The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 30, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1939
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VOUWR XXXVI—NO. 100. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS — • THB DOMINANT NKWSPAPETJ OP NORTHEAST'ARKANSAS AND *wm«A«P «,«n m , •+•*•*** ? f U niylhevllle Courier BJyllievlJle Herald BlytheylUe Dally News Mississippi Vnllcy Trader AND SOUTHEAST MIBSOOni Winter Settles Over Western Front And Along Alpine Passes lYort A tS, 0a - »• < UIt >- Wi '»«'- *>">«> »« Hie »»r Siiow flurries swept the Sam- valley ami bceim nlin.r nn I>1 rK-i + J i " i 1 ^ r • * *' J1V * >/V.B'"l I'll'lir I'I' in o it is m the Vosges moimliims, near the Swiss bonier Aviators reported sub-zero ton-* — . _ » ()l(lfil - peratures alofl. "' •Tlie Duke of Windsor, completing a tour of (he snowy regions of the front in h| s capacity as inspector general of the British "my, advised thai knitted woolens and comfort* should be hurried to the soldiers, Fighting was.reported al.a minimum, throughout a week end lull. On Ihe Italian frontier snow line) Closed all the Alpine passes, fie- porlx from Grenoble said there were 39 inches of snow in Galibl'er pass and only slightly less ARKANSAS, MONDAY, OCTOHKR .TO, ifl.'iO lEPEft SWuGOlliS[ other passes. A severe winter was forecasl and Prance's famous "blue devil" Alpine army was ordered to prepare for intensive training in the early 1 snow. At London the air ministry reported that British flyers on a scouting trip over southern Germany had encountered 30 below zero temperature and. thai six inches of Ice had formed on the cowlings.. The flyers breath froze Close Vole.On Predicted Bef Of Week WASmNGTON,"oo(. 30 ' Measure ore Rnd Air Raid Alarms Sounded Along Coast And At London bll. roiiPalliiB ti K , ari , started ihroiujh the of muse rules today as n t\mM* , "'""I" WMlm mid isolation l intenslded their Hforls- in «m wil doubtful rcprescinailv" the vital embargo Lssue. SINGLE COPIES FIVE GKN'J Find Difficulty In F Location Of Slaying hi Air One of (Jirec Missouri will pi'osei'iile him niid only Pleloli cnn doiovmini- (ho dpelsloii. ill* wn.s to be aske-d today ill exactly \v'ini wild Friday evening from lirookfiPltl, he flyers described an almost over- LONDON, Ocl. 30. (UPJ—Nnzf aircrafl were driven back fron'i England again today after air raid alarms had souiidod in London and In t:wjw nlong Ihe east coast Observers believed at one aerman plane may have been Force fighters. alarms extended from > lip of England (o (he Forth where German iade rccon- conceded dint th Wedne<i!n\ ' close or bcmbing flights. W i. .,,, nmju.-jt, uyer-1 Mnnnu'liiln fl,« M powering desire to sleep the sen- ,„„»,« J , nttvnl war satlon during freezing continued al a fast pace, three Premier Daladier mndc a secret 'submarUie? One" wa^T S " nk ^ morale oT'the'troop/was "icelleirL I „?,/'Jfr A £™"* * 1 / h ,! Uoss ° r ! lve morale of the troops was Claim Americans Threatened LONDON, Oct. 30 (UP)—Members of the German prize crew which captured the American steamer City of Fllnl threatened to sink it- if tlic American crew tried lo make trouble survivors from (he British steamer Stone- Sate said today. The Stoiiegate wns shelled and sunk by the German pocket battleship Deutschland just before he City of Flint was halted by Ihe warship. A prize crew of 30 to 40 men, armed with revolvers and hand grenades, was put aboard-the Oily of Flint, which is,., how.,.! presumably trying to sneak- through, the allied'.'Blockade "to &' Qeririan" port. - • "•' ffazl seamen aboard (.he Deutschland were ahiazed -when 'the European .war broke out, the Stonegate survivors said. A member of the prize crew told the Stonegate survivors: -'We, arc 'sorry to have (o sink your ship. We really do not want *>r with Britain. We knew nothing about' the political situation right up ;to or very shortly before the outbreak, of war and then we were amazed at, the situation." New York Cotton of her crew. Another was the trawler Saint Nidan and a third was the trawler Lynx. Both trawler crews were saved Tile sinkings raised the total of British losses in the last seven days to more (hau 30,000 tons but total tonnage lost In October was sharply down from that lost in September. - . On the Norfolk co'asl the body of a Nazi airman was washed ashore, Indicating that probably at leasl one more plane Ihan counted by (he British had been brought dowa nt sea in combat last week. Educators To Meet In Little Rock Latter Part Of Week Uoth sides vole, "tght or Thursclny. Admlnistrntton leaders said th»i polls indicated n repeal majority of not more Ihnn 30 voles Ren Hamilton. Fish (Ren., N Y) on posing rcjjenl, jSredletcd the ' cm. bareo would be retained, but bj less Ihnn 10 voles. The house niles committee meets Ins afternoon to approve a rule for . consideration of (he bill with ' debate beginning tomorrow' The rules committee will vccbmm°m thai the house refuse to agree to senate amendments to the house neutrality bill, which was passed last June 30. This will send the measure to conference the senate. NEW YORK, Oct Cotton clcsed steady. . LITTLE ROCK, Ark,, Oct 2D About .j.sod edueatois will begin their annual Arkansas ' Education •Association 'convention here .Thursday and, in most Instances, give their . pupils n three-day vacation Dec". Jan! Mar. ..... May Oct. ,' 30 (UPJ—1 If any^'poHllcal activities develop ( as has been forecast by the A. K.' A.' open high low close ' Io| ir»al ol; Arkansas Education, they 912 915 - 911 913 I w' 11 be brought Into the open by 909n! Pnsiticil t Ralph B. Jones and his opponents at a pre-convention meeting Wednesday ntglit. Officers will be elected and proposed amendments to the association's constitution will be voted upon Friday. Politics also may develop at this nieeling'. President Jones charged thai . "certain forces" have selected a ! tickel of candidates to 912 9M 89 G 886 871 845 915 969 900 691 875 845 -911 •.BOC, 895 870 842 899 889 87.1 843 Spots closed nominal at 934, v Orleans Cotton - j i "-«^ci, VL tuiiumtucs 10 suppcrt in ler Ilial the next cotton crop lion." He did not name the "forces" (ale • would show n material but, he evidently referred to the reduction tended to strengthen cotton futures clcsed up Ihrec to six points. Dec Jan Mar May Jul Oct open high low close 920 925 9141) ... ,906 910, 895 900 882 885 852 852 920 906895 8RCI 851. 923 917 909 900 883 852 n Spots closed steady at 923, up 3. Stock Prices NEW YORK, Oct. 30 (UP) — Stocks moved Irregularly in a narrow range in a dull session today A. T. &-T 1673:4 Anaconda Cop. - 33 3-4 Assoc. D. G 93-4 Bell), steel 90 7-8 Boeing Air ...•. 295-8 Chrysler 903-4 Cities Serv 53-4 Coca Cola 120 Gen. Elec . . 41 1-4 Gen. Mol Montgomery Ward N. Y. Central .... Packard . . .. Phillips Pet Radio Schenly Disl. ...'.'. Simmons Socony Vac Stct. Oil N. j. !.".'.! Texas Corp. U. S. Steel ...".'." -8 .. 54 ... 50 .. 22 .. 4 • .. 435-8 .. 51-8 .. 141-2 .. 25 .. 133-4 .. 47 1-8 . . 46 7-8 . . 75 3-4 stale Department of Education. Mr: Alford denied the department had selected a "slate." • W. p. Keith, Jefferscn county examiner and former silperlntcndeiil of Jefferson county schools, said yesterday he was given such a list by C. S. Brother, assistant director of the Education Department's Division of Free Textbocks. He said the prepared list was given him at the examiners' conference. ' Mr. Keith said the list he received from Mr. Brothers contained check marks opposite the following- candidales' names:; •J. E. Howard, superintendent 1 of Stuttgart schcols. for president J. P. Wahl, iiipcrihtimeieiu' of Helena schools, vice president •Miss Lela Nichols, : principal of Greenwood school at Hot Springs, recording secretary. ' Craw/ord Greene, director of Uie Division of Information and Research, state Education Department, treasurer. Chicago Wheat Dec. May open high 8« 1-2 , 87 80 !ou- ' close 857-8 861-8 863-8 851-4 851-4 nv . superintendent of Walnut Ridge schools, and J I, Frail, superintendent of Malv'ern school, executive KinnilUeemcn The Nominations Committee's' selection provided the following other j candidates: Ben R. Williams, superintendent of Ashdown schorls and vice nresl- <lenl of the A. B. A .. for W. D. McClurkln, 5u W e of Blythevllte schools, vice pre'f- dent. Mrs. Guy Gardner, mlncinal ot RMsseUvlUe Junior High Si ve ccrdlng secretary Dec. May Chicuffo Corn high low eloso Although the house technically win be rejecting the administration-approved senate bill by adopting the rules committee repcrl tomorrow, the action will' not be significant since administration leaders have agreed to the procedure- to make possible a clcar--yt test on Uie embargo issue. 'Hie decisive house vote will come immediately after 'this action when Speaker William B Bankhead (Dem., A | a .), entertains a . motion to instruct ' the house conferees lo insist on retention of tlic modified nnns embargo which the house wrote into Us bill last June by a 4i-vole majority last June. The administration will fight tills motion vigorously, mid It will represent the only direct house lest on the issue. Oratory probably will delay that vole until Wednesday or Thursday. House debate will nnd (he fate of the bill hi- Uie hands of a small group, pt-nhpnt 70 or 80 house members still publicly unc"6imnit- ted on (he Issue. This Includes many members of the fiO .Democrats who voted against repeal ost. session mid of (.lie 42 who did nol vote, 'llie Issue was presented on n modified embargo— nrohlblllngr shipments O f aims and ammunition but- not mentioning implements of war — presented as on amendment by Rep. John M. Vorys-(Rep.. o.). Sonic of these uncommitted members have lold house leaders privately how they will vote unit point, 'In h| s nli'liliinc put two pistol bullets Ihroilgh'liu: head of Carl niypns whom lie/wns Holding prisoner in nivensv (mi yellow. monoplane. iioiifpssotl Saturday nlghl •'- "' kidimp-nnmler of HO him to tlio fn lllvnis, Urookflc-kl iiylng"ili?Yriic- tor. He said in ih e confession thai Ihe murder was executed—in pelf defense, while the ,,| nnp pumgsd uncontrolled tosvnril earlli-bver Cacon county, just , u . r oss (he Linn counly line [vein Brookflpld. But Cant, W. J. ffamsey, of the state highway patrol, who brb.UBht him back early this morning'—b> automobile—from Tmltaimpolls; was not satisfied and said that nflei Ihe imiuest here al 9 a.m. today. Plclch would be pressed "to -tull the trniii." Hlven.s- died some (line after the liny nfofC jj| n iic he piloted, and in which Pletch occupied Ihe rear sent, took off from Brookllcld aboul 4 p.m. Friday. He died ue- fore Pletch brought it down In n pnsluro near here an hour Inter. The plane had flown onl of Linn Bounty, across.. Macon counly lo and here In Shelby comity, where Pletch disposed of Bivens' body. Linn' County Prosecutor C. Deri; 3rcen, certain Plclch held hi.; .32 caliber automatic to the back of 3evins' head and pulled the trigger twice shortly after the takeoff, filed murder, kidnaping nnd >laue stealing charges. Macon County Prosecutor Vln- -ent. Moody, holding Match's c'on- ession authentic as to the murder ocation. claimed jurisdiction and filed murder charges. . Shelby Counly Attorney Fred Bollow also filed murder charges, sccausc Bivens' body was found n his county. ' ' • '• Anger among Brookflcld's 7,000 •esidenls did not abate today-ami .. Ural boy here and re nfrnirt they won't iiepd'Hny trial, lljookfleld's night police d,|of tlyilp Cnssldy, snid. but n K(MC mnn. early loday from ,\ri«. Ell uivcns, widow of the Illor, wft« ex poetcd to have a (iiilet'ing elfecl "Take good care of that fellow.' she .snid, "I ivnut hltn handled b) in" law'so lie ran never do nnj m lo nny body else, mil i di not wuiit a mot> to get him or am lynching. on« lime f would huvf it would be nil right, tc mob a fellow like thnl (nil, nou nmi Ihl.s hns hapjienrd, I feel :llflerent about It.." "Tlicre Isn't any (aiiRlbln ''evi- donce of mob fcelhij;." Cassldy said, "but, |hit undercurrent Is there." Mrs. nivcns Indicate CITTf OF FLINT'S HEIDJ! Germans Repot-|«l Moving Cautiously Down Coast With 'Heir PnV.c WASilfNOTON, Oct, ;io. <UP)_ S ecrc.n.y „; S | a(a of Sl.ito Cordial •win today thai Ihe sdilo'ti men I was inking every find! calculated to comrlbtiic to »'«' wfdv of (hi, H . mn Amtl ,. » Hie /iflghiei- city of vessel t only «'iis this money miss . also Ills wrist watch. ........... ask thai nn additional charge « robbery be ma<(e against plelc llfr hiistand, .she said, probnbl had several hundred dollars In h possession Friday, the proceci troin the sale of his garage to Ha Hunter, fellow mechanic. She sa Hint not tng bill She said that through the MI I ol his garage Bivens litiil hope to pay down on n plane of hi own and make Hying his prlncip.l vocation. Hcgardlng (he mlssln money, she 'recalled Unit n farntc with whom Plclch spent, Fridn night reported, he seemed to hnv considerable money ntul offerei "nny amount" for gasoline will which lo refuel the stolen plane Welch, christened "the flyim I.ochtnvar" Inst summer wlich "n kidnaped In a stolen plane an 11 linois girl ho wished to marry, ap pcared calm In his cell after m all-nielli drive from Indianapolis He "had been captured Satiirdn night on n hillside near Bloomhu: ton,' where he- had landed th stolen plane a few hours afte stunting it over the favm of hi parents nt Frankfort; Imt. now Is headed '/or 1 Clermnn poii \\\ <" a Ciermnn prlxo LICU (l«. from "an'op,,. 1 " 10 " " >r ° Vlnfl -' IltiH said tho dcpnrliiiMil v ;lviii(! every atlentlon to (In- sure- j oi i tip crew liui IH. iliit i •'atomic, on Ihe steps' thai night hnvc In mind, she might) ™« City of Film, now emomo bald-headed little Sam Rayburn, nwjoiily leader, has been carrying ni'ounrt In his pocket for weeks n page lorn from the Congressional Urcord showing how ;.he vote went in the -Vorys .amendment. On that page he has been able lo record enough switches to enable leaders to protect approval of repeal by a small margin. not more than 30 votes ul the outside. Arkansas' Quota Of WPA Workers Boosted LITTLE ROCK. Ocl. 30 (CJP>_ State WPA Administrator Floyd Sharp announced, today that the stale's quota of w'crkei's'for November will bo raised from the present figure of -32,900 to 37,000. New figures for Arkansas four WPA districts will be: dlslrict one Jonesboro, 8.G10; district two El Dorado. 7,265; district "three, Little Rock. 12.085 and district four Port OF GlOf' Forty TKrce Enter Not Guilty Pleas As Court Term Opens' Six defendants held in jail entered pleas of guilty nnd « others nol guilty when arraigned In circuit. court this morning -at, the open-, Ing of the criminal division's tali term. Jml»e G, E. Keck of this city, who Is presiding; will sentence Kills Husbind For . Throwing "Out Flowers HOT SPRINGS. Ark., Ocl. 30. (UP)—Mrs. Beatrice Bishop,' -H, told officers that she had endured three years of abuse from hei' husbaiifi, A. B..'Bishop, and thnt when he threw her flowers out of the house tills morning she seized n. douBle barreled shol gun and killed him. •, A murder charge, was placed against, her and she wns being held In county jail. .The .flaying occtiircd at the Bishop home six miles from here, ... _ the_ prisoners who entered guilty — — p!i>us nt Hie conclusion of the court term. The morning session was spent in arraigning "jail" defendants and empaneling. the Jury with the first case of (he day scl for this afternoon. rial of the cases of Terry Lloyd Grover Scrapes, Fred Bcvlll, Orvill Reece, Blanche Uoberls and Johnnie Bird, charged with robbery were scheduled (.3 be started at 1-30 o'clock. They are alleged to have robbed J. E. Koontx of approximately $40. Cases to be heard tomorrow had not been scheduled early this af- 1 tmi:on. "Jut!" Smith, 9,040. Laborer Found Dead At Farm Near Manila MANILA, Ark., Oct, 30. ; —Jack Butler, laborer on the Bill Bml farm, was found dead in his room' yesterday morning. The 67-year-old man had been "baching"' after having secured work at (he Host farm as a cotton picker n year ago and later did ether odri jobs about the farm. The verdict of an inquest held defendants who plcntlecl guilty were: Loiniie Centre!!, bur- Bhry and grand larceny; James Cook, negro, and Dorsey Wilson", negro, companion cases of grand larceny; C. L. Manns, negro bur- elary; Herman clay, grand Inrceny; Haywo:d Owens, grand larceny. Bonds were forfeited in cases of Morgan Vassal-, charged with grand larceny, and E. J. Brown of Walnut Ridge, charged with cmtezle- nicnt. Farmers Told To Use Profits For Expansion BOISE, Ida. (UP) — The wise was thai his.death walkedTb V ™. acute alcoholism. ' (ebts course for the farmer Is to use war profits to pay off existing than to Mix^c! Claims C o in m i s- sion's- Action Strongly Protested By Germany WASHINGTON, Ocl. 30. (UP) — The German-American mixed claims commission, acting over the emphatic protest of the German government, loday announced awards of $50.MO.OOO lo 153 claimants for damages suffered in the Black Tom and Kfngsland. N. j.. explosions Jusl prior lo ,the United states' entry Inlno the Wcild War. The clalaiants charged that (he explosions were caused by German sabotage of American made munitions stores nl those big depots. The Lehtgh Valley railroad received $3,900,322—1110 largest amount of nny of (he awards. ' fiorn mnnsk. Russian port of Mm- nuisl travel tlU'Oiicth u mine field to reach Ocr- mnny The mines ), ltvc tecu , 00 ,. ened from their mooring,, i,v re- ceii .slorms In u, c nnl |, 0 „„„ North Seas. Nol even German lets, with knr ' ' cniplocemenls, of the mine can unvlgalo the areas without grave tlnngei Presumably onc'slcj) Hull-'might inne to enhance tho safely of the ciw would be to have the American, removed if ii, a city of mm !J n n nl , somc "Mitral pori such '" Norway, Sweden or as Uiose In Denmark. Seek Sl«ht of Ship ™ C mm NI! , AaEN ' Denmark, Oct JO. UPJ—l.ookouis along HIP m ^i of the narrow Danish straits \vnl- chctl today for the Amuiltnn frclglilcr city of Fllnl believed headed for these stormy and imne-lnfoslctl .waters cnroiite to Ciermnuy In charge of a aeinuin prize crew. Al Moscow,'Tats, official .Soviet ews ngcncy, reported (hat sho had sailed several days befoie Saturday and that ttie news had been withheld to confuse Uilllsh warships blockading thu cntiance to the llnlllc.' • '• ,' Neither the, .Russian. - nor On- nian Bovcrnmcntn''would give .inv Intormivtlon pir the status 01 dp,- tIiiatIbii-:-of ,live Oily-orTlliii but H was bcllmcl (hat siVhaci left Murmnnsh for some Youthful Wood Cuttei Surrenders, Says He Killed Aged Worker Driver Of Death Car Is Sought A Mdlmof n hll-nml- ... , , -urn dilvei. itlchnnl Jewel Fhtilkcnbcri'y ll- i-rar-ohl son of Mis Bessie " Pi mil of ncm Kelsei, died les.s || llm K O wurs ufier he Imd been struck by i car KiUuvdai nlnht ns he «ns *nlklii B nlong, n gravel rond nem ils homo negio impccl was held In Jail u o«cola, who \\ns ancslcd Insl iium on suspicion but Slieilff Hale JncUon snid Die Investigation wns iol complete •ilieio wore no cjtf ivltnewes vi he accident although H U s ,,ld n mt euiiil saw (he fleeing cai -the chile' was- Immediately icmoved to " Phj Acton's office \Mieio he died ., . I" 111 ' 1 '"' <Jl01 Downing wJi»i Uu- Intoi attomiitcel to*stilke hlml vllli mi »xo Htill was biougla'tol (lie toimly Jail iiorc by w./HI ciiovM, Calumet ?foiekcepei, wliol an 'off- ' WVC " com "' I « ln »''.f'' Vomiff Hnll \vof, questioned InlLf- ly l)y ftlieiWa deputies, busy wfili Uie oppiiinfr of the mil leim O f (•licnll. cilminol rourt lime aiid Placed ID ft cell while Deputj Us skull finclwcd Pimeiiil seulces weie held ycs- y nflcinoou nl Gmdcn Point 1 wlll > the KM I, j snillr, ng States Supieme 'Comt Remands Cases Involvi.., $37,000_I^Judgipenls LITTLE ROCK, Ocl 30 ( rjp)_ '•" slnjfi siipictncicouit'ilCKtay ie. o nnc) leliininled (\j 0 eotec In fliurniBiisJ! for some Qerinan poit r"] llil1 lov ' 01 ' C011l!f > '»") B"»>' * probably flying the NIIZ! flng ( ni(h JUcl 8i»cnt« totalling $37,000 the American crew of -II aljoaid ^'l 0 case-of Tuiiimn Dalby and Hie ship, boliund for uiltUli NI( * ^cwton agalnsl the Miswuil iwrts . with n cargo partly dlissl- ' aclflc i"lliQnd In which a Ounch- acrmaiiy ns coiifMtaild, lln tciinty clictilt touit fiantcd was captured by: the OenniUi pock- ll "'»i Judgincnf, of $1,000 and SfOOd ot, battleship Ueiitschland : and tak- lespeclhclj was leVLiscil The isvo en to Mnrmniuk, a ncntra Ipoil, men claimed (hty sulfeicd Inliii for "repairs" by a acrmrm pu/o les In a lalhoad ciowhig accident "'S^V, ,,'•'• ; ' '" pillc Blll(r Sept »-ihc ship were bouiftl.llils v,ny, the siipipme cmul hpnipsl. .likely place" to 'observe eddonce daps nol i icr would be when she pus\v<t thai (ho tinlns wt . or, on. din narrowest point at i'xies\sUc snppcl ' he .sli'Blt between Oeilinark and Hoi way, Kohij from tlic Kntlo- al to the Baltic. Danish coastal ookonts said the 'ship might al- eady have passed, unnoticed In he darkness • and stormy weathei. If'she'b In this vicinity, .flic .In real peril. A storm Satin-ay' nnd Sunday scattered the Oer- nan mine field and drove more inn 30 mines ashore near Stegc n the Danish const, not fni •om . where the German patro ')lp Esle, accidentally struck u erinnn mine a -week ago nnd wns lown up with a loss ol C9 live and Coionei the Shoillt 1j ot __ n the Klllliig uns' 'rai'('rto"')'ia've"oc- Appiiiently theie «cie no esc- |(IIP«SM to the shooting Mhlch, Atcmied on a remote p-irt of 'hi! I faim uhoic the yotilli nnd thel aged man wcie cutting wood nlono r !lmt l Mio (he cldoi man In self de-l leiivi, telling officers lie fired nf ci Do»nlii(f } wt | S [ iucfc nt wi n an a\c and nils.setl him He I snW he shot, Downing tlnce or I fom times willi n 32 caliber iinol nnd wnlkcd a\\ny to gho lilrnsclfl ii||, leflvlng the ngcd imn's lying ill the woods Oinccis woio loft In doubt nstol hnt. led up to tlie nlleicaltonl niul ihootlng ns drecilbcd by jwing Hnll He „,(<! lhcy Im(J ^ £ when the> nent to uorl. tilts woinlng ot\U llmt-ialci Jic decided lo BO home and get another sow. Ifull, nccoiding to officcra. tle- clnicd "something (old mo" to pot >li mm while ho wns home and thiit lie can led it back viitli nlm to tho scene of the woodcutting. 80011 aflei Downing sugB est»d Hint they s|t rto\Mi and snioke'"k lew minutes, he icportedly told ofnccii, nnd Hlicn he did so Down- intt slnihed ol him with nn axe . When Downing did so lie shol n6 staled ^ Downiii(j wi^^ repoitcd to have- been a hlcp-ginndffllhei of Thtls 10-sear-old wife. young Alex Ray, Formed 16. 1MB but •>a1rt that nil efleci^ Hie fart •re m'nvlni; nt The cnso ot Jnek Ulic and hK mothei MIS j Aimoiti nnd lo Rice; nealnst mpanj v. n s not an JJIay Gel Contracts, Too MILWAUKEE IUP) Report Rejection Of' > Soviet Union's Demand closed information concerning rel-L f nlivcs He had mcntlcned a dnugh- )„,, living ,ln Alabama but had never disclosed u er , lan)u . The uncertainty.of the durntion dniioh i"' the Bur °P eal1 war and Ihf pos, »'"!smillt.v of governmental control of price levels dangerous Undertaking Company In cha Mrs. Roosevelt To Visit At Dyess •agriculturists to stick to their fnrmlni; and prepare for a substantial Improve- iiienl in the demand for farm during the next •awror Uttle Rwk schoolT tia," urer. ' , "iiools, tieas- j No "runaway" price rise and hi- In Memphis today creased market for farm pioriucts HELSINOFOHS, Oct. 30. (UP)— The government today announced complete solidarity of all parliamentary groups behind Finland's ansacr lo the Soviet Union—believed im- omclally to contain a flal refusal Of permission for establishment of Red army bases on Finnish territory, Although officials have frequently expressed confidence thai nn agreement would be reached the Finns have made complete defense preparation, Including mobilization measures, blackouts and sea mines off the Gulf of Finland const. fi n«e^^^«:[ Tlfwor^r^ ^ crj^r^ar^'d^l'^'l ™^^^>n^i ^K^^^^ Daring Bandits Get $4,000 At Nashyille NASHVILLE, Tomv, Oct. ; nested o n drunken driving largcs" hero ,gel "screen tests" ow. Defendants are required to walk n line four Inches wide nnd 25 feet Icng painted on (lie floor of the sheriffs ofllce, while a motion picture camera records the action jt"'s Love Aoain for Fifth Time . «! nmi dhniKied when com I held Ihnl nice «a employe of Ariiiom am) nnd theiefore the Ilrm had no liability foi damages \\htch he clalm- ctt he suffered. Hk suit, «as In ought In the CimvfoHl counts circuit, comt the low pi com I gimitinjf him $30000 damages for Injuries mid his inothci 51000 Resident, Dies Alex Hay, who lived i n Bijthc- nie for thieo years until ' aw, died at hh home in Mary- vllle Tenn , Sunday after a' lonp Illness He wai 67. ' A icsWeiil of Blythcville while his tlnu^hlei, Miss !)c«le Ray vrai -i membei of the junior high school faculty, Iho family moved ,to MmjUlle because of Mr Rat's henlth ' ] Hiillman ai)il Miss Lunc D Wll- iflm, who v>lth Mi Huffman nmi Bon Wllhclm, \\lll iJucncl the fii- neial Hies tomorrow nt Newbfern Tefm ' • He Is Mirvlvcd by Ills \Ufe, one' son Di Fmiik Raj, who Is a niem- uei nf the faculty at Iho University of Tennessee, Kmmiiie, and the one daughtei, who now heads the Fngltsh dcpailmcnl of the MnryvlJIc high' school No iUonry tnr nap Lu ROCK, Oct. 30 cup)— The .state supreme court- today decided in favor of the Frisco' railroad In nn appeal from n lower courl vcrdlcl granting Charles Mullock, Van Bui-en dog fancier $50 for the (lenlli of a pel bulldog. Mnllcck had sued to gel judg- mcnl of $75 which he snid ivas the dog's value nnd Ihc lower court liad given him 550. The supreme :ourt found no negligence on (lie part of the railroad In reversing the Judgment Pendergast, O'Malley Indicted By Grand 'Jury i — — KANSAS CITY, Oct. 1 ' 30. ' (UP) — Tom Pendergast and his former ' Ready for her fiflh and last husband. Mary . McC'ormlck. much >. Orlffln, lime, today, ''/visit a n. p.- O'Mrtlcy- ntilclcd loday by the Jackson epunty giand jur> on bribery charge's Pcudergtist nnd O'Mallcy, now serving terms iu Lcavenworth penitentiary for federal Income tax svaston, were charged with bribery n connection with the, fire insurance rate case compromise that O'Mallcy made while state insurance superintendent. Livestock Oct. 30, EAST 3T. LOUIS, 111 (UP)—Hogs: 10,700 Top, 6.85 170-230 Ibs., 0.75-0.85 UOrieO Ibs,; 6.25-6.65 -Bulk siws, 5.13-6,35 Cattle; 6.000 Steers, S.tO-10.50 -Sraughter .steers, 6.25-11.00 MKcrt jearlings, helfera 7 591) 50 Slaughter heifers, 6,25-11,00 Beef-cows, 5.00-6.00 No Need. For Snapping , ~ Cotton Yet Is Warning AUhcngh bnd «ealhei may be lieie soon, farmers who have Open cotton in the fields how should ninke eieiy possible effort to pick* U inlher than snap It ns Is too cften done In the latter part of the fall according to D S Lantrlp, counly agricultural agent Past experience Indicates that faimers lose fiom $10 to $15 pel bale when cotton 15 snapped since the price is conslderabh, lower and very little, If anything, Is saved m the cost ot picking since so much in'rc snapped cotton is lequued to make a bale, it wns pointed out by Mr Lanlnp In discussing the method, some farmers use Agricultural leaders agree tlmt the cotton cau be picked for some time >et and that picking mslead of snapping- nil! g»c more profit to the grower Giant Doesn't Smoke, Might Stunt Growth COEUD D'ALENE, Ida. <UP> — Someone offered a cigarette to Robert Wadiow of Alloti, III., foU lowing a dinner at which he was Uie guest ot honor. NO, thanks." Wadiow said. '.'I don'l smoke because" I'm afraid it would stuut my growth." Wadiow tOT'ers 8' feef 91-5 Inches in height. WEATHER Arkansas—Fair and cooler In east and south portions -«ltl\. froat io- ilght, Tuwday fair Memphis ^nd vicinity — partly cloudy, cootet Unlght, lowest tem- perSture 38 to 42, Tuesday fair. * Ihe mastlntini tempe?alure here iwterday $'as 6S, minimum 32, cleir, according to Samuel F Not-*' -—•-•-- —"• vicni n^i.^iuut£ lu oamuei f cullers nnd low cutters, 350-475 rls, official weather observer,

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