Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 4, 1898 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 4, 1898
Page 19
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Tp 5 Figures Changed. The 1-4 Off Sale AT THE HUB Starts Today and will continue until our 25 THOUSAND DOLLAR STOCK is Reduced to its normal size. Remember % off on everything in the house. Nothing Reserved. THE HUB ST. JOBS COM»ANI)I!RI. pnblk ImiUlUtioii Last u* Banket Held The annual installation of the newly-elected officers of St. John commandery, Knights Templar, occurred last evening at the Masonic Temple, there being more than one hundred persons present, including members of the cjmnandieiy, their wives and invited guests. The installation was conducted with elaborate ceremony by Right Eminent Commander John E. Redmond, assisted by Grand Prelate J. J. Brlggs. The officers are: v Eminent Commander—O. B. Sar- Igeant. Generalissimo—Cott Baruett. Captain General—D. H. Ohase. Sensor Warden—S. S. Helvie. Junior Warden—Clay Linville. Treasurer—Thomas Austin. Recorder—S. B. Richardson. First Guard—George Barron Second Guard—George A. Ltnton. Third Guard—Abner Seybold. Sentinel—Robert Burket. The new Eminent Commander, 0. B. Sargeant, delivered an interesting and pleasing address and was followed in turn by I. N. Shldeler, Cott Barnett Bind D. H. Chase. Sir Knight S. B. Richardson, sec ADDITIOlUt ITIMS. has returned from a Harry Frank's Old Stand, 313 Fourth St. Kroeger & Stmin. 0NDRRTAKKRS TILBPHOHl - Offlo«. «. Kroeger, U M-YELSEY •%%• Loans Money at 6 per cent- Makes Abstracts and Writes Fire. Torntido and Plate Slass Insurance. M. Barnett, *»«>-««°°- 1 *™ 1 Undertaker,, Embalraer and Funeral Director. Private Money to Loan No Delay- 0- HEFFLEY, Insurance and Loans. ZO8 Fourth Street. OITY NB.WS. Rauch has returned from retary of the lodge and the oldest Eminent Commander, was presented with ft handsome gold headed cane, properly inscribed, the presentation speech being made by A. J. Robinson. The other features of the entertainment were musical numbers by Mrs. J. B. Shaltz and Miss Robinson, the serving of a banquet and dancing. DEXOCBATIC MASS CONTENTION. Will be .Held at North Court Room .In City of Logangport, on January 8th. The Democratic voters of Cass county are hereby notified to meet at the north court room in the city of Logansport, on Saturday, January 8th, 1898. at 1 o.clock p. m.,ln mass convention to choose delegates to the Ele'-enth district convention, to be held at Peru, on January llth. Henry Henck visit, at Pern. Bay your shoes at Walton's bankrupt shoe sale. John J. Hlldebrahdt was at Wlna- mac on business. Mrs. Clarence Jones Is recovering from a short Illness. Born, to Mr. and Mrs, Jacob Reed, of the Sonthside, a son. Miss Clara Donaldson, daughter of N. E. Donaldson, is quite sick. Miss Fannie Crawford Is at Peru visiting her sister, Mrs. Ed Reed. Miss Ethel Osborn attented a watch partly at Frankfort New Years eve. I Miss Blanche Yount returned yes- I terday to her home at Indianapolis. Rev. Madison Swadener is conducting a series of meetings at Greenville, O. J.. S. Sberradis at New Haven, lad.., called there by the death of his mother. John G. Meek returned yesterday from Albion, where he went on legal business. Mr. and Mrs James Vernon spent Sunday with the latter's parents at Royal Center. A. J. Anheler and wife are entertaining Mrs. William Hoffman and daughter of Kokomo. Miss Alice Mahin returned yester- — — ood Best to take after dinner; prevent distress, aid digestion, cuire constipation. Purely v epjtafole: do atot gripe or cause pain. Sold by »ll rtniEBb-M, » cent*. J>rei»rwl oixly by C. 1. Hood 4 C<K, LomU, Ma»». Pills WEEK OF PRAYER Generally Observed by Churches TRI New Furmtors Store COB. MARKEV, Sth AKD MM- me. Plbnes n e u I When You N«e<l no AfSTRACT or a LOAN I -GOTO- I H. Wipperman, m'Lrta Street Opp. Court Houie Butranoo. 0RGB W. RODEFER. fc E^te. Loans,, D|F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS. Q r City National BanR loorner of Four* and Broadway VM« •hona No Offloe MS, residence 343 [. GRACE, D.D.S. )ENTAL PARLORS, Marfcet Street. AlumtnitB »ubb«r Plate*. NLEY & SHANAltlAN. Boy and Sell! cond Hand Goods. aMgth " reet >. E. DBLZELL, Dentist, 16 MARKET STREET Up Irs over Bruggemaii's Millinery Store. C. F. Peru, Charles finders ot Welch's grocery isatlll on the sick list. The common council will meet tomorrow night In regular session. Charles Yarlock, bookkeeper at Ellitt & Co.'a, has taken the road in the interest of the firm. Natural and artificial gas bills for January are due and should be paid on or before the 10th of the month, at the company's office on Pearl st. George Carr of Wabash was in the city last night He is representing a threshing machine company and will make his headquarters at Chicago. The pressure of gas wells at Elwood was tested, lasts week, and found to range from 218 to 235 pounds, showing that the supply is falling, but only slowly. Harford City Times: "Miss Edca Washburn of Logansport, who has been the guest of heir sister Jetmle, the stenographer at Cantwell, Cantwell & Simmons' law office, returned home Saturday. Mr. and MM. G. 0. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Schuyler Mercer, Moses Mercer, Mrs. Avery Tudor and Miff and Barney Charter*;, of Peru, attended the funeral of William Long, of Noble township, held yesterday afternoon. Carriages are utilized In winter by a new appliance, consisting of runners mounted in pairs, and having curved sockets In the upper sides, in which the wheel rims are held by screw clamps, the runners being also attached to the body of the wagon to stiffen them. Miss Nora Davis, of Bennett's Switch; Miss Grace Corbln, of Kokomo; Mr. T. M. Miller, principal of the Lincoln schools, and Mr. Otto Pharos, of the state normal, Terre Haute, who have been guests of C. "B. Allison and his sister Blanche j during tha holiday season, turned to their homes. Under the ratio of apportionment Cass county is entitled to a representation of 24 delegates in the Peru convention. B2KJ. F . LOUTHAIN, Chairman Dem. Cen. Com. M. A. LITTLE, Secretary. day to her home at Kokomo, after a shoirt visit in the city. Mis§ Alta Medarls returned yesterday from Brookston, where she visited her parents during the holidays. Attorney F. F. Oronin,.who visited relatives here during the holidays returned Sunday to his home at Chicago. "Pomp" Bailey was to have participated in a boxing exhibition at Frankfort Saturday night, but failed to appear. Lafayette Journal: Miss Harriet Coleman, of Logansport, was the guest or Mr. David Murphy over New Year's. Miss Nellie Stantoin, who spent the holidays at home In this city, returned yesterday to Hamilton college, Lexington, Ky. Misa Clara Seman and Miss Minnie> Starr returned yesterday to their studies at the Northwestern University, Evauston, III. Word has been received from Poplar Bluff, Mo., to the effect that the Resolutions of Respect. Whereas, It has pleased the Supreme Architect of the Universe to remove from our mldet Brother B,. F. Miller, a member of Walton Lodge No. 423, F. and A. M. from: lodge below to the Lodge on high where the Supreme Grand Master ol! fthe Univtirse presides, therefore be 11; Eesolveid, Walton Lodge has lost ti good and faithful member, the community a good and promising young man, and his parents a loving ancl faithful son. Resolved, That the furniture ol said lodge be draped in mourning for the space of sixty days. Eesolved, That these resolutions be spread on the lodge records ancl that they be published In the Logansport Journal, Pharos and Times, and that a copy be sent to the parents oil the deceased. S. ?. YotrsaLOVE, W. P. BEALL, W. H. LTJCAS, Committee. Agreeably Surprised. Miss Katie Keppler was surprised In a very agreeable manner by a number of her friends at her home on Sixteenth and Wright streets, on New Year's eve. Those present were Nellie Halpln, Mary Wallace, Nellie Gordon, Maude Spacy, Edna Laing, Dodo Gleason, K. King, Lila Hoffman, M. Floyd, and Ernastasla and Mary Harti, C. Shaflrey, T. Gray, Henry Powers, T. Wallace, Charles Carroll and C. Solimano. Parlor games were Indulged in, after 01 » U u UO , which dainty refreshments were have re- 'served. All who were present report 1 an enjoyable time. wife of Dr. Ira Seybold, formerly ot this city, Is critically ill. Marvin Barnhart, the attorney, and brother, J. M. Barnbart, Doth of Chicago, spent Sunday In the city with Frank Obenchaln and family. John Rudd, colored editor of the Detroit Catholic Tribune, gave a lecture Siunday evening at St. Bridget's hall to a large and appreciative audience. Rev. B. Kroeger introduced the speaker. James Adajis, a farmer residing four miles north of the city, fell from a load of fodder a week ago and was not aware that he had dislocated his shoulder until Saturday, when be consulted Dr. Bradfleld. Mr. and Mrs. Will Howe, who burled their child here last week, started yesterday for their home at Greenfield, Ark. They were accompanied by Miss. Clara Williamson, who will visit with them for a time. Yesterday afternoon, while assorting a bunch of bananas, Mr. Henry Eberle, a clerk at the Keystone grocery, narrowly escaped being bitten by a tarantula. The insect dropped onto his h»nd and thence to the floor. It was captured and is on exhibition ajj the Keystone. Richard McGreevy and wife entertained a company ol relatives Saturday evening. *he out-of-town guests ware: Mr. and Mrs. P. H. McGreevy, of Peru: Mr. and Mrs. James Me- Goarty, of Huntlngton; M. J. Mc- Gireevy, of Burrows, and Col. C. J. McGreevy, of Carroll county. Manager William Calder Is traveling with his "Span of Life" company, and will present his popular play at the opera house tonight. The scenic environment is absolutely ne,w this season and the mechanical effects, especially the human bridge, will be handled in a most realistic manner. Mr. Calder claims that uls present company Is superior to any other be has ever engaged in this country. There *III be Union Serr ices—Topics for the Week. Union services will be held this week as follows, under the direction of the Ministerial association: Tuesday evening, at the Broadway Presbyterian church. Topic, "Prom- j Ise of God to the Church." Leader, Rev. H. C. Kendrick, pastor of the Christian church. Wednesday evening at the Broadway M. E. church. Topic, "Tne Consecration God Requires of His People." Leader, Rev. B. E. Shaner, pastor of the English Lutheran church. Thursday evening at the First Presbyterian church. Topic, "Christ's Sacrifice for the Church and the Grounds of His. Claims for Our Service." Leader, Rev. W E. fielder- wolf, pastor of the Broadway Presbyterian churcfl. Friday evening, at the Baptist _ church—Topic, "The Holy Spirit Needful in the Work of the Church." Leader, Rev. Sumans, pastor of the Broadway M. E. church. Sunday, at 2:30 p. m., at the Broadlway M. K. church. A conference prayer meeting. Prayers and consecration. Leader, Rev. Putnam, pastor of the First Presbyterian church. The public is Invited to attend these meeting. BEAL ESTATE TBASSFKBh. j Reported for Die Pharos by Seth M. Veteev, Abstractor. Beckley and wife to Mary Long—Part of w J of sw J of sec 14. 12,500. John J. Fife et al. to Josephine Fife—Lot 9 in Fouts' add to Young America. «20>0. ' George W. Becklsy to Ira B. Beckley—Part of the nw i ot. sw i of sec 11. Quitclaim. II. Mary E. Long and husband to Ira B. Beckley—W * of nw J- of sec 12 und the ne i o:t tee ne i of seo 11. $5,000. Samuel Minthorn to Sophronla Vickers—Lots 15 and 18 in McOombs and Beckley's add to Royal Centre. 81.00. Melissa McCombs to John McDonald—Lots 3, 4 and 5 in Melissa McCombs' add 10 Royal Center. $150. Sophronla Vickers and husband to Samuel Minthorn—Lots 15 and 16 in McOombs and Beckiey's add to Royal Center. 11.00. You can't expect that your home will be comfortable and pleasant unless you make it so. There is nojise in these days to be without furniture that is comfortable and serviceable. You can all furniture at a low price at The New Store. Why not have it? Come and see us. NO PAINING DANGER! Teeth extracted without pain or after effects, such as sore mouth, sore gums, etc. Absolutely safe-an* painles. The most natural-looking artificial Teeth on new method PLATES, guaranteed to fit. Thefinegt and best method of CROWN and BElDuB Work. ISF- So charge for extracting- without pal« •when new teeth are to be supplied. Dr. W. T. Hurtt, TMTMTTCTI 3U 1-2 Fourth Bt. JJUJN 1 1£> 1 iQvor FI§her'« Dm* floor Advertised Letter LUL List of advertised letters remaining In the postofflce at Logansport for the week ending Jan. 3, 1898. OKHT8. Mr. Thomas H. Burke and Mr. Walter Schrode. LADDE8. Miss Sadie Brown, Mrs. Ben Carber, Miss Maggie Little, Mrs. Cora Mitchell, Miss Nellie McGowen, Mrs. Snsan Stevens. Persons desiring to obtain any of these letters, will please say advertised. V. 0. HAKAWALT, P. M. Annual Gag Rates. Artificial and natural gas bills are now due and payable at the company's office. Natural gas consumers desiring to avail themselves of the annual rate, commencing December 1st, can do so by calling at the office and arranging for same. All bills must be paid on or before the 10th of each month. LOGA^SPOKT & WABASH VAIJ »TGAS COMPANY. REMOVED] Into the Block on Pearl street, formerly occupied by Harry Tucker where you are invited to call and see a fine line of Winter Woolens For Suitings and Orer- coatings that cannot be beat. W ft .11. Merchant tailor. Pearl St.Next to Dr. Bell'i Offie*. THE NEW COMMERCIAL SCHOOL Genuine Offloe and] BuiiMM the day of entrance. Logansport Commercial High School. T7p-to data. Thorough. PzrttiOaU O»C Bngliah, Commercial. Stenographic. P* Rrpertenoed Teacher* Modern Kethoda,' ough Work. Competent BookkMfwn M4. Stenographer* f orniihed to Bullnew HMM. LcgMipOTt ftsuurelal High 8*nl. Over32l-X3-3» Fourth 9tr**t«. J. W. H(»k. M. VT. Murphy. Auoclate PriwHpftlf. OU Phone IB*. Smoke the Columbia cigar Terrible plagues, thotfl Itching, pestering disease* of the skin. Pat an end to misery. Item's Ointment cures. At any drug store. BANKRUPTj« SALE. have got: to sell this Stock of goods and we will save you Nearly One Half ^ our Shoe Bills What is better than a nice pair of Shoes for Ladies' shoes SQC Misses shoes 6gc Child's shoes 35C Ladies' shoes ggc Misses shoes 8gc Child's shoes 490 Ladies' shoes $1.23 Misses shoes ggc Child's shoes 590 Ladies' shoes $1.48 Misses shoes $i. 19.^. Child's shoes 89C. t$i^' ' " $4 Ladies' Fine Shoes $2=48. Splendid Shoes for Boys f8c. S3.OO Kadles's Shoes $1.89. This is your Chance to buy GOOD SHOES for the pricelof Cheap Ones. Clstmas— Nothing

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