The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 8, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 8, 1934
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 8, 1*34 BtATHBVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWI FAGE .SEVf N SECTION- CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION £ally laic per anc tor coasecu- -ivo liiscillous: (Five average woioa Ui • une) One time per line ** Two times per lhi«s per day .. Me llnce times per Uii> per d»y •• I* 6 t\\ times per HIM per emy ..We i'tntta rate per line We i clurge EDO Krte Hwe Lo*» bllmatn {looting, I'aliUing, Rspalrs THE ARK.MO LUMBER CO. lOfl kB FFUJITS KI.RERTA rCACHCS, II Bushel. C. G. lUwks, Fruit and Produce. Corner Lake t M>in St. 31c kU FOB SALE FOH SALE cheap—Large ii door Cnry Safe, HID Ibs. zucl Hand. Burke Hardware Co. 28-ck-8-28 AUB orfleua :o r '.hreu or M* nines anil stopped Iwfore explri- t-on will be clianjta lor the mim- t-cr of Ufliea the »(1 appeared ana adjustment ul bill made. All Classified Advertising copy •ubmlUcu by person* residing outside of the city trust be iccocn- ;«nled by cash. Hates may be " conipuU 1 ' 1 . from above table. No rcsponsiDluly wm be taten icr more than one Incorrect tn- ol any classified ad. orcidtG lor uregu- vak.L< tlie one tune lite. CLOSING OUT AI,L ICE KEFK1GKKATOHS pound t« 150 pound lie C cities. All porcelain, all bt»l, null oak finished refrigerators at GIVE AWAY I'KICES. E. B. GEE SALES CO. 407 W. Main Si. UEA1- ESTATE PHILLIPS' USED CARS \V11V WALK WHEN VOU CAN Bl'Y A GOOD USED CAK ON OUK EASY T1NK 1'AVMKST I'LAN'.' '31 rOllD CUl'l'E. New Kub- bci. New 1'iint S-- 5 •31 DK SOTO COACH. Luuks (looil. Motor A-l ? 21a •31 UODOK SEDAN. It'lns Good. Barguin SU5 •29 1'LYMOliTH COACH. KctU (jood Buy * 9:> '•a FOHl) TUDOR. New Kub- uur. Sloior Gnud * " 3 'W FORD PHAETON. A K" 1 liarga.n » w V 11 V C K S Hi TON THL'CR. 79 For Sale Dandy 40 acre OZAHK lann ivlthln '2 miles good town. On daily mall roule. Four room house, woven wire fence, Fruit. Price S350—only part cash. J. C. CHAP1N Manila, Ark. FOR KKNT i-Mrnlshed BEDROOMS. Mrs. Ed Hardin. 1017 W. Wnlnul. Call 102. Ic kit LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING rooms, cheap. Good location, 'J14 llearn St. " 1-p-k-a Nicely Kiirnlsliril BKI> ROOM. Sirs. Nolen, 310 West Walnut. 30c k8-30 MODERN 3 room lurnishtd or un- furuished apartment over Kirby Drus Store. F. Simon. Call 761. I 30c ktfj AUTOM011VE tloieil Cab. Chtap .................. CHEVROLET l!'i TO?1 TttLClt. lil '''-en Wheelbase, Uual Wheels ...... S CHEVROLET Mi TON HiL^n. tjiostd CVID, oua! Write.s, Sliike Uudy ...... S Closed Save Time and Money by using our complete stock of Auto Replacement Farts IIUUUAK1) HAKpWAKt: CO. Automotive Wept. - - Phone 47G 6c FUHN1TURB Lawn Chairs Untainted •... $!.E5 TH£ ARK-MO LUMBER CO. FORD PlCK-liV. PANEI- TRUCK. ieu ueal Sloior .. » UUUA1 & BOARD GOOD Meals and Rooms. Reasonable prices. Mrs. T. K. Watson 112 E«t;Cherry, Phone <W2. "" -~ PHiLLU^S MOTOR CAR LOT Cunicr Walnut & 1st Sts. Open Nlglils L'nlil 9:30 fnunc 81H PETER 'SCHUTTLER And MISSOURI MULE l-aim Wa;u"s CLEANERS, TAILORS Liuen suita, band Ironed and tailored shaped are Dice and cool tliesc hot days. Phono 171. UNIQUE CLEANING SKRV1CE AUTO ACCESSORIES Get ready for summer driving nl Bargain prices you probably wil. never see ngain. Come in. Compare our prices ou aulo parts, (ires, tuues. motor 04, 5 gal • WOLF AK1AN We Sell Wholesale and Ectall J'hone 176' - - 128 E. Main COAL & WOOD WINCHESTER Shot Gun Shells Best Prices Ou COTTON SACKS FAUlTBYRUM Oppur-ilc oil) Ppsloffice liuildiug My Coal Is lilack hut 1 treat you white. Fill up now. JOHN BUCHANAN - PHONE 10) WANTED TO RENT TWO KOOM FURNISHED Apartment, with bath. Mrs. Hahn Call 323. By I'honc 252 [tUiehted Keli^ious Buoks BELLEVILLE. Kan. fUPi— Mrs Frances Swartv: has inherited z collection of religious and prayci books formerly owned by Pan' Vily in Bohemia during the rcigi: of Joseph II. The books, published about, mo. are well written in (lie are in CALI, 127 . . ' Bohemian language nnd Fur highest ([tmHly Kentucky, Sou- tairly good condition. HUTU lUiuois anrt Hcd Ash Coal. Lowest Ash Content. iSood tliy COOK nnd heating wood and Luidling. Corn. hay. mixed Iced, laim seed, table and £toc!; salt. Home ol high quality products and low cash prices. FARMERS CASH FEED AND SbKD COA Home On-ncil JUusincss Wholesale uud Kelatl ICtep Kuol willi Hunter Electrkj FANS. Ijiicotidilluiully guariulcefl. Ut'UBAKD UDW. CO. 6c k9-C KEHA1R1NG V^rtory authorized FR1GIDAIKK SERVICE Factory Trained Mechanics D.i) 07—Vlioiic—N'iglit 3RZ I-;. 1!. GEK SALES CO. 407 Main St. W. J. RNOX Has rcpairnl .shoes here well [or 13 vears. lic.ison.iblc prices. ""TERMITE Prooiuiz Insurance UNDER THE ANT1M1TE PLAN L. C. Kobinson I,ljr. Co. l^ionc 100 50'i reduction July Only On luruiturc repaired, rcrhiUhcd. up hoUtctciI. Patrick at Paiklmtst's Call 57. 0-(li-3-;i ANNOUNCEMENTS The Couilcr Nevs IIM been authorized to announce: the lollowlni i« candidates for public oHIce, sub icct to the Democratic 'itxt August: For Representative IVY W. CRAWFORD CURTIS .1. UTTLE For Reelection lor Second Term Fur Com IT iaSft ZAL B. HAHRISON GEORGE W. BAKHAM For Member of C«njtrrM CLMTON L. CALDWE1O For Shrnrf «nd Con«t« CLARENCE H. WILSON For Re-election for Second Term For Coonly Trcwnrtr JOE S. DILLAHUNTY ROLAND GREEN For CircDlt Court Ckrk HUGH CRAIG ADDISON SMITH H. E. (SKETO STOUT For Count? Out Ckrk FRED FUEKMAH For Rc-BkcUon lor 2nd T«n» CAKFTV WOODBURN It. L. <BILn"i Fnr <;nn»Uhlf «t Ohlci<»>!»«h» TeTnu JACK nOHEIlTBON lines Ijrtiuijljl lo the roo when they! tiling that will pl»j'. He pvere bnules. j/.wproved |o ihe cll-lconu'.s when culled and- bj "Buster" Disproves liny CM Born • SMITH CENTER, Kon. <UP)~ OIK of (our men In assigned for Nice. France. Old Red FOX Theory ' y »»«• u » (os«bavcmerally like u B«nUein*« world mxllcaj \I^\OK to be w«llc- |:i^: ou a iratttxt artlQclal loot. A val-poclcet edition of a real calt The nou- fool, he said, had lo bo but 10 pounds was found leil (U1 ,,_|[»"'"y ">!'»»»rs Jlvfd uu to lliclri . «'»« wii-;!^cS:'in C rshorltoc'.''' 111 *"• I Superintendent Bouts broken and resel afler he had- re In . the pasture of l-as'ton Vlere, - CITY. Mien All Iden t'.im all red foxes turned to America because It li»d He Mid, duilnij the World War near here. ASlde from Its dlmlnii own foot liul been shot llve size, the freak calf Is liorjnil Of Grafted Foot ers and surly brulss has b2cn dis- Tha Tr.iverie City |iet likes Hi- In every respect. A ration of three on at t>;« inkle by a burst of shrau- Trucer walks will) only a slight ••Buster," a \iei fox In linch evening lie Is ul- limp and says Ihc foot pains him nursing milk bottles, of milk a (!ay Aiiotht-r mm 6 (oot was the local zoo. "Duster, 1 one ol t!;ree lox pii] la\ve;l r.e run of th? 203 grounds. I attached lo hU> lei by u Major'only alter a Imrd duy'« work. He romps aboi;t playing wlih any L. I nicer o( 81. LciiLs, constnicllon OUR BOARDING MOUSE rri 1TTV 5AURV, WE'RE i ' ( TO SEE VOOR 01.0 ' .'- IIE'3 STUCK OP ,.[. AMD CAN'T GCT DOWN. PRETTV LONESOME- THSRE, mv SMWV, HAPPENED TO A FOOUSH MIND WA5TER TOLD HIM- EGA.D, GOIN&TOTUPM IN REPORT OF YOUP. ALEKTNtSS TO T3LfTY, TO GOING THRU STOP—VMUNcb TO SI6NM- < k LEFT TLJFN , AND TX>tN6 SG I^\LES f^M HOUR/ I HATE TO L&T YOU ' LITTLE SHORT OT- SETTING ^ RECORD LETS SEE— M WE YOU BEEN SHOOTING "DUCKS, OUT OF SEASON 9 BO YOU KEEP THE SAFETY OOMM\SS\OK! GOrAPLNNTS HKNt BEEN SENT IN,ACCLr&\NG YOU STERUW6 CW/XPS OF AND 1-WAS TEST RUN / HOOPLE ISTHENAMt —SENKTOR HOOPLP ANY <r>O/WS IN THE OP, DO YOU PUSH WONDER VJrtERE AU.EV CftN'T BEUEVE HE'LL NEVER COMF. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES DISCOURAGED! ow ,vMt\.\- —vou coovo , WWtM BOOTi) OOWW WO MWVJt UOVO\Wi& VCXJW CAVW UP, WOO »,?itMV V.WWi6 Mt _ '•* 'y f '- DCWVi VVi S'O'J'5. VitWH?,^C3U Cf-Vi'X W-fcV.V- V'-S OWW O\D Vvi'AW -b>\'c. ^V-XOO&WT Wfc& TOR. ViVWO Of " WOO , WASH TUBBS WASH SI'EAKS OUT OF TURN! V3U UNP^RSTAND, -•J,THAT I HIRC- Hey. HOLD C*(f 1 COMFOUMD THfiTl •-•.'. !.'•> WHAT'S EAT)»X37TH1?OW HIM OUT 0~ Tr.:_.\ ... VOO ? ,--f I'VE J05T COMB BACH FrOM N - TRIP AHOUMD THE VVO'JLu 1 , AWPTVIATBRftZEW \V\3f TELLS ME I HEED A OiAKfiC CMi'f YOU THINK OP 5OMETHlhl6 WEW? SOMETHIN3 , .._, .. . TO THIWK OF SOMETHIMQ THAT'D 6E FC TO MR. BOARDMANJ 'Kl 1 HORSE IWCE5 > '"' v*'uf».i' '"'- .6RIOT, I'VE TO DOCTOR TO .: /.THOUSAND VEARS. EASY. I DON 7 MR. SOARDMAV'S OPSCEME, THEN. ' SALESMAN SARI /• WHAT EUSB, SAMUEL? AFRESH &UV, HUH?U>EL(-, E ME! , CHIEF, THIS- ) VGAM? WELL, BOZO FIMflLUV yWE'Lt-SEMD HIM Hfc ^TOTH'WORXfcKXJSf SloiPED THIS 1 FEP. TMiRTV PIQ ' A. OAVS J fil«,SM'-JT VER SAJCOT Wfl qjJJEE TH 1 COPS? TOUGH , FELLA! IT LOOKS \WAMWA THAT PORTER l(*JHEREr I GOT SQUEOLEP OM Vft! TH 1 LITTLE SuP-| POOE.' WcLL, I GOT | 'IM UNDER MVARM/ FRECKLES AND HIS 1'RIENDS TIME ON HIS HANDS! TALK ABOUT PECULIAR FISH '• 1 CAUGHT A BIG OUE OM THE BANK OF RIBQOW FALLS, AN' WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT, WHEW I I _. . PULLED M!M ikJ uc ,/ ON A PSH B1QFOOT COT A JOB SURE...I FK7UEED MAYBS HE WAS A*J OLD VETERAN OF FISHSNG WARS, AND DECIDED TO CROW A PAIR OF HAUDS So'S HE COLK.D TELL Tl.'5 OTHER FiSH HOW B!0 THE FELLOW WAS THAT HE COT AV/AY FROM.... WELI., CHAW-IE, 1 GOTTA BE GOiN', I R6CKOJ! ONt-Y ABOUT ONE Of? TWO A SEASON.,.1 TELL YOU, IT GETS MWHTV STAMP! W OUT FOREST FIR6S, DAYS AGO HE RUN ACROSS ON6-AM' WAS 50 ANXIOUS TO PITT IT OUT HE GOT HIS RXST CAtKJHT IN A CAN>t>N...So I'M OUT: LOOKIN' R>R JOHWSptJS PLACE.. HES'LAID'UP.'

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