The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 30, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1939
Page 7
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BIJTHEV1LLE; COURIER NEWS ni..ii..'..ii.. ~Z! ~~ NQKlnE/181 ARKANSAS AND fimmiRABT viTnonnn, ^—^ f. Molotov Denounces Great Britain As 'Aggressor 5 Nation Bliihevllle Dally News Mississippi Valley AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Supreme 0 v/l •Conllnualioi, of the war on the grounds of the restoration of l>o l«ml Is senseless," Molotov said bMl°BrS '* S -''' Vi " E rw |1PaC ° Soinq PmiJdns! The extraordinary joint session rL o hvo cn!lmber s of the Siip- leme Soviet Council opened in lhe great St. Andrews hull at, lhe Kremlin at 7:10 p. m More than 1.000 deputies, Includ- ' : « from 'Willie' Russia nlu l western Ukranla, In picturesque »"«••"*'««, in jjHji'in L.^mn. native costumes, gave a ten-minute ovation lo Josef Slalln as he onlercd lhe chamber—(he floodlit forma- throne room of (he czars The envoys of all European belligerent nations as well as the representatives of neutral countries attended Ihc extraordinary session. Molotov said Germany and R(ls . sia now are friends. "Instead of enmity, which was fostered in every way by certain powers, we now have reappvoach- menl. and the establishment of friendly relations between the U clar'd R ' nm ' Germluly '" ile de- Important mention. Molotov said - must, bo made or the defeat of Poland and lhe. collapse of Ihe Poljsli slate. "One swift blow lo Bandii Makes Victims Gulp Down Whiskev MEMPHIS. Tcnn., Oct. 31 (Up) -A negro bandit who. said 1,1s mime ira.s Jdgger slim li'engllv en His Neutrality Front the ' prip.lor of a .«.,...„ , llul sul of $15 last night, forced"two o»sTo- inm to gulp down half pints ol Bourbon whiskey each without mail"*?' nmt • wrlousI J' wounded" n capture him. ° ' tsn "" nlul The wounded man was Ray J P«vn<i. 50, who umlenvenl nn emer- .' operation at, st Joseph's Hospital for rcmcval of ll,e bullet fiom his stomach. The liquor store proprietor n B •»M,,,.I, ms nlol)c jn (||e ' s( - oie in» u "t^ e '-° e " lere(l ' After taking Ihc $45 ju (| le cnsl , ,. eo(s , c| . Ihc negro waited for customers to Ca enter. "A Jiegro man entered and Tdir- icr Slim told him to hand over his money," Cartmell said "He ' the ™i S n siaie. "One swift blow to " lmacn <wi'some change and the Poland, first by (he'German army i b ? nd | l told '"e to open n half pint and then by the Red Army, and ' ?/ wl »*er I* r the customer With then nothing was left of this ,, Kt v offspring or (he Versailles treaty winch had existed by opuresxint: non-Polish minorities." Mololov said that (he European war still is only in its first stages 'Germany is in the position o' a slate which is striving for tin earliest termination of war and for peace while Britain nnc France, which but yesterday wen declaiming against aggression ar in fnvcr of continuing war am are opposed lo peace. The rose nt you see are changing," juolotoi said. He said that there is no justification-Tor the present war nn< lhat. Jlltlerism cannot be destroyed • by. force! : -'-.- f , '•'.•• .,-' New"Yorit Cotton NEW YORK, Oct. 31 Cot (on closed steady. , . Dec. . •'nn. •'. Mai".-' May, . July . Oct.. open high 9H 914 _ 908 899' - 873 841 908 899 889 893 844 low not 9 02 887 878 86C 83+ (UP)— close 909 902 891 882 86G 838 Spots closed nominal at 930. O rr C.nltnv NEW ORLEANS. Ocl. 31. (OP)- Cotlcn futures regained n few polnls lost in early tradUig lodav but closed off five. to seven points Dec. Jan. Mar. May July Oct. open high low close 923 523 915 9]5 917b . 901 898 833 851 909 851 898 839 813 844 OIlb-13a 903 893 815 Spots closed steady at 918, off 5. <?/w* . so. he bandit, polntln.- n gun at him, the negro gulped il, down without stopping. A negro woman' entered a few minutes later and she had to gulp down a linl.f pint." Trigger Slim escaped on fool after sheeting Payne, who entered , o enered the store and tried to disarm him. — i^. SINGLE COPIES FIVE CEN'I NEW YORK, Oct. , 31. (UP)- Slocks declined fractions to more than (wo points loday when trad- er.9 became confused over European developments and sold part of their Irldlngs. A- T. & T 167 ,.4 33 1-8 Anaconda Cop. Assoc. D. G. .. o Beth. Slcel 83 Boeing Air '29 Chrysler 89 ,. 2 Coca Cola 120 40 54 1-S 63 54 3-4 Gen. Elec Gen. Mot. '.'.'.'.'. Int. Harvester Montgmery Ward N. Y. Central 21 1-2 Packard .. 373 Phillips pet ".'".' « jlj Radio .' s 3.4 Schcnly Dist, 14 j-8 Simmons 24 3-8 Socony Vac 133-1 Std. Oil N. J 46 7-3 Texas Corp 46 7-3 U. S. Steel BHESIEO Farmer,Who Killed A'ged Mart'_May'Be Sent To Hospital llichard Hall, 26. who surrendered lo oftlccrs yesierdnv mornlite a few Hi'r.'f afler lle llad shot «»d Ulled George Downing, 62. mav lie sent (o (he slalc hospital rcr ner- VOIK-diseases for a period of observation il. was announced todav by blienrf Hnle Jackson. The Invesligalion has not been completed and no formal char»e ot murdei- has yet teen lodged ng'nlnsl, lhe wood culler. ' Ed B. Cook, who has been re- alncil as attorney tor Hall, said today lhat in the event a formnl charge was lodged against Hall he would probably file a 'motion-set- ling up Insanity as a defense- nnd iskliig (hat Hall be sent to (ho itate hospital far observation Such a course, under state law. would be mandatory upon the presentation of such a m:tlon. il. Is understood- Hall told officers that lie fired" upon the elder man after Downm- had atlempled. lo slrike him tvlth an axe. while the lwo were ciiltinjr wood near calumet, a small community northwest of Blytheville near (he Arkansas-Missouri -slale He left the elder man's bcdy in the woods while he walked lo Cain- -.- Oct. .ii. , UF Mussolini today W( |r m | „ (j,,,^^. shakuup of uoveroinenliil parly anil military leiulers In what appeared to he an effort lo .slrcni;lhen Thl- Jai. iieuli'iillty. The premier rcjjlaml lhi> { ,|ilcf. of .slaff of the army und nlr force .six. cabinet ministers , UK i (ht . s( . c . I'Mnry fieiwml of (lie l-'asclst but left, count fluna In , of tho foreign ministry, Marshall Clrav.lani, vcieran of Uie Ethlopfan campaign, was chief of iiinff ol the. army, i- Cieneial Parian!. Politically the most important change was that, in (he sccrelarv ecnemlshlp of the Fascist' parU' a past which entails (lie active com-' niand cf the parly ihronghoiii Italy. Achllc Slaracc, secrelary general or Ihc party since 1932, wns replaced by General Mull and was named In slead chief of stuff of the Fascist militia. All of lhe new appointees arc regardect as "strong men" in Ihelr wwpecUre fields, giving Mussolini a "brain and brawn tnisl" such as the Fascist government never had In [he past. .They arc n | S o nil close personal friends or the premier and Count Clnno. This, it was believed by observers was designed to prepare Italy for any eventuality in ihe • European war, !o make every phase of Ihc government and armed forces "more Fascist" and lo continue unchanged Ihc premier's foreign p:licy. The official announcement concerning Sinmcc's shift said: "Starace asked lo be relieved of Ihc post of secretary of Ihc parlv which he had held for eight year's and he has been appointed chicr of staff of the Fascist militia. Blackshiii Cien. Eltcro imtti was appointed secretary of Ihe parly" Drastic as was Mussolini's shakeup. It was received here with lhe recollection that it has been his custom : on occasion lo take new blood 1 into the cabinet llcwever, . ;-Slaracc, -- parti tu , lu was shifted'from a past which he '•••'">• "™ are"oelng tried-joliiliv on had long held and which politically charges or robbery In the criminal Is .most important. ; division of circuit court c.-nliiuiwl Gen. Mull, who succeeds him, : s ' «"s afternoon after having "tar ed tod-i'v"in,] f. a ".^. thp mo ?' !l«m-tit«I (jcueral ^" a ^ afternoon for the fS locketr WINS IESI Increased Use, Expoi Held Likely To Dela< *.oan On 1939 Cottoi Amis limhargo Repeal A<|. vocnlcs Slio\v Sli'cnth In Inilinl .-. ~— ~"'""" - riTTrmrgiiirCiwPB»\.Tj| M tmie- «- U j, the .season lhe rlnd G c(( wrtru plel« of Galvc.slon W U) 1 Ollt 11 1)111111* II n»ll. A,, T.r™n« _. -oiun, it. >ry out 11 pumpkin crib on Hallowe'en eve. The -WlefMo right, iiicuidc,! .craldine. ^H^^"'^^ G Five Men, Woman Defenjcj- anls In 'Back Of Beer Parlor' Case -.. \. nke neWj . ..i' rt l of Terry Llovd, Johnnie (IBird, Orvil Hcece, ; WcU Bcvlll •licularly;, t-iiovcr Scrapes and Blanche RtiiV ivhlch he' crts . "ho-arc•being fried-joliiiiy Ji. ._!•,, ,. f linv-on.. nt ,.r.\,\ • i .. " Winnie Ruth JurJcl Return 1 o Hospital-Prison A Phoenix PHOENIX, Arid. Ocl. 31. (UP Like a child that ran , u \viw 'am became , frlghlcned py (lib. dark Winnie Ruth Judd,-ni'aiilaral iiitii' docilely (loon; til i liri \veri ^^ in,, musi nceornieu general J i -»":'uiiy suicrnoon Tor the first 1 in the army. He fought In Ethiopia rl]ss of "'« term. Judge G. R Keck i ami he ha^ two gold medals. c:r- , of lh| s cily, fs presiding. : ' U,,,| \ > M."i"."t',i:;;:,''" ,'""' ' "'"• " u> re,pondin s („ (he congreMloiml'..?« .five ,ncn und one woman „* 'o» Ji'J«J u '" ? JlS? 1 """E? Her. homeccmlng. n (ler t ix day , -i» vim ^oiigii'ssioiuu •"•""-" ull « one woman are ; oran < >i> BmiW mi. Honor, for e a,,, n( , y l.^^^J,^ ^ Keen,, .fj the «» i an nllrv • behind ,. h«« r •.„;..,'...„ ? ; s lo ' sl - ehlltl,- \rcdal ol action. an alley • behind fleslure Toward Ilaly 'here. LONDON. Ocl, 31. (UP)'-,prlmc ' The state had rinlshed n, Minister Neville chamberlain rc- mony and lhe defense was lo (, ee r "parlor; . walwl m -•-.-..- u .. ULI i U uimLu in- >'"^iv miu iuf (icicnse llw. of Commons Its testimony shortly 0 c noon , ii ". IIUKOI: ui \junimon5 >'s iL-.Mimony shorllv beforf- TI oday that Grenl Brllafn intended but the case was nol cxuctte! in toi send a new consul general lo .be' completed bef>re lair (od'iv ffi^'SsrsBsi^^L^ if 4^ '^- nobL " iff rc!rr±v =^r-i,?! i -^4< «£ .srio c sr the rormerly ^f^^.K^^^^ t ^ J Diplomatic nllnrlpra ' rnnn.lo.l /->,,.,,,i..^i . \MHLII c. f 1 icltlii wlillc Hint o: - --- D -.u..,. | t , jii^ct Ultf, -jmatlc quarters' reported' Cunningham meanwhile thai, a Balkan pad In' former "' " (LI met lo surrender. Downlng's remain, are being , D - '^"iM.Jo juc o^inp held at the Cobbb Funeral Ho"? pending completion O r funeral or rnngements. Born in Ohio hp hnri "veil in this section fcr' several His brother, Will Downing, of Maiden. Mo., uas here loday and he is also survived by another brother, Joe Downing of c'lUeon M^.; his father, John L. Don-ninf' ?.'?/*• ^" nl " Es .'. 0hic ' and a sis! Eye Functions Best In Dark/Tests Reveal ^'-^, S °^™?^'.--«UP).- panslon is nea. ™^,,,.,,.,,. 1J1L . reports followed confirmalion in reliable British quarters that nn ItaliBji-Greek non-aggression trcaly s near conclusion. ReporU^of ihe Balkan develrp- neiilii were welcomed In Brlllsh :lrclcs as providing adtlltibnal sla- bilking factors in (he Bulk-am. Heir's MILTON. Wash. (UP) — This town of western Washington has adopted a budget lor'the next year that contains nc local lax levies. The lown uill operale on liquor and highway rumls allocated liv the state. Big Guns Are Shelling Ob- jeclives Behind Lines ench Trunk Murderess Back In Hospital Livestock^r ST. LOUIS, in., oci. ii. (UP)—Hogs: 11,000 Top. 0,90 110-230 Ibs., 6.80-6.85 HO-160 Ibs., 6.00-665 Bulk sows. 5.75-6 35 Caltle: 4.050 Steers. 8,10-10.60 Slaughter slccrs, 6.25-H 00 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 7.75-950 Slaughter heifers, 6.25-11.00 Beef cows, 5.00-S.oo Cullersjmd loa- cutters. Chicago Wheat open -high io w nes,s than In 1 M IhSFT 1 * '° st «*es revea-i ' mg that the average. n omal e ,. e is approximately 100,000 Hm4 more sensitive to light after mi ni . J. Beltel, member of me Opltc.1 Company's bureau of ,|' ( said (hat an hour Is required for the eye in darkness lo attain its maximum sens »h If* o light. Thereafter, this senslUvi y generally remains constant After Ihc eyes become adapted to a dark room, the scientist stales, a small beam ot li»ht i'I sembles the piercing Slant searchlight. A liny Ing In from ^ of a test New pfioto. (alccn from An,ona Slaw llosp,,,,, m, 931 i runk mUldc , c , SJ , looked at lim esne e d PARIS, Oct. 31. (UP)-German big guns are shelling objectives for behind Ihc French lines for Ihc first (line since the war slarlcd. it wns disclosed lortav. One village, about six miles behind Ihc front lines, was shelled yesterday, aflernoon. it was o.sli- matert lhat the guns were about an equal distance behind th» German lines. Kreiicli batteries retorted to (lie German bombardment. Meanwhile it was learned Dial German reconnaissance troops have crossed (he French frontier but re- lumed lo German soil. Authoritative sources In Berlin said thai the German raid into Fi-encli territory "was jusl a small i>ami operation without any MJ- nlflcance as (o operations pener- nllv." Ing—and •geltlng-syniphlhv" mid kindness. . ' She came nl obotlt (i p.m. lust night, barefoot, .bedraggled, dirty, her face and hands scrnU'lieil by Ihc brambles ,6f her shifting hide a ways, t ( , knock meekly oh urb door of tho ward building whence'she lied last Tuesday nlghl leaving ii her bed a.s <lccoy an inijeivlous dummy. iNfnlran Mory Yente ranswercd her summons, looked upon ihe iiiKl- tlve murderess and stood li-jias- ftxcd, imablc lo speak, "fferc I am," Winnie Rulh said. 'I ve come back." She wns ushered cercmonl:mly tito the office of Dr. Louis Saxc. hospital superintendent whom she had accused of "persecuting me" In tt note to Gov. .Robert T, Jones : - ,,. w .,„„„,„„ explaining her m:lives (or escape. I Import Bunk or the He summoned the governor who I fund. rushed to the hospital, (hrew an 3. A motion,, probably by ncj> aim around her shoulders and as- '"'••• " "- - „, , ( "<Iuy won thi! onenlntf cii8m l( -iiiPnt of Dili house llRhl whim Ihn tlminlu-i- 11 rule lo KPnil (In; moiis- tre ('i confornu-i! win, (!,„ „.„„,,, 'iJifl liouw ni-dm'd the bill sent o fonferaici! by a volai vole nflw «l lulMrtl li«SI, ol' slronul). on n ii) Ion by lloprcsoiilndvc Hiimllton '<••>' <»«'|i, N. Y.) (o close dcbnlfi 11 'lie nil,? mule,. „,,,!,,,, „,,, ]n( , ns _ wns sent <o confcreiice li' administration won llic vole n closo debate Ki7 lo 17(1. WASHINOTON" Oct.' :» (un- loiisc opponculs of President ooscvelfs neutrality proRrum rctcd today to flghUBaliisl scml- >B lhe bill to conference with the setuid'. Thrh' decision promised nn till- Hal roll call test of House sentiment by mid-nftcrnoon. The lower c lainlici' Is .scheduled lo be«ln con- si! era Ion of Iho bill Imnmllntcly nner il convenes nl noon. Benalii nmciidmcnls, slrlkliiu out the inoilllici) nims einbnrco in (he licusc-anproved bill, come up under a rules commlltco rccoinnicmt- alion Hint (he mcasiiru bi> sent lo conference. Hep. Hamilton p| s || (il( N Y)' leader or (he pro-cmbni'Ko lc B ls- lalors, said his group hud u uood clinnce lo defeat Uie rule. Admin- islrallon lenders claimed that thcv would have 3 oar W votes (o spare, iioti, sides, however, mlmil- iccl Hint the vote would be close The administration seemed lo bo selling n,e "breaks" on lhe first test. Ihc death Sunday of Hop, Chester o. Uolton, Hop., O,) not only cost the opposition one vole wit six membeiii, live of whom were o.xpei'U'd to vote ngulnsl the m ministration It presenl, u-ere In Cleveland u> nUend'lils cotton consumption incrcfiso {i JiniiiPiit officials and soutricHil • unnro%mei\ were sidd lo bc'dl-l yldcd us (o whethci n goveinmentl OIIH to- erowcis win be ncccwaryl to snblll^ pi ices in Uew of sui'-l filunllal IncreaFos in maikel Op.l mniidi, ' "An announcement coilon loans this ycni mouawvi will be made within « day 01 two"! „,,, . • nn ngiicuiturc derailment, ofncl.ill w(leers nnuomiccd ihm utter- SttW - " nwr <! ^ couMdeiable dlltei- Arrest In Road Death Imminent '«»» llwllliey iww B «!,« ciice of opinion as lo whothei nl ••• V J .,nii; u uriimie CIUC — viiiniuii m 10 W11C «s lo (he Identity of the hU-niid-i lonl1 Pioffiam Is necess.iiy'- .. "in driver who ratally Injured M. Scciclary of Agilctillurc Homv Vnnr.n ,1 ol^l, «..,i ^.... . I A w«i> n ~., ..^...-^. , . Jn-Jiiy "n.i-i »no laiaiiy injured 11- ^-viciury 01 Agilctillurc Hcmy •old Klchurd Fiiulkcnbcrry of A - Wnllnco appiovod plans for a Kclscr. and tlmt an arrest lolm 10 t! °y s ft U° nnd sent his pro- Ctpll U'lHll.l (1 rl,n»J II..._ lln.Snl }/l Illn llllrlr.Al I*.,..*.... .._..-._ -....,. w ..Html , )L; J iniiurai, HSU charged the mien committee.-, s to -I decision lo ask tor u conference .with We senate under !>roccdimr which' would- nrft - permit Ihc house lo amend ihe bin was die most vicious gag w e |, RVI , ever ,)md." TUe rules committee split ulonj; strict," pnrly tines Conceding me poslblllty of atlop- lon of Uie rules committee rcsolu- yciu-- nciir ...... ki.i.L. 1111 III J") expected within 11 short time A negro suspect, held in jail at Osccola, was released yesterday The clillil was struck by a cnv Saturday night an he was walking nloi>K iho (jravol ron<! nea home west of Osccoln. Then- were no eye witnesses but several people saw the speeding cur. 1'lctal tip by n passing motorist, Iho child died less thnn live- hours resident's' Proclamation ,. .. » a u ntnj 1V.II V ||J^ J)|O~ pawl to (ho budget buicau bcfoiei It wai to go lo HID While House I inV 1*1 nclrlrvitlln 1 ,.1 i... _ 'I lov: picsltlMitinl slgnaluic. The bmlsct buieau lia-i cleared (he plans became it wasi snlrt "of doubts ns to vvhetlwi.n loan ought to be made this jeai " Wallace's inoposal was undei'-1 stood (o piovlde foi a loan of approximately 83 ccnU « pound lhe .snmc as lust year Spot cot- Ion prices now nvemgc pbout halt 1 n cent a pound above lhat llgme. I Urge Caution To Avoid- Endangering U. S. Sailors j WASHINGTON, Ocl 31. (UP)— The u. s government, it «"as earned nt lhe slalo depailmont today, h ovpicailug to Gicat flilt. nin and Qcrmany Its exiwclaUon Si»l« : 'Nr,,r 9^"ih",'"7"v" t!la f "" b « u lBeiculs will guard o(.ih 110V. L3 Ua(C illdl- "Kni'isl aviinslaj the -li Ameilcans en lhe City or Hint to unnecessary dangers, * Theic v\as no fuilhcr official ncivs from (he Pltnl, although Eu!'S",' 1 ? w ?,. dls W tchc< - MW U«e ---...„,, ^,_f v^ m v catccl Previously WASHINGTON,'Oct. ,11 (UPJ- r, 1 ! 0 ^" 1 .?, 0 ™™! 10 ! 1 ^."'^"""'- Ipti. embargo opponents ^nipped out these llii-cc secondary uics on which lo coiilinue 'Hack agnlnst. Ihc senate- bill: I. A motion by Fish | 0 inslnict louse conferees lo insist upon ll.t>. /,-eiialo's cmbargn al section ami relciilltn of hotise-approvc<l moillllcd arum utbat-Ro,- pruhiblllng ' export of rms, iiiniminltlon, poisonous ghs qultl fire nnd Home (hroivcrs This ' m . tllat-dit, - —, -•- lw 'l lett Tromsoe, Noncay Ppoplo lo give jheailcd for the open sea \\llh, R '""'" Iwc'fiihicd Oermnn incf- -. permit, a roll call icsl on Identical Issue en which the ouse voted against ihi, admlnls- -ntloji. aM (o 173. last June :io 2. A motion by Rep. Jesse p 'olcolt, <Rep., Mich.) to plug Icsecl "looiihole.s 1 'In Use bill's - .an on loans to bclllvcrcnls On- Ispherc." onent.'i cf the bill snlc'i they'fear- present wording of Hie senate 1.1 might permit extension of tins through llic Reconstruction Finance Corporation, the Export. peace wllh.all minlrte'ln ;i or turmoil. ' • >, The proclamation fixed Tlmnks- glrtng for tho fourth Thursday O r wovcmbor, out; \veek citrlltM- duin Ihc; traditional las). Thuraday on f?u\ !'"' holl<lny )mi1 1>p f» cc| c- uraled In recent years. "Our imtlon hn s gone .sien'dllv forward In lhe application of'Dem- ocratic processes lo oconoral" amlir .social problems."..ihe proclamation ii"^ . / wl "° ul: ""e B n<= suld. . ! nllmllon [dlcd nt foui o'clock this morning. "Wo have fnccd Ihc spectres cf,' 'V. 10 1>lby ' born ?' tlie fa »illy depression, of ' ..«...- Operation FaifsTo Save Life Of Baby . .Boi-n «Uh all alidomlnal con- lenls grow |na on tlio ouisfde In. swaci of In hei stomach, the Ini o o ," M « w o M ' ™* «" S nirCllc vwl 1? "° ms bofore n ment and of widespread 'iigrlcuHuI j "t nil .distress nnd our positive drrorts lo nllevlntc thesi! conditions liiivc mot with hcurtenini; rcsiiHa, f,,'i'^i ", n ," ll °" we " rc ''""'V srate- rul liml in a world or Uirmcll we lire at peace with all countries and .we especially rejoice In the strength, enccl bonds of our (rlendslilos will ""<"> to the l^os- . . . - --. i-'".i-'JUJJ.-! IV I 111 oil er peoples ot (lie western hcm- surccl her she would -nol Ijc pcr- • ' i--w-*i»>*"j ri$ L\i:il, John M. vorys. (Hep., o.) lo Insist on elimination of (he .seimle ,, . J muviiii: iiu.^- pltnl wlieio nn cpcintlon ua? per--formed lo plnce tho organs liisld'e' lhe stomach. Such a bhlh K \eiy into hut, had the baby lived, she would, in the opinion of jihystctnns, have" been noimal • n , , , — • - —• authority "to dcline" "combat : CoiUVOVCI'SV Over Hanfll- But she had been restored to her i'-ones" inside which it would be I ' HI \ I • r Biird only a few minutes when llw untawful for American ships or I ln £ U ' A|)nI|callOllS Is nanlncai fierceness which cliarnc- "Iwrnfi lo Irnvel W 0 ^,-' P , ' erl/cd the murdei of her lwo »o- Dealing Loillroveisy "Friendship Unbroken"; Nose Different Mailer friends and lhe dismemberment of their bodies nine years »Ko. a disease-born fierceness which •sychiairlsts say has teen steadily I Slowing worse, t:ok command of icr behavior and she raged like a aged tigress. Saxc and hospital orderlies were lard put to calm her. Then (hey nve her nourishment and put her o bed. It was not until then, when he lights went out on the ward •Hiding and her surrender and re- :icaiceratlon wa.s confirmed t-. the 'hocnis iwpulacc, thai thLs city 'cut lo bed. .For several hours it ad been in n turmoil of excitement "(1 fright. Interest Increases In Old Car Derby An Old Car Derby with prizes of $200 will feature atlractlon of the Armistice celebration here Nov. 11 and 12, It has been announced by Don Edwards, commander of the LOWELL, Mass. (UP)—It takes Dud Caso " P° st ' following com- iiiore than n broken nose and two' P 1 ^' 0 " of plans, black eyes (o shake Ihc lev Lena Barrettc. When Peter PerrUio was brought' c «teL l , hcn , 5 ,?,, ml L cl , mcc . b « a" lo courl for .assaultlne her she , t f rcti musl llaVi : b e< askccl that prosec^C'be Jwp^J Km^T.^K 1 ""'' '' ' 931 ' E " as he had been her beau for nine ™ e iu by 1K011 ' Nov - lo years and tlielr frieiulshln was „,, '" rRfn *'"' *"* ' ie ' ( ' ' unbroken. ariernoon at the Mississippi . of En ' rl " living in Southeast Mis- sourl or Northeast Arkansas may fined Perrlno .,Ji ITT LE ROCK, Ark.. Oct. 31. nft r ° OV '' Bn " Csr E[licl totin y Suit Against 'Other' Woman is Dismissed JACKSON. Tejin. Oct. .11 (rjp> -A'.feilcrnl couit jury jeslerda'v,. dismissed i $35,000 alienation of a/fection suit riled bj Mis Ruby virshilii hf.infs-, of Glcaian.,Tenn against • Mrs. cie.Bie McNeely' wauiy shop operator of Jacksonville. Pla. - Admlnlslrntor r. c. Harrtogton --, !,, Arkl " ls «s' miWIc welfare facll- "Ics are unnbto (; lake over ccrli flcation of \V('A appllcaiils as su&. Blinc', Student Scholar At Minnesota , MINNEAPOLIS, Minn (OP)_ The brightest scholar among third- year lau students at the "Unlvei- sily of Minnesota Is a 22-yeai-old .student who cannot see. John Nelson, of Sank Rapids, as suz- , - , gested by Ihc federal authority | Mln » virtually blind, but in ' The governor said he would for- ' scllolastio nccomplisliments he has ard tc- Col pued lm c!a{ si» sa e woud forward tc- Col. Harrington a report pued lm siibmilted by Slate Welfare Com- Nelson "i»st lead eithei in . —»v. u ,,_j oi.^y wunarc l>om- mtssloner Jchn R. Thompson selling out reasons why Arkansas re- Kiscs to handle cerliflcallon of workers. Braille or lislen to the'Ian-'read' him by his friend, rralemity brb- Iher and loomniate. Stg\ald Ojcn of Montevideo, Minn. Harrington'said in Washington 1 Tlle ""'versitj'& law school hns lay lhat intake certification willi 2 ' 17 >o!limes of teal Biallle— put up to (he stale and that he i whicl1 equals about 25 regular test- had written Bailey explaining his books - Keh0n V»^ a" Ins lecture Mlln " "ores In Bmilic nnd keeps plenty action. But Bailey said he liart learned of tor study. :thcr stales had refused to assume He Iins E0m e si«ht—enougli to •liLs work and that Arkansas was' do somc da^i'ig. He is a member n no position financially to assume'! 01 tne )Ml school council and vice C bllrrifln I nrfekjpi - - - - ,. ^, Inventor ot Ihe f,y\f. s lorpedo, U. A. Sanabrui, chiol of staff ot American Television inslituie has oflercd plans ot his winged weapon to U. S. War Department, flying bomb is dircclcd from rear by television. he burden. "" J '_" ""'"" c I in his law "If we announce Itmt we arc go- finmil!!1 Ela Oamma. ,'H *9 do tllat work," Bailey said, 50,000 iwople would swamp relief offices nnd this wcultl happen everv- sw months because WPA requires semi-annual e.vaminallot« of applicants." The certificalion problem was' the subject of a recent "war of wards" between stale .WPA Administrator Floyd sharp and Thompson fraternity; Corn Dec.~ open 50 hish low 503-4 50 close 82 7-8 533-8 523-4 531-8 WEATHER Arkansas—Pair tonight and Wednesday, frost tonight. Memphis and vicinity—Pair with light frost tonight, lowest temperature 34 to 33. Wednesday fair and slightly (vaniier. The. maximum temperature here rnsterday was SO, minimum 40. partly cKiidy, according to Samuel P , Norris. c'fflclal weather observer, Last night the temperature dropped

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