The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 15, 1936 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 15, 1936
Page 11
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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18, .1936 (ARK.)' COWUEU m/i GET WHAT PAGE BL WANTADJ CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per Hue for consecutive insertions: One lime per Una lOe Two times iicr line per day .. 08c Tlirec limes per liue per day .. 06c Six times per line per day ..' 050 Month rate per line COc Cards ol Tlinnks 50c & We Minimum charge SOc Ads ordered tar |ir« or <nx /mcs and *BPy<!d oeforo .xpira- tion will fc charged tor the number tt times the ad-appealed ane. *d}Oilmeiit ot bill r.iaUc. All Classified Advertising copy tubmlttcd by persons residing out side of the city must be accompanied by cash. Hates may be easily computed Irom abuve table Artvertisiilg ordered for intyulai Insertions lakes tlic one time rale No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. i or Kent Furnished Apartment., 3 rooms, private bath and garage. 224 Don gan. Mrs. Wcrt, Phone 4IB-J. 13ckl6 Business Directory Wrecker Service DAY & NIGHT liEPAIR WORK GUARANTEED Day Phone <)05 - Nislil 804 MILTON STKRNIiKKG'S (MKAGK 215 N. 2nd We Buy Hides and Pecans Metals and Scrap Iron BLYTHEVILLE IRON & METAL CO. Cherry <fe R. R. Phone 448 Batteries BATTERIES TRKPAKlil) FOK WINTKK WEA11IK11 J. B. CLUNE Jackson Service Station - Call Wanted Medium 218. Size Used SAFE. Call 14c kit 2 room house for negro couple who work out. call 256-W. PAINTING-PAPER, HANGING J. B. FtlEEMAN—Call 749 Highest Prices Paid For Uted Furniture Wade Furniture Co. 301-31)3 E, MAIN Warm Room, adjoining bath. Vacant October 15. 715 Ash. I'i-U-k-Hi 3 room modern apartment, furnished or unfurnished. 100 w. Wal- nuu 8-ck-U 2 room nicely furnished APARTMENT, 022 W. Main. 10-ck-tl Modern FURNISHED BEDROOMS. 1000 W. Walnut St. 17-ck-lf 2 or 3 room Furnished Apartments. Reasonable. 914 Hearn. For Sale RAJB MARE (trotter) solid black, cood blood atid work mare. Bargain. Dannie Hinson, 1221 Holly. 14p kll Coal oil stove, $8; baby wicker wardrobe, springs, kitchen cabinet, table, chairs. Mrs. Chas •Bright. 7c wlf BARGAINS!! 1935 CHEVROLET PICK UP 1932 V-8 FORD SEDAN Delta Implements, Inc. FRBSII KEBI.FOOT CRAP PIE 3ac Per Order LION GAS Ki.Sc Per Gallon HARRY BAILEY'S At the Arch State Line Willed—LADY SOLICITOR. Fill! lime. Job. Good . pay. Apply al Mrs. J. T. Collins'. 1020 Hcarn. Up kll WANTED—Man with car. Itoutc experience preferred but not necessary. Opening now. Kawlelsh, Dept. AKJ-27-MC. Memphis. Tenn. Write or see Grill Crawford, Blytheville, Ark. Buy your Hardware, Delco Radios, Bicycles, Selberling Tires, Delco Batteries & Auto Accessories at Hubbard Hardware Co. Terms To Suit You ALADDIN LAMP PARTS Don't forget we have gi-nulhe Aladdin Lamp' Tares—25c Each BURKE HDW. CO. $700,000 Bill Due Stockmen from Congress FORT WORTH, Tex. (UP) — Twenty Oklahoma and Kansas cat- tltneu liavc a $700,000 bill which llie next Congress will be asked to pay The bill, in the form of a federal district court judgment, is to damages incurred shortly after the World War when federal inspectors allowed tick-Infested cattle lo be . shipped Into "free" territory The result ,\vas an epidemic o[ ticks in Kansas and Oklahoma, and subsequent quarantine that prevented cattlemen from selling their nlmals. Attorneys for the 20 complain- its allejttl that federal inspectors ere negligent in 1919-1922 by ipping lick-infested cattle in crude U instead of an arsenic solution. Largest judgments were: Russell nd Tucket, Osage County, Okla., 455,583; Porter Brothers <fe Biffle, Vai-rlka, Okla., $102,724; and nistees foT G. J. Keith and W. T. rummctt, Waurika, $71120. Federal District Judge T. W. lavidson of Fort Worth returned judgments! : For Sale or Kent . . _, Residence, store building-and;'fli- '•' Wres" rop'isnle cheap .or :'4 to permanent renter. 640 Lake St. Will bo vacant soon Sec Dr. Saliba, Phone 410. 29-cktf Mrs. J. J. Davis—Spencer Corsetiere Call 421-W for Appointments Plate Glass VE CAN MAKE DESK & DRES- JER TOPS AT VERY ATTRACTIVE PRICES. Arkmo Lumber Co. .'. . '••..'. - Phone 40 ., ;. . CROSLEY table radio, sood condition. Cheap. Call 308 or 192 after 1 P. M. O'BRIEN'S CAFE, completely equipped. iDoing good business fir past 16 H"'"s. BARGAIN. Brunswick POOL TABLE, complete. CHEAP. . JORDAN SEDAN, in good condition. At give away price. P. SIMON, Call 704 Coal & Wood BEST COM--BEST 1'KICES BUY NOW! "ATy coal is Black— But I treat you White." I.OCAI. HAULING JOHN BUCHANAN—PHONE 107 Economy Coal Co. Cherry & Railroad I'honc 'MS Coiil, Wood & Kindling N. w. TRANTHAM" Dealer In BEECH*CREEK COAL Oilier high grade Coal, Wood and Kindling S. Broadway - - Phone OKI COAL BUSINESS Location changed from Marian Gin to S. 5th & R.B. BEST PRICES—CALL 2-11 I,. I. RICE Real Estate FOR SALE 8 room house, hath. Large lot Across from high and grade schools. Cheapest taxes in town Could be made Into apartment 'OS Chickasawb dh t FOR SALE-Pretty cottage Ti Pride Addition on 2 lots, conic Gravel streets'. Por quick cas'r sale, priced $500. THOMAS LAND CO. FOR SALE Several thousand acres southcas Missouri rich alluvial, cotton I corn lands. Any size tract. TEHMi LIKE RENT. Everett B Ge< Blythcville. SOUTHEAST MISSOURI LANI) Improved or Partially Improved GOOD LAND—LOW PRICES EASY TERMS C. M. SMITH Sr., * IV. J. TECK, JIALDliN, MO. Tailor Shops Good allowance for your old su! on new tailored suit. CEOKOE L. MUIR, Tailor USED COAL STOVES 55 AND UP Hardaway Appliance Co. UAIN & 2ND - - PHONE 233 EXPERT RADIO REPAIRING RADIO BATTERIES & TUBES Close Out Prices On AH Paint To prepare for new stock Shenvin^Yillianis line. Shouse-Henry Hdw. Co. Phone 35 - - Free Deliver! WANTED—ALT, KINDS JUNK $5 to $6 Per Ton Aluminum, lOc Ib. Brass, 2c to 4 lie Ib. f Copper Wire, 4 to 5e Ib. Radiators, 4!6c Ib. HIDES & FURS WOLF ARIAN PHONE 17G I2B E. MAIN DANCE AT THE GREEN INN CAPE IN CONNECTION Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Smith, former ly of Blythcville, new owners Your feet will be at ease In Selby's Styl-eez Shoes, $6 & $6.51 Other Shoes $4.50 to $5.50 New Economy Shop New Carload Shipment MOORES HEATERS, COOI STOVES, Oil, & GAS BURNING STOVES, FUEL OIL HEATERS SEE OUR NEW STOCK Liberal Trade-in Allowance fo Old Stoves Hubbard Hdw. Co. Call Parker - 127 Daily Freight Service \VK PAY CASH FOR 2ND HAND FURNITURE Phone 1031 Hubbard' 2nd Hand Furniture Store Personal FREE! STOMACH ACID, GA PAINS, INDIGESTION rcliev. quick. (Jet Irce sample fioctoi prescription, Udga, at Kirby Bro Drug Co. AUTO LOANS Cash Advanced—Confidential PAYMENTS REDUCED No co-signers. Just Drlng car an registration card along U. W. MULLINS Sudbiiry RIdg. Phone Super-Chocolate Icing Tops Cake That Tops Evening Meal QNE cold day in the (nil ot Hli-l,' ; a forlorn stranger and his young son knocked nl the fi'iil.e of the Franciscan convent, dccllwlcd to Santa Maria etc ItaWila, near the port of i'alos, Spain. As the jrarlcr fed Ihc hungry couple, the. prior of the convent, Perc Juan Perez do Marcheiia, came out and asked the stranger who • he \v:n ami where he eainc from. The man was Christopher Columbus, and he hail just tome from Portugal,.seeking aid for his pro|>osed trip \vc.slwarcl to Ihc Indies. Perc Marchcna, Icnowint; a little of the world, invited the couple into the .convent. There the two stayed more lhan a year. \vhcn the friar made arrangements for'CoHimbus to sec Queen Isabella. ; A painting by H. Maso, showing' Columbus ot Kabtda, is Ihc/ sub-^ jecl for the 30-cent stamp of Ihe' U. G. Columbus series, issued ini 1893. on ihe <IOOth aniiivcrsary of! the discovery of America. lire cake, And ilow for wonderful I hough is-before the Icing becomes firm on lop, cover with choppo:! nmrshniollows, using • 8 In nil, Your loving heart must keep on working. The chocolate cfllce imist linvc Its chocolate glnce covering. And your sleeve will ncvci- ngniu be empty. To 6-0 cup confectioner's si.^ar, ndd 1 1-2 lcas|»on liot \vatei 1 . Then add 1-4 c»|>' melted unsweetened chocolate, and alter that another 1 1-2 teaspoon iuu water. Mix all Into a diuk and unctuous .magic, then ndd I teas|»on melted •• butter. Spread 1 quickly all over cake and let youv heart, be five from fear. Two thirds of the v . livestock raised lu tho United States Is produced west of the' Mississippi, wlille two thirds of Ihc country's meat Is consumed east of the 'Mississippi. in the United States, the most snow falls In February!'the short month. Some species r«m flowers. of cactus bear EI.KOTKIO' ..ACETYLENE- Mori, rliocolilr (han inke, «l|l ( mnrslmiallow liolillnc it (ogclticr, this am.izliic uiu cike is (lie cornerstone of domestic fi'Mclty, , (Horn SclnalH's, New York) U. S.—1S93 Cohimuus at Rnbida 30c Sionia broiun lly NKA Service .' • Every wife should have a loving heart nnd a super-chocolate cake up her sleeve. If your sleeve Is empty but your heart full, start creaming logcther 1-2 cup bwttr and 1 cup sugar, neat 2 egg yollts until creamy, then add to butler mixture. Melt 2 ounces unsweetened chocolate nnd add to the mixture. Beat well. Dissolve 1 teaspoon baking soda in 1-2 cup b'lt- lermilk. Add to mixture. Sift together 1 cu[) pastry Hour nnd t-8 teaspoon salt. Stir fulo mixture, Blend evenly, then add 1-2 teaspoon high quality vanilla and fold in 2 egg wliilcs stiffly Li-at- cakc jiniis which have ucen carefully greased. The oven should be moderate and the time about 40 minutes. S\icctcsf Touch' "' All The marslnimllow Icing U just extra proof of femlnlniy gooditejs, Mix together 2 cups granulrUed susjar and 1-2 teaspoon cream of tnrtnr. Stir In 1-a cup boiling vvn- tcr and boll until smjar cllnys to spoon. Beat 2 csg whites stiff, but not too dry. Pour the hot sugar syrup over the hciiten egg wiilics a liltlQ at 11 time, beating constantly. When light and oicamy but not stiff, llavor with a feu drops ot Vanilla, and spread lav- • (.'romls fid C.rld Lessons SI'UINCIFIELD, O. (UP) — S3 that liclty Co-ed and Joo : College will, belter understand phiys t'lcy ECC ou llie Wittenberg ' College jrldlron this fall, Athletic IJiree- lov John U. Van \Vhy is llhistrat- inij Diem Just before game time. Two teams of freshmen trot onto he field 20 minutes before llie dckoff nnd (lyiioiistralo spinners, laterals, reverse'^ etc. r linwtill Kxporls Coffee HONOLULU (UP)— Hawaii produces 10,000,000 pounds of green coftco n year but uses only 5 per cent of It, The rest Is exported for blending. Each Hawaiian col- Icc tree produces npproxlmali'ly three pounds of berries annually. l(e«d coiu-icf News want Ads. WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROM IT SERVICE Barksdale Mf g; Co.] I'HONE 19 Wrccker Strtir.i - Qu ^1 OPEN AtL NIGHT f| PHILLIPS SERVICE CENTER Phones 711 - '815 Or*. Wert & OPTOMETEHtS Over Joe lutes' Store "WE MARK 'EM SET Phone 6*0 GAY..&--BILLINGS, Inc. Coal - Feed • Kindling "PHONE 7« All Now Located al 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU t>pN .KUWAUDS,..Proprietor miikcn of Itcljuilt Tjpunrilcrs, Adding Machines and Olciilutors—Itcpalrhiff—I'arts—U ishly between layers nnd over cn- <->H, ALLEY -VOU SAVED ME FROM THAT AWPUL VOU DIDN'T NEPR 5AV 7 1 WISH VOUP Tat ME HOW COME YOU Tf«' W01M' AtSOUND ON A ' DINOSAUR I THOUGHT MDUWENTT'SAWALLA ALL TH' REST OF . TH 1 FOLKS. I DID GO TO 5AWALLA WITH MAMA AMP /"" VOU PAPA , BUT I FELL/PELL QM IT? ONTO THE BIG /WELL.FER DINOSAUR ANP OUT i-OUDir now THAT'S HOW /COULP AMSONE COME ME TO /FALL UP ONTO A BI&.TALL OH,THM WASEASV.' G'WAN/VER CRAZV? 1 WAS JUST LOOKING\L1£SEN,WOOTIETOOT, AT IT, AND THE NEXTJTH 1 MOfJE VOU TALK, THING I KNEW, I VVAS\ TH' LE^5 I KKlOW- ON IT-RIDING OFF '~~ THROUGH THE ,SHUT OFF'N TH 1 BLASTED CRITTER AINTCHA-ANDIT'S A LUCKV THING PER YOU/V'ARE VA9K t TO BE SO AWRJL • ROUGH— Boooo Hooo JUS' FORGET IT, WILL VUH - BEFORE I GET A HE/SDACHE iOOTS AND HEL BUDDIES WASH TURKS JUNIOR GETs'lHS! ! MAMAJ COME QUICK!)II.L HOW THESE TWO* - ' AH HA! I'LL BET SOU NEVER. WRECK ANVMORE AIRPLANES, vou PEST; I'LL BET YOU EVcN " hv ONE AGAIN. DERM TOOT1N'. I'M AFTER YOU: . POCNER. STOP THEY'RE BEATIN' UP PAPA. •< THEY'RE AFTER FRKCKLES AND HIS FRIENDS *S?5 HKNCH 'CHATTER! IS i PLAVIMG A VVAPM-UP GAME AGAIMST IF THE BLOCKIM<3 HAD ')'• , , I / I BEEM AWY GOOD OKI } -'A ,,\' '/)• THAT PLAY, TIPLEY / ^ '• ,.,.-..., \VOULD HAVE BEEM \- , '.' v$W'± OFF TO THE RACES.' l-^a^^ii^J YEAH, AMD IF THE COACH HAD PUT 9»E OF YOU GWS FROM LAST YEAR'S 7EAM OUT 0[J THE FIELD, IT'D BE A WALKAWAY FOR SHADYSIDE .' ABOUT THAT.' V/E'RE MOT OLTT THERE, AMD THE THIWQ RDR US TO PO IS PULL FOR THE GLVS \VHO ARE.' } j By lilosscr-! BECAUSE SOME OF HIS BEST PLAYERS WERE A LITTLE TOO CONCEITED ABOLTT WHAT THEY 'THIS VEAR THEY SIT. THE BENCH!. / 'U ( (0jJ P ,1 ^ tf.v- /l\ w~ ( KNOWW AS 'RESTING ow : . T/

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