The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 1, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1939
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voumiB xxxvi—NO. 102. ^THimLE,COURIER NEWS 77T —~ — • oim-Jtut MUUJiUVST ARKANSAS AND SOtmreAHT \naon,ia, ' • ^^ Blythevllle Courier Blylhevllle Herald Blytheyiiio Daily News Mississippi Valley Leader Western Front Comes To Life Again With Sharp Nazi Thrusts Apparently abandoning the purely defensive positions prevlomh ordered by Adolf Hitler tlie Nny roops thrust against the Fi'ench nes at half a. dozen-points along tlia most active front extending from Hie Moselle river- to tile Blir-s river. .I'lie thrusts followed Intensive shelling of French rear lines bv Jlifi biggest Nazi guns yet brought •Into action'. But whether,the op- eratlons were preparatory to n general attack such as Ihe French and British have prepared for was uncertain. ' . ' • ; Un Berlin Ihe German high ••:«>mm_ml reported in more detail man usual llml. there were 'actions by advance troops' en (he western 'front and Hint six allied airplanes were shot down.) Messages from The Hague said tliat Netherlands army authorities were planning to declare a slate of siege in some ' frontier areas to discourage any possibllllv of a German attack,through Holland cr Belgium. Fill Jail With Prahksffivs Wreck Property „„,, • C 0'lf., Nov. i (UP) -Police and firemen used tear ga early today to break up a riot o estimated 2 , C oa imilosve'er who were nrarllcfllh celebrant., district thn City of Flint 0 >i tv.-iy BERLIN, Nov. 1. CUPj-Allthor- German sources said today Cily Approximately 75 lioys of gra EC loo) age were seized am] herd into the city jail. Frantic calk first came to ponce dial a small army pf boys had moved into tlic' downtown district nid massed at Grand and Broadway. A store window or two caved n and signs were torn down Hoys began ripping „„ ' nmil uoxcs and traffic signals and tossing them into the street. Automobiles were picked up and overturned. A crowd of .anxious parenls began assembling oiilsicle the police station early this morning, nw iilt- or parole Tliese Eources said they could iiot connrm foreign reports lliat the City of Flint, is being escorted uy two German destroyers. An authorized source said lha the American crew of the vesse is in na danger from any actloi likely to be taken by German-/ Tins in reply to Secretary 6 Slate .Cornell Hull's request thai Germany, nuti Britain nvold miv action likely to endanger the American crew. Mew York Cotton NEW YORK, NOV. .. Cotton Closed steady. i (UP)— open high low close - Jan.r.."^' Mar. !; '' " May •Jill. ....... 865 Oct. 83G -.-908 -895 ?03 .903 890 891 892 878 897 89011 879 8G8 852 852 „ 83C 825 829 .Spots closed nominal at 918 oil Orleans Cotto NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 1 (UP) ^Cotton .futiires were oif 50 to 70 wilts a- bate today due to an Increased volume of hedging which the market was forced to absorb. cpen high low close Dec. Jnn. Mar, May Jul. Oct. 917 901 901 890 873 842 918 901 902 890 877 842 DOS en 9 889 878 862 835 907 £99 869 879 8G2 830 Spots clcsed steady at 907, off 11 Stock Prices NEW YORK, Nov. J. (UP)-. quiet trading today. A. T. & T. Anaconda Cop. Assoc. D. G. Beth, steel, '.' Boeing Air Chrysler . Cities Service Coca Cola "........ Gen. Elcc Gen. Hfot Int. Harvest ...... Montgomery Ward N. Y. Central ...: Packard .-. Phillips Pel Radio . Echehly DIst. ..' Simmons 241-3 Socony Vac. ..'.".'.'.'.'.'.'" 137.0 . Std. Oil N. J. ). 47 7-8 Texas Corp. '.'.'.'.'.'. 471-') U. S. Smelt '63 U. S. Steel " 74 .. 167 1-3 .. 32 fj-8 .. 91-8 .. 88 3-B .. 29 5-3 .. 89 .. 5 3-1 .. 120 . -10 3-4 . 5? 1,-S . 01 1-2 . 54. 3-4 :. 21 . 3 3-4 . « 3-8 . 5 7-3 14 Not Nazis Disappointed Because Soviet Statement More Menacing BERLIN. Nov. 1. (UPJ-Nazis disappointed because Russian ' Pr'i>- mieifForei™ ccmmlssnr Viacheslav IVMotov failed in, his speech yesler- "ayUo -promise OefriiiCny -additional suoDort, foresaw todiii- a •canllmi- W, S, Barnes Critically 111; Robbery Cases Go To Jury AND SOUTHEAST MISSOUHI ^KANSAS,. \VfinNtfSDAY, NOVHMUER FrmlfCocklai] Defendants in Hie rubbery case were found m) ( gniuy j n „ i vei-illct rfhimo,] il( „.,„ , Mafh I tins afternoon nflpi- Urn case h-ul i re::di('.t Hip Jury shortly before f and W. R. -We" Bnrne.s, sei to' today In circuit, court were post turned until next Monday after lt (•pi'lillrale, slemd by Mr. names' nhyslclan, was presented stallti" lhal he was c'rllifally ill nnd io m:ve him at Ihis |i me lnlKht . nrov( , f nlnl. ' JiiOKc G. E. Keck, is presiding, announced that every el fort would be made lo have the. (rial begin next Monday. The I wo urn ire cliaiBcd .with assault with in- cut to kin in « street nllermticm » which cr A, Cunningham, former nunleipiil judge and prominent nt- orucy, was critically Injured. The jury was still deliberating at :30 o'ckck this afternoon in the ases of Terry Lloyd, Johnnie Bird Orvil Recce, Fred Bcvill, Grover icrapes and Blanche Roberts who we tried Jointly on charges of obbcry. The cases, which started lonriay nfternoai. -*eiU to the jury horlly before noon. The five men and one woman nre censed of robbing J. E. Kooalz of PPKximately $40 last July in an ney behind a beer "parlor" here laudc F. Cooper and E E Alexnder arc attorney.s for thc'rtcien- ants. Piiblic Expression Of Aims By Molotov Scon As Alnnning J. here e.vnerlmenl. to ImpjOM! moloix,- of liquor. Hor- .iir.-ttiNUTOitH, Ptiiliind, Nov. I <lif')~Th(i, jjowrnmenl in-rmllied its m>BOtf!i(ors to proceed toward Moscow lodny dcsplti. gmvp apprehension here over Russia's pub- l« announcement of- her territorial doimiiids ngalnkl Finland. The MGscmv inlsslen, headwl by K. I'niislkivl, nlroncl.v llml ilotl, when lh« Soviet. I'roinler- n Minister V. M. Mololov need llml. nielli wauled M>JI>,> i-fniiM, territory on the Kinellan Isthmus nnd » mu'ril bus, lUis southwest corner of .(in: iWi mainland, at the entrance <<>_ the Gulf of Finland. The announcement was received liere with alarm nnd wcrd was inossaued (o Vlborg, on Ihu mis- j Man-Finnish border, for (he Paas- j iKii'i itiiS'$[on (o .stop t fiord niiil . onfo Ihe vine. ^nattV^,^ 1 ^. -> ^'^^"^-no pleaded Trial of Delbcrt and Carl Anderon. to be tried jointly on charges f grand larceny | n connection with ie theft of three toiw of hny a.ueci al.524, trom B. A. Bngg. was cheduled to get unriorwav tins af- "rnoon. EJlls Qiiiim, negro, pleaded guilty us morning to a charge of assault nil inicni to rape in connection it" a 12-year-old negro girl whcse "in 'lias broken in the stru°°le c- was senleiiced io 21 years in' ie state penitentiary with U vears. ispentlcd. Virgil Greene was nt-? 'orney.'for-tire-uerendiml-••• -•- / ^?... 0 "^"'.j )lca<led e«nty (ills — «^-.i^Tcirr ^ ="r^ "trw this morning mis order was cancelled and Iho mission van Instructed lo (irccccd. 11 was said that the new order had followed a closer Inspection of Mololbv's de- mnmls which showed them to be, more favorable than earlier, secrqt demands made by Josef Stalin I The mission, Is. dim In Moscow | Thursday. Mrs. Rodney'Banister i "ounces ^ Appointments Of. Campaign LeadcVl Rabbi llcnnan' Pollack, mlibi'iof tlie Temple Israel, was nairicd.pjjb- , licity chairman and Mrs. Harry -W . - Halncs, co-chairman, John C Mc- Oil Man Or Attorney May Succeed Hayes As Com- initteeman ' : LITTLE HOOK, Nov. 1 (UP)_ r! 1 ', 1 ! W - eek fhtll CJ ' soltcilatlon group with Mrs. VV-'L Hornera. co-chairman Send-1-nil-- Ucipatjon committee Is hcaYlcd by ,, a v Mk' ^.. B -Woodson r chairman, and, Brook; Miss. Alia GnrlliKjton, co-chalrniai Protect your home from tuber culosls'. is the slogan of the can (lie next ten <av , w »[ o • ™"'li"'itelils|l" Finland's foreign minister. Eljas Erkko, said (Jit! greatest dancer dancer now was that since Mololov had made tlie demands public, ttiisslnii prestige might be involved In seeing that they wore Carried out. Well-informed observers he'rq were pessimistic over Ihc liirn of evcnls "Until now," Erkko said, "Finland has bet within i Hy to nnd - solution from abroad. 0 C0ln " ly lvl1 " without; Finland ofii'iflclnB Resoonsiljte Gen mnns had talked '° have slolm n car They will b» -"I 'Invs before the sentenced at tiie conclusion of the Ml Mo- , court term when other Jail prison- military Grs nre sentenced. Livestock ~ EAST ST. LOUIS. III., Nov 1 (UP)—Hogs: 3,800 Top, 6.90 170230 Ibs., 6.75-6.85 140-160 Ibs., 6.00-6.45 Sulk sows, 5.85-635 Cattle: 4,200 Steers ,7.50-10.75 Slaughter steers, 6.25-11.00 Mixed yearlings,: heifers, 7.50-9.15 Slaughter heifers, 6.25-1100 Beef cows, "5.00-5.75 ' Cutters and low cullers, 3.50-4.75 Chicago Wheat Dec. May opcir 853-4 86 higVr low c io sc 863-4 881-8 861-4 881-4. 853-8 853-4 Chicago Corn ecn of Hie '•likelihood *v wriiirl announce iH/ance wilh Oermaiiv. Only a few liniir.s before the siwnch newsoancrs linted Molotov would disclose such firm sunnort of Germany as lo lurm-lsc the allies. The newsuaoers In Inspired edl- orinls e.-mmented freely on the Ilalinn rovcrnmenlal shoke-uo rhev called it 'a normal move and ignored the rennrls nnvoad that infer Benito Mussolini had de- mnlerl- men known to br? rjrt 'voical Kinmcnt wns-thnt nt the Vo«lkl«-1i Br Bcotanhlcr. official lewsnaoer oi^an of the Nazi unrtv , T)iere will lie commentators in xwdon and Pni-l 3 whn lvill . lehlnd the lt/ii|»n cabinet chni)./., nmterioiis oniilrn^l reason," t h c ncwsuaiif-i- snttl^ "Tlicv will nil be in<? his p»fird< lome Is safe from this' disease >,„ tn .nil hnnes nre safe. Tubemtlosi is still Hie leading cmiso of dentl m the age group from 15 to 45 ilns group incliiclcs our yoiin» pco pie, nnd men and .women in tin mcst productive years of their lives Last year the disease to:k 1,003 Arkansas lives and in this count we have approximately 504 cases 1'he Christmas Seal campaign v.'il •cd I open on Thanksgiving Dav and - continue lhroii»h Christmas;" Mrs Banister announced. Prominent Italian Editor Says 'Anti - Communist' Front Strcngthenecl rwoii forc'linn»- t )v U he u'(i>if<; tn nave nt his disnosal as manv out- stnnrline and exocrienred men 1S nosoible for hi?h posts in Papist TtQlv. "If nnv nosslble for nil the IK (s the eniohnrfs on cliurnrlcr of Kalian ership," now ^ To AHp nr ] Meeting Of A. E, A. W. D. McOlurkln. supcrintcndenf of schools. Miss Rosn M . Hardv m- ncmnl Q f u,e l,i<, h scboo , ^ Miss Winnie Virail Turner ele- menlnrv .suom-i.w of ni i v ^f, a-comoani«i bv 17 tnadier, in the chcoh «||| Mtaid the m . M ,}* o, in Little Rock 1h l Because of Ihe lar ?c mi-r o iirti school ic.che« nwwn/th, trio, the hl«h school win be clk- ThurMav and Pl . i( ,™ ,,ut classes in other schools vlll r -n ijiiue with substitute teachers 'for those who are In Little Rock o *o follow: Beswick. Mrs. Farmer Ene- land. Miss Emllv Dale o?a v ^ Irene Mcr«ni,. Miss EUzah((t h M ' Henrv, Mr. and Mrs. • Robinson, Miss Effle nOME, Nov. continues [n — Fascisn Britain Will Begin Rationing Of Food LONDON. tf:v. 1. (UP) _ The government announced today plans lo bejdii rationing of food in Croat Britain. Bacon and butter\U|I be rationed, beginning about tlic middle of nc- ccmbcr. it was annmicnced in the House of Commons Bacon and butter will be- rationed nt four ounces, or a quarter of a pound a week. per person That amrunt. it was said will da, authoritative Glorimlc d'ltalia, commenting on the drastic inet party ancl army shakeup „... ereri yesterday .by Premier Mussolini, i Oaj'tla* .editorial was regarded editor of the said today In cab- ord - Husband. Slayer Justified HOT SPRINGS, Nov. 1 -It rc- , • ^^..».i Lllul. Ill <>|J- pointing six new Cabinet members, a new Fascist party head and new chiefs of the army and air force Mussolini not only strengthened Italian neutrality but weakened the Rome-Berlin axis and reflected his disapproval of Germany's closer Delations with Russia. Foreign observers said that by the shakcup Mussolini removed from key positions men held to be strongly friendly toward Germany. Governor Receives 1940 Number One Tag Tp Miss Luna B. Wllbelm, M..,, „.,„„ xiuiso shaver. Miss virslnla V7II- Medrlth Hancock. :*Y_-»«.. jCu",U^S a ri|ht Dec. May SI 531-4 or « Ai-k.;' NOV. i Witlv mtie ceremony, Frank lancy license division supervisor of Ihe revenue department today delivered 1940 Arkansas 'auto lag number one to Governor Carl B Bailey. . . Tlie new lags n ave an aluminum background with scarlet numbers. Another British Ship ' Destroyed By U-Boat LONDON, Nov.. I. (tjp) r A Nazi submarine sank the 5,317-ton Brit- ish.steamship.Bronte last Thurs? ha * l ! v ' M .^closed today when the survivors landed-l,v England. The cre-V of 40 and oh' ^'iw* *n» , PI °, CC<1 U!> b >' al1 1 after taking to lifeboats (lay for a coriiicr. Jury to'return a .\ e .;! of . Justifiable homicide at o Holland. „„„ , , . • JJi , T Bnnll °". unnouHCcd last eet., hnt , bccn , exueclc[1 fm . m Hie beoause of 'the Hatch ...prohibits--' . A .. from holding party posts Col. T, H. Barton, El Dorado oil mail and Grover Owens, Little Rock attorney imve been most ,,,-oml- iciuiy nientinied as Die ones likely to net the ]iost. Under the constitution, Havs 1 «l«ce will l,e filled by the National Domocwlic CommlWee. upon the the ; Itm. ' «'hl C h - sslori Fear British Has Been Sunk- Insid 500-Mile Safety Zonll T^ . _. , Rob Bank, Wound Officers SIT (!JP)_ OKNIiVtRVI', Mo, Nov nk heio lottai ami estapad in Ui<> aiiiciilowio of clli Amislinl linn \ iiftei uainu|in K ),| m llll( | hiiprirr Sileolcr In u gun imttle ont- Ide (hp. city, Ollldiils nt Ihc «|ale lilRhwny pa- rol .said nrury was shol in (he liinul and Weider In the fate Officers hero were notified of the . ships nnd two, ftMlnnf". meed to the <x;ejie of the] ,nttafk about «0 miles east' '01 Boston Tjje flist ow io mrli Clifie found no trace of'thc ! frclghtri' 01 Us crow, 'tho wari lontlnuca In henvy sens, r.. 'Jiio Conlmotp's dKtre-i calk lastl night Inillcatcti that It had 6een| attntkpd \s(/ n submarine, bill. Dtlltsli nr.viil elides discWedl (he- iwisslbllity Dint a Oermau «m J lace iillilei, poilmps a pocket b.t-l tlcshtp, ivmdd tho aflacK The united sinliv, tiding 1105! onlj to ?a\e Ihe Coulmore's ciowl bill (o obtain nil uqslWo lilfov-l nia'lon on -invnl operation hea'vl these hlioies, mobilized all ai'n)l-l nblc lescue ships ir tho Coulmorel lepoitcd its position coucctly 'thel iittncl' occiutcd Inilde the Amori-1 Ste. Cienevlevo robbeu lodav ami can llcul " 11 lly 'ono pioelalmed.'by asked in ho on Iho look ut 101 ni,. lll<! r>m ^"^ couteience % ' biimlllK. believed to IH, lni\i'lhns in',, " e <ihl l )>H BOS ^"f received by 11,1,, ,»..„„, I-., "lulling 111 „„, ... . „_"/ tills direction. Asserts Molotov's Speech '' - lagrant' --Violation Of Ii)tcnu)t.ioiia! La\v WASHINaTON, .NOV 1 (UP)— cull of tho litHslii, clinrglue thai So\lct P; lilor Molotbv'K .ciipustlion to ic icnl of tlie arms cmbaiKo "was 'Inaruiil violation of liileiiiatloni nil* " ' ,aw." HOUKC McOoVmnck members The contra! committee, when . •. tlllH UlC CXCCIllivB a way will be given the privilege of nnmlnf whc « ill serve until n new national coininliiceinnii can be cleelcd in IDIO. M. R. Bailev; 79, Of - Holland, Mo. Dies „ Ihc Russlan-Flnnlsli border and settle nil . (llfucuUlcs -pcaceably^v.i,,-,.,^,,^'^;../_; ^ ,.,...,_ Molotov, addressing 'the'"„,„".'"^ Soviet nl ^roseow last nleht, hud said that iSuasia - needed somo border revisions on the Karelian Isthmus, between the Gulf of Finland nnd Luke Ladoga, because Finland at that point, rcnchc.i lo within almost 20 miles cf-Lcnln- gracl, second lurgest Russian oily, whoso ponulatlon of :i^00,000 is only 100.0CO less limn that or all Finland. He said Leningrad could e Finnish border un- londltlons, Finland's "miifllnol line", is on lti(! Isllmnis and presumably was included in the demands. • Mclotov also said that Russia wanted to Iciise a "section ncai the entrance to the Gulf of Flu- land for a nnval base." This base, lie said, cooncratini! with one at Baltlskl. which Esthonia recently U-iilIty act helped cominunist Utis sla nnd Nazi Qeriijtiny, ^ "A vote against .tepeM 1^ « V oi fti" Coniiuiinist Russia and Ha GDi-Dimiy,'.' ha .declared. Heprescnlativc Bruce llni to <Hep., N. ,y.) urged tho house t retain the . bar 11 on shipment o firms, test Its removal bo Iiiteinict ed ns a "signal to war."i ceded 'lo Russia, Hie entrance to could conniinnd the Gulf, The sviln!s Hn »so it's because Bnlllskl Born In Alabama, Mr. Bailey ved in that state until he went the Inquest-called b.v Coroner J. !'. He is survived by lih wife Mr? Randolph to investigate the death' Annie Bailey, ' '' of <\ B. Bishop, 50. World War vst-1 Holt Fimerr.1 Home Is In charce - -- >- eran. shot, and killed by his wlfc.' w "'' Inirlal (o be at faster ceme- p «"slklvl mission. The delegation Bealrlce, 41, at their home .ilcut. tci Y. J. W. Whltfleld, of'steele ' ' """ '"' seven miles southeast of Springs Monday. Tlie lobby of the Gross mortuary Hot) ««'tliict the rites. 1 y o e Gross mortuary',... ,., was packed sill, friends sn d neieh- Little Rock bors of Mrs. Bishop. Several tosll- fied. When Corcner Randolph announced the verdict there were prolonged cheers. The speclatorr, re- - „ „,„, lsuv ,._ ccived pcrmlssioi) to re-enter the Tlie second serious fire in Little room where members of the coro-| Rock's business district within tiers jury were signing the verdict ' and some cf the women seized the jurors, hugged them and repeatedly thanked them for the vcrdicl. Slashes Brother To Death With Knife MARION,, Ark., Nov. 1 <UP)- SJicrlff Howard Curlln of Crilten- dcn county, planned today (o question Lester Peden, 26, who slushed Ills brother lo death yesterday with a knife when they quarrelled at (hc!r home In the Rogers settlement five miles northwest of Clarksdale, Ark. The brother, Dee Peden, 30, died while enrcute .to Marion for med- attention. A murder charge against Lester jnll here. • ' was filed who was held in Heavy Loss By Fire LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. Nov. 1.— jiours brok coul In the three-story brick bulldtn? on the northeast corner of Fourth and Main strccis cccupicd by half a dozen business concerns early last night. Firemen wcrc handicapped by dense clouds of smoke but the flre was exting- liishrd before midnight. • No estimate of loss was available but furnishings and merchandise valued at $65.000 lo $75,000 wcrc Involved. Students Support Allies CLEVELAND (UP)-A survey by the Case Tech, student publication of Case Schcol of Applied Science, has shown that 433 students of 636 voting believe In a 0. S. cash-and- carry plan during the European war. The survey showed that 509 students favored tho cause of Great Britain and France, and 409 were against personal Involvement In the war. and ofllclals here chained that he hntl violated a confidence, since tllcirc ftn(l been an flgrecnicnl thai' llellhci ' s't'c would reveal the na-' l "''° of Hlb demands at this time Tllcre wcrc nvc men In the left here at 0:35 last nlghl. A solemn crowd of 4,000 was at the railway station to sec them go and foreigners present included the American, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish ministers. Mololov's demands included: 1. "A shift In the Soviet-Finnish border on Isthmus of Karelia kilometers Representative 'is. V l/ao (Dem Calif.) argued In fiuoi of lirtlnt !he einbirgo on giouncls lha Germany had been biiylni? the imterials for war .from the Unltei Slates for ulx years. Ailiiiliihlnilinu (.'nnllclcnl WASHINGTON, N« 1 (UP)— Administration iendeis \\cie confident today that the House'• vole Which sent President Roosevelt's neutrality bill lo conference with Ihc senate foreshadowed a "safe margin" for repeal of the amv embargo. Majority Lender Sim Rnybun. (13., Tex,) refused to Indicate how big a margin h c expected, but Chairman Artclph j. saballi (D. flU of the ffousc Rules Committee predicted (lint- embargo repeal would win by "aboiit"M voles." The administration won Us first lest yesterday, 237 to m, but both sides regarded it as Inconclusive because if cnme on n motion to :lose debate en a rule sending the ill to conference. The; bill i hen was ordered sent !o conference by voice vote, immediately 1 . Hep. James A. Shnnley (D., conn.) . moved to Instinct :he House' conferees to retain 'tin embargo on "arms, ammunition and Implements cf war" In (lie final form of the bill Cop Becomes Cabby ; To Get His Prisoner ASHEVILLE. N. C. (OP)—Police who like to make arrests with a ttjnlmuin of commotkn might take a lesson from Ashevllle de- .ectlvci. When Charles Brown, negro, . Bmn> vill s. « the north of Leningrad. 1 2. Transfer to Finland' cf mri' of the Soviet Karelia -double C case in° o^id"?f Y hmV size of the territory which Fin- ' ---- '"' land is to transfer to the Soviet Union." 3. Finland to lease Russia a "small section of her territory" near the entrance to tho Gulf of Finland. | 4. The "exchange" of several islands tn the gulf. 5. Russia (o drop objections to fortifications of the Anlnnd Islands Finland and Swcdcii. to disarm fortified suit- driver beside "Where to?" asked the as his ctmpanlon settled in the front seat. The negro gave him an address, " P a Hie RCA station at Ccipe Rape,l Nfd, nt 130 rim, nccoidln? Mackay Radio lioie The SOS I was followed by the "SSS sub 1 -1 matlne" signal, Indicating a snb-1 mmine attack Tlie position fchcnl was latitude 4020 north, longitude! 1.331 west 'Hie Miip was not Identified itil messages received by Markay, but! indto stnllons along Ihc Camidtai! I const Immediately sent out, calls] for the Biltlsh frelshtei CoiTl- moie, rtsUng for signals so that I direction findings could be taken on hei Thus, it was indicated llml It was the Coulmore that had been attacked The Canadian -ja'- llons jjoi no answer fiom the Coul- I mmo and they icpcatcd the cajls I cvciy few minutes tluoughout " nlglit oil the automatic signal E 1cm, on wlilch they also the "submnilnc dlsliess' Tlie wcslein hemisphere security I zone, outlined at the Puu-Ameri- cnn conreience a month ago atut latifled by the 21 Ameilc.n «.i- tlons icpreEented theie, cxtcndi | cut to longitude OG 44,U west, lal- mosl 100 tulles beyond (fie pgsltfon fioih which the 'SSS 1 came l ' i. E. i, mm Asks Teacheis' Oiganiza- tion To Maintaih Its 'Independence' (VGA LEADE!t-3fl ; UTl't.K ROCK, Alk, Nov ).— Spenklne bofoie. the policy-fonnIng Rcpiesontatlve. Counoll of 500 lb- >lght, President Ralph B. Jones 6f 'ort Smith villl cpen (he seventy- irsl convention of the Arkairsas Education Association with lecom- ncndatlons that v , The council empower the Executive Committee to emplcy a fnllj lime field \vorkci to augment the present headquaileis peispmiel. Tlie <norkci. would aid iri menj- beishlp campaigns and aid f' unit" in planning programs ! able to their areas 2 'Ihe association " Independence against the meditated onslaught <! cc textbook interests that ntl to contiol and dominate th sanitation through • its offici Mi Jones said he would elab:; n his proposals in an address 0 iMJ.T. H. Alfoi-d, state commisi of education, aie the only ;_ _ rs scheduled to appear befor^S tuucll, sihlcli win meet nt' in at We-.t Side Junior ' cliool. Ix-Communist Says He Has Been 'Framed' (U! positions on Karelia. Isthmus of '.That the Soviet-Finnish nou- agdresslon pact bo "rehlforccd wan additional mutual guarantees.". CALOARY, Alta. (UPj-Registra-' lion of Caljarj,- women. for war service, if the need arises, has begun at CO polls throughout the province. . ; WASHINGTON, Nov. 1 'illiam C McCuistion, amiiiuiilst, under arrest on a Ivc waiuint issued by ^fe^v i ans police, today charged bi>i ic Dies ccmmittee that 85' nt of tlic officials of the i 'ailtime Union, A c I O aflth- e, are members of the Cointnuh- t parly. McCuistion is being held by olice in', connection . with .New rlcans police investigation of the in dei of a N M U official there st September.- McCuistion'charg- ' that tlie. N M, U \vas trjmg iO-minute ride, the car ' 2 "frame" him. a stop—In front of the McCuistion testified after the police station. The negro then mmltte heard his mother, Mn.. realized he had been tricked The! Doll > M Crawford, declare that suitcase disclosed that its cements 1 Communists had infiltrated the «•„,.„ ,o hajf-galton Jars filled ul " '"''•-' — --••' Canadian Poles Will Fight LTOfONTON, Alta. iUP)-Pollsh men living in centra! and Alberta arc wai representatives of the exiled WEATHER All!a » Mls ~ \void from colder In northwest nortlon ol- fiht to i nhls o,r,M tin this foice to • , Geniianj change In temperalure -Falr to- not

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