Spokane Chronicle from Spokane, Washington on November 11, 1903 · 9
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Spokane Chronicle from Spokane, Washington · 9

Spokane, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 11, 1903
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THE EVENING CHRONICLE, SPOKANE, WASH., WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 1903. HE MAY HOT 1BY SPOKANE Edward Shields Has Another Circuit of Theat-. ers Now, !N SMALLER TOWNS Doubts Expressed as to His Entering Business Here. glrna mto Inrilrata that alnce th local IlM'Htar man have decided to build ,wo new houaaa In thin city at once Ed-Wurd Blilclda. who haa been planning to enen a vaudeville hmme here, haa decided ,0 leave Hpukane alone.- mid he la at r.tent eu"Kad 111 forming a new the-(trlcal circuit for eaatern Oregon and oiilliern Waahli.gton. Ha haa already made arranacmeula for houaiw b The Dalle, Rendluton, linker Cliy, I, a (irande. Walla Walla and Sumpter, It la announced, and will aend hla prat huw over the road tide week. It la retained that theee towtia can not loi.port a nhnw for acven daya avary week, and ao Manager Shlelda haa mada arrangcinrida to imika nhorl atands Instead uf Inn enuementa. Knr Inalance, The Dalles and Pendleton will divide one week; Walla Walla another. and Sumpter on night. Dakar ('tty pour nlKhla and l.a (Irande two nlghta will account for tha third woek, thua giving performer three wenka on the road from tha time they leave Portland until thov get In the end of the circuit. Thlii circuit will ha operated In connection with the Kdlaon circuit, which haa hciii.e. In Tacoma, Seattle. Victoria, Vancouver and many nlhnr towns In Waah-liiglmi and llritlrh CTiltimbla; extend the WEISER ROAD Aecor-lliig to a Weiacr (Idaho) dispatch In the ltutte Miner "from a reliable source It la learned that arrangements are completed for the extending of the p.riflc A Idehu Northern railroad, that run from this etly to Connell, to the gaven Devil and the Meadows. Work all! probably not commence until spring, l the neuron I too far advanced to do arnthlng this winter. Tho people of this lion have heard ao many teporta of a reported extension that they had begun to believe nothing they heard regarding S. hut thl come from a aoiire that cart ant he dluregnrded. l-wl A. Hall, president of the P. A t. N. railroad, arrived thl afternoon from New York to take up Pie matter. DESERTED HER t AFTER TWO DAYS Mrv Altmryrr wim glvn deer $f divorce from Nliholn In jmlg hcntmn'g court todiy on default. The compl.iint In th sa. which was flrd intUy by Crow & William. attr-!' fAp th pIslnt'fT. nl1'$s tht th upl no married nt Mauning, na, )knfrh 3, and that on March 2. Just to ln lat tV th defendant lft tho plKinhfr amt hanot lnc llvd with hr; -n that he haa fulled for more than a yetr to npnrt her. Thrt defendant In the ea-e fallnd to Mniaar In tourt and hia hereabouts mm unknown, CHRISTMAS SALE. ? On IMember 4 and 5 tha lad! of tha Flt IrchytrlMi church will hold x Cliilrtir.ft sil at a place yet to he hhd In thl c!tv. The twin fctlt be held em where in tin tHisina portion of the H). it tted. - COTTON MILLS CLOSED. el'I'NVKH, Nov. 11 The -Overland cotton mill have been cloned down bee a tine rtf th tack of rol. Thin 1 the first li ge Innt Million In !nvr to clnaa he-aim of th strike. Four hundred per-i'n r thrown out of employment,' ' NAMED AS P09TMA8TER. WASHINGTON, Nov. ' 11 -Amnn tha nominations sent to the senate was Vella V.ll, to be pnxtmnater nt Vain, Ilanall. TACOMA STRIKE STILL GOES ON Usw Commlaalonar Blackman Saya Hi Efforts, Extending Over Two Weaka, Hava Failed. TAroMA, Wash., Nov. 10 Tha con-Pactura and reprenentatlves of the union Involved In the building trades , In this cliy devoted nearly 14 hmfra an effort to reach an understanulng, - ,U I t-at ll aill UIIUPIBIflllUlllpi Ut failed, llavlna eahauted every meena available In hi rapacity as elate labor ocmml. toner without aucceaa, Mr. lllack- man state hat he will retire from tha -'d as mediator and return to Ida other ami,. A the contractors and unions both appear t i, )n thPll. ,ttltuda and '-is appeartna to be no poa.inia rhanca arttieinein. I will retire from tha cen nf aelton,'' said Mr. lllackman, on r'n,ain In th background until no lm ny notined to return no conllnna logoilntion-thnt ahnll bring i a111 n ,ucceaful tarmlnatton. ' devoted all nt th two week n an endravor to actlle the strike, but off. i rt hv'' bean unaticcaeaful. 1 also corn" h rn,diactora arhltiallon ac-a, ' n Ibo atnte taw, but this haa n declined. 1 think that every honor- ... hiemi bn been resorted to In an adjust th dl.putn and there la cm, '"""h l,, " do fr as . r.m, . . "Im rcmmltte from th union tih , . ,ho r0lli'"otor to meet the havn f l m minting, the question mu i . n raided that th unions might rilin'. ,;Vr " action of tha d il!!,. '? nnnl- but tha contractors - lined to do thl," In ih unions era now Involved e r,;r k": "rm'"lcr, pnintera. Intn- tnei-i a hulldlng latior and aneet Union. rnikl'r"' 11 claimed by the how in In"1 11,8 -Irctrlcal workers are " tha ranks of tha strikers. ; yakima citizens ticket. NinlT,LTA,K,MA' Wa,h- Nnv.-m.-At fnllolmJ ? r ol"us tonight tha Frank 'n 1 V1 humiliated: Mayor, torn'lv 8' IXnwti at- It, ''"Ham Thompson; treasurer, C. eotinctin ni hnl,h olhcer, Dr. p. Prank; K o I" cry Moran, long term; U r t'n ' k n-n' ,,rm; Second ward. ' riThlrd A- N. Slim t. h tha Divorce Mill. hbnf"u1t.J I0"!" f"nW n,m-t Phd, n.a ,uA Hr,l,;n,'p IUd bill A ...i. . ,,f eoulae, , ""I' for iltvorce, n.'lmT' h her aim tie la certainly cemlin her still Milwaukee Sentinel. SIX CHILDREN BESIDE HIM Prisoners Family Came irml Heard Page Arraigned. Patti: Yes, I have returned to say farewell for the last time. SAYS AUTOMOBILES ARE NOT PRACTICAL Too Many Caba Called for Those Who 8tartd In Horselesa Carriage. M. O'Shea of tba Spokane Cab company has provided hie estahllehmcnt wltn a palace coach for pallbearers. ,Tha vehicle was received from the factory of the United States Carrtnge company of Chicago on Monday last. It I an elaborately arranged affair, being tha bet carriage of the kind now In Bpoknne, It I staled. It will carry eight persons. Since you purchased the licet, why didn't you go a bit farther and gt an automobile carriage? Mr. O'Shea was aaked. "There la nothing prnctlral about an auto," he replied emphatically. "Quits frequently we have a call to bring .come one hark to town who ha been taking an automobile ride and bad their machine break down. How would It eeem to halt a funcml procession (111 a cab could arrive to carry Ilia pallbearer on to the graveT It's a rlnch, though, that whenever autos come to be used generally for such purpoeee, 1 II be In style." WAS IT HIS FAULT? Detective McDonald grrealed John Her-nlckle at Hlllyard lat evening upon advice received from Pocatello. Hcrnlrkle wai placed In the city Jail b await tha officers from that place. According to the etateinent received here llcrnlckle Is a railroad engineer who was Indicted for criminal carelenra In ranalng a freight mlllalon on the Oregon Short bine near Pocatello on September 19 lat. Her-nlckle' tory I that he had been working only about two month when the ac'ldont occurred, nd that one dark night hi engine bumped Into a caboose In which a drover wa riding, and a a result the man was killed, but th coroner Jury exonerated tha engineer fiom blame because there were no light an the cabooee. PALLIUM OF ARCHBISHOP QUIGLEY HAS ARRIVED But tha Public Investiture Will Not Occur Till the Flrat Week In December. NKtV yORIC, Nov. 11. A special messenger frurn Rome haa arrived here with the pallium of Archbishop Quigley of Chicago. It will be given Informally Into the rare of the archbishop thla week, but tha publlo Investiture will not occur until tha first week In December. About SO prelate nd prleeta nf thla province are arranging to attend tha Inveatltura. Aren-blahop Parley- will be In the party aa well ua iilshop Colton of lUtffaio. Cardinal (llblioua probably will officiate at tha Investiture, and It Is believed that Arehblehnp Farley will be the celebrant of the solemn pont Ideal high mass. PETRIFIED MAN MADE OF PORTLAND CEMENT Purchaser Want to Recover the $3500 They Paid for the Alleged Phenomenon. ROUSED BY REVIVALS. . Th old fahlon?d revival ervlcc being conductfsl Rt the Klrt Mthndlt church Rr (Muted to be Incioualn In Rttendunr and Intereel nightly, l,at evening five young men came forward to unite with the church, making 14 for the two nights thl week. The eervires will continue each evening thl week till Friday end will rloae with a cnnMecretlnn service. Thhi evening Dr. Lambert will take for hla topic The Prodigal ftnn and Hie Krnther." A cordial Invitation la extended to ell to attend the meeting. A8HKVILLK. N. C., Nov. 11. The Prtatine Petrified Phenomenon company' of Aahevllle, which is composed of well known business men of this city, ha filed suit in Justice Waddell court to recover f.Uoo, the sum paid for a petrified man" alleged to have been found on hnd of A. W, Button of Henderson county. The find was brought to Asheville last April for exhibition purpoaea by Mr. Sutton. 1ocaI capltallat. believing that the phenomenon" would prove a moneymaker, organized a stock company and bought tha petrification. Recently some of the stockholder became doubtful of the genuineness of the petrified one and as a result It Is now alleged that the phenomenon" Is not a petrified man, but Is composed only of Portland cement. RETIRED CAPITALIST DEAD. ALAMKDA. Cal., Nov. 11. The death Is announced of Kdward Thomas Iedvard, a retired capitalist, at the age of yeaia. Heath wa due to general weakness Incidental to advanced age. The deceased was born In Hoad, Wiltshire, Kngland, and when a young man emigrated to CAnada. Twenty-four yeate ago he came to Alameda and took up his reedence there. He leaves five children, L. T. Iedyard of Toronto. Q. T. Ledyard of Gault, Panada: lr. W. K. Ledyard and Mrs. George Frier of this city and John 8. Ledyard of Berkeley. GOELER TOOK TIME. Tn the criminal department of the superior court this morning William Oucler was arraigned on an Information charging him with criminal assault on Dre Kdith Cornelia Ballon on Heptemner 26, The defendant who given the statutory time to plead, Gneler wae hound over to the superior court on Monday, hla rail being fixed at $15,000. Today hts attorney, Alex II. Orrgg, asked the court to fix A cash bond, but the matter waa postponed. BIDS FOR THE HIGH BRIDGE. Hid for building the high Hangman rreek bridge will le rerelved by the Uuat J of public works until Derember 1. anil will be opened at 2 o'clork on that date. The Chronicle print today's nrw today. AGAIN8T GUESSING CONCERN. LINCOI.N, Neb., Nov. 11. Attorney General lrout ha rendered an opinion ngnlnet the St. Lmil FhIt Gueeelng company, a Haetlngx, Neb., concern, and upon Ills advice the atnte banking board bn refused to permit the company to tranaact bualnesa. The opinion I to sweeping aa to cover alt guessing concern operating upon thl plan. It. J, Iage, the alleg'd partner of 'Hugni" Smith, waa arraigned In lh superior court this morning on Ilia chaiga of bteaklng Into a Northern Iadflo railway car and stcullng u quantity of cheese, whlnky and other articles. H waa given the statutory time to plead. Seated baaldn him In the courtroom wer Ida wife and six little childten, ranging from ft bub In arms to a hoy about 10 year of age. The party attracted considerable attention. 1age la said to be pedh-r by profession and la alleged to belong to a gang who have been In the habit of breaking Into frelghtenra, atealtng freight and then peddling It out through the county. NOT A USEFUL HUSBAND. Kllxabeth A. Kegan, by Sullivan. Nil-mm & Nuxum, her attorney, ask th superior Court to separate her legally from her spouee, Frederick W. Kogan, to whom he wa married In Maine in 1S1. She allege In her complaint that for th laMt two year she haa been obliged to provide her own support and she would prefer to do ao without being attached to e huxbnnd who fall as a provider. l MEETING OLD FRIENDS. , Big Hnm Hutchlnon, who at one time whs an officer on th city police force, whs a conspicuous figure on the street yesterday. Mr. Hutchinson Is an extremely tall man and stood head And shoulders above most of the people passing along Riverside about 6 oclock last evening. Hts headquarters ore at Lind, Wash. GOLD FOR IMPORT NEW YORK, Nov. 11. - Gold to thu amount of SKUO.OOO was today engaged In London for Import to the National City bank. The National City hank has eu-gHgfd Sfioo.ooo additional gold abroad. Startling Evidence. VVenh testimony in great quantity Is constantly romMix In. ricriarlnf Ir. Kina's New IMscovery fur Consumption, Couxhs auti Colds to b unequaled. A recent expmaton from T. J. McFarland of ItonlorvtUe, Vs., serves as sample. He writes; I had bronchitis fur three years and doctored all the time without, belnf .benefited Then I began taklnff Ir. King's New Discovery, and & few bottles wholly cured me." Kqually effectHe In curing all Lung and Throat trouble, Consumption, Pneumonia and Oiip. Guaranteed by all druggists. Trial bottles free, regular sixes 60c and 9100. For the Ladles Served daily at our store in the Ridpath block. Stop in while shopping and refresh yourselves at our expense. Bill of Tare Biscuits with McLarens cheese, coffee, pure cream (Chase & Sanborns) therefore its perfect coffee. Andersen Bros. The Ture Food Grocery, 511 Sprague. Tel. 143. Ridpath Elk. SHOE SALE 200 pair Men's Sample Shoes, in lace and Rluchcr styles, patent colt and ideal kid, enamel, box calf and vici kid, heavy ami light soles, 1 903 styles ; $3.50, $4.00 and $5.00 values, on sale at, per pair. .$2.45 Mens Sample Working Shoes, buckle, lace and congress, worth up to $2.50, on sale at, per pair $1.45 200 pairs Ladies' Fine l)rcss an 1 Street' Shoes, light hand turn and heavy extension soles, Cuban and opera heels, new toes, patent coltskin, vici kid, velour and box calf, regular price, $5.00; , on sale $2.45 184 ladies' fine vici kid, enamel and box calf shoes, 'patent leather and kid lips, regular price up to $4.00; on sale ,$t.D5 148 pair ladies' plain and fancy slippers and oxfords, full French, Cuban pud opera heels, worth' $2.50; on sale.....,..,, $1.25 Men's sample slippers, in leather, velvet and heaver felt, all styles, worth t.50; on sale, per pair ' .95 84 pairs ladies, felt, plush, velvet and quilted 1 satin, fur trimmed Juliets, French and common sense heels, hand turned soles, worth $1.50; on sale 954 Misses' and children's button and lace school and fine dress shoes, with the low heel or spring heels, worth up to $2.50; on sale, per pair ; $1.50 Children's button and lace shoes, black and fancy colors, all samples worth up to $1.50; on sale . 95 Boys' and youths heavy knockabout and working shoes, warranted all solid leather. They arc worth $J.oo, but they arc samples and bn' sale, per pair $1.25 Men's first quality rubbers, worth 75c, on sale, per pair 50 Mens warm shoes, with felt, leather and rubber soles, some leather foxed uppers an.! some all felt; they are all sample pairs, and on sale, per pair $1.95 IPiMnsW send your subscriptions to us now; we save you time, trouble and expense. ' Give your subscriptions to our magazine man. Do it now. JEm W. GraSQsm C. Interior 5 Finish I BASH AND DOORS f all kinds. Work turned .ut with .ffleiwtqr and dl.palak 1 th most reasonable prlo.a THE HAWKIILL PHOENIX PHONE MAIN ML KRUM THE DRUCCIST 81RAOUK AND MILL. I TKL. MAIN 17. I use no cheap catchpenny device to get your trad., via,; selling you a Bo article for Ec. and charging you Be for a lOo article. I eell no gonda at cost, but glv good good at reasonable price. FREE DELIVERY. CALL ME UP. ' Store Hours: 8:30 a. m. to 6 p. rri. leis Unlaundcrcd Wlite Shirts Regular 60c Ones. Tomorrow, Friday and Saturday, 49c. A white shirt sale that should interest every man who reads about it. Shirts that have been manufactured for us, embodying more real value than any shirt sold at the price. The bosom, cuff bands and collar band are made of all linen; the body is made of New York Mills muslin. They are double stitched and have reinforced buttonholes. We can fit all men wearing shirts M Y to 17 neckband. Sec display in Riverside window. For 3 days, beginning tomorrow 49 SO80SIS WATERPROOF SHOES A great many ladies dislike wearing rubbers or overshoes. Sorosis comes to their rescue and provides shoes that are as near waterproof as shoemakers have been able to make. Wc have the Sorosis waterproof shoes made of vis-colized box calf and extra quality imported enamel, with heavy waterproof extension soles and with low heels, for easy walking, and are sold for the regular Sorosis price $3.50 A SEASONABLE SUGGESTION Why buy footwear made of adulterated rubber when you can buy pure gum rubbers that are guaranteed to you to be perfect? We have the American brand of rubbers for ladies, children and boys, every pair of which is guaranteed pure gum, and are stamped so on the bottom of the rubber. The Crescent stands behind the guarantee. Thursday for one day only an assortment of silk waists which, sell at $6.75 to $10.00 will be sold for Teau dc sole and taffeta silk, all colors and made in a variety of styles; tucked, plaited and lace trimmed. All sizes. For Thursday only - A Few Special. Offerings in Our Boys Department for Thursday Boys dark colored flannelette waists; box plaited front and back ; soft collar and patent waistband, Thursday .... 254? Ages 4 to 10 years. . 1 Boys wool sweaters, large, roll collars, in three colors royal and red, red and green, and icd and blue. Wc have a large shipment of these sweaters, that we bought less than usual, so instead of asking you $1.25, the price Thursday will be - $1.00 All sizes in all colors, from 24 to 34. Great Reduction Sale of . . Fleeced Back Wrappers Thursday we will place on sale a quantity of our $2.50 wrappers for . .. ...., .$1.75 They're of good quality twilled flannelette ; colors blue, red, gray, with neat stripes and figures; separate waist lining; trimmed with braid or embroidery; deep flounce, with 2 inch hem; all scams felled; made in a manner to bear The Crescent guarantee; all sizes; $2.50 quality ...$1.75 Knitted Golf Gloves Wc have provided a generous stock of golf gloves for cold weather wear. Those who have ever worn golf gloves will tell you that they are comfortable, warm, easily put on and off, and are the most suitable gloves for winter. Women's golf gloves, plain or fancy, from 254 to 75. Children's golf gloves, plain or fancy, from 2-V to 50S Boys winter caps with pulldowns, in dark gray, brown and green mixtures; all sizes from 6 1-8 to 7, and about 10 dozen in the lot. The price to start them will be 254 Small boys reefer overcoats, in dark navy blue and dark green cheviots; velvet collars; some have brass buttons. This is an opportunity that should not be missed, with overcoat days upon us. The coats in this lot are cheap at $2.00 and $2.50. Thursday .. $1.75 Ages 3 to 8. Childrens Fleeced Sleeping Garments g50c Wc have just received a shipment of childrens . sleeping garments. They were late in coining, and in order to start rapid selling, we will not hold them at regular prices, but include alt sizes .at a uniform price which is fully a third less than ordinary. They are soft fleeced, are made with feet, anJ come in sizes 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10. Regular selling price 75c. We will close the lot, any size, at 504 On sale in underwear department, main floor, BLANKET BATH ROBES One of our attractions for the fall and winter is a collection of bath robes, made of imported blankets, in a vairctv of designs, mostly broken plaids; full length; deep collar; garment Cvlgcd with satin ribbon; silk cord girdle at waist; 34 to 42 inches $12.50 ARMOURS EXTRACT OP.BEEF DEMONSTRATION. ' All this tvcck we will serve delicious dishes prepared with Armours Extract of Ieof. Second floor, opposite elevator. Free, with our compliments. If in the Store tomorrow avnil yourselves of this chance. Wc will serve tomorrow Armours Asparox and Armours Tomato llouillon. I

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