The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1941 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 6, 1941
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE'. (AttK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, MARCH 6, 1941 Simple 1 'Coiffure, Like Long Bob, Gets Tousled I • jjARRiSON IN HOLLYWOOD „ ,i M.:ujjT^:iLiiif"rr"'"1—f"Tir~- ShipTronsp'orts Troopsr HOLLYWOOD. — If the motion; A poll in Btieno.-. Aires namcc picture industry really is trying to 1 "Grapes of Wrath." "Cone With win umigos aiid influence opinion tho Wind" and "NinoU-hkfi" as the I'M Central and South America, it. • bost films of 1940. (piTiinly .seems to be KOIIIR about: n/s I'airly obvious thai I lolly- ii thf> hard v/ny. wood's comin-opera conceptions of Our I'r-deral tiovernmenl, lias set Ainericfi are being filnuKl up :i burr-mi to promote Iv.'iUir un- sor the North American trade, but Hiding and closer relations of \rii.h jtisi enough attention to au- ull .sorts between the American re- ihenticiiy and avoidance of! is p iblics. The younr; man in charge to deter the Latin customers from is Ne!.',oi! Rockefeller, v.' family ; tearing the seats out of the tliea- bef-n known us an acquisitive \ ters. aiid dominant power in the oil busi- j As good-will builders. Nelson iK'^ o! [he world. i Rcx'-kefeller and Jock Whitney " fto it* is worth noting thai one of ! might see what they can. do about I 1 'the most popular pictures beinft i helping out the South American "'exhibited in Argentina just hov.'jmotion picture industry, especially is' -peiroleo." produced by n Bue-1 in the Argentine. The Hollywood nos Aires studio ntul dealing in- Reporter, through its BiK'ruw Aires diRnantlv with U. S. oil yrabs,- in I <-cirrespondent, Vincent de Pa.scal, the AryenMne. All the villains uiv I has just revealed how a German ' ii^ency has rapidly been wangling t-onirol of one after another of vi ^ ... _ tlie studios down there. The Hay Whitnev. head of the motion [method, says Pascal. Ls systematic picture divid'cn. Merely by beini; waiting with generous credits, fol- Under Mr. Rockefeller in the good-neighbor department is . John occurs and causes considerable trouble. Mi-. Longstreet is not kind lo. Wall Street or the people wh:«. 1 , frisk insanely through ius eaveni- , ous depths. He is trying, instead. 1 10 present a picture of silly little I men who get rich by cutting out j paper dolls while other men are i dying in the .same world. '"The Golden Touch" is one of those marvclously good Ixwks— the kind you'll want 10 talk about. And the kind that will make you feel terribly uncomfortable if you happen to own a share of something or ot-her. In cooker; language, gigot means n leg of mutton, lamb, veal or veni- sen. ready for the uible. the ov/ner of a ' distributed fortune, Jock Whitney is more likely to be regarded by j our Latin neighbors as a Yancmi imperialist, than un altruistic inter- \ nationalist. i 1 suppose Mr. Whitney has been i in South America, but I'll bet thai j lie never sat in u theater down j ihere during the showing of one .of Hollywood's so-called Soutli '* American pictures and heard the natives nmrmuring in mixed amusement, and resentment. If he had done that, he would not now keep point-Ing with satisfaction to the fnct that Hollywood Ls making and and \videly lowed by foreclosure at the first opportunity. HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS The liner George Washington, which earned Woodrow Wilson to Europe for the Versailles conference, becomes a navy transport, ine 23.788-ton vessel'was seized from Germany during the \\orid war. Wai! Street Is Stripped Bare by 'Decade' Author .'loiisf' bob just Isn't the ideal of coiffures for fifties?, breezy, vacation days. Even the most glamorous-, long , bob in * h e country—Brenda Fra- stay sleek and nent when the iropi- cal winds blow across Nassau. The nc\v :ind Uu-roasiiigly popular banjjs coiffure -like thai .nbovf-is rlghl for hatlcss vacation days us well as K ciicr9l wear In lown. The ringlcis across the fort-heud are as becoming when nnd-fltsflTv as when they art- tighlly curled planning more pictures with South fhose "Elaborate" Hair-Do's fell Stand Up Well In A Wind !T- • •*- : £. BY ALICIA IIAUT *£':•-' NBA Service Stair Writer "-^NASSAU, B. W. I.—More often than not. the so-called "elaborate coJffure turns out to be more practical for sports and vacation clays than simpler hair styles. ' •: For instance, a pompadour which lins been carefully rolled and pinned securely from behind is less likely to become siragglirm and frowsy after a few • hours of wind than n plain long bob—even on with- a bobby piii' or two in the sides of ii. •vifs a fact that the pompadour* coiffures of New York' debutantes American locales. It's harder to imagine that Marion Gates and Jane Tanner get less wind-blown-looking on Vhe Nassau beaches than the long, Clamor bob of Brenda Frazier. And \(- Brenda's perfect bob becomes tousled in a .breeze, just what Iocs bob won't? Certainly hers is the most:glamorous of all glamor bobs, p Those who have curly bangs seem "to .have the least trouble retaining their coiffure smartness through a day of swimming, golf of tennis -or even water skiing. Bangs are ' attractive when fmish- fures clown here is Mrs. Frederick Sigrlst's. The bangs are rathei short, just covering the top of her j forehead. Side .sections of hair are brushed smoothly upward and held in place with invisible hairpins. The sleekest, smartest coiffure in the 'Bahamas is, of course, the Duchess 5 - of Windsor's. The nl- ways fashionable wife of the Governor of the Bahamas parts her back hair in the middle, brushes it, upward into a neat roll all the way around her head. The suave 'little fabric cnlots of which she seems to be especially fond at the moment just cover the crown ol her head. Their edges are concealed by rolls of hair. Usually she puts a. jewelled clip on the front of the cnlot—just above her widow's peak. For evening, the Duchess lowers the roll at the back. leUiuii it cover the nape of her neck. At all times her hairdo is more severe than soft, more chic than j pretty. Incidentally, she always i wears earrings—rather large ones. i The Duchess of Windsor has her hair set between tea and din- Hollywood ever could do right by those countries south of the Rio Grande than that an Argentine picture company could accurately mirror the life and thoughts and moods of people in one of out states. And hero's a question that this correspondent never has been able to get answered in Hollywood: Even if we were able to represent Wall Street, where empires arc built and destroyed with ticker tape, is a complicated Institution. Stephen Longstreet. though, reduces the financial machinations of the Street to their simplest components in his latest book, -The Golden Touch" (Random House: $2.50). It is the story of dynamic Mike Seabrook and of a lot of ridiculous men who make careers otic of buying things they never really own The author of "Decade," in his latest novel, takes the Stree a make-believe game and running around in circles thai only make them dlw.ler. Mik« Is one of those "boy wonders" — not exactly a boy. but young enough to know better. His mother considers his spectacular career in Wall Street a dismal failure because he has no Icnowl- dge of life's fundamentals. He niys and sells furiously, engineers hady ventures. Yet he knows nothing about airplanes and steel and ships and grain. Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM SEE* Over Joe Isaacs' Phone 540 faithfully the customs, psychology, apart and shows you the ludicrou costumes, backgrounds and all the spectacle of neurotic men playln rest—what of it? Would it help to make South Americans admire us? Would you, for instance, think any more of England if the London studios began filming their conceptions of life In the United States? The chances are you'd think them pretty stupid to try to compete in that way with our own movie companies. If you're asked to see a London- made film, you'd want it to tell you something about England or the empire. And a "Mr. Chips," a "Citadel" or a "Pygmalion" would show you quite a bit- about the people and their way of lii'e. LATINS LIKE OUR WESTERNERS South and Central Americans mance develops after Jeffrey Owen, returning' from a trip to Africa, dies at soa, during a naval battle. For a little- while, Mike forgets the Street and settles down to the gay business of making Leda ' happy. But a coup he worked out before his desertion of the firm backfires, and Mike rushes back to work to salvage what he can- before too many important people, including himself, are Involved with the law. i Mike rebuilds the firm and Ls Mike meets Leda Owen, wife of ' getting along nicely when another one of his partners. Their ro- totally • unexpected development WONDERING Will someone please tell me why a highball made with Gibson's Straight Bourbon hit* the spot like nobody's business? It's smooth, mellow flavor gets me. Gibson's Straight Bourbon Whiskey—90 proof. This whiskey is 4 YEARS OLD. The Gibson Distilling' Co.. New York, N. Y. ATTENTION FARMERS Corn Planting Time Is Here 'ain! SEE OR WRITE ME FOR •• II iift** Funk s u [Hybrid Seed Corn The Best You Can Buy A. C. OWENS Rt. 1, Manila, Ark. Smart, attractive, socially prominent TMrs. Frederick C. Tanner, of 'New'York, ^ocs to a dinner ilawce iii Nassau with her luiir brushed are one seem to feel pretty much the same way about U. S. pictures. They like our westerns and musicals and historical epics—in upward 'all the way iiromul and f acc everything that can IDC read- fiiiishcri in side pompadour rolls. ner every afternoon. She wears enough rouge to give her cheeks a reasonably high color, scarlet lipstick which follows closely the natural outline of her mouth. After half a year in the tropics, her skin is only slightly tanned. Most of the time she carries a small umbrella to protect her complex- Ion from the sun. ily understood through dubbed dialog or superimposed subtitles. HARRISON'S AUTO PARTS & GARAGE SERVICE STATION 45-Mitmtc Battery Recharging General Repairing:, Welding Across from Ked Top Gin T HERE you sit, watching the long road ahead as it dips and rises. :,v>' %s- v ^ £ * LUX One • cf the most flattering coiffures in Nassau is Mrs. Frederick [ Sijjtisrs. There are softly curled \ bangs at the front, and side see- \ tions are swept smoothly upward. I Mrs. SigriKt's hair looks as well on the windblown beaches as in the evening-. cd in soft, ringlets, of course, but .they are pretty and youthful—in! 'fact, almost as attractive—\vhenj loose and fluffy as they are likely j .to be:during hatless daytime hours •in the tropics. rDJJCHESS'S HAIR-DO IS MORE CHIC THAN PRETTY of tile smartest bangs coit'- UTXORA Plionc -12 Mat. Sat.-Sun. 2 and 4 1*. M Every Night 7 P. M. Always We - 20c LAST TIMES TONIGHT The most talked-about man in history... EDW.G. 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