The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 15, 1936 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 15, 1936
Page 7
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^THURSDAY, OCTOBER 15, 1930 WIA'THIWIXE (ARK.) COUUIEK NBWS TIGERS flT TOP <w Bulldogs Second, Followed By Wildcals, Panthers, Bears and Bearcats GOOD HUNTING MV HIC1IAK!) (i. HAKKIS United I'rfss Staff Cnrrcsiiondrnt NEW ORLEANS <UP>—No WOll- (lor they Irnvc a sons "HoHl Thai Tifrcr"—it's the most popular foot ball animal extant. Of the iilti rollefs's mid universities in (lie United Slates IxJastiny gridiron learns, 25 have nicknamed then i-'fjiLacls '"rigors." A Iiirthcr peek into the • n:ck- namcs of squads over the tuition reveals a sli'iinge menagerie. There are 20 lUilMojjs. 13 Wildcat's. 10 \ rnnUiers, !) Bears, 1 Beaicali, 61 liobcats, c Lions, 0 Bisons, si Beavers, and :i yang of other ;ini- I mals, iiK'Imlinu Rnzorimcks, Terriers, Tomcats. Polar Bears, Bulls, mules, Antelopes, Catamounts and • Gorillas. .' 'J'he monickers outside the animal .class are headed by Iiultam, with l!i teams so named. They are followed by 10" Yellow Jackets, 7 Pfoncers, 7 Vikings, G Spartans, 5 Aggies, and mnny others, amoiiR them the rather dubious football names of Nevom'ans, Covenanters, Saints, Student Princes, Christians', Druids, Mound Builders, ProLs, Jimmies, Lards, Bishops, Deacons, Ichabods and Quakers. Infects Well llciircEcnlcd Among the insects, arc Wasiis, Hornets, Golcibuc.s, Bees and Spiders. Taking the air, there are Eagles. Falcons, Illuejays, Hawks, Ravens. Owls. Ducks, Gulls and Sagcliens. Tlierc is even a Peacock. . One of the smallest schools calls its eleven the Thundering Herd. One of the larger N(;\v York University, delicately terms its warriors the Violets. The robust trades, where mon are men, abo furnished not a f-jv, football names. Take the Euiler- makers, Loggers, Rivcnneii, Hough Riders, MatiKlors, Cowboys, Explorers, Railsplittcrs, Mounc 1 ISnildcrs, Foresters, Orediggcrs a:ic Lumberjacks. lluiricaucs and Tornadoes Then, meteorologically speaking there arc Hurricanes, Golden H'.ir-j ricancs, Tornadoes, Comets and Cycle ties. Seeking doubtless to cow their opponents with fearless appeia tiqns are the Blue Devils, Gladia tors, Cavemen, Knights,..Tartar, , Titans, Demons, Golden 'Avaliincht C hinders,' Plr.-iteS, -Vnlittnls,- Lcath cmecks, Warriors, Golden Plr.shc^ ( Blue Bombers, Red Dragons, Sa\ ages, Buccaneers and Flyin Dtilchmen. There arc not a. few with a rather horsey flavor, such ns Broncos, Mustangs, P,laine3incn and Rangers. More dignity Is attached to the Colonels, Presidents, Generals, Commodores, Dukes, Colonials and Senators: Hustle Names A!=o • Then (here arc rustic Hill Billies, Hoosicrs. Plowboys and Shockers; aboriginal Utes, Sious, Ircfiuois, Siwashcs, Huvoiis, Uuelis, That's what this fair nimrod Barbara Hedges, of Ne\v York, found -when she look to the fields. Woodcock, with an erratic Hight that makes them one of the most difficult targets among ^anio birds, fell to her gun near Damariscolta, Me. if the most powerful, cunning uml 'croelotis aninmls nrc neglected, .'here lire only two Leopards, two ttlk's, one Mountain Lion, and 10 e!e])hiints, Hlppotaml or C.nn- els. Other lapses are Lightning, in Hie meteorological ivislon; I'oodlol in the dog section; Ants In the insect group,' and Iluzznrds unions the birds. PAGE .SEVEN Beware The Cough From a common cold That Hangs On No rrmUeir how many medicines you have tried for your cough, chest cold or bronchial irritation, you can get relief now with Crconnilsion. Creomulslon not only contains the Boolhtng elements common to many remedies; such us. Syrup of White Pine Compound with Tar, fluid extract of ucorice Root, lluld extract of Wild Cherry and Menthol, but also has fluid extract ol Ipecan lor its powerful phlegm loosening eflecl, fluid extract of Cascara for Its mild laxative effect and, most Important of all, Bcechwood Creosote is perfectly blended with all of these to reach the source of the trouble from the inside. Crcomul- Bipn can be taken frequently and continuously by adults and children with remarkable results. Thousands of doctors use Creo- mulslon :ln their own families as well as in v thelr practice knowing how Creomulston atds nature to soothe (he Inflamed membranes and :ical the Irritated tissues ns the Ecnn-lanen phlegm Is loosened and expelled. Druggists also know tha effectiveness of Deechwood. Creosote and tlicy rank Creomulslon top for coughs because you get a real dose of Creosote In Creomul- Blon, emulsified so that It Is palatable, digestible and potent for going to the very seat of the trouble. Crcomulslon Is guaranteed satis-" factory In Uio treatment of coughs, chest colds and bronchial Irrlto-' ttons mid especially those stubborn' ones that start with a common cold, and hang on for dreadful days and nights thereafter. Even U other remedies have failed, your druggist, Is authorized to Guarantee Ctcomul- sion and to refund every cent of your' 1 money If you arc not satisfied with results from the very first bottle. Don't worry through another sleepless night—phone or go get a bottlo of Crewi'i'sltm right now. (Adv.) BRUISER BEST Glenn S. Warner has fixed hi tired old eyes on many a great tackle in -12 years of coaching, ;o it is indeed a compliment io i Frank Kinard, above, when Pop , 'dc'clavcs him to be one of the be I lie C\LI iw 1 he juiouncd 'playmakei' 'praised the University of Mississippi luminary following his Temple team 1 thrill-rilled victory over Olc Miss in Philadelphia. Despite his si/c, "Bruiser" Kinard, in football togs, docs 100 yards i in 10.4. ! Braves, Clicctaws, Scalpers ami Aztecs. Almost every school has at least one unofficial nickname in addition to the one in the book. Sumc have several. Strangely enough, however, some s Rut can wilh dual ccanomy of Frdm oil cTeanei and aulomalic ov • New undetslung fear uxlei g vo b g icomy inleuo;s—chair heigtil wali •» World 1 ! largest luggage capacity • NVo;ld's eaiteit closing doon with cjTclusivc^ non-raltlc rolary door toclci • World'i fint CQJS with built-in warm air de/ioilm •Only cars wilS Automatic Hill Holder « World's slrongeif, safest and qiiieFcst all steel bodies • Sludebaltcr's C. I. T. Budget Plan offe/s low time payments BROADWAY SALES CO. ' lilyihculic, Ark. Don't be "hare brained" tonight Tho haro explains, wi^h dolofuf frown r "My love for speed has slowed me down." The tortoise grins, "I'd say less speed Plus CALVERT Whiskey's whalyou need!" Don't,get ahenc! o[ yoursclS tonight... and you won't'have a head on yourself tomorrow. Make this your fast rule ... sip slowly ... and call fo! C(\LVERT. Why CALVERT? Because it's better whiskey... the best of the better blends. Enjoyed in gentlemanly moderation, it lets you greet the morning with a smile. Be wiser (without being sadder) tomorrow. Listen to experience—call for CALVERT! CLEAR HEADS CALL FOR N WHISKIES' AIN CUT RATE \CARNIVAL~"COUt>ON CASH AND CARRY SALE FOR FRIDAY - SATURDAY - SUNDAY - MONDAY With this Coupon Hil.75 Zipper Kill Folds $1.19 With thin Coupon 15c Epsom Salt Full Pound 9c With this Coupon 11.00 Citrocarbonale 71c With this Coupon GOc IJromo Seltzer Sic Wilh this Coupon 35c Turpo Chest Ointment IGc With this Coupon. !50c Camphorated Oil. Large 36c 'With thin Coupon 25c Liquid Corn Kemover __ 12c With this Coupon 25c Scholl's Zino Pads 19c With this Coupon $1.25 Crcosoted Emulsion. Lg. size With this Coupon •151.00 Ovaltinc Large 57c Willt this TSc lmond \',n(inn SJMxm I'Y 39c )With this Coupon $1.00 Wampoles Preparation 74c With this Coupon . "(We Alksi Selts:er 49c With this Coupon 75c Cwl Liver Oil Norwcjjlui' Full i'int 42c 'With this Coupon 10c Goldeu Peacock Pace Powder 7c )With this Coupon 35c Omttncnl Ammonialvd Mercury 27c With this Coupon Insulin U20 73c With this Coupon . 15c" Camphor Ice 9c this Coupon . Re- . Aspirin Tablets 3c I his Coupon 35c Chest Rub Ointment 16c With this Coupon Full Pint Castor Oil 33c With this Coupon 75c Vanilla Kxlraet Imitation 27c With this Coupon 25c B C Headache Powder 18c With this Coupon. 15c Hydrogen Peroxide 7c With this Coupon 55c Halitosis Moulli Wash and Gargle -.,...;..,: With this Coupon liOc Thoxine For Coughs mid Sore 'i'hront 36c With this Coupon SI.20 Honci's Kiiliicy «nd IthutdtT Hcmcily 82 c ;,J this Coupon (iOc Yeast and Vitamin Tablets 42c With this Coupon 35c Rose Water and,Glycerin •ISc With this Coupon si.«o Fever Thermometer 1 Minnie 69c •With this Coupon 25c Baby Castile Soap. 8—1 Oc Bars 13c \With this Coupon. 75c Mineral Water Crystals 27c At Main Cut Rate We Fill Prescriptions Cheaper Than Any Other Store in Town 'With, this Coupon $1.25 Keip-A-Malt Tablets 97 c this Coupon GOc Walgreen Cough Remedy 49c With this Coupon 25c Nose Drops For Colds 13c With this Coupon 50c Annum! Cold Cream - Cleansing- 3Ic With this Coupon 50c Chocolated Quinine. 4 Oz. 37c With this Coupon 25c Hinkle Pills - Pink 16c With this Coupon 50c Lemon and l^b r or ('ocfliinul Oil Shampoo 31c With this Coupon 50c Chamberlain's Hand Lotion 37 c With this Coupon 25c Black Draught. 2 for 35c With this Coupon 5c Muriel Cigars 6 for 25c With this Coupon 35c Aromatic Spirits Ammonia ISc 'With this Coupon 50c Success Rectal Ointment 32 c With this Coupon 35c Vicks Antiseptic 22c With this Coupon 35c Lifel/noy Shave Cream and Soap liolh for 25c Wilh this Coupon. Sin' 'I'licalrical Cold Cream Full found 49c With this Coupon f)0c L'A donna Rouge 32c With this Coupon 75c Pa',:.-) Rectal Ointment 59c With this Coupon Aspirin Tablets Bottle of 100 19c With this Coupon 51.25 Viuol Tonic G3c With this Coupon 75c Pure Olive Oii Full Pint 44c (With this Coupon 25c Zinc Oxide Ointment IGc 'With this Coupon $1,20 SMA Milk With Orange 9Bc \With this Coupon 25c Poker Play Cards 19c With this Coupon 25c Tooth Brush In Case 15c With this Coupon IOc Tincture of Iodine 'With this Coupon 30c Golden Peacock Cold Cream 20c With this Coupon 40c Pcpsodcut Tooth Paste 27 c 'With this Coupon 35c Wave. Set Large Bottle

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