The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 9, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 9, 1934
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BJ.YTHEVILLE, (ARK,) COURIER NEWS TKEK'-IESEHE THUSDAV, AUGUST Yankee Pilol Believes His Reserve Power M a Finally Tell Talc Laugh of the League Laughs Last P.V JOi: Manager NVu - York Yankr (As Ifltd lo Hurry ClruVMin) PHILADELPHIA. July 0.—1 ;.ui not saying that li;c Yankees will knock every other club over in the remaining weeks, but I do lx-lieve Ilia', i!:o club •Ahicli b«»ls Col. Jacob nuppi-rt's Nuv. York tram will win the American l^a^ae itfimitiu. H may be that tin- ixaroil Tigers have the necessary equipment, I IJiil at this lime I ilotibl II. ' | Yeura ago. ui'iore me season! started, wiy one 01 ilu> clgiit man- ] agere said t.i'at he was going to' 'co ptbat one Tiiat old-[(isli- ioned 'conversational stuff no Irmg- er interests the fans, or ha. 1 ; any effect on UIB opposition. • Nowadays the men uho run tne teams ar.- mor: i.itinjKil a^rju' ' those things, r.ud thais K'.'fi .Mip- liort Eho Kajii?, I". s?ern-i ttj me. ai>' more rcawniiih. 'Ih-.-y know tlr.'r^ is only on3 p?tm'tnl in eat-h clrcnii. and that liiejv must b,- s?ven ul^i runs. The Yankees sot n real break when IV.ree- youngslL-rs elickcd at a linie \v:'en nttr eiitlie pitcliini; ttaff, with Uu> exception of Vernon Gomez, bog-jed do'.ui a bit. The work of tin; i-3!]ti;l.ini. .lohnny Droaca and Jolmuy Murphy, nn-1 Jimmy DcShonij. heltx-d a lot In t:e i.'mergency. Murphy has stood up ii.irtlculArly well. Tnis b!u Irish i;iy should be . quite a pitcher »s quickly as li? loams ~.ov.' to paci' bims'elf. fit- has filxe. stteii'jth. ;;:>^f{!.. and u SA'eepint' curve ball. filching dHllctilt'.c-s. which again developed In Detroit and Cleveland. 5n the road trip which \vo are about to conclude, quickly righted themselves. Naturally, 1 was pleased beyond measure when Oome/.'s six- hit performance in ciit"ii£0 proved that "nh anil again was all right. Gomez's tlrpd arm t-'o'.ible largely ;iva.s mental. Prank Crosetli has- "arrived" as .1 s-tar shortstop. He actually looks better, eac'i day. There Is niorr drive In the yaji- kee nttiiek naw thiit the pulletl len- don In Tony l.a^.^i'i's knee has healed, and lie U back on 'second base. Lazzerl is particularly adepl al smacking in runs. I could write a book about I,ou Ciehrig mid ituth, but work speaks for Itself. As (or Ruth, he can nlay Ihe outfield fnr the Yankees as long »s r manage tlie cliib. When the Bab? (jo?s out, Ke'li take liirr.Mf am. Perhaps the New Vo.-l: cluh's principal advantage over Dr-troii. at Ihls stage of the campaign, lies In our reserves. That's a big null over the Ipng imiii. Mlekey Cochrane lacks capable 'Hgor FIIIH lit ID; TIGERSIN By Harry Graysori NEW YORK, Aug. 8. — Unless this kangaroo-llke athlete was « Fred Perry turns professional, ihc bil of a buffoon. Fur some lime Uavis Cup Is quite likely to .-vmain be-fore !ie struck his Irue stride il In England !ong enough to nnul was said that Iw practically would r.ut n ten-year .slay on the uthr-r be Invincible II he would eel his sl(lc - inliul on his came. He seemed in A seventh American expedition Cutler from an Inferiority complex ) failed, with Sidney B. Wooii nnd I doubt tlmt Perry could tii-n I Frank Shields i:mblc 10 wore In back Tilden. Johnston. Coclii-i iir Tlie New York Giants were.even one singles scrap, j LaCosta at their peak blanked by the Brooklyn UocVersi And when the lime comes lor Hut Great Britiiln and nnmeiir while tlie Chicago Cu'os win Avo|ilr Brlllsli to pass the trophy IMinls need not apolugiM- R,,- n^ir jt-Uciday nnd Ihrealcncd to gel ulom». Ocrmany. and 1101 the Unit- tup-ranklim player. He has re- 1 Sia'.es. mny be the recipient. ^narkable s])oed, a. fine variety »i Irim Austin, who Is none too strong i club . . . I/>u Chlo?za and who fades as n stiff batll3: playing his first year under the \ rolls on. Shields defeated him by.Biu Ten; wllli Ihe Phillies, \; v.i!fl carrying him to ti nflh .set. in the lo be me fasi^i man In ijjs?b:.l! Wimbledon tournament. • . . . Ti::- ideal t?nnLs player v.uiiUi ' Ills victories over Jaek Crawford plainly gave I'erry the Impends required to make him [he world's foren.ost amaleur. Al Ihe have Tilden'.s backhand. !eft-:-amlcd service, I.otfs lob. Bo- i-atrn's overhand smash. Cci-hel'.s \ullcyinit. and Perry's forehand. New Yorkers Shul Out by Brooklyn; Cochran e's Single Saves Bengals hays EJis'.voi 1 citing mo:':HOW that he Nl'.-k l.llkaK NDIr uhii was ccrrliuti' :i j'jii ill 111;.- . wi'O K h'-mse)l, | iiack into the ix'imnnl fight nnd • fill 1 !- tin; (Hants a run lor their burning. The Tigers. American | leaders, won ax the Yankees faded before Uir; Senalois, who lire gutting heeler. Van Llnglc. MIUVJO, lirooklyn litiile.. held', the 'Giants lo Uircc Huron Ciollfrlcd von Craniin. I'.il.s and scoreless a.s he won, 2 lo ; William T. Tiltlen rales ue.xl i}. Fll/.siinrtion.'i v,'ivs on the loslnn I'erry ainonu the ainaleurs. iend of tlie pitching duel. Miingo! In lakiii" two ;cl.s bvforo Indeed, llio Teutons, who have made rapid strides in tennis, tnlfltl. liiivi- been tbe challenser.s tills year ; liud not Nazi trouble coil ilir-m j ihc .services of Diinlr-1 I'rai.i. :,|. I Koral as lliK 21-year-old LM strokes, and i.-, tn;Ml)le ineli of ihe roiirt in wrv in V HI Vines talking for ;l II pro j)!i,yi.- r ; n.niu- iiiiimai-k liutivl thi.s year.;, gets movie.s. . . for beiiU' :i']fL-.'.Mi on thai :il!-.slar colb^imc (iii'.ir. l"al meets he Ciilcnao lii'ars. Au;. ::i . . . Jo? U. IJrOivn is handling a lighter t:.e.v> days . . . i/,i, Jall.'.s. luj-nu'r nniional amat?ii! slur . . . l)o:4i-::i Ho:-nsby is given ered- i'. fur bi-e.ikiiiL- the iiUondancc record in ihi- liro'vnv Si. iJiuLs builiwlcl: . . . l';uii rtiiiijv.ii i.i a inlghiy ... On LI!! \vor;:l .shcis [r- plucks a ff-v, Ss aiui Ono'As U'.r.-rn liie :iir ... lo jiirt'ji' i .e ciiivL'- tiie \viii:J is lilOiini.'. I careful tulle iill'l loiljf ',«.! ; bhifi 01 ; oi gi JMrnck nul clghl GianLs. •21st inn his side, il'.ai he had Wood ll hi dcmnnstrati-d him lo renel Culled the "liiui;!! of tlie league" due lo wuakncsi ai ila and re]X)rted inferior general knov.-!- cdiii- ol l.iisi-b.tll. ihc- Ueirnli oiitneld, alwve. Is giHtlni! tin! last huijli by coming through In the plnche. mil lii'lplnu Mickey f.'orhnine's toys s:-t lite pace In Ihe Aim-iic-an I.engtic. I.efl to i IglH are Oeriila W:ill::-r. i-i-merlU-'d: Joyix-r Wlilb. ri»ln; Ciur.s:- Clo-lin. left, and Peli- Fox. riglit. Dim- ijenn turned in bis Victory of Hie season as ihc Card- |tvny. With a better break In (be Inals defeated Ihc Cindnnal! Reels, "wk. Ill" rnrc precious clru'lini; of 11. 10 4 al Cincinnati. Hrennnn was Ibe S^abrl"ht courts mav click in ! the lorlni! pitcher. ! 15'W. but (\K olb;r .'ingles player j j The- Chicago Cubs defeated the must be developed, lie in'-.iv cvcutu- ! j l-illsl)iiri;h Pirates twice. 1 lo 4 ally be found, among Gene Make i,nil u to :i. M:ilone and Hush of Los Anuelc.s. the liHercolleMaic were credited with lite, victories champion; E. Ramcy Donovan, a allhnnah I.on Warneke was call- contribution from Fordliam; or ci 1 u> Malone's aid to quell a fr.iiikh P->rk?-. t'-e ii>.v»n'r-o'-| iiliuli Innini; rally. Grimm's horn- I-n'-i-rcncevillc studen'. nitliough to cr \i'n.s ihc decitliny blow in the d:H- this season the latlyr fias BIIIIIC. Bush had the Bucs failed to reveal the form thai I Jacksonville, 1-ia., ib s?:'k;n^ a berth in the southern League . = . an<l reports are that there will lie plenty of Fl-rida dDugh behln-1 ih- Read Courier News Want Ads, '--i'll In hand hi the second. Tin- linston Braves defeated the lo:; ;i to 2 at Baslon. Tlie win- earned him No. 8 rankiiij;. r.ranl M IfiMELERS STILL i oxx s'.ibHltUes. i( one of the reguku-i \vas injured. tl:c outfit might be in a bad way. That would be especially inis If tlie player happened to be Charley Gehringer, cochrane himself, or Goose Goslin. Goslin is Ihe only outstanding outtielder \r?'. the Tig-?rs. Cochrunc "ins worked wonders all around. Ills hititld iank.s wilh I lie bai In the league-. He has organized his pitching on a winning ta- sis. There Is no reason why the young giant., schoolboy Ro\ve should not take his place among hurling luminaries. Above all other factors is (be lm«i!c of the Den-oil athletes '[i-.ey teem to haw- killed off their old defeatism. 1 r^ojnlze the seriousness of the Detroit opposition, as Coiliram has had a band of young men lo whom b»i n g i n th c C i, a50 jj a nov _ city. They have yet to taste the financial sweels or a world series and they arc hot. for it. But in the hard run down Ihe home slrelc 1 ! glv? uu- the v,M"nm ihe man wllli poise. Cleveland continues to roar along" 1 deplore greatly the attacks on Walter Johnson as a manager. Big Train has lurned in a fine Job with the material on rand. He has no hotter a ball club than the nandinss indicale. Another flrsl- lAte oulflflder would help. Tne Red Sox and Senators have fared remarkably «•;]] in the face of much misfortune, and Roger? Hornsby is to be congr.\ti:lc:cd°for his showing \\ith the Browns I have an idea that the Senators will yet work themselves bac into a contending position Despite all fcantops. Joe -Cronin lias hi- outfit battling for all it is worth Cleveland, Boston. Washington o St. Louis may not- st.ind one-ta at the wire. but. each is likely t have much to .-ay about the r.-icr The American League is nale to have so keen a figr.t (Copyright. 193*. NEA Service. Inc. .ose 1 wo Games to Smok- i ics; Leading Pelicans Defeat Nashville Vols "The leading New Orlrnns Pell- j cans of thii S'julhi'rn Assoeiullon i found Nashville pitching lo their I liking and sco.-ed a 8 lo a verdict at New Orleans. Tlij second game was postponed because of rnln. Mllnar inirled the winning effort and Stalford was the losing pltcli- . Tlie Little Reck T/avelci* dropped a pair of gamr-s lo the Knox- vllle Hmokles al Knoxvllle. The scores \tyre 4 lo \\ and .1 to 2. Iluesser and Senlt hurled the winning Tames. Nugent and SI fuss were I lie losers. TUe Memphis Chicks broke Ihelr i losing streak by scoring n tJ to 2 verdict over ihe Chaltanraga . t.cntouts. Billy Rayns was Ihe winning pitcher nnd Aiinhrua the '.o. c ei'. The Birmingham Unrnivs defeated the Crackers 3 to I ul Birmingham. While, relief liurlor, wuil In after Scoll, lefilunider, faltered, and set tlie Crackers back . Glov(;r To Sample Kininr's rinrling in C nine run came without, n hit. Col| llns. Phil liurler. walked in a. run he passed a man with i n ave Bet,, loiter Selection Shields and Lester Stoefcn are the loo hopelessly handicaupcd. Tliey ' Worlds FaWi HERE'S WHERE TO STAY in CHICAGO, liases loaded. Rgeni was the win- ean'l beat Pcrrvs and Hiuniy Suing burler. |(i;«s on sheer fight alone. A duel between batter and plf.-li-1 •r wrll worth walcliins will ti-1 . | lioblnson Drug company plays Pas; time Billiard Parlor in the opening! i slruugle and Arkansas Build-' |(rs faces Hayncs' Men's Shop in! I the second. I "I'lie big . ultrnclion will be ;lic meeting of Tiny Glover, Pastluv.- The Tif-crs fouaht to a 10-inning While I dislike lo ..second guess ' ivicloiy over the t. Louis Drowns, anybody, wee Brvan Grant proha- i jTht! score was 7 lo 0. Manager bly would have been n better se-1 i Mickey Cochranc's single settled leclion than Shields. j Hie I'anic. I'epixr, Brown outfield- i H mi?ht be well for the Aineri- ' er. hurl his arm attempting to can Davis Cup committee lo take :icld Cochranc's blow. Fischer wns into consideration how a player's British siars For examble. Shields likely would Thc Washington Senators trounc- blast Grant off the court" in an I'd Ihe New York Yankees 9 to! elimination, yet Ihe Atlanta plav- •>. at Washington. Charley Ruffing ! er's aam? is much mo^ adiin>i;:l was the victim of thc Nat attack. ,lo that of Austin, the stvlist. than f CONVENIENCE... , COMFO RT... ECONOMY... and N WONDERFUL GERMAN COOKING } singed at Haley Field tonight .... Ibe nisi (>ame of a double header. | ltle wlnnini; and 1 Wells Ihe losing '4 ame nis that of tl liurler. . , \Vhitchill was the winning pitcher. 'Hint of the towering chap Thc Cleveland Indians defeated carried he Yankee standards who i first sackrr. and'leajiic leading hit-1'he Chicago While Sox 11 lo -t at | Since the Europeans learned the .llmmy Poxx? No, ihc youngster nbove isn't Jimmy, but he's a Foxx. nevertheless. He's Sammy, 1tt-yeur-ol(l brother nf the Ath In good nrder tn save Ihc game for! :hc hurler. Cobli was ihe losing'V s-liigBer. wlio elder strikingly l-'oxx. and Vernon Rimer, lending pilclier of Ihe league. Glover i.s swultliur thc soft ball at an avera'je of .500 or in other words gelling a safe hit once in every two (rips to tl-.e plat*. Rimer is far ahead of oilier pitchers in the loop In games won ami is largely rK-p:>nsible [or his U-am bshig far in front in (lio title chase. Glover Is a husky player balli utong (lie order of Lou Gehriy and takes a healthy cut &'.•• Hie ball ttimer, u uiultipan- hurler. hiis hf-en I standing mom league batttr; on! iheii- heart = Ihiounh most s .\ the Tlie Huilders 5 vill spvln;.; i, > ; ir- pi'ise If (hey r.uceeert in h?utln? j Haynes 1 Men's Shop. Tnc Uttor. ! afk-r ;i uvak showing in u lr . n rs i half, l-.ns developed inlo oui' ,,i the ! IML'I.I''.I lx-r.1 team.-, In ilu- :e,\-,nd Cliicaijo. Trosky hit two liomers ' an of taking a terrifi- ami Hate and Averill one each to ' conquerers have had to have flaw" Ilijur; in thu Cleveland Iriumph. |le.s>; command of the boll. Shields Uoy Brown was ihc winning can't beat their besi with wild pitcher. The Boston Red Sox won over thc Philadelphia Alhlelics 11 to 'J despite Jimmy Foxx's usili homer of ihe Reason. The Red Sox-won with Fen-clt and Grove working on ihe mound. The Macks used five plti-hers during the ball game. . i-c-hiall. s a soulhpaw pitcher for ft Phila- rielilhla .Viiidlot learn. llcnil Courier New;! Want Arts. Read ProponiciliBKily, a hummingbird has more brains than a man; u iiirni 1 .-; lii-alu ts a thirty-fiilii of his body weight, while that 01 a hmnminr>-hirir is n twelfth of K-eiylu. rushes to the net. Shields is me- chanlcal—stilled and cranipcd. He is a one or two stroke player, v.'llli a weak • backhand and faulty ground slioke.s. Terry f.'ltckerl Wlien Up <l«it Clowning Grant, on the other hand, has: an. all-court game. Against Aus- 1 tin. Uie man Ihe Americans stood Ihe best chance t,r defeating. Busy could have b?en roiled upon (n Its j stick in i here, and gel the ball 'back. And that is what il lukes to n the main traffic artery to and from the Worlds Fair Grounds. - Close to ever/ ihinq worthwhile in Chicago Write today for 'X CENTURY OF PROGRESS" ihc World's Fair descriplivt booklet - free on request. WORLD'S FAIR RESERVAHONS ACCEPTED HOW.' OWNEA MANAGTMEH1 frnett Roealer Fredirxk'Kifi CLARK ST. NEAR JACKSON oWD HOTEL 1 I Thursday & Friday! Mat. ' Nite 7:1!>. in-.'!5c tor In Read Courier News Wan! Arts. Don't Fnrnet Cawfttl's Agency General Insurance MHii? — GARY GRANT GENEVIEVE TOBIN HELEN M.ACK !Sr,V, D , HORJON VUPIS Eur'siifi!; A Fa ro n ou nr T , t iur » o 6, P. SCtiULBIRGwodjciiG Musical Revue—"What Price Ja?.z" Cartoon—"Isn't That Awful" A At the Ritz Theatre —ONK DAY-ONLY. SUNDAY. AlKMIfcT J2Hi— ADAI. MATlNKi; nnil NKiHT— \w nn<) Hie Vaudeville •1-1 I'KOIM.K '2-> .linimio Mnnie I'rosvnls 'Brown and Bailey Revue' Yon Ihc Sliow of Shows! Treat—Jlusirians, Dancers, Cnmcdians Hcsli-r llnili-y, Jorc Mnsiciil Comedy Star Lucille Kiilen. "Dance Atrnbalic" Luis S I'csi. Intcrnatinital Dancers —ON TIIK SCKICKN-- Eing Crosby and Miriam Hopkins 'She Loves Me Not' Hiiwj's liest Picture! The Crliits Raved About the Play — "Funniest Show in years!" Of Course Bins Sings! Two nig Shows In One! Kimbiill - Kadio's l'\ivorilc S,<ini;Ktress Mildred I'iiye. Tap Specially Also The l.nndomiires, A Stage Hand—LaU> of WACO Itadfo Slattoii rl liallimore. Come see the tire that's the talk of America! Announced in April, it's going stronger than ever in August— this sensational new "G-3" Goodyear All- Weather.'The word's out—spread by "G-3" users— that it's even better than we advertise. They say "43% more non-skid mileage", is too modest. They say iis greater Center Traction grips so much better—stops cars so much quicker—there's no comparison with other tires. AH of which is sweet music—and makes our sales zoom! Take a few minutes —come see what it's all about. You'll be well repaid! Quick Road Service Dai/ or Niflht PHONE 63S TexacoProdncts When You "G-3" Your Wheels- Lool< Wha» You Gcv ^ ° F ; i f .1 Cast! Flatter, «Klcr Alt- Weatiier Trend. Marc Center Trac- tion(16c/ c morcnoii* I) I o c k s) i ileavicr Tougher Tread. -Supertwist Cord Hodyaml «% More Miles of KEAL SHOUSE-LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. • Bll/thcviltc, Ark. Phone 633

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