The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 30, 1939 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1939
Page 14
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.PAGE EIGHT, BT/miKVILLF, (ARTC.)' COURIER NEWS Unbeaten Hope Team Opposes Chicks In Game Friday Night By J. IVKR1KN1) Power, versus power! Thai's tlic prospective outlook Friday niglH nl llalcy Field Vihon the••filytheville Chiekfisjnvs ntlcmtJl. lo sto|> j- Die sinking rush of Did Ilopn Holxvits. Boasting strong,' powerful nnil* All Prophet,.No. Loss"; resourceful forward walls that average close to the 195-poinul mar):, and scintillating halfbacks who are dangerous on every snap of tlie ball, the tribe niul felines are expected to tannin In one of the greatest grid bntllcs ever singed on local sod. Wflh tveplicn of the face value of the season records, and very likely they can be tossed out of the window In figuring this game, Ihe two tf.wi.s appear to be evenly matched In every department. Fourteen lelterinen, nt least one ost and 10 reserves arc in the open. Despite thin disheartening brenk in luck the Maroon Maulers nre (wiring down hoping thai Dame Fortune «-ill cstsl a glniice In their direction. Their spirit Is unusually food which boosts their stock for IhLs Important conference ijnme. The team Is In excellent shape. Coach Joe Dlldy- appears lo have something up his sleeve for this irame, though lie hasn't and likely will not revCnl It before later In the seiispn. Under Die direction of A.ssislimi; Mitchell IScsi lhc second gi\es Conch Foy llnm- moiis, lhc dean cf Arkansas prejl conches, ample forllficatlon ut f-veiy tuin. Only four who fucecl Hie Chicks Inst year arc inks-lug.! They me: Dean Parsons, Jack Fnl- lerton, Jiinmy Taylor and Tommy! Simuels ! Siiaikmg the backfield Is a .slip- j pery eel, Bobby Ellen, who gave Ihe Chicks iniiple trouble every 1 time he lock the ball lust year. Roy Taylor and Jimmy Daniels, two outstanding. stars who have beejj largely Instrumental In six of the . seven victories this season. lia\c been declared ineligible but Iheii case ;s pending. Hope fnns believe a mistake hns been made : and the l»o luminaries will be In I uoad graces of the, Arkansas Ath- ftvery attempt. Today's Sport Parade By HKNRY MeI.EMOUK NEW YORK, Oct. 31. (UP) — Dciwld Duck with a sore throat couldn't, Wo any better Job f ", awrkl "? t ' m " m . tt »>' ° r "'? TT !o"s f°otta» cone hes,, re doing ths scnso " ovcr lhc °<^""E at then,„ j the coast nncl here in the enst lhc time Again* Catiideu, a confer- j conehcs '""<: tee !>. >*"»>x»'i»ir lhc ence foe? am, one of die strongest, I Z,' ^, I^^.r' «"'» they were not. needed their mates carried on iu grent style, winning 18-0. This boy Ellen carried the bulk of the' ntlack. The Bobcnti bonst Ihclr greatest line since Toy Hiunmons tool: over si\ years ago nnd perhaps Ihe greatest in Hie hlslory of the school—and they have had some powerful forward walls, loo. Caplain Joe Eason. converted Inlo nn •end" from-a back, Is a tower of sliength on Ihe defense and n pass catching specialist. His fine nil- round wnk tanks him as potential all-slale material and Ihe Chicks.'must check him if they expect- to .win their first conference gnine' of.tlie current campaign. His flank > • running •'.. male, N or man Cireen.- turned in a grent Job against the Ulldymen last year nhd should be even better. Wesley Calhoun, 335 pauml.v nnd Mnjor •Simpson, 255, rale the largest In the slnlo and are snid by experts to be more Ihan big, fust boys. Tiles me fust for their size, ng- giessive and exceptionally hard lo mae Muck May nnd Thomas Quiniby, holdover guards from Inst jeai, are 162-pounders, niul mil Bimdy, snnpperbnck, received much consideinlloii in dishing out nll?sUte'. honors in 1938. The iccord of the Bobcats is not lo be snec/ed at. or taken lightly. They lime won seven In n row and three hnve been registered ever t\\o of the ranking in the Big 15. They opened the ssn- soh.'wlth n 13-G defeat of Haynes\il!e, In, vInner of Ihe northern division hi ihe Pelican sime, Smackover was burled under n 500 score. Flnshing their greatest form they whipped El Dorado. 19-13, and had a 19-0 iidrnnlngo unlil the fonrlli quarter when lhc Wildcats'got" nwny oh .two long pass&s for' tcuc'hdowns. Conch Mammons used 26 men In downing Walnut Ridge, 31-6. Jonesboro Hashed n dizzy aerial game but (ell 33-18. The dllVerence between the two teams is not reflected In the score. The Nashville Scrappers, rated one of Hie stronger learns outside the slate loop, fell, 47-0 and lost week Camden was lhc victim, 18-0. The Chicks nre .0 far boiler tcrun thnn their record of fcur victor- TUESDAY, OCTOBER 31, 1030 QOPEDv J ^C^(# i " ^FN^» 5 ?*a^*^-S Hope Boboat Star 1 ; and the yardsticks wllh every critical word in Iheir vocabularies. They have accused the officials of j robbery, spoiling gomes for the public, losing their heads .under pressure, and dnrn near everything but hoss stealing and jay-walking. None cf niy bast friends rire officials, but It seems lo me lhat 11 is lime someone with n typewriter rose to make a defense, even though it lie « mild am, of (ho harassed .souls. I'm not saying thnl football cflictallug Is generally Inadequate, but I do sny Hint if It is, the colleges nre lo bliune. Whht do you think an official gets for handling a big foolball game? A lot of money? No. He gels scarcely m:rc than hnlr-cul, shave and shine money. Here in Ihc enst nn official Is jwlcl $75 for n big game. In lhc iuld-'.vest Ihe fee Is slightly lower, nnd In the Southeastern Conference Ihe pay is '462.50 nnd expenses. That'. 1 ! n trifling sum when you consider Ihe work n man does in handling a game. Take a referee, for example. • Ife'll wear oiit six pnlr of sires just running tip and down Ihe field In a season, tmrt get nlinost that many pair of pants nnd shirts torn off him by rampaging incsmcn nnd backs, but when yon consider what a 'tremendously im- porlnul purl llicy piny in football :n 'realize, how sorely underpaid officials are. Foolball Ls big business these clays, what with tremendous crowds of upwards of 108,000 and box office receipts of us much as n quarter ol a million dollars f:r n single gume. Looking at football honestly It Is a vnst entertainment enterprise inn by schools nncl universities. It depends just" ns much on public support as does n prcfcssionnl ball team, a musical comedy, or symphony orchestra. So wlmt do pect lo gel for $50. SCO mill $15? the colleges do? They entrust the entire thing to men whose services To get back to the squawks of nre worth cnly $73 per production, the conches. 1 think, that n good To pay a man 575 for handling n deal cf their yapping over decisions game Is the same In innny respects by officials uould be stopped if, as pulling a million dollars into immediately nfter every game, they casting nnd preparing n motion I had lo (urn a list of Uic plnys of picture for shooting, and then hiring ' n two-bit dlreclor t: shoot it. Or building a tremendous industrial plant nnd picking up n fellow the street nnd hiring him ns fore- blowing there, ton strict Interpreta- be. added io later, but would lia tion of Die rules, loo Inx ' Interpre lo be final. This! vvoulil eliminate tallth, 'all of Ihese thlnns can spoil Ihe -business cf walchlng sl afternoon for coaches, tion pictures of Ihc same tecting flaws from It. Alter nil tile should be paid less than S2-50 for n game. When the.piim cols Into five rind six figures that does no seem lo: bh » sum lo pay the man entrusted with Its hniullliu;. What do coaches inul collates ex- Dillon And Feroni Win At Arena Joe'Peroni and Jack Dillon were winners" HI last night's mat show at the Legion arena. Feroni conquered .George Bennett of Sail Lake City in the feature match, Inking the last tivo falls after Bennett had annexed the (irst In toil minutes with double jack knife. Tin; second fall was won by Feranl In 11 minuies with a body plii and slugging paved the way for the Italian grapplcr IP take the third and deciding fall in nine minutes. ' Cnrlos Rodti<|tie2 found Dillon too lough mid was only able, to take ihc middle fall with tlie New Yorker taking the first and third. Dillon proved (u bo n hugger, winning both ivitli hnrd squeezes while Rodriquei 1 . employed the double jack knife to score. Mere And There' Arc Listed By Spods Writer . BY l.i:Sl.lF, AVE11Y Uiiiled Cress Staff Correspondent NEW YORK, Oct. 31 (III 5 ) — Notes from a football press box: eliminate Cornell from ihe bow) amp probables , . . The big red as an olficlal ruling against any ind nil post-season games In addl- lio/i to a tacit undcrslandiiift with oilier Ivy Leaguers to lnrn Ihimilw clown on any such invltnlloms . . . Assistant Athletic Director T5ob Kaiift reiterated this .slaml after Cornell's victory over Ohio Slate ... Try and keep Tom Harmon oil an All-America team . . . When 11 reporter nsked the Army publicity wnii what the academy did with the estimated $100,000 profit on football each year Coach Bill Wood interrupted lo s:iy ho could cell one thing .they tlldn'l do with it ... (hey don't buy football players . . . Coach Tad Wieman wnnls football writers lo find a new adjective lo describe him . . . lie's getting tired of being called "scholarly" because he is bnld and wears glasses . . . Wieman saw, for the first lime in his life, a football play that followed tlie diagram lo the letter when Prince ton played Brown . . . He said that the running, blocking and timing were as perfect'as if the diagram had been blown up and set right down on (lie football field . . . Indiana, usually plays Us liesl game against Ohio Slalc mid now Hint Cornell has shown up the Buckeyes' weaknesses, tlie Hoosiers are going lo be tough lo slop Sal- nrclny . . . They knocked Ohio State cut of the Big Ten title with j a 10-0 victory two years ago ... I But Slate has won 13 out of thej 23 past games nnd lied three . . . i The big ten scoring record of 72 i points set by Gordon Locke of i lou'.i 'in 1922 looks like a gone ; gosling If Tom l-lnrnion keeps up his pace . . . The Michigan ace , rolled up 45 points against Iowa- and Chicago which leaves him only 28 more points lo score against. Illinois. Minnesota and Ohio Slale . . . Hiinnon also leads Ihe nation's college secrets with IX points 10 touchdowns, 10 points after touchdown nncl one field goal In four games,. They lei! Ihls one on Sfinl i Miclzincr, tlie former All-America from Carnegie Tech who MOW ccaclies nt CCNY . . , lie was assigned to scout Lowell Textile Institute and after checking up schedules and time tables lie arrived JD Manchester, N. H., Saturday morning . , . He bought a newspaper and turned lo the sports pages and saw the headlines'. Lowell loses W-fl . . . The game had been played Friday night ami Saul had a six-horn- v, r ail before he could resume the 300-mile brat and train back to New York . . . Michigan Slate has a freshman who is i,'oljig lo give (lie linolypcrs lit In a year or two . . . Ills name Is DionysiuK George Eco- nomopolous and ho hails from Nnsiiu. N. ir. . . . die Spartans also claim fair weather fiime for tackle Leslie lirucker, who. iu eight years of liiyli school and college football never played :i no in (he rain ... Niat'aru- Fails March M, >84S. nearly ran dry on LEGIONNAIRES TONIGHT, 1:?.<] Slurts, Caps, 1'igs, Coat";, (iro- I'fi-ie.s-, "(,'lilckens Dressed" (Sliver Olif-sl). WKAH YOfllt OA1> NOTICE Female Pointer picked up in Senalli, Mo., belongs to someone in Bty- tlievillc. For infonna- l .ion call Ernest Halsell :i( (lie Itustic Inn In recent laboratory "smoking bowl" tests, Prince Albert burned 88 DEGREES llum the overajje of tlie 30 oilier of Hie largest-selling brands lesled .. .coolest of all . . . as found in automatic scientific tests for the coolest-smoking tobacco. "MakinV smokers know Prince Albert's choice, "no- bite" tobaccos are rtcli, full- bodied, yeL so mild, so easy onyonrtongue. Haudleseas- ier.rollsiienlertoo.TryP.A.! i THE NATIONAL JOY SMOKE Covi rfihl. 1 m. H. J. H(laolJ iTct»i.-a Co. Stove and Furnace OIL * Diesel & Tractor FUEL PHONE DAY 355 NIGHT 166 Barnsdall Refining Corporation America's Oldesl Oil Refinery C. B. Wood, Jr., Agent More than '.",000.000 persons visit the London zoo each year. olllclnls don't have, the benefit of n slow motion shot in mnkln ey hnve lo mist to their eyesight nnd cnll Ihe plays as (hey see them. I think Ihe coaches .sh:nld be made lo do Hie same thing. This business of nntching n picture on Monday ting up n :-.cwl is second guessing in Coming to Barfield I'-Hl., NOV. 3 Vour lust <• ii a n <• c tlii'; yi-ar to enjoy ;i liontrlde and dance on the river. LAST EXCURSION THIS YEAH ies and three defeals indicates They have tangled with three of •the strongest- powers in the state and in not one game were thc.\ disgraced. Pine BlyfT downed the: 12-0, but the fact that the Dima- way Dead are strongest in scvera seasons makes the small score loom brighter. Little Rock nosed them out by the slim margin of a single p:int. 7-G. The Chicks outplayed the defending champions air the way, omgninlng them almost 4-1, and with any reasonable division of the breaks would easily have been the victor. In the North Little Rock game they made enough cosily fumbles on running plays and on the receiving end of forward passes to win three stich games. One cf the aerial bombs was dropped in (lie end zone-which would have given them at least a tie. Three other times the receivers let the oval slip from tlieir grasp when they were behind the defenders and out man for liltle or nothing. Officials can make or brenk Soy Beans We Arc Ruycrs For All Varieties of Soybeans. Sec or I'hone Us for Highest Daily Offer. Blytheville Soybean Corp. So. R.R. SI. Phone 555 Cured Without Surgery, am i Guaranlecil CI h » rn)!c « n , let! ' 0( ',' without confinement to from DRS. NIES & NIES Blyti.vlll., MV heard 11 rumored that second guessing is one thing a football coach THE TCP WHISKEY BUY FOR THE MONEY! 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MOTOR We'll (une It up rlgflil for cold weather driving ami efficiency. LITTLE CHEVROLET COMPANY Rnilroail and Walnut Phone 633

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