St. Joseph Gazette from St. Joseph, Missouri on March 28, 1920 · 21
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St. Joseph Gazette from St. Joseph, Missouri · 21

St. Joseph, Missouri
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 28, 1920
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Joseph, (ffazdfo Sunday MornJn ..March 28, 1920 ST 4 PAPES PEARLS AND PREFUME . DELIGHT NAOMI CHILDERS havo not their musical counterpart" Some of thorn waft to the nostrils the! sweetness of a nv lyric, some are! enlivening, others depressing, suit oth-j r carry the atmosphere of a great, rugged, 'epic niuieal thenio; at least, ! that is the opinion Naomi Chillier1 1 holds on tho subject, Kite believes It' is possible to surround onoelf with j almost nnytlesired atmosphere, to stlrj' almost any desired emotion;' through CCENE: Tho Grand Central ternil- " ' , ' ", ' ' jthe fragrance of perfume. There are! -'". New York city. Lbs Angeles. March 27.- Pearls, Pcr" fow persona who have not h.n stirre.l ! Time: Five minutes after the ar- These, With Lilies of Valley, . Express Personality of Stage and Screen Actress Screen Life Is Not All Leisure, Nor Is Breaking In a Soft Job, Successful Actresses Declare fume and lilU.a of tho valley. These jto vivid recollection of some long-for th ree thing! lite eiprcsslve of the 'per sonality of Naomi Childcra, Terhaps few persons who possess Individuality could not bo symbolUed In terms of i.mie material object, and when those material ohjo.cla are pearls, .perfume tmd Mile of tho valley the eymbolUit. ia particularly appealing. Pearls posses characteristics which distinguish them, to lovers of items, from all other Jewel Rotten place or Incident by some faint. fugitive odor, born to them on tho brocke, elusive, Intangible, but Instantly and startlingly effective. Mis Clldera believes that even as these faint, fugi-tlve odors stir the memory, so the fragrance, of perfume is capable of stirring th imagination. rival of the Southwestern limited' from Albany and points went. , Characters: A slender light-haired girl, currying a traveling bag, T girl who , ta obviously perplexed': and nervous, trying to decide in which direction to go, A tall, dark-haired woman, neatly dressed in blue, a woman whose faco inspires confidence and sincerity of purpose. With a Httlo imagination, you can Irf-t Imagination Knar She Iji probably moro Interested In . easily suodIv the details for thn .leam.. Thojr are ei-!"' " '? tha f""!, because toiagtna-i that will follow, tho girl who has taken her destiny Into her own hands ...,.. lib. himmna In their sensitiveness!"'"1 P'Hys urh a largo part In tier to contacts with tho life about them. ! lite "' 8he is introspective, in a incos-snd there are those almost ready toj1".' ml lov"" in lct IntHginatlon ir ihb n win. is not mem id Is day- 1 A ( J'i X J'- r ' to and is sallying forth Into the metropolis to win her fortune: the watchful protectriee who is to lead that dreaming, for one of her hobbies Is ! girl" steps In the "right direction, who poolry, end writing of verse. It ts a! maks It her business to point out the hobby which she Indulges even at -odd; phfalls, to succor and to advise. moment-", fn shurt Intervals of leisure between1 scones, or when on licr way lo the studio, or going' home. - " Jt Is quite in harmony with the. disposition of one who loves peorls, and tho 'fragrance of perfumes, that to tbeso" should be added a ov of flowers; and ti her there Is ni flower with the appeal of lilies ; (f the valley Three thingr, and. they !eprss, as nothing cljio could, thin, young woman's personality. , " Miss Childers was on the stage before she went Into pictures. She had Broadway successes to her credit whe she gave up th footlights for the screen, as a Ooldwyn repertoire player rrm mix men Wlin Tom M But It'll AJ1 True to Isfo. .. It all sounds like some ' Impossibly melodramatic Incident In a movie scenario. but the least peculiar thing about the situation Is that it iff deadly true, to lif, fhat just such combination of character and circumstances takes place almost every day In tho year in New TorH eMy, It has something to do with the movies, however, for a large number of the girls who come t- the metropolis annually without ambitions, have been led to believe friends, with little money arid great ambitions, have been led to believe that their greatest opportunity for fame awaits Ihem In the motion pic- I ture studio. Kuch is the testimony. of JIS WILSCV, who la playing th.s leading feminine rols in Maurice Tourneur's production, "The Patflllon on the hrmTe,'' Is one of the newcomers In pictures wi6 appears to have a moat promising career before her. .She Is a sisier of I.ols Wilson, who attracted attention before entering pie-lures by being selected as 'the roost beautiful girl la the state Df Alabamts Miss Wilson went to Los Angeles fVom her home' In the south a little oer a year ago. but until recently he declined offers made her to go Into pictures. In Maurice Tourneur's production she-is enacting the second role lie has ever played, but has al ready developed hlatorlonio talsnts which, from repoeM, will establish hor as one of the ttfglar new players of th! screen.- Like her older sis-tt-r, she has been richly endowed by loafing, llttlo time in which to actually ,jf' , prfttlest Bir5 ot W(at willingness. "It Is a fascinating life, of course,"' la Ihe way" Madge Kennedy puts it. "1 suppose there is some subtle psychological basis for -tho de-tire to appear in figure if not in person in a thousand and one theaters all over the world, to have people everywhere who know your work, and to realize that you are different from the majority of the. young women of your age. ' "But success means hard work, constant concentration, the virtual, giving of yourself to your career. You may be able to profit from the work you are doing, but you have llUJo limo for .Naomi ( liiMti CLOSE-UPS believe that they poftsrsn sotils of their own, that at some time they lived upon the earth in ajiother form, until change matp" during flm hours of the and a reincarnation foul in the lustrous cell house, of a gem to iclowr and rparkle upon niy ladv's Hi'KvT. . ... l'.irl.i hold a f.-isi fnatlon for Naomi fhilders, and shti never loses an opportunity to add to hrr colleciion, To her each pcirl is us oeparnt and tils tmrn' fn fern- era! of the most guccesMful or hi oic- tne Travellers' Aid society, whose rep lures. ' ' j resentatlves aro at all the important ' I railroad stations and which keeps a I record of eacbof the "young women I who fall beneath Its observing; eye. j "If country girls could be iwkde to . imder.rt&ful that the hUBlnewt of breaking Into tho ' photoplay studio Is- ex ceedingly Intricate, and that the demands of the screen drama on the individual are most Maotmg, perhaps fewer young women would arrive In New York with a few dollars and great hopes," a representative of the Travellers' Aid society remarked re-ciwitfy. "It, all usually begins' in the darkened interior of some motion ulc-ture theater; a couple of gtrls watching a star on the screen, eagerly drinking in the beauty of her gowns; or reading of the luxuries and the easy life which accompanies success in tho movie world, as thev all in their drab, eonimnnplnce homes." Not, a Matter of (iotMl liooks (olriwyn i noting th completion of the third "Mdgar" written fr the screen by itooth Tarklngton, Olgit I'etrnva, at the cimpletlon of her present vaudevilM con'ract, .l give pictures another tryout Kliiiibeth Mail Iicti. (loldvrvn scenarist, was student delegate n Henry Ford's peace trip in 1313 '" Mdle t'olo-Is "shooting scenes on riill W'rifc-leVs Tatalina island for his ; serial. Tbe 'Vanishing Paggpr." -i lustln Vnum . again is an "In. prisoned that ' I,cuntnn t",'" 1,1 ''" Angeles, i jaiK ith pas been ProntvuiO'l jor a signed hy prominent role in a forthcoming jiHn 1'Jlts' story j.eir iRgrnm, who dire, is "Hearts Are Trump." Is an actnr, a writer and an artist as well as a director. hdward J'iornon, owner of Te1dv tlm-t a personality us are her tond;"", ln'"' '" not really in the world of men and womeHr-Tlio-j"!101 in .'trtWRer Than" Death." have ihclr moods, and they possesa a lr,lnft nirh hn" 'ened a Goldwyn rapacity for fympaLby that ia tkime- ront""t wh',h iH keep her In plc-tonos lacking in humans. Hhe believes tuf for rl rears, at least ih..- i. ..An,in 'f"TSTSTj.. Kaihlyn Williams has heen ,.r ,v. " ,1 " i I ! y neniamin B. Hamnton for hi. n. ! to go on and sing some songs. I did I'noioruavs Ol T:4mrtll ntted, n Mils ivur wnw,. i v,r,,. - satisfy the craving for leisure, for lux urtes. It means work at the studio every day, long trips to take exteriors, study of your charucler, of your acting, when you are not on duty, and not onjy a deep-rooted knowledge of actinir, but an ability to r'dc, swim, run. In other words, the girl who wishes o rise In the screen world must be physically fit and mentally capable." raulltie Fderecik Is another star who was willing to give her word of ad vice fo her aspiring tsisters, and her ('oast studios. TIIKonOHK MC'H iltOVlTCH KOS-I.OKf, famous Itursian dancer, who is making a great name for himself ss a motion picture, .actor, has a typically foreign face that makes him valuable In character roles. Ho was born In Moscow, liussla, and entered a tbw&TT'l-cil training school there at t years. At IS, after ten years' training, he went to (he Imperial Theater, Telrograd. Hi becama the leading male dancer of the FOR INDIGESTION CH EW A FEW STOMACH FEELS FINE! At once! Relieves Indigestion, Heartburn, Gases, Djspepsia, caused by Acidity, Hurry! Buy a box at any drug store. - Read "Common Sense Rule. Regarding Stomach" in every package. words are of particular value, for Mw., he toured Kn gland coming to A'mer- Frederick has tne reputation oi n"ing;tr hm. .-Alter three year in vaude-the promptest and earliest bird of alljviile he engagsd in screen work, play-In tho Ooldwyn studios in California, j ing first in "The Woman Cod-Korgnt." where she: works hard to create the,: since ne nas itayet othr Big roles, have made her. win nne being in "Why change Tour W if o." He has jnst cenipleted work in an im portant role of "Thefily of'Masks.' roles which fame. IdliC Srrocn Rest "I prefer screen to tho tage, be- cntisc the former offers greater u-j Stardom for Betty Compson netv, a nroaoer aenpe, ana greater i , ' , . , , j ,,, ji i,,., Hetty CimpKnn, who made such a relunts " Miss eder ckde, lares, ut , ( Tuckctr; I would be tho last person .in. thejj jijra(.jn Man," is to head her own world to tell the aKpirmg aetws that company. ; - she' has relumed lo I.os the screen life is an easy lite. Aaa-elen from New York, where she "Ths stage requires promptness, tint niatle affj.listtnns which assure of ample to my belief the photoplay :actreR;finaii''!l backing. ,8h- already has ob- should be wits as prompt, m tf the! tina -three sim-les and the first, will lii. wern awailina- her. . The slum!W" '" " "'""" aclress can often depict a cliaractor by merely speaking the orrts of her role; the screen actress has to convy bcr messago ln a far subtler way. Moreover, something more than n rudimentary knowledge of acting- ' necessary, You may call it experience, or what you will, but, you will find you can't learn It by merely watching others act on the screen" or stage," Perhaps if thn messages of these two renowned players-, are brought homo to the restless girl who pees in the, motion picture studirt the goal of in Los Angeles. T;ater (the plana to have a studio of her own... ELECTRIC Starting Today for 4 Days f.- Another Great Picture " Marshall Nelian PresenU '" "The River's End" By i James Oliver Curwood Story of Royal Mounter! Police, Adventure, Iove and Romance Tim VHTTDEVIUiE I'rTT RIX Wells & Collins San Tucci Tno Italian Mnstcians I SlngCTS and Danorrs AVOTD fTtOWTV RIMIjY ATTEJfD MATI5KC8 Tho screen, too, can testify that her life, the Travelers Aid t-oclety -will smci'-'S in the motion pictures is nut huve fewer c.isca to ron.-idr each a mere matter of good looks and irar, Pauline Frederick Confesses fjve and learn! TauKrie rederick now says she went on the. 'stage on a dare. "A friend of mine," says thfc actress, "who was musical director at the old Music hall in Huston, dared me of these flowing gema. Things Tlial llntloci the Soul Fountain iJiRue, rritversal star 'Mavourneen.' ' I don't remember the emotional actinsr in pio- I.V Crtl!lK-lnnr MAtlnn .,,l, . , -,.1. . 1,. .. - r t. . ,1 , . : .....I n.i.a n rrm.rt ..,...,.., (pivhiib le' jieeiuTT I i naq a. sou wuicw nun i . : , n , "if -,. i m.-1 i- , V. V . L . , m , ,' ',' v " ' ' ,' " ' dramatic lrtiise tno i;;oul, unlej.s it. surroundw : .. . irni-lf With an armor of phttosnphv," mi.t'e,! Mi- i biiilcjs. -I ran find jn ' v-uf"-e Martr!mk. IVlginn poet liitinmt Ihn Kerene the immiifll' to petty discord, tli.U, "'p '"''''Tn studio In CvUt-r Tity, there m in a. starlit k. Th. y are so ' ''if'1rtifa. t,ilm, so undisturbed. :,o setenelvj 1:0,1 Montana has been engaged hy beautiful, that they make ono ftshainod j w'irH,,!l11 Nelian for a special charae-( rtvo way lo trouble." " - t f rt In Mr. Neilan's next produc- I'ctfuities affect sensitive' souls asl"""" . i definitely, appeal to the feelings wul . ' ' Stephen Clobsen, nationally known -ein.otJjms.BS strongly, as doe? music, j architect, has become technical direc- in titet, tnere arc tew ptr:iin.s which,! tiI rfein, ciuuet i it vn-j geles. ' j Ilussell Simpsotl will be the feat-ured. pltiyerjn the Ooldwyn prodilc-! lion of "branding Iron," a current ' novel. . i others. Arid I wore a pink dress. J earned J30 that week. Krom that time on 1 had th stnge tntg.' I even took a job in the chorus -front rtrw In "The. Rogers Itpothers at Harvard.' lisappolntment ' to my niother that 1 did pot study for opera, but ill health prevented my plans." COLONIAL TOIAV, TtlMOIllKttt AMI u in.v if if -ret J- v "'A V- V w- Justintime! William Pox , frrtstntt GEORGE WALSH it . . ..-'.".' Manhattan , Enirff jrelixlraniatic M.vstiry of "Now York Sociryr mill tho '-. - Vntlerwdrld New Sunshine Gjmerjy IUS- SAl GUTY WIFE" . rATHK WKKklY ' ' MTKKAKY KltilT t'oming Wclnoslny .. j llios. Jl. fiico-rnninimiut All-Star Attynction ; "DANGi-Hors uorns" Margaret Ioonus. aetrewi and cl'is-slcal dancer, was Karle Williams leading woman In "When a Man Love?."' , , ' - :. Ii.nld Wark Orlfflth hs thanred tlio titio of his new feature from "The Rainbow isle" to "1" Ires of I Youth," - t . I Plrector Iouis W, Chaudet is or- 'gsnizing a producing company to "make a picture In tho Hawaiian I Islan'H j 'Artliur McMackin Is the author of 'T,urid ''Intervals.' ln which Douglas MactfbF and Doris May are being featured. . . ), .. , - Artne Cornwall and Kalherihe Iewis have prominent roles In "Kverything But the Trtith," a Lyons and Moran comedy. ; Frank -.Mayo has completed his work In the film I ivjr of 'The Ctrl in SO," adapted from the story, "The Girl in the Mirror." ' . : IVggy Vparce. formerlj- featured in Kevstono comedies, has been engaged for the role of the American girl In "A Tokio Siren." Frank tianby 'was the udon)-to the. late Julia Krankau signed to her novel. "The Heart, of a Child,"-which Nazimova filmed, ... - r ' Harry Carey will care for his recently purchased buffalo herd on his ranch in Sun Franolsquito canyon. near Universal City, Cal. Harriet Wilcox, until danqer with the Lois Fuller ballet, is i in Los Angelea ujid ta planning a mo-j t(pn picture career. ' , I Miss Marian ..Pickering, an As-Itrallan stage favorite, will appear in two-reel com'edlea to be released through Taladium exchanges. Winchell Pmllh's fust stage play was Brewster a Millions." ' Mis first screen play is 'The New Henrietta," which he produced on the stage. Sol Lesser, ptoducer'und distributor, will handle the product of the Special Pictures corporation, recently organized by Los Angeles capitalists. David Belasco has offered Ramsey Wallace, present leading man for Mildred Harris Chaplin, tho Juvenile lead in a revival of "The Returrt of I'eter Grim." - , . . -, .:-. Frank Lanning a Real Pioneer Frank lAnning is a real pioneer 'of pioturedom'. His firnt photoplay was ("The Mended Lute," and other mem bers of the cast were Mary Tickford. Owen Moore, James Klrkwood and I1nrenp Iawrence. When he went-to soolhern California he waa accompanied by Alice Joyce, Carlyle Black-well and fieorgo Melford. He sny the ti.ft," popular photoplavs of.lodav rue Uio:io with heart interest, with a tendency toward comedy drama, "Hnllltng through tears," says Mr. Iiinnmg, "is an Ideal situation, and one that has made Maty I'ickford characterizations world famous." NEW PICTURES I,ar Ietty" And now they're going to do "So I nit Latty" for the screen, music, and all. The . Christie Film eorrtpany has bought (he rights from Oliver MoroBco for a sum said to be JtO.000 and according to. Al. Christie, who will direct It, a very lavish production is planned. It. ft 'not at all unlikely that Charlotte Greenwood, who starred -in" the famous Morosco show, will bo Seen in her old part on the screen. The Vellow Typhoon" Tlii east supporting Anita Stewart m ir new Louis B. Msver Kirwt ..National attraction 'The Yellow Typhoon." include Ward Crane, Joxeph Kilgour, T'on.-ild MacOonald, Qeorge I'tsher ntl Kd Brady. l,eona fioes a H antlna' Blanche .weet, jospo i, Hampton star, is enjoying a vacation prndipff the cemplc-tlon of the sccnsiio for her next screen vehicle, -teona Ones a tl unting" is. the title of the . picture .aiYB ..If is being adapted from thi Story bylCdwina Levin. . . Eddie- Polo Changes Name KdUe I'oio has changed the spelling of his rrame. In thef future it will be Kddy I'nlo. And here's the reason why. Lddy. it seems. Is tho Latin way of spelling the name, and Kitice Polg Is a Ijtitn and was christened Fddy he sees no reason for spelling the name in the ordinary way. According to the t'ni-cersBl star his name has been spelled with tin. "to"- only for the past" three or four year and now he wants it changed back to tho old way. When thn actor's newest, serial is release! It wtll be titled Kddy i'olo in "The Vanishing Dagger." for Invents Photo Device Henry Cronjager, cameraman M.arshal., Neilan productions, has in vented an appliance which promises to revolutionize tho present method of making "still" pictures. Although few motion picture fans are aware of the procoss. it is usually necessary to rearrange lights or stage recently a j groupings when "still" pictures arc taken.-; ... . Through Cronjager's invention a "Bttll" camera may he attached to the supports of tho motion picture camera and. focused as the scenes are filmed. Thiis an .jQnllmited number of straight photographs way be taken without delay. reek's Itnd Bey'Wf'eek's Bad fioy" Is to ha made Into film by a national corporation. (lordon Griffith, who played the- part of Tom Syp. to Lewis Sargent's Huckleberry Finn in the picture of that title. Is to be the wicked urchin in the Peck-story, ... "The, Prince rhap "The Prinze Chap," the filming of which recently was completed by William do Uttile. "4s said .technically to be one of the mont perfect films that ever has' graced tho screen.- Also that the few who have seen It ' at the Lasky studio In Jos Angeles In its rough form pronounce it lo h one of the -most beautiful pictures ever made, compelling in its simplicity and nhounliing in human intercut -'amtalmoKt -indtpM-'ribanle rltarm. The work- of Thomas Meighsa in the loading role (a declared to hp superb, and that -of Katherlne Williams and Liin Lee as hear perfection an could be attained , '' "Ileliliid lied ( artains" .Henrv- Kitia. eminent, director. IS making rapid pros-re. .1 in the (timing of ths Jesse U, Hampton production, "Hehlnrt lied t'ur-luinsT TTTeitrnr'.s lb' B. Warner and Anna 0. Nilsson In playing opposite. Adele Karringtoa Is a member of .the supporting cast. Wallie Reid as Speaking Actor Wallace Reid fans will be Interested in the announcement that he will play the hero role In "The Rotters," the Knglish comedy satire by H. P. Malt-by, at the Little theater in Los An-gelca, ,On the stage Wallie was a'auc-eess in vaudeville and he also had some experience in melodrama of the livid brand. -Another Cnrwooe Iletnr Motion-picture, rights to "The .Courage" of Marge O'Pnone.", James Oliver riir-wotid's powerful story of the Canadian Northwest, hsvc been purchased by Vitagraph and already the picture , is under' way n-i,company's west cosst ktuditt.' Siles Welch and, Pauline Htarke are In the featured roles. It la the tenth of the Curwood novels to be produced by Vitagraph. "Her Htotr'' The lumber deck of a ra(:lflc freighter, t'iie business district of San Francisco, New York, a magnificent Los Angeles residence, and a squalid Kiirnnean waterfront were 'o-cales used it the filming o "Her Story." a Q. B. Kamuelson produotion soon to be released. , "Deiw of Wliliere" Jaek Kerrigan's ninth Bruntnn production will be 'The House of Whispers," a mystery play of the New Tork underworld. It is adapted from the novel by Wliilam Johnslon, Frits'. Brunette will play opposite and Krnest Warde will direct. 1 ' Pound for pound the steels in a, M A X W ELL . '!f '.'..'."..':" S ' "' 1 .-, '.- .i,. '-.'.- . ' ', equal those Jn any car 1 H E tendency in cars today, is to reduce weight, to cut out unnecessary pounds, to takeKose7" extra burdens ofT the power of an engine ... In a Maxwell there is hardly a superfluous pound. Like a great cross country, runner, it carries no handicap in weight. It is made of fine steels, and these steels have that magic combination that metallurgists strive for light weight and extra strength. . . These steels are made to order for Maxwell. -They are ; treated in great furnaces, and they are strong beyond belief. Poundforpound,theyequalthesteeIsinanycarbuilt But they more than repay for their high cost. They wear; They stand terrific abuse. They defy time. But their greatest task is to lighten the burden of the Maxwell engine, enable it to perform brilliantly, and make gasoline deliver extended mileage. Thus you will understand that rise of Maxwell the world over, that ever growing friendship, that ever increasing demknd. Today nearly 40Q 000 in use.. In 1920, 100,000 more. Still this will fill but 60 of the world's requirements for this remarkable car. Timberlake Motor Co. ;. 1217 Frederick Avenue, ' Mii St. Joseph, Mo. v

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