Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 15, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1942
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SATTTillAY, AtMHT 1^ $942 NAUOATUOK DAItY NEWS, ; T ; Pafe Sevan Helped to Put Over Two Relief Bill Corum It's Good Ballyhoo And Nothing Much to Get Very Mad About. Koops Going, THIS I«in?A^Bia FIRE, LARRY ,«»•»*»* I), HM' ,\(KMSt lyluu) I'or Iho Now ssiii tho-wai' iloulio- Yankoo Sladliun-'on •j;i, IM oumlng from harry MuoPhull, prt'sidont ol' tho lyn Club or N u t"l o iv u 1 Yankees 'Hi! o and Ih may I'M Harrow, nil need tho help. May Indeed, ap- to 11, and I /t Ihoy don'l. Hut IH«' Iho lit. hny with llu 1 slnrull, thoy'i'i 1 It, and Ilko -tho 111- i ihom u lot Iho •ft, II K fiM'it ;,i itv- 1 faculty of mont ovnr i\Ml ill hunt lluti\ . a H.itI !<• of Hit' Marno, U,,. hasi'lmll r-UUH of dlthor over Uie slt- I!:. II.-I !''"*« •II'-IM!'' ;,- st.'idhun l'"i that miuhl u 1 (VDl^i 1 -*""- 1 - An<l Uie main Idnii, 'l»h,iil i-i.^i nlKht IMMK dl bn thai hurrah mlr '»•' l to tlniw llio l*n, f l, 'II V . phoned M«,v to pu ,,(' th»' cnnrilot .W.lsliiMVl'HI uul the sohodulod twin n Hi.- liliinls and Hodg• h Kl''ld In lh«' Mayor's f.»r as ho uMaoPhall') undoi'sland Is Kolntc In the uiullor, Lawill be I'liml. iltiio Miiyur J'^'lM that the (Ion- ^id'-r in Mriinklyn will dolraol in til- \\,ti- fund proKi-am In t'lio Vll'lin, Hi'Ti Ihi- KhlH'lrt l''l> l l(t fur 1'tKwl m> '|i (KV of Ihi- I'. IIH| I'l-s.-i'vi' X»l alp-iuly .lit figured ' d;»y hhels will ho imii- uskod. This I'.irt that all thi! liox- i'il sisal.s a I Khhi'ts liavo IHJOM sold fw In ho Iho last big In Hrooklyn during WWK WKIIK UK KACTS; •9 \No In fiiiM- of Iho fiK't tlml I ho In Hi'ooMy.n \v n M HIM! iiimotimMMl In early H)-, If not iH'Uwlly prior to the w (tint Ihc YimkiTs hnd oven <!<>• l<> |tl»y a win- HUH! jimni 1 nl rlrtlnly IOIID In'Toro the Ni'iv tfk Huh Inul chosen nn oppon- d IHI nppi'o.xhimlo dtdo, When nmmiic for .Ntu*h- a |pinw. the date chuson wax a HaUie- llio switch (o Sunday lhat tho unhnppy conriict luler, plainer and fc«wei» U'onl.s, uu.s ciM'adul ellliLT hy I'l'osl- "HVIII Iliii-rUlde <>r tint American iijiu- l)t . |,y JhuM'ow, Or hiilli. I nl-^ii ln-lli've I hero Is no ill.**""!i lluu (hii'lnj) hl.s ah»eni'e from 1 «'H.v, .Macl'luill was piihllely (p 'l lu MIC most unfulr and nn- position of dolnjj soine- In lilnili'i 1 a for whloh d nnriajiulnjily from «.«k^i»'^<c\^th^m,t*««>«'fc<»m* \s hrillluni job of promot- Intl tho (jiunts* Army l<'un, iiunui . rosh In my luomoi'y, U *l www «sk- <*d to niinio Iho intui who has dooo most to duto to••nink'o major Icauuti l)usi\l>nll look dood In tho present WIHM'fMMM'.V, I WOUUI IUIS\V«T wll-ll" out linsllatlon, Lurry iMuclMuill I I'opont thai this Is not a flood 11 mo to lio Miyinfi such things, '('hero muy ovon ho u dllVoi'ont story when tho llruil tlfjuros ui*o tnhuhitod. Hut In Ifiu'o or tho known facts nnd In (In 1 immc of rnIniess i! sccm.s to mo that Larry Is outlttod to thoso \\MUMls, Not that ho Isn't onpuhlo ol" spouklnil H Cow In his own hchuir, on occasion, John, HASICIJAIJ, SHOULDN'T M;I<:D i UK AIVVOU While It may sound fair enough on Its fmui, It HO'onts to mo unfortunate that hasoball should have 'to mill In Mayor La tUwrdlti to settle a •mallei 1 of Ihls kind, it shouldn't n von huvo to -mill In Judge Lundls, who Koty paid for liandllng its problems, Min-row, yionohaiu and MaoPhall are all I'uasonablo mnn and (.Mich In his Inuirl has tho good of hasuhall al heart. They should bo able lo sit down together and work out a hap-: py solution of this roally trivial! ronl'llcl In IT) mlniilns, j Knowing dousln Mil an well as tj do, I know very well that he can't! b'o 'HkliiK It, He Is ono of baseball'sj all llnvo cxnoutlvoH and If ho has one walohwoi'd above another in handling the affairs of the Yanluu nlwln, H Is ufflolLMicy smoolhnoss The VunkH don't oporalo the way thoy do yoar at'lor yoar by aceldent Tin- Yanks are good. They've boon Kood a long time. But Ihey'rn not so good lhat Kd Just sits thoro nnd fiivssHi'H a button now and then. Don't he fooled Into thinking lhat I'illu'r for him, or Joe Mr-Garthy, Micro aron't -headaches hero and there along Iho way. • This lime It was tho Yanks who itmdi' Iho original inisUiia- of sohed- ullMK thole rollof gnmo when they did, Or rathor, It was the Yanks or Iho AiiMM'loun loagne, liarrldgc or Harrow, all ho. had to do was to look at u Hohedulo In his dusk lo knosv-Muil Iho Dodgers and (.Hants wero playing a (louljIolmaUer at Wb- bols Field on August.2U. Waterbury A. C. Gives Fight Fans Anfrffift U .' » ^*^ i. AMEIUC/IIV VostL'nlny's Results He troll 7, Ohloago 1. Now York 11, Philadelphia lOnly yamoH scheduled.) Now York Boston .. (Hove land 31. Louis Do trait . 2. Tito Washington Today's New 'York Brou or (5-0) Gait t os, Pit at-'PhllaclclphU ' «hd Pot .007 * .045 ,535 ,513 .483 .454 .430 (2)— (4-8) • till n n rI lor (ia-2) and Ohrlstop'her vs. Fowl o .(S-JO). Washington ut B-oslon ,(2)— Hudson (8-10) and Mus-tei'son (5-0) vs llughson (14-3) and D,obsou (7-7). Uhlcago at . Dutvol't — Humphries (8-0) vs. Bunton (15-!)), ' St. I^ouls at 'Clovo in-rid (niirht) (10-10) -va. Dean '. (8-0).. NATIONAL LEAOtfE Vustorday's •Brooklyn 10; Boston '0 (1st), Brooklyn 7, Boston. 3 (2d). New York- 5, Philadelphia 2. CJhloHKo 7, PltUbiirsli 1. St. 'Louis 4, Cincinnati 0. Tho Bi'ooklyn St. 1/ouis New York (.llnulnnatl Oh lea go Boston ..... Phll'Utlolphlu •Standing W, 78 ou 00 r>8 50 5 k > 47 31 L 33' 42 53 52 57 04 08 70 Pet. .703 ,022 .531 .527 .407 .4-18 .409 .290 TITLE BOUND By Jack Sotds tr not odlou.M, cm> clilliihli, This Is not a of which an Ls.sue Hhould nil "li'. -Nor a time for maklni; It, one iinllon and one puoph) louiiluvsl, most flnii(f« of hlslory. Ha.sehall of t'(<.«t|)iuii iiiul. In nven nll'eetlon thai I (.anill.M, l-'oi-il Fi'lck, K(j Hurrow and Con- u-Kh I ho. memory of, TIIMM Somebody Ihon inudo the fui'thor iniNtnkii otMi'.vlnj) to shirt I lie onus for thu eonrilol onto llu: shouldors of MuclMuiil. I donht It' II wus H»r- row mill hu'/iu'd Iho- fjuoss it wn.s ildiu) oui'olossly, Hi'obitbly unlnton* lloimly, Which still didn't provont It from putllnfj Uie Hrooklyii president In u toiifjh spot, In Ihc llnnl suiiiinlno up, of course, It conius to soino inlfihty lino, bully- hoo, tho piot'o you -ni'0 rowllng -ho- iiijj n pnrt or siuno, \Vo intond to do .sovornl woro plouos lo holp imiko Iho Stadium doublohoudor as I)iff » '.HUOOO.SS us possiblo- \Vc hope llio crowd overflows. Into, the, Polo (irounds, Why not lift lonothor over a nlco cold boor, iioullowon, and work this llitlo pur/le out In the host way possible for tho best oauso any of us cnn over know, our country 1 ' Who knows hut what the mayor -will hii busy at a lire, anyway. IIHOKIC KVKN rrai'tropii, AUK, .Jr>-(u P) -The llarlt'onl Hunftloi'H and thu Wngluun- lon triplets spills fin eastern league dotnVlii-hoador lust nlglit. -Ulngluun- ton took tho first gama, 5 to J, but Hartford came on to take tho night" CMP, (1 to 0, behind the seven-hit pitching of .Johnny Harrolt. l«»ll closols for mudu oaslly wH'h ply- linen can bo wood pawls. NOW LOEWS POLI Todny's Guinos, Pitchers •Philadelphia at New York 02) — llughos (8-i!») and Podga-Jny. (<i-ii) vs. McCico (4-2) 'iiiul 1 Lo-lmmin (104). Pittsburgh at Clhleago (i>)—Clor- ninkl (2-J) and 'Ilamlin (3-4) .vs. fJlthorn (7-0) and- Olson .(<i-7). (Jlnclnnutl at SI., bo u Is—Walters (12-U) TJI- Starr (.ia-!)) vs. KrJsl (0-H). at Brooklyn—Tobfn (0-JU) (JO-G). • . New York ^aiikees Mike TI ' i r* '"^ Record ror Uoslon vs. Allen COLF CHAMPION CANCWAY! WALLY'S BACK IN THE SADDLE— WDIN' HA'RO AND SHOOTIN' FAST! BEERY Marjqrie MAIN J. CARROL NAISH JlIkH 6M Ida lUPINO (lly United Press) more — lie probably \ylli hold both Craig Wood's recant victory In (lie Cumulfun Open golf lournumenl .probably will bury forever the reputation ho' bad 'established, us a pommlal runncrup. /''or, In thoso clirys of war, Wood's f jlalm on both the Unileil Slates and Canadian Open makes him the closest available to an International champion. \Vhal's more—he probably . will hold 'both crowns until the war Js over, For the U. S. fixture already has boon cancelled for the duration. And' the Canadians now seemed inclined to hall Iholr nieet until after the forceful retirement of II II and M. Wood earned his reputation as a second-best player for- close defeats in such outstanding tourneys as the HrlUfth Open and the Masters. Bui as a matter of 'actual record, Wood was doing all right fi'or himself In thoso years and won — among others—the -.Los 'Angeles Open and the Australian and Hawaiian tourneys. his re'oastlng of the past Is not to detract any of the new glory from around Craig's 'blond head. It Is rath or 'to .prove that Wood Js u technician at his trade and al last tias earned some of the fame he deserves. HP'S /lO-yearff-oUl now and has jcen touring the golf circuits since J5),')J. Tlml's thu year a Kentucky firm for which -ho was working railed and Jin look to the pitch and pud. wars f.o'r a living. ' • he first season— as has been true In many other 'oases— Wood. 'Bind io make enough bread and butter money • to -.•-•] HH t • the whole year. So he hired out to a construction on I/lit, and dug. ditches; for a livelihood, But thu next year he was, back and he has continued lo'-repcat' until he finally arrived. • j And that's ; championship — not runnorup— fortltuclo. ' ' TRY A LAST 4 DAYS Seven of Them OccuiTiBd}lin:' Game at Yesterday. " (Hy UiiHwl -Press:) Tho fans In Philadelphia''thought they weru seeing double., r : And thoy were. Double plays tine after ano'ther; seven of them i'or/li now rill-Llnii) major league record fora single game. '- ...... The experts at, the twin-killing business wore the New York Yankees. The bomber' infield moved-sofas I you couldn't tell QumiLo from Gordon or Red Ttolfc from Buddy HasseU. Catwher Hill Dickey had his rniC In the inlxup too and on one's occasion so did Pituheiv . Jobnny Murphy. . .' : • 0— — ——; —- —"—~~ The old .-record-'.Was -established by the Washington Senators, September 3rd,.-1933. Oddly enough that lime tho Yankees were the victims. Yankee power at the plate yesterday was as potent as the power : 'a<lle}d. The bombers l;ombed out a 'total of 15 solidsmocks against t\vo vAUiletic ill toilers- • -to • win going ^avva'y, Jl-'!t-o/2;- •• •':: : . ; • v 4n the only ,o.thcr ; American league • g'Qino, Deti'oU'llckcd'.Chicago, 7 to 1. ^. in the' 'Nationai • lea'gue, — some • more of; 'tHe' r; safne,. The ,-.Dodgers stretched : t/h'ei'r'ilead -to" 'nine full games despite ;,the fact; the second place Cardinals ^yoiv' from Gincin-. nati,' 'i tb;0^ ; ''v'.';-.'; ;;: ; The Brpolcs toqk -a double header from Boston, • il^tp-Q -and 7 to 3. The Qia.ixts v o!yeiv itbe, Pliils, 5 to 2."dh'fcago ^Bat'v'PittsburgJi, 7 to 1. BRASSCOS PLAY BROOKLYN GIANTS AT 8:45 TONIGHT Will Meet Colored Team That Recently Defeated City League AH-Stars. {bury 'league .'clash =' Boyal n lei pa) metropoll- 1'aolng the Fresh from 'their 8-7 win over the highly touted Chicago ..Giants >p'f the -•' Amerionn Negro Professional . league, Fred DavPs Walcr- Bra-ssuos face a National team tonighit when, • t/hey \vIt'll- the famous Brooklyn Colored ,0i<au1,s at thc,-'Mu- Stadium at 8:45. Just a few weeks ago t-he Royals a p- -poarcd at Hamilton park and defeated the City league All Stars, : 6-0.• 'Tonight, however, the tan 'aggregation will 'be high callbcred -Brassco which has been outhit by -only .one .of these traveling clubs Jn four.'.games, but has been returned on the short end -of the score because of loose fielding. 'However, the Brassco defense has been strengthened so -that now H is rated on. a par with any semi-pro club -In-New -England', according to several major league scouts who have seen it in action. Mgr. Davi's- mound sole/ct'ion -tonight will in all probability be Johnny llardenberg, conqueror of the Black Yankees, or "Lefty" Ver- derarne of New Ha-vcn. Tommy Shech-an will .be bcliind the plate after a with the Washington Senators and the rest of the Brassco baiting oi'deivwill be.: intact with .the. exception of Billy Potrollis, hard hitting first base- .man wiio is now ,Jn training wiih the Brooklyn 'Dodgers football team. Mis' place a't tlic initial sack will be '(nivcn by Jimmy Shcehan, brother of Tommy. Besides having a wealth of' Uie hcst colored' 'pkiycrs. in the Nation- ai league, including. Jimmy poiks, Johnny Albcrson, Ed Pace, Balpb Buj'gi'n, and Joe JJDarfl, the Giants also boost of a sterling pitching staff, including "Ducky 11 l^on-esl, Buck Gome/., Roy Williams- and-Ktl- cMc McQueen, Jatc of the BnlU- more Elite Giants. Harris, Royals' outfielder, was;-an .all-Americmi a I ••Iowa State college.'last fall, and is one of the mainstays of the visitors' butting power*-'line. CRISPlti MISAT -GAKES Speakirtg of Sports .: Ry IIALIMI I). PALMER -t Sports Editor, Unitcd. Press Itnclio Put through Ih'C meat-grinder leftover meat from i'oast lamb, veal or beef. Ada 1 stiffly beaten egg, a pinch of thyme and salt and-.pepper to. lasile.!..Form .ijito. .flat cakc^. Dip in egg and then in.crushed corn flakes. Fry in margarine until golden brown -on both sides. nigh School Grac/'s 18 Through 26 Indian Gomez Makes Debut In The States His Fight With Fiorello the Best Seen Here in Many Years. 3- ! 'l Of It may have mystillctl -many .£ Yank in Ireland to discovGr ,that when the word hurling \vuis.; men-' 1 Honed,, the native speaker- Was . re ferring to the national game •Biro and not somotliing Wyatt does for don 'Doclgei's.. It Is a game that 'bristles with. wild and furious action; And since' that is what Johnny Doyighboy went abroad to get, he ma_y adopt •the sport providing 'in ili't'ary fouth OT- 'Hius— with a predilection against non-oombat casualty lists— 'step 'in. Tho Irish insist that their ancestors Invented hurling. Bui- 'soipe; sports Irlstorl-ans— Avlro call .it "polo afoot"— arc Inclined to .believe I ha 1 ! the -Egyptians first had -a -hand 'In it. The -iyniqany Jrlsh retdrt 'is ttial none of the ancient Egyptians were rugged enough to play it and •therefore could not have .Invented If 1t. Only the Irish constitution,--.. Jt Is added, can survive hurling. ' Fin McCoo'l, say the • , . keep his name fragrant because he O|>~en rtt .1 p;' ALL SKATS Children- 'nc r rch. ,., 5 st--|Jiil. Prices •nicl. tax. Corn i I.IK- \Vorlne.sclny was one of the game's .groat heroes— invented the -sport; And it was call ed 'hurling, they expl. hurling a ball with n curved ^s Is one of the vlta'l foatures - r of -play.- Whether or not liurling _wus b . an Irish invention, , Hie game r bas ,•;. a background . of ancient splondov- And the sport has been inlcnypivert- -\vlth the glamorous history of Uli'e liJineralrl Isle. ; ,, .. 'L.. •It remains today almosf, il thc-. ex- elusive property- of the sb'nsVdr .Er-i-n.- mil Jis a touring spectacle,; put- on •Jiy Irish teams, .it at'tracted 1 .' huge crowds in the' --day's before <thc vyar. The Germans, Greeks,: English and. 'Sweclcs particularly found • the' bruising sport excl ling. And In 1011 the Gaelic Athletic Association .of New YorK-was fpiind to govern play in the United 'States and .to take o) large of all touring teams from Ireland. • ...-'-. Tlie game is . played; with a aiKl a stick /curved • something a hockey club, • -•* -, The big trick;, it ••seems, is to learn how to•• the ball on Hie blade of t]je : .slick -;and then 'sock it toward the enemy goal. It is not; pcrmissibic 'to pick the ball off the ground with the band or to throw, it by hand. The player- must b'tit ; tne ball with his stick, or .'carry-, it -on. the narrow blade. . .The story is told .ot one Gu Gbu- lain, a mighty man Jn the annals of Ireland, who was such a perfect player and so remarkable in his ability to juggle tbc ball on the none-too-flat blade, that he once carried a ball nine miles without dropping It. .• : ; Generally speaking, however, -the idea is to, '•hit the ball—and nothing else—when swinging the "hur- ley" or stick. ..'Of course,, ,'th'e .marksmanship iSn' t . alway'S'fperfect. And if, so m e- one's head, Sliest,, back or 3vnecs way of an in- that's all part ha-ppen to be in the GttfHtmtn 1 rom W«t Point, m*H-IT MAPMNfO IM HATWW Glunt /uiK— \\ Ki). , ONLY BRlhiiVu A MOHu(y Oolitost Waterbui^r Tonight:8:30 BRASSGQS -;;;;'', .^0-^Si,'.'.||:, '.-.'". BroaKlyit Royal Coltfred "Giants Adults 50c Ohlldreri 25c accurate swing—wel, "of the .game. ': The boys take the attitude that i'f 'your head isn't harder than a sav- agciy' s^-ung. •"hurley, 11 then your place is in ,the grandstand -among the': spectators:;.'' • • -' . ; • - : '. The .gameMias)be'e.n ; tamed : down 's o m e\N'h a I i n-'-inpci er n:, ti mcs. A = s tu te- nient \\\hich Avould^astonish Ameri-r can troops wliq nmy.vbBve; seen its furious an'd ^seemingly-lethal-action. •-•• Tn 1884, the;- Gaet.ic-Football ass p'ci a ti on was f o r mcd. to s tan darcl l«d aiie- rufes,;:- ; althouglT. liurlihg.; is entirely separate ; f rom the .game .of •i.'Oaelic footbalj. •'"' « : • ' A The numb'cr of .players on a siiio was reduced to 15, and tlic ball was • made small civ.' • ' - . • „ The : 'field is 1-iO-yards .long and 80-yards'.-wide. : . •• Scoring \is accbmpiished - in ' two ways. If ; the -baUV'hurled by the .stick, lands -iiria'net strung between tlie goal posts- ^•counts, ; for three points. If It -isVhurled over • the ;the; cross-bar, ifc; counts for .one poin't. .'---'.• : ' -','•'•: . .-.••-••.•" ' ; -The goal ;posts 'are 10 feet high, innri 21 feet; -aparlK The-.crbss-bar is eight feel; above .the,'ground. : -;: The game:'is made 'up of two ffilnutc halves.. i.. It-all sounds very simple is, insofar as-the fundamental ruics are •concerned. • :it,doesn't lT take much imagin- ;•'-', 'V'T • ' .'ill ' , ..!Mi OA • ^o' i i-.<ip kouni J n e,. th a t. • wi tn /-MJ r.s~niill'ln.ff about• on n-./1'cld- ;V\v'lnging ' hurleys" with virtual /nhandon, the opportunities for legal "•mayItem are unlimited, ' r ,Tlic Yanks'arc not ones to allow Win Your Wings Be a Fly ing Officer Go To Your Ncircit Navy Recruiting Station Today And Ap|« About Class V-S Naugabuok young men wishing information -on, u Fly WiWi the Navy" may obtain ft from Ralph S. Pasho or William J. I>alor, chairman inn secretary, respectively >of tiic Nau- gnluck Gomnvittec for Flying Cadets. • the Irish challenge that only sons of Erin arc rugged enough for hurling to ; go unanswered. So it is possible that enough of them will learn the game—with or without the 'permission of the authorities—lo •bring it back to the states after the .war. • If so, ICQ hockey, water polo, the rodeos • and. some of our more bruising body, contact sports w.ill .have acquired: a worthy skull-bust- 'ing. companion. .:V , ; ,, ' . For/ the second successive week 'Naugatuck -fight fans who attended the \yaterbury A. 0. bouts in Wu- terbury last night were treated to an all-star card the like of -which has not; been witnessed in those parts for many a^ycar, They saw •Whistling.- Willie Roach, that liltlo colored bundle -of 'dynamite, easily take the decision from his opponenv of 1-ast week, Matt 'Dougherty, in a rematch. -Roach gave an exhibition of sportsmanship in the final round of the eight-inning encounter when he let up on his severe punishment of Dougherty and allowed him lo stay on his feet, that added greatly to the popularity of the little Negro from Wilmington, Del., with the Randolph-Clowes stadium fans a'nd was given /i rousing hand and chcci for his willingness to save his opponent further pounding. When the two boys fought las! week Dougherty was awarded the decision. 'Me gained tbc award by outboxing the clever Negro. Ik made the fatal 1 .mistake last evening, after the second round, of mixing it up with Willie. It was pk, for tlic little toughic and he wcili to work. He opeiied Mail's eye. early in the light and concentrateu on tlic injured optic for the remainder of the bout. The colored boy dropped the Irisher in the, thhv round with a stiff right on the chin and Jloored him again in the seventh. The surpHsc bout of the evening was another eight-rounder. This co-feature was booked for Larne> Aloore, Valley Stream, L. L, colored star who gave Eddie Dolnn the bat- tie of his life last week, and Jc'm Fiorello, of Brooklyn, N. Y. When time for the bout arrived An-, nouncer Chick KqWy informed tin crowd that Moore would not appeal as iie had been rushed to the hospital early yesterday suffering from •ptomaine poisoning. The Kubstiln- tion brought, forth the usual "Brooklyn cheers" from some of thr fans when Indian Gome/, of Havana, Ouba, entered the ring id match swings with p.Jorello. But— from the llrsl couple of swings a"' the fighters bad sixed up their ponents—the fans had their flil oj enjoyment with an exhibition o; bull-dog scrappi'ng that had them on their feet until the llnal gong it was a wow and, coupled with tbc other bout between Will-ii Hoach and • Dougherty, will undoubtedly keep Promote)' Gcorgi- Mulligan busy next week answering 'phone calls-for reserved seats for the card nc'xt Friday night. Gome/, made his Jlrsl appearance in. the ring 'in the States last night and you can bet your war bond's-:-, that it will not be long^ before he! is soon here again. | 11 was w 1111 o u I a d o u b t on e o 11 the slugginist affairs ever staged in the Brass City. Fioreilo ripped open tbc Indian's left, check in the third but despite the injury which bJcd profusely, he stood up toe and toe with the Brooklyn lighter and opened a cut over the latter's eye in the .seventh, A few low blows were struck in the hotly contested encounter and both boys 'used some rough tactics mucb • to the delight of the fans which made the battle even more -exciting. Gome/, was .given the decision by Referee Bill Comvay. He earned it in the lasl round 'when be battled his opponent to a standstill. Al Rcnick, 152, Hartford, went to a bristling four round draw wltl Wilfo Shanks, J54, VaMcy Stream L. I.: Spec Wiley, J8i, Union City decisioned Tony Cole, 183, Rockvtlk Center, in four rounds, and Don Me Lean, 120, Valley Stream Ncgi> knocked out Ram?s Bogers, ^2-1 West Palm Beach, Fin., in two mln and 30 seconds of a scheduler four rounder in tbc prelims. , Ham Wi?o'by, New York Negro who was to have met McLean, ar- rived late and Rogers, who bed for him, went down for sub Mie count hit. the ih'sl. time be was solidly NOW BOXES FOR ITALY'S MOVIES Iho (By United Press),.. Former world heavyweight pion Primo -Camera-Is back In ring.. • , • -, But the Man Mountain- weighed better than 200 -pounds •when .he I'oughl, in the United Stales—isn't trying a •comeback. Nothing of the kind. Instead, 'liea; doing 'his boxing in front, of iriovlo cameras in his'native Italy. . It seems that II Duce has thought il belter that Primo have his ngfnH under kleig lights raOice thaiHrifau- uial competition. And no:'wonder, for the big follow hasn't been miicli credit, to Italian boxing in -tho -years *incc he lost his'crown.. Id-Max' Buer, Primo came- to America in i',»tO. after two .years' of boxing on the continent, lie won his Wst V<! bouts in the United Stales, 2T of Ihem by knockouts, .Finally,, jn'1933. lie fought Jack Simrk^y.. for Uie world's heavyweight/ cluu'iiplonshlp, Sharkey was very obliging. ."J|c .fell before an invisible punfth.- in the sixth round, and Camera "became the cliam p. - , Mussolini wasn't. 1 gotng -to -inl»s .;» good bet. He called Primo back to Home and paraded him •before .the home folks. '*iftul when •Curiiora got ntick to America, the going wf»s ; a hit tougher. He gaine<t a decision over Tommy Loughran, • but Nvau abruptly uncrowned by Max ,Baer Max unceremoniously V ,knqck0d tlio li'ara -olT the Ambling Ain't*'peak \n Mic sixth heat. . \ After that, things got .steadily worse for the Man Mountain. .He was unable to defeat anyone hul the pushovers. And wheix v)oo |jbui« knocked him out'in JU35, Primo began, to think of retiring,,Two .ycnrs later 11 Duce made . up Camera's mind for him. lie ordered him back to Italy. " ' , - r .- ./ Da Prccm paused loi\g enough Jo lose two bouts, one i'n Paris ail d one in Budapest. Mussolini then ended bis lighting days. Primo took the next train home^ Now 11 Duce has seen .111. t-o- allow Camera back into the-squared circle. But lie's not to light, for keep* lust to niitcrtnin Italy's movio au- diences—imitafi'ng a certain bb.xisr of huge proportions who once wns heavyweight champion of the world. WOMEN'S GOLr TOUHNKY Chicago, Aug. 15—(UP)---Mary. Agnes Wall of Mcnominee, M'lch.rwas one up on Mrs. Russell: MannVM.hc ., 'f'Miding cli«finvplon, at, t.he-i <: ehd of J5 holes In their 18-hole semifinal of the Women's Westcprr'Amn- tcur golf tournament. lirlhc'»oth- or semi-final, Bntly .Inmcsoii Of San Antoni-o, Texas, held a tjiroc- up lead over Dorothy -Blllh of Indianapolis at the end of 12'holes. 30- 2lllO«fIE$HOmHUfS«H.I ALCAZAR Sun,... Mon. - Tues. Ann Sothern and Red Skelton in "MAISIE GETS HER MAN" 1 1 Today—"Nazi Agent and * 'Oo West Young Lady," Added chapter play, "Spy Smasher." LAKE QITASSAPAUG DANCE Tonight, 8:30 W !(.!»•'' SI.ATKH nud ORCHESTRA PLAY NINB Washington, Aug. 15— (UP)— Fledglings of Mic navy prc-fllght achbbt at, i be University -of Georgia wj-Jl field n fool.hnll learn Uial Is sc-lied- uled l,o InUe on tiine major opponents, including two howl •of last ycnr. Lieutenant Ray Wolf, former head conch ht- the ' University of North Carolina, will pilot the team. DIGS 24-OUNCK CLAM- Fortunes Rock, Me.,. (-UP)—While digging himself a mess of cjam# near his summer home, George P. Harmon uncovered one weighing 24 ounces. , G E M Sun, - Mon. - Tuea. ~-' '»'"'i "j -"* *-' "** IRENE DUNNE PATRIC KNOWN5S RALPH BELLAMY EUGEKE fHLETtE 1 ' Qv»e«me,V — Also 'Biii Routih," Koberl of Conicdy. Tod« v — "ThIs Abo-ve AH'? Can Yoii $100 costs $2sn.W when 12 IP YOU CAN PAY SI0.05 PKR MONTH — CALL

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