Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 15, 1942 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1942
Page 2
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I NAUOATUOK DiAILY * vV ,f.' »„ (f!<IJtor*H Natm: Ftirtho. bono/U "of, .|(i6 ro * Svni publish oAoh.vSiUiir ilty, of Ih'iHundlrig' Now York' ' tfa/Nauwitiiok paljy, . , . Now* Svni publish oAoh.vSiUiirdAy Ihu prograiift tor Bumluy, the ' ti Cnnecticut nwllo >ltftlpii8.-j ' \ 1 Gem Next 3 Days of Sunday'* V, A. M. WTIf! VT 11^ - , Go.iirboln, prgrtn ' — Wpi'lil. fc~r?iwP --lilyo'iv Hoys*. Quartet of -IHb Wfoln of Amai'lc-a, with iO:1&~-VJ, 11:00 Vllnm,, Vpqal ,J)uo Ofjonnw, Hud Jlalnoy >Vf, II !l>0— tu ri tho South American \Vny , •'.' Jit:l,V--Jumop' QUI'/, Sh-ow '.1$ ttiV~Now» . ' i;0ft ..... flobort St. John ia,V~T(ul -Stflblo, 'Novaohord J;!K>— Modern" MifMlo Mrttv K^yo'st Sunday Soru- |fl>~«:yiitttl0' for , Neighbors -Upjon In 'IVio Anrny, Hour Atr>|. Ib — Mr, America • • ' Oroh. tllM NOWM 7:OM 1 ii'o .nerjifcrkflbto'- MI»M Tultlo _ - »/. ». -. ^ _t,» »' .* Vaudeville .,^.« t ., rv y Byrjiqs Oroh; ';,W~\Voo(lv Herman '()r,uh, il: ON THE AIR TODAY fi;00 p, in. Wfo'AK—W««htiwloV Park Kuturlty Won-—Pl l ny«r-; "Unolo Don WATM-WTK;-\VABG^VIGC-~NO\VS • •, • 6, 1 15 p, in, WHAK-JN.O.W8 On and Daneo Pan-America : , fijJIO p, m, WOW—NOWH • • W^AF—Al'ts of Living SATURDAY, AUOTOT 15 IIT A 0 LIIH E D •World 5 i, in, Today V,< -KMiiy Monoy Man (-"•A'-ir'. ,-'* 1 roil i) On n lie, Eu/joni; and J»airic kiiowles"lii'.'J.'fja(Iy- lii if ; tlnni H:0<)~.$iaj' Dangled H:lK)~tHio Mrift'fl Alburn of Kmn-llla Munto of Oharrn and Mrtbol I ;l(i—GnS^f• 'Bftorohlngor,' Oornmon- T>ant and ' Station WATR A, : 8:0 M. .0 :(K>— KohooH . of Hudlo Ohrollore ary Quptlst Gluireh H(\<Uo DftvlsV . f><>rsv(n'H ' ^ Hoportt* :W Mar.y ''J :UO-fJthudnliw Ohamhor of Gorn• . . nuVroo . 2:d(v— Mlpluird Katon, Common. ' lator 0 ;.tr>— Southland Wohoon 2:C10— ThM IH Foi't l>ix fl:00— Coaat Otuird Stfttlon Drch Stand UOHpol Hour fleporl ...... p, in. V,Jx5—Mi'jm(\go of, Israel VAIKl-^Pooplo'vH 'Platform Noah WolfHtfli 1 Says VATM-VVOll—N'O'WH; Dlek Kuhn Oroli ' 7:15 p, m, Wi>W—Kadlo Vaudeville Show 7,'!H) p, m, •WOM—CtoiifldotiMttlly -Yours \VAIKJ—Till lo tho 'Toiler W W AK-WTI0—M11 s I on mi ASMX—Swop MgiJit WIGOA'ou Cm n'I Do BuslnoHH Witt , . Hitler • *. . •WATH—AVaUfcoH. of the World , « 7tt5 p, m. WKAF.-WTIG—War in the Wi(;,G--.)lnnny .Orlevo Oroh, •WpH—Aiw.wor'Man \VA'Ml—,lan Sas'itt Oixj-li,' - v tfjfo) p, ni. H With \Vln#<i'" Keeping Up with Start,!hg. NVetinesda.y' ii), and-uvbi'y Wednesday (iftor for three, weeks, $lruml will- present on. Its bathing beauty contest i prlxes and tin; title of Wnlorb.iiry of :IM2" at stake. M : A nltf •,'-11 \vlt Sky News , WAM'M-WpH-WIGCI—Vl»|t to Amor- 1 ' '""'- 1 Waffle Sliib- ,. 8il5 p, in. * 'and -Fln'oy p, in,' ; Old-KaMtifofUHl 0:OV..-.VVylho' ' 0:1 ^Mutual 1 * OvornimH - Yan.koo 0 :1 "".HalvuHon • Army Sovorith. 1 7 ;,1(V-$tarH »nd ' WABO VKAK-^TJO— Vorvot Hornot N'ATIl-WTKJ-nob. Grtwby" OrcJi. w p. m, Mil. IMrn'dO ;', .v- ' ' on~(:iiloa§ohuul Musle "iM^ival' WTlCJ-^NnUonnl Harn ' 'folrioo WJX—Suinincr -Concert . Wino—iutu- Annual Program Atnorloft 'Lovon a Melody Dii)0. p,., W, T/C— Ulobcl for a ; II6ro • ' ; Of 4 5 .|», in. WABf,:— Saturday NfKh't \Soronaclo WJX— NOWH :' 10:00'' p. ni, , WKAP-NVTIfi— 8i>orlft W./J5— NOWH | Prosoott Shb WATn-won-wi(.;(;-,r, u. ' 10:15 p, in, Utbor for Victor Action Film Now at Loew's Pol A fast-action melodrama ol 1 the Ol'd 'West' is' "Jueknss .Mall," now at lire.-'lioew Poll theater, 'Wallace Hoory and Marjorlo Main .'arcs 'gUin'.ed In thu oiiUlooi op'u.4/ lirarkintf their fourth appear- aive'o. : iQgo'.thoiv They 'provide-the laugh. 'Highlights of the (I I'm 'with t.hnlr clumsy, blundering love scone's. • •''-.'• i i; .plays "Just" Uuggot, 'who a hanging party to land n'.the nilning town of CJold Greek, \iarjb.rIt*.Ma'fii Is tho 'driver of .Uio ' Mall,-" which carries arge 'shipments' of gold from Lho' town.,, 1*9017^ets. v out. to' woo .her uid-.'.win. tlie 'gold ' but eventually. In.lOvb'yvith tlje .hard-spoken; 1 0 In Kdrnm of th 0 Air .fr'.lfr-Mun Your fJatlli) Stations J:<Xf"-Oltl-.Kat»hl6nurJ Ilw.vlvdl Hour Oroh. IO:8p-ThlH IH Station WBRY A. M, 8:00---Now« or -Ihfl World Wlloher, organ 8:^ --Hurl P;0()-.^Vo>vN of tjl" World OM.V-Andpow Tloljiin, Organ t>.:-tt>—0<iluiuMfOi riypay Cu'ntvun lOiOO-Onlorod Mown, Inturvlovvn JO:(ia-\V'ln/(H Ovnr Jordan H: 00 ..... .MoKnon W[i«c!np; ll:Or>-~Hunf.!rty Hon* Sorvloo H:.'HMnviitUlon. 'to lii;(K|.-John Daly und ". M, ; . WTKJ WATJUWOIl-NVICG—Troplbaf SCPO- •nude - JO,'HO |>. in, ion ^u-roli C—Tod Sloclo'H StudloH Pnrty Victory Hour 10:45 p, m, Job A lion Oroh, WKJC. 1 — I/oulH PrldHi- Orch, "*• • J-liOO'ii, m, VyATIl-WABCJ-WOlUVVIGCJ-WKAF- WJX-WTIG—Tltno; NOWH; / IIJI5 p, m, Won— Ulok 1 Holiort!»on Oroh,' WAUC— Sum Donahuo Oroh. AVTIC-Slqry Draman Gharlki Splvak Oroh, ^rMok Kuhn Oroh, U :!M) p, m, Won— IllchJird Ifl/nber'H Oroh, — Danoo Droll, WKAfr'-WTJG-lloMlullty Tlmo WJX—!\ay Hoalhorton t>roh, WATa-WiCG-TocI I^owl* .oroh, 6tV'lhc sninu ; |jpogr'ftni Is anotlier li.ll,;;- "Mpontklo" stutT-liiK juphrp-'iitid.,•loan' G^bln: .•'. : 'U.'H,.-' -'.Jioq \ clruiiirner , nian Krilpa, 'brli'ifc's'. tils • orchostru j-"striijfe\or .tfio iipew ;p6iir"tho- \y,Q'dmJsda,Y. and.;Thur.sday ,of. v,Qek,4)vo big dayH, 1 fqr'u-por-: appearanbo, ,\viKi-' 1'o.ur shows 6;.)Jic'•'prespnt'ed. daily, at •1:20,,.V. .'()'. FQ'atuiiod. with I lie Krupa; Is\ son.sntlonftl •Yoealisl,'. Hay , t'orinc.rly with' the Glenn. ..•baud, and -lovely Anita 3'ltyy. : 0n x t'Uo .screen Is ' '"Galiliife^ Dr^Qilluspie," .featuring 'Llqn/jJ .]iar-' 'y.mpr'ii'.at'tlie-houd of-a oas'L'of fav- "Show/^BMI/; 11 . ,:'!Magnlfloent.-.pbse Hlbi),'\ ''Gimarron,!' } etc.".- Tlion can tjjo role' ^ii ''Thepflqra Goes. Wilt und •]renii••l.iuhn'p,;; Uic dramalio sta bcuamo I lolly wood's, leacli'ng.coriH cllenno.'. : •: ; -.-.:-•''•. .: ' ••• : ,':'' Tlie second, lend". Is ' -"/Trctf-li ' Hough," In acidilJon .to a "March Time'' and o Your Blood Will Save Human Life (Continued from-.Page One) Ing many; lives rand-it 1 eunnqt' h( too. 'Strongly -.emphasized Unit; the need for blood donoi's-: is imperative. . " Men between thu, ^08- ,pf 21. anr '>0 aro asked ( regisier." -at. tht Hod Gross 'Chapter., house .for blobt donations ;•;'Wio .'hours -;-,oi u. in. and'O'p,'ni, daily. Nauga- u o k 's tin o ta,' of d ojiprs •< j s 135'. -•• (Jitix.cns ,..who, ....U-a-Ve '•- suf.foroclv'at omo ..ti'Jiio.''. or - other- from ' tuber- uJos}sV:inulai i l.a---Q 1 r'''''bthci i ".'communj- alilu i ..aJ8ease^'. 'wlii^-nol.-^p- permit- ed to give' " " " •&>£, i^»\. TIIKRK WILL NEVER UK YOU and LET'S BRING 1SIEW OLORY TO OLD GLORV, imd Sway with Sivnuny Kaye. ^ debuts two of the Mack n*' -';"Hai¥y Warren .numbers from ,|ilB^ -,20th Century-Fox CiJm,i u l<jeland." IMllfiRK WIL'L NEyi3R|' By ANOTHKH YOU is a swecLheart pf i a u 'b | a.lJiid v) \Smooth arid syr-upy as a^melody_ and emotionally lender! '/l«r ttf'MyMo^ Wils .songvgives every- indication of a rapid c.limb. Nancy, 'No'rma'ri'rbings it \vitii tlie Swing ^and 4 -6way .boys,sketching a perfecl; 1 backgnound accompaniment: .LET'S •BRING NEW GLORY TO OLD' GLOftY'ia Q "producUon" numbcij recorded for Victor In- pr-oductio're' fashion quite to dts;fi'lnv presentation. Tommy Hyan and The; OofccCte are the featured singers ir\ tills' waxing. The iiiM'tfngemc'n-t is. startlingly dll't'crent f)*om the ac- ; copied Sammy Kaye style. ! »=%=$=^:^=%i=%=^=S^^ h-im. •' THE MAJOR. A-Np '-THB MINOR is an instrumental novelty of the typo best;.- featured by Al Hey and Company. Shifting modes create an in- ..teisest-ing 1 . pioture .against a "steady swing -./rh^thni; ^background-. , Popu iar Victor -and B1 ueb-i rd re- Victor, (At tho) CROSS-ROADS am FROM THE COAST OF MAINE TO THE ROCKIES; Vuiinliii Monroe nnd his Orchestra. VQHQSS7ROADS ic an unusually im pressive bj-t of song : -wr-lting; Erh- estb'-Lecupna is. respo.nsiblc for the bxatic ..liiolody and -harmony which do so 'miwjh to•.•establish this song is. spnio thing different in th or culm )f .popular; m-usic. Bob Russell \yrp'to. -the' wards. An an-ansement ;fngcd with Par JSas-lcrn" effects sets .he background, for Vaughn. Mo'n- pe's vocal. .--PrcdioWpns aro that •his selection, especially as recorded, by Vaughn Monroe, is bound to itti;act much .'attention and imme- li.atc populari'ty FROM THK COAST OF MAINE TO THE ROCK- ES is - another stirring patriotic pus.;, Vaughn Monroe sings the' ;umber, .charging it with the vk-ilc Irength. ; of ; his strong baritone^ oicc. 1 ; A' heavily, 'marked rhythm nd a slahvart orchestration create' of, strength tha-t fits in- M.i both the . title 'and 1 loaning, of this selection. onal •/in'd ou'tlU Miller f/pmlng soon .to; Loow's Poll Js .tfjfy.;^m«Hh' ,.mualijal'. hit of Uic .sea;Son'; ; v ' Soronade," .starring JohhVRftyiieV'Betty Gralile and Vic toK/Malure . wlth .Jane VVyrnan an'r otiiera of 'note. Watch for It! Festivities J Tomorrow^ 9 -n -m ,4 M«' ill•.>. ;'. • ....... 0Tlidn Citv ' -' • ' . . Start , at ' Rlnobird, LIGHT A CANDLE HE CHAPEt -and EV'HY NIGHT IJOUT THIS TIME, Art Kasscl a.nd is Kusseljy-in-ilie-Air. .•|:V;'Apt»;KasSiel- ch-oose.s asVhis lead-of :jiui;nb^,,.the s-o ; ng .debuted on* Vjc- Ltor; i 'several''wee'Jvs ago by'-Tom-iin ^pBp^s.dy'-rfnd.vbis: pd^hes-tra 1 ... .LIGHT A-.CANDLE IN--.THE- CHAPEL. This Victor, THUIIU WILL NKVER IJE ANOTHER ; YOU and LETS BRING NEW GLORV TQVv OLD GLORY. Swiiifl and Siyay with Sninmy Kaye. Victor, (At the) -CROSS-ROADS arid FROM' TJlE COAST OF MAINE TO THE ROCKHCS, Vaujjlm Monroe arid his. Orches|i*a." Bluebird, LIGHT A CANDLE IN THE CHAPEL Hiid EV'RV NIGHT ABOUT THIS TIME, Art Kassel and his KasstUs-In-the-Aip. . Bliiehii'd, I'M GETTING TIRED SO I CAN SLEEP and AS LONG AS YOU'RE NOT IN LOVE, Barry Wood witli Orchestra. ' Bluebird, STRIF POLKA ami THE MAJOR AND THE MINOR, Alvino Roy and li is, Orel rest ra. 'Bluebird/. I -STILL THINK OF YOU and A PRISONER'S ADIEU, 'Modern Mountaineers. Bluebird, M BLUES and IF YOU WANT 'IV) SHARE YOUR LOVE, Lil Green. Bluebird, GROUND HOG BLUES and BROKEN HEART BLUES, Sonny Boy Williamson. Our Prep Shop—Basement lets you in today for startling ground floor prices. Junior wash suits and Junior sports jackets, $3.95 — formerly r*f\ *\.*r ... J President Aids Mrs. A, EsperMed (Continued. from" Page One). Junior long trousers suits — a thrifty buy for September school days—ages 8 to 18 years—$9.75 from $17.75. Young men's suits—sizes to 40— $19.75—from $29.75. Winter overcoats—$18.75—from $33.75. . ;lpvcl^;sen.tiniental -ballad' is taste- ..fully '•Jra-nVjlhrt III Ihn rnncf 'nft'nnt-'iiJn 'final. letic nieoL ... t'ocJa Iris o;qiin\>i ttpe^iia&v •• oomplete l'ji ;: :H^ : rp)o«^ and ath ib^yijl -be-. ; hclcl by th f '• : Dunne in , ••: 'Lady in a Jam" Gem Next 3 "Tho Awful Wild" and Solootloria WOM-WI.GG— Jlni-my Joy 6roh, WAHCJ— »Now»; Danco Oroh, Your (;riurr;h of .lh« Air \VATn~Hlgn Off "Mr*, Miniver' 1 Is Held Over at of t '«:.'H)— r»;I5-.'ro Opera UroudouHtlnx Sym. Oroh.; Albert family l(qu r rullH Morrow-Kr-om Strand Theater of'tho torrllio pvaMon «c- "Mi'H, Mlnlvcr," (luring tho .lHy0, iho HLrniul, Walnr- will fiol(l ( ovor;fhlH Illrn oln«i»lo •for; fourV-H(kll'tl.bna( >> '(luy8,- f Sutui'(iay, .Stuuluy, ^ibmluy^a'nil TiU'Hilay, {up.* n onnounuod rH Done Aulroy (!l fop f " Pooplo" Doolor M , Maria Hou IO:(X>-''Tuko. U or |0;aO--77ioy Mvo Forovor < I ;00.-*-/ Bikini ; NOWH it" Sporta Slip«r B«dio Special $ SIMON'S T.I. MJ17 ... ^ , ... 'moH.t timely ,. (leant human fltory tells .of .ah nvor 7 woman of the; middle'' classes the horrorH of warfare on tho front, Jt rovoalH the quiet heroic courage and abiding faith of a people under air attacks and ral'ds. Tho Htory doalH with Mrs Miniver and her huHhand, Glpw, ;|lv- Ing in a (julot village, Tholr HOD IH at Oxford,, lie Joins the II. A, F hooorno.s engaged to tho village hollo, ThOro aro air afarmn; episodes In al'r raid, shelter**. Clem Joins the older men, going In ram- Hhackto J)oatH to aid In the roHcuc at Dunkirk, Ufn goes on lanong the villagers MH nearly normally' aa POH- Hlhlo. Klimlly an ulr raid wrecks tho village, kl'lto many, but, with courage arid faith, the vlllftg oontfnuo to "carry on," HH they to tholr vicar In the Hhcll-torn ohiiroh. To oomplol" HilH outslandlng pro- 'KPrtiu, nnoh MX Ira "ndiled trnalH na ,"Tho HoSvlIng Alley fiar,". a color- i'ul 1 ear toon,'•• ; ah'(l' "narbo-OuoH," a I'ote'.gmlthVihort, are, Included, 'Irene. Uiinn'e, one of JloUywood'b icrocn stai'^.i'eturns Lo the bf v gay, comedy. In Univcrsal's Uidy In u .Jain, 11 which comes to the- Oem -theater Sunday for Lhrcu lays.' ' . . Produced- and directed by famed I'ogory La 'Cava, tho new picture H a 1 worthy vehicle for tho coinedi'c n tan Is of the glamorous lady whoso '.omo'dlenno ahllitles have delighted ,healer-goers In'the past in such dc- ightl'ul Illm-furo as Truth, 11 "Theodora Goes "My Favorite Wife.'! . ' In ''Lady'In a Jam" Mlws Dunne portrays on -l.rrbaponHlblc Now Yot hclrcsH who goep.sbrqkp ,and who then' .proeo'eds; lo go 'West, to the badlaiidH of Arl/.ona, lo work an abandoned gold mino in a glioal ,town, Patrjc KnowloH and !U\lph Hollarny aro Miss' l)unne 1 H'"lodUlng men, and the Hupportlng east in- cltldo.s Quennle. Vansar, I'Jugono Pal- l-etto 1 and Samuel S. Hinds. Oddly.enough Mhss Dunne never beljeved Hh'e pos.soNsed eommlle- talents when shCrwaH scoring hi), aflni 1 hlL'.'bn.tii'o .so'reon In outstanding flraWiajUe' peri'prinarieo.s.-.. such «H . ;'r f h'6",t)rtii(s't :'wiit^>e : ,';v-:j;6Tlo\vdd. .'j •dancing and refreshments will bo served.' ; Assjslirig .Mr.' Moras,kl->pn . the'gen- eral committee are -Gus '•Kllnmszen- skl and WiUlqr'KosT6.skI.. .Chesloi J3oblnskl/Si\,ris the cliafrrnair'or ; Lhc tttfiletlb ootnrhittce. Otner niOnTbers of •" the'•.•"•general committee arc* Tlieodpre Grabow- skl, Jennie : TJicaplioklll, AVandn Kat.a- bowskl, Bluiihor J Buwiczcwskl. and Chester Boblnski; Jr. WAR BONDS Washington, 'Aug v . 1.5 — (UP),— Whon Uie Aiiu.'rican people buy-war bonds—they buy .thorn for keeps. '• Tho Treasury bop'artment;: an- MOUMOOH thai, soyqn bIJIIon,. 750 mil lion (lollars"\vortlV ",'6'f c war bonds We re sold .between., May;', liMi, ahr July,'1042.' And tlib Troasury says thai. 08 7-10 per! oont of. the-.-buyb'rs still are holding-on (,0v their-.bonds despite ' their 00-day rcdomptl'on prlvllogo.••'.-'• '•-'•'• '. ' •• , , .... * -, '' ' i ^ » • . . . ' ' * 1 ,fu f l,ly 'handled in the most effective .manner hy. Art/Ivasscl and • Jil.s Or;i \Hai*ycy ; ! Crawford is vpoiil- 1 u companj-on tune Art's •pQin;e vvocdlisfc, .0 tori a Hart, sings JEVyHY NIG'HT ABOUT THIS TIME. TedKoehJer and JJnimy Monaco col- lahorated on this charming song The Kassel lad s : and -Miss Hart style it f;o perfection and /creates freshing interpretation. a re- Bluebird, I'M GETI'liVG SO :i .C!A|y:.SLEEP. nnd .AS. LONG AS YOU'HE NOT -IN LO-VE, Barry Wood, liaritonc, vylMi Orchestra. Barry' visited the Irving Berlin .Show "This Is the Army" and ^'cUirncd with his ini- ,lal -selection,- I'M GETTING TIRKD SO-1 CAN SLEEP. It's a -groat song md- one of which Irving Berlin can U'.stly be ..prpud. H"Jms perhaps Brooklyn lot received 'quite 'the ftltentlon ^•al "I Left, ,My 'Love At the Stage >oor Gaiitecn"-.-tyus, but, Jn the esii- mi-tion of-many, il >\ s equally us •AS Long • AS YOU'RE NOT IN OVE-..JS a,.-Jilting-bit of romantic vh/msyr .Barry -handles this" bsij- Al, that time Mrs. Esperstedt wa enlerfca'lnhng ; a'evcra 1 •' vis)tors fron s'ew York city ; ,a'nd the course o •be conversation's eventually 1 tunic -o IhaJiosless' long sought relative One--6f the .meny in MIC vlsitln group, after .pondering over th which apparently hac roused a vagrant train of. tliougbl Lated that he \yas sure that he re -. alod a worker in: ;thc Brooklyn navj • yard, who bore.-more than an aver • age ' fam.lly reeemb-lance . to Mrs •'Espcrstedt.. When .pressed for de- •ta'lls-.he stated that he-had noted tlie ••man: several times :: but was not in a position at the time to have found out, his name. •'•'"• ,. Mrs. Espei'stedt, who by the way :is a very fluent • \vrltcr, took cveii tills slight clue to;hc'ai-t and decided to bring the matter to the-attention of the highest Jn the land. ' Accordingly on July 22 the Neagle strceL resident wrote -a. letter to President Roosevelt, • pouring out her heart and. hopes .in this very vital personal matter, and included in the details--the vague clue in regard f,o the Brooklyn navy yard. Results to say' the least- were astounding, , , ' The case must have immediately been .placed .-in-'the. bands of the highest", government investigating agencies, posglKiy the F. B. I. for on .Tuesday of this week Mrs. Esper- stedl"received a telephone call from the, brother she has been vainly seeking for nearly a quarter of a ientury, : , ' ' ' The re-union .which due to Mr. finisi's war time .duties at the navy.'yardj. is still confined to tw.o .telephone calls, left the local resident ecstatic with happiness, and .c.yen flow she can hardly express herself adequately so full is her cup of .joy. Details of thq Ip'ng separation have not as yet been made clear other than the fact that'the-career of Mr. Kunz has been varied and that he now has a, wife and son to .present to his long'lost sister. Plans have been made at the home of Mrs. Esperstedt for a gladsome • re-union party in -the near, future, and the local woman's'"daughter, Mrs, .John Monahan,' who has never seen her uncle, will take an important part in these festivities. The happy ending of this great human interest story covering as it does, heartbreak for nearly 25 years, indicates that there may be a silver lining to any dark cloud, and also proves that in the homes of the great, even the While House which today is the cle.arlng point -for earth shaking happenings, there is deep feeling-, and-.kinship for the, troubles of-iliose 'in more humble estate of life. knowledge of meal ciitlSmr in iJ benefit of the eats of sni.l j wi c " That is about all thai J o 0| member. If ] have < (n y mm try to pass -on, the infonnalio'n' their many friends in tho h bugli. " ll Again, thanks many friends in ing to hear from ft million lo M)o borough. HO] A . ,, , '-hem, ] remain, A fellow townsman, Benicia, "culif! ' ' ' A>)i \VR1TES 4-WOKD WILL N-orrlstbwn lr Pa:'.(UP)-—Resistor of Wills John 'Ilr -Hoffman believes he uis jus! about the shortest will on Accord. When Reinhard Z. Nice died . left his -$16,000 estate tohiscous- n, Jacob Z. Nice. His will, undated and unwitnessed, and written, on a small piece of tablet paper, read: Make, everything is 'yours. 1 ' Order a Delicious COFFEE CAKli) For Sunday's Hrp«kfn s j. ! For llmt'Sundny oud'nn, we hiiv P | Picnic Food Supplies of nil kinds. Kuhn's City Bakery MAPLE ST. '.CfiL, N7| Si-eel cargo ships require as much as 300,000 square feet of plywood n the building. Pvt. Joe Wojna Sends Greetings (Continued from Pago One) .cry, Ba-ttery "H," which is no\v tationed in Valiejo, Calif., mak- ig paut of the harhoi- air defense. D vt. Freddie Schumacher, also of -Naugatuck, is in the same battery 'as won HIS Private KarbmvicB of School street, P. F. C. Whitcy Gi- witt has done well, and used his House The "Once-Over" Use Murphy Paint CANS, INC. Maple. St. Tel, 35071 1 id welJ. Our money ong wijl .catch ;on, Now at Strand says this this ,*,„. STRIP-POLKA nnd THE IAJOH AND TI1K MINOR, Alvino tey, juid ]|js Orchestra. Of €0 u r se ^ \\'o ,,d-6 n! t, k n o w w li a t ". the. Jyrl.c,s. moan in this 1 STRIP OLKA number but they 1 do sound ilghty'-vJnWresting. Skeets Horfurt ntangjes, Jii.mself from his. vsaxo- enough to do a terrific i0j HM'>49 1:) .-. as -the lending vocalist "ii" 3: Jl ^^' lt( f c ' ai>clln ^ The Pour King •p.'st^s-«.apd.-.|,h.e.''rcs't' of the mcm- •bnrs.otnb'e band gang- up .{, 0 assist "It is incompariihly superior to rill others," So sc Only lialdwin makes World's Finest .— .IDxiiiliition ; , Models Now Avnilnl)le. BALDWIN SMALL DO WN WEEKLY OR MONTHLY TERMS DjVITO MUSIC SHOP 27, r » ISO. 'Main St. Phone'.'4--1657 VICTOBrDECCA COLUMBIA Records (LARGE VARIED »IO(JK») Swan Electric Co. 15 Church St. Tel. 2574 RADIO nnd ELIOCTIUCAL SPECIALISTS £> ass VISIT OUR RECORD DEPT. WE CARRY A FULL LINE OF '••''. Victor Bluebird Columbia Okejfi-Decca RECORDS nnd ALBUMS NEW ENGLAND MUSIC SHOP J02 GRAND ST. , 3-7M3 Fs amply demonstrated I)y MIC fli'o\v<h nnd development of Nau- flatuck since this bank was or- gnnizcd in 1870. Tho prosperity of our town is the result of the thrift of i(s people. . Naygatuck Saving's Bank The Old-Time "Mutual" WAR DAMAGE PROTECTION Now in force on nil properly will! expire June .'JO, 1942, This 'protection may 1)0 < throiKjh the locnl insurancej n^cnts' wlio ore nclinjj for "'^' I'nited Stoics Govcrnniruk For infornmtion see 0 a li r n •u •11 ol P 0 M K \v cl c *> ,• . i Naugratuck Insurance Agency, Inc. F. W. EATON, ManHgcr. Boom 9 Neary Bldgf. Phone 2080 •j, - . ' ^Swft^ Oai'soii ami Wnltoi' l*i<l«ooui \n one of the'year's brsl'fllms,' ;.,..'... "Mrs, Mlniycr." t . ^_ Lincoln Store 61 W. MAIN ST. Phones: 3-5030 3-1011 FINEST- SELECTION OP KECOKDS IN WATFKBIMY BY Columbia - Victor - Okeh Elite - Bluebird AT NEW LOW PRICES Coal In Your Cellar is a better guarantee tliat you will be warm next wii^teivthan fuel oil in Tex^s or Oklahoma, It is the old s tor/.of •' 'a bird in the hand. ' > Many wise Naugaitu.clc people are. .changing from oil to coal. Some are making temporary changes, others are installing automatic < coal burners as permanent eqiVipment; We still.have on Jiand a fc^ r Fairbanks-Morse automatic coal burners—a survey and quotation are made without cost?to you. The best available advice now is to make up your mind how yo'u will heaf your house Jthis Doming winter and take action, before stokers and coal ai'e rationed . or frozen. The Naugatuck Fuel Co. Distributors of FAIRIIANKS-MORSK AUTOMATIC COAL 5236 Kl) CO pa \Vf in; UK Mi l)0i In. Ian ; eri Kin AVI tor of CO) col res suj col qu; ho] col las pal ha> Ply oh ty. ere ^

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