The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri on April 30, 1960 · Page 13
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The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri · Page 13

Kansas City, Missouri
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 30, 1960
Page 13
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12 THE KANSAS CITY TIMES. SATURDAY. APRIL 30. 1960. TROOPS CURB TORK RIOTS Shouting Demonstrations in Istanbul and Ankara Provoke Menderes Into Calling Army— Demand That He Resign. mm LAW IS SET W' After 24 Years, 0«puti*s Enlar Parliamanf He Souuds Alarm fwe«n Lm«‘s of Armod Soldleri. CAN FRANCISCO, April O 29.(AP)—In 24 years with the fire department, Capt. Bill Evans has an* swered an estimated 11,000 fire alarms. Today, on his v.ay home, he passed a garage and spotted flames, Evans jumped trom his car and ran to an alarm box. With a wide grin he waited for the big trucks to come a*roarin’ “I’ve been waiting for a chance to do that for a long time,’* Evans said. BELIEVE 6 LOST IN PLANE CRASH Canadian Air Foret Craft Explodes Ovor Lakt Michigan. Russian Ship Watches Missile Test. Ynrk Ttmfa K«%t» S^rvirff.) Istanbul, Turkey, April 29. i—Premier Adnan Menderes railed in troops today to disperse masses of shouting demonstrators in Istanbul and Ankara calling on him to resign. Late today in an angry ses- iton of the Grand National Assembly, Menderes’ Democratic party supporters drove ihrough an emergency measure imposing three months of mirtial law on both cities. Not only is all political activity to be suspended for the duration, but the army will also enforce a ban on all public gatherings and a curfew' at night. Troops Along Boulevard. After a violent demonstration of Ankara university students this noon, the army threw cordons of troops along Ataturk boulevard in the capital and the deputies entered Parliament at 3 p. m. between|p/^|[ JQ F|ND A TRACE f lines of soldiers carrymg rifles and machine guns. Meanwhile, Menderes made 9 rare appearaance nn the radio to urge the nation to be THE NAVY IN RELEASING THIS PICTURE yesterday, identified the ship shown as the Soviet trawler, Vega, operating about 60 miles off Long Island and within a mile of new Navy Polaris tests. The picture was made from a Navy airship. The Navy department "identified two white objects on top of the deckhouse of the Vega as a type of radar. A wire-like object to the right of the radar is an electronic detection device. Coast Guard Tug and U. S.'" Army Forcas in a Search of Fog*Bound Waters. Milwaukee, April 29.(AP> A Royal Canadian air force “calm.” However, he asked all patriotic citizens to inform the authorities of any persons, ♦hey knew to be spreading; plane carrying six men, one “rumors detrimental to the na-jan air commodore, exploded tion.” land crashed into fog-bound The premier blamed the]Lake Michigan near Mitchell angry demonstrators of the {field tonight, last two days on “prearrange-l Two hours after the crash, roents” by agents seeking to destroy the republic. This plea followed two outbreaks in Ankara at about noon in which on estimated 4,000 university students massed before the faculty a coast guardsmen and helicopters had failed to find any trace of the craft or its occu pants despite the fact that flares had been dropped and several boats w^ere in the area. Headquarters of the gildings singing a famous p ^ ^ p jj, Ottawa said the Ataturk independence rnarch'^^i^ Commander aboard was J. and chanting sMpns ' Men^ gj Benson. Windsor. Ont. deres resign and Down with; «ruu k ;«, all dictators. ^ Uuhert, Que., Se\en Reported Killed. ¡another officer and three men. Witnesses reported that five; John Duffy, civil aeronau- students and two policemen administration chief at were dead and that at least Mitchell field said that the persons had been wounded f^ght plan filed by the R. C. dangerously by police gunfire. ^ f . showed that the plane, The government gave out noj^ g,25 bomber, left Ottawa, THE NUCLEAR SUBMARINE, George Washington, is shown during tests of the Polaris missile equipment in which dummy slugs were fired. The Navy said yesterday the Vega watched tests of the equipment from a distance of about a mile—(Wirepholos). casualty figures. The Ankara students massed to support yesterday's student inarch in Istanbul in which the death of one youth was officially acknowledged by the government. However, unofficial reports placed the number of dead students as high as five. In Istanbul today, an estimated 2,000 university of Istanbul students shouted anti- Menderes slogans but remained behind the iron fence that surrounds the campus. Soldiers pushed the gathering crowd before the main en- tT*ance back across the busy Beyazit square. SEEK IDENrTry OF TWO. Boys 4 and 2 Found In A Briar Patch. Hahira, Ga., April 29.(AP) — The mystery surrounding tw^o little boys abandoned in a bri&f patch deepened today. Two potential leads proved fruitless and a search failed to uncover any trace of their parents. Sheriff Jewell Futrh said, *‘We still don’t know w'ho' we’re looking for.” A woman in Brunswick, Ga., and another in Ocean City, Md., thought they might be able to identify the youngsters. Tommy, 4, and his brother, Johnny, 2. Both failed. Canada, bound for Madison, Wis. The control tower at Mitchell field reported that the pilot radioed for permission to land, reporting that he had a “runaway prop.” The plane made one pass at the field and missed. Then it circled and headed over the lake. An explosion was heard when the plane was between two and three miles from the field and over the lake. Two fishermen on a pier near the field said they heard the plane | and it sounded like it was “trying to climb in a hurry.” “The motor conked out and we heard a splash and then a boom,’* Chester Smigelski, one I of the fishermen said. The Coast Guard had a tug: and two power launches in the area. A city fire boat, an Army helicopter and an Air National Guard plane that was dropping flares, also were helping in the search. STREET CAR RUNS WH.D. Hobart, Australia, April 29. (Reuters)—A street car conductor was killed and 36 persons injured here today when a street car careened down a hill and plowed into another street car during peak afternoon traffic. COST OF LEEDS STRIKE MOUNTS (Continued FYom First Patr«.) has sought to have G. M. add more than 100 hourly-paid production workers to the assembly lines in the Fisher Body plant. (At Detroit, General Motors and U. A. W. local 15 announced the settlement last night of a 5-day-old strike a.t the Fisher Body Fleetwood plant, called over workloads on the assembly line there. (Representatives here said the dispute had no direct bearing on the work dispute here but might have some indirect influence on the negotiations to settle the strike at Leeds.) The three Kansas City representatives of the U. A. W. who previously participated in the negotiations but who have been in Washington since Wednesday are H. E. Carroll, regional representative of the U. A. W.; Cecil Dowell, president of local 93, and Emil Talley, chairman of the Fisher Body negotiating unit of local 93. None was available for comment last night on the G. M. statement. They are expected to return early today. Employee Rejects a Fortune. R ome, April 29.(Reuters)A wealthy American, Stuart Sholes Everett, w^ho vanished overboard from the Italian liner Saturnia last weekend, has bequeathed his fortune to his Italian secretary- chauffeur, it was disclosed today. The United States consulate in Naples said the 46-year-old American left a note in his cabinet which said: WOMAN TAKES POISON. Alice Scott, Negro, 41, of 1614 Virginia avenue, died yesterday afternoon at Wheatley hospital. Joe Conners, assistant coroncr, said that ^e had squeezed a tube of rat poison into a glass of water and drank it. An autopsy isj planned. "I am doing this myself. Everything I have goes to Calabrini.” Mario Calabrini, the 22-year- old secretary-chauffeur he hired last ‘summer, said he could not accept the dead man’s estate—said by Italian newspapers to be as much as 50 million dollars. Calabrini said Everett’s possessions now belong to his family and “1 could only ac-: cept a gift from them.” Everett was believed to; have a brother and sister in Cleveland. Police said he had homes in Rome and Cuernavaca, Mexico. Italian newspapers said the American jumped overboard after a quarrel with his young employee. for the discriminating our selection of Quality French Provincial at incredibly Low Prices will certainly please You YATES 8121 WORNALL FURNITURI Dl. 3-1334 ■ ■ CLOSE-OUT OF ALL CARPET INVENTORY In Our Warehouse At Ridiculously Low Prices BROADWAY AT 43RD IWE. 1-2320 2 YEARS TO PAY| READ AND VSE STAR WANT ADS. 4 o'clcxrk today is deadline for Punday Star Want Ads. Place your ads early. Dial BA. 1-5500. Easy! Fm!—Adv. IF YOU’RE SLENDER BUT HIPPY Trim Inches With STAUFFER’S NEW HIP UNIT $13950 only $15 down, $10 o Me. Cali LO. 1*2210 2710 A Ircedway QomfuVtSL ... 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