Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 13, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 13, 1942
Page 1
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AtKltJSt IS, 19*2 Page 8«v*n Bill Corum NAUQATlgOK s Against A R fl in of Bombs Will Devil's Thumb Doesn't Need His Thumb to Help Him Get Around, CHEF'S SALAD *-" us ihe Albany Tlinos- ,,.' r.inlhall 1'ahH on tho nhet'.ks '»*! durlnK U'" iMim- wordrt It's iniinc today, lllru- hllu.." Al'l'Ol'dlMX t-0 UlO dt'^pali'h w»' n'aw, if the first half fails will be entitled I" their uuuiey bark. Ih 11ic r-iisu of fi>ot- Ivi! ii Isn't lUMi'thwl tn replay Ih-'i 1^" .. .• .1 i..v..| iiu- il:iV. lie^Ule 1 '^ MI thai o replay tho Mu'i'i 1 I s I' 1 ' 1 cliuiK'o thai K.vNuiil.ln'l I"' ally P»H(U> In ,iM Nv-'ii In- .-\pcrlctl lo HtO|) rl r v;iv I,, tlu- all-raid shol- rlr .l»im»i, Mill -It tin '"" « i « a<i - lihn iu ;'r !l l hang out a sign. iliusl mul<« u I.H-tlo imtuul or nion- tnl 110(0 oMilsntuuo, Devil's Thumb, and seo how fur Iho llmmb polMtlnif 'out (ho host juvenile of -IDVJ, Ho hus tho blood or Blue L«i»k- spur In him on his dam's side. Wo moves IKS thou(|h ho mliiht want to fiot n dl-sluncr, awl I wouldn't bo i ho uioMl .sm'pH.sod fallow on oin-th to see him him out- to ho a "roso unit," Hy which I mciui » Derby winner, WHAT A STHANfllC at tho 11 | I \IM4tll i' * • ' ' . . <!,!! am |>u/./.l''d, however, about , y iliry shi.iili! )"' so cut'el'til Nvllh i^rViM sn'ratvless \vllh Iho 1 ;,,,,< ( ,f rm.Hull tans, llni'su rue- \lill is undi-r tin- ban mil- thorn, ,v, MU <,. ui' tin- rulliiK NuiL then- ,,',,',,., n,., n ,\IHX) prrsuns. It Is more jhn ,i II! Mr inystll'yliiK. lH,t (!„' \\ay thn Navy, Ihn Mar- liv« and M.u'At'lhm 1 urn showing II,.. JAI»S nnmnd thn PuiMt'lo, Uill- fornl-i miy h:»vr.- II I tin woi'ry ubput \\t rildrt I'oroiv (he foollmll SIMI- J( )n U At UMst, we can hopu lint I'i'ity .•»'-'. Nt'l 1 should we. fur- Xi'l if Si'ph'inht'-i 1 (Uuiio.M \Vln- i-r o.ui f t I" 1 far behind In Bussla. ' U wmilil !>•• silly t'or u I'ollow who »•;»»' i plfk 'tlio winner of ft llnvt'-hnrso race, la whlu-h aru two eriM'l'"*. t" 'illeni|>t to say when II,,. fun itirn df Kin tide will COIIMJ. But It Is iH-ulrifvhiK to hU'll,.UIHl v WU m lint KoMlui? sut to'Htui'l"puiu.-ii- fnjf. ' .-...-'• ....... • DKVII.'H Till '.Mil A STICMUiT: \\(. W. I'!, lloolnil. tin' »"'PI»IH> ntnn from Ilir Knr \, hulld.s ships Ihnl can li-uvnl rimliM 1 iiiul larlhpp Hutu w\y of his horst'M. ho diuvsn'l own u horso lli»l »' ' Thiitiih. 1 <|m*stl(m ir nint'o than Inn or tli i-iM', nl most, ownoi'.s of Iwtxyi'iu'-oldN in llio millro oouu- Iry th), Ihll'.s Tliuiuh dni'MM'l hnvn H> "itnnli his \viiy nrouml the irnek. He ran not tlu'Vo rustor on his own P«wi«r. Hi»'s U.M hnpi'i'MHivo looklnn «t iwi.v juvcnlln I'vo NCCJII Hlncn I MW U'lili'lmvuy dcopplitu oulofllio fltnuls In (|UM|IC.M at AHlnjiton Pui'k iwo .years njjo. I don'l know whrlhoi 1 Mr. Hoo« I'ifjN yi'iu'llnii Huli'M hui'iinln ' (ho hi'iiiihi tin. (li'uiul Slain coll from l.«<Hi' ('.(mills' cfMi.slfininonl) nun ouinin the \Vi-.stmt flynr, Oiunipu- Hon. .Mi-.s, ,lolm HiM't/' Coiinl Flrot, 01* U'ulloi- Clii-y.Hlcr's $18,000 Ulyppi'- l"iiloi! liui i 'hrllrvr I know thul IIP will nmkr 'i'in do soinu rouoh- Vll'.s Thumb not. (mly CUM nin, lie nl.sii mi i. H us tii(Mi||h ho lovo.s t(» '««. In llm padilork hofoi-o Ihc SunNirrl SliiKcs, lu« \vn« trylno lo kli'k over uvi'i'ylliliiw In sl(jhl, so llp cimld || ( .| dutsldr and turn on lll(> Hii-v. Anil IK? IIHH plonly of, X Sp(?nklnu of (ho' Hrtnford Stnkos, It \V»N unmod for Oupl. lauldlo Han- t'onl's dad, and I ho Captain is In Surivtofin lust now on -a furloufih. I wns rondinu somrwhoi'o t^u^ ol hoi- day whoro bis I'rlonds foil It wns l <unroi;tunato n Hint ('.apt, was sprndlno* his vaualloti Spa, Why? And whnl soi-l-of ri-lends would Ihoso bo? N I liaroly know ('.apt Snnl'ord and hi.s porsonal nlValrs aro no concern ol' mini!. .Nor run I ollVrlnn any sort ol 1 dol'onso for his boliifj (o Hai-nlojin, slneo he ol/vlously doesn't noed it. Hul what I would Ilko lo know- Is why nny body should consider II iinrortuualo that a soldier should (jo lo a raco coui'.so on his day, week, or roi'tnlfjlit of louvo? Any soldloi' of any rank? Is II imforhmalo If lio ««o.s to Iho ball names'.' Or (IshlnilV Oi' l<> bur- li'Sduo shows, Jf any sllll oporaUno 1 .' Was II unl'orliinato in tho last war thai men on leave, of every army stood around (bal IllUe bar In Max'lm's, .while Kroneh nlrls smok- ln|l olnarelles la fool-lonji holders oujolod them inlo biiylnn drinks? ' 'I'ei'liaiJS tbls new army Is so different from armies of (he past that, a man In uniform just kaoeks oil' of his own initiative when, tho mood sli'lkes him and (foes' on a boar hunt, or a lomi d'lp In a canoe, lint I doubt II, My reason for makiiifj somethlnjl of a' lino In » oolninn Is (hat I seem (o deleol a sort of. snoopinn. »»d sniphMi ulllUido on ovei-y haiHl. In oonnocHon wllb Aval- .service, Not only about 'those not In uniform, but* also those who are. Such as Capl. Sanfonl. HIS M1HINKSS AND TIUC AM.MY'S: .Apuaroril-ly n fellow not only hns to K«t Into thn sorvku), hut also In a branch, and at a station, that suits Ihn I'unuy of his crltloa, If, Is my 'o,wn I'ocllnK l-li«t every man with a drnl'l card Is wlicro tho army • and navy want him to bo. Whliih may or <uay not Jjo true, lint If It isn't 1.1-uo ol 1 those who arn .In unll'orni, tlrnn something roally Is amiss, N'othliiK really Is, save a lot of Idle, 9III.Y chatter bct- lor Ivfl. unsnld. Ahrl that, murks down ViobOfly oxoopl-'thnHO who Irululgn In It. imvidi'iiUilly, I can't njiut-rnboi' I roar| the linn about Lnikllo Sanford, uml where U appeared doesn't maltor. Il/s Mho snoorlng, (•rll-Uuil altitude it represents ' that I iK-llevu does Iho country, and our armed forces, a great dissorvlce. A man In uniform- should bo cn- Utlmi lo go anywhere his fancy llsls whllo not on fluty, HO long as it Is not a place that will bring ahumc on the uniform. 4 »o - — A wrathful man si In-nth up strife 1, U |, |,o that Is slow to angor iu>- pcaselh strifu.— Provorbs lu:18. • Angor Is momentary madness, so control your passion or It will control. you.— Uoraoa. ON SCREEN TH£ POSTMAN DIDN'T RING OEWS POLI CANCWAY! WALLY'i BACK IN THE SADDLE— RIDIN' HARD AND.SHOOTIN' FAST! Mor/orie MAIN NAISH .-f^m^^£ JIAM Vcstcnlay's Detroit \, Clovolund 2 (1st), Detroit 2, .aievoland 0 (2d). New York 8, Boston.4. St. , Lou us' U, .'Chicago 3. " Washington-Philadelphia—post-- •poned. The Standing W. L, Pot Now YorK • 73 ii7 . M Boston .'..,.,,,•..,.. 00 T>0 .545 Cleveland ......',,,... UO 53 .Wi St. Louis ,..' OS 50 .50)) Detroit 50 00 ,'i8;i Chicago ' 41) 57 M2 Was-iilngton ' ... 40 01 ,4JJO Plilkidulphlu ,,.,..., U 78 - .379 Today's Game's, Pitchers Dostcm nt New York—Uutland '(1- i) vs. OhandlLT (1U-2). . ' Dutroll, at Cleveland—White (710) vs. Bagby (1-2-5).. . : Chicago at St.'Louis—Dietrich (07) VH. Sundra (5-5). Washington at Phllaclolphla—Gar- rasquul (5-4) va. .Wolff-(10-10). NATIONAL LEAGtfE Vostordny's Boston J t New York' 0 (1st). Boston 8, New York 2 (2d). St. Louis 0, Chicago 4 (.1st)., SI.. Louis S.-.lJhlOHgo.a (2d). Brooklyn 1, Philadolpltia 0. Clmilnnatl It, Pittsburgh 0. The Standing W. L. Brooklyn . ......... . 70 Ha St. Louis •..'.'.,. ..... . 08 41 iNow York ........... 50 5U .50 50 W 04 .... 47 ..00 ill 75 J>itLsburgh .' Chicago Boston Plillulclphla- Pel .oin .024 .527 .532 .472 .4IW .410 .292 tIPPY LEO By Jack Sords Party For Athletes In Union City Sunday Resisted the Tough••'Negro and Milwaukee Fighter Top Oard in Waterbury Tomorrow. \ rematch eight-rounder between Willie Roaoli, hard-billing. Wilmington, Del., 'Negro JightweiglaU and Irish Malt Dougherty of Milwaukee heads the Waterbury. A. U. card; lonYorrow night, at the. Ran- dolph-Clowes'vstadium. • , .They fought/ a torrid battle Jus!, week here, Dougherty,-.- winning' a questionable- deeision. The major- ii,y thought- the: worst Hoach shouh, y have received \vas--a draw, and many- llgured Whistling AVHiic had un- : .edge in the milling. ; . •Dougherty Is a clever boxer but lie hasn't'the-power Hoach-packs in his 'initU," Will'io- is a IhroHt wlln eliuci hand-ami Dougherty respects the colored boy's.-punching ability. Larnoy Moore, Negro wellerweighl i;vom>yalley Stream, L. I., who gave Eddie. Dolan-an unpleasant 'evening last Friday, lakes, on.,Jerry Fiorello, N;,Y.,',ih a' companion, eight round- • A 1 - six-rounder shows Ham Wiloby, New York • ibatherweight, and Don McLean, New York. Two.' four-round liouls open the card. Today's Guinofi, Pitchers St. LouLs at Chicago—PolleL (45) vs. Passouu (.15-8). ' Clncinnutl at Pittsburgh—Dor- rlngor (0-7) vs. llnmlln (1-1-4). Boston at Brooklyn Salvo (G-JJ) vs. Davis (:ll-5). (Only gamcs •scheduled.) WAR IN EUROPE A YEAR AGO, A,UG. 13, 1941 ._ - . - . - ^r- - — -- « (13y United Press) Mosoow admits . ovaouiitlon of ymolonsk. Mrltaln .announcos civilian : air raid asual ties through' July 3.1 for entire war wns V^rt , Killed, 53,ifj won ruled. . . Gen. Archibald W.'ivoll reveals nearly ?r>0,00p Indians are under arms. U. s. lOconnmlo Dclonsc Board holds Its nrstsessi-qn,^ _ HITS I»ATHOL CA« IN TEST Avenal, Cal. (UP)— Mrs. T.ola uriujss, while Inking her tost ]'or an automobile operator's license, had the misfortune to pile linr enr into the rear of a liighway patrol car rull of irari'lcoCflcors. -Sh-o. -has not ye I- r(u;eived her license. imuwise 4Mry&.., {'Bonds-Witt Banish. Bondage " T o MBNb » rip in your skirt or your husband's trousers — • use a thread raveled from a scam,This perfectly matched thread will help you do a dream of a mending job, MAS <3ArMef?ep RBCOPP WI^S/^R A If6, SeY 5V TA& C(J3S Id Base Oti Dodgers ^^^y : ';;A(, Came in Last of Nintlte^ri: Game With ; PMladel, phia. •••':.' . \;;r u - 1 '€'\ (My .Uolled Press) .It's Ihe dust-of-tho niulh: ; The score Is tlqd nothing do '-, nothing, Tho home loam'is >t the 1}late,^i ; , K-lrs.fc,. batter ..uP, r .;^ i:ki Q ''Y^ J ^F lyjj.S basu "iJncT It strikes 'bhe' btx'g^ sm'd wobbles lo the 'loft. Battin- nafe. Polo Rolsor Iviiocks out. .a sucriJIco bunt. Safe all around.. ,lpc, ?(lo(:lwi(.'.lv hits a 'perfect suicide bouncer" to third. Tho runners advance. The sacks are loaded. .D^ Melton winds up. i3\dl;one.^ iwp. Strike. Bull three. _ .. run. And thuli' dcTfShc'.'lloVr^r^ one -to n-ol.liinw : -.-ifrom l 3 hilLulolp.hia. . .In 'spite of yeslorday.'s: victory, i3roolvbm:'. ; iiost- liulf" a;,game irf the .slaiulingia. The second .place.-.'Garu- 'i'niils look a .paiu i'rom.l.he Cubs, 9 lo; 4 -anci'-,8 ip 3. .GinoinmiU' Nvhite- •^v'a^iitV-Pi'lts.bursh',''S to 0, and the .Hni-vlia^tool^^ two 'from- 41iO'.Gianls, j to O.aiid V 8'lo 2, ;:.: '' X • In tlio ; 'Amoi'Jcaii; Jcnguc, tlie leaU- inir Yonks blasted- IheVRod Sox 8 to, ',• niH'roit woTi a bargain bill Trom fllcVe'lnnd, /. lo 2 and 2 to O..SI. Louis trounced Chicago 6 'lo :j, Washington • ut:--PlTliafJuliJl-ilJi—postponed. Speaking d The next lime, il 1 any, a Na/i sul/o- tcur Irlcs l.o. land on the alxorcs^f tho Unitocl States by -way oi:,.si ; i)) inarine ho may Ihul we -liuve o't dogs in this country besides 'Vl^. Dogs." : ; ^.-•-••y;;. -.• At tbe behest ol. 1 anil in..cooperation with .military autliorHl'es^;!' volunteer civilian organization ealleo "Dogs 1'or Doi'ense" is enlisting inun's best' I'rlciul to come .to bw. aid in his hour pi' greatest need,' ... The dogs will assist in putroll ing America's vast coasl-lliie, do, guard duty at Arnuricnn military establish-, merits here, and abroad, and pass their slim bodies, under machinery 'In war production plants and between pil'cs oT vair : -miil(Jrlal.. on- wluirl's and in warehouses—sOekins the enemy. ••.--.• : Eventually, Uncle Sam wan Is .Uu.'.v 000 recruits i'or his dbg corps.-.. ; "Dogfj for Defense"; has set ,up -'chapters, in'v'prlrioipal 1 eill'ofe and tho 'iVvainlaiui" autl : : in,;o'ur' : island -posses- ; h Aiid th : C:'i^vmdj s cds 'of - r n.on-pakl "workers in this ^:non-prollt organi»ii- tiun aro comljing tli'oi'r.localities for suiUble inai.orial and bombai'ding •owners will), -ui'gont pleas to pad 'with stune. ' • The army, HsellY has sol up the HpccillcalionH, and they arc as dcm- .ooratio a^'.-thoso applied--; to. their 'human masters in tlic draft. \ war dog (ian be a tboroughbrod or u cross-breerl, male or female H must bo between the ages of one and ''/We years and NOT less Uiam 18 i-nchcs high ut the shoulders. It must be 1 of suHable lempcra- i n en I wh i ch' ~* \» to- say su seep tl.h 1 e of being 'i-eadily Ira-m-od and .-NOT. possessed of any halvil;-or instincl of which ironn NOT'bo broken. Therefore; dogs which arc, noise- Won Several Trophies Recently at State Meet in New Britain.. Tho Junior Falcons and Falcon- etles of the • Polish • falcon oiub in Union City, who won a number, o( l trophJos at the slate athletic meet held In f Ncw-Britain by the Falcon sociclios recently, will bo .felud-.-.hy the local club and their friends at a picnic and .MoJii ineut-aU Atip. Falcon •^ l puJij^^Ji!#icxl•^^urtya^^^a)f^9^yoo^.^•T.he fcslivjti^^,>vl)'l>,staH ; ^.\^i".,Pr'.'. m ' ^ c ~ ing onJoVed.'/:^,.-'/-;:^"^ ;;'•'',-. // LebiV.vMpvasYvJ'-- is' ojmlnntjii-or tnc genpra 1 s cdinm i tlfco) \vi Ui O^i'Kl i tnas~. /enskisaiul Walter: K^l«sJrj asslsj.tnaf as co-chairnKMi, ^lieslor -Ho))inskly Sr.,;is olia-l.ri"r«in .of tfite? Athletic' corn- mi tlep. ......, x ' • •;•• ' Oibcf members .of the gonoral comniitJ.<?« aro Theodore. Orrtbow- slci, Jennie •(>«ipjicjj:i > / AYaiVla Kala- boNVski, Kleanor:' Huracxcw'Skt 'ami; Chester Dobirislti, Mr: " . . H. Stabler (right)', 32, o£ New York City, whc -resisted draft induction because his father is a Nazi official and he has two brother* in'the Nazi armed forces, is shown leaving Federal Court in Newark, N. J., with a U. S. Marshal after drawing a suspended sentence^, by agreeing to join the Army. (Central Press} Big Ticke C? '"'.•:'^..?!I---'¥ By mending -clothes neatly, you n wear them longer. Pledge 10 percent of your income;^for War Savings; Bonds. Suggest that yoiu woman's club invest'in .Series F ftnd:G Bonds. \ . .' . ' K\ ''.^ : '^-:'^':^<-^:^.-±:---^ shy or storm-shy, dogs which have a natural anli-palhy tfl certain other animals, or friendly dogs which have been pets of large numbers ol persons, are unsuitable. But Ihe dog population of the United States is estimated at 12- milllon. And inasmuch as all ol J the 125,000 recruits can NOT bo enrolled and trained at -once, Dogs For Defense is confident that the quota can be filled. England raised its dog corps by the volunteer mothod, while the. Axis commandeered the canine soldiers it required.. Persons- having pets of the proper type are reluctant, <of course, to part' with them. But then NO one js particularly happy.«to see a husband, son., sweetheart or friend march off into the unknown. But when dog lovers' realise the vital service dogs can perform to bring about a -United Nations victory, ' and that failure to recruit -the 1 canine corps would place us at a disadvantage with the enemy, they make the sacrifice. Dogs For Defense -passes on the recruits. Those accepted arc turned over to the Remount Service ol 1 the Army for training at the Quarter- .master Depot at Fort floyal, Virginia. ! And Quartermaster General Ed- imund B". Gregory will be in charge of allocating the trained dogs lo i:t'ho various branches of the scr- .vicc. ', After-the-waiv many of-the dog 'soldiers-;, will ,-be relumed, their owners. Others .will':be retained— :\vIfrli the owners' permission — lo ,rorni the -nu-oleus of a permanent dog corps. -'.All European armies have dogs, for all t-heir modernixaWbn. with .tanks, m«o-torizcd artillery and other types of jnochartical dealh-deal- jng. , . ... . Tiiey arc the "eyes and ears" of sentries' on duty—these senses being" 6ix -limes as acute in dogs as "In humans, ' They are message bearers. And .they serve in the hospital corps to seek out wounded find, in some cases drag them back to Held hospitals. A hospital clog ,on • finding -a wounded soldier, licks his 1 facp and barks in his ear in an effort to restore consciousness. The dog carries a first-aid kit around its nock 'so thai the wounded;-man .frequent- Jy is able to patch Himself up sufficiently to 'get back: to the lines. But a dog can drag his own weight and 'many of them scale as much as ISO-pounds. If be is unable to assist tlie wounded, the hospital dog will ;gb and bring back human aid. .In Bussia, some sections of the ;dog corps even are used as draft 'animals. • ",••-. - : • , , . "•'Dogs-For Defense has the blessing '"^•t'he American Kennel club, Avhich .maintained international relations with similar organisations'in other icpuntrcs begorc the war. •'.If they had only realized it, the Kennel club,'might have tipped off : tlio War deparl/rient and -prevented 'the surprise raid at Pearl Harbor. For records of the dis- .close that, for the three years prjpr ^t,'d Decond^er7th, the 1 registry ol *>,000 trained dogs had .been trans- fbrrod by slow but steady degree .from the German lo _ the Japanese •army. . . f •-•":'Already there ' are hundreds ol dogs 'doingv duty with our armed ;forccs.;And ('he .number is being jn- ; creased daily- . „ , . •/.» . ; Elliott S/Hurn^rey, chief tra nei of the Seeing ' Bye organizat on which supplies dog guides for the ? blind, has gone to Hawaii to organize fc corps of trainers and sentry vdogs'in tliat outpost. •---: A census disclosed that there were J7.000 dogs on-the main island. 01 these, 5,000. were considered ayaii- .ablo for guard training. And 1,00.-) •^verc immediately volunteered foi -UECORD-NUaill'lCR OF DOCTOUS .r.hfcnjocQ, Aug. 13— (UP)— American medical' colleges will graduate a record mi.mber of doclors as the result of the war-time speed-up programs Tho American Medical association says that 21,000 physicians wilt be'turned out in the next three years. Tho speed-up total is f>,000 more men than would have graduated under normal conditions. STREET CIANTS -Throw Your Scrap Into 1-ho Ki Try a Classined Ad to dispose of odds and ends. High School GracTs 18 Through 26 Win Your Wings Be a Fly ing Off icer Go To Your Nearest Navy Recruiting Station Today And A A About Class V-S Nauga'tuck young men wishing information on, "Fly WiWi tho Navy" may -obtain il from lliilph S. Pasho or William ,1. l>alor, chairman -inrt secretary'''respectively of the Nau- Knluok/.Committee for Flying Cadets. •-' i^*+++++++r+++++*r++++++++++ ALCAZAR • Today - Fri. - Sat, CONRAD VEIDT and a Great Cast in we will.;-discuss just how these dbgs.are trained and of the details 6f their routine in niilitary establishments, >»uti for the present, if you have Vpotential'war. dog, won't you .get rt touch -with- Mic -/closest: Rpgs •* 01 fenso: .chanter?. If you ''ha^nl, s volunteer organization needs or;, clollarsio \carry The Most Talked About Film of the Year. | P1 US __ Chapter Play J .."SPY SMASHER" j fAKE GOOD CAR! OF YOUR ELECTRIC TABLE APPLIANCES Examine the cords and attaching plugs. Now is the time to put cir of them in v good jconditicn. . / See Your Electrical Deafer THE COMNECTicuf»JioHT & POWER Oa ts~^ Polo BriMHinn added a'npUicr yic- lorv lo his llsl. Tuesday evening- \vh)m ho hold Bill Kmikal's Hravoa from tin 1 U. S. VUihhcr Oo, loiil De-pl. hi)loss I'or five Innings and llu>. Ward «ianl,s camo Ihrough \villi a !«-<> win. Breri- nan's double, antt n stool to thlr-1 In the I'it'lli inning provod the lurn- Injr point of Ihc Kmno. 13111 BauUal, behind Iho plnl.o and Paul Gallagher, pitcher, lu/ned In a fine exhibition, for Hie Braves. +++ i SECOND IN FISHING LICENSES Columbus, Ohio (UP)—Ohio ralikod second Jn l-hc number of fishing lic.nnscs sold in, l.he ,SUio' Con- sprvailon Division h;»« revealed. Mk-.hiA-nn came firsl, will) 773,228 li- cnnsos issued antl Ohio's Lola! was 714,3-12. GEM Today - Fri. - Sat. {' (IIC KNttT rod^ •AI«Tl F. 0/r»c»» MIMIUll • , — Also)/ —' Loon l£rrol. C "KIUMJNG rATIIEK" -U^ ' on and AU Other Makes of Outboard Motors KSTIMATK8 FR^K BY I^AC'I 1 It\I\i:n OUTBOARD MOTO« WEISS 152 CHURCH STRfitCT BEN PHANKMN STORE:

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