The News-Herald from Franklin, Pennsylvania on May 18, 1929 · Page 15
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The News-Herald from Franklin, Pennsylvania · Page 15

Franklin, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 18, 1929
Page 15
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3L, ---L nruTnnriiniirni whwiiiw immnwnna m n r-- . THE NEWS-HERALD,' SATURDAY, MAY 18,' 1929. SEC. 2 PAGE 3 Majestic Th F Husing Announces All Sports Events OUTPUT GREATLY VEACH STORE MAINTAINS "ON WITH THE DANCE" SLOGAN OF RED HEADED MUSIC MAKER OF THE AIR S-l T BY COST VEACH'S IS COMPLETE the Air Features Great Artiste eatre AGTUREHS DIE P i urc mm EHTS Every Sunday, night the Grigsby-Grunow Co.", manufacturers of Majestic radios, presents the Majestic Radio Hour over WLBW and the Columbia Broadcasting System. This Majestic Hour is known as the Majestic Theatre of the Air. Wendell Hall, world-famed as the Red-headed Music Maker, and one ot the most popular of radio artists, is master of ceremonies for this Majestic program. Arnold Johnson and his Majestic orchestra, and Kedfern Hollings-head, the Majestic tenor, are also regular features on this popular program. Many of America's most famous stage, screen and operatic stars are also heard from time to time in this Majestic Theatre of the Air. It is one of the most popular programs heard by local residents and an Increasingly large audience is constantly tuning in on the Majestic Theatre oE the Air each Sunday night. MEMORIAL DAY SERVICES FROM WASHINGTON TO BE BROADCAST' IN HOOK-UP Memorial Day 'Services, with Tml-dent Hoover as the chief speaker of the occasion, will be broadcast from the Amphitheatre at Arlington Cemetery over, a large network of stations of the Columbia Broadcasting System, on Thursday afternoon, May 30th, at -o'clock, Eastern daylight saving time. The program will open with the assembly, called together by a bugler of the Marine Band. An overture by the U. S. Marine Band wil follow and then the Call to Order when Samuel G. Mawson, Presiding Commander of the Grand Army of the Republic, will introduce Hosea B. Moulton, Past Commander, who will thereafter preside and conduct the services. In addition to President Hoover's talk, addresses will be made by the Hon. Torter H. Hale, U. S. Senator from Vermont, and by Dr. Thomas E. Green of the Loyal Legion. Among other notable features of this broadcast Will be the presentation of the colors, an invocation by the Rev. Lucius C. Clark, D. D., Chancellor of the American University, a recital of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address by Capt. John M. 'Kline and a recital of the Mrs. Ruby ' Smith Stahl, with the accompaniment of the Marine Band. WIAV, Cincinnati, announces that one of its sponsored programs will follow the lead of an eastern sponsor ana leave mention of the concern until the finish of the program. The game of "Follow the Leader" has-started. A nnouncmg, TUNE IN ;-: On the "Majestic" Theatre of the Air Every Sunday Night. Station WLBW. ; , Every Sunday evening the Grigsby Grunow Com-.pan'y, manufacturers of Majestic Electric Radios. sends you a wonderful program over the-Columbia Broadcasting System and our radio station WLBW. This program features the world's most famous stage, screen, and operatic stars. - TED HUSIXG If it were necessary to give a de scription of Ted Husing in a few words, the phrase "athletic announcer" might be the first to arise in one's mind. This, however, would possibly lead to a misapprehension. Ted Husing is not an announcer of athletics alone, nor is he the man to whose directions for daily dozens many brave souls shiver aud labor in those early morning hours when the sun has not yet really justified its existence. The real meaaing of the phrase is merely that Ted Husing has already risen to stardom in two fields, athletics an J radio announcing. The second has almost superseded the first, and his talents in this latter field are used for the benefit of the Columbia Broadcasting System.- Out of 610 applications for the position of announcer at station WJZ, Hosing was one to be selected, joining the company of the famous "Four Horsemen of the Air", the foremost group of radio announcers ever to be heard from one station, Norman Brokenshire, J. Lewis Reid, Milton J. Gross and Herbert B. Glover, the latter now News Manager of the Columbia Broadcasting System. , Ted Husing's rise to the front ranks of radio was rapid, for in less than six months he was brought to Washington to announce the chain broadcasts for WRC. Here he was kept busy, for, in one day alone, he introduced the President on the occasion of the laying of the cornerstone of the National Press Club, introduced hint again from the Pan American . Building where the Congress of Journalists was in session and announced the U. S. Marine Band and a speech by Vice President Dawes. In the early Fall Ted made a hurried trip to the seat of the Republican Convention in California in order to introduce Hoover to the air when he formally accepted his nomination for President. That same day he left the Coast and rushed to Hot Springs Arkansas to describe Senator Joseph Robinson's speech. Back in New York, How the Grigsby-Grunow Company, makers of Majestic radios, can produce radios-on such a large .scale and at low prices has. been a question frequently asked. A recent factory bulletin explains this as. follows : - "At the factories the alliance of the men and the machine, or,' as the case may be, the girl and the machine, has produced Its full measure of efficiency. Automatic appliances, the keeping of inventories of raw . and finished materials at a minimum requirement, minute division of labor process, cutting of cost and lost motion at every point where economies will not infringe upon quality such in a general way is the story of the company's plant operations. ' "All the parts of the Majestic radio sets, except the tubes, are made by the company itself, which daily receives eight cars of raw materials steel, copper wire, lumber, etc. and ships 32 cars of assembled products. There is no warehousing either of raw materials or manufactured goods. The company plans to start making its own tubes in the near future. To insure perfect workmanship ten per cent, of the factory force of 6,300 workers are inspectors." MAY SALE AT VEACH'S TO BE BANNER STORE EVENT The big feature at Veach's Furniture Store this month is Veach's annual Great May Sales. Every department throughout the store co-operates in this Great May Sales event. During this event' all of th enew merchandise selected from the great Furniture Markets in Grand Rapids, Chicago, and Jamestown are placed on display and featured at remarkable savings. The chief reason, why the Veach Store is able to feature this special event is because of their membership in the Century Furniture Associates, a large buying organization composed of 26 of the large furniture stores east of the Mississippi. . These stores purchase tremendous quantities of stylish new merchandise at, a big saving, due to quantity buying. .The result is that Veach's and other members of the Century Furniture Associates are able to offer their customers stylish new merchandise of guaranteed qualilty at a worth while "saving. Veach's Great May Sales will continue until the last of May and the remarkable values, offered in new furniture, rugs,, stoves and other home things will merit the inspection of any one who is interested in new home furnishings. he again left hastily for Washington, where he opened the Republican radio campaign. There i. very little connected with radio that Ted Husing cannot and does not do. Quick in his actions and versatile in his talents, he has made a success of almost everything he has attempted, and it is not chance that has given hha the large and enthusiastic following that he now . possesses. t t Kfew ILodw -IPirtaBs 99 Now you can purchase the famous "Majestic" electric Radio with a built in super dynamic loud speaker at a remarkably low price on convenient payment terms. Remember every Majestic Radio purchased at Veach's is tested, balanced, and installed by experts. TMMIMEIL 1 MAoIrIE'IIIC,, MDW $ n n m Aerial Installed FREE Tubes $19.50 This famous Model 71 Majestic has beautiful Post Colonial Period design cabinet with instrument panel of matched burl walnut frame with panelling of birds eye maple and matched stump walnut. Richly finished. Single illuminated tuning dial. , MOTEL 72 "MAJESTIC" MDW Aerial Installed FREE Tubes $19.50 The Model 72 Majestic Cabinet is a beautiful Loius XVI design with doors of diamond matched Oriental Walnut with genuine inlaid Mar-t quetry border.- The instrument panel is of . diamond matched Oriental , walnut framed with burl walnut and birds eye maple panel. A beautiful . s piece of furniture as well as the finest of radio receiving sets. Convenient Payment Terms Gladly Arranged mmmmmmm' "Where Your Patronage is Appreciated" Jsss: The Veach Store is not only the home of Northwestern Pennsylvania's largest and finest Radio Department but it is also northwestern Pennsylvania's leading- nbrae'-furnislilngs stare. Everyone .wliii. loves flije .furniture, beautiful rugs, and 'other home things will enjoy seeing the Spring and Summer displays, at Veach's. Here you will find the i:ewest creations in furniture Manufacturing centers. Visitors are always welcome at Veach's, ... . . They will be pleased ;t63nftve'yJti inspect the displays of the new styles m Liying Room, Bed . Room, and Dining Room furniture, the art and gift wares in their Street of Little Shops, and the various ensemble and room scenes which have been arranged throughout the store to give you ideas for furnishings and decorating the various rooms in your home.. NEW CABINET PLANT TO ENLARGE OUTPUT The Grigsby-Grunow Company, manufacturers of Majestic receivers, recently acquired the New Albany, Ind., Veneering Company, which builds cabinets for sets. : Enlargement of the plant in order to permit output of 5.000 cabinets daily, is being planned. At present the Indiana company employs 500 persons. Worthington Hollyday brings to the world of listeners' feet through a series of travel talks he is giving from WBAL, Baltimore. His material Js not gleaned from books. His adventures include action as a colonel in the U. S. Anr.y during the World War, Journeys through Finland, Denmark, Russia, the Baltic States and other parts of Europe as military attache of the American legations. . WHISPERING PIANIST. ART GILHAM. The whispering pianist who will he heard over the Columbia System in the Majestic hour. 'You'll Like Trading at Veach rafeEfc 9ftg.Q)(D WENDELL HALL Did you know that the Fox Trot was named for a man not an animal; that the Waltz had been danced In France several hundred years before its so-called origin in Germany in 1705; that the Polka owed its origin to a skipping maid servant who inspired a Polish composer by the rhythm of her steps as she served him tea one summer afternoon long ago in his garden? All these interesting historical facts are being brought out by Wendell Hall, the quaintly humorous "Red-Headed Music Maker" and Master of Ceremonies for the Majestic "Theatre of the Air," every Sunday evening, over the nation-wide networs of the Columbia Broadcasting System. Mary and Bo?) 'will reach Portland as the next point in their tour and it is from Oregon's City of Roses that the True Story Hour will broadcast their next program over stations of the Columbia Broadcasting System, on Friday night, May 24, at 9 o'clock, eastern daylight saving time. Portland will prove a particularly pleasant place for our two travelers to visit, for it is noted for its beautiful roses, and so lovely and so plentiful are they at this time that a special carnival of flowers .will be held in honor of Mary and Bob, in which the air audience will be invited to ojin. The rose, the flower of June weddings, will bring our young American couple the story of a sister who placed the happiness of two others above her own desires a story of "Love's Great Sacrifice." The daily broadcast of News-Herald Bulletins at 12:50 Noon is a feature that interests every member of the family. All the latest news, as gathered by the United Press-' are dispatched to the studios of WLBW, and there transmitted to the radio audience. In this manner the, very latest word of the world's happenings are learned soon after they have taken place. TRADE-IN DEPARTMENT IS ONE OF BIG FEATURES OF VEACH FURNITURE STORE One of the most popular features of the Veach Furniture Store is their trade in or exchange plan. Veach's maintain' a special Trade in. or Exchange Department which will give you a liberal allowance for old, no-longer-welcome and out-of date pieces of furniture, rugs, and stoves as part payment on new things for the home. Hundreds of persons throughout this section are using this Plan to better their homes and have found it most convenient. The plan is- very simple. Patron's of Veach's first come to the store and select the new things they want for their home, and if they find just the kind they want at a price they wish to pay, Veach's then send their appraiser to their home to inspect the pieces they wish to trade in. If the allowance made is satisfactory, it can bj applied on the purchase of the new furnishings. This plan will be explained in detail to any one who desires to call at the Veach Store or you can write for a descriptive folder which gives complete information concerning this trade in or exchange Plan. ',-. Arnold Joh nson II il - . r Arnold Johnson and his band play jazz and classics in the programs of the Majestic Theatre of the Air, every Sunday night. TCD JIG, ff ' "ft 1 il . f - 1 . ' . " . For Expert Radio Service .v r Telephone Oil City 4193 3 Radiotricians at Your Service! - Whenever your radio T isn't "perking" just right, ' telephone'oil City 4193 and arrange for one of our Radio experts to inspect your set. We have the finest, most completely equipped, radio service Department in this section. We specialize in making "balky" sets work perfectly. Not only is the Veach Store the home of Northwestern Pennsylvania's largest and finest Radio Department but they also maintain a splendidly equipped Radio Service Department This Department -is in charge of Mr. E. F. Meas who has had many years' experience in the Radio Business. Mr. Meas has as his assistants two expert Radiotricians. Mr. Don Blair and Mr. Allan Birtcil. , ' Included in the equipment of Veach Service Department is one of the large "Jewel Panels" which enables the Radiotricians to scientifically inspect and balance every single part of a radio receiving set. Two oilier radio men and two special radio trucks are required for the Service work and the installation of new Receiving sets sold by Veach's. T Not only do Veach's feature the famous Majestic Electric Itadio but they carry the new models hi Strouiber? Carlson, Philco, Itadiola, and Atwater Kent Radios. This wide range of selection in quality, style and price enables Veach's to supply just the Radm you want at a price you wish to pay. The five famous Radios mentioned above are recognized the world over as the five leading makes. . That is why Veach's Radio Department features them. Prospective buyers of new Radio Receiving Sets will find it much to their advantage to visit Veach's and inspect these five makes of Radios before making a selection, as they are sure to find a Radio Set that will give them better value and better satisfaction for their money. . on Majestic Hour ffidlfi(D) ft r 7 2. f .4 i4 Mi 5 6 ii v Set Siyf J If v' 3V .-',v

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