The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 15, 1936 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 15, 1936
Page 9
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JfflURSDAY, OCTOBER 15, 1936 HEST1ITH KDTE IN Fl SHIES To Win He Must Cany New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois Ohio and Mich. By KOBNEY DUTCHER CHICAGO.—Iii the face of a growing belief among politicians and students of iwlitics that Roosevelt has fin edge in the presidential contest. Oov. Alf Landon and tlie Republicans have set out to prove that an election cnn be won In the last inonlli of a campaign. Landon himself, according to those who have been with him dally since his nomination, is more confident of victory than nt am previous time. At one portal lhc\ say, IIP felt there wasn't much hope. Although most of the political •WTltdrs who nre duMtiig around the country win, u lc candidates or on tours of their own. are betting on Roosevelt at the moment, Republican leaders, though varyin° widely in the degree of their expectations, continue hopeful. tapping off the extremes of optimism and despondency, the most common remark the boys make when they take their hair down is"We've got a good chance!" Enough of the political map has Jelled to enable the Republican nigh command to boil the situation down to one nutshell formula Here it is: Landon must carry New York Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, and New Jersey if he is to be elected, if he loses a single state among the first five—the "Big Five" —he is sunk. He might win them all and still lose the election, but no such thing hns ever happened. If you care to lake out your pencil and play the gaine which everyone, down to the youngest office boy, at major party headquarters is now playing, you can have herewith the latest confidential figurines among the Republican big shots, whose Chicago olficcs are spread through three large downtown buildings. New England Held Sure New England .they are sure, will throw the 41 electoral votes of her six states to Landon, Add that to a possible 47 from New York, 30 from Pennsylvania 29 from Illinois, 20 from Ohio 19 from Michigan, 16 from' New Jersey, and 14 from Indiana. The total is 228. A majority in the electoral college,,,requisite for. victory, *s 266. | >__,:"'; - •*-— - ,._"•'- f •—' f ' RepubliciirS- s »- r rth'ey-: : arc;sure of Kansas-and Wyoming-nine and mates m* ."^, B ««^^. Then there are : some "good chance" states—Minnesota 11 Iowa 11, Nebraska 7, Colorado c. 'south Dakota 4, and Delaware 3 which would bring the Landon total to 228. The only other states which the most realistic Republicans say they consider as possibilities are West Virginia 8, North Dakota 4, and Idaho 4. But in current computations, these states lire being left for Peace* nose out ahead—tut it takes no ! sixth sense |<> tell tliem that loss BLVTJIBVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NftYVS • "™". »^^-^ *. V/H^,^/ i "••»**• uxitov 'W Wll liiCJII llllllr IUCV> • T 1 ' n i • -i of New Jersc y C 0 " 11 - 1 **> "tUc else mLabor Split !!Z, St ^vett™ lg "" whtch cast her vole against Koow- veil in 1032 aixl she has since elect- ftve went'consislen cxccut in 1012, year oftheUu •Moos* split, and In 1916 when oh " went to tlonul trend to Roosevelt. The obvious deduction Is lli:il 11 become; Important to know how things political are going In New Vork, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio and Michigan— and Mils writer Is taktnj a trip through these and one or two contiguous li ~ -------- " °°" — -•«••• ^*>slates with the Idea of flndiur !?'' lnto . Bt| y attempt K> decide how out just that i llt * na t'<m would vote nt various H will be observed that Remib l * rlo<ls of "'« campaign If the elec- Hcnn leaders privately concede to wcre fo be )lcl(l forthwith. Roosevelt 'the "Solid South'" cv- But ll usually Is accepted that erythlng on the Pacific coast, the the rcsult hns 'on two or three' oc- states of Maryland, Kentucky, Ten- cnsloi!s been changed by develop- iicssce, Missouri. Wisconsin; Arl- mcnls °5 -new trends in the last Lincoln ExpfcUd Abraham Lincoln believed at one 1 narrow majority point In the 1864 cmnpulisii that he I Incidents may bo K'onlil be defeated by General Me- - • • • Clellan, Many historians believe thui it was only a succession of Union victories under General siicr- tilch turned the election. Large elements of guesswork ci>- I elected the Democratic ticket by a — j — as important us late trends, This campaign might vet produce something equivalent to the "Hum, Romanism, and He- belllon" incident which elected Cleveland over Blalnc. PAGE SEVEN- zona, New Mexico, Oklahoma! Utah Nevada, and Montana. That's n tneoreiical month or two, even Coming to the fore as a peacemaker in the A. F. of L. ami C. I. O. spljt, Max Zariisky. nl 1 - ->, has offered a plan whereby the factions would gel together on an equal basis an;l settle the craft-vertical unionization dispute. Favorable reception has been given the idea. Zarilsky heads the United Hatters, Cap and Millinery Work«'«' onion. • G. O. P. out of tlie' theoretical column. Need New Jersey It would be possible to lose Indiana and still win the election for Landon; since Indiana has but H electrocal votes. The flgurcrs can see how, mathematically, they might lose New Jersey and still nest CUB of 233 electoral votes and might be taken fts an indication that- the president Is far closer to victory tban his opnoncnt, who must carry nearly all doubtful slates to win. Until 1932 at least, tlie "Dig .Five" sta es always were considered "normally Republican." There uppiars to be a trend back to the lienubli- Sn"*,, "' iS . ycar " lld 1L m «V ">ks all these stales back into the G O. p. fold. Pcniisylvahla^was the only one MALARIA Speedy Relief of Chilli and Fever .:. Don't let Ala!aria tear you apart with its racking chills and burning fever. Trust ••to no home-made or mere makeshift rem- •.edies. Take the medicine prepared tsuc- ??!>'- fo r ' Malaria-Grovc'j Tasteless Chill Tonic. Grove's Tasteless Chni Ton« gives real relief from Jlalarh because it's a scientific combination of tasteless quinine auj tonic iron. Tlie quinine kills the Malarial mfeclion in the blood. The iron builds up the system and helps fo'Jify against further attack. At the first sign of any attack of Malaria take Grove's IVleleis Chill Tonic. Ilclter still take it regularly during the Malaria season to t.-anl oif the ilisense. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic is absolutely harmless and tastes good! Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic now comes in two'sizes. SOc and $i. The ?1 size contains 2J4 times as inucliasthc SOc tize .and fiives you 25% more for your rooncv. Get bollle today at any drugstore. slvc last- pure _ . _ _. ( ;'.; parly leaders wiio are7leJ>uiied 11 also Is likely thai William Jennings Bryan could have been elected over MrKlnlry in Sru- tfinUer, 189«. But millions of "qiubllcan dollars and a vast |ii'<i|in«iiiidu eumi»J»" won that llslit—two factors whose importance should not be forgotten la present campaign. first months of the 1910 British Breeds Bought To Aid U. S. Cattlemen l : WASHINGTON. (UP) -Foreign breeds of livestock are being Introduced Into this ' pkm;nt« ImpoHallons of cattle, horses and dogs from several European countries lulu last year. The livestock will bo used for experimental pur|)0oc.s, including some cross-breeding with types already established here. Secretary of Ag- Ucultmx' Henry A, Wallace Is personally Interested In programs that will botk'r livestock breeds. The south ncvon cattle will be iised by the bureau of dairy Industry ami the hogs and poultry »re for experiments by the biiwau of utilmni Imhislry. Because he viould'hr.vr jiothlnj to do with that "Yankee holiday," President Andrew Jackson refused to give Thanksgiving .Day the ciu- tomaiy presidential sanction dur- tr his term of office. FOUND! The only liquid remedy that d positively GUARANTEED toc'ure l iJK/i1 t) '?,', i : il! « at ATHLETE'S FRI. OCT. 16 , Feattiriim Sidccy's 11-Pleca "MIS5ISSJPPI JERENADERS' ' Kovelly Bua SACRED HEART YOUNG MEN'S CLUB ' - -. LAST-;•,•*•; •••--•'-•• . MOONLIGHT EXCURSION .•ll. Cirulhmvlllt S .,n „_; /TRECKFU/ /TEAMER PASS^NCJR ,5IEAM£'f|.' p l^y>A' DE LUXE Too* ia Lilcnrr Difeit Poll'for'' Prciidcnt—Jobo B. Kennedy, Com- ' mcnlator—broidotit by Uoodynr MOB., Wed., Fri. «T«nio< I ; NBC Bloc Network t ««f/wr/fs J °w HMDS -^^ ,S? """"wis y ^6 LS ? 1.f have ^T^ "— *^™Z^tne fiefa cases.oj _ ured witK' or five applications. So d guaranteed at 60 and »1.00,~by Kfrby Hios. Ding Co. ~~ ••^^^"^•^""•^^^^•i J^AWEEK buys • real . ~».< thrift tiro In town. Ask fo •AA ^^** ^-—.—.—. j^ IIMIIMIILAH SURE GRIP . • aiA | CiMseethe f%/\ r I BIG I J-K 80 c tfH A WEEK ""^^rf TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. PHONE 633 WE GIVE and REDEEM EAGLE STAMPS: STRICTLY FIRST QUALITY MKUCH- AND1SK An HmicKl Discount On Every Dnlim- Spent [ n ' Our Store 5 Inc. 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