The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 30, 1939 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1939
Page 12
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"IPAGE SIX BLYTHEVILT.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS • TUESDAY,'OCTOBER^, BETTER HOMES Relief From Standardization Flexible FHA Terms \Viden Scope Of Home Financing Tiie average American family pays n monthly renlsl for llvln;; quarters which would be sufficient' to take care of the'monthly ctar-j ges on a home of its own imdi'rj i!ie Federal Housing Administration plan, of home financing, FHAJ "officials £&v, In same cases, (lie monthly charges on certain priced homes under PHA's ulan would be than rentals for comparable shelter. The vast portion of America's income producers who could own homes but forego such a rcali- 'zatlon do so for a number of reasons, FHA officials • point °'"- Among;.these.may have been lack of sufficient clown-payment, a reason lessened in validity since liberalization of PHA's Title I lerins to the 5 per cent down payment. 'A number bt financial Institutions throughout the country have In- a'usiirnied savings programs, the cumulation of which is accumulation of sufficient funds for n down payment on a house. Other reasons for foregoing a house purchase may have been desire to remain moie mobile due to the nature of employment. ", Under. PHA's home-financing plans, now more flexible than ever, "families can realize their home- owning ambitions In this respect on a sounder more liberal basis than ever before, FHA officials Bay. New Light Switch Adds To Safety A new type ot electric-light switch' whicii allows the light stay oh from 20 to 00 seconds alter .the switch is turned oil should "prove particularly valuable as both a safety device and a convenience. , 'The .'switch may .be Installed through funds obtainable Irom qualified, lending Institutions undei PHA's Modernization Credit' plan Its. manufacturers maintain added conveniences for the switch whet "Installed in hallways, bedrooms children's looms, porches, garages basements, and 'all' other paints where the switch may not be near the exit or wheie a '•margin' of light Is needed after the switch is turned oif. . : 'When tinned off, Ihe Huhl- goes out from a few seconds to a minute after-Ilie switch is snapped, depending upon au adjustment, allowance. Old Fashioned Home Buying System Outmoded By New Methods Tlie mcclern home, representing n combination of strength, utility, and licaiity, is within tlic reach of millions oi American families. ' •This statement was made by Federal Housing Administrator Stew- ait McDonald, who declared-that "never before lias it been so easy to buy and pay for a home as 11 is today." "The old-fashioned system ' o f buying homes has passed into oblivion." he snld. "Loans for home liurchaslllK used to bear no relation Die ability of the bornvcrs to ay the money, 'nils financing sys- cm has been broken up by the Yilernl Government, and a new lie. eliminating risks and pitfalls nd designed to meet Die needs of eople of modest and low incomes, as replaced II. "!n other words, home ownership i»s been made accessible ns far ns inanclng Is concerned to families \Vhero space permits, thin home solves the problem of how to brealf (lie monulouy of design without bordering on txlremlly. Tlie cenler of Ihe house IB one room deep, with onc'wing devoted to bedrooms and bath and Ihe other to kitchen anil dining room. The designer bos found pleiify of room for closets, usually a serious problem in a small-homo design, The Kcdcral Housing -Adaiiiiistration's Ohio nflicc hi- gurc4 « mortgage. for $5,500 after the- property was ap^ at ?7,5QD. •T"* —T; L.W S R.OOB K • FLOOR. • PLAN- Questions and Answers Q. How deep should excavations! for foundations be? A. Excavations for till foundations should extend to solid ground and bo carried to a depth below the frost line. This depth varies greatly fcr the different climate.", In the United Slates. .HEIGHT OF CHIMNEYS , Heloht plays A considerable part In the efficiency of a .chimney, many, .authorities.".maintain. For this reason, chimney heights of 30 to 35 feel as a minimum are recommended. Ally arbitrary hiinl- mumi must be considered in the light of local conditions, however, as'.overhanging .trees, the height of the chimney above the roof, and strong prevalent winds can cause "disturbance in the draft action. BmokinE chimneys or unsatisfactory, fireplaces may be repaired cr 'replaced with - funds obtainable from qualified lending institutions : under the Federal. Housing Administration's Modernization Crcrt it Plan. Q. Where there Is no Ijasement, how high above Ihe ground level should floor Joists be placed? A. In basemcntless areas, the bottom of wood floor. joists and girders should be at least IB Indies nbuvc the ground level. To lessen Ihe danger of attack by termites, a •pace of two feel- is preferable, since (tils improves the necessary crawling space. All debris, such as slumps, roots, and wood scraps, should be removed from the building area, ns Uiey all'ord food for termites. and covered with lar paper or burlap should ' be laid next to the footings and sloped to drain the wal<;r to a dry well or sewer or by other outat. The drain tile should be covered with. nl least 12 inches ot broken stone or gravel. All construction debris should be removed from the trench before filling, and the finish grade should not come within eight Inches oi any wootl construction. Home Buyers Relying Now On Architect . How should grading around a house b'c (lone to accomplish proper tatnage? A, All backfilling adjacent to Ihe building should be placed In layers approximately 12 inches in thickness and each puddled and temp- ed before additional layers are placed. The finish grade should slope to drain the water away from the building. Where the ground mclsturc condition warrants it, drain tile with joints !eft open Q. What proportions are recommended for concrete mixtures? A. For plain, concrete, use I part ccinehl, 3 purls' sand, 5 parts gravel or crushed stone; and for reinforced concrete 1 part cement, 2 parts sand, 4 parts gravel cr crushed stone, No more than seven gallons of water pei bag of cement should be used, and when the aggregate is already moist there should be less water, as Ihe strength of the concrete depends to n great extent on the quantity of water used in proportion to lhal oi cement. No Reason For Increase In Cost Of Home' Ownership It Is the considered judgment of Federal Housing Administration officials that no reason exists why families which have been contemplating the purchase of a home hesitate to do EO at jiisli; fiable current prices. The PHA can see no valid reason at the present lime for any marked Increase in the cost, of construction i»nd of home owner- slip, Administrator Stewart McDonald said, FHA Judgment (Jiven •After careful study of the present situation in consultation with field offices, lenders, builders, and ethers, the Federal Housing Administration sums up iu judgment as-follows: "Recent events, world-wide their Influence, have Introduced large number of uncertainties Into the economic life of every nation. They have come into the life of our own nation and ItUo the field of home building mid nre affecting this field in a number of communities. "So far, the effect of these developments is to produce a considerable amount of questioning tinned struggle in Europe will produce circumstances in this country • hat will justify some Increases in the price of F.ome of the items entering into the cost of building. But these circumstances nre yet loo nebulous to anticipate with any degree of accuracy. "Furihcrmore, ihe Federal Housing Administration can see no reason why families which have been contemplating the purchase of a Fireplace Pipes Heat To Outlets In House The charm of the open (ire is ccinbined with the efficiency of a small furnace .by a new, type of fireplace which pipes heat to outlets- at- any desired point In the home. Besides delivering heat generously, these fireplaces are of pleasing design and permit the utmost, flexibility in location of inlets and outlets. They may be instnllrd in' the home with funds obtained from qunllflcd lending InslHutU 1 !-; under the Moricmlzailen Or; homo should hesitate to do so at Plan of Ihe Federal Housiuc "A<I- Justinable current prices." ministration. vlilch could never have ccontcm-! respect lo the trend of building 'laled the purchase of their own, prices in this country. This qucs- itines a few years ago. This ou- jorUmlly for families of modest ncomo Is giving more and more of iir pecple a sense of freedom and ecurity wlilch they never before assessed." .., L. Ward Residence ts Being Redecorated The residence of L. L. Ward, at 801 West -Main street, Is being re- jainled white as a part of an Improvement program on the cutslde and interlpr. Waterproof Finish Architectural services are beln used more In the design of home liven as security for mortgages, in lined by the Federal Housing' Ad iiinlslriUJon. This greater ' reliance on itontil 'architectural services I shown In plans and specifictvtlon submitted in recent years- ' mortgage-Insurance applications t FHA offices. One objective of the National Housing Act—tlie encouragement and Improvement of, housing standards—is being reached through tlie increased use or architects' .services, FHA officials say. Another commendable pcint is that such plans :nre more readily, processed and speeded to completion. LOCATION* OK THKRMdSTATS Five feet above the floor is considered All Around the House Water Is The Family Says Hitler Will Not Last CLEVELAND, O, (UP) -Victor T. J. Tlach. former Austrian consul general hero, hns predicted Hitler's end if the war is long, "When the German people feel the, pangs ot hunger, they will turn against Hitler," Tlach said. generally satisfactory Has Many Uses A new waterproof finish with a synthetic- rubber base, suitable for the finishing ot Venetian blinds uiul other equipment in tlie home Is now on (lie market. The finish, sponsors maintain will allow housewives to open the windows in any rainstorm and wll enable the vvnto.r (o run off on the outside. Application of the nev (wish may be financed under Ihi Federal Housing Administration' Maileini/.allon Credit Plan. PACKAGE KECEIVEK A package receiver, Installed i: he wall of the kitchen,.is a nsefi 'ill not costly feature which add onsidc-Kibly to the comfort of t.h nuiily and lo efficiency in th lome. II has a self-locking door vlilcli opens otililde and is insii- ated and ventilated. Another useful feature in the louie is a laundry 'chute, purticu- arly for homes with .aundrles and second-floor slecpin; height for the location of thermostat's, Federal Housing Administration officials say. Thny should lie placed in locations protected from drafts and not In contact with a large volume of air. The ral bulky thermostat. of yesteryear has been beautified, and their location today on the living-room wall doc. not mar the decorative scheme Funds for the financing of Iher moslatlcally controlled automatic heating systems arc available from qualified lending institutions untie PHA's Modernization Credit Plan Read Courier News want ad3- The modern water system places at the deck of every member of (he family a tireless servant, on duly 2} hours a clay. This servant is WATER. It has many hands find perform many chorea simultaneously, if necessary. All homes, however, are not properly equipped to lake full advantage of this servant because of iuadeciuale and out of dale piiimbinp;. The installation of a new oittiel here and there, n new fixture or two will enable Ibis good servant, to work for you even more efficiently. BLVTHEyiLLE WATER CO. Bernard Allen, Mgr.' "Water Is Your Cltcapesf CornmoiUtj" You Can Afford :onl»g' with respect to'the future s n definite and concrete factor In ne hume-bullding and home-buy ig market. It is possible that In Ills, sltuatlou efforts may be made o take" • advantage -of the uncer- alnty and promulgate price reases, which are entirely unjustified by the underlying factors in he situation. Cost Increase Unlikely "At the present time the Federal Icusing Administration can see no reason for any marked increase ir he cost of construction and home ownership. It may be that a con- New Small Homes Building Increase Your Home CONSTRUCTION-EQUIPMENT REMODELING Kliminales Water Hammer A general silencer for ellminal- ng the hammer of writer is being offered home owners. Its inanu- "acturers claim that-iL eliminates lamnier in liot- and ccld-uater lines, .its acting element being a flexible diaphragm supported by a metal-spring backing. flat Wall Paint Those who exi>erieuce difficulty In obtaining ilat wall finish may find the answer to (heir search in a new quick-drying oil paint recently announced. According to the manufacturer, it is odorless and Is reduced with water Instead of thlnners. It dries In 30 minutes and seals In one coat. Among iu other advantages are that it can be second-ccatcd in 30 minutes, is washable with soap and water or any cleaner suitable for oil-painted surfaces, Is water resistant, has a new suede-like texture, and makes a good primer for enamels and oilier gl:ssy finishes I on nnpninled woodwork, plasterboard, brick or concrete. Mortgage Insurance by the fed- Semi (ones of tWs , nl a eral Housing Administration In-(available, and it may be implied volving new small homes In Scn-l lmder the Modernization Credit tember exceeded the same month P i an of the p ec | era i Housing Ad- In 1938 by 6.5 per cent, Adnilnis * Iralor Stewart McDonald has announced. lave been started for the o:ol fall veatlier, the owner may tell which valves are going la prove troublesome and replace them before extremely cold weather makes it 'netnvcnlent to shut off the heat. A new valve now being made jives variable venting by means of a 10-point dial flush with the top of the valve. An Inner chamber is said to eliminate spurting and spitting. INSULATION' TERMS DEFINED ministration Quiet Valves Nothing Is more annoying lo home owner than a hissing'railia- ilant? "Fully liisulnlcrt" and "com- (OI . Now lhat t heatllv ., p)an | pletely insulated" are two terms ^_r. frequently misused, PHA' officials • say. "Fully insulated" means that! the house Is equipped with both| .wall and roof—or lop-floor celling —Insulation. It does not correctly describe a house equipped with only ceiling insulation. Both new ami , already-built houses may bei "fully insulated." j Red Lead Protects Pure red lead has been used for years "to prefect metal surfaces, as it- has the quality to remain a continuous • unbroken coating even after prolonged .exposure. Expanskn and contraction of Hie metal does not stress the film to the point of rupture, because red-lend paint film has a generous margin of elasliclty. In painting metal surfaces, where tire prevention of corrosion Is necessary, the home owner. should bear in mind that a foundation of red lead will probably prove a safe Investment. Metal roofs, Iron griilwork on porches or loggias, and ether exposed metal surfaces should be repainted whenever there is evidence of need. The Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing- Admlnistra- tlcn may be used In .financing paint jobs, Including the application of red lead. • - v '•' FROl'KR KI,ECTKICAi; 'SERVICE The home owner, when buying electrical equipment, is cautioned by the Federal Honsm (ration to bear in nilml the type of electrical service he is to re- isnble on direct current will not operate on alternating current permit soiled clothes ana supplied arc declining, but it from qualified lending institutions'! Massachusetts abolished the spil- undcr FHA's Modernization Credit quarters. They are installed in the walls and have which linen to be dropped directly to the laundry. installed •To- Own Your Home Are you denying yourself the benefits of home ownership because you believe you can'l afford fo build a home? . . . Because you haven't ;i sizeable bank account or aren't earning a weekly salary lhal goes into three figures? If these arc the reasons you can disregard them; for the FHA insured mortgage plan enables you or any other family of average income to own a home. Lei us he!]) you. We will draw your plans and help you with your KHA negotiations. ARKMO LUMBER CO. PHONE 40 CALL 100 f oi the BEST COAL "We Can't Sell All the Coal So We Just Sell the Best." All our Coal is washed, sized and dust treated. Coal Heat Is the Most Satisfying Heat When the Weather Is Really Cold SENTRY, per 1000 Ibs.. SAHARA, per 1000 Ibs.. $4.00 ACTON, per tOOO Ibs.. $5.00 RUBY GLOW, per 1000 Ibs. $5.00 E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. for-a more livable winter! When you "move inside" for the winter—how will the roomj you'll live in—and with —look? Shabby, rundown, tiresome? Or bright, cheerful, livable? A little paint can make all the difference in the world. And our Sherwin-Williams Paints can roaka that difference at little cost I Visit us I Let us show you our complete line o£ paints for every purpose, colors for every taste. If you prefer to phoae^ we'll gladly deliver. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS Ft AT-TONE Smart, Colorful Wall Finish fl _ We're' featuring the new, modem ' RSj* deep-tow colors o( this luxurious, VW yet economical wall finish. May lit, • .QUARTS . wasfijd with'soap and water! SHOUSE HENRY HARDWARE CO. "THE PROGRESSIVE STORE" 'J. W. Shousc Phone 35 WHson Henry

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