The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 10, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 10, 1934
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Served b United Pretu* VOL. XXXI—NO, 12-1 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOIlTIUMHrT AHKAN8AB ANl> BOimtHABT lUBtiOORl ^"^ now; EDITION illythevil 1 ^ ' '<tw» Illytlievllle Orurter MK-ilv' j(>* louder lilyuiiivllld Herild KI.YTIIEVIIJ.K. ARKANSAS, I-'HIHAY. AUGUST ID, '! COPIES FIVE CENT3 ' Fear For f.ifcly of Craf! With 12 Aboard 5-B WASHINGTON. An,.-. Ill .UP) C.UVi- [ears fti-lv Iflt UHl:c,' foi'lj iL' UL u aljiKUU 1he li.-.hin^ 1,0:11, Isli'. Wtlk-tl iipp.ill-llllv JV.I , Han liul- How Tiwluoiion Relief" W.i)nM Work m Seleclinn of Jury lo Hour Case Af^uiusl Mrs. Guskin Is Underway. -f IIAYTf, Mo.-With ihc over-ruling of :i inGiioii i>y defem.e counsel for U lOJStilLUailce, sfU-Ctlon Of :l jury in ny MUJ ima ot ffflyil Mi- murder In Hie slaying ol Charles Spencer. her lover, in .1 clandestine utl'air. opene:! in circuit court ul Cimithersvllle today. At noon six jurors been chosen. Dc-fense counsel, McKay and Peal C'armheisvllle law fimi. .-ought a continuance, asking time to secuie Dr. Wesley B.ivis, Memphis. Tenn., brain specialist. The- motion "indicated iliat the dclejisp exacted Ur Davis to testily tlml a person shot i.liroii{:h tlic lie;id, ;is was Spencer, would have Ixtn able lo utter the words tint, Mrs. ("luskin claims lie said be-fore the bullet wound she Inflicted proved IcUnl. Dr. J. W. Rhodes of Hayli. county coroner, is expected to give testimony in behalf of tin- state, repeating his slate'iien; at an inquest that Spencer, shot as he was, would liecn rendered unconscious immediately and unable to utter tliti stutc- ment Mrs. Gaskin claims 're'; made. •'Sweetheart, you've killed me bul you 'didn't mean it." were the wirds Mrs. Oaskin says Silencer, su-ycar- old Hayti night marshal, told her l;efore he died. .ludge .lohn E. Duncan denied the motion for continuance, hcikilny that, the defense failed lo shc\v ilia proper diligence was exercised in At til lllluinh-ll ; alions. n . Mippriii'td Mi |lj|(-e n . C:il, Jun .:>YO.^ Islands. OLE FK1IES illll B[ IB BID JOBLESS 1 roving Kililli I'oor Aiiliilolr : iiliuns. ri^:irulii'j the missing ei.iK.II Ainhm-Hi.-s here ii.-mx-d that ilu-lll vexsi-1 might l;e adrill or' snip-[ _ _ •.ucc-kL-cl ivitliutil luel. twui-r i'. an empty factory building, closed, deltrioriliiig. Here are workmen without woik, rtceiving rdiel utelf.,3 10 tilt owners as well as to thi* public. either f« doing nothing or for doing "made* .11,/wali wurk. Boys Secrei Society Under Invcsltgt\ioii In Texas iVlui'der iVIyslery. GOOSE CIJIOKK. Texas, AUK. "> 'UPi —A boy's club who.;c members were sworn 10 secrecy and a constitution that provided "derail to traitors" wa.*, investigated today | by officers M-eWni.' in -'clear up the dtath of .Charles Cox, Crock. The club came- under the sciul-j ' office] s alter the boy's! had been questioned and leased by ollit-ers. Charles- wa.s i, member of the club, ii was learned, which had pniswords and an undiscovered liLnal. Officers (jiii-stioned tho boy's fa- ntler hurrk'Ulv irmoving linn fiom Hie city, lie was suspected ••••I not, say sponsors at Ihe new production relief plans, put the two to£elh«r7 Let the worker! use the empty lac- i.y. earning the relief money they're getting anyway, and producing lor thermeltes many things, sucb as cluihes, which scanty relief fiutds cannot now buy for them? I my.'tc.'lioi!s " :lve H. of Goose ny o father mi effort lo secure Dr. Davi-V attendance for the trial at iris time. Whether r.qme specialist will evcn- cnally be produced by th? defense In an effort to contradict Dr. Rhodes' testimony is not known. The slaying of Spencer was the climax of ii secret love affair between the night marshal and Mr: Gaskin. wife of Morean Qaski Hayti water works engineer. Mrs. Ciaskin will base her defense to (he first degree minder charge on testimony iliat the slaying \vits accidental. At an inquest -jlte testified lhat Spencer «'as kidding her ahanl their love afT.iir. saying that, tliey should bj shot, lie snapped his gnu playfully at tier and then loss- f-d ii to her and she pnlle;! the irirjgrr, the mm discharging and a millet hitting R[>»ncer In Ihe .Later other love nllairs of Spencer were injected into the shooting anil the state expects to ofTev testimony lo prove [hat Mrs. Gaskin and Spencer were encountering difficulties [„ |. r .ei r affair because of Siwncer's transfer at affections to another woman. By this meilicii (he -stale experts lo offer :i motive for (lelilirrale slay- Ing of Spencer. Production Relief" Is the Newest Plan lor Benefit Of Unemployed. lli?>t uf tliri-e stcirlrs which IN (hi- must Impurlanl m«»vr In lUi* |i;ist twn d solving the n-Hcl ami uih- ItV IVIM.IS 'IHOKNTON NI-.'A Krrvlvr Writer SYIA'A. N C 1 ., AiliJ. II). IUI>>-- IVnlli was believed only a imillcr I of hours away today for Albcn ]Th-ster, ;iil . year - ultl lltillntw preaeher. who lulled 10 prove to Ids 'ONiui'fBnilnii -llinl u r.ui!:-snul;-.' | would not uttaek u "dlsrlpie ol lOixl." I Teosler. on a Ix-d in n link' imotinliiln cnbhi. refused medfal BE IN THIRTY Government Wheat Forecast Also Shows Sharp Reduction. 774:^,.^^ ;rxr K& « :r^T^^^^^^ >vars In- wl u B0 aeepsr , [ u||1 ., iii^i,,].. .,| 1 Ood. He will take care of i: " | Th? minister sto<Hl before his i-ongietjutlun Sunday nlyl:l, holillng the inonnlaln miller |n one hand. The snake sank its fangs In M; WASHINGTON, Aug. 10 (UV1 — Th? department, of agriculture in- day I'MiinulL'd a 1331 corn crop id (inly I,CU1.IOH.CCO bushels au a esult of drouth invages. 'I'he forecast crop would l:i> the hiimllcst since 1901. I Kxluil of the drouth dumasje ler way. The name for II Is lew minutes was on l.-.e ground. His right arm. neck, and back when he lold offirrrs where io tind the Ijoy 1 :;. elotliiiy. T,K< CLOlliKS wen- found u feiy feejr. rroih where tht .trocly. was dSiriuvHi-ccT. hanging from u ratter in a' hunter shed near the boy's home. The boy had stratialeil to death. Such B workman, at the regular going wagei ol the trid«, But 1n» workman would joon hav« m«d» all the shirti !•" would work enougli hcifrs to e»rn his present r«liel allow- could weir. So encninges will b« »*! up, «nd th» slilrt- ance. Then ht would be allowed to work somewhat longer, maker will then be able to swap his shfrtj for the shoes m earning further "credits" with which he could "buy" sonn furniture being made by another woikx like hiiivclf in of the thingt he had been making, luch 11 ^hirtl. it Is bound to have a bly effect on | Hie natloinil life within six months. Here's how It svnrks: Take a town— any town. It hits a half dozen factories standing Idle, dclcrloratlnE, tleliitquent In taxes. It has hundreds or thousands of unemployed on relief; mostly the people who used lo work In the now-empty factories. The governments, local, stale, another ptant. EXTRfl IL.CIN Offensive Taste _and Odor Will Disappear by Tomorrow. Loses Life in Saving l[|pllT |/|||[n ill His Daughter at Hardy! tlbfl I MlLtl! IN HARDY, Ark.. Aug. 10 <.UP) — Marion G. Ciuerard. auditor for ih&'- Illinois Central railroad at Memphis, drowned today In attempting to save the life of his FIRST COTTDN DF IS HERE , , nml national, are supporting these M e veri Brother-; Rrrpivr people. payiiiB them a weekly re- i ^ uromeiS [\CC61\C Two Loads From Clear Lake Neighborhood Two loads of cotton. Ills earli- l^lUMl' 1 *:} 1^ >^il>t. Llll; IILC Ui Ilia ri .. „, . I I * daughter- in/ Spring river. I Speeding I rain HllS Crowded Aulomobile He succeeded in - rescuing girl, who had stepped otf into deep water, but lost his own life. 'Closing Stock Prices NKW YOU I-:, Wall Slr.-rt put (cday i-f.gRed one to A. T. and T. Ails;. HI i UP) over Us silviir eu- »nd stock [trices mri.-e than t»o 109 V-8 \-> 3-8 27 1-2 30 7-8 i 7-a \:r> l-^ ao 18 1-1 La i-1 •x \-2 20 s-j Bi-tlilrlirm Steel Phrysler Cities St-rviie Coca Cola C.eneial American Tank Oeneral El«trle fiens-ral Motors ' rmeiiiatioiial Hane.sler Mlddlewe.M Uiilitlcs Monlyuinery Ward New York C.Vntral Packard "/" l j [nlli]vs IVtiolr-utii Radio Coi]> fjiinmcns HuK SI. I.utiis-San I'lanci-eo Standard u| u j TPNrn Co I! a. Sle'.-l r 3. Sincltin New York Cotton NEW YORK. Aug. 10 IUI'1 - ntinti rinsed barely steady OIX.MI hl<jh low clov < ! '372 1377 IIKO I3« MM IJM 1372 13Ti; Widow and Two 11 i r c d Slayers Pay Penally for Killing Husband. SINCi SING PRISON. Opining N. Y.. Aug. 10. (UPi—A frail 29- yuar-olci woman said goodbye to her canary, walked steadily down n corridor and permute-;! herself to be strapped inlo a chair. A moment later the stale of New York fulfilled its grisly junction of exacting a life for a life—except that last night it exacted three lives for one. Ladies wer.» first in thi; death house as in all social and official functions. After Mrs Anna Antonio die:! ilie two men .she hire.) to minder her I.i:sb:intl followed her into eternity. Warden Lewis E Laws went from I lie dc.:th chamber 10 lit, offices and into an j]hMi telephone sa!:l: "It's all over." The telephone line led inlo Mu> executive mansion at Albany. 125 miles up tl.e river. HDET liTHIUT TB Near Memphis. Wynne Preacher Called to Lepanto Pastorate LEPANTO. Ark.—Rev. J. I. Owens, of Wynne, has been cullc;! to Ihe pastorate o! lh;> First Cintlsl church of I^pauto. Hev. Owens suc?- ceeds Rev. A. T. Willis. w!-o iv- signed lo continue his theological stndirs. Hev. Owens v-ill hold a series of revival services, besinninz AiieiiM IS. Hints Proclamation General Martial Will Come Soon. I „.,,! struck LtUV lnrtan I That, offensive taste and odor | your water had yesterday and lo I a lesser degree-today should be thor- ! oughly dissipated by tomorrow, it ; wa-3 staled today at tin; local of- j fice of Assorted Utilities, Inc.. operators of Ihe cily water system. I'.'e taste and odor \vere occasioned by t!:e use of a larger amount of chlorine than usual in the water because of inslallaiiuti of some now piping at the plant. The | extra supply was used as a pre- ' cautionary mea-suro. It was stated. The conwratlon's local records show that consumers in this city used 20.000.000 gallons of water during the month of Julv or approximately 2.0SO gallons for every man, wuman and child in the city. Consumption in July was ^.OCO.buo gal- in Senator Huey P. Lou»'s radio | ions nbcre the amount used in speech last night June. While July consumption was "This clly hasn't had any mar- very large a hut Sep'.ember usually ' (j a i law- -yet " the»fish bel- j is in records because of in-. lowed. He stressed and "twice re-1 creased industrial use as well as-pealed "yet" ' l ' es J.^ n " al(1us? - , , : He said ite had complied a list: ninng the summer montia Ihe; of 1.000 dens of corruption and Blytheville Canning company is the-.won Id publish it in his newspaper tenrest individual user of water., "American Progress." in five davs' Cotton gins are large users in tl fall. Two wells are n< Ihe city with water company a third, not in use at MEMPHIS, Tenn., Aug. 10 (UPI-- lief allowance In money or food. Maybe they gel a litle "made work" like the (JWA. of doubtful value. They can buy nothing, the slate can furnish nothing bevomt bare necessities, on account of the rls- cost of relief. Production relief brings the two | togelher. Relief authorities rent the vacant factory, equip It. Then they say to workmen on reHei.,- "There's ii factory. Go into It nnd work for your relief allowance, and keep the products of the factory, shoes •lilts, dresses, furniture, for yoiir- clves." KARNS NKEDFI) ARTICLES The workman goes inlo Ihe. PolLce today held technical i charge of 'manslaughter-against a ! veteran Louisville and Nashville railway engineer as the death toll a train-automobile collision lo eight. John Donovan. C8. the engineer, f lold police his locomotive was rtin- Ot nin s co n,ii e s an hour when i crossing late yesterday. Six pei-!>on!>, four of them chll NEW ORLEANS, Aug. 10. tUP) —General martial law for New Orleans and troop raids on gambling and vice dens were believed imminent today as the clly began to ; dren. ' other were died killed outright. early last night, the dealh loll reached eight dawn today with Ihe death Mrs. Viola Halslead, in. ! Tnc °tter dead, all occupants of An- ancl at of plain 1 . If skilled al slarls rlsjht in. If taught. the trade, not, he He works enough hours at the going rate In the trade to earn his relief allowance. Then he is allowed lo^work a number of hours . more, which That gives he can exchange for the credjts , |>res«'.i!, but. ready In case of digest the veiled threats contained thc a " lontr >blle. and all resident of Memphis, follow: Austin Dodson. 23, one-armed driver of the automobile. Sieve Thompson, 35. Beatrice Walerberry, 19. C. W. Sheets jr.. eight. Marguerite Halstead. three. John Bailey, nine. Van Bailey jr., eight. The Injured: Barney Watcrberry, seven, a :i occupant of Fireman D. c. Bryant declared that "the. first time I saw the car products of the plant, say shirts. When tie has earned as "inanj shirts as hc Is allowed to receive i Ihe number will be striclly limited, bemuse otherwise he might be tempted to go outside and sell them), he may exchange his credits for other things such as shoes, chairs, a dress for his] eat in years If not an nil time record, cams to Blytheville yesterday, marking the opening here of a new cotton year which. II present weather continues, promises to s« picking and ginning In full living before tl>* end of August. Both loads were delivered to Meyers Brothers at their new <?iu IJlanl rear tnc old J. L. C. and E. depot. John Franklin, of the Clear Lake .Farm, brought In the first, fcad al about 4 P. M. Lcs: than mi hour later Will Camptell, who farms on Taylor's place, also In the Clear Lake r.elthcorliood. brought In the'sec- ond load of the senson. Final adjustments were, beiux made today to the. new Lunuuis equipment in Meyers Brothers p'anl. and II will probably make Ms firsl run tomorrow. The first bale. Mr. Franklin's, will be auctioned o;i Monday. It wtl 1 weigh about 550 pounds. Meyers brothers rejrart lhat It Ls well matured, dry cotlon. of alioul an staple. •1 var- •2.11:1,137,000 bushels. Last year •>,- :m.COO.OOO bushels of corn were harvested. . > 'I'he department forecasts a wheat crop nf 490.MO.OOO bushels, compared to 521,41U.000 bushel', produced In 1933 and an uveian« annual crop, 1027 to 1931. of 880.000.000 bushels. About 1,043,000,000 pounds of tobacco, grown on 1,770.000 -acres yielding approximately 1.02 pounds each, will be harvested 'this year. Ihe report said. The A. A. A. tobacco limitation program sought lo liniH production to about, that figure. The crop report, graphically illustrating the three months pillage of Hie nalton's worst drouth., estimated to have stolen J5.000,OW.- OCO from American farmers, was. released nt 3 P. M. 11 .'Jiowed the smallest com crop since 1001. the smallest wheat crop .since 1893, and the smallest oat crop on record. Ilrat Toll Continues CHICAGO, Aug. 10 CUP)—Kill, ing heat blasted with—Increasing intensity trxluy across ' ^.Opn.OOO square miles of dying countryside. A white hot sun glared from a cloudless sky, taking lives and ruining men In every degree of Its progress. Government e.xperls. scannlni; their maps and Instruments,' predicted relenliess continuation nt the tragedy. • ' Scattered showers fell but. only as a mockery to fanners who are selling standing corn ut $2 an acre as fodder. incti and a thirty Firoiul L. No. kitchen wife. Where did users in the | "Governor Allen has gathered 1 Barney Watcrberry, low .supplying troops here and autr.orb-ed the acl-il, r of Boat ™c. ninlV although Hi- jutant general to Investigate vice: . car - was '"I"™*- ge and gambling." estigat the Kingtish said. "The newspapers claim the reil light emergency. A survey of water district and the gambliM' houses vvas abollt 15 ° W"k tmm the plants in Arkansas reveals that- the are closed in fear of stale raids I crosslri f• traveling at, about 30 miles local plant is one of the only three They haven't. The damned places! 311 hollr - Tl!e ™r diet not check its in the state eqiiipnc.1 with a waterjare still going. Tins town is justi specd nmi tno cirivc r Sjave no .sign " n»d Iron removal system i reeking with graft filth and cor-1 1at '"' sn(v lls coming. The car ns^vell us a nitration plain. D n u I ay roll Money From Armored Car ruption." , Hc i pllblic tigalors . | struck the engine. al the left Fire at Fort Sinilli FORT SMITH. Ark. Aug. 10 'U I P>—Throe large business firms UHT- largc II-1 J:.u M.inh M:i' .lull ;i| ned hKlay in the second fire here \\-J:hln 24 hours. Loss lo the firms, nil in siiiin building, will reach many thousands of dollars, owners said LOWELL. —Without drawing a gun, threel bandits stole payrolls totalling b«-i twcen Sio.OOtl atid $70,000 from an! armored car parked outside the Unr ion old Lowell National bank here todav. the state supervisor of; er b?3m °" tlle e»Bine." had sent 45 inves-1 to look over 1.000 U i » n ii for licenses to sen Herbert Hoover Has new state law i Q^ gj^y^ j^ here PALO ALTO. Cai.. Make Long Run To Save Empty Hog Pen City firemen were called out ihtsi,,," ll wer « n '' '' afternoon to save an empty ho* w n I °' congratulalory Aug. 10 lUP) —Former President Herbert Hcov- fr is CO years old today. weren't for the thousands these things come from They were received in an exchange another cily which was making them. After our typical cily has made the required number of .shirts for all relief cli- enls, the rest, will be sent to another town where relief people nrp making shoes, and a swap made irOI'K. SKIU, COJIE BACK Skill and hope are regained. A sense of self-reliance comes back. For no more money Ihe relief de- pandent gets clothing and furnl- Ihut he wasn't getting before. And commercial .stores have lost no customers, for the relief dependents weren't customers way. It is the D. and p. iety. Mr. Campbell's lor.d will make tnle of about 500 pounds. It n L'oncvllle cotton. Bale at Oscenla Today The first bale of cotton sinned i south Mississippi county was at Oswob this afternoon. The Tal Tongate gin ginned the 512- iwund bale, grown by J. A. Alexander on the farm of Vance Cartwright, liariiwarc merchant and farmer. The Acala cotton planted in April nny- Thaf.s only typical of the (Continued on Page 2> way Onl iy Five Absentee Ballots Returned lo m of 88 absentee ballots sent Ceickasawba district electors at 17th The robbery was accomplished in "V 1" JT a matter of seconds during which > tl , B ° 5S * h ° employes of the Safely Payroll and ' Banking service left an "unlocked il empty hog pen !° af j dn . ( ^ ^^ ^ telegrams Sycamore streets, been Be H«s H07 1S911 mo MI:I i:i<):i UH Mill 140(1 i-lfiM'd steady al 1;>; 1332 13M HOt theinrmored car unguarded R-, it stood ' J ~ " ' ' New Orleans outside the bank ' pen with a goal professed to I hnvc no knowledge of how It Ignited, firemen said. there the it is onlv A loss estimated at aoout $500 occurred when a three-car garage lie man who pilfered iwo pay-jot the Ash street Ward apartments boxes was disguised as a bank burned Wednesday afternoon. Chicaf/n Wheat • ripen high low close Kcp W> 1-2 HI HIS 7-8 109 Dfi- II? 1-2 11.1 :t-H 111 3-4 111 1-3 Vhicufin Corn open high lo-.v eliise Sep 7:1 a-3 803-1 781-;! 79 7-S Dec 6? "i-8 84 81 3-4 S3 NF.W ORI..EANS. Allf. 10 lUPl — i Rams in the eastern half of Texas, combined with profit taking, caused considerable hqi.Utnliun aud| cotton fuluies dropped $1 a baiei today. open hleh low close Oct 1370 1373 I35fi 13S3 Deo 1384 1388 1371 1372 Jan IMu 1390 1380 1376b March 1400 1400 13Mt 1385 May 1409 1403 139t 1394 July 14Hb —— — 13Mb George W. Hill, Film mansion to indicate ig former president. I Mr. Hoover will cut a birthday 1 cake tonight. , A few personal friends and mcin- .bers of the family Including, his ,srn. Allan. Dr. r.nrt Mrs. Ray Ly- Wilbur and Mrs. Charles Wal- ;cju, widow of the former director Allow Sale of Feed From Rented Acres LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 10.—Modi- cation of A. A. A. acreage rental ontracts to permit sale o[ feed rops grown on land rented by the ovcrnment was -announced here eslcrday by T. Roy Reid, assistant ^tension director. Harvesting of all types of feed nd pasture crops for sale is per- iltted under the new regulation, eslgncd lo aid farmers in com- alling drouth shortages. Mr. Reid l.cpantu Gets Bait LEPANTO, Ark.— The first bale of cotton of the 103-1 season was brought to town Thursday and ginned by the Citizens CXn company. owned and operated b\ Stuckcy Brothers The cotton wis grown on the Prilchctt plantation and was of the Acala variety. Il graded middling and was of inch and thirty-second I'.f 4DO pounds. .staple, weigh- Director, Kills Self; ,. , , _,. , Idaho s Uldest Newspaper i of the Smithsonian institutiov win; — — - . rnmo t 0 the on San Juan tonighl for a quiet dlnnor. Published for 71 Years i'v oldest I temporarily out of the district, onlj five have been returned so far. it was revealed Ihls afternoon at Ihe office of Fred Fteennn. county court c)crk. Requirements of the state law that absentee ballots be accompanied by affidavits of the voters has in the past been blamed for failure of some electors to vote and return their ballots, such affidavit usually requires payment of a notary fee of 50 cents, sometimes more than ihe casual elector cares to spend for the privilege of voting even when an absentee ballot Is sent (by a well meaning friend. The Democratic primary is August 14. Confederate Pension Warrants Receive< State warrants for \Z Confcder ate veterans and widows of Confed eratc veterans were received toda; at, the office of Fred Fleeman.coiin ty court clerk, for distribution i> hose eligible for pensions livin n the Chickasawfca district of th :ounty. The warrants are for varyin amounis. some for S25 and other for S12.50. It is understood the •epresenv quarterly pensions. EOTSE. Ida. (UP)—: . „ *"»»' Spots closed steady at 1359, on 51. director, shot and killed himself I U 0 n recently and listed Ihe follow-' nt his Venice Beach home today,;t ng hall marks of fame: i police reported. i i. Hirst Idaho employer of tin-1 Hill was employed at the Metro-1 Ion labor. Goldwyn-Ma'yer studios and only 2. Plonet-r $169,000 ! Pemiscot Relief Worker Woves to New Madrid recently relumed from China, where he dlree.led the shooting of background scenes for a picture. 3. of woman suffrage. Some of Its subscribers have read the paper for more than 50 years. WASHINGTON. Aug. 10 (DPI — The war department today allotted $169.000 for operating looks and dams on the Ouachlta river. In Arkansas and Louisiana, the fiscal year 1935. for CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo.— Miss Dovlc Stewart, who has been in charge of local relief work in Pem- Iscot county, has resigned her position here and accepted a. transfer to the same work in New Mad- county, Negress Held to Jury For Slaying Husban Charlie Bell Ward, ncgress, bound over to await action of th fall grand jury on a charg. manslaughter by Acting Municip Judge V. G. Holland yraterda Bond was set al $1.000. The negro woman ''killed In husband yesterday morning. SI claimed ic have shot in self rlc tense. ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy, continued warm tonight and Saturday. Memphis and Vicinity—Fair to- ntghl and Saturday, not much change In temperature. The maximum temperature hera yesterday was 100, minimum 17, Tafl Fernbank. negro, was fined i clear, according to Sauel P. Nor_ ' 'itVH' >ls J(lr l wll t larceny. rls. official weather observer. ire Fighters Will Meet at Carullicrsvilla CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo. _ The southeast Missouri Fire Fighters .ssoclRtlon will hold Us fifth aii- ual fire school short" course here Vedncsday and Thursday of next tek. August 15-1G. More than 200 persons are ex- i«led to attend. Including metn- ers or the association, their wlvas nd stale »nd national leaders of r tre nghtlng. fire prevention anrt alvage and rescue organizations, nd representatives of Insurance ompanles. The ladies accompany- ng members are to be entertained by the Ladies Auxiliary of the Ca- uthersvllle department. Association officers are: Chief Victor Mallnire, Csrnthersvllle, resident; CMef Louis A. Perretl, 3onne Terre. vice-president; Harry C. Young, Sikeston. secretary-treasurer. Cache River District Receives R. F. C. Loan WASHINGTON. Aug. 10 (UP) — Ths Reconstruction Finance Corporation today aanounced a loan of S131.500 to the Cache River n:ainage district of Arkansas. WEATHER

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