The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 15, 1936 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 15, 1936
Page 8
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',,,,PAGE -EIGHT Sheriff Wants State to Ac] cepl Full Responsibility for "Their Safety r; ' . By MAYNARD STITT *<UnH«i Prfss Staff Correspond™! ., -f DECATim, Ala. (UP)—When '.the neu Scoltiboro (rial is opened '.'•here early in November some Jurist /other than Judge W. W Callahan :probably will Us oil the tench and state troopers likely will be guard- tling the defendants Instead of the .sheriff. - Callahan, a stocky, ruddy-faced ' man approaching 80 who appeared Jn the best of health at the lasl trial In January, 1930.,now" Is suffering from heart disease and his .health almost surely will preclude .his appearance on the bench next "*rioiill>, friends believe. * .* Severe Attack Suffered ,' He has suffered at least, one se- •vere:attack and he Is confined to Ihis home. It is likely thai Jiid^c »A. A. Griffiths, who shares the ju- Idlcial circuit, will-hear the case. I « The request for state police to ,take full responsibility for guard- [ une the defendants wns made-to .the governor of Alabama by Sher-1 Iff J. street Sandlln. { 4 Six Negroes will go on trbl at the coining session one of the liine original defendants In the case received a 75-year ssnlcnce at the last trial after ho had been found guilty of assaulting victoria Price aboard a freight train near Scolls- boro. Ala., March 25. 1931. T«o other defendants in the case were juveniles at the time of the alleged assault and cannot be trlcd'by the circuit court. =• Postponed From Ejisl Summer 'The trials were postponed last summer when the defense asked additional time to permit A I! Carmlchnel. then representative from the eighth congressional district, to study testimony at picvi- ous trials before appearing as a defense attorney. The entrance of Carmlchael, a southern lawyer and once leader of his party In the area where the assault allegedly occurred, created a mild sensation. , The other defense attorneys are Samuel Leibowilz, New York criminal lawyer, and Clarence Walts Huntsvilte, Ala, nttoinsy. The state will be represented by Lieut Gov Thomas E Knight. Jr. special prosecutor; the circuit solicitor. Metvin Hutson: the Scottsboro circuit solicitor. H. Q. Bailey, and nn , assistant from the attorney general's office. Sheriff Sandlin revealed to the United Press lhat he has asked the governor to place (he Negro cln- fcndanLs in flic custody of the state highway patrol for duration of .the trial to prevent 'a recurrence of the near-disastrous break foi liberty made by the two juvenile dc- BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Spain's Self-Ruination :; v ^«W'^ : *^? : 3l> EJtESlR liy COIIA I.EK COI.EMAN.' Home Dfmonslratlun Agent Pears arc plentiful right now and (here are a number of ways they may be put up for use later. Pears belong (o the class of food that should he included In the dally diet. 1'car Honey Dew ~" 1 quart grated or ground pear 1 cup pineapple 2 cups of sirup or 2 cups Sugar : 0 tablcsjxions sugar 2 lemons grated. ' : Cover pears with water, and cook until tender, add sugar and lemons, let cook until real thick like marmalade. When almost done add newsmen and spectator highly respected the Judge and never was a icrlous dlstmInncc threatened in Die courtroom even at \lie most dramatic moments of (he trial Picking iheii wav o\ci uibb]e-blie«n sheets among nicckccl houses and ruined motor trucks, Loyalist'Spanish troops are seen here :returning to the town of Estmniaiulura. recaptured from the rebels. •Ihe. town endured a .severe strafing that -'.rt the government forces little till/wreckage (o symbolize their victory. fcndants at the end of the last , trials. : : | Attack Incident Recalled •Three of the defendants were In Sandlln's luolor ear on their way back to the Birmingham jail, just as they lopped Lacon mountain, about 30 miles from Decatur, the pah- drew knives arid one of them cut Edgar Blalock, deputy, riding In the front seat with the sheriir. Sandlln quickly slopped the cai'. and snot one of the defendants, Ocic Powell, In the head. Powell was near death for several days but. eventually recovered nud Joined Ills companions in the Jefferson County Jail to await a new trial. ..Thei highway patrol sided Saud- lln'nrirt his deputies at the last trial 'In .guarding"IhV Negroes, but the sheriff said that this "time he wanted;' the patrol to lake solo charge'bf tlic defendanfir- 'The Negro sentenced at the last court .trial was 'Hoywood Patterson, Those to be tried at the new ses- slon arc Clarence Norrls, Olch Montgomery, Charlie Wecms, Ode Powell. Andy Wright, and Willie Kober(son, •' -: Griilf, Dearly Judge 'Callalxin has heard two of the Scottiboro trials. Ills rulings were curt, his explanations brief'and couched' in straight-forward language that left no uiicorlatnly.'.ln, Ui c minds of attorneys, jurors and spectators. The Judge had no place for newspaper photographers In his courtroom and once chased one oir the grounds, warning him of the court order prohibiting making pictures on county properly. , . ' . . 'White-hatred,- wearing black-rimmed spectacles, the arrival, of the judge on. the bench;was a cue for Immediate-order. He was a .strict disciplinarian, and the spectator 'Who .offended the. dlenltv «r i]j[. 'l^iich; Indeed; wns-unfortunat*. .1 But attorney, defcnham, «,L,IL>SS, THE STOVE STORE HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. We Carry the Largest Stock of Stoves and Manges, and Florence Oil Ranges in Northeast Arkansas and Southeast iMissouri. 22-ln.KingHeaters $ l 95 laundry Stoves - $1.95 Oak Heaters £.. $5.95 Moore's 3-room Heaters - $49.95 Torridair 3-room Heaters • $29.95 Leonard 5-burner Oil Range $29.95 Florence 5-burner Oil Range $37.95 Kitchen Cabinets w^a^." $19.75 SEE US BEFORE YOU liUY HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. . BLYTIIEVII.LE'S STOVK STORK pineapple and cook a few minute's I'ack ((rid 'seal;- ' '''-'.:"' r': 'Pear-.Prtwrvts ; • \ '. Use a firm, pear,. Small LaCont« iwars may be |>reserve<l ' whole. 1-arge-LaConte aixl Klcfcr pears should be pared, cut Into sections and all the core removed. Simmer In clear water until tender.''; For 1 |xiiind of pears, make a sirup of 3 cups of susjar and 1 cup of'water In which the pears were cooked lender, cloves, ginger or stick cinnamon may be added If desired, it Is best to lie spices In a clean piece of clieesecloth and boll in rup with the pears. Remove the splec bag before 'packing. Proceed exactly ns for apple preserver-Thai Is for 30 minutes at'a simmering temperature. ;• : • '.."•/'.''!'>.•'''•• i:' Applei Frtneirv«'. J -.'',v.',' Select a firm':and,tnrt-.nuple for preserves. Par«,\ cut /Into quarters, or I'iBlilhs and remove core, small, Jlrrn apples may be preserved whole. For 1 pound of'ap'ples make a sirup of 3 cups sugar and 1 cup of water. Bring the'sirup, to .the boiling point. Two slices of .lemon'added glves-a good flavor, cool the'sirup, ad--l tipples carefully aixtcook until the THURSDAY, OCTOBER 15, 1936 apple sections look clear and transparent. Cook in the s'rup. Remove ; irom Ihe sirup and, when cold pack Inlo sterilized pint Jars. Cook the remaining sirup until It Is thick enough, and pour hot over tha apples. Paddle to remove air bubbles; senl and process for 30 minutes at simmering mint uso degrees p.) Canning pears should be peeled, halved and cored, if you do not nave a corer a curved'kiilfc Wade Js convenient. To keep the pears from turning brown they should be pla«d In a weak solution of salt (l',i tablespoons salt to a gallon of water), when the pears have been peeled, drain, drop Into uolllti gmedlum sirup and pre-cook from four to eight minutes. (A medium simp ts made by using i measure of sugar and 2 measures of water). Pack, then add the sirup. Process for 30 minutes at simmering temperature. ..The moon lias no almoUplicre, and only a fraclion of Uic amount of gravity pull lhat exists on Ihe earth,. Suggestions For." Home Butchering And Meat Curing The . extension service cf Hie! University of Arkansas College of Agriculture urges the proper cur-' ing and canning of meat In Its! Live-Al-H o in e program. In a' few weeks housekeepers will be /.lilnklng of fresh meat, and Miss Cora Lee Colcinnn, county' home demonstration agent, wishes to give a few .simple details concerning the handling of hogs previous lo killing and In handling tlie meat. . Growlhy, well fleshed hogs weighing 203 lo 250 pounds hardened by grnln fccdlne, are most desli!-.ble for butchering. Feed should be withheld from liojs to ed but It Is important that the temperature of the carcass bo brought down . lo 38 or 40 degrees, even In -the center of Ilia, hnm, within 48 hours after ib'V killing. Failure lo do (his rS' undoubtedly the most frequent, cause of spoiled meal. The curing agents should never be applied until the meat has been chilled for at • least 24 hours, Those desiring them may get, bulletins on "Home Canning, of Meats," and "Cutting and Curing and canning "Pork" from the county demonstration agent's office, which will give icciui's and methods in butchering and cur- Ing fresli meat. Justinian, . uyzanunc emperor, succeeded In getting the silk secret from China by bribing two monks to smuggle some of the silkworms out of the country in • Il-ptably the most important.; i though it remained expensive. • ~u.j,.ulj till IJILMb IIII{JU1 billld I ^^^^^^~— cause of loss I.s lack, of tlior-l The prlng-horncu antelope is the ough chilling, before curing Is "only animal known to shed its ftegun. Freezing should be avoid-' horns; it sheus only the outer shell Penney's New, Enlargld Heady-To-Wear Department Will permit every woman to be better dressed at lowest cost! ' promi&e for Quality blvlc and Value arc smarter thun ever. . . .FASHIONS Fui* Trimmed COATS Rich Furs! Finer Fabrics! H<ipn\ davs are here again wlun you can get such .ima/intf values in re.ilU line coats! Kurs are handled in a lamh manner fabrics are new and tailoring and workmanship is of Hie finest. Warmly interlined, the\ are aristocrats at popular pruts' Blatk, earth retl, spiuie. green, Tiiilor blue and lirown. Checks and Plaids in Girls' Coats $2.98 Fitted Types! New Swqggers! Belted Models!, Use our Lay-Away Plan Princess 7 U> 1C Sixes 1 to (i _ Girls love bright, gay patlenis! Scrviceiilile iiiul warm, ton! Swaggcv stylos—some with popu- •lar tish-tail hack! \Viele J-aiife of best Fall colors and patterns. A Style /or Every Cherry Lane HATS More Attractive''Than Ever! $1 98 Denutifully designed — > o tt n g, Hattcriug,- and very smart! Grand colors — the leading ones for Fall! All the new shapes and interesting trimmings! gee them! Jean Nedra Hatsi98c at Your Price! Mirra-Lane DRESSES that are "Fashion Firsts The Mcsl Inlere.slinj; Fall Fabrics! The Most Exciting Nc\v Colors! TliL' Mcst Imporlanl FaMSiUioiieltcs' Sixes I'l to 20 88 to 52 Tlicse Mirra-Laiie frorks arc known for quality anil hcanlyi They're made according t o ou r own slncl .standards— Ihey're cut righl; llicj-'r c styled to Ihc minulc, tlmy're finished win, care! You'll fiijuy wearing Slirra-I.anes every ilay! Take advantage of ojir I.ay-Away Plan! $.98 ^ $.90 Q Printed Rayon Crepe FROCKS n.98 Just the dresses you'll want for slrcct wear this Fall. Beautifully Iniloral. Unusual styles. All haw: lo'.ng sleeves. Sizes .14 to.41 Girls' Sunny Tucker HATS Lots of stylo nml youthful smartness in every one of the new Sunny Tucker styles! New fells In Bretons, oir-the-facc styles, chin straps nnrl oilier models. New Fall colors. Fobt Charms 3.98 SWAHTI.Y DHKSSEU UP WITH . PATENT UiATHKIl! Celeste OXFORDS New Glen Row Frocks Glen Hew is a trade mark 'that assures you satisfaction! Very smart new Fall styles in one and two-piece models. I..pvcly fabrics! Interesting' In mining details! $2.98 J.C.P. Oxfords Women's Oxfords •Fine -black: kid. Extrn arch s u p p o'r.t, sanilnry insole, ..cushion'.heel.. Goodycar ivelt construction. 2 This lovely black suede Oxford i.s made on nn im- usir.illy comfortable last. 11 ntt smiyly at the heel- A sensation :\l this price Always lacks smatlt Also Black calf-finished leather! shown in brown! . Famous all-leather construe- A; >• K

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