The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1941 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 6, 1941
Page 9
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THURSDAY, MARCH G, 1941 BLYTHEVTLLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NTN1 CRiSS bev has become u reulity and when subjected to oils nnd gasoline has proved sui>orior to the mUuntl product. However, lie warned thai construction of synthetic rubber fnci- leries would have to be undertaken by the. government/ ami not by private companies because ol' (he prohibitive COSLS. Cost I'MirnuU 1 OtVered He rsimiiileci lluu a piuni capable of producing 100 U;n<; a day would cost about $10.000,000. To inoei il'.e country's total normal annual ctom;umpiion of 000,000 tons would require factories ing $li>7.0GO.OOO. he said. i Returning to other means of MILWAUKEE. Wto. i,UP)—If war reeling thn demand for rubber, should cut off the rubber supply ^ pointed out:" from the Par East, the United i "Reclaimed rubber can be substituted for a portion of the "natural rubber in motor tire;: without Candid Cameraman Goes to War Salvage And Synthetics Seen As Meeting Needs Of United States too great a decrease in wearing" to produce a Dr. Cramer synthetic product. said synthetic rub- THEY'RE HERE!? States could meet its needs from salvage and artificial resources. according- to Dr. Hownrd L. CVA- nipr. in charge of rubber chenils-' quality. try at the University of Akron. ! " A * "• '»a«cr of fact, tires tor In a recent speech before the j taxb hrtve been produced in which American Chemical Society's Mil- j Ul<i l) ' eads llllve bmi mad(i en " waukee chapter. Dr. Cramer cie- t»'ely i™™ reclaimed rubber and dared that an emergency could be | t»e>' iuivt> . b(Jen round to give nijout rnei bv building- a veserve .supply i <f> -^G miles." crude rubber, using, reclaimed R«serve Being Formed rubber, and by erecting factories Hr. Cramer said ihnt the Reconstruction Finance corporation and several large private companies have been purchasing all available surplus crude rubber to provide a reserve supply. They hope io build up :i si* months' reserve, or 300,000 ions, in tin's manner, he .said. "By limiting the speed of nil ?:\rs 'to 50 miles an hour wo could decrease rubber consumption some more." he added, "because the rate of wear on a tire goes up rapidly with vlie speed." WARDS 1941 ew. Amazing lew price*. Stunning new patterns! Read Courier wews want ads EVERYTHING FOR YOUR OFFICE PHONE PHONE OFFICE Itlythcvilie, DELTA SUPPLY STORE U.K. & Ash DODGE II! I IHH5 1 VI THE mm FLOATING POWER CRADLES YOUR ENGINE FOR LONGER LIFE MASTER HYDRAULIC BRAKES FOR EQUAL-PRESSURE BRAKING EFFICIENCY AND SAFETY FINGER-TIP STEERING FOR SWEETER, SMOOTHER HANDLING AT THE WHE& SAFETY-STEEL BODY FOR MAXIMUM SAFETY AND YOJJRl P£AC6 OF MIND PULL- FLOATING RIDE FOR A "RIDING ZONE" WITH COMPLETE SHOCK PROTECTION OlS 7 E of the clearest facts in the automobile industry, becoming clearer every tlay, is that Dodge is scoring auother triumph with its own Dodge Fluid Drive... an encasement of oil now becoming sole transmitter of your Dodge motive power. Result—riding and driving with oil snutothness —and your accelerator the only essential driving mechanism. Of course, you can shift if you want to. And for lull-speed getaway, you have the proper gear at your finger tips. But with Dodge Fluid Drive, gear shifting has become unnecessary in ordinary driving. Your purchase of a 1941 Dodge brings you into possession of America's finest motor car value. With enduring style and beauty, it brings you the six great Dodge performance features which are your owu complete investment insurance. Call at your Dodge dealer's showroom for your first Fluid Drive—today. TUNE IN MAJOR BOWES. C.B.S.,THURSDAYS, 9 TO 10 P.ML.E.S.T. If some of our rafter-hanging candid camera addicts think they take chances, how about this poor guy? German caption accompanying picture says he's snapping an infantry attack in France during the German conquest. Picture purportedly is from new propaganda movie "Advance in the West." — . •[ --- • — Dr. and Mrs, T. F. Hudson, guests, attended the dinner bridge at the' home of Mr. and Mrs. Roland Green, Blythevllle, on Tuesday nklii. Mrs. Russell Bowen received high score dub prl/e. and Mrs. Hudson, high guo::,l. pri/e. On Tuesday afternoon Mrs. Jesse Brown, Mrs. T. P. Hudson, Mrs. Joe Hires and Mrs. Sam Bowen were guesis of Mrs. Charles Sul- li-nger, am! Mrs. Ely Driver, of Osceolu, at: tin- Wiillenger home, at a bridge party. Mi's, Lester Spiel anil .son. of New York City have returned to their home alter .several days visit with Mr. Spiel and Mrs. Abe Ltv- enuit. aunt ol Mr:;. Spiel, and family. The Rev. and Mrs. Martin flier- baum have been in Jmiesboro the i past two days visiting with Mrs. i Bieibaum's mother, Mrs, Holmes, Miss J'Vjiuy Siliman. Southwestern .s'j^Vm, spent the week end at home with her mother. Mi.s. Kll/.abeth Slllmmi. Mrs. Duke Allison, of Stm An- lonlo. Texas, was (he. p,u<st, of her cousin, Mrs. Joe Hlren, and lam- ily. on Wednesday. Mr. and Mr.s. Jesse Brown had a:; their quests on Thursday, Mr. Urown's .slr.Lers. Mrs. C.UU? Thom- n.son. of Memphis, and M'rs. I..aura. Thompson, of Oak Grove, La., and niece. Mrs. Walter Lamb, of Memphis. Mr.s, R. tt ,L Jr., of Trumann, Ark., wa:; the guest of Dr. and Mr.s. K. R. Mon- lav and Tuesday, Results "Too Good To Believe" Achieved Of Special Pills Use CLEVELAND. O. (UP) — A .recently developed treatment for chronic, alcoholism embodying use ol n: nev: drug Is jichicvlntf results "almost too good to be believed," acvordini? to rt>i>orl.s of physU-.ian.s here. 'i'hc tlniK. which is vu.od in pill form, now is bein^ administered by Dr. Michael Allller of Cleveland, io 300 chronic alcoholics, mnny of wlioni flivst uiune to Ills attention nt Urn .\Vunv;, O.. workhouse. Of 2Gt! former InihiUos treiUed previously, nil of whom were habitual drinkers. Dr. Miller reported that only 1C have, been returned to the instll.utlon as a resuH- of Inlox- IcaUon. Tin* inituiv of thrt dnip used nnd the dosages will be made kno\\TJ only Io physicians, .Dr. Miller said, since Uv 1 pills cannot be administered except under expert, supervi- sion. . ~^ Dr. Miller's treatment, ranging in duration from one to nine month^ includes not only the use of the drug to tide alcoholics over the Initial period of, abstinence, bt$ uiso psychiatric adjustment and measures of "social re-orientation^ Function,' of the drug, according to Dr. Miller, is to provide a sense of well-being without alcohol while other means are used to remove problems which may have caused the alcoholism. Dr. Miller, who was educated in Vienna, gave up his private practice to undertake his research in chronic alcoholism «at the workhouse. HQ now, has begun an attempt to obtain backing for the establishment of a ndn-proftt. cHitfe' exclusively for alcoholics. Luxora Society—Personal Christian Service Society The Women's Society of Christian Service met Tuesday afternoi.i at the home of Mrs- W. E. Head with 16 members present. The meeting was opened by a discussion, led by Mrs. E. R. Bogan, president, followed by prayer, led by Mrs. R. H. Owens. The program leader. Mrs. Martin Blerbaum. gave an interesting study lesson taken from the book. "Paths to the Presence of God" by Dr. A. W. Palmer. The devotional period was led by Mrs. Logan Rozelle and closing prayer was said by Mrs. Bogan. The next meeting will be on March 11, with Mrs. Blerbaum. During the social hour, Mrs. Head served a salad plate. * T * Royal Service Program The Baptist Woman's Missionary Society met at the home of Mrs. S. J. Smith Tuesday afternoon with a large attendance. Mi's. Smith was the leader for the Royal Service topic, "An Urgent Gospel, Free or Bound?" Mrs. C. B. Wood brought the devotional on "Radiant 'Joy." Prayers were said by Mrs. Allan I Posey, Mrs. John Thweatt, Mrs. Minnie Williams nnd Mrs. J. Ii Mifflin. A morning and afternoon period of study on Home Missions will be held at the home of Mrs. Smith on March 2. During a fellowship period, a sandwich plate and coffee was served. Bridge Luncheon Mrs. Charlie Mifflin was hostess to the members of her Wednesday Afternoon Bridge club nt a one o'clock two course turkey luncheon. Two luncheon guests were present. Mrs. Lillian Preear and Miss Florence Rush. Mrs. Jesse Brown held high score honors at the end of the five progressions of bridge, with Mrs. Elizabeth Siliman drawing consolation prize- Luxora Visitor Honored Mrs. Roy Williams,, of Pine Bluff, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. John Cowan, has been honored •with two afternoon bridge parties, given by three of her former classmates. On Friday afternoon. Mrs. A. B. Ro/^ellc and Mrs. John Ford were hostesses to two tables of bridge guefit.s at the Rozelle borne in honor of Mrs, Williams. The Rozc'lle home was decorated with early Spring flowers and After .several progressions of brlclke. a salad plate was served. Mrs, T. Tyler was given uhe prize for high honors. Mrs. John Franklin Bowen placed .second high, and Mrs. Williams, honorbc, was presented a gift. j The second party in honor ;oi Mrs. Williams was given by Ml\s, honoroe, Mrs. William:;. Mrs. Meadows served \\ salad refreshment plate. Dinner Club The sixteen members of the Thursday night Dinner Club were present at a three course dinner with their hosts. Mr, and Mrs. A. B. Ro/ellc. Aflcr dinner the entire group motored to Blythevllle where dnuc- Lii^ was enjoyed al the Blue Room. Champ Meadows on Wednesday Hotel Noble. afternoon. Two tables of uur'i',s were present to enjoy the afternoon spent playing bridge. Mrs. A. B. Rozelle placed high score. Mrs. John Ford, low. and a Rift wjas presented by the hostess to the Mr. and Mrs. Russell Bowcn Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hires and Mr. and Mrs Sam Bowen members of the Oscc- ola-Luxora-Blythevllle club, and The Port of London, England', in normal Limes does an annual overseas trocle valued at more Uian $2.000,000,000. G, CaudiH sacy Insurance OF ALL KINDS I'hnne 106 N. Broadway QUICK RELIEF FROM Symptom* of DUlrscs AiiiJng from STOMACH ULCERS DUE TO EXCESS ACID Free rlookTelis of HomeTraatmwittluit Must Help or it Will Cost You Nothing Ovorono million bottlcw of tUo W1LLAHD TREATMENT havo boon sokl for itillolof vyinnloun of ilistrosaarlidiiK from Stonicch UIK! Duodenal Ulc*r«<lLio to CXCMI Add— Poor Dietitian, Sour or UpMt Slotncch, Gftt«in«»c, Heartburn. Sl*«pl«tBn*M. *tc., duo (o Exctti Acid. Sold on 10 duyw trlftU Asic for "Wlllard'i MMMIV" which fuUy Dxplaltis thin truatuiouv— tn* —at KIRItY BROS. DKUG CO. ARM OREL: MANILA: AKMOlMiL DKUG CO. I'KOI'LK'S DRUG STOIIE FARMERS AUCTSGX SALE EVERY THURSDAY! Austiou Uiiru all thm-s . . Wo Do Not Buy and Trade WE .JUST SELL IT FOR YOU. dual both way* CHICAGO MILL & MONI2ER EFRIGERATOR SALE l A fortunate purchase enables us to offer a few new Philco Refrigerators at prices never before quoted in Blytheville, all prices include 5 year guarantee We challenge anyone interested in an electric Refrigerator to come in and see for themselves — Philco the greatest name in Radio now presents the greatest Refrigerator VALUES ever offered m Blytheville. REMEMBER, ONLY A FEW ON SALE II Yom present Refriaerator is OoerTuoYmnOUIt Will fan Foil To Investigate This Offer DOM! fWlD DRtve OXlf f$ £XTM FASTEST SEL11N6 LOWEST-PRICED CAR VflTK FLUID DRIVE tTVu's is Detroit de/»V- tsred price and includes all Federal taxes and all standard equipment. Transportation, state and local taxes (if any), extra.Frew t directional signals, burnpersluarda and white well tires at alight extra cost. Fluid Drive 335 extra. Sea your Dodgo dealer for oasy budget terois. Prices subject to change vrtthout notice. ftmton* CHAMPION See Them on Display in Our Windows—- The Philco Company Will Not Allow Us to Advertise These Prices. This Is No "Catch Ad" Come vSee for Yourself. Philco Features: Large frce/in.n, unit, meal stor- aRC com part men I, two over-six^ vt^ctable compartments, \victe- ed'ge chrome shelves, tempera- lure control, acid-resisting porcelain interior, sturdy one-piece steel cabinet construction, fully insulated, polished chrome hardware, stainless steel base. Hermetically sealed super power system, quiet, powerful, economical. Five-Year protection Plan. Sold On Easy Terms With Small Down Payment BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. U7 E, Main St. PER WEEK A RECORD MAKING T1RKJ AT RECORD MAKING TERMS. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. HARDWARE COMPANY Phone 888 sth & Walnut Phone

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