The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 10, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 10, 1934
Page 4
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(-A3K,), COVBfflR . FRIDAY, AUGUST lp, 193/] THE BLYTHEV1LLB COURIER NKWJi IB» COURIER NEWS (JO, I'OJJUBHBW O. B. BABCOCK, KdlKil a W. HAO«BB. Adverwiof Mwu«*r Sole National Advertising Arkansas Dallies, Jiic,, N'cw York, Chicago,, Si. Louis, Daily, Ka?cw City, McaspWi. Published Every AlUin.oju EWXW (junaay. Entered as becuiid Clxss mailer at the post ofllce ul U;ytlicvlllc, Ar- kansus. imdei iict ol Congico, October S, 1D1V. Served uv '"» UnlUM 1'rrAi U.YVEH 11)- ran in- ill Hie CHy nf iT.yUlcvlllo, 160 per *rek or Jti.W iKt yuuc lu advance. By mall within K radius or W miles, «3.00 IKT your, tl.Dil for sin moiulis, 8Ao lor tljcc moutb*; ay umll In |Httlnl nones two W elx. Inclusive, Hi.eO |«r year, In zones seven anc 1 eight, I1C.OO per year, payable In" advance. A Lesson in Banking We Must Not Forget That famous Senate hanking I'oininil- tee got inuiil tit' its heailh'nes months ago. Us story is ;m old slory, liy Uiis lime; most of us, hcini; humanly I'nr- jjelful, recall vaguely Hint it midgcl tal in ,1. I 1 . Moi'fjfin's liip. mid fed somewhat nimkllcil alioul the n-.-( nf il- However, llii! ruiiimilk'c is n:|n>rlinj: its liiuliiiK-'i llii'SL 1 days, and Hie ri'iwrl.s make iiilercstiiiR' roaitiiiK- Thon; are some tilings we miijlil mil to Id ourselves forgel ; among Hicm are I lie disclosures inadd by this eonimilU'i: about the ctliicnl code which prevaile,! among Hie money changers ilnriiiK Hie ri-cnil boom years. . The committee tells what it found out auoul investment. hankers, fur in- r!an«'. It uses such adjectives as "r.caudaloiis" and "sliockinn'," antl If'lls oi |ir;K'liiT.s which violated "Ilir most elementary principles ','! Ijiisiuiiss It recites the sr.i'ry tale of (he • "|H'i>fc-lTo<l lists," liy \yhich {hi! hijv buys •'let rertaih jitiolic itervanis in on various good things; and it adds drily that "ihe hanker:; deny, perhap:; loo vehemently, thai they expect any direct consideration:-" from Die lieneliciar- ies of banking benevolence. It asserts that in lloalinjr bond [:'•sues Hie hankers u:;rd high pressure inethods. i't'KK<-'il prices no that they could unload before Ihe bollum fell out ul tilings, and tilled their prospectuses with "llagranl misreprescnlalions and concealments." It tells how foreign bunds were is- Kuuil lielter-,-lieller. with (lie investor's inlerusU completely overlooked, no that the American public was induced to shouUier "mil. only Ihe huge indebl- ' edness "f foreign industry, now siib- Klanlially in default, bill also Ihe in- dehteihiL-.-s of foreign governments." And i! adds, as a linal cracker. Unit many of the abuses in investment hank- ing arose "from tin; incompclcna', negligence. irresponsibility, or cupidity of individuals in the profession." All this, to IK J sure, U ancient hi;-;- toi-y. We heard it all at I lu- time Ihe •mnitlee was taking testimony. Why repi-al it nil now? Because il is an indictment which we must never forget. A few years ;go these money changers were p'i;. ing as oracles and /cers- They told OUTOUH WAY us wlinl men were lit persons to run the country ;inil wh;it men were nol. 'I'hcy niiiilc soluiim pronounccnicnlr, on the issues of Uic day, and advised us sagely on governmental policies. We lislutieil lo tin-in ruspL-cll'iiliy, and did ;i* they sngguslcil. if we keep this wliolc r.lury in mind, wi! shall be a It's:; diHiilr 1 HiidiRiitf! in tin? I'ntare—which will be a very (j""d tiling for us indecil. Let's Settle, Import.'Micp of Hie debt np now goinu cm between Scci'tiliiry ol State Hull (iiul lUissian Amliasaailoi 1 TroyanovjiUy is .shown liy recent \\K- ni't'S on Russian-American I nidi 1 . During -dm six months since rccoHni- liun of I he Soviets by the United Stairs Kovermnenl, American expurters liave sold to Russia ifonds worth ifli.- •llV.DOd. Allhnngh this is a substantial i;ain over (hi! figures fur lasl year, il is only a Hindi line 1 ! ion uf lhi> Iraile expected to follow rccoKiiilimi- -esti- mali's uf which ran as hi|;h as ?IOII,- IHIll.llllll a year. The dillicnlty lies in lln; fact Unit Russia cannot nd eredils here, because of Ihe Johnson law, which prohibits advances lo nations in default on their debt:;. Until sonic kind of debl settlement is reached, dm rich vein of Russian trade cannol be lapped. II iniyhl be wrll worth America's while, in view of thai fad, lo hasten with this agreement . An International Problem \ii nalion lives by itself these days- Welfare of cilixens who know nothing H'lvitiivcr al)0ul 'events in other countries miiy be profoundly alTccled by (hint;!: Ilial liaji|ien a long way nil', lar Ijeyond international boundaries. l'"ur iiistitnee: l:',ngli: : li exp^vlei's v»( cotton yarn decided Hie nther day tu iMispenil deliveries In (kTinnny until (.lenuan linns liml suine way of payiny for yarns already shipped. As a re- siiil, I'jiglish mills closed and fiu.- 1)00 Lancashire workers were thrown onl of jobs. Aniotii; Ihe.'je workers, no doubt, were plenty who maintain that England lias enough to do al home without worrying about what happens oveiseas. Thai's a natural viewpoint, common in nil nations. Yet because of an involved and complex chain cM' evenls leading to a severe ecimiiiuic depression beyond the Rhine, llii!?r 50,000 Knglish workers have lost ineir jobs. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark What You See Depends Upon Your Mind as Well as Eyes IIV I)K. MOKRIS FIS1IBKIN jUiat part of Hie world 1'iat b cios- Kdiliir, Journal uf Ihe American ] osi to t!:c around nml clliers :ire Medical Afctocktloii, and of Hy- always climbing mountains. These eeial, (lie llcillh Mac»ilnc ! habits ami attitudes are all a rc Wlial yon sen depends first on flection of tlic inner mciuulity n MUZZLED |«hal you want to see. And. sec- |LT.d, on your menial training. Ab a result of tliLs fairly well ostahlished truth, we tlnd many uersons who can observe a sreat deal more ol the same Incident li:aii others. In other words, Ihe image reflected on the retina of the eye' is exactly the same in all ol us, but what w« see ol il de- pcixls on the luiowledgc that, we have in the brain that is record- Inner life ol the person concerned. * * * •..As un example ol Hie inability ofj the iis-crugc iwrson to record at- ' curulcly wlvat he sees, a story Ls told ol an experiment iniule in Vienna. A scene ivliich had previously been rehearsed was carried out, before an Intelligent audience, which was then asked lo make an accurate report. Many people • saw and. hcurd, things which did not occur. Hard-! ing U:c vision. One of the .best examples is thc|ly one report was complete tind in i manner in which C'onan Doyle • each instance the nature of the. recorded the observations of Sherlock Holmes. Whereas one person miyhl Icok al an individual will) pants ti:;it bauacd at ttic knees and merely observe that he was rulher i accurate observation. If you lorni untidy. Sherlock llo'mcs realized 1 the habit of'observing details in that Hie pants looked Ihe way they I what you FCC niid record these did'because ihe man bad been dig-! details in join- memory, you report • depended on ir.c life and I liabits ol liic- person who made it.) II is riuite possible for yon lol | train youisc-if to some exlsul in' "All you do is sit up here and write jKislcards. I (hmight we. csiinc line lo nee something of Ihe town." on hh; knee.s. » • + 4 A wojiiiui in mrJUMiiiiH observes utiy others who are also m moiirn- ' itig, but, they aie overlooked by [>er- (M)ns who are not puriiciilariy in- leiTslcd in inournitig themselves. A wojnnn \v]\o wears eye-glasses, and who is disturbed for fear thai Ihey mar her iwrsonnl appearance, looks carefully at every other woman who wears eyeglasses. A S|K- cialut in dlseasos of the skin is frequently more attracted by persons with eruptions than by the ordinary skin that is free from develop visual memory beyond that jmsscsscd by the sivcrasc ]>er- son. In certain oucupulions sucli as Ihe work ol the physician, the crime detector and the journalist. tins is of greatest importance. Yet, the average person is probably jusl as well off avoiding the sight and memory of nn:cn thai goes on in our modern civilization. nny visible disturbance. •Some pcopli! \VLIIU In Tlic raucous howls of "OU.I tlov." cniltleil by I'atsy O'Tool^.l Bliowu afiovi; in rreu7.icil acltoi!.! have been Mille.i anil llfl lusefiall fans slowly ore lei Kilning Ibc-ir licdiiiii;. I'al5r.[ Id In Closes Store lo Fight Kire PEL-HAM. N. H. iUP>—Good cit- izi^n Daniel Atwooci. merchanl. closed his store for 10 days so he rould join I3:e rest of the uicn ol \Va:ihln;lon, hrouEbl a rdjuosi ( rum 1' dcnl Uuoscvell ihiil he be in far. far iiway. lii.'; licrn ordcicrt liy the Detroit Aiuoik-un Lcagus niiiii:mciiii!jil in .]„ his roarlnsl In wlilsiier:; or stay anay from| Niivln Kit-id. only the town in lighting- forest fires. Owns nil? IMilisli Cuin ItOLYOKli. Mils. 1 .. i UP) Neil Ciilties still ha.s liu; 1Y07 BrilisS one-cent piece in! found In lii| PliilippiiK'.s 35 vein's a^n. CHURCH EXCUSES llj (Iro. W. n*rh»m BEACH CLUB GIRL <'•« //-'" Mother says i! the wt'iillier con- ' tinues hoi lor anotncr inontli 01 : two she will ask Joe to agree 10 < iliscontlnuc the aieiunent on bap- . tism but Joe says lie- will nol a';iuu ' to tills as it will give mother turn 1 ! lo thinl: up a lol ol tilings tu say ' -lie says that il mother wmi!:l ;lick to wliiit Hie IJibin lias In .:c~ j •iliunl baplism It wo-ilrl be no lion- | blc lor him lr.i win the iirciiiiii-ni p iut as she is like a lot of ioli:- when she lincls she is losing Ihe I aiginnenl she gets cUv.u 1 ofl Hit: i subject and begins, lo deal In i:or- • siinaillics and wonts lo make IIH i ixiinl by saying how many l>h j IIU'II tllluu^llolll lllC! COUIIlly 111'- | llevt 1 as she docs. I tell them bolh i [hut tliey are wasting n lol ol ' KOL-d lime Hint If Ihry would fov- get arxml bapllsni and ntlend rlnucli nnd do their duly they would get along much bettei. I'liey air losing sighl nl tile cs- •willul Ihings just lifco ;i man \ leaving liLs hay out in tin- u-ralhcr mull it siwllcd wliile lie lirbalcd ' !hc qucstinn ol n-hclhrr in- wuiiltl j l>ul a shingle roof 01 PIUV.I- other | kind on liis barn. I tinil TNiiinr lrlr« mil " nil Ililrf i: It U II N, 18 find iKK Ui Ihe yuuni,-rr fvk, limlilonaT,lL. .\riv Ttr lltwltuvti* hnvc rtvrrMC.-* nntf H^IDIB lir 1raliin» nf hrr It »t' do inn awaken lo Hie meiuici 1 oi 1111- ilinunriatir ciifinlr.s. wr sliall liave HIP ntniosl, dillicully in wiping out inn 1 loieign assailmils and ihi'ir ,-cciet disloyal AmcrU-an aliens when the (inn- wines lor a .-.howdown. - Itepicsenla- ttvr ynmiiel Uickslein uf New York. lititlei the piEscnt .-.ctup. bit tU3liics^ cnjuyr. tlie gicatesl advantase ov?r little business in I he liistniy -.1 dad'.-, and thf trend lowutd Ihe h.ish cos! ul living ilucalens lo confisciil 0 Ilir cHtisiniH-i-:. fiimily biulpcl. -U. R. Scn- ;!tor AMhin H. Vnndenbiirs. ol Michigan. l:llS rU-hr.l K lrl In f«»ii. Ix L^lvlti^ ti piirlj n( Ihe 1 in-hl i:iiih nnri IhinlB !• hriin- lirukrn liri-<in«r ihv In not Invllcil. »i!ii- Hrri-in- 11 In-il-iiiliiuli' Invlln- il>in in H rilnnrr In lir ulvrn jil iln- .'Inn rhr imiu' nluhl ni Syl- %t:i'« I'nMT r ( j SIMS. \VA'ri*!l51A>'. nr>*, ,,( l.nrrhnrrk 1 * »oi-li>l nrTillrm. Unroll nnrl lourly, llunlq cnlU "n jiiiinu Mtlfl IIAnr. n nrluhlinr. I'm! nii-rl^ liP.MS FI".\\VAV. Mr*. ll.irr.,. M)U- (Ml n.\ U-I-I-H THE S-IDHY CHAPriCIl II '•1 MUS'I 1 Ira rnunlug along," lluots told young Mrs. llnrt, iMllici uucoinfnrlablr. Kue had l>-"ii an Id lol. slie r^uilniicd licreclf, In i-nmp butting in liere. >VIMI|[| Hilnh her n tool and this rcwl. ulierly Kiir-eiior young man, n-Hli bin foreign air of dandified elegance, rather bothered her. "Nmisonse. my dear." Lois seized Her n i- m nnil mailo her sit down again. "Denis Is staying wltb us — oil. j-nii didn't know, you bad clillil, ynu linvon't been to see me She stretched out on the hot, white sand anil lay tlicte in that bliulul stole ol suspension tihich is /raf/-iuatmg and hall-ailccf. lu «ee!is. Roots." she Raid affeo- menl, shabby and comfortable. | Sho must have aclually fallen L'or ths thousandth tlmo Boots i "sleep, ailLougb Eha hadn't in,! leaded to do so. because tlio sun tbougbt «nTiously of llio rooms ot | , fl .„ By \Villiauis (3O3M ! "TVAT' LOOK^S THEN ROCWS BLEMPIN'OFF ..,.*. THIS PILE OF DIRT, HERE/ PUT SOME FLOWERS IW THIS PILE HERE AM' IT WOULD KEEP VOUR ROCK ' 6ARDEM FROM LOOKlM' UWE A l.ONFJ PIMPLE OW'A BALD MEAD. THIS /« WOULD MAKE. IT GORGliOUS- > /BEAUTIFUL! \ (_ VOU GE.T TTHAT'PiLtf Ol'^\ DIRT AMD THOSE KOCKS \ HAULED AWAV. VOUR ', ART IS ALL IM VOUR BOMES—IF THAT'S / WHERE LA7.IKHVSS AFFECTS/ A PERSON!, ^ r Cavowtr, corpcMc tOWl Hoover cxvt in \&vor of- law tloniilcly anil ralher gushingly. "-.v;is jusl gnidualcil (rora high KduHjl i^ouitt weeks ago—wilh bou- urs. And :ii-o we iiroud ot her!" Hums Mushed, feeling more than CUT u fnof. \Vby mitst Lois em- pliri'iirp i IIP fact that sho was just mil of sc-liwl? Sbe wanted to n (incur a womnn of the world, iianli'il lo escape, from Iho tight s!ieil nf yonlliful embarrassments ami hiliihilions which cramped her. The young tutin smiled coolly '.'he I bought) al this. She had eat down asain. nL Hie Insistence bt li-- 1 ! hostess. ^Irs. Hnrl wns lounging «inre(ully Hi n deep chair and Die young man had eased his lall FP!( Inlo another. "Kenny?" IIE said Idly. Boots roulil have killed him for II. And "iculli!" IIP faid again. "Doiil?." Interpolated Lois, Harl, '.irlng IhR girl, "is just back from Kirfl.iml. On ht.^ ivay to Callfor- uiii. llr." 6atd Lob inn>rcssively, fc| , tba other girls. Isabel, will, her eal of ,„, pegged maplo and camllusvick! " spread and the big salin puff, Hand ' e ' quilted. And Sylvia Rivers vboso Slle camo °" 1 ot " sitting room hart been "UODD" !,>-• dream, uusllruiig. a famouj decorator from the cily.l "My dear wo Had a gooJ langb all ID t.astela wltb ra o.iernislic'™tot II Mrs yicrnian called ,,,,, ay w |, on s | , 0 Leara her <llra ' furniture. No, It wasn't fair. Life ; Itself was not fair. She ran walcr Inlo Ibe tub In said who could sho at Ilia last, minute. Mnluor Eaiu 1 , ot 'course all Iho crowd wns Epotcn tbo big, staring trli to ballnooin. Mvg w _ broo(loa tor a Sbe scrubbed Her teeth nicllcu- lously. and stared discon entcdly a her unflawed skin in tlie mirror t|R ani| Ba|() - ,,.,_ t naeburn sho dlfln . t (hink Eh9 t(| . ,, aj fin8 What ffoo* was It, s.a dDnnindcd;,, sh passionately of herself, what earth- 1 ly good was It to he pretty anrf I'eoiile—all that rot. And, my dear, going!" • • i still as a sUlue, ber graceful oiiii well teliavciH 'it sol ROOTS 'ny slill a 3 a sUlue, ber you precisely nolhlng Old Mr;. ; hcavt hammering, hammering Waterman hid undoubtedly asked I" lier lireasl. She felt a little sick her, Bt the last minute, lo "fill In.",She did not slir. Mrs. Waterman's tabls nroiild Ire 1 Tilere was a EeuerM hurst o fii!! of slodgy old people and across' laughter and Ihe gay, lnconse(|iien the room, accompanied br shrieks : v o!<-6 went on. Patty's voice. of laughter, would [a Sylvia's! "It "ill be n riot. I can jusl group. Hardy among the rest. .. J. Sylvia's f^e when Bh9 Geca ' w-j(h Hie graybeards—" ANNOUNCEMENTS 'Ilic Coiiitrr HP** tins iKrn BH- hnrlrcd In amiomv-i. ihr fnllowlrii; \t cfliiilldiilcs f"r public ortlrn, sub- It nl In His [>i,iocratlc iirlmnr-y •ml At'CMst: I'nr lii-pir.irnl^Htr IVY W. flRAWKOIIl) CUHTIR .1. i.n-n..!-. Fcr Kcelcclloii [r>r Hccoii'i Tfim I'nr County .Inrtcr ZAL D. tlAKRISOM OEOP.GK \V. DARIIAM For Mctnbrr of Oruisrr^i CLINTON I, CAi,i)WEU. Vnr Shrnfl itul fniirrinr CLAR.KNCK II. WII,-,ON I'm no-elrcllon for Krmml Tit in For Connly -f irisntn .'OB S. mi,r,AIJUHTY UOLANI) ORKKN I'm t'liruli I :...ii I cirili HUtil! crtAtO ADUIKON SMITH If 13. (SKKh.'M "<>!i:" Rruiis-furgol nioineularllj- (in f|Uhn.;t of the stranger, her ii!:o:i:iitir.-.<. "Do you. really?" The j-riins uinti waved his nciil^ciiieiits nslile airily. He very tuoil looking. Doot3 llionght, It M'u mlmlred llnl r.ilher super- .cill-iu? t>pc>. lie bad Inns, narrow, hiup (.ics. put In with a spumy linger. His eyrlashen were riillrulniisly Inns. They fascinated he She fluus back ber golden mane n wild, young, resentful mare. . . No good Ibinking of nil this "Well. ! think it's a lliliik Boots is prelty swell," now. She w-ould go. wear her plaid orguudle, her old etipiwrj ... do tha best she could. cams In. 10 minutes laler. one arm finnp across her face, sleeping the untroubled sleep ot childhood. . . . j Isabel loyally. "Just hccaus they've lost all their money an she tan't keep tip with the crowd— ft she hadn't been so desperate! ,-. if her ouo oi tliis mailer;." Boats Irtell tell herself taliriy -»bd ju'lltlal Years from now 111 luugli nl fl.l liiybs I'll have forgollen U oa- roly." 13nl her paling were ivel as sba -tisccl lidrself from Hie Eanil. Th \'oro only a feu- people ou Ills icacli and circling llis l>ool how. !o[uehow Hoola nuuageil lo \\alk o her ciiiurle. Klio llioiigiiL even iil Uhitsy Ailrinci tuiiEl sec l anictliini; liad linnieucil lo tier, as lio lianrlcil her tlic key. Hut Dials? only slarcrt owllshly nnil salil if lire wns liol. A NOTHBIl lirisht. liol, brcallilcss '* d:iy dawned. iiooU woke lo n . Ing ami lier liearl pounding lil< G n wild thins Bonls wonltl have lilosscil her ior Uiis. iTiJtrail eho lay (here, transfixeil, unablo lo IE i:tnp;glr.ii into lier lew brie garments. TUB stripfil sucker ihe?3 hail teemed prstly mid fresh this morning. Now hateful clieapnr?3 of it sick iier. A M cent rpiunaul . . . had made it herself, feellu; happ? and clever lo ho aWo lo contriu this way. Now everything wa blackened and spoiled. All sh< asked was lo lis ahle lo get away to get out of It all to some- ns? place whrre clothes RUI! raoas: didn't matter. Maybe she could b a seltlemeul worker . . - anything Slis came blinking into the dara ness of (bo awninged porch souij nionienls later, a slim girl dark cyer, burning In n while li-l her gilt h;iir framing her faca \1 n classic cap of wel ringlets. Tt| vonns man idling with the at tlio player i liiro n d n franl stnrn of atlmiralion ii|> lo tier. f-'nr Cmiiilj fntiri c\ e ,\ FRED FLKEMA1I Tnr Rj!-E!Ectlou for 3nd Tr-'M CAEEY WOODBUFN W. 1. (BlLL.m OAENS9 Fcr Oosilitls ci Chleiiu^bt ToiTEihlp _ JAOS SOSSSTSOif .ln-i Mm -.-in-.e. slie didn't like in Stie ipseiilcd him. Maybe It :? t'^'Hy becinse tonight shfl was •;i;i- li-fl and hurt snd out of OT any rale, afler n few i n-.iniile? nf Hii5 wanderin?. desul- | niiv i-oiiv-er?;i[iun she said she uiust I c.v She liadn'l left a note for the tnreuls. They nnnlj be at home 1 nuv iiiii;n[fi —(liey would wonder. i 1,-iM. <v|m knpw how (he casual I funiinss nud goings of Ijircbncck's '1 younger sr! ufie cnauageu. ralher I iiiipnnl ber psej ;u ibis, hut she did tnM inn!r;r Drills would walk ; ilni:n «nii llm-ils. she said. j "Niv "h no! I'll Jnsl slip throust l!:f brdse." Unots Kachurrj, uoled \ In l^ivrliuri-k for her "smooth j line-." her case aud noise, was actually stammering aud flushing. Somehow ?bs mBcagtd lo £ aw.y. Her cheeks were very hoL lie \r.(ghl have (uslsttd on accotu pauyltis her. she. thoughl resent fully. He ntjftl bare— Th» wa« still dirk »5 tllent »!iti: she let herself into IL mnvo baiiil or fool. "Hello," lie sniil .irnlably. "Oh. tan nil (hat stuff." she heard j Unols icturiin] lii? paluldllon lit teeltng ot snyely nud hopefulness, i a lioy'8 voice. iiiirccoEiIzei' 1 fny i^ssly. Klio ri-ncnibsre-l him Anything misht happen ... It was i disgustedly. "Vou women—" Rn?s Lund. M:o nc-.v swimming ii lire to bn a splendid parly . . .] Then the group drilled away. Islruclor. Eht 13 to h*. Men .. to I migllt die. vhat an Idiot she roucb about things Everything went more s his hot morning. At 11 Mrs. burn, bound for Ihe stores, dropped | ™ e ;' nll "|'or BlT."Tnat'was aM slie Joots at Hie. clubhouse gate. Shonls and Eplashinjs were heard above ! — or scuisbody- hmUsed Russ llio oldEtei.-. Us had a thick, u a _ kea Hcr p ,,i se polm a E d In lisr uillceut (.iioulders anil a iat!i6t e leuiple; slie thought for a minute; coiilil bother ber. nothing onB co ulil b9 so cruel! 11 wasn't '. upset her, fhs lold Lerselt g.iily.lher faull that Ibelr liousn nas; Today ivas wonderful. Them was a special feeling lu Ihe air o( hope and promise. The dance lonlght would wonderful, too. malUr It she were to be among ihe oldsters? Hardy n-ou'.d ste her NnUuns "'ioinj over I'l.iii?" s ''° no'lilcd. alicj shabby. Ihal Ihey had lo plan nnd j contrive for everything She hadnT ' :1rr u-- ;; ths big. Inio realized lhat anyone ever talked so j "'n' 1 «|i»l. about her: wbal venom there bad |J' oln " been In Fatty's lisht. rsrflf?s voice, j *<•**' what unabashed slee: Bui thea!"-' He mljhl evsn sinsle her ouL ... I p»lty tia? Sylvia's friend aud tyco j Uer •' She dove ic,) swmi In soltury iappSatEs. Afterward shs «lretch;d out on th» hot whll» find and lay thtre la thit blliiful tUU ot iui- iici \i til! wat:sj ted ., lee'. &IIP «"* ltt e of p^iu »R'J Klist it uiatlei wbal M * rooa It -»es't tjft Tjgj ts»rt^ ?ici:|St!. phint. Asd Ey!v!« v.a? definitely) her ^ntay—had always teen since ! 'Iriviaj. can I 'Irop > m - ttst first daycf schcol four >eat>! Another day jS« «ouw o i S o «h« Beets' thtr.e bad won I fused, politely and deflnl e t*« fc«t-t«-s p-"e «d Sy!»!i<'«. :<!i 5 rli<>s -''S»* l " r * l!OIi bla bee; lieivti' j>t»pj«l Isle tlstittis «r. "It's «t«rd. it fieer-'t ^t;t«J. • _^a Br 0»=H

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