO was thai Uronglit ?oa' home!" Mrs. ttaeburu. estat> n?!icd ID a deep chair on ihc porch. ^•Ith linr endte3!i knlltln.;. «ake<1 niililly as (be girl cam* up the "Oh. JIIBI uoliody 6t nil. The man I'd leaches Iho younjslers swim .lii£ at Ibe club." '3rs. Raeburn purged up liar tbiu •Ij's over so slightly «ml, olthonsb *\:v mailo no further com menu h«t laughter Knew th> Incident liari • lispto.ised Tier. DtntsT Adrfsb. waj ill very well: everyone knew him nut UarchnecVn Inner rlreli w*s .1 lililo closcil corpnratlnn. New- i rimers wero Innkctl upon with the •larkcbt suspicion. Although -I'ciiir 5ft ml miles from tho spires "! Maoliallan. llie small, com- lihrenl snlmrtian town li:id tho • ioJitiiers aurl narrowness nf spirit whirh mlKlit bavo l>elon£ed to some al village tar removed frmn She had never Janccii before iril/r oii^viic irftwc step f:',tcd lie; own yi oa ia tlie Bhore Wright Driliirlliuis | I have shown in a iiiu.mii:. Ir-l-j r how lii» [aimer iivsi-s 2111 >UI1(I). Of U!Cd out r)f rniy toll' : delivers to tho rtin. A tonj eiglis 2000 pounds, bin tin- fnnm'r ily gets pay for n:>6 piimuV.. Gin iirralors will probably lay this lo il mill weights, bin ns :-n run ontends Ihnl oil mill iMnks are epl by cither Gori or any o! h',3 ;Is. they should nol i:r ii:!d ifalllble. D;it (hey arc fm;^l\- [as- ened on the tarmrr. fcr it this eduction were clurgrcl u> rall- oads they would hire a lawyer nd nutke you prove some'.hinp. If were charsed In tli? gins they •onld hire a lawyer and make you [ rove somclhim;. so it is p:i>so:l on > the farmer, wlieie pruot is not] rrprired. I Now really is llns rlr-hic- ' on of 211 pounds oul of cvry Ion f feed nboul. anyway'.' When a car 1 seed arrives at the oil mill il s tested lor two tilings--^aste and ally acid content. But a.« fut'y cid content, has nothing lo do ,'ilh wclghl. but Is brnujht about iy cnndltions beyond the (r.imei's ontrol. mid nfler Ihe seed leaves j ils hands, therefore in nn legal | ense could he be held liahb for I ally acid content damage But! this 244 pound deduction out ot very ton conies from something. Vhat? Well I hav; a statement rom an oil mill chemist that the j iclual waste in a car load of reed >y test during the dry reason, or ;efoic the winter rains set In. Is ess than one per cent. So then -omehow this one pei 1 cent mole illl grows 10 the (-en per cent nountaln by the time it reaches .he farmer, or does the mote in the eye of the oil mill gtow into a team on the farmer's bad:?" These people deduct ten lo one for all possible losses on teed, but when a farmer buys a ham he ts not allowed to deduct tor the bone he can't eat, but if the farmer doesn't waXc up 'he will cat the bone and not only the bosit cut he win eat up the £:our.<! v.-here the bone lay. REX BAKER, Eiy!he<-n> Arl '!iv rontnr nf n^Mins to l.hirla, 'fho ^as afetltng "bi> l!\li!9 nip lh» side [lOKll This inm'nins evct'ythihg bafl ^eeD l&YCly. f!lr(]<:. Fiinshlne. flowdra, »vcii Ibe trneli ol iails a? IJntla ^aiig n'ver tier wasli ... nil hart i-nnirilmterl tb nodlS' sense of well ;..'.; nf. Hut now a clnnil Limt .il!. Tliofi- sirN »lio p lie ber ftlcnds tiad InufbeB *t her "lienly. cruelly. Well, she svciilrt feo in (lie roily innlghl. Slie would shmv ilieni How much -or how i Httic>_-,ne cared : ' ' I .Not niinsry. simicwl'.eis were tuning up for llie iiLOveriier.i uf tbe dance. "Looks ulcu!" Mrs. K.iebiiin saiil. Inlo Urn house.I, Jt t |, e cr isp. liilluwlnj orsamlie Bouti kissed her. "I'll Just rua you down, itear. and stop lo meet lh& 7:10 aj I come nark," salfl Mra. I uern j 1 . • :(unts dr in lifr «r\v:i miiii rl Indies ami ycnlU'incn 'if ill yenis eiul i':iiliii-i;ir-Iir :i? Tlie rliuucr In ftachnrn. i fniil l 'i:i>. Theru , . . capably. This was bnu of tier "good I WI1S liah '" Will. TliCfu <":- »ai Kimp. 'I'Ill-IP :. There wnr. Ihr ^HSnC: her daiiylitcr observed, willi ^ Ealisfa^.tio^. Mrs. iftci! mild, with a cerl.iin ilioly nir of quiet piide, "was subject to bad lieatiaclica." 1'he two women spoke little, tlireading their way Ilirongh slrecis shaded by the rays of the late sun. Everywhere lawn sprinklers played and small children, ke'jir. up hbyonri She came li.icii from licr dreams ! tlielr uSual Lcililihe lidur Ijccauso Ami Iliey •-.<• • it HUM :-ll mil. for Ilii. Si'." f ^It ,:irt ,\ :..--•. n.;ilii!c i':::.i:-. : "\\i-\i. Ihi: i? lirpii l"-iliia: 1,11 i'i:i Mil- l-ll IT !::•.! '•"••;•'.'•.\ii'i. 1*1 lirr. fin .ul llfiily r.-|m tiss n:::-:n. visii,;» lulu lo'irll 1:1 he: i l.:r. r ,h. \';r. r of the heal am) "ildyliglil lo toy lisllessly wilti the r-alad "Too hoi. I BIICM." played deliriously In slile yards. II "Dili you have a finni] swim"!" ] was all very pleasant, very ilomes- Her cheeks llamcil iv»|i lliu mem- i tic ntld P 0 ""'" 1 - ory of It. "II was nil right." I "Have n cood time, rlcar." Hoots "I ilcclare. Uarbaia." her moth i chilcliciUlior brief wrap nl lirnwn tr's frelful voice came to her a? Ciom n (lislani'e. "I declare. I rto'n'l tinnw what no earth Daddy re- ne\vc(l bis membership In tbal club tills year for. auyhow. You act icvilable joint nf clsirkcil. wl'Ji r. , Itaehuru ' discnura^ciJ sjioimful ot |:e;i3. 'S'liutfe E - t - : \ ef riiM.-l - ;i 1 as a limp At Ions l»-'l. '•*> \ faunjtf. i"::!i ill in time of "Naruiii:; Aiung yetlier," ilurin:: the playing or 01 llio wii!:ilni:j Iwal rose and liawnl cpiciiliiiMonsly ' to tlic asscnilileil coni[inny. ilieicj V.-HS an ire. siilclily pink ami ijrceii. I fulinicl in Uie biiajie nf llie clut' Has. linols lifted licr ilcml-tasrs; and : | ( ..Bi'ti-i :,„•} velvet nrounil ber nml went s<vl.ftl? fif) Ib'o flajsed Walk 16 the club. Tbe doorman fralled .it licr. "K>'enlns, Miss Hoots." Mrs. Waterman, a dowager nritli Komrtlmea (is lliongh you Htdn't j crisply marcelled silver linir ami a care aboiu fl. And we could il ; j dynamic air of being equal lo any Bft'orrt ft. . . ." [situation, trailed her mauve Familiar words, ranijllat fet- tons toward (lie yniii. E girl. Urn:. Unots scarcely llslene*. Or laugi:idly drank. Acres:; llie inhlr ! "TLt i;,,.,. D,.,,^,.. Miss Florida was uuiin^: "(sl:'l U • km.'.vri ilr>;i, \< t ^ m: n dcliglilfiil parly? Isn't it l'imniif. l.-i HI. ri'im.-, womlerfnl?" i^hi> H.:!' P -r,t n -.1 Mr. llnlllban asked Uool* t". Km -=1." Inil nc-vc dance. One coulil Mi, ny less than willi nnynnv, accept. She danced willi F.I i^rfr.-iiy. haling Ific s 1 c'i w. old fashloueil: It nas i:rif f ri tj,h «n-.. slep:;, feelinr htr cheeks hot as] Alirin.;i li..fn!r ^iir- irnllznl tbo iiilre|iid Shakcsiiriircan echciat ' was li-ipi-ciiin; Ihnrly ii slcerril her In the direcllnn of llie'her raj i.f n-n i:a;t liunin. She liail lni[ieil to avoid uiuiluw; and ihlji-(:assliis S>hi:i lilvera' tnlite waa rnol l: v re. •;l i.l un!l7.«s. ' I; s h.iil nil Id I.'! like Ilil- • r\- ualtirally na 'l-inri'-J. befOTR. ! slfji tlllcrl h°r x^nhei spok? Mir Inn;.: Kreucli 'lio fnraii(!a. II wind hellled cupteit wlih her own thoughts, her own misery, she let her tnolhfcr 'irons on. "To nisks mailers rorse yon tai cTery Tom. Dick aud Harry drltt you bome. When 1 was a girl — " tl airtn't matter. It iroutd Be over soon. "N'o more fplnach." Boots mlmo«l suappcc] lo the itirprlsed Uticl* who. with »i rather twltered apron ll,ed on haphazardly, was hanrttol around the dlsli asaln. Splnact. Indeed, when be» k«W< was breaking! D " UI littr ID tie cool n't tBtt . lulued. uowilereo' \tt ictnted, sb« pu^eirled bersett til the llvlns room 'Irwp lot net caother'a ippiuvii. Bixu? sijirtlr tid lifted i liltlft. iileS til n *e? cijldiufcif!»rh .5.... > cliil ! -Inn urn-.- llui Hip inoiiiHiil w,is at ihp sails that smjus :ii nncbor ;u?t :ltrl n'.el il «tr|i head u|i and ;ii";ii;d Ihc pniar. oi-» or two yel- "So nice you could n-i:ie. mj dear. Ours is Ihe lalilr in Mi-: '.:<>. window. I always III;? in i,. :. :':' ftit window . . . one >e2- ri.. -•:•• set." Scots, wliu i.uew t!u" v n.. . r -• always eliose Uu> c»:-i m -r. >•• the loug veraiida cm- . : :- i •/ soiiud. staking n i;i>:-'ii:- :..- • ..ri less flirtation? m t,o i.-i I..B m under cover ol slarli:;:i .:»< :h : - lapplni waves. "1111161) i.'i=l:iiy. ••» return. 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