Wise County Messenger from Decatur, Texas on October 11, 1945 · Page 1
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Wise County Messenger from Decatur, Texas · Page 1

Decatur, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 11, 1945
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EIGHT€R FROM OëM TUR '1^'DRAW me nice for MOM! A hot little island in the Paci- iic. A badly wounded boy lies on a hospital cot. The boy may He may live. It’s ouch and go. 2 HE SPEAKS TO THE artist who is sketching bis picture: ‘Listen Mister. Don’t draw me the way I am now. Make me nice and goodlooking for my mom. It may be the last she’ll ever see of me.” , 3 PE'RHAPS the KID IS County Messenger SlITTl. A VO'C« liriftn-» insure in sure insurance with H. B. PEARSON Fire — Life — Real EsUte Published in the Dairy Center of the Great Southwest Oldest Buslneti Intrihitinn In wi.a r>...k. VOLUME 65—NUMBER 42 LANERI COMES TO DECATUR FRIDAY NIGHT Eagles Lose to Bowie right. He may be dead within hours. Perhaps . . and this the doctors hope for . . the sketching of the Picture may give the patient a healthy lift when he needs it badly. 4~— fnder the auspices of the USO, scores of artists visit hospitals and draw crayon portraits of w^ounded fighting men to be sent home. The money you give to your local community w^ar fund makes it possible to send these artists to the Paoific and other distant fighting areas. 5~D0N’T GIVE UP GIVING» Y< !'onr help is needed NOW __ more than ever before! Your donation to the community w'ar fund not only spreads cheer to wounded veterans far from home but also provides maternity care for wives of servicemen—provides wholesome recreation to combat juvenile delinquents—and aids the homeless and helpless people of our allies. g YOUR CONTRIBUTION to the war chest helps your county Boy Scout troops, keeps them going from year to year. In doing the work for the boys of Wise county "as only the Boy Scout organiation can do. The work and activity of the young men of the community in scout work is an investment in the fj^iure citizens of our town and community. The scout organization is active and the boys ■want and need this, service, made possible by your contribution to tiie war chest. 7--------------HOW BIG IS YOITl The Decatur Eagles mounted in popularity and ability as they lost to Bowie 13-0 in a game there last Thursday eve. Bowie made their two scores early in the game, slipping the local boys a couple of pay-off passes. As far as the ground gaiiie was concerned, the Decatur boys played as well as the Bowie team, and after the scores early, held tlie Bowie 11 scoreless for the last half. Decatur plans now to play even bettrr ball against Newcastle, for if the Eagles can win from Newcastle, it is hoped the Newcastle Bobcats can hand Bowie a defeat. The Eagles played much better than in previous games and the large crowd from Decatur were well pleased with the showing made, though they would have lik^d a different final score. The Pep Squad was much in evidence in> spite of the wet field and damp weather. This Friday night here, the Eagles take on Laneri of Fort Woith on the local field. We believe the bo/s will show new und added form in this game— and that you will enjoy it. Try attending, the boys still have a chance at the district, they are doing better and wholehearted support of the city will aid them even more. By Alvin Lee Harder I GAVE FOR WAR . . I’LL GIVE FOR PEACE GPL. FRANKLIN CURTIS LIBERATED Mrs. Geraldine Curtis received a telegram from the war department Oct. 7 that hc^ husband, Cpl. Franklin Curtis had been returned to military control sept. 17, and was being returned to the United states in the near future. He will luive an opporuniyt to communicate with his family soon, and his condition was reported as fair. Curtis, a memlier of the Lost Batallion, was liberated from Cam I) Fukoka on Kyushu Isie, Japan. PVT. ELTON LUNA DIED IN JAP PRISON Pvt. Elton Luna died in a Nip prison camp Sept. 2, 1943, according to a telegram received by his father, Robert L Luna of Boonsville Sept. 11, 1945 . Mrs. Bertha Roberts, sister of Elton, resides in Fort Worth and she .sent in this informi- t;on follo'.'in.; our list of thA past week Osville Scott of Olney visited bis mother, Mrs. J M Soott on .Monday. Corporal Bert Jones of Bridgeport Lost Leg As Jap Prisoner; Buddies Make Wooden One He Will Not Trade For a Factory Job WISE GOUNTT WAR GHEST DRIVE OPENED YESTERDAY; COMMITTEES NOW WORKING With a gt>al of $5500.00 tor j -----------------------------------------------------the county, committees in every I RTTULT TC conununlty of tlio county have | 4 Hi V Ci O U JXlV lo TB Testing of Wise County Herds Is Now Underway heart. Give now, and generously, to the National War Fund in your community. g-~ MILLIONS WILL THANK youf Discharged Wise County Servicemen Will Be Listed This week we received from the local draft board the list Of discharged servicemen from Wise county, approximately 2sU in all. It Is impossible to print all the names this week. The other will be listed from week to week as space permits. County wide testing work for tuberculosis among all cattle was begun Monday by Dr. W'ln. G (iregory, I’SDA, Bureau of Animal Industry. Dr. Gregory will be assisted in the field by Hays Crowder, local dairyman. The actual testing will likely re(iu¡re 30 days or more. onuuuiiity of ttio county .star tod work to raise this quota in tiic shortest possible time. Ralph Dodson, cpunty chairman, had selected leaders for the towns and communities, and now' they are actually working in order the drive may be concluded in the shortest possible time. Wise county Boy Scouts are included in the drive, in that 11,000 of this amount wrill go to finance the county troop activities for the coming year. Your support and cpntribu- tion will be very' much appreciated. The war has been w'on but the men In service still are in need of the services rendered by the W'ar Chest. Give generously, won’t you? --------- The. following story appeared in many daily papers last week end, under a Miami, Fla. dateline: Corporal Bert Jones of thé City of Bridgeport, Texas, hopes to leave the Biltmore AAA Hospital soon for a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wil- SERVICEMEN RETURNING WISE COUNTIANS INVITED TO ‘LOST’ BATALLION’ FETE UBERATED Mr. and Mrs. Steve Burk of j liam A Jones. Rhome last Wednesday receiv- ' When he goes, he W'ill be ed a cable from their son, Loyd j w'alking on an artifidial leg Bulk, captured at the fall | wiiich he and two fellow pris- of Corregidor and liberated re- i oners of the Japs made by hand cently, in whic he said he is after infection had cost Jones coming home soon. Two brothers are in service, Pfc. Clifford, w'ho Eas been wounded, in the Army of Occupation in Germany, and James S., season first class now stationed in Hawaii. More Members of the Lost Batallion Are Arriving At Home HOMK ALTKK a VKAILS 1/Sgt. F W Bush is at home after serving 2 years 5 months overseas. His wife. Jewel Gladys Bush is employed by the Empire Drug Co. in Decatur. hiS| leg in a Burmese prison I camp. Decatur citizens have been invited to Wichita Falls October The purpose of the i>rograni j 3 8-2 9, for the two day ceie- is continue Wise County on the ; bration in honor of members ol accredited TB free list of Tex- ' the Lost Batallion. as counties. The su¡)port and i Mayor C P Dodson received cooperation of every herd own- : the invitation, and has asked Members of the l.,ost ilatall- lon who arrived home Sutur- <luy included: Pfc. Woodrow Starnes, son of Mr. and .Mrs. Edgar Starnes of Decatur. Sgt. A If Drown Jr., son of A ineml>er of the 1.31st. Marine Artillery', Jones had survived the sinking of the US$ HoiisUm In the Java Sea. WTth .300 other prisoners, he was sent to a prison hospital camp in Thlaland. There he purchased a rusty steel folding chair from a Dutch army captain. With only a pocket knife, a home made chisel and a mallet, Jones w’ent to work. He was assisted by another one legged man. Bill .Meyers, and a Navy carpenter Frank Campbell, from '’sonie- plaae in Tennessee.’’ For a whole month during the day- REtEIVES DLSCHARtiE Crellon Maniré has received his discharge and is at home. He served in the Pacific theatre over 3 years. He is the son of Mr and Mrs. Arthur Maniré. RECEIVES DISCHARGE Burton Cates, son of Mr. and Mrs. Keith Cates has received a discharge from the army. He served 3 years with the 8th, Air Force in Et-gland. RECEIVES discharge J P Porter, son of Mr and Mrs. I P Porter, is at home after 3 years with the 8th. Air Force. I’orter spent the past 14 months in England. After loafing a few days, he plana to ‘go to work.’ .VIrs. A If Dfown, IkH atur. Sgt. I.awreiice Drown, whose light hours they labored on the wife lives in Fort Worth. artificial leg. .Major Ciiarles .V Cates came in I'Yiday night altt*r stKUiding several <lays in WastiingUin. He Every portion of the chair DISCHAKGED ATFEH FIVE VEADS IN AIK FODCE Muster Sergeant Thoas Julian Settle returned this week was used. The leather w'as used fmm ict u ♦ u I , troni ft, bam Houston where to hold the leg in place, the arrived in,San Antonio by plane i steel to reinforce strips,' and received his discharge after where his wife was awaitimr ' thp hinp-o ' spen mg five jears in the Sig- DISCHARGED SERVICEMEN Eldon Motley, Chico, John W’inans, Alvord, James Godwin, Bridgeport, Samuel Smith, Jr., Chico, W M Ciaboru, Alvord, Wilber C Starnes, Chico, De- er is needed, according to C H Bates. County Agent. There is no direct charge for this work since it is carried on under state-federal appropriations — a project designed to promote improved health. This periodic recheck of all herds is necessary to determine the exact methods by whicjli 'PB among dairy and other herds may be « ntirely eliminated. No inhuman er rough treatment ot animals is necessary in doing tins testing Bates asserts. Furthermore, if “react- us to publicly invite all members of the Batallion and tileir families as well as ail others who might possibly attend. See MEN on page 6 PFC. STARNES EXPEC’TS .3D DAY FITILDKÍH where his wife wa.s awaiting ' the hinge to make the liiin, and they retume<l to 1M> movable at the ankle. leg catur. He rejiorted to the hospital at Mcjíinney', where he expects to be .several days. Sailor Campbell measured Jones’ leg and w'hittled a leg with a foot. The leg fitted un^ der the knee w'here the Texan’s leg had been amputated. The “great experiment” THREE YEARS OVERSEAS Clarice Eugene Haynes is at home after spending 3 years ' came early in August 194 4 Pfc. Woodrow Starnes a n d overseas. His wife, Mrs. Della ; “we had no calendars,” It j .Mrs. Starnes were in town early | Haynes, makes her home ; w'orked perfectly. For the first Wednesday morning on their ! in Decatur. i time in almost two years Jones ^ leturned to nal Corps of the Army Air Forqe. Sgt. Settle spent 35 months in the Pacific serving as chief radio technician of tha Fifth Bomber command. He W'as awarded the Bronza Star Medal for meritorious achievement in connection with military operations against the enemy in the pacific area in. ward R Staidea, Paradise. Jack ! ,„s” are found in a- y herd, th D Nord, Bridgeport. Basil N indemnity will b- j.au! the own- Jones, Alvord, Leroy Boaz. Sii- , r. tollowing disposal of such dell. John E Young, Decatur, animal. A lair 'u praisal is as w ay to McKinney hospital where he will receive a 30 day fur- ' HDME FROM EFROPE could walk alone. *T cried like a baby,” lough. Starnes says its wonder- ; Former staff Sergeant Aaxon Texan admits. the ful to be back in Wise county H Winder returned from the ' Jones, Campbell and Meyer and be e.xpects to see everyune as soon us {»ossible. _CAl*'rAlN AND .VIKS. M(K)N John J Fennell. Decatur, Lu- sured in such cases, expected ! \ iSlTINii HERE clan C Keeter, Bo}d, \ irgil r to run less than one in each! Captain and Mrs. Roy Moon Wardlaw, Decatur, Harley T,iuu cattle tested. ^uid their little daughter, Mar- Holt, Bridgeport, W I) Stubblefield, Bridgeport, Alberto R Salazer, Bridgeport, Donald L Culwell, Paradise. F o r b u s Bates e.xpressed belief that ' are visiting Mrs. Moon s this work together with w'ide- : parents, Pastor and Mrs. R E spread testing for Bang’s dis-j Bell. Captain Moon has recently ease is essentia! to thy produc- ■ leturned from three jears ser- Crouch, Paradise, ]• rancis L tion of safe, h.igh quality milk, j'ioP in the European theatre over the county. He reported Rennels, Decatur, Harley C Huggins, ^vord, Robert G i tliat some op'^rators already are Naugle, Rhome, Ralphal L are completing this joint test- Johnson, Decatur, W I Oates, j ing program. Jr.. Decatur, Donald Winans, | _____________________ of war, wearing five battle stars and the Bronze Medal for specially meritorious service with the Seventh Army in Southern France. ❖ -------------- Euroiiean theatre Sept. 30 af- later made for other prisoners ter spending 30 months in Af- more than D m ) artificial limbs lica, Sicily. Italy. England, from whatever material they France and Germany, with 7 were abh> to salvage. Thev buttle stars and Dislingi’ished» were liberated Sejit. 1. I nit btidge with 1 Oak Leaf Jones has walked on his art- Cluster, He received his dis- ifieial leg for nearly 14 months charge from Camp Fannin Oct. , and refuses to swap it for a 5, which he states is the most * factory made limb. He wants important day in his life. : to wear it home to Texas to j The now Mr. Winder attend- * show his parents what Ameri- ed school at NTSTC for 3 years can ingenuity and hard work before entering service, and he can accomplish. the states in May 194 5 wearing the Philippine liberation uiedai - with 2 battle stars, the Asia: ic-Pac«l’ic Campaign medal, 6 battle stars. Presidential Unit citation badue. tlu* Good Conduct UK'dal and the American. ( Defense Servict? medal. ■ He is the sou ef Mr. and Mrs. T J Settle of Decatur, rt. 3. Alvord, Frank A Hardee, Boyd, ¡CHICO ROl^S HOME William T Grubbs, Decatur,; Pfc. Ozro Davis, Mark Sum-j HO.ME AFTER THREE YE YRS Noble W Barber. Bridgeport, mers and A W Lasiter of Chico ON INDIA-CHINY DUN Robert W Magness, Alvord, are now at home. All tlireti plans to return to school. He is the son of Mr. and Meg. A R Winder of Decatur, route 4 , Txr r ..........I Major Carl Loveless, son of Marvin W Ford, Alvord, James were members of the Lost Ba-| .Mrs. W C Loveless, arrived In G Caies, Decatur, Orville L tallion. Hukill, Decatur, John H Brown Bridgeport, Loyd Jaakson, Rhome, Rector L Boonsville, Jack D Hunn, Boyd, Jacki^R Huff, Boyd, Felipe Garcia, Bridgeport, William T WllBon, Boyd. Walter R Taylor, Decatur, Joseph O Rogers, Paradise B 1 I 1 y r McClung, See MEN on page 4 Mr. and Mrs. H H Heathlng- Womack, ¡ton returned last week from Lyons, Colo. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Jameson and son Billie Glenn, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Boydston, Mrs. Pete Wells visited Mr. and Mrs. Otto Pannell at Denton ^^nday. Decatur yesterday after an absence of more than three years. He was in the India-Chlna wing of the Army Air Forces unit which transported ETuge quantities of military freight by air from India to China, flying over the north Burma ‘Hump’ of the Himalaya mountains. . ------------ Feeder-Breeders Meet Tonight The Feeder Breeder association meets tonight at the court house, at which time Mr. Hutto W'ill talk on diseases and care of livestock. All members are urged to be present and members of Future Farmers organizations are cordially invited. ‘HARPO’ LEWIS WRITES MOTHER W B Russell and daughter Margaret of DeKalb are vlslt- The first letter from her son in three ami one half years, Sgt. Marl n “H ii, o” T.ewis writes of this time in Jap prison and thoughts of comin:, home. The letters, addressed to Mrs. Pearl Lewis, his mother, of Decatur, follow; See LETTER on page 3 J J RIEGER ILL J J Rieger has been ill in a local hospital since Tuesday. He is reported improving. W’e hope he will soon be on the DECKIX Es Dist IIAHtiE SMB 2/c Fate Mason has receivetl his discharge from the Navy after more than two years in service. His wife lives in Dallas. —. DEC E1\ ES DISCHAlKiE S/Sgt. Marvin Roach, son of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Roach, has received his discharge. Marvin spent more than 2 years in the southwest Parific. With Mrs. Roach, who has made her home In Fort WoiTli, they are visiting his parents here. RECFIVTIS DISCHARGE Roy Carter has returned from Seattle, Wash, having reoeived his discharge. He spent 3 and one half years in the service. With Mrs. Carter, they are visii- Ing his parents in McKinney. Mrs. Carter will be employed

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