Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 17, 1942 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, August 17, 1942
Page 4
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Page 81* NAUQATUOK,DAILY NEWS, Consult Classif leaf ions Profit. Watch v.7 Announcements '(>N( Illifi Found. KOliNI) — I'nlv of i;ln.*Mi».H, nt llub- boi 1 uvmuin Hohool during gas ru- . tlrtnliiK rronnlly, owimi 1 may huvo same l>y cmlllnK «t llltl HUP«M'|M- Iwulonl* ol'l'Uu' In llui TuUlo U I, r<>.\ liMTliT, brown spots on I'JU'd and hip. Had hai 1 -*. nnHji {Hid Naiipahirk HOI-HMO tag. 'Howard, .lank Hrown, t»7 Meadow .ttiM'ol, Tolnpliotif' BOU7. 8-17-clOx Merchandis Household 10-IiAV—^1'ionlal oh gas" a'lid oomhl- iintfoii ranguH. KluoLrlo rangos, $00; rnolftl folding liuil wltlv Ooodr'oHl inattrda.H, #10.1)5; VxIS llnulouiii l-ug.f rognlar #8.00, now • #5.41); f> V' 01 Maplo hi-OHkrnst-sot,- W,M. HL duood prl'ooM on all other Moor Han phm. WATWHf3UHY -KURNITUHM CO. 480 \VoHl Main St., Watorhnry. Dial 4.-UO;fB l —^Y,'.} S'.wKV- • "" »>• • • Business Service BUMP CRASHED; MONDAY, AUGUST 17, 1942 presets WAVES Boss ,* 45 - Wmiiwl to Heiitler Soi'vlce WANTIOI) — to ,l)0hi-<l 6ut 4- , ycar-oUl i')oy, In good -family. Mrs, Uutli nussoll, Hoaoon Falls. l.OM 1 — Itiitlnn hook, No. l''4ii7NfN'.. KMidiM 1 pk'HMo ru'ui'n saino to Harry A. Vangluin, 100 (ijl ("f^U-eot,, ^ 7 IJii*1m!N* M.i HAFIY — tlai Strolli'i-.M, High Cliuli'H, Urll • YardM, Halhi'iH'ltcH, Inwosl Till') MAI.) 10 SHOP 180 (leuml SI NVutnrbury »-7t ^foiilal prlnOH un All Memorials W. niCHAHDH vr.l) So. Main St 'JVI, 8487 SAM'I — Apples, poIuloos anil oUfur vliU'Har, l>. IMIlon, 117 Aliil- IxHirno (Hiurt. hlal yui7. KOH SAM 1 !-— <«ood pnyhif/ tavern, Owner going Inlo Un» U, S. army. 'chuj (Jiiluk tlu Mired. Addrt'MM Hox "M," earn Thu Dully iNVwM. 1,1'IT IIS SHOW YOU THIS r.KTTKN KUOM A DI'IFKNSR \VOHKI<?H NOW nHAK'/to "doing lo bo liulnolod next wool unoxiu'Hli'dly, (ian't uso ilio furnl turn, HleitMU wll It for inn. Tliat'.M why you can buy a corn pinto praolloully Now Homo of Modern KurnlUnV for Pt'HVrt r.ondlll'on. Out U-HM than two inonl.liH. Iiuiluih'H Living Hoonij Hi'drooin, KllohHi and inosl. HOOS/H- Hor|i»H. Ask to wo Mr. UonnnU's furniture 1 at Albert's, 208 So, Main SI, VVa tor bury. Phono 4-31,44 Car, (HIM or irnln cxponsos rufundocl upon purohaHo of thlx rnorohandlHU, .SAVK ON YOUH OIL AND COAL Installed Storm Sash .Comblnatl'oi •Uorm-Uoorfl Insulation? Ordor nb\\ ('or hater Delivery, Kroe estimate •10IIN ,!. CAIin'OLL * SOlVSi INC, Wl Spring St. Phone 257S -Metal lutters, Loaders, Tinning, noofln? and Furnano \vork JAMES BACKER Telephony ^r>5 li nradloy St. * ' Naugatuok, Corin mm SOUGHT : ^-/:".. V'U.',^: San Francisco,-Aug. J7—(UP) VrJie/ bailor Is "growing In San ' v Frarielsc($j that. 'the,t\yo, orewn^n 'who ^VeVe supposed' to b\3^ln>vthti' 4 rirrin?.vvM i iiifnrt- The lapsorl, still hold the crewmen's SAU<:—Saddle horse, and Weh',1 pony. Inquire La nil on Farm, An (IrewAve., Naugatuck. 8-17-dG, Brunswlok ; Aulomalie nocorci Player OravoHon A Sims, 28(> North Main SI S|]\ ElUL f^rd'aliiN In flood I'tullos, , prldocl"...a.t ^-$5^10.:• 4 Nov Kngland Muslb Shop, i02 Gram St., \Vntcrbury, .Dial 4-7J93. '* paraotiut6s .and an emergency Ufa raft.'Offlolals assume that both'men wore wearing- tbolr lil'o jackets whioln would keep them afloat, iL' they fell, Jn the ocean. But- naval vessels have failed to locate the men. ^ v'vt'j As usual there are conflicting stories about the fate of the two* nen. v , ';/••*, 'Ueports that the men were seen parachullng wore received 1 - from various sources but. none have been con finned. , * \ And a yoflng telephone, operator, wbo was riding horseback hear t.te beach when blimp/cnmo float,--' ing.In from ..the .poean, in'sl.sls that ' TOltltljWJL'OiV MAN DIES; , f Tnri'inglon, Aug. 17—(UP)—Funeral services, will I5e held Wednesday i'or JknVnrd J. Ca&Ue, prom- JnonL PoiTintgl on banker .'.He wafe s l years old. Castle wa-s a former men {her oi -the" .e-Hy llnanog board. MODEL PJLANE CRASHED Hartford, Aug. 17— (VP>)— Whe someone excitedly telephoned th police lhat«nn alrplfinq liuul >iras'li a ri'uisor was JmmctMaloly dis patched to I ho scone. The plane however, turned out to be a mode airplane owmed 'by 1 one of the boy in the neighborhood, o _ L-l_, SCOTT'S SCRAP BOOK shown con- Lieut. Cbmm. Mildred H. McAfee; director of the WAVES, after she hadrgiyen a press inter- Mew in' NeW York. She announced that the • women <aailors will » wear well-tailored uniforms. ! (Central Press) "' 1 she saw three men in the vessel's gondola. But the navy has conhrmed that ,only two men were aboard aHhough ''there were three parachutes in the blimp's rack. • • WAR IN EUROPE A YEAR AGO, I AUG. 17, 1941 | 1 (By United Press) German High Command announces capture of Nickolaev, Russian 1 Black Sea naval base. Britai'n and Russia, in a joint al- lion, warn Iran to expel mon, Ihun 3.000 German "tourists" arid technicians. , HAK conducts large-scale raids on j Cologne, Dussel;do.rf. and ,'Duisburg arid the dock's at Ostenii and Rot- terdain. ./; ' ! ,'-" r ' .. /.-\ •' Britain an : d\R ; ii'ssla Sign,'trade pact, OF WHitfrt PlPis, ARJL MADE DO BUR.H ? ETTA KETT 5 & GI^SSIFlEt) AD IN THE DA] NEWS• .,>RESUlTS ARE CERTAINli By PAUL ROBINS! Anto.s Tniok.s For flnlo .U»40 Packard (!onv, C.luh f'.oupi JlP, r Ui Packard Sndan ...' ' 19,171 rtiifnk 7-pKSH, S«:daii ! \ ItWJ Paokncd Sedan i' — Opori RvunlngH — Packarcl-Watorbury, Tuo, •A HAl-'K PhACI'J TO HdY" INVITATION TO SAV10 MUST REI)U010 STOCK ' 182 Wftloi'lown Avmwo ' Dial 4-tflOO \ {r{ Hiinirir) Oft GOOkM- ...... • , . __, : fi-po. lH'caklast )S(U.s ford Convertible Cotipn Ford Convcrllhlc Scilnii I!), 1 )!) I'Vird Tinlor 1!>i)8 Ford ixdiixo Fnrdor 1I), ( )7 Fonl Htatlon Wn/;on 1IK11 Ford 4!oi/iM» 1$>,T7 Oldsnuildlo Coupo 1040 HhMl«hnl«»p IM-osldtMit •IllflV Lincoln '/cphyr 19;^) Lincoln -'/cpliyr 1940 Mnooln '/(M>i».vr StMlun THK ,NAU«ATU(!K FUICI, CO. ^7 Chiiroh St. Phnnn ^t^.,.w.,.ii.^r; ,;•, ;;••*"•",:.•• ~ "mr "* 10—A u to I'nrtH & * 1 vmZiAllraM" fU'gronving Onic-lal Tli'M InspruUlon Sorvh'-n /TAT>"I?^CJ 1/nllml Tiro Kautory \T-T*-t>J-J tO'm r<,rr<.,iu/.fi c^f, ( Wf.h.V JJT2.49 Odd Ktlnhon Tahle '... n.OO Odd f.lvlng Hoonr Ohalr.M .... 'ti.foi Hampers .,., .08 Card Tahh'M ,.., • .08 Hoom Suites 20.95 I.Of) 0.05 /J'ahh-. hiimnfl .... ;-.'...• 08 *i (Jhuroh Street NOW \s the time to store your fur coat, . IMck up df'livory .soi'vluc, Also for the lir^f. dry olenniiif// tele- phono IiO!iU> - > • "' KIIUV.W.IN'S.. 78 (JhuNJh Street, 1JST Us Put Voiir LownHIoyver lit sh'apo for tho season. Mower!- shai'ptjnod, repaired, oto. Gall fell and delivery service, Melbourne'? Sorvlee. Station, Rubber avenue Telephone 3420. 4-7-tr !,'.'!.'!!.'.'.'.'!.'!!! 2^08 j l.lvhiK Hoom llugM -14.00 • MANY OTIT'IO'H, MONEY SAVI5MS Wanf. Voiir'Oholnf'V flomn Marly I 1-f.ADTVIOY'S ANN10X , lO.'I Meadow Stronl. Watoi'bury SERVICE On all makes of refrlgorotora and wnHlio''H. inofloratn prlr.nH, NKW ENfJLAND MUSIC SHOP Hrand St. i Dial H-7J03 nivrro'ft MUSIC; A URGOUDING sTunios 18 Employriieitt "'.'!"' • i-f-' ';'4r in^. Wauled IlKMV WANTWO-I''! SKIJ^ <vxi>lu.««lvr naino .W'fo'r $1.00, Mfi t'or -Itl.fX) Etching, 2ft for •% I,(X) flhrlrtlmuM (larrln siif'npluH. lloxts .'Klj-ll i;, Odd CurdM 2 1-^ c, War Hla/np Kvuryday n^VdM. ^poclal Offer, Now lOng- lanrl Art, Norhh Ahli^trtn, O^.'l, M«Jt». 8-17-d I x- wi^pAT^oVr^ l<i.fX) ho.\(M. M> hniuitlful UMSort- o(U:. harni' Iroprinted tlhi'lfltmu« oafdn-Holl ifil,(X)--yoin i profit f»()(5, rVfiO Mnrnplt'H, Ohtiorful 0«rd Co., 28AD Whlto •Plalri.s, N. Y. Ml InHtrurnnntH Taught. Rooordft Made AH Low AH r>0o, 257 So. Main SL rp «il. KOI! SAUS— Hiinfrnhnv type ft'oin hlnatlon Kan and coal ransi 1 , lirlco *yri, riall attor .'i ,p, nn at 23 Him .wood stront. . Ml msWIAft Cnnl S f oniM4Hoiiu frlendH r><) nnnio Irnprlnlud (.Ihrlat- - mn'a GlnrdH.. $.l,»)f» up «frw» sarn- pJ«H, ; - 'K) aHsortnioatM, ,'«)<• <rp, patriotic f.JardM. (-'ainouM 21 assort- iTHJftt On. approval. vSpfdal Sarn- pu» orr«>r. UKUKNKAMf, avi Uro-adway, Dopt. no, ,\o\v York, H-17-dlx t rjual Ity, f/owuHt prlooH—nasy terms. M fi). Main, Cor. 'Coin, Wulnrhurj To I, .7-21-tf For Rent Real Estate Apartments nnd T TO lWNT-~F!v<i'i'ooin,v lit (J8 «nll- road avnniH 1 , flenoon Palls. Avall- , ahln - AuguHt I5lh. Apply Hnrry Stinrmer, 1-V2 CJurtlsn ntreot, tele- TO HKNT—l,ni'Hi». nlooly f room, wlt'i or without hoard, Ad- flroH.H Hox "H" In oaro of .Tlip ANP J56YS/ THAT PLAC£ THOUSAND IWATS ir/ao HEV/DONF SFAV LON VVHiE/2£lL>a VUUDONLV Electricians SECRET AGENT X9 By ROBERT STOR AXIS CHAIN/ IT COULD BE PONE, AT THAT OULD TEND V* BACK ANOTHE fc D&COURAGE RANK WAVE YANKEE SWINE FOUND PATCH POUBT BRIGK BRADFORD Reiil Estate For Sale Pavni's.'For -Sole .08/rOH SAIjrO—Would' you like to have a home of your own and rnako an Investment'at l.lm sanv tlrnn, More Is an exceptional good buy for the prloe of a J-ftunlly'housn. 7 am offering to yon a 3-farnlly house In an A-J ooruUtion, all Improvements and largo lot- 70x180 located at thn corner of Gorman and OMve St. Another good Investment, a 3- farnily h'ouso "of-'14 rqoms, located - at Carroll .-St. Price ?fi,800f. Yearly Income W-'i. Tf.,you want to'buy or- sell aoc.., Patsy Labrl- ola, roal'tor, '172'lllgh -St. Phono 3^58; '•- • - ,• ; v ' .---.-.'• TOM SAUC— I»puTlry rnnn, JO iicrei* of .land; .4. room biuigajovsv 2 ear , %• hen r : 'Ivousofl, ' .for- .,,2,000 Price $3500. Cash '$1200. Terms on balance to suit purchaser. A. Shopley. - Tel. 2433-. 7-24- t,f. By WILLIAM BJITT and CLARE^rCE GRAY) SOON A NECKLACE OF FRUITFUL FARMS AND GARDENS RINGS THE NEW Clf7 FOIf .SAI-E— Two rainNy house of J) rooms, all Improvements. In A.-' • con'dltlon. '-West Hide- of- town" Large lot, $5900, Also, brand new modurn 0 room, one'family house,' garage attached. Good location.' Prlpud reasonable. -A. Shopluy. Tel,2433, .••.'•-' • . 7-24-Lf. : WANTKD-MKNT of r. or « I-OOITIH by HrnaK- Amorlcan family, Dial LIQUOR PERMIT Notice of Application Pills is to '-give * ndi[-QQ ; Uiati'iI, So- 5 ' •In Josephine Scully, of 23 UnlOni tract, -Union-City,- Conn.;•.have flledl n application dated August 17,1942,-' vl-th the Liquor Control c/ornmls- ; ons. for a Restaurant /permit 'for' he sale of alcohol liquor on', the' remlsrw, 23 Union 1 street< 'Union' Ity, Gann. T-he bu»In,es.s is owner jy Soph lo.'Josephine .Soiilly, of -2 Jnlon street,:-. Un'lon .City, Conn nd - will ho comductod by Soph JoHOphlno Scully, ; of 23 Union &|,r< Union fJlty, Conn,-, ,-as •poumlttec. SOPIIIR JOSBPIII-NBJ- SCULLY. Da tod:-August- 17, 1942, You Gttn Still Buy Tires —For JeepsI , * No you can't buy tires for yo«r automobile.-but you CAN put -your doUara into tires for jeeps! And that's just what yo«,must do to win this.war. It's your patriotic duty to puj^ri^Uars x&M *«»**, but into tanks .... ...not into '- "- J '*•'"* - •' ' -••••<"->- ^ ,, uy o put your dollars not io jng».but into tanks .not into.^^WtSffiSS'JS-SS luxuries, but into War Bonds to qriwh th'e Axis! iReniember, this isn ,'t vntrS y0nC dse r thi( ! ^SriJ^' Un °l» Sam.isiiwicingi YOTTioVglve YOUR money to ; save XQm.way of Hf e a *_ YOUR money to ; save YQim^way of Hf e and YOUB'oountry.^and .your money will oom«>aok' with inie r est;..8s''mudi:as |4 for every $3. There is no better inyesiment in ajl the world--start to make every Pay Day Bond.DaytI v . , , Tliiw Hpaoo••l.oiin.tod to Ih 0 War Effort by ' THE NAUCATUCK NEWS ^ I - .• «'li .li{- ^ \ » - . . '.* • ,.. L i» ' ».-'*. Li* .% v p l/i \'4V '.V Vltt ' <i DICTION THE LAROON5 BUILD ANEW CITY OF WOOD AND STONE BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH By BILLY JDE BECK r'r 4 ,Syndicate, Inc./V/6rId rights reserved., By LES FORGRAVB WHO WHENOU'CE AUL TALKING ABOUT FRIED CMIC-KEN YAY, LUG Y/pin you HEAR THAT? YOU CAN RUN AND PLAY ALL YOU WANT TO NOW/ NOBODY IS! WOULD.BVEtt. TMlt^ OP EATING YOUR CHICKED-,' CHICKEN PIE ALL THE TIME? ^ By WALL Y BISHOf MAN/I CWOCOLATE CREAMS?. WE WAYS ABOUT 99 DIP-CERENT KINPS .ORHPWABO'Ur SOME BON-BONS? CREAMS? ^ 7* Copr IV42, King Feature Syndfc»»e, Inc , World rifihu rcWrved

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