The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 11, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 11, 1934
Page 3
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SATURDAY, AUGUST 11, 1934 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS S1IH LIFE At Work On Troduction Relief PAGE THREE Former Employes of Closed Mills Find Jobs Under FERA Program This ttorv, second of Ihe scrips OB "production rtllef," \vas written by JoWph H. Dyson, Worcester, M»*i., newspaper jnarj. »fter a visit lo the scene of the Millville project and a (haroutK study of its working!:. "Prediction relief" Is new fl»« I' 1 ;'* ' s sweeping ' ccuntrv and it the most important move to Ihe last two years toward tolvlnj the Hncmjiloymrnl and relief problems. BY JOSKI'H H. DYSON (Written for NKA Sfrvici MILLVILLE, Mass., Aug. 11.— Here in southern ' Massachusetts not far from the spot where a certain shot was fired 150 year: ago tiist was "heard 'round (hi world," picduclion relief, one o the most i evolutionary moves ii the whole recovery program, getting a lest. In an abandoned lodge hall, on r. Boot laid out for basketball, ihe Federal Emergency Relief Administration is sponsoring one of the pioneers in a chain of "relief factories." It pays the wages of workers and distributes tree to weltarJ aid recipients the finished products. The town of Millville is just what Its name implies, a mill village, and virtually a "[resorted village" before Uncle Sam moved in and stalled the wheels to turning again. The ERA knitting mill project here lias l>een in actual orn-iatio.i nearly a month. Jobs have been provided for 44 girls and, four men, and the place is in every tense a manufacturing plant, making cloth and (Aiming it into finished rarmcnts. The products are athletic shirts lor men, and "brother and sister" suits for children. They are being shipped into stale headquarters in Boston, and by next month will have reached the 28 commissaries ' being established by ERA. There they will be distrlb-1 uted free to relief clients. i NO COMPETITION INVOLVED ' The goods tire not to come into 1 competition on the regular mar-, ket at- all. says' State Administrator Joseph I". Carney. They urn to be given to relief recipients who haven't any money to buy such tilings . and aren't getting Ihem, from tlie -government. Here is a,to\vn. that was as. fiat as a flounder. ll had acres of abandoned factory buildings on which nobody bothered to pay the high tax rate any more. Stores were closed, houses were empty, citizens were moving away. Once it had 5000 popuialion. Now it lias 2000. Even the Tire department has been abolished, its place taken • by a volunteer force. Street lights do nol go en at night. Bui nobody lias any money lo go anywhere after dark, anyway, so that doesn't matter. NEARLY EVERYONE IDLE Except for a dozen or more who worked at the Famb knitting mill. a few who had jobs out of town, and a few farmer-; who - worked for themselves, nobody was working. CWA came along, and helped for a time. Then 85 per cent ol the town's working population was again idl?. Something had to be dune. Carney did it. He went to Washing ton personally and sold his idea i-.: Harry Hopkins, federal relief ad- minislralor. He leased Iho Famb kniUhn planl. Then a se-wing plant wv needed where the knit goods coclil be made up into garments. One was found in Foresters' Hall, which hail been taken over by the town along with 155 other pieces oi properly, for unpaid taxes. It was made lo order—a long high, jwell-lightpd room for pov.v. ccwing machines, space for cutting, stock, and .shipping rox;u:s The town agreed to furnish Un- building and the power. Then Ihx projecl was approved. The hall itself was tlis picture of desolation. The floor .silll Ixnf basketball courl markings. A piano stood, at one corner of the ilc- serled stage. There were a fc'.\ chairs and tables used for community suppers and an old bii- llurd table. The, billiard and supper labics are now culling lables. Everything in the building was used lo kcej. expense down. It was June 4 that authorization came from Washington. Two days later changes -started on the build ing. \Vltlilii three weeks the first Doctor Seeks Con- 'liilform gross Seal on lluoy's ie Alligator Gars Hunt Fish in Texas Streams tho loji of tlic water of a strenni and one on the bottom of the stream. An electric current Is pnssed between the wire, electro- ptomas at Ohto University here saw iho largest number of schcl- osllc nwnrds given of any year'in Ilio school's history. "Water Witch" Worked 1-OUT WORTH, Tex. iUl'>-AI- c " lmlf lll ° 8lir;i ... . • Tlie yar, II was explained, has .auiv^ai.s in lexiis f, reamii. oiiL'| 1( , is lvs .[siaiice lo electricity Hum imp V-ili rmv I'li'pinUiit'im " ' """"•' il!l ' c "» w( l™ntly the cur-itim "water witch" localcd "water inn IIMI, urn iHuioumun. , |1>|U ,.. |m|(U , _ stroll|{ t , nol|g |, to al Iwo |K>lnls on a faun neav here. Dr. J. II. IIIIIT. director of re-! km ihe r.M, ycl nol stroiiu enough yiiine »I;KW;. Ail:, .ui-j.-Tax n..- li'li t" limit iioverty and wcaitn -s tln« riimjuign plea ol Dr. W. II. Abingum of Bcel*. bwklni; itu- HK-ratlc second dlMrk-l i-on- ,Iiv.s.-iuiiHl iiomhialion on u ":-!mn- your ueallh" pl.ulorm Pop-jluni v of tin- idea will be .seen al llu-i liaily primary election Tuesday. Tlii- Idea is H variation of Sen- rli-h" flog.ui (hut swept him lo IJu'A-iT in Louisiana. lui\g was >-x- iwclpil to bring his smu-.d truck In- lu Aik;n:s!is ami campaign fur A'j- inutuji but trouble:, in IHIIH- piv- \.-mid. l'aym ; .iu in full cji niil nge pcn- .sLtni and the i-.iiUJii-rs' i;o!iu.s HIT principal i/uji-cts nf ihe "slinn. 1 yui.: wi'iilili" proposal. Cuiri-nc; 1 ttu'.iid be issued against Ihc $t).- uW.iim.uUU ib) ti-ileial gold IVM-IVH In pay the veli-uuls, Abliigliin pla.l.i | instead ol issuing InK-rc.-l Ui>.irli-.:( ] government bonds. Taxation in tin. 1 ili-h wuiild piovUL- lor Hi:- 1'lahks in the pliUli-rm :ne: Limit jioveity. Liiml \viallh. K'.'-i-Mabliili Main., nf vpiPians ir* IIMGI to il;i economy at'.. • Tux big luruim-s and nul MI- kom:-:.. I imil houis of lubi.r. I'.nk.ncc ii^ikulinit- prmliu lien. Ahmglun t-iillc-r/i's tin- ni-.v ile-il ciuvli of 111.- .-.tiile BIIIIIC, 1kb, iniiljiu hint yMvr coinmlssion. iuis devl.scd i\ plan which hn.s proved sutcmlul Ki-rord Vi-ar for in »'A-rnl iillemiil.s. . A'lIIKNH, 0. IUP>— The .sum- It ctinslbts ur pliichiK a wire un ! HUM- L-rantli!;; of degrees iiiui dl- during (he drought, When the wells were completed lo a depth of H leel each had a sland of five feet of wnter. Rend Conner ;IEWS Wnnl Ails. What Do You Think? ; j,msl mil ol ihe money spent." i i;.,Mi-,-i-r. h? i-ell-iiii!-s In; li^., in. ; !:.IU with !'/i.sil!iiif Hu.istvnit i hinliln-.' his crliii-ism Ui tla- jin-sl- clem'-i "lleuli-nainji." "Hcusi-vi-H is inakin-.; an lir.n-. r.l «luirt lo bring Hi-ovn-y," he ;;aid jlinl, In- dopsn'i l.-rlicv^ as miu-1: | has been accomplished .IS con!< hnvc been v.-ith more efficient i-. 1 .- si.siants. Ablngton. wlm has spent the p;if.t 1-1 years In bMh • IIOIIM-S of ihe '- '~~ ' ~~I Male k-glslalm-e and is now a M--.I- The first group of Millvillc women and girls wlia learned lo operate power sewing machines, and who "f'' 1 '- v " ns a dclr-sate lu Ilic Chi'jano the I sewing Ihc garments which they and the rfst of Millviile's unemployed will wear. , ncmocralic convenlion Ilia! nuini- naied Hoiisevelt. "I \vas fur him ItY WAI.'I'KIt S()KKI-:i,l,K IMIInr, tlir l-Uu: lllull Ciilimii-rclal Miss lltrliice lieod, iliiUKhU'r of Howard lieed, candidiito lor yov- tinui'. ,s])oki' hero luM nlv,hl In Ha- liili-rc-sl of her lall'.cr's enndhlacy Rred Is a very charming and beautiful ytnnig \vcrnan, ami her I'lithuslasm makes you wtsh Unit her piqwi ha<i some rrasmi for running [or governor, was (|ii.illliwl iiml had a i-hnnce l« win. \ Willie Miss Heed olii-red no rca- KODS why Ihc ]>'_-o]ilf .shonl;! utulo 'hi- gooil thai tins li?en dam- In t:;i- ast 18 moulli.s. ii wiis di-cldedly evident that slic was .strong lor her >.ijia. And if her papa hailn'l hi-cn UlaekwiKxl's bookkeeiK-r, and I'ar- u-ll's advis-er, and if today I e illii- n'l have the .same old crnv.-i! wlm ju-arly Icok yuiie liojir,- imil mini 1 aefore the slierllt cuuld gel it. Hailing alraiir behind lilin, the people 1 ' vote lor him far her -.;,ike. if j Icr lit) other ivusiin. Wv nrc strong lor you. Miss lie-mice. We ailmlre your loralfy la yum- daddy, but the election of a governor, at tills liiiu 1 . is a matter of jjr.uv Imp-jrlancL 1 lo ihe people of Arkansas. «ho in thv las:t two years, have not liciiul one single i-liarjp of dis'uiiciily, nnd whose .stale govcrnmenl is n:iw (in a cash basis. For ti:? first lime In many years a stale warrant is worth ' dollar for dollar anil UK- state's! credit I.--. gco;l. These nre things' lhat ailed all l.^e pi'rmle nf Arkansas. Tlier? .are the things Ilia! Mi|iprcpi!t- jicrsonal wishes, ami the political ambitions of nrjii, II v,-e :ivc lo continue on tile road to GU!- vency. 1 don't know of anyoii? »-h3 is mrn-e cnlllled lo speak for Howiird Heed I'-an his daughter. And it is nol only natural for her in her un- fc;r him now." hy raid of the prj.s- garnicnt \ made. Machii iicry was iusiallfd, and a plant laid out b> men who had worked in Ihe town's mills when Ihey were running They knew Iheir business power sewing machine were new lo the town's workers. Two clashes of 15 girls each were formed lo learn lo operate llir-n\. They go! 50 cents an hour iho miimlc thov ciuea'd the door. They were lo work six hours : day. four days a week, Iheir sal aries p:<id by Iho relief adminU- tralion. They were happy to be al work again, enllnisiastic al ilv chances for self-support,. 44 G1RUS AT WOKK Forty-four girls nre now a 1 work. There will bo SO if th: plant goes on two shlfus soon, planned, and 20 eight cutters. Present production Is serai M*i-l After .15 Years .NORWALK, Conn. (UI'l—AlSert I idcnt. Dclice and diaries Butler were I His eampiil^n cry r.galnsl the close acmiatntances 35 years ago i rich has bei-ii carried llnoui-hiinl and although l»lh lived within a' the 12 counties of the second dis- fcw milts of each other, Ihcy did trlct in an intensive slnmphu; ton;' .not meet again since 1899 until 'tor ihe plac; of 'they passed on Hie street recently. John E. Miller of Searcy. Swastika Flies Over Boys Camp bounded ciithuslaim .to slrny nway irojn facts to [{iiln a |X.intbut It Is a humnn weakness to which no mortal is imninn;, especially where I COVKHNOli J. A!. the iKjIlltcal career of one's fnllier | employes of ;he stale w'.o have In- privilege thai all of us have. Afler Is Involved. So, «-'::en Miss Heed | s ' t ' e infqrmutlon, like Ihcy have, all, there is no reason why any- say.s there are loo ,muny employees after the ba.skct- chcerfnl souua of pov.-'?r M',vlna machines , In U?c revenue {lepartmcnt. slie dce.s | herelofore. • one .should get mad at me because 'Ihe slain Is on a cash basis. I 1 ™ tc f(lr » parlicular candidcts lint maiicitnisly avoid the truth nnd j Six hnndvcd lliniLsand dollars of •— or nt )'°"- We will all have to lh? actual lianres of Ihe iwtlllore. | n million tiollar debt lulu-riled by. 11 " neighbors . . . maybe nol me Khe mi-rely skips over Ihe facls by' Oovornor Fntri-ll from ihe Par- • • • I "lay be dead or gone . . . to a bit of humrntms saf--| iicll-llecd admlnislialion lias been. b >'t «^ «• .V;!! 0 . 1 ^,.^, ^, J^,™ to dozen garments an hour, or 1GS; meat or fisii. 1 tet'.spocn salt. 1-1 - - i double shift goes on. this will don-1 butter. '2 tomatoss. 1 1-2 cups; b!c and also increase the work at'bread crumbs. 1-2 teaspoon mlnc?dj he Famb mill. | onion. I The yarn is knitted at the Fambj cut eggplant in half. Cr.ok clant. and .shipped to Rhode Is-! boiling salted water until tender and to be dy.-d en ticLs let by (lie i bin not soil. Remove center, leav- state EKE purchasing department.) ing as thin a shell as possible The dyed product comes back to j *.uhout danger of breaking, and Foresters' Hall lo be cut, gc-ivpd. j r inp f[ e sh. Add meal. sail, pep- -ind pressed for shipment. I |. C r. tomatoes which have been The athletic shirts beinj turni .-I j peeled and coarsely cliopped.l out match, for duality nnd work- ] miv.ocd onion. 1 cup bread crumbs! inansnlp. anything of high gr.idr-.and butter which has bpr-n melted.- cought in retail stores. | Mix lightly and moislen with one NEXT: Tills is only -i fore-run- .T Iwo tablcs]>oc:i.s hot water if, ncr »r a sjslem lliat is bprpadins nrccssaiy. but remember Ih-j to- Iliroujliuut llic country n-llli gn-ai : .,u^oes will fnrnisli considerable The nl.jeft Is In malik moisniro. Fill shells wllli mix- iciitf rlirnts fn do useful wurk. lure, cover with remaining crnmly,: kccu up llieir tltill and spirits, and ni'il dot with bits of butter. 1'ui.' make the relief dollar productive. I i.iio a buttered baking dish nnd j lo:i:ako JO minutes in ^corc.* uf similar projects lot the eounlrv. 1 l:ako ' OVl-'.l moderate i KITCHEN JO minutes in a i TO degrees F.). StutTcd Cnpuniljer. 1 : | Tv:o ir.riie cncimilK-rs.. 1 cup. cojki-il rice, 1-2 cup cooked mush-; icinny. '2 tablespoons butter. 1 la- • biesj^on minced parsley. 1-2 loa-j s|v-.,n salt. 1-8 leaspoon pepper i . 1-3 lcas]>oon celery ;x:pp^r. iniitcj ; i 1 1 make I ; Pare cucum'cers and cut in j i halves ln.gthv.-ise. Scoop out i !t:cccis and sprinkle inside with | jsalt. Invert and let stand len j Parlictilaily in siininu-r are de-. looms, melted butter. parsley, licions and inexpensive meals pos-ifnH. ix-pper and celery |>cppor and i slblc. The appc-tilc demands less ! acirj m ji[; enough to make mixture : snbstanlial fco<l and the markr-'.s | molsl enough lo hold together, offer vegetables and fruits at mln-1 Fil! cncumbnrs with iniMure a-'.d inmii! prices. . rover with buttered crumbs. Put Whatever Is .seasonable '"to a buttered baking dis'.i. Add should tc the basis of the dinner.' a lew tablespoons water and bake Plenty of vegetables, a little meal ] hi a moderate oven for forty-five , und a desscit—and Ihc menu n 1 minutes, unnl cucumbers an- Icn- • complete. ; You can stiitr and bake cairots A studcd vcgclable dinner fur- too. Hake them covered until nishes an intrresting nieot navnr u-i>d;r. Ilien remove the cover and with liltle or no (ax on the food ' brown Iho (ops of th-> stuffings, allowance. It's amazing how many Tomorro^v's Menu vcpcfabirs lend themselves to In-- BREAKFAST _ Chilled apple tcreslinr; concoctions with well I saucr. cereal, cream, crisp broiied .-casoncd stuffings of meal or mils 'baron, muffins, milk, colTec or cheese combined witli bread; LUNCHEON — Hot bouillon crumb.'., macaroni or rice. Cab- summer vegetable salad, taking bage. eggplant, tomatoes, pnx-n t powder biscuit with raspberry- jam, rs, cucumbers, summer squash, milk. tea. Tiie andilor. who nlso worked foi ler falher, says that till 1 revenue •Iciurtiiwnt collected in school fiind-j alone, S2C1.UOO . . . rcmemlier that The threat of foreclosure, which would have i-ul olf Arkansas' fcd- associate wl'tV*i;acli''otiisf' long after Ihc iifimes of Hownrd Reed and CJovernor Futrell • have been removed by a refunding figure- . . . more than was collected liming t!-e preceding year. And Unit for 1M2-33 fiscal year, Hie revenue agreeable lo all. di-paninc-iil. under the OLD SYS-1 A . G . sttdmnn has been I EM, colleclcd $U.757,2Cl) . . . re- eral home loan program, prevent-j °'^ Ins; thousands of distressed home: There arc some who vote (or a ' owners from rc-linanclnir. has been. Promise of n Job .Others will cast n;cmlx>r lhat figure . while dur- lii» U:e 103:i-3f liscal year, receipts .nmriiinted lo $12.004,137 ... an incrrase of S2.24G.D87. If von like figures, compare Ihc OLD SYSTEM wilh Ihe NEW. Miss Brrnlce In her enthusiasm and by a veiled Inference rirnws Ihe by a man wlmm everyone seems lo agree umtcislatids and knmvs how to handle convicts. In November you will IH: given n clinnre. through the ctlorls of Governor Futrell. to forever prevent the Issuance of any more Innds without, your approval, and limll the expanses of .stale government lo Us income. plan I a protest vole against Governor i Fulrell because In the process of . cutting; excuses their office was llshcd" in Ilia interest of ths vote for Howard Reed, believ- thev will be "deputy governors." They like to feel that they will have to be consulted In their parlicular community. Few of these kind of voters have your interest or the ititcrest of the people as a whols al heml. But still, thai is their privilege. So much for thai. On Ihe other side we have How- j unsupinrled conclusion that the cost of the revenue department I'. fa, greater under the Futrell ad-! nrd"f!e'ed's" "lo 'tear down! ' I'^nn.c thiil when my motives imn!slra,!on than Iho preceding. thc 1eriimlinK ncl , Bm , „ nin filll> ! are ailacked r have a vlght to dc- our nroiicrly to a double I m(1 , or cx l >lllln "'>' Position. My 1 asse'sm-nt and a nromTS- i '"t'"'. Counselor Harry Wooirindgd, re|X)ri. Hecause the same auditor io'"e'nact'reforms at the i-cnHcn- i'" llltrG<1 " cin S Miss Reed, seemed who worked for her fatlirr says n nr ,. ^-hid, iijjve alr-itlv b^en' 1 " !'''nk The Commercial and The lhat Ihe cosl. under tr.c Reed re-U,', nrt 'r,i '„„,! 'i,u' nmhiMnn' Graphic were guilty of some hei- on;. but I'm sum she just l:adn'l | i ei had llrnc to lock at Ihe awlllor's i f p piinc, of a!l collecting agencies that i (o'scr " ous with crisis were [imlcr Mr. Reed's admin-i ( istration. according lo actual rcc- , orris. T!:c same fimclions durinr ' that has not already been doi.cj I Ihe 19S3-31_ nscal y_ea_r cost S450.'!7:i i iow . 1r( Ls pulling Arkansas on a sol- .1 raving of J207,-iOC. * > * Mi?s Herulce says Oovcrnor !-'n- trell is no friend of the schools, but Pnrja Is. Naturally. But let's look al the record. After all that's (lie safest criterion. I Futrell's relatives, f agree rniclit be too partisan. Miss Reed iniig!;l be. The records show lhat i in 1031. although appropriations for 1 the schools for the Deaf and Blind wore made against "fnnris arising |under Ihe severance lax." Comp- Hecd c?iti!icd them .out ll:e common school fynd, tax. |ihat means? roller against and warrants were issued for $70.- C«m MOIiK lhan arose under the Do you know whut II means in plain lhat school funds (o the $70.223.93 were takon diverted, as Miss Reed say;. Irom the school teachers, and maintenance of [l:c common schools. Goveinor Fulrell didn't do lhat. M:.« Reed's Papa did thai. We could go on forever rcciling ex'.enl of awav disagree fometinus wilh my boss Whal else could Howard Heed do!'I 1 ™' 1 , th - .""lorinl l*>licy, but lie ,., dccsii t go mlo ;i r.igc and demand ' my resignalion. I imagine Coun- .-clor Wooldrlrigc disagrees wilh Judge Parhatn sometimes, about matters of law, but Judge Parham doesn't demand lliat he be vcnl basis, presuming, ol conra?, lliat the people of Arkansas prefer solvency to distress. Miss Reed speaks of Governor her. but if she Is t|X-aking for her Papa she ought lo whisper abou'. this mistake. Mr. Meed, ni speaker of the house of representatives, had a son alxnil seven years old. He was brought to Lillle Rock by Papa Rcc-d and put on the stale payroll al S4 a day. He drew $400 of your lax money. £60 of which was paid lor fx-rviccs rendered to a hold-over committee. Do you know v;hat a hold-over committee's duties are? ll is lh? duty of such cotmnttliro lo com- plele iccords of thr legislative session. I don't know what p.ood a seven-year-old boy could do tbr p?oplc of Arkansas, in anv capacity, csiwclally where his duties _ recjiilred him to assist in coiiipk-t- the records but that wouldn't prc- i Ing Ihe records of (he legislature, vent Miss Reed from skipping them ,Jnsl n "boy wonder." in the interest of her father's can- • • • dltlacy. For which I do not blame her one bit. The whole campaign can be Gum- ii'.cd up briefly. Under Governor Futrell's administration, whether he Now, I'm not disillusioned enough to believe that all the people in Arkansas are going to cast their voles according to Ihe. lssiics_ Involved. Forlimalcly for Iheir own potatoes and onions are altr.icthe DINNER — Fruit cup, stulfcd hifUs soon, as and of increased nourishment when eggplant, creamed radishes, pine- presiers and cri-vcd stuffed and baked. apple and cabbage salad-with pl- I Stuffed KscpVml i niMito dressing, pears wilh rltoco- One eBGPlnnl, ' cup lefl-overlatfi sauce, milk. cofTeo. group of 200 boys are vacationing in n camp near Grigeslovvrj, N. J., where Ihc Nazi swastika flies side by side with the Stars and Stripes. Oilwin Ohnmachl, 12, shown with His squad banner, *cars his falher's IlawW a " d filull >' discounted to particular candidate. Thai Is boyhood Bavarian coslume. Below Is the slnrt of a hike, lei! by Albert Hanser carrying n swastika. The cnmp Is maintained by the Friend,? of Nnw Germany, which disavows any Hltlerlle connections. uas responsible or nol, the cost of j good Ihey are becoming more and government has been reduced more' more interested in Issues ralher !l:an fifiy percent. When you get than personalities. But some pco- 1 a slate warrant now It can be plo will always have a variety of lieve will make the slale of Ar cashed for one hundred cents on the reasons, none for the good of the " dollar, and it won't have to be slate as a whole, for voting for a disbarred, and Counselor Wool- diiclec iloroti'li demand Judge Parham's defeat at the polls. * t * Now. nbout motives. I'll nsk Mr. Wooldridge if it is true that lie wrote Carl Bailey, candidate for attorney general, a letter promising him his {Counselor Wooldridge's) support, in return for a seat at (he "pie counter." Now, Counselor Wooldridge was so frank and c,cneious to offer his support to Mr. Bailey in return for whatever favors Mr. Bailey might find- in the attorney general's office. I wonder if his interest in Howard Reed is inspired by this same kind ct generosity. • * * Go lo the po'ils. my friends, anil \oto for the man whchi yon believe will best serve the |wople of Arkansas. That is nil that I ask nny man or wornim lo do. including my cioce re\i!:v?s. But dPn't cast your vole because the "con- slabb's" olTicc was abolished. Because some friend wauls to tet back on Ihc payroll, or others have an ambition to be a "deputy governor" under Howard Reed. Reliln your individualism. Vote for tlie man whom you to- Kansas a better place to llv> In ... a better place in which to earn a living. Paid Advertisement, Authorized by Fulrell Headquarters, Little Hock.

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