The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 30, 1939 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1939
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

TUESDAY.' OCTOBER 31, 1839 .). COURIER NEWS •" , By Clvde Lewi* CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate pur line for consecu- ,'ve Insertions: One Mine j] er line,.. ....... 10 0 two times. per line pet day..,'.08c ee times per llns per day... two limes per line per day....OSc »outt- rate per line ....... ;. 6 0o cards or Thanks. ....... 50o & 16o Minimum charge 60c Ads ordered for three or sU Ames and slopped before (tpira- »on will be charged for the nut- ter of times the add appeared and idjustment, of bin made All Classified Advertising copy fubmitlea by persons residing outride of the city urtisl be accom- ;>ameu by cash. Rate may be eas- V computed from ab&vt table. Advertising ordered for Irregular taxes the one time rate. No reaponsii)ij;iy W jii be lakeu lor more than one incorrect lu&er- '.ton of any classiried ad. 3 room apartment iind bath. Garage'. 117 B, Rose St. 31-pk-l FOR RENT— Two furnished looms. Phone 299. . 30-pk-3 Ucslrable.-bedroom In private. home."Stcnm.beat. 1037 W. Wai- niil, phone 881. 28-ck-\( TRUE BARGAINS Go See "Them Toita.v 2 room furnished apartment 108 W. Kentucky. Phone 683. 27pk3, 36 Kgrtl COU P C $215 5 room furnished apartment. 021' Chtckasawlm. Apply Joe Wortdy. _ 27-pk-3 i 3 room furnished apartmentTMrs Elina Cipwder, 60S N. 6th St. ______ ' M-ck-tf 2 room modern furnished a part- Chev. C'oiicli jigs 'Xfi Plymouth. Tour. j^nj) '37 Ford Ucl. Tudor 4-373 '31 Chev. Sedan $389 MS ford Tudor $457 --,.,. .-11 ..i^iivvi HIJUl L- I . moil. Mrs. Tnschnor, 1601 'Vf\ 3e Fonl Il " lor S3SS Al >»- -- i 1 or bale Large bedroom, twin beds, two closQls, • steam heal. Men preferred. Phone 1. 23-ek-tt 1 or 3 room furnished apartment Newly decorated. BM Hcarn. Lot. for wile on-Holly whore the pretty homes are being biilll. For qiiK'K sale $375.00. Thomas Land Co. _______ Sl-ck-6 Suburban, grocery arid -market. Gcpd location. Write Box "10", Courier News.' 30-pfc-O , . : : '__ Nice comfortable room, close in four wall'cases, 8 and'10 ft. Her- 310 W. Walnut. 13-ck-lf _ Comfortable bedroom. 1017 Walnut. Phone 102 after four. 17-ck-lf TRUCKS.— '« O.M.C. ,'1/4 I'lc '37 Konl Vlck-up '3T Chev. 1J4 Ttm '3G Ford 1'aixJ 2 bedrooms. Business women only . Phone 239. U-ck-tl r , . . -wuuvul u U1IV.I W It. XIV I ~ Brick's 'Watch Shop. ?8-ck-2 Set-era!' • good' mules, mar-s and .voting horses. Paul Byiu'ii. . iCcklf Late jnoilej tractor*.- Rel)Uill~a(id refmished. -Good" as-hew. Paul Byrum. -.•; : • . au-ck-tf - - Combines. -Easy Terms. Paul Byrum... 2G-ck-tl ashed Corn, chops, Meal and Bran. Public Crushing. Blayloc 1 * ll," Highway 61. 21-pfc-ll-M 0 Ueacl young, fresh Jersey cows. Galnes Market,. Phone-93. : ' • '• • 23-])k-ll-23 Upright' piano and'four foot Frig: Ida Ire-electric refrigerator. -Both In excellent condition" Phone 77'or call at 811 W. Main. 9-ck-tt BABY.BED cheap. Practically ,lew niallresE. . Mrs. Samuel P." Korris.'-Call 6J8j after .6 p.m. dh Lumber. '-Oak, Cypress. . $18~pcr thousand. Delivered for S20. Adjoining Clear Lake RuinV.'D. R. Garner of Armorel. ll-pkrll-ll Comfortable front bedroom Outside entrance.. Phone 351. 515 • Walnut. . ll-ck-tf Nice bedroom. Convenient tc bath Steam heat. Phone 200. 19-ck-tf Notice Notice—I am . now salesman for Thomas -I^nnd Co. Have good buys on Farm and city Property. H, C. Camp&ll. 13-ck-ll-13 Lewis-Chambers Construction Corn. pauy, ' Inc.', Is responsible only for purchases if the vender Is supplied with a written purchase order signed by ,W. C. Drennayi or J FMIipee.. 2-pk-lt-2 Lost Blacfc^siclebpard ,-nnd end gules . from .1939. Cheifpiel-' Sfake:- Body rruck. .Lost, between ' Cross "fann Jind Blylhevillc or in Blyllievillc. •ffolify Tom Little Chev. Co.' or J. fO. Finklea. 1 . , 28-pk-l iiii^, Ironing fexperl'washmg nn'd Ironing/ Cheap. Rough dry and finish. B quilts 51.00. One day service. Willie Bell Jreen. -behind City Ice Plant. • . '. . 9-ck-10-9 Hunting license & BIRD DOG LICENSE. FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE W* 1 ABE PREPARED TO ISSUF YOUR HUNTING AND BIRD DOD LICENSE AT OUR STOHE SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO, Corner 5th & Walnut Phone 810-811 fur Demons'-rutlm Blytlicville, Ait. Henry r. Br«mloiilHif B Is wnrn- cd to ajnienr In the- Commcii Hens court for ll,c D strict of Mississippi M , k:> "f n f' within (l.lriy '.lays dnle, to nnsirtr n 1 complfilnt iiii cminlv, lite) aijiilHsi |,( m uv ohocliiw oul- vert ,^ MiKjhlncry Compiiny. Dated this October ao, id;io HAltVKV MOKI.I6, Clerk By Elltab'oll) HJytUp, Doinily licul nnd Eviard ' Attorneys for 1'lulntlfl 31-7-11-ai Walker. Dnk'c! (Ills' 10 day of Oct., 1030 HARVEY MOJitilS CJcil; 1'i'i-cy A. Wilglit, Ally, for 1 III Cltuulu Cooper, Ally art LlUm H-M-31-7 Chnrlcs OoOdycai nccltlrntilly discovered the pioccss of vulcau y for days at a 'ttnio »ithout tiring. , roWn-i when ho emclcs.slj Irt n i>l«e of mbbcr como In con- lacl with R hoi bt-ve. Tlio discovery wns made'In 103D, nlthmifjh Oooilyciu-'hao been working with trying (o, devfso "\Vc !;IKI\V you've liw) linaiicijil. rt-\ -t-rsi-s. J. IS., btil you'll never ,tji'! even Hint wsiy!" IN WAIININO THE' CHANCERY COURT, To Buy -, 'WANTED A USED FLOOR SCALE rno.Ni; 700 on m j _ : M-ck-n- WE .1'AV CASH~FOK Used Furniture Itn.v Kooncc Furniture Slcre /' lil'W. Main ' "SOYBEANS -oppciljii! Gin O.pen Day-Nile _ jij,,.., ]8 , V( , st IG-pk-ll-lG .One-while fate slccr 'yearling weighing aboul 500 pounds. Dr. E. V. Hill, Houlc I. a?-pk-3 Wanted Sewing, aiicuniuions. Slip covers for furniture.-Call 936'Mrs W Leonard Smith: : Wanted to Rein Tailors Tailor Sliide Suits, $23.50 np . ALL KINDS Georije L. Muir Btytheville's Only Tailor" W acres land, neai-i-alylheyille. Write 'Box' MO",' c/o Courier News. '..---• Welding "EXPERT RLKCTIHC AND ACETYLENE , CHICKASAW13A DISTRICT, MISSfSSIPPr COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Piuillnc Walters, Plalnlllf, Vs. No, 7001 . \V. U Wallers, Defcminiu. The defendant, W. L. Wnllcrs, Is warned to npptfir within thirty ys In the conn ncunccl In the captlnn hereof ,imd niistrcr (lie complnlnl of the nlnlntlir. I'nullnc Wallers. ; lintc this 2-lth ny of Oct. 1039 HAHVEY MORfJIS, Clerk. Atty. for !>ltf., Percy Wrlghl, Ally, ail lllcm, Clnudo Cooper Hoy Walker, PInlntliT vs. No. 7050 Mary Wnlhcr. Dofciulant, -' f0mll> " 1 ' M " r « i ll > '* 1 ays in (ho , court' nnnicd in tin; Werf Opfometrist "«B MAKES 'KM 8KB" Over Joe Isaucs' Slorr Phone 5'lfl PRESCRIPTIONS. Siifc - - Amirulc Vqur Prescription Druggist Fowler Dru K Co. / Phone Main * I J. L. GUARD Optdmetrisl !} Oruilunlc 0(i!ii Iflsl In 111) Ilitvlllc. Fr«;s|icsf Stock G'mirnnlecrl" HoRt |> r ), lecrl" HoRt |> r ), Vf Druj? Stores »' 101 North SccTiid ~ ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU £ Tell of Future Price Advances. GET THE JUMP ON HIGHER PRICES STANDARD. TIRES PROrOR'l'IONAT|;i.Y . LOW // v. As Low CSfcc'/.iwr Week* Budget Plan! TALENTED MOPPET WELDIH6 ift and heavy we specialty. Barksdale Mfg. Go, HORKONTAI, I Fiivoritc child screen star. 1 2 Sour in ss'pccl 13 Region's.-;' 1 1 Scepters. IS On Ilie ko. .7 Money ' drawers. 8 An ascetic. . 1 9 Connecting. word. 20 Chief commodities' !2 Males. ' ' Answer to rrevioiis- Tuzzlc • — — In her •pictures. . 20 Chair. 21 Warbled. =) 23 Particular .creeds. 25Perta!nln? to the sun. 27 Adjacent. 28 Challenge. 30 Genus of frogs. cenlcr. U Plural pronoun. health tint! •10 The gods. ,..„ T>OTo degrade. ^6.To make dear. 51 Rulb 'flower. 9 Scandinavian. 85 Achieved. ' 32 To act upon SG Vampire.. 57 Compass poinl. 58 Student-; of Plant, life.. 59 Preposition. VERTIC/iJ, 1 Performed olher. 13 White of an - egg. 14 Craft. WJnsecl.' '• 7 Quickly. !» Alloy of copper. I Ceaseless. 15 She radiates nlonc. 2Balkcr. . . .IFury.' •1 Happening after. 5 Assam silk• worm. 6 To bark. 7 High. 8 Ksscnlial lieing. !) To in.specl closely. 10 frame. 11 Border. 12She is-.i " ' clover ^-—, 15 And is featured as n 37 Agreements. 38 Kale of movement. 3!) Violent v;ind. 40 Perfume. •12 Norse - - m.vthologj-. « Bridle strap. • 41 Breeding places. •18 Color. 47 Morindin dye. « Chest bone. !> 1 Twice. 52 Measure of area. 53 Huge body ol water. Phow 13 or Res. 1013 Arouse Slajglsll liver, work „„ 'he bile to rtd yourseU ofconsll- "«tion. ens rains, and that smir nunlc feelins. Take one box nf KIRBV'S ACTIVE LIVEFS PILLS 25c at nil Klrby Stores Less than five per cent of tlio Public scliooh in the United Slates nave L«en biilll since 1930 More han one-third of them v;crc built, between 1870 aiul 1809. ONLY 160 THIS Riding Comfort L SHOCK ami refill with special Slicick Alwrfocr fluij' M suilpri In .sc.-ismi. Cor inaMmuin riding coniforf. .•i. INSPECT SIIOtTS AjiSOKn- KKH for leaks anil tijhlcn aunt nut sanii iiackinj nufs. 3. Sl'RI.VGS—Treat spfiiies v.||l, >)ici-ial Ford lubricant M-4B24 1. IXSPtCT AND A 1) J I! S T SPUING SHACKLES. . 5. U'BKtCATE CHASSIS COM- r>,KTKJ,J- uslh-r" factory licij lubriiaiits. C. KJiUALI/K TIHI-. j,\j.i,A ON" tu Hie rcfoinmcniled sure. . 7. KOAU TEST CAI{ tor linnl adjiistincnl of Shock Absorbers li> aull indi.vlduul ALL ABOVB. VOU 'tills ONli VUICIi. Silt A llaliiti{ Phone SlU Rend Courier News WftnL Ads. Hill. «nl|, c s, Budget 5Ui & Walnut. . • ^ J.SMPPOSE,HAt?l BEEN) GONE,)- —^^ AMOTHER WEEK,VOU GEMT- XOH.WO SIR-\ LEMEM WOULP HAVE HAP / THE CNRDIFF \ "IHE CARDIFF GIAMT SET GIAkJT IS AM UP IM THE ROTUNDA \ ESTABLISHED ! ; /JOMES;\BI30MJEARMOR I DUG j/BROM50M\up. i BETCHA; HEH: feSTv^ Ladies and Gcndcmcn WASH TUI5BS Link llns ;i Complaint •SO WTU'RE \V--\^H- \ IX16TOH'S BEST PRIEUOj \ PLE,\SEP TO MEETCHA BOY. PLEASED TO ' XStETCHA, THIKIK or- THAT ONLY $345 AMD DO BIP IT COSTVA-' MiKCKLES AN'f) HTS Nubbin's Hound 6 MIS3 KLEKK, IN WHUT YEA WAS WILLIAM THACKERAY . WAS SORM IN 1811 • ^NO. DIED IN I.NJ' TEl'-YCU,, J LOOKED AT I HE QUMTONS--- BUT J AINT • LIKE. You .... I HAys TO I.OOK up ANSWERS THE ANSWER. or . COURSE; ACCOS'M' we o~ CHEATN' IN TMAp

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