Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 18, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 18, 1895
Page 5
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*;^^ Responsibility! Which in your mind carries the most, the button or the suspenders. We can furnish you very responsible suspenders at a very moderate cost. LOCAL LEGISLATION THE MEN WHO MAKE ACTS FOR THE CITY OF BRIDGES TRANSACT BUSINESS. DEWENTER, The Hatter and Furnisher. An Abnormal Accumulation oflllnor IIniter* and a Xprnber of Qnentlona or Vital Importance Tackled »»d INiatlCBied Will) Expedition by the Common Council—Reports for Dae Mouther the City Cltrk «n<t Tr&n»- nr*r—Oi This Sale Positively Closes Saturday Night, e»o 0 Save This Coupon .... A our No extra charge for it, but it is valuable. It bares names, and that will remind you of the necessity of a New Spring Suit. Present this coupon with a nominal sum of money at our store and we will make to your order the handsomest suit of clothes that ever adornedjour body. TUCKER & YOUNG, THE, PEflRL STRBET TftlLORS. Mr Konney was mot there to reply when the roll was called at last night's council mealing but came ID later. The rending of the minutes consumed considerable time. The only matter of general importance that wag to come up was the report of the special committee oo (he proposition of she Masone with regard to the renting- by the city of offices in the proponed Masonic temple. . CLAIMS ALLOWED. Water worlu dopt pay roll $ 9:5 10 Street •• " " 213 38 Police . " " " 413 41 Electric light £K 00 Iskew & Ray newer Erie ave 865 E S Rice * Son sund street dept 2-1 20 Michael Nuvln worn on gutters Frank Beam gaiter work Llntoa Aiinifl, work sund lire dept,. ESKlceA- SOB S Vf Ollerj £ Son ! 00 1 75 l:; 06 18 59 1.1 Cbus I Puterbaugh coal E L clopt... 2U 00 Muss. Chemical Uo sund 400 Electrical Appliance Co Blind E L dept... Ill !»5 Buckeye Elect CO 55 00 J X Thompson blacksmlthlnEE L dopt... (i W ESRIceiSon sunds EL dept (id 12 0 J Stouffer ladder ' 3 00 b)W ullerr it Son sundE L dept U !)« Kins Brill Co £ 78 The Jones Elect Co " B 25 S'undurd Carbon ' ;!j: 25 EurekoCopner " ' " £'00 Central Elect ' 13660 American L'uibon" " " " " Ui (i- Huston, Wanton & Ladd .sund ELdept... !) w Lociinsnort Jcnrniil Co printing .'Ill DO Herman Bunker work at ntUope •«) 00 fieo W Smltii watchlncat Forest Mill.... 3a to Boys sweaters l?c Mens " the $1 kind colors cardinal, blue, ecru 4Sc Mens outing shirts, cut large 22c Hens and Boys percale shirts, laundried, with collar attached,'39c Boys shirt waists, finest French percale, laundiled, newest designs 75c Mothers Friend, nnlaundried, all strictly new patterns SSc Calico waists at half price 15o Childs tanand black Oxford ties...50c Old ladies serge congress gaiter?...SOo Mens Balbriggan underwear sold last Bummer at 5>C 19o The best Wal«t on earth, with Stocking Sop- porters to match. Mothers,your boynciiii't pull bii button* off with u Bee Waiuton. Price, 50 Cents. .ttE g»ld tritn- He can't pull them off, no matter how be tries. THE IMPROVED BEE WAIST. Slens 4oc 'suspenders.. Mens •'iOa med , Best blue overalls aud waist -73c the suit for -._-,71c Misses kid button shoes $1 kind_58e Ladies Oxford ties, patent tip JAc Tan shoes, Prince Alberts, all solid Mens base ball shoes _ _S L. A. W. bicycle shoes, mene boys and youths *. Unlaundried shirts, loupand short bosom, pure linen bosom and linenjlined, all lengths < worth fl for 3 to 10 Y«*r«. Whlti or Gray. tte Bebee Hsst englnesr 1J 38 Otto Bios'In* foam asst engineer 1 U SS E S Klce & Son sand " l S5 Wilson & Humphrer* stationery 17 05 AB Ke*port& Co sund street REAL ESTATE & INTELLIGENCE OFFICE. LOANS NEGOTIATED. GEO. W. RODEFER, 410 Broadway, Over Hauk's Jewelry Store. CHAS. W- SeLEGUE, Watchmaker and Engraver. Corner window Johnston's DrnK Storfl. Broadway nml Fonrt.li »ircet«. Formerly with J. D. Tnrlor. .All work warranted. Gh»tlm a call. THE KING'S DAUGHTERS. D OLANM OPKHA IIOINK. S. B. f ATTtRSON, JlANAOXR. ONE NIGHT ONLY. Monday, April 22, "Best American Piny "— S. Y, Herald. THE GIRL I LEFT BEHIND ME. «Y DAVID BKJLAHCO AXO . , . MANAGEMENT 01" CHAS FROHMAN. Prcsentfd In the »nnie manner M seen lor 600 nip-hts In New Tfork; 160 nights In Chicago; ICO nights li< Bonton Advance mile opens Friday at Jolinston'B Drag Storo. -j Balcony Wta, >AILY JOURNAL THURSDAY MORNING APRIL 18 McKeen'sBteamlaundry—good work To Mr. and Mrs, Sprague Nichols of cait Broadway, a son. Tbe Lotus Club will dance at the Murdock hotel Friday night. Hosiery, glove* and ties, this week in new things at the Trade Palace, The meat market on Bates street, John Moore proprietor, has closed. Telephone fro. 182 has recently been placed in H. J. Clemmon'e office. A. P. Fly on hae gone out of the candy buiines*, and is preparing to take the road. It la said that more than thirty wanderers were lo be eeen Tuesday In "Tremps" hollow east of the city. Moth ball*, tar paper, cedar chips and preferring camphor, for furs and woolen goods, at Johnston's drug store. Oftbo Epltcopul Church PnrnlMb an Enjoyable Mnnlcal Itecltftl. A large and appreciative audience of mui»ic»lo7erR greeted the Griffins last evening at the Baptist church where they gave a concert under the auspices of the Klng'i Daughters of the Episcopal church. The artists were Mrs. Minnie Fish Griffin, late prima donna with the Theodore Thomas orchestra, and Bennett Griffin violinist, late of tho Berlin conservatory of music. That the audience was highly pleased with the performance of both was shown by the liberal applause, both tho singer and the violinist being frequently encored. Mr. Griffin was particularly pleasing in bis violin solos which were most artistically "endered. The worthy ladles' organization which gave the concert netted a good sum from the entertainment. Mem bers of the King's Daughters acted as ushers. Ths program was as follows: Aria from '-II Rn Pantorp" Mozart (With Violin Obligate] Mr, Grinin and Mrs. lirlffln Fantasia Aiimisalonatti Vleuitempa Mr, (Trillin, n An dec Linden Jensen b Waldn eoadrucli Jensen c Die BeKehrte Stanjo Mrs. Griffin. Gyps? Melodies Siu-nsate Mr. Grlffln. n Gentle Wind Pruy Arl.se Catenhunen b Sweet and Low Harris cSlnglnRln God'n Acre ZeUberg Mrs. Grlflln. aBwcense Rpnard b Mazurka Wlenlawsky Mr. Grime. Folaecn from Mlgnon Thomas Mr, Grlflln, The Erolutlon Of medicinal agents Is gradually relegating the old-time herbs, pills, draughts and vegetable extracts to the rear and bringing Into general use the pleasant and affective liquid laxative, Syrup of Figs. To pet the true remedy see that is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only. For aale by »1! leading druggists. 11 ti 4S Jo52 'J 00 COO 6 UO 00 0 OC "0 05 3 25 t 45 41 23 HI 03 J2 SO 3894 5 2i) 1 (X! 758 V5 49 94 2 88 1 20 8 62 Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. DR; CREAM BAKING MOST PERFECT MADE. '! A pun Crap* Cream t'Tartar Powder. Fm ': Ann Ammonia, Alum o. M>y other adulterant 40 YEARS THE STANDARD. Firm. The room lately occupied by the New Fashion Store Is to be taken by a new firm from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, with a big stock of dry goods. J. H. Wolf and L. Arneon are the gentlemen who will compose tbe enterpria. ing firm. They were formerly with tbe house of B. Cboadey & Co., at Cedar Rapids. CIrl»«nd Women (or Flerkt. "I don't want any in my office; can't depend on them; they are always giv~ ing out when most neaded," gays a business man. Zoa^Phora (Woman's Friend) cures sick and nervous headache and periodic troubles, making women strong and reliable. Sold by B. F. Keesliog and Coulson & Co. To Mr. nod Mrs James De-win of Seventeenth street. & daughter. Cure for llMd«ehe. As a remedy lor nil forms of headache Electric Bitters has proved to be the very best. It effect* a permanent cure and the most habitual sick headaches yield to its influence. We urge all who are afflicted to procure a bottle, and give this remedy a fair trial. In oases of habitual constipation Electric Bitters cures by giving the needed tone to tte bowels, and few oases long resist tbe use of this medicine. Try It once. Large bottles only fifty cents at B. F. Keeiling's drug store. Dennis TJhl city commissioner WK Donaldson •• " (THIIK Hnrwood " " LG Patterson " " Wm Barumnn " " LORknsport Natural Gas O gas lor pump llOUIf Boonetown c it B works «und W W dept. M Burnurd tiillow lor W W dept Stevens t Bedwards sund inimp house... Shaw, Kendall & Co •' " " ... General Elect CD sund Spencer park Park dept pay roll Ella Kroll washing fire dent City Treasurer, postage city business " " hay street dent '• " express lire dept J 1 " freight and coal E L dept. dept City Treasurer, labor E L dept " " hay lire " " w W certificate and Int coupons •• 3,00009 City Treasurer T W (board) orders r« deemed 835 S3 James O'Donnell. livery for police dept.. '£> w An ordinance forbidding the cutting and removal ol any pavements on any improved street or avenue in the cit for the purpose of laying new pipes o for any other purpose, and providln that eucb cutting shall be done befor the street is improved, after props permission has been secured o( th city wn,8 read. The penalty fo violating the ordinance is fixed at no less than $10 nor more than $100. Th. ordinance was passed under a suspen sion of tbe rules. LOOSE STOCK OB.D1NAJJCE. AD ordinance providing for the im pounding of loose animals, was laic over under the rules. It was provide; that penalties be attached to looai: domestic animals and that after a cor tain time tbe stock unclaimed shall b< sold and that certain fees shall go tc the officers taking them up and selling them. The charter of the Logansport artt ficia'l gas company was renewed for twenty-flee years. An ordinance providing that cit; licenses connot be transferred or money refunded at the death or departure of the one holding such license. THE CLERK'S REPORT. The following le a recapitulation of the report for March submitted by City Clerk J. B. Winters: To the Bin Mayor and members of the cemmon council of Logansport geLt'eroen: I herewith submit my report for the month of March, 1895, showing the amount of orders by me issued and for what purpone issued: RECAPITULATION. yiredept f T,TO is Police «e»t 843 SB Sireet '• 6:>5 72 Electric light maintenance BOX V2 " •• construction. 4,14o 11 Interest on orders ..._ 234 75 Cemttery _ 35 -in Printing 15 up The above prices are to change dull times into brisk. DutHtimae are not a necessity and they should not exist. It costs us no mor« to sell $25,OOO per month than $5,000 per month. But the tnore we sell the cheaper we can sell; the less we have to figure on the dollar for cost. That's the secret of success of large Deparment Stores in the cities and that's why we can afford to sell so cheap. "Of Course" OTTO KRAUS does not enumerate one thousandth part of his bargams--you may judge all by the above. See the Show Window tor novelties in Ladies' and Men's Fine Shoes. OTTO KRAUS. MSBDMKMENT8. General fund orders redeemed $5,787 73 Orders redeemed electric lleht construction 2,821 -14 Cemetery lund 77 10 Pork fund « 00 15 .......................................... City officers .............................................. 43(1 Git- .................................................... — 20 40 Board or Health ....................................... 21 CO Specific .............. - ....... _ ......... .............. 180 28 Total ..................................................... $8,2(8 W Rsspeutfu'ly sub.sitted, JOHN B. W»TEBS, City Clerk. The report was referred. FIGURES FROM THE TREASURY. i The monthly statement for March | bv city treasurer Geo. E. Barnett dis closed tbe following figures: . Aintunt collected iprll Instalment 3884.1 4.US Bl " duplicate 1894 ........... _. 7.S06 S<] •' delinquent taz collected ...... ---- SO 4-t " current Nov. Installment 1S94 ...... &15 00 Delinquent Nov. Inntaliment ISW ...... -. 17 12 Liquor license.- ............... , ..... - .......... l,94t> CO ether " ...... _ ......... _ ...... ---------- 3 9fi Water workj ........ _ ........... — ...... — ..... 120 75 Ceoietenr lo'ssol* ------------ ....... _ ..... 9> 50 Electric light .............. ------ ..... ... 447 93 Pound _________ - ........ _ .......... „., .......... „ 2 Oo Klnes ...................... ---------- ..... ---- 134 00 Rent erf Hn v propeHj ------- ................... 100 SO " "feedrard — ............... ....... _ 15 Si strert repairs.... „..„ ------ ..... — - _____ 502 Dog tax . . w . ___ ...... ______ ____ , ________ 41 00 Pol" ........... _ ......... ___ ______ __ _ ;_••' 17700 C*sb on hand Mirch 1st 1896 .__ ...... . ;11,3SH 21 Ca»b on hand water works fond March 2Mb 895.... ___ .„..„_„..„_...___ ..... _..' 3.S67 01 Total. Total -...- $S,C9228 Respectfully submitted GKO E BARNTSTT, City Treasurer. The clerk reported that he had served the notice on the Jenney Electric Light and Power company and on the Logansport Railway company, of the annulling of their franchises for furnishing electric light and power in Logansport. The clerk's report of service was ordered recorded. A communication from the police commissioners concerning the J. D. Johnston sign post question, was re ferred to the city attorney for an opinion. The bond of D. A Mlddleton, deputy city treasurer, was accepted The amount is $10.000 and the paper was'signed by Richard Goodwin, John F. Johnson, Thomas Austin, Edward Matthews and David D. Fickle. The bond of Henry H. Montfort in tbe sum of $3,000, as superintendent of the water works, was accepted. It has attached as sureties the names of C. W. Flsk and Rufus Magee. The bond of James J. Ayers, assistant engineer, for $1 000, signed by David Lalng and Michael Morrisaey as securities was also accepted. A plat of John Medland's addition on tbe west side of Sycamore street, between Linden avenue and Miami streets, was referred to the street committee. The matter of a remitting order to Mahlon Kerns, for $6.64 was referred to the finance oo'mmittee. The board of health aeked for an appropriation of $75 to purchase a bic; cle for the use of • tbe sanitary police officer in order that he mar with facility attend his duties in all parts of the city. A recommendation was also made that a provision be made for a payment of 25 cents to eaoh physician or other person reporting to the board, a birth. Ae there are about 400 births yearly in the city the ap propriation would amount to $100. The matter was referred to the finance committee. Emmett Mulholland was ordered hrough a resolution, to put in a cement walk in front of bis property on the south aide of Toledo street within ninety days. The clerk's and treasurer's reports or March were referred to the finance ommltteo. Charles J. Blnney's request for a remitting order for $2 20 taxes orrone. usly assessed, was granted. Mary A Smith wanted a remitting rder for $J 16. and T. J. Adame. §2 he former was ordered issued, and ie latter, poll tax assessed against a oter who had been exempted by or er of the commissioners, was referred to the finance committee. An ordinance was laid over under i the rules, that provided for the prohibition of the sounding of gongs on all vehicles • except street cars la tbe streets, alleys and avenues of the city, that resemble in tone the gongs in use by the fire department. This will do away with the clang of tbe baker, the butcher and milkman on their rounds. The street committee was authorized to contract with John Wb!f for the screening of 1,000 cubic yards more or less, of gravel for street purposes, at 6 cents s> cubic yard, the city to furnish the gravel and the screens. The olerk w«* instructed to notify the property owners on Broadwsy be* twoen 21sl Add 23rd streets, to put down cement sidewalks within thlny days or the city will do the work at the expense of the holders. The request of John Baker and James O'Donnell for permission to piece a crossing on Third street at their own expense, was re'erred to the street committee with power to act. The pi operty holders on Wheatland street, between Brown and Wilkinson streets, were ordered, through instructions to the city clerk, to put in cement sidewalks. The naming of John Boerger as minute man, in the fire department, vice Frank Baker r=8igne3, was concurred in. Deeds were ordered issued to Ernest McKlnsey and Thomas Spry for lots in Forest Mills addition. Mrs. D. C. Elliott asked for permis. elon to put in a sewer for draining a cellar on Pearl and Wall streets, to connect with tha city's drainage system. By a resolution, the permit was given, and the work will be done under the eye of the city civil engineer and the bene fits will be -assessed proportionately against the property owners along tbe Hoe of the proposed work. On the recommendation of tbe electric light committee the watchman at tbe Forest mills waa discharged, and If necessary the insurance on the property will be cancelled. A petition from property owners asking that the alley between 22nd and 23rd streets from Broadway to North streets be vacated, was turned over to the street committee. Tbe clerk was instructed to re- advertise for bids en the work of putting in cement walks on North Sixth street. The clerk was alao ordered to advertise for bids on cement sidewalks on the west side of Ninth street from Spear to Spencer street. Tbe street committee wag authorized to confer with the city commissioners for the purpose of settling tbe matter of benefits against the property of Messrs Dolan and McAllister on Erie avenue. The report of H. F. Coleman, tbe bridge expert, on the matter of the Market street bildge. was ordered spread on record. The substance of tbe report and its rpcommendations CONDEMNED AND CLOSED THE MARKET STREET BRLDSE DECLARED USSAFE ANJ.> BARRED TO TRAFFIC. The County C»mmlM»loncr» Wmii Probably be Calltd In Njieclal MCH»|«B> toActlathe Emergency—Aecor*!^; lo Expert VoleiiiBD. the K«|>«Jnj Weeded Would Co»c •?,«•» Would Luit Only Throe Xow Bridge Apparently •.3¥ec«uity— Coleman'a Ucport in M«b*tMUcc. will be found in another column. A report of the proceedings bad in the matter of the Mason's proposition to provide quarters in tbair proposed Temple for the city offices, will be found elsewhere. The civil engineer reported the grade on Sixteenth street from Wright street to Erie avenue, and that for Uijher street from 15th to 17th street, and the report was referred to the street committee. The council adjourned. A Bicycle Meet. A grand road meet has been arranged for Sunday, April 28, • at Pen:, as a central point, b/ the wheelmen of Kokomo, Loganaport, Huntingdon. Wabash, Converse, Marion and North Manchester. Over 850 ridera will be present and a merry time is anticipated. Stolen Hone Recovered. The horse that was stolen from F. P. Engle at Walton rat found la . a livery stable at Windfall, Ind,, yesterday with nothing missing but the nan who drove it »<r»y from the rack in front of Sugg's store In Walton. If you are Interested in cheap goodr, read Otto'* advertisement The bridge that has fona - score" «£ years connected the West "Side with the city proper at Market street orgc Eel river, baa been bar red-to tho pub- • lie. It was nailed up last night. The bridge examiner and tester' .'of iron-work, H. F. Coleman, -has paateiS. upon tho old structure and in bic jugdzaent has condemned It as unsafe and unequal to the traffic that bag for' many years past flowed ,u> and .fro- over its creaking, vibrating frame, Mr. Coleman'n report oc the condition of the bridge was read at the meeting of the council Isel night, nal 1 a resolution wins at OD->e passed or-- dering the street commissioner --to close tho causeway to traffic. , It Is probable that the county com- mieeiooorB will meet In special -tec- sion to take action without delay, tr the matter of providing a new OHtipe, which ie to all appearances a pfO'.-«-.lty. Mr. Coleman said In his rep'i t ;tiit u those who built the Market tt.uo- Sviia twenty years ago could not hau-e »a- tloipated such a thing as an electric motor car passing over the fet-uctuce, It wae a good bridge when put up. Tbn cars that whiz over the unstable bridge weigh six tons each. The trallorc weigh still more. j^The floor -o( the bridge le TO»K and sagging. -The movement of a heavy load- >over the bridge causes horizontal and- verttatl vibrations that each time weakec .Ui£ structure. Tho bridge is dangerooe., To allow traffic to go ever the sbaluK affair is to Invite an accident. There, is no room, as the bridge stands, fcr additional trufsee to give stiffness to the structure. Timber braces might be added, but they would have to extend from top to bottom of the frame, through the foot paths. A new floor would in some degree, with the aid of new and heavier iron rods, allay tbe vibration of the two middle epaoe. The bridge could not be grea«l^ strengthened without it be lowered to it» old level. At present its capscUr IB tbout 800 pounds a foot run, and \rt repairing as above, with addition*:;: repairs to the atone abaltmente, the capacity could be raised to 1.000 or 1,100 pounds a foot run. To so make over ihe bridge woufifc involve an expense. 1! it was required that the causeway be kept open t traffic during the progress of the work, of $7.000. In any event the otuE. would be $6 000, and the aged bridge coul<l cot tben be guaranteed to serve more than three years. A meeting of ic« dealers will be held thin afternoon lor the purpose <£ fixing aecale of ra:es far tho ee*«ot_ The meeting wilt beheld at the ofEat of the MaxlLkuckee Ice company. John Maurice has lei the contra* to Francis Nee of Elwood for a tw* • story brick bu.lnes* block to be«reeMC on Sixth street oo the' iot join lap Dritt's meat market I

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