The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 13, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 13, 1932
Page 4
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S^vS'•'•:• •;-:•:.'• 5*O — ---, .- • -,;• , .., , i^'W-'.'.'Vv .'•', •:. fiifefcAhiihlrntm •••''"• s&li-y K*'<'>••; m& •:;-?•. ' -JH^BLYTHBVILLE COURIER NEWS _ j- f. ZXC OOCRIBR NEWS CO.. PUBLISHERS j$a{y$ ; .r<.-; <• -.-'•-, •••'-.' c, a BABCOCK. KIVX 8$£iV~*: - ! ; JH f T- H*IK*Sk Aflvcrtlwof Utpafer ^^»-':v «-».- jutionu AdTfrtUuJ>-~ ''•» ITi""- - ^ r ~ "••• --•••••p • »b«>**M**i>»v.T VD< &•-;•" 4?*»P*M D*Ule», ine, N«w York, Cliieago, ^•V;. ; -.>«Wt|-.Bt L<juU, B»ll*», KanSM city, Lttllt s^. % j Wwjw i ."• .- ' . . f- filial y *," ' »• > * \ V«l- Aitemoou ixcept , i«cond dm matter »>. the post «t BJythevllle, Arkansas, under «tt c: _Coptress October S.' »n. Sen M.toy toe Unites! Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By curler In ttw city of Bljihcvlllc, 15c per week or «.W per year in advance. By mall nithlq a rtdltvi o! 50 miles, 13.00 per rev, |l &) for eU Booth*, 65c for thr?» montlu; by mil In post*! «OHM two to six, Inclusive, $6.50 per year, Jii wjjies ceven ana elsht, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. The School Situation In a'little more tlimi « week l!)y- theville's .senior und junior hiffh schoois will close as public institutions. In t)icji- i)la,ce \ve will Imvcjirivalu, suli- scripUon schools, coiuluclod by ;i voluntary committee of citiv.cns, It is a deplorable and, in ;i scn-e, a disgraceful situation. The Iniys ;iml if iris, of this school district have every moral right to the advantages o!' high school training, irrespective pf the ubil- ityj-'of their parents to pay tuition fcefe, If they und their parents are resentful ^t the loss of this right we cannot blame lliem. On the other side of the picture, however, is the plain fact that it i« legally and financially impossible for the school board to continue the operation of tile schools. There is neither money nor authority in law to borrow it for that purpose, and the relationship^ the district's present, debts to its revenues would nnike further bor- ro^ving foolhardy even were it possible. • 'The only .thing to do, then, is to : m'akfc the best of Uie'sitimd'on as it is. Parents,. who can possibly ali'ord to pay the'fees ^should do so. They should not permit resentment at what they may regard as the mismanagement of school affairs to stand between their children and the benefits of further education. With respect to those childreii whoso parents are unable to pay. the fees there exists a 'community' obligation, ^ jg,- }o be lKu'w<'{.JJhiitt jf will be met in such a way that m> child who has been making good use of his school opportunity will be forced to. drop out. Money is scarce and all of us ihink we have been hard hit, but eveil ut that there are many residents of Blythoville to whom some child's tuition fops would lie ;i very small thing compared to its possible- importance in the life of that child. Crowed Finances News that a $'115,000 vakc-olf was paid to official circ.'cs in Peru by an American banking linn anxious to lloat a ?100,000,000 loan for the Peruvian government tells a good deal—not. only about that particular Peruvian government, but also about the banking house. The money, according to testimony before the Senate KiiiiiiKv Committee, was duly paid and the loan WHS duly floated. American investors, knowing 'nolhiiig of the skulduggery, trustingly bought their §100,000,000 worth of bonds—and presently llu> issui; blew uj>. Kor t'tKwe bonds niv nii'.v in difault. Sold at about 00, they are now quoted at fi 01- 7. t Hecklers IJimiK'inl method;, evidently, cai 1 be I'ound amiini; (he irilonu- tional bankers' -cj, !t l circle's, now uw \ then. Holmes' Successor The place of Oliver U'uuleli Uohnes on the United SUItvi .siiita-nit! c-Jiirt will not be easily lillud. I'lxinident JftxiUT may well give lung mid pain.s- uikniK study to lh,i rosier ,,f. "Jc;i,t- HiR nu'inlRvs of ;he Am"i'ii-;ui liar and jiididaty" in his oft'orl. in iin.l a worthy .succcssnr. II is to be liopi.-il the n:r.:irl that ho is wvii'K .the matter siicii study may )>u acciipUil ;it fwu value. If hu i.- it will not take him luiii; to vlimin- «lu fnmi the list of lluw- In,. ;,; Kil i,| to have iimic: consideration the name of Calvin C'oolidge. Whatever qualities he inny possess, the former president most decidedly is not/a leading mcm _ ber of the bar. 1IL S K irm- \ MA \ )ew allogelher thai 'of jjolitiemn and office holder, which, is no '.equipment for a justice of the supreme court. JMoro enconriijj-jiifr j. s iltc ivporf Unit Jlr. Hoover's list ;dso include Ihu names of Koscoe I'omui, iienjainin Car- doxo and A'ewlun 1). Uakcr. Rcfonn Is Needed Capitalism is wamcil by Dr. u-vltiB FlsUCr prcmiiiMt economist. Umt ft nuisi reform or cxi^ct to b c sniipi ceded by some tarn of socialism. Depression, lie dcsi-rlix-il ns n "private prolii" Ur. Fisher states thai lie was not so "cocksure 11 iilwnt ennlliillsm ns In Ills youth. "WJwt I mil Hire oi Is Hint If capitalism finds iUcll iniiiljlu- ID du,.-i Ilio dlri of depression out of Its very loumlntlons, . cullei piuiu, tomo [„,.,„ or soclallsjii will devoid- capKnllsm," [it tnlcl. Those v,ho prefer . cttplinlism to soclniism should lend, their support to lluer.a lemlfrs In this country who' hrc scckihi; to Improve c«l>!l'il- IsiiV b ' Un- by corrccllnj Us ouW.iml[u B nbiiscs'.. fair cilslrlbiitlon or t! tl .. prunis of indiislry llon oi nctllicus values lo support watered stuck, und .111 inciu-iibli; tmilimM ivhiei, |,. 0 - <luces i-crioilic booms nll( | ilejiavsloiis, iinri u sliibbra-n refiisiil | 0 consider lm ma ,, richls ns superior to |.vciKily rlijlils. lire sumc o[ tt,o Di-e.«;;it evil rfinmrt-jrlstlcs of capitalism uiuch nu;bl be altered to avoid compblin. Ei'oiioinlEls nml Icgijiator, who net towards tliuse tlesirablii rails are not nuccaarily -acils" but more fur-seeing and wiser than the nearsighted capitalists who can't sc c . past Ilie dollars In front ot their eyes. — UmiMfti Democrat, Konuctt. Urtroit l:ns followed Viilltulclplila'r. suit in cloiins museums ami rocvciitlcnal contc-rs. Anyv.ay, jobless men c;ui slar.rt uiitMdc anil marvel at the beautiful building. Chtcaco oiridnls nrn tnkins ois pay s!;islies. If Ihis keeps' nn imllticlntis will hnv 0 to lei out Al Cupc-iiG lo biins back prosperitj'. OUT OUR WAY By Williams HIS GrETTiM 1 INi SO-UXJU . _BL3gmyifAg,__(ARK.pDgURIRB NEWS SI 1)K GLANCES By George Clark w "f 'Ti"'/ <0 ! d h ^ an / thi "«' I ™»Wn't quit work, anv way. And. ImsiJcs, the doctor might be wrong." ' BEW1DR1T C'nu'n John" l-'iddln a'Squrak Vfolln .IVtthlti Earshot of Wofld- Fnme-us Vhluosos, and the Coins 1'all into, Ilk Cup. NEW YORK.-Just oillsltla the broad, rtist-rcd .entranceway to Carle Hall a concert goes on night- y that Is not to be fonnrt on the Innluittau projram lists during the niisie season. The virtuoso Is "Cap'n John." His iistrument Is a snueahy, over-shrill Arkansas fiddle. Ills repertoire Is nnttc up Inrgely of olcl-fasliione:l ic3-down times. Ntiv n jierso.'i les! shrewd tt'iaiV np\:iln John would consider twlcp jelore celri'.lng this particular 551' for his sidewalk concerts. Af- .?r nil, '.lin crowds leaving Cnriiejjlf laVe bcon .spending a couple of '.cms li-ueuiii!! to the world's great musters. Perhaps they have h?;ii(l i fyiu;ihoiiv, u piano recital or a "iiinous violinist. ,' Wlini lh;y eslt,»thelr enthrnlled :ar:'nmis nre ringing with fresii nrmarlos. And then—squeak! fliiKik—In t!ie cold street outside -he cap'n is waiting. He 1? fiddling way. Just .is though he jiiiu-ht bb t:e be;t and only musician in >thl world. : 'Tcor old fellow," they say, and :lrop some ruins tn his cup. A Jew Indieatc annoyance at tills inlriL-ion c,i an esthetic thrill. . . 'What a nerve!" they comment. . . 'What irony!" Bu't (hoy, too. oflon ivliifl up by dropping coins. After ii while, they learn to kinnv that he will be there, an ; | he always is. Al the hincli the other day. j,rv- eial cf us iM'san in wonder what mlijh! h:ivc become o! a certain ou:v- man \vho. for hu brbl mo- mrnt, was a .sort of i:ei'o. Several jvars ago. a millionaire Jomo of movicdcm sencusly ill Al n cerlnln point in (he crisis' ih?> doctors ordered an Immediate blcKKl transfusion. , An obscure, but healthy young .•;i;aii «-as hurriedly summoned. Tln-c-2 i limes In the course of months he .Save his blood, nnd wns paid the I usual fee. Tr.e film magnate re| covered. He expressed great grali- . Hide for the transfusion service. In- jvestlijatlon showed that the yonns | man was not working steadily and to the magnate issued an order: | "Give tills young man a goc<l Job •hi pictures and do whatever you | can for him." ' ~ Within a few 'days, thc bewildered fellow was on one of Ihc easl- Cir 'ols' trying 'to figure but w.-ul it »<is all nbotit. ,\nd within a fairly jliort time, the film domo had b*-i-:i odircd out of his throne. Til.? ycung 111:111 who liad given his blooel dropped from sight. Tliree inovl; lads who were about "<t the lime happened to be recall- Ing old limes as they tipped their coffee. "No parllciilflr point or answer, commented one narrator. "Its just that a fellow wonders what finally happens to people like that." • * 4 H Is not generally known that sunn- of Manhattan's most tattered lellcws at-o pheasant, grouse run 1 many of the rure.a dishes rtiirintf the hoid.iy season. Few resldints of S'.irk avenue sat do-,vn to such a Kastrcnninic treat. Anil tliT-ir lies another odd ialo of the "city Just hefcve Christmas, prohibition officers came down on half a dor™ of New York's swankiest speakeasies. All had laid in lai-go supplies of <lritik.ibl."> and had oi-de-rr-d t::c fanciest and hls;lu>sl-prlccd fond- OIID of thrm, p.idlcctel bv the lav.-, decided to inviir; the down-r.nd- rs lo sit down lo a dinner ordered For the city's bcs! spenders Anil i hey did. iCcpyrislit, 1932, NEA Service, Inc.) Alcoholics Have Defects In Heredity Says Fislibein IIY 1IIS. MOKKIS - .. Lilitir, Journal of tin; Amr.-i airitiral .UsnrLitlon, ar.-.l Hytila. the llcallll Jlasiiyin, 'J'.c quc-(!on as lo why scrnc- ; indulge excessively ; n ;i )^ liqi.'ors, uhcrens nthcr- Hi 1 . has been cnn which has : liven concern to th c r.vrjfrr- .rmacoUisy, physiolcijy, \:^\:\ !Sy. nervous nnd mental dij.. In sencral. all arc agrn\l \ :hirnlc alcoholics lire the ri'si:;i enie Inadequacy lo faro (he ]-.• cms ot lite, and in most ease., , -.cine defect of heredity. The defect In heredity do. ixiiratc. as nicft ;CTC|:S:.- : 'j'lUC. E.o:ne alcoholic :i:icc?try.' the occurrence ::i pi,, ^cr.natlci" cf seme iv.onlal -. . •'cir.. Thc chronic alccholie. 1. :i:eciimbln<j to his habit. li,is ... : >y suflcicd some r.ervous s;i:i;- uf (i,c- kind 'cr another, miiu' fluently a slate of cl;pre.-i,ion v, alcohol lor thc (iiuo teini; iv * + « This viitue In nlcoholi; ;.is one o( the reasons win- '•'.•' clans prescrib: them. Etipi::i'" they have tr^ ability to i:ici.- :taie of euphoria o: a fee' 1 -' • «cl! beinj. which particii:-!-"-"- :he .ije;i Is cf " imp-.--i" One of (ho lirilmi ]i:iy«:,v' txpvciscs this pnrtic;i',ar \;vi•'.alcohol in Hip folloivin* r.-.-,- "In thc terrific ccnfllci b"';-' what ):c has teen tsi.-ght ;o\' ar.d what he Is allowed to fc • 1:1011 has Ituiui ihc ; ,lroliol a -sin- IMiT bi:i effrclivc ____ n way out of [he pisoii house ot irality." . Another Ilrili-h observer. Dr. D. , Yellon-lees. poin; , IK ,t (hat cert.iui crises or alcoholi5:u rcnresent nncn- (Uover to relieve an unconscious mental tension, in a case of those 1 who are periodic Onmkards. that is nxfc M-ho only c:c;-a<-ionally In- ai:ig c In excessive liimking but who are usually trmpf.-.iie o.-'-,vho may even austjiin entirely [ rcn i alcoholic liquors in the intervals, it ir, found lliat tlie outbrcnk.s occur wlien seme uncoir.cious inr-ntnl icnsion has Rccumulatcc! usui] u )e hreafc- ln« point. The rtifcharsc or thc «"ti5 from reality occurs in a suit! en debauch. In cn«.cs v . ilicll lhc rn.n;; i., habit,;.,:, tht , mfuM problem is more (-oi.M.nilly in the inmtl ct the indiviciiial. a,,rt Ur Is frequently found «, havc not R ;weak will or a b. u i character but ii m-.failsfactory emotional lite. The phy.Moloeiits who have been ! primarily concerned with the cf- fccu of alcohol on ihc human body began with the generally accepted Mew tha alcol-.o'. is r.ot a stimulant Mit a c!pprr;s.iiit of the nervous sys.em. The lower centers of the •nervous syst.-.., - :e ;hc first and |thc easiest to to depressed; hence, ; thc-r c fcems lo bo a ttlnmlatlcn oi -th= levels, it | S this stlinu- .ation and the rca-.ova! of the re- WIOIIN'KSDAV, JANUARY y.(./X:i:-'W?v- ?"•»•*'">».:;• Vr ' 5 "-V;?*'>l- 11 . LOAFER'S COLUMN "I loaf and Invite 'my soul; I lean and lost at my ease ." —Wall Whitman. "Leaves of Grass." The Rutted Road The ri:Hcd road Li one that l?ads F'om the siiioolhc highway's troa- . den stcjis, Where hoof marks l.ave sunk dD'.vn into a flen arching toughs and cue can be i alone lose oncvic'lf in dec-p, arboreal peace, whiter violjts purpb as n =IBI1, loni; caniiimt-d full or earlv spring, d eveo'ivh-i-e gray lj:ir.': is gre5 ,i ^•Ith vine. the jMsUires nni| t j lc i? v t?,i 'and, iroiiuli p;nv]iaw t!:iekt« and ''n<c «!OWtt! Of C.-lllI'. liere sycamores are white a"aiU'S (ho blue- willows lx>i;d to fcrm a davk- Down to the river's wave-marked CHURCH EXCUSES (Ji'CfBf \\. l!,irhaill-j that it Ls wrong fori Thc only sensible thiujj i i lavt ; i,',,' '",'," "'' '' ;u ' 1 ' •"'-'' -lever known my sou-In-law I D ' fo ,bin you take a person of my knowl-iwts when .-.c married hilo irv ^dye and ability and force him lojfamily. I mo 1 . r-rMinly v,..,, '.', afioeiatc «Uh inch of ihc- iin-n- i have pcimi'.^il this Hir. (,.; ,K. •lalily thai my hired-man an i: fict he «•>- am-ln-lan- seem lo have you urn- leimrch. ancl not help bin judKu them. Imaninl him | ;«.v {: c.i are ,«<;.< m elnircli vle-ns and I hear arc likely lo be put i.:SL-i: 0:1 ,he [•lunch homd ayilii. If they do get on that board whh- ciit me there to Insiruct tliem i going to ect thiusb ni'.'jiiJv:- tof-vr; my >l...i;.,;:;!:i :i'jv:eil with ; ,n ,. j 1 think r.e joined tny flmrtti ; U"t:;iii a?rcci:i3 v,i;:i fu-syt^iu: t taid simply to ai-L ::i my i . You lake i) man oi my Lno-.v: and ability, you e.i!i'; l::u! !:n: S.TJld. The gulls swoop tow passing boats. imnassabie pl.lccsV Do you renifin- bM 1 (he- Hi;;; r^ad mm the Little [(Ivor read thraii^.i dL'iibc im- derbrtish, swamps and flals v.'h:;--; the Cyprus knees scraped the bottom cl Ihu fcugg?? u was in l(JS5_lf my pioneer's memory s:rves me rlsht-- that the first railroad rnme ihreii"!i to be followed by the nort.i.anj south highway in 1022. Yes, ii was 'long abiut thirty- ccven years ago ihat Jchn Henry, "The Steel diivin 1 man." s;nt hi5 powerful hammer ringing down the mm- ' r " cy £U " '"' : " S a so " s " bDUt 'John Henry had ,•, «-cinan And Hi: drsss sin wore was blue, TODAY „.„ .^^^AY .ftrt lf IS THE- W . WORLD WAR \ ANNIVERSARY tIKJ SIUS.MAKINK |.«S:u:s On Jim. 13, !SJ18 ( L-luvk up disclosed thai «7 British siiip. iiad j been sun;: In ihe Gernun U-b:at icampaiun |,, t :-j |,ve v.tiks pu- vious. Of this iii:inb-jr, (77 wo:e --i over lOGO tons. Twelve w?r, ship 1 uij nress .s'o wore was blue over iB ' Ji > tons. Twelve vv»r sh'u • went down the track- fcu .,(i_. of under 16KI lo.-is. ana eisi-.t were ICVer Came hir-t « Ilshilic vr^cnl: launch h bright with paint ! thc smudgy Uia Snorts and complains, while lazily v .. lk , 0 , i I'cvcr came back— i llshlny vessels -jJoln, Henry I love you, only you!"! In the weA ending J 3n 13 six vessels over 1000 ions t'vo i"id"- „,, s over i Wo was that bine woman wh. 1CDO tons, and two *»"! CtlmO hit fir? Wne ulin f--i .. n « 'h-iiT V,-,^,.. _____ ,_ • i ''™ r there float but, unseen, ire fisherman's line. re the S reat c.U fiish slniBglo In the snare! Hie drift lioats en. Hie turtle's unperturbed Upon his Its-tile uind is in my hair. r across (ho s»lrUnjr eiirrent is an tslc With crescent bay where wild yccsc come to resl, Now black bitrts nnrk a roa j across the sky Like -a dark smudac against t'-c reddening west. might lake (bat line of flut- . j f ,o ns hack? Was .she tSo van- had bee,, sunk bv jub nni- »i^ ,K rt n...t,i ..„!„:- n.« _____ . .• " Into the Imven of some high aboU" Beyond the white L\irs and the eddying strram, t find contentment down some rulled read! * * * Can you remember wh;n Mississippi county had nuly dirt, roads in iiimmer. white wiln sand and fine uust. In winter cut deeply with tin leai-y wheels of lo b - wagon« with •nils laid here and tl:orj over thc orcssion ;ives rise to the G-««.-J iioi_ |U LUU cflms of excitation, nnd which nukes Hi,, alcoholic talkative, emo- ioncxl nnd c.isi.'y disturbed. . , t . i.- - lng pioneer or the timid spirit of Hi? woods She iiist vanish-d away Inlo the blue elh:r aiij left tlio same week, live Frjncb. vcs -;•••> and two Italian vessels wers Mink While submarines ' no trace, but. it seems to me, she u,is .-travy toll iin Ru= took some of the wonder and t>.c Sea fbct at Kcbastoral n mystery of the iii-inicyal with her. Four arinifrais and 56 olhcr Ukj John Flenry's woman, tile for- were ,' ' Mis and the clear, rushing from were tat- in'" to return. , rou streams of that, day are gone, never •Josephine GrUcr Jacobs. Elepbnt Seeds Put Jumping Beans to Shame SA.V FRANCISCO. <rjP)_Jump- i«B Mexican beans have nothing on tne "eJepbcnt" seeds, which plant quarantine officsr H. M Armtl?»c received for Inspection. He displayed the seeds here today. Each one is about the S \K of n pea, ham shellcxl and gllslcnhi" scarlet, with a large, Ulaek helium "Watch closely." said Aimitaae. The tip of a helium comes o-it " And out came the black tip of the seed. Ihit after u- cams the elephant— perfectly earvcd in ivory The seed WHS only a shell, loire sviec scooiwd- out. As curies srnii"- Sled into this country, Ih? "s^cSV may be worth as much as- a -lo! Arniilage saitl. V Read Courier News want ads. Courier News Want Ads Pay. Announcements TIM Courier News nas been au- liiorucd to nmionncc the follow"i!! randidacles, subject (o the Democratic Primary, August 9. for Sheriir ROLAND GREEN County Treasurer W. W. HOLLIPETEEl (for 2nd term) Circuit Court Clerk K. L. "SILLY" GAINES (for 2nd term) County and I'rolwlc Clerk W. H. "DOC" SCARBORO MRS. JOHN LONG (He-election) For County Assrs.wr JOE S. DILLAHTJNTY Ifor Slid term) CITY ELECTION Tuesday, April 5 City Clerk •S. C. CRAIG (for rc-c!=et!on) " ? NOW we can advertise if Products are nearly always put on the market be- iore they are advertised. Quite frequently, changes have to be made in an article before the public eon- erally will accept it. Color, design, flavor-those ore some of the things the public has to be consulted about. Sometimes a product won't sell at all and simply has to be discontinued. As soon as people show that they welcome an article and as soon as'all refinements and improvements have been added then you could hear the manufacturer say if'you' could be in his of lice, "Now we can advertise." When yon buy advertised goods, you may know they have gone through the experimental'stages lou may be sure that the manufacturer knows they are right and that he is willing to stake his reputation on them. You may be confident that you arc buying goods that have sold and that would continue to sell without any advertising at all. For advertising mere y lets al of the people know-now-what ZSK vo nun ? crs would find out b >' woi ' d of moutJi ten years from now. Of course, advertising goes a step farther. Word of mouth hardly cvcr tel , s all the f duct It often doesn't give the real reasons for its superiority Advertising tells people all about a product ami the numerous ways in which they can use it. Whatever you buy, therefore let the advertisements be your guide, When the manufacturer says, Aow we can advertise it," you know that you can safely say, "Now we can buy it" A

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