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St. Joseph, Missouri
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T- V- St. Joitpk, fcU, Km-Prtts, Sasiif, Die. 27, lilt 9A issouri Senate Lqsihguolorful Member, as Downs Departs 4- attacked such junkets, then was; Downs has-not always been on the high road of success. It shQuldbeallowedtQ continue to elect their judges at all chamber are overforj5enatof Downs, with the exception of told by a fellow Senator, "You levels. has had its peaks and its val- have just' kicked the most eys, its elective successes sacred cow in the stable." A For Peoples Rights and failures, its legislative suc lot of others have been kicked Much of the Downs effort cesses and failures.

in the years that followed. "The point is -how much can save, not how much 'we can spend. "You don't solve a problem with more government and more taxes, which the administration is trying to do now." Senator Downs recalled how he was one of the successful fighters in blocking creation of a state commission on aviation. He lost similar battles on It began, with a defeat in College Trustee in the legislature has been to protect the rights of people. He sponsored the law to permit the waning days of the cur rent special session.

His duties continue as an ected trustee of Missouri Weston College. At 53, he doesn't plan to concentrate solely on his legal practice and forget public life. "It's the duty of people to be involved," Senator Downs -says. "Just because you're not the race for the Democratic By ROBERT SLATER (Nftrvmi Stiff Wrtter) The Missouri Senate will not be the same when the regular sessions begins Jan. 6.

Missing from his back row seat in the Senate will be State Senator John E. Downs, kicker" of the sacred cows, champion, of governmental efficiency and economy, es-pouser. of a variety, of liberal causes, advocate of judicial and penal reform. Senator Downs, who switched Senator Downs has often nomination for prosecuting attorney in 1946. Senator Downs been in the forefront of progressive legislation.

As a House persons to pay taxes under protest without penalty, was a leader in the opposition to higher interest rate in time member, he helped author the state new juvenile code. As came back four years later to defeat the man who beat him that first time, O. R. Newcomer, and went on to serve two terms as prosecutor. a Senator, he led the way for sales contracts and in the op measures creating a state boat commission, a state tourism commission, and expansion of position to small loan com pany efforts to obtain higher in public office doesn't excuse you from getting involved." Thus, only the arena has4-been changed.

The battles clearly have not ended for John Downs. the state fan, Defeated for Congress to the political wars after serv interest rates. passage of the fair employment practices act as Missouri became the first Border state to enact such legislation. The fights in the Senate ice in World War II as a ma Some Losing Battles Then there was a heart-break His belief that government should be close to the people ing defeat by fewer than 800 "I suppose I'm remembered votes in the 1954 Democratic was a factor in his successful for the fights we lost," he said rine fighter pilot in the Southwest Pacific where he won the Distinguished Flying Cross, did not seek re-election to the Sen congressional primary. There efforts to give voters here the ate this year.

He will be sue was the 1956 victory in the race for the Missouri House, a 1958 loss to the late William O. ceeded by Truman Wilson of ''We lost the auto inspection law fight first by one vote, then by two. "We lost on the point-system proposal, which I prophesied would clog the courts, would increase the incidence right to choose their own; school directors, rather than! have them picked by commit- tee. It was Senator Downs who blocked efforts at confirmation I St Joseph. Sawyers Sr.

in a Senate race, then victory in 1960, 1962, and 1966 Senate campaigns. (The The -absence of Senator Downs after ten years in the Senate of a police commission here, 1 will be conspicuous, but it will with the result police boards! became a thing of the past in! not be universally mourned. Few Are Neutral victories came easily in 1962 and 1966. Senator Downs had neither primary nor general election opposition either race.) To some in Missouri govern St. Joseph.

Senator Downs is fond of pointing out that in 12 years in the legislature, he has not The last race was an unsuc mentJohn Downs has stood as of appeal, would increase the incidence of the hit-and-run." The first bill introduced by Senator Downs when he entered the Missouri House was enabling legislation giving St. Joseph authority to give its policemen a $100 across the-board pay increase. He was also instrumental in legislation im the champion of those for whom cessful campaign for the Democratic nomination, for lieutenant governor in 1968 a once been out' of the state on no one else would go to bat, To others, be has been an a junket at taxpayer expense. He still recalls an early Senate speech in which he frustrating race in some ways because it put Senator Downs, with an extremely limited obstructionist, seeking to block everything he did not agree Religion Instruction Classes by Father Kenneth Criqui at St. Joseph Co-Cathedral To Be Conducted in Jan, Feb.

and March, 1971 CLASS WILL BE SET UP ACCORDING TO THE PREFERENCE OF THE MAJORITY Check Preferred Time SUNDAY: 2:00 to 4:00 P.M. SUNDAY: 7:30 to 9:30 P.M. MONDAY: 7:30 to 9:30 P.M. TUESDAY: 6:45 to 8:45 P.M. WEDNESDAY: 7:30 to 9:30 P.M.

THURSDAY: 7:30 to 9:30 P.M. FRIDAY: 7:30 to 9:30 P.M. SATURDAY: 9:45 to 1 1 :45 A.M. SATURDAY: 1:00 to 3:00 P.M. SATURDAY: 3:00 to 5:00 P.M.

Christianity as taught by the modern Catholic Church to anyone who wants to come, (Even Pre-Vatican Roman Cotholies.) proving fire and police pen budget, into a field of well- sions. Few persons have been neu Senator Downs has played tral about Senator Downs. He Leavt Your Washing To Us! Uh fee SeeHkwesk Way Year Clothes Washed. Dried md Folded county, in the face of well- governs best." key role in judicial reform I has strong friends and bitter Many of the Downs fights le Per Hansen ea financed opposition, was immensely pleasing," said Sen 13e enemies. Lb.

R.aeest sponsoring the first move in, this direction. "And he's a in the legislature have been But even his worst enemies SCOTCHWASH ator Downs. financed candidates. He finished 3d in that race, but it gave him what he recalls today as one of the most satisfying experiences of his political career. The Barbs Do Hurt "That I got 79 per cent of the total vote in Buchanan strong believer that voters 233-4 tM while critical of the Downs Like anyone else, he enjoys judgment in various matters, the accolades.

And, although the barbs he has shot at po have never challenged his hon efforts to block expansion of existing state agencies and creation of new ones. He's lost some of these battles where he generally still insists he was right and has won others. Filibuster Role esty or integrity. litical enemies over the years have been every bit as sharp The political career of John as those he has received from his critics, he acknowledges His role in the recent Sen INSURANCE A I YOU CAN I Always Rely ate filibuster conforms neat the outbursts against him still sting. "Sure, they hurt," he said.

ly in this pattern. "What I was trying to do, "Even in politics, you never Dutchman Killed in Cambodia Revealed as Fighter With VC and what Senator (Earl) Black- get used to it." In reminiscing about his well was trying to do, was to try to cut other agencies, to cut out the fat. The response legislative career two years in i i Address. i Telephone. Clip Out end Miil to Father Kenneth Criqui, 51? No.

1 0th St. Joseph, the Missouri House, ten in the too often when there is a prob- HERBERT H. POWELL, Inc. Glenn Pickwoos Neomi Dill Earl Whit Insurance Counselors to the Midland Empire 71 Corby Bldg. (Sine 1891 233-1341 em is to tax; our response is SAIGON (AP) Documents! sociated Press obtained access, that when there's 'a problem, does not explain what his mis retrench.

sion was to be. Senate Senator Downs likes to recall a variety of the causes he has fought for, the ones he has lost as well as the ones he has won. The greatest achievement of all was probably the measure that resulted in state operation of the upper years of Missouri His death marked the first ACROSS THE BOARD PRICE REDUCTIONS ON TELEVISION, STEREO ond APPLIANCES found on the body of a 26-year-old Dutchman killed in Cambodia by South Vietnamese soldiers revealed that he had been traveling with the Viet Cong as guerrilla fighter. Johannes C. Duynisveld, a Voorschoten, 0 1 land, was killed Dec.

18 when the unit he was accompanying was caught in a night ambush by South Vietnamese troops near Svay in eastern Cambodia. Western College here. Without verified instance in the Indochina war of a Westerner accompanying Communist com; mand troops as a soldier. Duynisveld, a tall man with a full beard, was an adventurer and amateur journalist. Dutch officials here say he had been roaming the world since he was about 16.

the help of Governor Warren E. Hearnes, this could not have been achieved. Efforts of colleagues in the House also were instrumental. Self-Description Remains of But the role of Senator Downs was among the most significant College boards have recog nized this by naming one of the campus roadways Downs drive. Senator Downs variously de At the time of his death, according to a diary and other papers found on his body, Duynisveld had been with the Viet Cong since jnid-eptember, Be had left Phnom Penh Sept.

15 on what ostensibly was a secret mission to find out what had happened to several of the 17 Western correspondents missing in Cambodia since last April. According to the diary, Duynisveld became a guerrilla fighter Nov. 28 when Viet Cong officers issued him a machine pistol and gave him some special instructions. The diary, to which The As scribes himself as "a new liberal" and a "Jeffersonian Democrat." Woman Found NIXA, Mo. (AP) The body of a woman missing more than one year was discovered about 20 miles south of Nixa Friday.

The woman was identified as Mrs. Carol Blades, 22, of Nixa. She disappeared Dec, 15, 1969, from a laundromat. Her body was found by a farmer. Nixa is about eight miles south of Springfield.

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF BIG SAVINGS As a new liberal, he's been vitally interested in such is SAVE NOW! ON THESE HOMEMAKER ITEMS! sues as judicial and penal re form, He stands firm against what he describes as law which people are now urging, the mandatory long THE FAMILY LAWYER Reg. Price NOW Reg. Price NOW sentences." As a Jeffersonian, he sup ports the adage that, "The JilftOO Compensation for Fright? G-E Electric White Stereo G-E, Early American government which governs least 109 heart trouble suffered an at '329 tack after a mild disagreement with his foreman. Under these 'Stereo Range Range Range circumstances, a court decided G-E Double Oven, White G-E, Self-Cleaning, White s17r J399 J369 $21900 G-E, Mediterranean Finished Front and Back G-E, Stand-Up that the man was not entitled to workmen's, compensation. $319 '29900 IMP Stereo The court said he had not Truck driver Fred, on' a1 downhill slope, suddenly discovered that his brakes had failed.

To his consternation, the truck began to pick up speed. Finally Fred managed to bring it to a halt against a hillside. A short time later, however, he suffered a stroke. Could he collect workmen's compensation for his disability? In a court test, the company argued that he could not. been subjected to anytning at EARL'S SHOES for a family of 6 less than '2000 (HAND NAME SHOES) Cheese fro ever 4000 pair 509 So.

6th St. G-E Freezer 23" Color TV 12 Cu. Ft. worse than "the countless irritations to which all workers are occasionally subjected without untoward results." Therefore, 100 Refrigerator G-E, Solid Walnut G-E, With Stand French Provincial said the court, his heart attack rfJ J419 349" '569 $27900 $23900 $59900 $23900 sjggoo J139M Damaged, With lee Maker "There as no physical In Slightly Slightly Color TV Color TV could not fairly be considered a product of his work. LOSED WEDNESDAY5Sr jury at the time of the acci dent." said the company.

"He G-E 14 Ch. Ft. Refrigerator just got very frightened. Work If Santa Stuffed $3or $5ir men's compensation was never Intended to protect a workman Black and White Console TV Your Stocking Refrigerator u'cf, against mere fright." But the court granted Fred's ie-By-ide Witn ice MaKtr Portable TV With-a Check Treat Yourself to a claim, since the "mere fright" had led directly to serious phjra leal harm. J269 M9900 Black and White G-E, U-Lb With Mini Wash 22900 suinoo ,00 Component Set g-e 40-Watt, Stereo 149 In most cases, compensation Is indeed payable for fright that followed by clear physical consequences.

This is true even if the consequences are not as immediate as In Fred's case. $219 '139M G-E, With Mini Washer G-E Washer SPECIAL AREA Take this situation: J169 $onnoo 26900 Sggoo Air Conditioner Air Conditioner 6.000 BTU G-E 8.000 BTU FOR PEN ASD PENCIL SETS The distinctive soling of a Krelsler -pen and aslndividual 85 Rumors of possible rioting began to swirl around an American agency in a foreign capital The rioting never did break out, Garbage Disposal PERSONALIZED U3 G-E but several days of nervous tension finally brought one gov- CREDIT TERMS AVAILABLE FACTO BY-TRAINED SERVICE eminent "employee down with a your signature, from me Dodity mascuiina to the sraeefulfy femTnTne, there's a Kreider writing instrument designed to express your thoughts, your ood taste, your individuality. heart attack. 9 He tod claimed workmen's And a court ruled that he was entitled to it Stor Htwrst A. te r.

m. 1 Monday Thri FrMY. SataHay If ees Viceroy Chroete Belt end Shopping Center Phone 233-8806 Clisile simplicity bi line, enfine turned chrome. Mt $9.00 Nr4J0 PweltUO The court attached no great importance to the fact that his heart attack followed a prolonged period of "nerves" rather than asingle scare. Still, there at least must be a casual connection between the job and the disability.

In an- 1:30 A.M.H 1:30 P. M. B. APPLIANCE QSiMTER titer case, a workman with "V.r.

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