The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1941 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 7, 1941
Page 3
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FRIDAY, MARCH 7, 1941. BLYTHEVTLTJR, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE made by Members Of Three Scout Troops To Be Recognized At Court of Honor Advancements and atiainment 1 oi' merit badges of the three local Boy Scout troops. Numbers 31. 30 and 38, will be recognised at the- first Boy Scout Coma oi' Honor fpr the year 1941 to be held Monday night at 7:30 o'clock at the Armory. Rvery scout in Blytheville will be present regardless ol' whether he has earned a merit badge or made any advancement. Each lo^al scout executive Is aLso expected to be present to hear Ward Akers, Chief scout executive, make the address. j The meeting will open with the p seating of the scouts by troops The program will be as follows: scout oath, law, pledge of allegiance; introduction of guests and officials; outline oi' past year's progress; presentation ol awards; introduction oi' and address by Mr. Akers; song. "God Bless America"; scout, benediction. In Troop 3ti. James England Gerald Oxford and Cecil Hansard • will advance from .second to first namics. class. Merid badges will be attainec by the following scouts of Troop 36: James Bumbalough. cooking Carroll Stanfield. gardening, cook ing; Joe Mack He.ster. cooking; j John O'Dell, cooking, gardening; Carl Glasscock, plumbing; Mat-son Jolley. plumbing; Charles Lewis, metal work, handicraft; Willuun Wheat, wood carving, plumbing; Ronald Brogden. metal work; Homer Brown, cooking; Earl Walker, plumbing; Max. Webb, cooking; Ed McCormick. cooking. Bryce Layson and David Sylvester, of Troop 38. will advance to the rank of Star Scout and Bill Tom Stewart, of the same troop, will advance to first class. Scouts advancing to rank of second class in this troop are: Roy Calvin. Billy DeLong, arry Parr, Tommy Sylvester, Ben Abbott, Jerry Haley. Jimmie Strickland. Joe Limzenich. John Halter, Jere Reid. Randall Hawks, Jack Marsh. Charles Warren, W. C. Weaver. Merit badges are to be presented to the following Scouts of Troop 38: W. C. Weaver, handicraft; Charles Warren, handicraft, safety; David Sylvester, woodwork, safety; Bryce Layson, civics, poultry keeping.' animal industry, personal health, public health; Carl Mullins safety. •' . For/Troop-31. the following scoutt will make .'-advancement: to Star rank—Edward Thompson, Joe McClure. Bill Stovall; to first class- Richard Wallace, Charles Smith Billy Cullison, Philip Reed. Kenneth Richardson; to second class— |J Mitchell Cassidy. Fred McGregor Second Air Training Class !s Being Formed ] Applications for membership in ' second Civil Aeronautics Authority-sponsored jiir training courso were being taken, today at three local places. The new class will begin as soon us 25 or more students enrol. William Be.swick. local high school instructor and CAA representative hen 1 , suit! today. CROCODILE W&SlA&HpRB^NEg HUM ; plQ,Q'Amj.l^MP ; E|Q[lllKiE l G«slH!A!tl' Applicants may apply at the Chamber of Commerce office, the Blytheville :>irport or to Mr. Be.s- wk-k :ti 110 West Main street. The advisory board for local ivil pilot training projects met. ist night at rhe City Hall with jean B. Ellis, district ground school upervisor and announced the- five lighest students in the recently- , r ,. mn> . ompleted two-month course. Each **~ Jd11 ? 01 - M ,f the five will be awarded CAA ?.Hal an em. HORIZONTAL Answer (o Previous 1'uzrie 1 Crocodile JoR/vg^ piciuren nero, rr^-i—- 1 ^^—~^-. 9 It has large -——• m the lower jav/, 12 Instrument. 14 Handsome. 16 Conversation. 17 Fashion. 18 Succor. 19 Affirmative. 20 North America (abbr.). 21 Mountain pass. 19 Handla. 21 Heart. 22 To fare. 23 To merit 24 It lias u light scholarships and will begin flying lessons soon. Others of tin 1 23-mernber class are eligible to ake flight instruction, but will not. •eceive it free. High, students were, in order of, 24 South Africa '10 Volumes (abbr.). 25 Garden too). 2G Period Of .time. 27 To be their grades. Tom Phillips, Jimmy ' promoted Crook, Leo Richardson. EloSse Me- 29 Nut covering. 46 Marrow. ivigle and Eugene Hood. Their uv- ^p v P° n ' erage grade was 90.G per cent. ; 31 Hurrah! 47 Larva. 50 Poem. Ems^coriunented that -'Tl)e marks 32 Tunnel. 51 Merchandise these .students are the 34 Logger's boot. 52 Comfort. toiitfh skin with horny 25 Cabin. 2fi To meet. 28 Its hide is used for —~— and bags. 29 Largo. 30 Cereal grass. 33 Things to be 54 It -is a large deleted. aquatic • 34 House animal. (pi ) 3U Covered truck VERTICAL 39 Female cattle. 1 Heady. 'lOUadgoof 2 Plant valor 3 So-so, 42 Colonist of 44 Verbal ending 4 Writing lUiid. Africa. •15 Winter pro.- 5 Energy. 43 O?.one. 6 Wild duck. 4!> To plant 7 Ancient. 46 Nominal 8 or the thing. value. 37 Verb. 38 Measure. 39 Kilty. (abbr.). 41 Black. 43 Form of "a. eipitation. OP SCHOOL KI.KCTION it to Aol Number :H) of by tho (lenenU Assembly of the ShUe ol Arkmiwu:, said ;iof providing for (he election ul sehool directors to be elected ul :»n annual school election to be hold in each school distrlei of th<* Slate of Arkansas on the third Siutirday in March ol each year, the following polling |)liu'es shall be open between (he hours of 2:00 I'.M. and G::M P.M. on Suluritnv. March, 15, 1941. for (he uloremen-1 tinned election. j Disl. No. District Name Voting Place | ...Court Mouse .Luxora School Victoria School! School School City Hull Old Ihmlawiiy Bld't. Gosnell . ., Huffman . Millinun . . Annor<'l Hlwwnee . . Pecan Point Citrson . .. Manila . . Nodeim .... Bovnton ... IT'S EASY TO SEE WHY District Nam< Osceohi . .. Luxorn . .,. Rosa Clear Lake ij. 7. a. H. 10 n. Hi ... .School i . . ..School! ,.. .School School .. U//ell's Store . .Carson School School ...Crale's Sior* 1 Uovnton School 9 Thin tin plate. 4V To decay. 10 Conclusion. 48 Biblical n Conjunction. priest. best of any non-college group 1 . 33 Limb. have ever seen." Examinations were given during the course on the following' study t units: navigation, civil air regula- 36 Authorativc- negative. 53 H lives'in the 12 Fodder grass. 49 Bronze. parts of 15 Profit. 51 Pronoun. America. 17 Enemy. 52 Spain (abbr.), tions, meteorology and aero dy- Billy Cross. J. C. Cole. DicK Shanks. The following scouts of Troop 31 will receive merit badges: Ert ward Thompson, chemistry; Mit chell Cassidy, cycling, persona health, weather; Richard Wallace conservation, personal health Charles Smith, civics, bookbindin agriculture: Joe McClure. chemls try, swimming, personal health Fred McGregor, handicraft: Bill Cullison.. music, stamp' collecting Beauty School Is Offering Someom Free Scholarship! • i Tliere are few girls 18 yc-irs or 1 older who do not wish to know | more about beauty culture. ' If you're n girl, aged 18 or over, j a senior in high school or 110 longer; in school but have had two years of high school study—you may win | free scholarship in beauty ctii-1 lire with jusl a little eii'ort—but | ou'll have to hurry. | The Eagle School of Beauty Cul- j tire. Blytheville. is offering two' cholarships to girls, one to n girl n each of the above classifications mrl here's how you enter the cholarship contest: Just write an essay—that's the jnly thing you have to do—on "How would expect to Benefit, from, a Course in Beauty Culture." any ength between 5QU and 1.500 words | —and mail it to the Courier News! lot later than March 24. i Rules for the essay contest may j jc obtained at the Eagle School of; Beauty Culture. I Get them today if you want a .-,,,.! ee scholarship-and if you're a byierian congregation ttednesdaj girl—you know you want to win', night at the church one! Start on vour essay today. ! Foi- his subject, he used the I phrase. "The Moral Equivalent ot War", coined by "the early philoso- Whittcm Yarbro Box Eldi'ir I VII •2f). 21. 30. 31. S2. 3U. 3-1. 35. 3G. 35). School School School Uell School Hull Moon School Wilson ............. School Lotie Oak ........... School Tomato .............. School Kc-lsor ............... Bank | PromLsi'd Liuul ..... School Rci.'ce ............... School Number Nine ........ School Burdei U 1 ............ School Elowuh Miss. Co. High School Shady Grovf Shady Grove School Loachville .......... School PawhiMMi v ........... School Hickman ........... School l-'lui Lake ........... School Ill-own ............. School Brinkley ...Lost Cane School Black Water ........ School Kocky .............. School Slillman . . ..Stlllman School Oyess ...D.vess High School MRS, THOMAS R. IVY. County Examiner. 28-7-H cold motors faster You Don'tHaveTo Be a College Graduate to uiulerstiiDil why Phillips 66 1'oly Gas sraris coM motors faster. It's as simple as ABC A It is :i scientific f:ia that quick scarring in cold weather depends directly on (he high (csi (volatility) of the Read Courii'r News g It is u sficntific ftict (revealed by our laiost Hvuilnble full-yeitr study of gaso- lines; June L, L939 to May 31, 19'iO) that: The HIGH TEST rating (Volatility Number) of Phillips G6 Poly Gas Is nearly 501 higher than the average high test rating of 19 premium price motor fuels. Q See for yourself, if Phillips 66 isn't the greatest scU'-donionscruung cold- weather gasoline you have ever used. You ought to get uc least one trial uinkful ut regulur-pricc because yi>u simply ciinnoc get such high test in any cither gasoline at any price. This extra high tosr costs you noc a single nc-imy cxcr.i, smce Phillips is rhe WOIU.D'S LAU<;I;ST Puonuam oi natural high rest Ljusoline. Drive In and get that trial cankful ac chc first Grange and Black 66 Shield. C I 1 rormer Local I Sofc iron changes into tough, | hard steeli undcr lhc j n n ucncc O f Talks To Churcli Group i»fcohoi. The Rev. Marion A. Boggs. D. D. | CARD OK THANKS of Second Presbyterian j We appreciate the kindnesses at a ' extended us during our recent be- Mrs. Mablc Watts Jack Watts Li^on Adams. supper meeting of the First. Pres- ; reavement. SALE UNDER EXECUTION Notice is hereby given that tho Missis " Osceol?. Student Is On pher William James. W T * * • f* *•• ' w-,' i. • I »-»»»«.r-»xi-v*- Ll4lx - li - i ** Jlc > ilVi ^ l » * l ^3 «^ii»_l*Jl <Jl i.i A. *•-•*>• " University Committee j Eighty -six people *eic pip-snnt, Ar ka.i.s»«. will on the . —- !j or lhe fPPcr iiieetmg sponsored .^ d Qf - Mflrch IM1> offer fm PAYETTEVILLE, Ark.. March l.\ by ^ Men s Clu . bn 0lnrthC , hChUI S!;i ^ at the south door of the court, A m™, „«,!„,. n, the local j housfi ln Blylhcville> [U publlc auc . igs maue . ,. , . h « ehest bidder, unon a —The fifth in a series of student- i Medical Care Of FSA Clients To Be Planned A committee to formulate plans for the medical care of Farm Security tenants was appointed yes- faculty teas, to promote better acquaintance between the two groups, was held at, the, University of Arkansas this week with Freida Jones, Muskogee. Okla. as student chairman. Members of the student committees in charge included Donna Driver of Osceola. Others were Marge Everett of Clarenden; Mary McBride, Rover; Eleanor 1. Hunfoville; Gladys Boyd, Lavaca; Lucin Hunt. Mary Haralson and Cornelia Fleeman. Fort Smith; Ruth Martin. Harrison; Marian Gray, Mottle Kinkead and Ruth Wliiteside, Little Rock; Helen Rhodes, England; Wilda Cummings. Margaret- Darracott, Margaret Hankins. Marjolene Wilson and Marjorie Jackson. Fayetteville; Frances Lanahan, Hot A former pastor of church, the Rev. Dr. bu^ umur . Uoil t(J Uie highest bidder, upon reference to a number ol his re- < t;nidit Qf three monLhSj thc f 0 n 0 w- is pas.orate heie. ^ n ,, j anc j s belonging to Martha M pastor of the largest Pres- . Tn]inson nm j jviaijcle Smith, tu- byterian church- in the state, he . wiL; also served as pastor nt Dermott and Hot Springs. Amateur Radio Enables Child To Talk To Mother terday afternoon at the meeting of Spl . ings . Georgetta Turney, Hid- Mississippi County Medical society !den . M Brenner . Parkin; V ir- and officials of FSA at Blytheville ; ginin Youngbloodi p, TOl% O kla.; hospital. I Gene Preslev, Vernon. Aex.; and The committee is composed of ( Eugenie H ilmer. St. Louis. Mo. r. I. R, Johnson. Dr. C. C. Stevens, Dr Dr. L. L. Hubener. Dr. Hunter C. Sims and Dr. F. D. Smith Flans will "be formulated at a committee meeting Tuesday night at 7:30 o'clock at the hospital and will be presented to the society at its next monthlv meeting. Negroes From County Sent To Army Camps Wright Infant Buried At Sandy Ridge Today Funeral services were held ar, 3 p. m. today at Sandy Ridge Cemetery for the infant daughter of ; Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Wright, who 'died at 11 o'clock last night, five hours after birth at the home near .Holland. Mo. 1 Holt Funeral Home was in The Northwest quarter (NW!.) of Section Twenty-nine i29), and all that part of the East hall" (E!-j) of the Northeast quarter (NE'/i) of Section Thirty <30) that lies east of the railroad, all in Township 15 North. Range 8 East. Mississippi County, Arkansas. This sale is made for the pur H was quite an experience for little Brenda Parker, who is visit- , >...., .„..,, .^ ..... „_ .„ ..... ,,-.- ing in Fort Smith, to talk to her ' peso of satisfying a judgment o mother in Blytheville by wave radio recently. . , . , , Brenda. two year old daughter of 52UO.OO, interest and costs, in favor short j Chancery Court. Chickasawbi District, rendered Dec. 5, 1944), fo Mr. and Mrs. Jack Parker, is vis- of Prank C. Douglas and against Mellow Fragrant Kentucky Straight Bourbon UN'IT.ED LIQUOR, \Vlnilnsnlm-.n Phill-up with Phillips f6r Are you cooking with DOLLARS or PENNIES? Economy Should Start First in Your Kitchen... and It Will If You Use a Here's the BEAUTY You've Dreamed of; The ECONOMY You've Always Wanted! iling her aunt, the Rev. Eupha D.! Martha M. Johnson and Maude Beasley. in Fort- Smith. Mrs. Parker ! Smith. The purchaser at such sale talked to her daughter over Harold | will be required U> give good note with approved security and lieu Sudbury's amateur station nfter contact had been established with a Fort Smith radio operator. TliiK V,1UD Almost 200 Arkansas negroes, in-: charge. eluding more than 30 from Mis- 1 sissippi County, were sent to Camp! Lee. Va.. and Camp Leavenworth, j Kans.. from Little Rock today by Selective Service officials who in- Towmend Club. No. One. will ducted the group into the army meet tonight at 7:30 o'clock at the for a year's military training this home of Mr. and Mrs. Hairy Ogle, week. ' 1 609 South Lake Street. Induction of the March quota ! All members are requested to at- of 752 negroes was completed at tend, officers stated when making the state capital yesterday and . the announcement. induction of white men in the , ----------- > -------- ••-_-_ -••• ..... - rsir-tVi's quota began today. .Officials said the numbar of ne- groes rejected was unusually low. I^iaftees accepted yesterday from this county included : Albert J. Richardson, George Hunter, jr.. Es?w O. Randall, Clarence Holmes. Joe Matthew, Wilbert Wat.son. Lecafus McKaskill.j Jasper Spencer, Ccto Tharps. Wil- ; liam Dtmagan and M. N. Matth- owt-. all cf Blytheville'. Will Walker. Levi A. Echols. Fred McFarland. all of Dell; Rob- 1 ert J. Powell, Luxora; Booker T. Wilson, Stanley Thompson, John Boyd. Robert v Buckingham, Joe Cole, Frank Gates, Sam Goss, Da- . vid Raphy. Richard Vaughn. Willie O. Tate. R. C. Jones, all of Osceola; George H. Atkins, Leroy Brown, James Brown. Sam Eato, Jack Burden, Curtis L. Harris, Ed-, ward Harris, all of Wilson. River Boat Stops For Passengers To Visit HELENA. Ark. (UP)—Helena had approximately 175 visitors Sunday, attending church and visilin? places of interest, as passengers on the palatial Gordon Green cruiser stopped here for several hours. The boat is returning from Mardi Gras en route to Cincinnati. Ohio. The passengers are from large and small cities of the north and northeast. The boat left Cincinnati February 17th headed for New Orleans Mardi Gras. It i.s now on its homeward voyage. will be retained for the purchase money. Dated this 27th day of February. 11)41. HALE JACKSON SheriiL 28-7-H THEATRE LUXORA Phone 42 Mat. Sat.-Sun. 2 and •! P. M Every Niffht 7 T. M. Always lOc - 20c SAVE EVERY DAY With PERFECTION, you enjoy the modern convenience nncl economy of kero- oene. You make rcnl savings over any other kind of stove you could use regardless of price or fuel used. 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Also Selected Shorts. Mat. Sat.-Sun. 2 & 4 p.m. Night 7 p.m. Read Courier News Want-Ads.

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