The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1941 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 7, 1941
Page 5
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FRIDAY. MARCH "7, 1941 Published Every Friday In the Interest of Farm Families of This Agricultural Section. BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FARM NEWS - FEATURES \ PAGE! TIVB Enter the Plant-to-Prosper Contests sponsored by the Courier News and Commercial Appeal. 1 Plans Announced For Plant To Prosper Contest Cash And Honors Await Winners Of 1941 Competition The Courier News, for years an advocate ol diversified agriculture for this section, will again be a co-sponsor 01 tlie annual Plant to Prosper competition in Mississippi County. This contest., held each year by the Memphis Commercial Appeal in an effort to make jYIidSouth farmers self-sufficient and to better rural living conditions, will i.»e sponsored jointly in this county by these two newspapers in cooperation with agricultural agents. Gigantic in scope, the Plant to> Prosper contest has now reached; arcund the world with many sections adopting similar programs since the plan has been given international publicity through numerous magazine and newspaper publications. Program For Security It is simply a program designed j to show farm families the best,! methods of obtaining security j Small Dairy Herd Helped This j i. Farmer To Save Regular Income 'b The building ot a dairy barn, j He plans to sow ;i summer pas- fencing ot the entire farm, making j lure of kv>pede/a and sudun. He of both interior arid exterior iiri- i i.s also increasiin 1 , his lour acre ul- piovements to the home, and the j 1'altu field lo seven acres which he supporting of a family of five will cut for hay. These two pas- without touching any of the regu- hls made by Respond To Campaign En- hir ma)mo fDJ1 lhe w fl< «»» 1 . .„.. . l .°. ~, i GO-acre 1 lumi i.s a record mad' . IV? 1*1 11 /"\ (* ^ «JV*.K\. *^ i * l> I I I i.> *( I W V V" H JAILIUV »•*»' COLiragmg Wider Use Ul| Mr. ;.ml Mrs. Fant Windham of Cotton Materials On The Farm Front (By United Press) The livestock experts at Purdue University have a warning about yhady Lane. This is perhaps the best example thai came out of a recent Durham Makes Plans For Holding Context PI LUIS for holding the HH1 Plant Speakers Will Bc Hoard Al Annual Exhibit Of Cured ^S/iirJi to PIWHT in County were mtide this \veek by Walter Durham, Plant to Prosper dived or J'or the Commercial Appeal. \vhu conferred with county enlisting the largest percentage of farm families in the contest. The county has approximately 10,000 rural i'umilies, the largest number of any county in the nation. Salt adds lo the taste of bread and prevents certain bacteria from i thc dough, but too much suit slows up the growth of the yeast. About one teaspoon or.salt lurt's wllh the huy and t;r;r/Jn[4 A i p i \i\ which the unimal.s will do on MJ>' AllG VxlIWCU IVlCal bi'iiti iind corn 1'U'lUs will hike cure - — of hi.s cows as well as other live- The lourih annual Mississippi County Currcl and Canned Meat have not Exhibit, sponsored by the MisMs- nfined their livestock raislru; .sippi County Ne;;,r»> AfU'inilturut stock on the place. Fur the Windhnms Surplus millions ol bales of col- ] meeting of the sub-committee on j activities lo the Jersey herd. As u Committee, will open Thursday, ton piled in warehouses have given . iMtijit-to-Prospcr ;md Supplemen- I .safety measure, they have, also « March J'J, In the building east of and with Harry W. Maine*, publisher of the Courier Ncvo>. Mr. Halnt's who bucked the live- at-home program in this county last year by awarding in addition to those tf prlze.s by the many people, from cotton farmers to [government offk'uils, some worried hours. Too much cotton in lul Cash Income on the Farm. Sells Milk From Herd In March 19-10, Mr. WimUuim the warehouse and not enough in .started sollmjj whole mill; from the home i.s another one of those m s .small herd of seven dairy cows. -ooil grade Jersey number of hot;;.;, if the price the City Dry Clcimm In O:>e,eoln. of wliok- milk lulls LOO low to puy Exhibits will remain in pluce for petition. Commercial Appenl m-ialn pledged the full support of his newspaper in furtherln(j; Interest In the com-' them lor their work, they plan to Inspection by the public until separate the milk, shipping tlie p.m. the following Saturday. cream and feeding the .slum milk I A .special el tort will bc imulo i this year to obtain the enrolment lo the Mr. Wlndham also Cash prl/A'.s will be awarded win- ] prize ut a Public meeting in the i has three mures used for work on Courthouse here, which will "bottlenecks" we hear so much ; This herd of about these days- according to Miss j co \ v .s had Us beginning in 1933 Cora Lee Column, home demon- j f r0 m one cow whiVh was about all | the larm. They are bred lo I'oS. tu , ;>;30 p.m. on opening day, ac- stration agent. j that the Windhams .saved from ' at the best, time uf the year and cording to Win. S. Bnrabln ' and Mary M. Bunks, Agents. Principal .speaker nl this meeting for Mississippi County by Help C'liuujjc Situation the loss of I heir farm in Mis.sis- However, farm people in Arkan- s jppj .,„ a n? , su u of the depression. i-as have cooperated with govern- NOL even the rich .soil and cotton l.he colts lire sold. IHUk rrodiKTtl Wlien lli|;li Mr. and Mrs. Windham have ar- Nexro County ment agencies during the past year | farmin through a well rounded program ; of growing food and feedstuff "lets oi along with cash crops and of using! . . every economic way possible to Siymg gram u> a dry cow. _ enhance thc value of farm property and to beautify the home. °ows. Some owners ! have a strict rule that forbids iving gram to a diy cow But G. A. Williams, a dairy extension specialist, says that few . of Mississippi County ranged to have their cows produc- { n Assistant Director in an attempt to change this situa- tou i ci era . sc from Mr. Windaam's i«»{j in late rail and Winter when * tjl "' muu - 1 ' A..M.WHH UHLUUI, ucn. Under the direction of their county extension agents. they nave cooperated with the University of Arkansas College of Agriculture. the Agricultural Adjustment Administration, and the .Bur- plus Marketing Administration lo All of the ^939 farm families of! morc h»nnful practices can be» usc morc than 1-1,080 bales of cot- Mississippi County who entered the j imagined. Williams says that a contest in 1940 to have the largest reasonable amount 01 grain fed to representation of any county in the dry cow pays larger-dividends *£«»«,« Mi^i^inni Missouri or: than at any other time of .the year. Arkansas, Mississippi. Missouri or Tennessee, will probably enroll aaain in 1941 and this number is; time of the year, so A lot of cows freshen at this Williams that farmers remember to keep up the grain rations. He £l-^Cl. 1 i 1 144 4. t/ K J. l* l is-t v» • ••*.• ...~.--- — . _ ^ f f expected to be increased by several | points out that its particularly " . . . , i»»ii-»r\t--ro»-\f 41-^nt in i'wi at*i« vn»Yl dl>'\ MO I* hundred more, agricultural leaders, have announced. j . That the Couaier News played ft, explains that for several weeks prominent role last year in pro-(after a W S» producing cow fresh- moting the program, which won; ens. she secretes large quantities or Mississippi Countians a sweep-!?? ^trients into her milk. In fact, stakes award and several other! the milk takes up more nutrients valuable cash awards and honors, j than any cow can manufacture. So s shown by the fact that this she calte on her body reserves and _ newspaper was awarded the 1940 jas a result, she loses weight. A | Cotlon piece goods , collon ready- Arkansas tronhv for its publicity j liberal 8 ram diet latcr does n ° l mecL to-wear, household cottons, and of the' program in Mississippi her needs completely. It is more, bcdding nave not enjoyed .such a rnunl- a profitable to keep the cow in good d buying season iu ycars . *r r--. r«h Awn-ds making condition all the time Fa ii came, and still people could lo O.VL casii Await* lfchan t() iej . production drop, and 1 not thinjt of sLO ppi ng cotton purchases; so it became popular to j feature cotton decorations for the ton last year in making 140,803 mattresses for that many Arkansas families, according to Sue Marshall of the University of Arkansn.f College of Agriculture. in addition to these mattresses, which were made from cotton furnished by the -3. M. A.. 7.522 mattresses were made by families irom cotton grown on their farms. Cotton Mute rials Popular A:; the result of a state-wide meeting of all public agencies last April, a publicity campaign was conducted to encourage people to buy cotton in every possible form. mind the memory of the dairying" the price ol m Ik .s hrglu*l. inul Southern Division. A, A. A., who accompanied by three of hat was so large a part of Missis- lea.t work is demanded in crops . ippi farming. So he continued and helds. All labor connected with building up his herd, selling the ; lu- dairying is done by Mr. W ml- {R<nt Tusk lnslllul ^ L . male calves and trading wnere u ham and Ins wile, averaging about n L Tusk * nilf , vyisl Inutoiv was profitable until at the present two hours a day Mr. wmdhjun ^^ U1 ^^ l ° Dl ^ ^JTck. time he has a herd of ten. This manages to do all the work on the herd has paid for itself with the exception of $100 original investment. At the present time, he is selling on an average of 200 pounds of j whole milk a day for 2 1- cents a pound. Since the first of March he has averaged over S3.UO a day and is now makiny almost $5.00 a day from the .sale of the milk. Records show that he has made more than $1000 since he began selling milk to the dairies. cn * «P prizes win oe $10 each for first, places r in the. land owner, i : t-pn«nf and home improvement!"' contests" of the Plant To Prosper The Extension Service is pepping' Christmas tree and to make us contest and cash prizes of S10 and ' "P 4-H work in Puerto Rico. A. mally coUon gifts as possible. «- each for frst and second places Rodriquea Geigel. in charge of the TO increase Consumption of the "two divisions of the Live- work, is stressing citizenship train-j Tnc year 1941 . se cms to be start- At Home Contest for negroes to ing at the club meetings. He says I ing out to be a banner year for mike a total of $60 in cash awards ; the young farmers and farmettes , thc usc o f cotton. At least twice marie r-v the local newspaper.' will learn the significance- of a ; us many mattresses will bc made Juo>in* 'for the county entries in ballot in a democracy, and will be-1 lhis ycar un der the tv, 0 ° c ^t*. <>rmtpst will be accepted,-come familiar with the bills of demonstration program as were made last year, it is estimated. In addition, every family that larm with exception ol a .small amount of cotton chopping. ' So .successful have they been in the new venture that the weekly cash income from the sale ol milk has met all expenses of thc lamily with a .surplus. ThLs surplus Iras ne«?n used to build a new In addition to these A. A. A. representatives from the Washington office. District AjjonUs H. C. Ray and Cn.sija M. Lawiah representing the Slate Extension Office. Little flock will also be present. Each your thai, the exhibit has been held, u limited number of lias Permanent Mr. Windham now has 10 acres of permanent pasture which hs believes is a minimum for the. size herd that he has. This pasture is a mixture of blue grass, red top., timothy, and lespedcza. dairy barn to meet thc require- hum - s . im(i . shoulders, sii(jnr cured iiifiuy ol i he City Health Department. The farm has been entirely lenced with woven wire mesh. In ncciuion. many improvements have ^''^J 1 o:-L'n made to ine house both out- :uie and inside. • With these expenses paid, Mr. to government specif lea been sold and several have already been phi cud he agents, The exhibit will be open for public Inspection from B:U() a.m. until 0 p.m. during the three days allotted. The public, Ls cordially in- from the farm clear the ception of the payment on the ms BUILT BLUE RIBBON Tractors & Equipmet ALL GUARANTIED DELTA Implements, Inc. So. 2 I'lione 802 A> little more salt is. needed in whole wheat bread. APPROVED Alfalfa Seed Lespedeza Seed Oats Seed Corn All Kinds of Field Seeds Keystone Bulk Garden Seeds BABY* CHICKS PURINA FEED Fresh Dressed Poultry L K. Ashcraft & Co. 112 1C. Main Phone 154 Wi- HUT Pnnltrv FARMERS AUCTION SALE EVERY THURSDAY! In Arkansas' weekly , Austion Barn JSITVHT. 4-H Club News Notes % a large crowd ot both white and colored farm peo- „. I^ C( Lo n ™ r ll man v> ' no ni ''l to write the. provisions in the Nu- Georgc Washington Came to Bc tlonal p iu - m Program. Thc meet- Called Father of Our Country." ing • will' start, promptly at 2::JO oy Billy Godwin. Harmonica solo. p, m , Thursday, March Hi. This "She'll Bc Coming Hound thc meeting will also formally open Mountain by Lamar Justice, and O ur enrollment drive iir Ihe Live- The Promised Land 4-H Club Bobby Skelton played "You Arc My yuushine" and "Red Wins." * + • Huffman -l-II Club met in Mr. Crow's room with Billy Wilson held'"its* reguTar" meeting " Wednes- ] presiding. "Amcrien the Beautiful" clay, March 5th, with Billy Godwin was sung by thc club nnd led by presiding. Forty members and Miss | Song Captain Joann Tankcrsley. ~i , i m.L.^.w.., -.^-j .- j , i, rtrv ,r r i^,,,A,, i After the regular routine oJ buM- .1- The weather bureau scoffs at the! ,. eccivccl a mattress last yeor will Cora Lee Colernan, !wme demon- | .. Drcam i n g» was sum; by • slrauon asent, and E. W. Loudci- | ^^ v ^ ^^ Tnnk er,lc>y, ' Myra Allen. Bobbie Jean Lucy and ' Viviin T'liikcrslcv ....... „ „ , - Bonnie. Uvim i T ,; c lollowin ,^ \ aplains wcrc a diy area, the evapora- fQl . ;; dclU j 0na i household cottons, Ball; son^captam. ' elected: Raymond Vclson, pig; Myra Allen, poultry; Rachel Vclson. scwiny; Virginia Ray. cookery; and Eren Buructt, orchard. fnv ct-ofp nri7ps vliich carrv sun-' Aii ^- »••-«<••"-« WL«H,^« »^^.^ ^ ^^ , reccl vcci a matuess tasi. year WML -.-•-;. — -- • - Snfi-fl S-. i nrizes as well as suggestion that you can change be ivcil coLton anci doth lo inakR strauon agent, and E. W. Loudci- ^wPPnstake^ all of which will total climate by simply building a lot of n j; our .pound comfort this year. niJlk.'assistant county agent, weir. mri-P th«n'«3600 awarded bv the ponds. Some people have suggest- H ome demonstration club members present. The group sang Anicnc.i M^nnhis newsnaner and Chamber eel that if you build a number of ,,,<, bcconiinc ., warc O f their needs .which was led by Bonnie. Lsnn _;-',: „ ponds in a dry area, thc evapora- fni . nririiiinnni hmispholri cottons. Bal1 ' sou « captain. at-Home eompotltlon. olt'un al all times . . , mnvcni'.'nt . . . -prompt'' We Do Not Buv ami Trade WIC JUST SKLL "IT- FOR YOU. liuy u tu! sell at a fair price. }, r rt a square (leiil both w;ij'H MISSCO CORPORATION UARN ON OH) CUICAGO M1LI, fi'lAIMHEK COMI'ANV SITB. UI.V'rill-IVUiK'.S 1'IONKKlt AUCTION SALK! OF BATTERY COST AND CURRENT DRAIN! just doesn't work that way. The and k itchen. "White sales" arc by N. J. Justice. Reading, "How Rond Courier News wim: an.s Mr W Mrs William KaUen- burcaw points out that drought has ; havin ^ an cnlircly new me aiuno bercer of Gosnell. won the sweep- done extensive dRmage m Mmnc-1 to Ar - kJmsas r om iliK. stake-/in four states for the Home sota-whioh is called the state of ^ UnUcfJ statcs t .. ( . onsuminR Ota^V..' 1 >" J.v/>.,» ^.- _ fa.> t K-n-llr-n ,^/-I l<lL-Of I^niirtC h'H'P . . . .... Improvement Division after havm been awarded first in and first in Mississippi County ten-thousand lakes. Ponds have Arkansas some mighty valuable uses, but the i f Amcrican cotlou lllts n record amount -of nine- million weather bureau emphasizes that it Mr and Mrs. Dan is!" Handle: of | a» the lakes in Minnesota, didn't i J their sharc Qf mu Osceola wen second in the state ] prevent a drought what chance j- ( . oUon Thjs incrcascd usc contest'for landowner, after win- have other_ states ttot wan(._ ^| ol - coUoU - js <]cc ,. casin ,, thc burd cn- jiiiv first in the county. constluct a compaiauveiv lcw m<ul " scnic surplus of cotton in the. Mr. and Mrs. Greene Payne won macle ponds ^^ ^^ ( Unilccl States, and at thc same third in the Tenant Division for Arkansas afier winning the county houor-s. CiumLv Had ."More Kntrirs Tlie weather bureau also warns folk.s agaiiist tryinf: to judge the climate of the United States by lev- 1 , , . , . • , r - . ! els of l«kc S in Africa, or tree rings cottons. time Ls incrca.siny; the standard of living in American homc.s through improved home furnishings and quantities of LOOK FOR THE BLUE RIBBON Your Guarantee of QUALITY in REBUILT TRACTORS 1941 PHILCO FARM RADIO PHItCP first time went to another cneyrc ceriam.y no gui 'b,>cauF.r the percentage of ther conditions over la rye areas, farmers enroled exceeded the per-1 wntagn of Mississippi County j';i.nnrs who pariicip;».tccl. . ,Ai the hi.:od of t.he CoLUity Piant To Prosper Contest In comtpenting on the undernourished people in this county . t -^. ; with its preat abundance 'of fond, ' ls ii'' . ,' Miss Gertrude Conant. Extension Leather davenports can bc suc- <;o,' 5 :--,fiilly cleaned with n thick .sudr- of mild, neutral .soap, with as litlU: water as possible. The important thing w remember ,Ls to do only a small area at ;r time, wiping ofi all traces of thc soap .suds with sirr l.lw aiirJculUivyl . l« with J. J. Pickren'ar.d E. H. Burns, exIrn.sioi: aa,cjU,s, and Miss Cora Leo Cfil^iriiin ;:"d Miss Tncxx. Kincaic'.. honu: ricti'onsi ration auents. as:; erl by thr negro extension agents. W. S Baratin'anrl Mary M. Banks; IW "- tlsf Farm Security Afimini.siniM'Ji: ;j-rni.s which include Clarence Neai H. Ford of thc Missco^ F3A com- ^ ;ind Mr.s. Frances Jones, .supervi- mtmUy project, and the supcw;- :>ors; Carlcton Jeny and Mr.s. O. cors in charge at nutritionist. University of Arkan- n c ,., mp cloln as the work pro _ sas at FayctLeville says, "No farm- gt . c ,, :iCs . The surface should be dried er v;ould be satisfied with a crop , md po i, 5 hcd with a .soft, dry cloth. which was one-third cuU.s : but | _ the health; of our crop of human beings shows a comparable .situa- oker 106 Strain 3 State certified, re-cleaned and Ceresan treated. SSOKES OIN CO, Hlytlicvilic, Ark. BLUE RIBBON REBUILT TRACTOR Yours for Only 95 m U w Well Deliver a 1941 Buick Sedan to Your Door For Only DEALER lh|PECTED RENEWED GUARANTEED Langston-Wroten Cc. liroad\vay & Walnut j'honc l» l -»! DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc. ;ji2 So. Phone and old LONG-LIFE BATTERY BLOCK . . . almost doubles the capacity ti one-third the coil. NEW LOW-DRAIN TUBES ; : ; cut current drain l-wo-diirds. NEW HIGH-OUTPUT SPEAKER ... gives clearer, more ujiurjl tone. NEW, SPECIALLY-DESIGNED FARfA RADIO CIRCUIT . . : brings in more stations. 'Stlj-ContaincJ Battery Clock, fj.50 Ex'.nt. EASY TERMS RNER TONE and AMAZING PERFORMANCE! Yes, greater radio enjoyment tlian ever before' ... yours with this sensational ne^ 1941 PHiico! Costs less to buy .... - less lo operated No ^vct batteries to pay for and recharge . . . no wind chargers. You actually bavc 2/3 of battery coi.t and current drain! Finer tone . . . more stations, clearly, powerfully, even in thc daytime! Radio will .elect the next President! Listen in before you vote . - . get the election high-lights T-'ith this modem, up-to-dats farm .radio;. v . • the famous 1941 Phiko! See this big • value -now!

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